Today was Reindeer Games Day!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 3rd, 2011

Reindeer Games Day!

Reindeer Games Day - Tree Toss!

Today was a BIG day at the North Pole.  It was Reindeer Games day!  What a jolly time we all had.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

The reindeer were all in tip-top shape.

Rudolph pushed a VERY BIG log.  He got a new Reindeer World Record. I told you his name would go down in history!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Dasher dashed faster than ever!  And Prancer pulled ALL of the elves on his sled – just for fun!

Oh my, the reindeer played so many games!

The last game was very exciting.  It was a flying game.  The reindeer had to fly around a special course.  They had to zig-zag around trees.  They had to fly low.  They had to fly high.  Then they had to land on a special target.

Vixen was the last to go.  She really wanted to do well.  She did not want to be Clumsy the Reindeer again!  She got past the trees.  All the elves cheered.  She flew low.  She flew high.  She got ready to land on the target.  “You can do it!” said the other reindeer.  Do you think she did?

Vixen landed right on the target.  She was happy not to be Clumsy the Reindeer this time!  “Hooray for Vixen!” said everyone.

Then the fun really started.  It was party time!  Mrs Claus had made a special cake for all the reindeer.  Can you guess what kind it was?

It was a carrot cake!  (With a red cherry nose on top!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   What is your favourite kind of cake?  What other games do you think the reindeer play at the reindeer games?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


122 Responses to “Today was Reindeer Games Day!”

  1. 1
    My friend Ashley said:

    Ruldolph looks soooooo cute!!!!!! LOL

  2. 2
    My friend Camryn said:

    Santa those games look fun I think I will play one game

  3. 3
    My friend Timmy said:

    i love you santa clause your so cool i wish i will see you atleast twice

  4. 4
    My friend Olivia said:

    Wow Santa- reindeer games day sounds fun!

  5. 5
    My friend Lucy said:

    Did you have fun as well?

  6. 6
    My friend jamjams said:

    these reindeer games look quite tricky ,but i guess thats because they are for reindeer and not humans xx

  7. 7
    My friend Julia said:

    I wish I was there to watch the games

  8. 8
    My friend Leo said:

    Good job Reindeer!

  9. 9
    My friend Amy said:

    Ruldolph IS CUTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    My friend paige said:



  12. 11
    My friend Emma said:

    Ruldolph rocks!

  13. 12
    My friend Nicole said:

    LoL!! that sounds like SO much fun! I bet the riendeers had so much fun I wish i could that!! :P

  14. 13
    My friend billy said:

    that would of been really fun

  15. 14
    My friend Brandon said:

    The reindeer games sound really fun!

  16. 15
    My friend Samantha said:

    I always wondered what reindeer do for reindeer games!

  17. 16
    My friend Paige said:

    Hey That Sounds Like So Much Fun!!

    I Wish I Was There Too See It!!!
    I also Want Pics

  18. 17
    My friend Devin said:


  19. 18
    My friend Elizabeth from Smyrna said:

    Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas! I hope you are doing
    well. I can’t wait until Christmas Day. I hope
    to see you soon.

    Your Friend,

  20. 19
    My friend rufina said:

    i love u mrs.santa ormrs.santap.s i love u ya i said that lol

  21. 20
    My friend Allie said:

    they are so cute! santa, i think rudoph is sooooo cute too!


  22. 21
    My friend luke said:

    wow i feel bad for dasher

  23. 22
    My friend Melina said:

    I wish i did that it seems so fun and Ruldoph looks so cute

  24. 23
    My friend Jade said:

    Santa I love Pumpkin Pie! It’s my Favorite!! What’s your Santa?

  25. 24
    My friend Luke said:

    Hope you had a fun reindeer games day:) 21 more sleeps until Christmas yayyyyyyyyy!!!

  26. 25
    My friend Brooke. said:

    Tell all of the reindeer I said Hi and especially Rudolph!

  27. 26
    My friend Kaylee said:

    I bet the reindeer had soo much fun!! I hope someday I can visit you and pet rudolph.

  28. 27
    My friend someone said:

    that looks fun! i want to be a elf to ride! i also want a pet dino!

  29. 28
    My friend MELISSA said:


  30. 29
    My friend Jenna said:

    i like cookies and cream cake!!

  31. 30
    My friend gabrille said:

    Santa how do you get araoud the world ho I love your blog

  32. 31
    My friend julieana said:

    that must have been fun

  33. 32
    My friend julieana said:

    merry christmas can you tell my elf hi her name is olivia she works at tec sport bye ho.ho.ho
    dont eat too many cookies on the way to my house

  34. 33
    My friend Elbel said:

    Wow sounds like fun:) Good Job Rudolp for bracking the record and to dancer and prancer. Cant wait to christmas.

    Lots of hugs to the northpole!

  35. 34
    My friend Elbel said:

    Reindeers are so magical and cute i wish i could be and elf aswell it would be awesome!!!!

  36. 35
    My friend Charley said:

    I cant wait until christmas im buzzing with excitement! xox

  37. 36
    My friend David said:

    Santa, I know you wrote a letter to me, so tell all the other kids where we live to write a message to you. K. I will send you tons of messages

    – David :-)

    p.s. the reindeer games sounded fun!

  38. 37
    My friend Maddy said:

    Oh Santa I can’t wait for you to come its so fun to open all your magnificent presents I am so thankful for you love your dearest friend maddy :) Forever and always

  39. 38
    My friend Eve said:

    Oh santa I cant wait for christmas! My favorite reindeer is by far rudolph but i do like the others. Did you know yesterday i got wellies that are red and have a white fluffy top and they look like something you would wear! HO HO HO! Byee santa!
    P.S. Im on the nice list!

  40. 39
    My friend gavin said:

    merry Christmas last year I saw ruldolph him self and his nose was so bright!

  41. 40
    My friend molly said:

    santa are those games fun and tell rudolph I said hi

  42. 41
    My friend madison said:

    wow that’s what reindeer really look like cool!

  43. 42
    My friend Molly said:

    Santa I love your raindeers they are so cute. Xxxx

  44. 43
    My friend Santa said:

    Thank you for your comments I will come to thouse with all the nice thourghtful comments Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to Evereybody enjoy your day

    “Ho ho ho!”

    Signed Santa

  45. 44
    My friend anonymous said:

    my favorite kind of cake is cheesecake i think the reindeer play fun games at the reindeer games i also think t would be really fun to compete in these. Well, Merry Christmas Santa, and I’ll see you Christmas Eve!

  46. 45
    My friend maddie said:

    hi sanna

  47. 46
    My friend Emily said:

    OMG!!! i want to live with you santa!! i wish i could be an elf there and i could play with, feed, and take care of the raindeer!!

  48. 47
    My friend Caleb said:

    I hope i am on the nice list ?

  49. 48
    My friend aideen said:

    that sounds fun i want to fly

  50. 49
    My friend Alexis said:

    My favorite kind of cake is chocolate.

  51. 50
    My friend isabella said:

    hey santa clause i am happy for you and your reindeer and your eleve and i am going to visit u not theletter just for real hopefully you are home so u and i can have a c hat together inivited me in and well we can talk see you at christmas eve i will probably have to be asleepfor u and be up again at 7 in the morning ihave school tomorrow andwell that is where i have to go christmas day is when i get up to open presents with m ybrother mother father dog and cat watching us hopefully you leave me goodies in my stocking okay santa clause please and thank you. love ya.

  52. 51
    My friend lilly-may said:


  53. 52
    My friend paige said:

    hi santa its paige the reindeers are having so much fun and i am so excited to talk to you and the elfs next i would like to speek to mrs santa and 21 sleeps its cool and is my brother jake being good i hope so. and do you know i was doing my nans kitchen today and i like to help my nan

  54. 53
    My friend tabytha said:

    how old is santa

  55. 54
    My friend tabytha said:

    i think it is good and souns like thay had a fun day

  56. 55
    My friend tabytha said:

    i want to play tem games no fair

  57. 56
    My friend Jaynee said:

    I’m sick today but I really enjoyed your video. Thanks Santa

  58. 57
    My friend Ella said:

    I wish I could have seen them! It sounds like fun and I love animals!

  59. 58
    My friend Leah said:

    Rudolph is so cute! Those games look really fun! I’d love to try the flying one but theres a slight problem! I cant fly! You are the best cos you can fly around with the reindeer. I loooooovvvveee my mums sponge cake but i also love chocolate cake! delicious! I love you Santa! Only 21 days left till Christmas!

  60. 59
    My friend autumn said:

    Way to go ruldolf !! Your awsome !!

  61. 60
    My friend Heather said:

    I can’t wait to play some reindeer games!! :)

  62. 61
    My friend maggie said:

    I cant wait to read the story

  63. 62
    My friend drew said:


  64. 63
    My friend drew said:

    That is too funny.

  65. 64
    My friend tyler said:

    take me to play one of those games

  66. 65
    My friend Leah said:

    That looks so fun! I wish i could do some! Rudolph is so cute! Only 20 days left till Christmas!! xx

  67. 66
    My friend katy said:

    please show me to one of those games

  68. 67
    My friend bradley said:

    it is way to funny i wanna play one of those games he he

  69. 68
    My friend LIBBY said:


  70. 69
    My friend Damon Street said:

    Hello Santa im sorry i didnt write u in the email its my first time writting and really didnt know what to say but i just wanted to let u know that i am a big believer of you and im hoping my Christmas be a good one even though its not all about getting gifts its about Jesus birthday and about being thankful but i really do hope u come through for me this Christmas THANX SANTA hope to hear from u soon !!!!!!

  71. 70
    My friend Samarra said:

    I love Dancer i think he is great! P.S. the picture looks so realistic!

  72. 71
    My friend Cian said:

    I tried to attach reindeer food to my letter to Santa, but Hugs and Kisses showed up instead. I like the reindeer.

  73. 72
    My friend Christopher said:

    Santa, where do you start delivering for Christmas and how do you make it around the world so fast?

  74. 73
    My friend hailey said:

    i just wanted to say that i love all the people and raindeer and elfs up there in the north pole

  75. 74
    My friend ashleigh said:

    i hope you c an watch the consert that we are going to play it has you in the songs

  76. 75
    My friend ashleigh said:


  77. 76
    My friend amelie said:

    I love the caterlog

  78. 77
    My friend Laoise said:

    Hi Santa, Please can you start at my house first when you get to Dublin on Christmas Eve….

  79. 78
    My friend Julia said:

    My favorite kind of cake? Chocolate cake! That’s definitely my favorite! I wish I could come to the north pole! But my Mom said it’s impossible to find your workshop because it’s hidden!

  80. 79
    My friend faye said:

    hi santa say to everyone at the northpole that i love them even the grinch xxx ooo.

  81. 80
    My friend tia said:


    It’s hard to think of anything
    But Christmas in December.
    There’s so much to look forward to
    And so much to remember.


    Outside there’s a pine tree standing straight and tall.
    It need no decorations–nature’s done it all.
    Pinecones on its branches with icicles glistening bright,
    Snow upon its needles and birds at rest from flight.
    I see it from my window, and take the time to say,
    Thank you for your beauty, tree, on this Christmas day.


    Hang this on your
    Christmas tree,
    To remember how
    I used to be.
    To remind you of me
    Now and then,
    And bring fond memories
    Back again.


    Christmas Countdown

    Each evening when goodnights are said,
    Take off one link and hop into bed.
    When only the star is left to shine,
    When you will know it’s Christmastime!


    Christmas Countdown

    How many days till Christmas?
    It’s mighty hard to tell.
    Take off a link every night
    When the Sandman casts his spell,
    And Christmas Eve will be here
    By the time you reach the bell.


    Christmas Wreaths

    Our Christmas wreaths
    Are fat and round
    Made of woodsy things
    We found.
    We tied brown cones
    Upon the green
    And stuck red berries
    In between.
    Upon the wreath
    For our front door
    We tied red ribbon from a store.


    Ummm, the smell of Christmas is everywhere I go,
    Evergreens and holly, and pretty mistletoe,
    Gingerbread and cookies, and fresh pumpkin pie,
    Smoke is in the chimney, curling to the sky.



    Santa’s sometimes called Kris Kringle.
    His merry eyes–oh how they twinkle.
    His nose and cheeks are red as a rose,
    Which match all his bright red clothes.
    Wearing a white beard and boots of black,
    He’s a jolly elf carrying his sack.
    When he laught, he “ho, ho, hos,”
    From the tip of his hat to the end of his nose.


    Good morning to the presents
    Good morning to the elves
    Good morning to the workshop at the pole.
    Good morning to the reindeer
    Good morning to the sleigh
    Good morning to the Santa we all know!


    In Santa’s Workshop

    In Santa’s workshop far away,
    Ten little elves work night and day.
    This little elf makes candy canes,
    This little elf builds streamlined trains,
    This little elf dips chocolate drops,
    This little elf makes lollipops,
    This little elf makes great board games,
    This little elf gives dolls their names,
    This little elf packs each jack-in-the-box,
    This little elf sews dolly socks,
    This little elf wraps exciting books,
    This little elf checks twice and looks,
    As Santa packs them in his sleigh,
    Ready for you on Christmas Day.


    My Peppermint Stick

    (to the tune of Brownie Smile)

    Oh, I took a lick of my peppermint stick,
    and I thought it tasted yummy.
    It used to be on my Christmas tree,
    but I like it better in my tummy.


    Day Before Christmas

    We have been helping with the cake
    And licking out the pan
    And wrapping up our packages
    As neatly as we can.
    We have hung our stockings up
    Beside the open grate.
    And now there’s nothing more to do


    The Reindeer Pokey

    (to the tune of The Hokey Pokey)

    You put your antlers in.
    You put your antlers out.
    You put you antlers in,
    And you shake them all about.
    You do the Reindeer Pokey,
    And you turn yourself around.
    That’s what it’s all about!

    You put your hooves in….
    You put your red nose in….
    You put your fluffy tail in…
    You put your reindeer body in…


    Eight Tiny Reindeer

    Eight tiny reindeer in the snow,
    Eight tiny reindeer ready to go.
    This one has a shiny red nose,
    He tells Santa which way the sleigh goes.
    This one stamps the ice with his hoof,
    He wants to hurry to your roof.
    This one holds up his antlers high,
    At a signal, he will be ready to fly!
    This one makes the sleigh bells ring,
    Presents to children he wants to bring.
    This one looks above and below,
    To warn Santa if the strong wind will blow.
    This one stands at attention still,
    While Santa the sleigh with toys does fill.
    This one pulls at the bit, for he
    Wants to start on the long journey.
    This one, last of the reindeer band,
    Feels the reins pull in Santa’s hands.
    With a ho, ho, ho! they are on their way,
    And eight tiny reindeer pull the sleigh
    To make children happy on Christmas day.


    Call Rudolph

    Eight little reindeer pulling Santa’s sled
    One fell down and bumped his head.
    The elves called Santa and Sant said,
    “Can seven little reindeer pull my sled?”

    count down the same way until
    you get to one little reindeer

    One little reindeer pulling Santa’s sled,
    He fell down and bumped his head.
    The elves called Santa and Santa said,
    “Call Rudolph!”


    Santa’s Reindeer

    “Come Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen.
    Come Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.”
    Santa said, “My reindeer number eight.
    We need to go. We can’t be late!
    It’s dark this Christmas Eve night.
    We need someone to carry a light.
    Rudolph, of course you’ll be fine.
    Now my reindeer number nine.”


    Santa’s Reindeer

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 little reindeer
    Stand beside the gate,
    “Hurry, Santa,” said the five,
    “So we will not be late!”
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 little reindeer,
    Santa said, “Please wait!”
    Wait for three more little reindeer,
    And then that will make eight.”

  82. 81
    My friend Desiree said:

    Santa, the dude in the red attire! Hey! i have one question! Is that Rudulph? If it is, i love him! He’s been my favorie Reindeer ever! BYE!

  83. 82
    My friend makenna said:

    dear santa thank you for all the good things you got me last year i really liked them last year i would like some cloths for my amearcin girl doll a lot of justis cloths all the kind of little pet shops oh one more thing i really want a ipod and santa how dose your raindeer fly

  84. 83
    My friend makenna said:

    santa your so nice and i baleve in you happy chrismas

  85. 84
    My friend TOM said:

    hi Santa I LIKE all the reindeer but my favourite is comet

  86. 85
    My friend georgia said:

    thats neat

  87. 86
    My friend Layla Bajric said:

    Are that a real reinder!! :)

  88. 87
    My friend keeona said:

    what did the reindeer eat today?

  89. 88
    My friend Ian said:

    Nice job pushing the log. Santa, will you tell Rudolph that I like his shiny red nose? P.S. Love you

  90. 89
    My friend JorDANA said:


  91. 90
    My friend Kelly said:

    that picture of a raindeer was soooo cool!!!!!

  92. 91
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa this is franklin i have been a good boy this year your friend franklin joe browning

  93. 92
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa i hope you have a safe trip this year around the world i wish i could visit you at the north pole your friend franklin joe browning

  94. 93
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa can you please come visit me on christmas eve night your friend franklin joe browninn

  95. 94
    My friend Amelia said:

    Santa, I really also want clothes for my American girl doll!! I hope the reindeer games went well!

  96. 95
    My friend rosanna said:

    i love you

  97. 96
    My friend victor said:

    hi santa im having a great day i had a dream last night and my teacher told me if i wanted to go out with her and i got to play black ops thise morning can u make the mistery box get it to get me the thonder gun plz tell ur elvs that i love elvs and tell mrs claus i siad hi k and the ray gun

  98. 97
    My friend Ashleigh said:

    Dear Ms.clause,I love santa and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 98
    My friend Morgen said:

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake it is really lovely and i also love madira cake it is really lovely too ITS TOO HARD TO decied LOL

  100. 99
    My friend Claudia from layland said:

    hi Santa u ok I wrote before and u said to write you a letter on hear so

    lots of love from Claudia ):

  101. 100
    My friend ARANTZA said:




  102. 101
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa merry christmas i hope you get to come to georgia to my house your friend franklin joe browning

  103. 102
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa have a safe trip and be careful your friend franklin joe browning

  104. 103
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa can you please go visit two friends of mine branzin and brailin your friend franklin joe browning

  105. 104
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa pleae tell rudolph i would like to meet him and the rst of the deers your friend franklin joe browning

  106. 105
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    hi everybody at the north pole,
    just wanted to say merry christmas and a happy new year!

  107. 106
    My friend lauren said:

    i like chocolat truffal

  108. 107
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa does it take along time to load the sleigh your friend franklin joe browning

  109. 108
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa have some hot chocolate before your long trip your friend franklin joe browning

  110. 109
    My friend Amber said:

    Sounds like you had a fun day!Merry Christmas everyone!

  111. 110
    My friend leah said:

    I think raindeer game’s are so cooyayayay

  112. 111
    My friend ALEXA said:


  113. 112
    My friend Brittany B. said:

    The reindeer games sound sooo fun! Do you think my teacup yorkie puppy Bean do any games? She loves to play. Hope you and your reindeer are getting rested up, Santa. Maybe I’ll see you Christmas Eve! What are your favorite cookies? Oh, and what do the reindeer like? Its the least I could do after ya’ll traveled the world to bring me ONE prezzy! Thanks!
    Merry Christmas!!! :) <3

    Brittany B.

  114. 113
    My friend wandaneisha said:

    hi can i ride in the slaye with you and eat decorated sugar cookies and drink coco or milk

  115. 114
    My friend rachel said:


  116. 115
    My friend sierra said:

    hey santa
    i hope allthe reindeer had fun in the reindeer games! i bet the cake mrs.clause made was really good!what is her first name? i’v asked alot of people and no one no’s 4 sure ! i hope u like the cookies & milk mybrother and i are leaving for u

  117. 116
    My friend bailey said:

    my favret is icecream cake i relly hope the rain deers had fun at the raindeer game i hope they liked there cake

  118. 117
    My friend caprice todd said:

    santa have i ben good lis yire wood i get presans

  119. 118
    My friend caprice todd said:

    have i bing good

  120. 119
    My friend amy said:


  121. 120
    My friend Kaitlyn said:


  122. 121
    My friend Lauren said:

    Dear Santa,
    I was just on I hope you got it and I hope that you can give some needy kids all around the world gifts and the warm Christmas spiret.
    love ,Lauren

  123. 122
    My friend Lauren said:

    p.s give the elves a treat and a break please they are working to hard

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