Today was Reindeer Games Day!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 3rd, 2011

Reindeer Games Day!

Reindeer Games Day - Tree Toss!

Today was a BIG day at the North Pole.  It was Reindeer Games day!  What a jolly time we all had.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

The reindeer were all in tip-top shape.

Rudolph pushed a VERY BIG log.  He got a new Reindeer World Record. I told you his name would go down in history!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Dasher dashed faster than ever!  And Prancer pulled ALL of the elves on his sled – just for fun!

Oh my, the reindeer played so many games!

The last game was very exciting.  It was a flying game.  The reindeer had to fly around a special course.  They had to zig-zag around trees.  They had to fly low.  They had to fly high.  Then they had to land on a special target.

Vixen was the last to go.  She really wanted to do well.  She did not want to be Clumsy the Reindeer again!  She got past the trees.  All the elves cheered.  She flew low.  She flew high.  She got ready to land on the target.  “You can do it!” said the other reindeer.  Do you think she did?

Vixen landed right on the target.  She was happy not to be Clumsy the Reindeer this time!  “Hooray for Vixen!” said everyone.

Then the fun really started.  It was party time!  Mrs Claus had made a special cake for all the reindeer.  Can you guess what kind it was?

It was a carrot cake!  (With a red cherry nose on top!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   What is your favourite kind of cake?  What other games do you think the reindeer play at the reindeer games?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


122 Responses to “Today was Reindeer Games Day!”

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  1. 122
    My friend Lauren said:

    p.s give the elves a treat and a break please they are working to hard

  2. 121
    My friend Lauren said:

    Dear Santa,
    I was just on I hope you got it and I hope that you can give some needy kids all around the world gifts and the warm Christmas spiret.
    love ,Lauren

  3. 120
    My friend Kaitlyn said:


  4. 119
    My friend amy said:


  5. 118
    My friend caprice todd said:

    have i bing good

  6. 117
    My friend caprice todd said:

    santa have i ben good lis yire wood i get presans

  7. 116
    My friend bailey said:

    my favret is icecream cake i relly hope the rain deers had fun at the raindeer game i hope they liked there cake

  8. 115
    My friend sierra said:

    hey santa
    i hope allthe reindeer had fun in the reindeer games! i bet the cake mrs.clause made was really good!what is her first name? i’v asked alot of people and no one no’s 4 sure ! i hope u like the cookies & milk mybrother and i are leaving for u

  9. 114
    My friend rachel said:


  10. 113
    My friend wandaneisha said:

    hi can i ride in the slaye with you and eat decorated sugar cookies and drink coco or milk


  12. 112
    My friend Brittany B. said:

    The reindeer games sound sooo fun! Do you think my teacup yorkie puppy Bean do any games? She loves to play. Hope you and your reindeer are getting rested up, Santa. Maybe I’ll see you Christmas Eve! What are your favorite cookies? Oh, and what do the reindeer like? Its the least I could do after ya’ll traveled the world to bring me ONE prezzy! Thanks!
    Merry Christmas!!! :) <3

    Brittany B.

  13. 111
    My friend ALEXA said:


  14. 110
    My friend leah said:

    I think raindeer game’s are so cooyayayay

  15. 109
    My friend Amber said:

    Sounds like you had a fun day!Merry Christmas everyone!

  16. 108
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa have some hot chocolate before your long trip your friend franklin joe browning

  17. 107
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa does it take along time to load the sleigh your friend franklin joe browning

  18. 106
    My friend lauren said:

    i like chocolat truffal

  19. 105
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    hi everybody at the north pole,
    just wanted to say merry christmas and a happy new year!

  20. 104
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa pleae tell rudolph i would like to meet him and the rst of the deers your friend franklin joe browning

  21. 103
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa can you please go visit two friends of mine branzin and brailin your friend franklin joe browning

  22. 102
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa have a safe trip and be careful your friend franklin joe browning

  23. 101
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa merry christmas i hope you get to come to georgia to my house your friend franklin joe browning

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