A Cleaning Claustastrophe

Today Clumsy and I decided to help . Of course, I am never sure if Clumsy is really helping or not!  Would you like to hear what happened?

Mrs. Claus works so hard keeping the North Pole nice and clean.  Sometimes she needs a little break.  I thought it would be very nice to help her!

After we had a lovely dinner, I asked Mrs. Claus to sit down.  I just wanted her to relax.  Clumsy and I would clean up everything by ourselves. We decided that Clumsy would clean the dishes.  I would mop the floor.

I went to the cupboard to get everything I needed.  When I came back, I got such a surprise!

Clumsy was holding the plates up so that Rudolph could lick them clean!

I let out such a shout of surprise!  Clumsy got a fright and dropped four plates on the floor.  Crash!

Well, I told Rudolph to go back to his stable.  Clumsy started to sweep up the broken dishes.  I filled my bucket full of water and turned round and tripped over Clumsy.  I guess I was the clumsy one today.  There was water and bubbles everywhere!

We made so much noise that Mrs. Claus came into the kitchen.  I thought she was going to be angry.  I thought she was going to put us on the naughty list!

No, she just laughed at us.

“Santa you stick to making presents for the children.  I will do the cleaning.”  She laughed.  Clumsy and I laughed too.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S  What do you do to help around the house?  Do you clean up like Clumsy?   You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!

109 messages to Santa about “A Cleaning Claustastrophe”

  1. I cleaned the dining room, wash the dishes, took care of my cat’s, and dog’s.

  2. WOW! IM TALKING TO SANTA!!!! i like house work and making my own inventions like you and the elves. i guess you could say… I was half santa and mrs claus! i also like to show people the way… so im like the reindeer aswell! have a good time at the north pole. i dont mind what i get. LOTS OF LOVE…

  3. I do the laundry and help around the house when needed. Anything to help my mom and dad.

  4. I once went to the north pole in my dream. But I didn’t see you there 😉

  5. I help clean bt tidying my room and moping , clearing the table also picking up toys unfotuatley i dont like cleaning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRR
    Bye Santa its CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey santa you might want to check clumsy’s family tree we might LONG-lost cousins he sounds Almost as clumsy as I am! :)

  7. Do the dishes sweep the floor tidy up the liveing room and my bedroom houver up

  8. i have to tidy up my room although i often dont want to i do because i know it helps my mum
    dutgirl x

  9. I am always picking up my room!Any little object out of place I freak out!


  11. I take out the rubbish, walk my dog, help Mum bake cakes, cookies,etc.I also clean my room and sometimes help Mum wash the dishes

  12. I take out the trash, clear the dishes from the table, make my bed, help put laundry away, I gave my old toys away to other kids.

  13. I help make the dinner and clean the windows sometimes and also walk my dog so he wont destroy pillows and stuff lol

  14. I always have to keep my room tidy i would never get clumsy to tidy my room i think he would make even more mess!

  15. poor clumsy he really does try to help but he is so clumsy i guess thats were his name comes from!!!!

  16. i am begging you to not let clumsy the elf make my toys i am begging you please not after what he did with the plates

  17. I think that in the inside she was a little bit angry. But you made me laugh when i read it.

  18. in my house i always make my bed. and i sometimes do the dishwasher.

    from arann

  19. Turn on Christmas lights in the house
    Help Mom with cooking and cleaning
    Act nice

  20. haii santa i would exaiting 9 sleeps go ,i feel soo happy now , i going make christmas tree on my window rhigt now !!!! how are you today on chritmas eve xx love you soo much and happy new year and elf toooo x

  21. i always make sure my room is clean and i clean up my toys after im done playing with them

  22. I like to help mummy and daddy by sometimes doing the ironing-only when either mummy or daddy is there though.I also help by keeping my room tidy and doing the washing – up.

  23. Dear Santa Clause,
    I help my mom clear the table and wash the dishes after dinner. I once told my mom to go bathe my baby sister and I would do the dishes for her. I was also clumsy and broke a glass. My mom came into the kichen and didn’t say anything. She just smiled and said we had pleanty other cups the same. Looks like I won’t ever be doing the dishes alone again.

  24. Hey Santa I wanted to tell u how I clean up the house.I help by cleaning the floors,my room,the rugs,and my bed.My mom says i”m a big help.Take care of the elfs and Mrs.Claus.
    Your friend,

  25. Hey!! I do some chores around the house.My parents appreciate the work I do.

  26. HI Santa!i do some chores around my house. my mom really apperciates it well anyway hope you got me that i pad 2!

  27. I want Rudolph to glide the sleigh so Santa knows where to go and to see. I want Rudolph!!!!!!

  28. In my house I always do the tidying. My mum never does the tidying she is always at work. P.S: My DAD sometimes does the CLEANINIG!!!

  29. i help by doing the loundery and sometimes the dishes!! i love to help out and its not just for the rewards!!

  30. santa i voted which raindeer should gard the slay on christmas and i think rodolph because the noise is really bright so he would see where he is going.So everyone vote for rodolph or santa wont now where he is going.We want rodolph

  31. Hi! how are you hopefully you’ll be done in time to take all the presents to everyone christmas eve that night.

  32. hey this is sydney from mesa i heard that you sent some eleves to watch the naughty and nice list down her so i hope i be reallty good today bye! love ya!

  33. santa me a jaizy have been realy good girls so santa any way how did it get so dirty omg!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. to help out around the house i fill and empty the dish washer i also help out with the clothes washing.and clean the animals but thats all.

  35. I help my mommy make dinner!I listen to my mom! I play with my puppy luna

  36. Hahaha…. LOL… that is so funny!!!(:
    Can I help? LOL


  37. Heyy Santa, Clumsy ,Mrs.Claus and the others,
    I LOVE the that yall posted that is funny!! that must be fun!! LOL (:
    Megan and Madalyn

  38. It sounds like you’ve had a great day. i normaly fold the washing and sometimes help her get the washing of the line. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and somethimes unpack the diswasher :)

  39. i for got to say one thing the cover meant for my ipod touch 4th generation [white] P.S. i or got to say please leave me a note at my house and a picture of the reindeer counting rudolph the red nosed reindeer if you do that i will give you goodies whate i will give you goodies any way one thing i love you P.S. please have me over some day and i will do the dishes for you i also sent you a letter from monticello and it said to reply back i better go good night

  40. i love cleaning so much have me over some day to help you clean up also i have not seen you yet so this is what i want for christmas gray uggs apple ipod touch 4th generation [white] i also want a cover

  41. Wow, do you still have dishes now? I hope Clumsy did not break them all! No offense Clumsy…. Tell Mrs Claus I hope she gets new dishes to use for everyone and Merry Christmas!

  42. hi can you ask santa if i am on the nice list or naughty list? please please please please please please!!!!!!! xxxxx

  43. santa clause that is so funny. And by the way if you need help cleaning dishes I am good at that

  44. that is so funny love you Santa Elves and of course Raindeer!
    this is soo soo funny!

  45. I always wash the dishes. I can also light the fire so when my mammy comes home there is a fire lit for her. Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me.

  46. Aww…. poor you Santa! One time when I helped to wash up, I spilt water all over the floor, and my Dog kept on slipping over on it! It was really funny, but mum made me mop it up strait away!

  47. Haha Santa Claus that is soo funny that is what my sister does with plates she holds them up so my dog Salem can lick them clean it’s such a funny sight! : )

  48. I like to help my mum get everything ready for christmas,like the tree and all the decorations and i like to decorate the table on christmas eve ready for christmas dinner! :-) i love you santa!xx

  49. well i help my mum clean around the house and sometimes when she is in bed i clean around the house and surprie her and then i make her coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I don’t clean up much but I love cleaning my room! I do it every time I am free. I love having things nice and tidy!

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