Rudolph’s Hiccups

Posted by Santa Claus on December 11th, 2011

Rudolph the red-nose reindeer


Ho! Ho! Hiccup?

Well, Rudolph had the hiccups today. What a holly, jolly time we had at the North Pole finding a cure!

Would you like to hear more about red-nosed reindeer hiccups?

Mrs Claus said Rudolph should stand on his head and drink some water. Rudolph tried but the water went up his nose! SPLUTTER! He was Rudolph the wet-nose reindeer!

Well, that did not work! Rudolph hiccupped even more.

The elves said he should stand on his tiptoes and sing jingle bells – backwards!

Rudolph tried. “Sleigh open horse one – hum! Fun what – bells jingle – hum! Bingle jells! Oh, I give up!” he said.

That did not work either! Rudolph hiccupped louder still!

Clumsy the Elf said he should stand on one leg and spin around. He showed Rudolph how to do it. Hop, twirl, hop, twirl, hop-twirly-twirl…

Do you know what happened next?

Clumsy the Elf got dizzy!

He hopped around and bumped into Rudolph.
Rudolph bumped into Blitzen.
Blitzen bumped into Donner.
Donner bumped into Prancer.
Prancer bumped into Dancer.
Dancer bumped into Mrs Claus…
And Mrs Claus spilled a cup of cold, cold water all over Rudolph’s head!

Hiccupping holly berries! It worked!

Rudolph stopped hiccupping! Everybody laughed. “Let’s all have a cookie,” said Mrs Claus.

But oh dear! Clumsy the Elf ate his cookie a little too fast – HIC!  He got hiccups!

That’s when I ran outside for a BIG pail of ice cold water!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever had the hiccups?  What did you do?  Can you sing jingle bells backwards?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


260 Responses to “Rudolph’s Hiccups”

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  1. 260
    My friend KODY said:


  2. 259
    My friend cassie said:

    i have had the

  3. 258
    My friend Christiana said:

    Santa I think your cool tell your reindeer I love them and I love you my brother is always talking about you I’ve been wondering how do you go down the chimney without getting sick and how do you stay up all night and deliver the toys and do you ever get scared of heights when you fly in your sled because I think you go pretty high when your delivering presents how do you do it?

  4. 257
    My friend RubyAnn said:

    POOR CLUMSY!!! i hope you find a cure :D

  5. 256
    My friend gabrielle said:

    wow what a great way to solve hiccups im going to try that next time ho ho ho!!!!!

  6. 255
    My friend elizabeth said:

    what happle to rudolph stamp at sana e-minl witer to sana

  7. 254
    My friend maelin said:

    hey santa whats up

  8. 253
    My friend donnna said:

    have rudolph has hiccups angin
    tell mrs cluse give rudolph peanut butter cookie or a apple toget rid of his hiccups or cerley ihpe rudolph
    do not hic cup on christmas eve this year when heflys in the air on
    chistmas eve

  9. 252
    My friend caitlin said:

    POOR rudolph :( send him my love and remember cold water

  10. 251
    My friend amy said:



  12. 250
    My friend megan said:

    yeh we put vinegar on our surprinsgly it worked

  13. 249
    My friend tiffany said:

    i hate hicupps

  14. 248
    My friend georgia said:

    i dont like the hicups when i get them because my mum and my dad says be quiet so i hide or go to my room

  15. 247
    My friend Hayley said:

    go upside down and take deep breathes

  16. 246
    My friend katy :) said:

    Santa you are sooooo…. cool!
    When i was younger we where picking up my auntie and uncle up from a trainstation, well there was this really high power cable with a red light on top, i thought it was rudolph so i made mum drive really fast back home so i could put my food out, the santa stop sighn out, have hot chocolate, have a puzzle, get into my pjs and get into bed! :)

  17. 245
    My friend kurtis said:

    i love santa

  18. 244
    My friend bailey said:

    what a funny story and a awsome one 2

  19. 243
    My friend bailey said:

    my mom tell me to hold my brefh as long as i can but i cannot do it that long

  20. 242
    My friend Abigail said:

    Dear santa, I lost my tooth today and it
    was the seventh one I lost. I was so
    HAPPY! santa. well bye.


  21. 241
    My friend bailey said:

    the way we do is hold your breph as long as you can or scare them

  22. 240
    My friend Matthea said:

    I hope Rudolph does not catch the “HICCUPS”anymore Santa Claus

  23. 239
    My friend steven said:

    when i have hiccups i just drink water

  24. 238
    My friend emily said:

    i put my fingers apart from each other and slowly push them together but leave a inch apart it usely works

  25. 237
    My friend emma said:

    thanks for sharing that lovly story about your rain deers hickups nnnthat wasint veary lovly

  26. 236
    My friend julie said:

    i tryed my cousin vickie me and her was playing hide and seek and she heard my hiccups and she said found you then she said you can hide again and then she scared me and my hiccups was gone

  27. 235
    My friend bella said:

    I have had the hiccups for 3 days straight!

  28. 234
    My friend Brennan from Denver, CO said:

    I’d try to drink something

  29. 233
    My friend Meagan said:

    No never I now it’s not possible and yes I can sing jingle bells backwards

  30. 232
    My friend Mia said:


  31. 231
    My friend Meagan said:

    I get hiccups alot and they don’t go away very easily! But after a while they go away. Has Rudolph tried holding his breath?

  32. 230
    My friend Brittney said:

    Hope your having fun dilivering . Lol

  33. 229
    My friend paige said:

    i get a water do a hand stand and drink the water at the the same time then they go away

  34. 228
    My friend Tameka said:

    Once I had the hiccups I normally held my breath. And no i can,t sing jingle bells backwards.

  35. 227
    My friend ERIN said:


  36. 226
    My friend alissa said:

    i hold my breath then take little breaths that always works :) well i have got to go hope Rudolphs hiccups get better thanks

  37. 225
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa i believe in you and the maggic of the north pole pole your friend franklin joe browning

  38. 224
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa merry christmas and a safe trip i hope to see you tomorrow night your friend franklin joe bowning

  39. 223
    My friend Emily said:

    I let a spoonful of sugar melt in my mouth.(it really works!)

  40. 222
    My friend Megan said:

    When I have the hiccups I hold my breath for as long as I can then gulp in air three times.(:

    Merry Christmas!

  41. 221
    My friend Lexi said:


  42. 220
    My friend maleia said:

    you are the best SANTA and ELFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 219
    My friend Paris said:

    Hey Santa I scared my friend Rachel when she had the hiccups I scared her by hiding behind the couch and jumped in front of her.

  44. 218
    My friend mckenzie said:


  45. 217
    My friend Destiny said:

    if i hadnt read that i wouldnt have known that pooring cold water on someone would make the hiccups go away…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 216
    My friend lexi said:

    when i get hiccups my dad mike comes when i`m not looking and he scares me the hiccups are gone.

  47. 215
    My friend alyson said:

    i put my two thumb in the middle of my forehead hold there for a few mintues

  48. 214
    My friend Mahli said:

    merry xmas

  49. 213
    My friend Brittany B. said:

    When you have the hiccups, your lungs are having spasms. So, if you breathe in for 4 seconds and for 4 seconds a couple of times, your hiccups should be gone. If this doesn’t work, drink lots of water.
    Brittany B.
    age 12

  50. 212
    My friend maddie said:

    I did not know poring a cold pail of water would work

  51. 211
    My friend Emma said:

    hey santa thanks for the message on email santa .com and did you know that hugs and kisses are the best whay to treat other people kindly?

  52. 210
    My friend Tina said:

    Dear Santa,
    it is hard to sing it backwards but once you learn how to do it it becomes really easy!
    Love Tina

  53. 209
    My friend Kasey said:

    Yay for Mrs.Claus and Rudolph.bless them.

  54. 208
    My friend John Paul said:

    Yes, I drink some water to help cure it. I can sing Jingle Bells backwards

  55. 207
    My friend donovan said:

    DEAR SANTA that is so funny how you said you ran out to get a pail of ice cold water he would probably hotter than cold if you snuck up on him lol YOUR FRIEND,Donovan ps I am on the nice list, right?

  56. 206
    My friend ALEXA said:

    HICCUPS!I used to get them all the time!Feel better RUDOLPH!

  57. 205
    My friend Georgie said:

    hey santa tell rudolph merry xmas and yourself and everyone at the north pole. only a few days left! I hope i’ll see u rudolph one day
    :) ;)

  58. 204
    My friend Keita said:

    SOOOOO good story I hope you send me a present and I got a Joke:

    Knock Knock
    Who’s There Rabbit rabbit who
    Rabbit up carefully it a present

    If it was funny please comment on his then mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Merry Christmas Every body

  59. 203
    My friend Giselle said:

    hi santa i am sure it took you a long time to get a cure! I hope he is very well now and is looking forward till Christmas eve for the big long journey around the world!! Santa how do you get around the world in one night! you really are truly magical! i love hearing all the fun little stories about christmas and you! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  60. 202
    My friend Amanda said:

    Oh gosh… don’t even get me started on hiccups, I’ve had them so many times! Usually what I do when I have hiccups, is that I drink a glass of water really fast, and if that doesn’t work, then I hold my breath for as long as possible so that my diaphragm (that’s the flap inside your throat that starts the hiccups if you drink water or if you breath too fast) stops jerking uncontrollably. I HATE the hiccups! :D I wish there was no such THING!!!!! :)

  61. 201
    My friend Lily said:

    But he didn’t have hiccups for long!!

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