A Cleaning Claustastrophe

Posted by Santa Claus on December 14th, 2011

Today Clumsy and I decided to help Mrs. Claus. Of course, I am never sure if Clumsy is really helping or not!  Would you like to hear what happened?

Mrs. Claus works so hard keeping the North Pole nice and clean.  Sometimes she needs a little break.  I thought it would be very nice to help her!

After we had a lovely dinner, I asked Mrs. Claus to sit down.  I just wanted her to relax.  Clumsy and I would clean up everything by ourselves. We decided that Clumsy would clean the dishes.  I would mop the floor.

I went to the cupboard to get everything I needed.  When I came back, I got such a surprise!

Clumsy was holding the plates up so that Rudolph could lick them clean!

I let out such a shout of surprise!  Clumsy got a fright and dropped four plates on the floor.  Crash!

Well, I told Rudolph to go back to his stable.  Clumsy started to sweep up the broken dishes.  I filled my bucket full of water and turned round and tripped over Clumsy.  I guess I was the clumsy one today.  There was water and bubbles everywhere!

We made so much noise that Mrs. Claus came into the kitchen.  I thought she was going to be angry.  I thought she was going to put us on the naughty list!

No, she just laughed at us.

“Santa you stick to making presents for the children.  I will do the cleaning.”  She laughed.  Clumsy and I laughed too.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S  What do you do to help around the house?  Do you clean up like Clumsy?   You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


109 Responses to “A Cleaning Claustastrophe”

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  1. 109
    My friend Mikalia said:

    I cleaned the dining room, wash the dishes, took care of my cat’s, and dog’s.

  2. 108
    My friend Katy said:

    WOW! IM TALKING TO SANTA!!!! i like house work and making my own inventions like you and the elves. i guess you could say… I was half santa and mrs claus! i also like to show people the way… so im like the reindeer aswell! have a good time at the north pole. i dont mind what i get. LOTS OF LOVE…

  3. 107
    My friend louise said:

    i like house work

  4. 106
    My friend louise said:

    i do allot of house work though i don’t like it

  5. 105
    My friend BAILEY said:

    i help my mom some times clean the house

  6. 104
    My friend helena said:

    i love you

  7. 103
    My friend helena said:

    santa your the best

  8. 102
    My friend helena said:

    is frisbee at my home

  9. 101
    My friend Payton said:

    I do the laundry and help around the house when needed. Anything to help my mom and dad.

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