Santa’s Red Hat

Posted by Santa Claus on December 4th, 2011

Santa Claus' famous red hat and snowball

Santa's red hat

It is fun to work here at the North Pole.  We all love it.  But sometimes it can be hard for the .

Do you know what it’s like to feel like you are not good enough?  Well sometimes our elves feel that way too.

One day I checked on the elves making toys.  There were elves making toy robots with red lights.  There were other elves making shiny flutes and drums.  Great work!

Then, I saw Mouse the Littlest Elf sitting in the corner all alone.  She looked so sad!

I asked her what was wrong.  She told me that she had tried to make a shiny robot with the other elves.  It was too hard.  The buttons would not work.

She told me she tried to make a flute.  But it would not make a sound.

Mouse looked so sad.

“You don’t have to be good at making those toys, Mouse!”  I said.  “What do you like to make?  What things make you smile?”

Mouse thought about it. Then she showed me the scarf she had on.

“Well, I made this, but it’s just a scarf.”  It was a very nice, red scarf.  It looked very warm.  It had puffy white balls on the ends like .

“That’s great!”  I said.  “In fact, I need something warm for my head while I fly!”  Mouse smiled a great big smile and told me that she could help me!

From that day on, Mouse makes me a new red hat with a white puff like a snow ball, for every Christmas.  And she is wonderful at her job!

And now you know why I wear my famous red hat!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is something you are good at?  What makes you smile?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


140 Responses to “Santa’s Red Hat”

  1. Becca

    I can’t believe that’s why Santa wears his red hat! I never knew!


  3. Katie


  4. Eliah-mae

    Dear santa
    love ya red hat the fluffyness

  5. Shannon

    Having fun makes me smile. For instance using my sewing kit . ( it teaches me 2 sew!)I also like trying to knit the scarf you left me last christmas! ( not that i can knit it )

  6. Lainey

    I’m good at dancing. I’m kinda good at skating but not that good. I’m good at being helpful and kind. Sometimes I can be good at telling jokes.

  7. Julia

    I’m good at drawin.Just yesterday I drew a nutcracker that looked real!

  8. Glen

    Wow santa i sure wish i was you!

  9. megan

    i know how u feel my brother is so mean to me and is hard work

  10. sydney

    dear santa your hat is so cool i love it i wish i had one just like it love sydney

  11. hailie-emily-marie-south

    hi i love your hat i wore a santa hat yesterday becuse i was on the burks fall skating club float it was fun

  12. sukrtii

    wow i never knew that


  14. aubreee

    sometimes i feel like my parents like my brother more than me

  15. madison

    aw. poor elves everyone of them is worth it!

  16. erin


  17. erin


  18. Xavier

    I felt that way too last week at the funeral home when mommy died. all the adults kept telling me i coudnt do something becuse i was to litle. finaly aunt dodi told me i cold stand with her to welcome peple and tel them abot mi mommy. they rele liked lisening to my stories and it made me feel beter talking about mommy.

  19. paola

    i love you

  20. EvaMarie

    So that’s why you wear a red hat!

  21. Ciara

    I am glad to hear that Mouse found something he is good at. :) I am good at soccer. I play goalie and forward. O<:D )

  22. Brooke

    We got our christmas tree out today

  23. shy-heim

    you are very nice


    i am great at singing

  25. maggie

    Why cant santa wear a blue hat or any other color hat

  26. Rubyanne

    Santa i hope you can bring me back my baby cat Po….<3

  27. Alynna

    HEY SANTA! It’s me again! I LOVE your stories! And I love you too!

  28. Bodie

    Dear Santa,
    One thing is… Well, I am good at alot of things like sports, games we make up (sometimes), maybe board games. Thats all I can think of. What are some things your good at?


  29. Ariana

    I love santa

  30. Julianna

    i always wondered who made your hat. . .Of course, now i know that mouse the elf did!

  31. Julianna

    i always wondered who made your hat. . .Muse made it!

  32. Julianna

    Mouse made your hat? I never knew!

  33. victoria

    say hi for me to Bucky

  34. Ava

    Dear Santa,
    I am good at coloring and I will leave a picture for you!
    Merry Christmas Santa!

  35. Gretta

    Dear Santa,
    I am good at making cookies, and keeping my room clean.
    Merry Christmas Santa!

  36. Zoe

    I’m good at writing. I am 4 years old, and I write my name and other words.

  37. Samantha

    I’m glad Mouse is able to help out and feel better about herself :) Everyone is good at something!

  38. Skyler

    Hi most of my friends at school say that they dont beleve you. But i say that that is’nt true.I belive you santa claws! MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA CLAWS!.

  39. Kerri-Anne

    I never really knew why you had a hole suite. maybe the next time you tell a story like this you should tell about the suite so we know the whole thing instead of just the hat?

  40. Madison

    That’s great one day I hope I can wear it

  41. victoria

    Santa this year i want to see your face on Christmas then you can sprinkle me with magical dust and i won’t R ember that way i have the best Christmas in the world:)

  42. MC

    I’m good at singing and dancing. I’m mostly good at ballet and singing. I sing about my feelings and sometimes songs just pop in my head. It is cool because whenever I have a cool idea and it is quiet time I sing it out loud and I just want to be alone to sing it.

  43. Anthony

    I am good at helping people.

  44. Britney

    When I scrapbook with my grandma, it makes me smile!

  45. ruby

    drawing, beading, dancing, soccer, gymnastics sports, swimming, math and reading, science, being polite and helpful are all things i am good at.

  46. Anonymous


  47. kaylee

    i love sports. being outside makes me smile.

  48. kaitlin

    im good at making scarfs

  49. kaitlin

    i love the story

  50. Rose

    Dear Santa

    Some people in my class think I am REALLY rubbish at drawing But…
    I Know that I am really good at making things with old bits and Bobs

    From Rose

  51. Amy

    I am good at Soccer,Netball,Singing Christmas Carols and Best of all I like to Dance to Music For Babies and adults and maybe For my age group.

  52. Chris

    I like doing sports. I’m good at playing football. I smile when I score goals

  53. Leah

    I think I am good at dancing and swimming! Something that makes me smile is Christmas day because you give me lots of the things I want and its just a lovely time of year because you get to spend lots of time with your family :) I love you! <3 xx

  54. Callum

    Your mouse is the same as me not good a one thing buit graet at another. I am good at playing football ,rugby and tennis and rubbish at golf

  55. olivia

    dear santa i realy like your hat . i like the colour red.nobody could wear it better than you

  56. Katie

    i feel queasy.

  57. Tia

    I feel like that some times lol

  58. Tia

    But i am good at the flute and i need a new one!!

  59. charlie


  60. Emma

    I Like Irish Dancing.

  61. jessica

    got your letter i love it have a merry chirstmmas xoxo

  62. Taylor

    Don’t feel that way mouse it’s ok

  63. chrissie

    I love to be active when i play it makes me
    enjoy it

  64. Lilly

    What I am good at and makes me smile is helping others. Also, making jewlry. Helping others is fun and around Christmas time gives me and the people I help Christmas spirit. I make jewlry so I can sell it and make a profit such as the free enterprise system. It’s also fun to see people when they smile at my jewlry and when I help them. I’m also good at playing with my friends. It makes me smile to see them smile!
    After all you don’t have to be good at the things your friens or family are as long as you are happy with what you are good at.

  65. Kaylen

    I am good at baking Christmas Cookies. I smile when they look prefect. I sure do love the holidays. Santa I loved the go cart you brought me last year. Hope you have a safe flight on Christmas Eve.
    Love Kaylen

  66. Katerina

    I will not brag, but i am a good girl and get all my work done in class, i help people, and care for them. i am very friendly so i have many friends!

  67. Meredith

    I like seeing people smile. It makes me smile when others smile.

  68. Anna

    I love Harry Potter. I’m the youngest in my family so sometimes I feel like the littlest elf.

  69. lily

    hi santa i have a red hat just like your’s! I think that your blog is cool. have a nice trip. p.s. only 20 more day’s of letter’s then it’s time to fly! p.p.s MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  70. Sophia

    I’m good at sewing, going to school, puzzles, and getting a cup of water all by myself.

  71. joshua

    Friends, food, music, my family and sports make me smile

  72. Rebecca

    I am good at helping people, creating art, reading and writing. What makes me smile is being with my family and anything that has to do with Christmas

  73. Lauren

    Making people happy makes me smile :)
    And having friends and family over to celebrate Christmas!

  74. abigail

    hi saanta i,ve always wanted to wear your actural propper hat because it looksn really cosey inside.

  75. Julia

    I’m good at drawing! I drew a picture of you yesterday Santa!

    P.S I have a red hat just like yours!

  76. Jennifer

    Hi Santa, I love your hat it look’s ever so festive I would love it, my fave Xmas film is the Polar Express!

  77. sophie

    your red hat is very nice i love you

  78. sophie

    ilove your rat

  79. Ella

    Hi Santa:) you sure do make people happy I bet mouse was so happy when you asked for her help so cute. I think mouse is a bit like me because I always think I cant do anything but when I do things that make me smile I am not bragging but I am class:)Also I think your red hat looks so fluffy would you mind bringing me one on Christmas Eve that would be great:)lots of love Ellaxxxxxxxxxx

  80. Ella

    Hi Santa can you bring me a red hat on Christmas Eve

  81. annabel

    the things that i like are: at christmas when you deliver my presents and ferreo rochi wich is choclate by the way you told me to write a comment and here it is’ santa please read it.

  82. annabel

    also i also like it when people smile

  83. makenzie

    can you give Rudoffh a hug 4 me? ;)

  84. sami

    your hat is awesome i wish i had one.

  85. caitlyn

    i love your hat!!!!!

  86. Kulia

    So that’s how you got your red Christmas hat! I didn’t even know that there even WAS a story behind your hat! That’s so cool! Tell Mouse I said great job! And tell her that if you look at what you can do, you’ll find that it can be a big change in history or even anything! Merry Christmas! Have good days and nights! :) :)

  87. bryce

    i liked you blog can u please send me a ELF ON MY SHELF I HEAR HE MOVES



  89. kaleb

    how are you

  90. Brianna

    santa you have such cool blog it gave me a idea to try to make my own blog also you are #1 <3

  91. KAYLEE

    i love do get in my house.what is your favorite color.what do you do to help the you like christmas you like christmas.what is your real name.and what is your wifes real name.

  92. Sian

    Hi santa im a bit lonely i think im getting bullied i dont know plx help poeple

  93. cassidy

    I could TRY to make a red scarf like how Mouse did :-}

  94. Hudson

    That must be very tireing

  95. George

    It feels awful when you feel like giving up so dont give up just try your best and you will do it.

  96. Olivia

    Doing school work.p.s.why is your hat red

  97. arianne

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!! !I love you!!!!!!

  98. autumn


  99. sloamit

    how old are you santa claus?can you give me a gift for my birtday

  100. keeley

    hi merry cristmas

  101. Melissa

    Something that makes me happy is writing letters to u! and to play with my dog and anything to do with christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! i love christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. shaylee

    I am good at reading love you santa

  103. shaylee

    I love your hat my favorite time of the year is Christmas








    dear santa merry christmas and ahappy new year your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa this is franklin again i still believe in the magic of the north pole my mom says you are real wish your friend franklin joe browning

  109. Anna

    I am very good at gym and dance one of the best


    dear santa is it cold at the north pole do they have a dentist up there i watched that christmas movie of rodoph the red nosed reindeer where one elf wanted to be a dentist your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa i wish i could visit you at the north pole it would be great your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa iwill make sure that you have milk and cookies and the reigndeers carrots your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa you have a merry christmas and a happy new year and hopefully next year you can come to my house your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa tell the elves and the reigndeers that we said merry christmas and mrs claus a very merry christmas your friend franklin browning

  115. abby

    mmm…a red hat well i no i dont a wear red hat but…….at christmas that is ohoh….one more thing i hope you have a merry christmas

  116. kasandra

    nice hat santa!

  117. Morgen

    I am good at horse riding
    reading math english playing the recorder and rapping nicki minaj songs

  118. Jesse

    I am good at soccer and i love playing it!!!


    dear santa this is franklin again i sent you 11 emails i hope you get them your friend franklin joe bbowning

  120. libbany

    i love your red hat and by the way you was on the news the other week

  121. Caitlin

    Hi Santa,
    My parents say I have many talents. My favorite is music. I play cello, saxophone, piano, and guitar (Which I figured out rudolph on!) Anyway I hope you have good luck on your trip! 5 more days

  122. jane

    hhhol, that is a cool!
    the littlest mouse is so nice!

  123. Amanda

    I’m good at drawing… I love it so much! Oh man…. :( I only wish that Christmas would come just a little faster! By the way, I’ve heard you on our roof many times on almost every christmas Eve, and as soon as I hear sleigh bells, I BEG myself to go to sleep! :) I find that so exciting! I wish I could meet you in person… oh well. :) See you (sort of…) in four days!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!! :D
    What can I say… I’m CRAZY for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! :)

  124. ALEXA

    I love your red hat SANTA!MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  125. bob

    I am good at drawing. 8:

  126. Georgia

    im good at swimming

  127. Anna

    hi Santa!hopefully you wear a short sleeved because it is SUPER DUPER hot here!well, for winter anyways…

  128. Anna

    i am good at caring and sharing and making people smile!!!

  129. c is for cookies

    hey Santa is my best hero but my halo is a little cricket i am a drawer to but i am not that good to bad i cant blog tomorrow its Christmas Eve! so i wont be blogging tomorrow i have to get cookies ready and if there isn’t cookies we’ll make some I also have to peal the carrots for Blitzen because he is my favorite and before I go I am having dickeys Christmas dinner on Chistmas it cost 40 bucks I can tast the turkey now!!!

  130. patrick McDermott

    hi santey

  131. kashmala khan

    dear santa nd lovely elvs i love you all but dont forget my chrismas presents for me and my brothers and sistetr it was a super duper santa blog in the whol whid wourld love youuuuuu santa and elves xxxxxxxxx kashmala khan

  132. laura

    hey santa you need to ask your elf to make you a brand new santa outfit like white under shirt,red jacket with green poms around the wrist,red pants with green poms around the anicle,black leather boots.



  133. KAYLEE

    i love santa.

  134. Darcie

    I am good at dancing. The thing that makes me smile is my sister.

  135. dan dan

    The thing that makes me smile is you,Santa

  136. BAILEY

    i like to make pepole lagh and it makes me lagh to

  137. Sophie

    well i am good at knitting but i’m still learning.and people say i sing really well!!!

  138. Andy

    im good at making my friends laugh

  139. BAILEY

    i am good at looking up stuff on the internet and what makes me lagh 2 tell joke 2 people would you like 2 here 1 why does a cow say moo his horns dont honk

  140. amy

    santa clause even saying it makes me exited :-D

  141. caitlin

    I’m good at horse riding and dancing but the things that make me smile are my family and friends and you,santa.
    xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

  142. Csepke

    I am good at playing drama, I actualy wonna be an actress*wink*So I am also good at dancing oh yes, and I can’t leave out screaming, yeap I am good at screaming, get ready, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    And ofcours acting,my family,my friends,and you Santa and the toys you make me is all that makes me smile!:)


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