Reindeer Games – Tinsel Tag

Posted by Santa Claus on November 29th, 2011

Reindeer Games - tag!

calves playing tag!

The reindeer love playing .  They all played tag today.  Tinsel tag is Dancer’s favourite game.

The reindeer have been very busy with fitness training.  They decided to play a game of tinsel tag just for fun.  Dancer put tinsel on his antlers.

“Catch me if you can! “  he said.  All the others tried to get the tinsel from Dancer.  Do you think they did?

Dancer is very good at tag.  He is also very good at dancing!  He dances to the right.  He dances to the left.  He dances here.  He dances there.  He dances everywhere!  The other reindeer just cannot catch him.

Blitzen tried first.  He got very close but he slipped on the snow and missed.

Vixen tried sliding on her tummy.  She nearly got him.  But she was sliding too fast!  Dancer danced to the right and guess what?  Vixen went straight on.  FLUMP!  She slid into Comet and Donner.  They fell onto their bottoms!

tried next.  He copied Dancer’s dance steps.

“Got you,” he said.

But there was a problem!  Rudolph’s antlers were stuck on Dancer’s antlers.  The tinsel was tangled!  All the other reindeer laughed.  Rudolph and Dancer were spinning in a circle.  They were having a Christmas dance party!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever had tinsel stuck in your antlers?  Can you say “tangled tinsel” five times fast?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


70 Responses to “Reindeer Games – Tinsel Tag”

  1. ben edwards

    is rudolph ok


  3. ben

    hello elf

  4. maggie

    Cool I cant belive thats dancer fav game

  5. Rose

    Hey I wanna play that

  6. Rose

    Cool do they play flying tag?

  7. ella

    holy cow that sounds like so much fun!

  8. brooke

    too funny

  9. angie

    you rock

  10. jessica

    hi i am sad that no one has joinded you blog

  11. Camber

    Dear Santa,

    I wish I could see you. But it’s hard because it’s night and I have to go to sleep. But I promise, I will leave some cookies and milk out for you on Christmas.

    And whenever it’s Christmas, I wish I could see you. You are awesome!



  12. alexis

    that is so funny i also love tag but i always get tag


  14. Michael

    Dear Santa,

    It might kind of hard for you to fit down our chimney, because we use ours for heat. But we will leave the back door unlocked for you. We will have lots of cookies for you too!

    I wish I was a reindeer so I could play Tinsel Tag with the other reindeer! That sounds like so much fun! I would have a blast sliding around trying to get the tinsel!

    But I don’t see how you stand the snow and cold all the time. My reindeer name would be Avalanche, because I would cause the snow to come down the mountains every time I took off, because I would be so fast!

  15. phil

    looks fun if i was a reein deer

  16. octavia

    im very happy to know what one dancer’s favourite games are!

  17. Amy

    I would love to play tinsel tag and see what things you could do as a reindeer. I would be called Dazzle because I would Dazzle everyone with my antlers!

  18. Fay

    Hello Santa I love this blog so much Thank you very very very very very very very very very very veryvery very very very much elves for making it Have a merry christmas Fay

  19. Fay

    I wish I was Rudolf everyone here is ignoring me But woww!!!!!!!! that story was Fabtasticamizinoelxelent It almost made me cry with laughter hee hee hee but all you have to do is SMILE everyone will smile becuase there contaijus

  20. Fay

    I am defintly going to play tag and Smile! Now that I know Rudolf plays Tag But the story Wow x900000(Mutilply)

  21. megan

    it will be very esy to fit dowm my chimy i will leve lots of yumy stuff

  22. Lucie Richards

    Hi this is Lucie
    Im writing a letter to say to keep safe on your flight

    All the best
    Lucie Richards.

  23. Lucie Richards


  24. Lucie Richards

    Im going to make sure that I hear the bells so I know that youve come
    allthe best Lucie

  25. Lucie Richards

    my sister said that im like a angle on the trop of a tree anyway im going to bake some christmas muffings for my christmas fayet at school so good by for now

    From Lucie………………

  26. zara

    hi i was wondering how are you

  27. Hannah

    I would love to join in tinsel tag! maybe you should make a new game hide and go fly :)
    Merry christmas!!

  28. Brooke

    Not Long To Go Now

  29. kaci-lee

    dear santa (only 30 sleeps to christmas)

  30. holly

    santa dancer is my frater rain deer

  31. holly

    Dear Santa I am making you cookies for Christmas. I am putting raindeer food for our 9 raindeers dancer is my favoter raindeer fo all . i wish you a merry christmas your freind holly

  32. Ruby

    i think it sounds like a fun game for raindeers of corse not for people normal people!!!!!!!

  33. anonymous

    that sounds like a lot of fun Santa!
    Merry christmas cant wait to see you christmas eve

  34. Megan

    I really like the game Tinsel Tag and I think that I should play it with my Friends too xx

  35. Megan

    I love the game Tinsel Tag and I think that I should play it with my Friends xx

  36. MAISIE

    too funny pls take me on your sleigh wake me up even if i say go away because i normally talk in my sleep love u

  37. Alex age 11

    wow iv never heard of a reindeer dancing and im wondering how cause i dont think they can stand on two feet so im finding this short kinda funny(cause who slides to get a deer caught? :D lolz ROFL)and tinsle tag we cant play cause 1. we have no antlers and 2. tinsle goes on trees! :D lolz sarcasim :D

  38. Leah

    That is a tounge twister! Me and my sister are trying but end up laughing because we cant say it! I cant wait till Christmas! x

  39. Kristine

    please give my brother a bag of coal for christmas this year?!

  40. Autumn

    Hi Santa I cant say tangled tinsel five times fast. Tinsel tag sounds fun. Have a good day Santa!

    PS: can you please leave coal for my dad this year.

  41. George

    Hi Santa! A lot of my friends don’t believe in you anymore. Is there any way I can prove it to them that you are real?

  42. Lauren

    Aww, how sweet! I love reindeer. Tinsel tag sounds brilliant. Guess what, my ex-teaching assistant is coming with her 6 year old son to see you in Lapland this year!

  43. Danielle

    No at the end it sopunds like i am saying tangle tiger and my frtiends cant do it either lol

  44. Caroline

    Yes I can say “tangeld tinsel” 5 times

  45. Aviana

    How much does Rouldoph eat? Do the reindeer like to eat grain?

  46. Santa Claus

    Dear George,

    You don’t need to prove to your friends’ I exist. As long as you believe, along with millions of other children, it’ll just fine.

  47. Jillian

    No I can’t say tangled tinsel more then 3 times because I have braces! :)

  48. megan

    awwwww.All those pictures were so cute i loved the picture of tinsel tag well i wish the best on your special flight ill be tracking you & even you have to be nice before & after Christmas day love you Megan i live in Ft.Myers Florida im gonna leave you snicker doodles & a nice cup of milk

  49. Muki

    I believe in you but some of my friends don’t>

  50. abigail

    i think it is great that your reindeer are exersizeing for the sleigh pull on dec. 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. tell all the reindeer i said hi:) :) :) :) :)



  52. Mrs. Partin's Class

    Merry Christmas Santa,

    We were able to say “Tangled Tinsel” 5 times fast. It was hard, but we did a good job!

    We love you and we can’t wait until you come!
    Mrs. Partin’s Class

  53. Grace

    What do elves eat and reindeer?

  54. alisha

    hi first of all i’m going to say mery christmas to you father christmas bye

  55. Amber

    Wow raindeer looks like you had a nice day today well and funny because Rudolph and Dancer got tagled up ho ho ho!

    From Amber

  56. Lora

    Looks like Rudolph should be more careful when playing with tinsel!

  57. abby

    dear santa i love ! you you are the best you make me happy!i wish i ckde see you love abbyaprilsandberg.

  58. abby

    what is your favrite raindeer

  59. tori

    p.s what are elves names

  60. megan

    Today my brothers were chasing me
    and then gusse what happend my dog
    came and joined in and start to jump
    up and attack us then Mum came to the
    rescue us

  61. julie

    hey santa and ms.claus and elfs and raindeers how are the raindeers for you santa are they good are bad and how are the elfs are they good are bad are they still turning off the lights on christmas evr dose rudolphs nose glow santa is it funny when rudolphs nose glow hooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo santa ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hooooooooooooooooooooo ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hooooo ho ho ho ho ho ho im funny and my dog boots whnts his oned ball from julie

  62. HANNAH


  63. bobbi

    isn’t it nice there playing together!!!!!

  64. Anonymous


  65. Suzy

    hi santa,
    i love you for sure. i can’t wait until christmas.

    i love you and always will,

  66. chloe

    i have some comments for you:
    you sound like a good person!!!!!
    i am really looking forword to seeing my presents because i know i have been a good girl.
    emmmmm!!!!! oh i have a pet called alfie and he has ritten to roodolph already

  67. ella

    ummmm santa we dont have antlers :) :0

  68. BAILEY

    no i do not have any antlers but i can say tinsel 5 times fasts

  69. caitlin

    That would have been so funny to watch them spinning around in a circe.LOL:)

  70. alysha

    i love christmas and i have something special for santa the elfs and the raindeers i cant wait im so exited i really would love to see santa the elfs and the raindeers my favorite thing about christmas is the north pole and all the elfs raindeers and of corse santa clause merry christmas bye bye bye

  71. Hayley


  72. donnna

    who won the tissle game today
    betta its prancer wonthe gameor comet


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