Reindeer Games – Dash Away!

Posted by Santa Claus on November 26th, 2011

Reindeer Games - Snow Dash!

Games - Snow Dash!

The reindeer have been very busy with fitness training today. They want to be in top-tip shape for the North Pole .

Things did not go very well for Dasher. He was practicing for the snow dash. This is his favourite game because Dasher loves to dash! He was dashing through the snow faster than he had ever dashed before. But Dasher wanted to dash even faster.

Dasher went to the top of a big hill to start his dash. The hill would give him a turbo boost! Well, you should have seen him go – WOOSH! He was as fast as a train coming down the hill. Dasher was ZOOMING along! He was singing “Woo-woo! I’m the runaway train!” It was so much fun. All the other reindeer started to cheer with glee. Dasher was the fastest reindeer they had ever seen!

Then there was a problem. Dasher was so busy dashing that he forgot all about stopping! He was heading straight for a huge snow drift. It was too late to slow down – THUMP! OUCH! Dasher crashed into the snow!

The other reindeer looked into the Dasher-shaped hole in the snow. All they could see was Dasher’s bottom! He had to come out backwards. They burst out laughing when they saw his face. He had a big white snowy beard on his chin! Dasher looked just like someone else they all know – can you guess who?

Going fast can be fun but you do have to be careful. What things do you like to do fast?  What things do you like to do slow?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What do you like to do with your friends? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what others’ have written!


73 Responses to “Reindeer Games – Dash Away!”

  1. wanda and anna

    i love the reindeer


  3. Bitty/Elizabeth

    I like to swim fast and run slow.

  4. Akeesha

    Hope you get fit and ready for Christmas and Santa make sure none of your reindeer’s eat chocolate. (as in Santa Clause 3) :) :) :) :)

  5. megan

    well he shod do it more often

  6. Leah

    I like swimming fast cos then I can beat all my friends and I like running slowly because I’m not fast anyway so I just jog! I love everyone at the north pole

  7. jose

    dear santa i love you

  8. jose

    dear santa ilove you and how are you? are you fine? xxxxxxxxxx

  9. grumpy the elf jake williamsfriend

    i love reindeer to.i can see them

  10. Juliana

    I like to play school games and board games. I also like to do arts and crafts and play with my dolls and dollhouse!

  11. Taylor

    Who is Olive?

  12. Lucy

    Hello Santa you are such a great man and sometimes i wonder if you really wear a jolly red suit or if you just wear jeans and a t-shirt like my dad does (*wink*) My Tad-Cu died a couple of years ago and he had a white beard like you and liked wearing red. Do you think santa is my granddad?
    P.S, hello elves


  14. brooklyn

    hi santas elfs how are you doing in the north pole. and how old are all your raindeer and what are there names?and how is bissy are you guys doing all that work all the time.and who takes care of the raindeer well you guys are working on all the toys. your friend Brooklyn

  15. Kassie

    Hey Santa!
    Looks like those reindeers are having fun. I like to play tag and I like to make up games with my friends. I also like to do crafts.

  16. mckenzie

    i love you and the elfs

  17. mckenzie

    all of you are very nice

  18. Cassanda

    Santa , I like to run really fast in P.E. at school because when you run fast you can really feel cold wind on you.
    love Cassandra

  19. Taylor

    The reindeer are soooo cute. I will leave them lots of treats on Christmas Eve!! (I hope my dogs and the reindeer play that game they did last year) :)

  20. Eimear

    I like to dance and sing Christmas songs when I play with my friends.

  21. ella

    my friends and I tell each other secrets and do friends stuff I hope dasher is all right after his crash. what a silly goose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get better soon dasher love you

  22. mackenzie

    hi santa

  23. mackenzie

    hi santa what are you doing

  24. Cairy, Jaimy and Riley

    I Liked This Story Alot.. I think that Dasher is Really Clumbsy And he needs to slow down ad think before he does things so he does not get hurt like he did…

  25. Millie

    I’d prefer to ride my bike but oh well. I suppose reindeer can’t ride bikes. Well Done Dasher!

  26. delaney

    i love reindeer i love playing

  27. Angel

    I like to play in the snow. I also like to pretend that i am either an elf or reindeer ( with reindeer, it’s mostly Rudolph,Dasher, and Dancer though!)

  28. Jordan

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  29. Brooke

    what is the next event going to be
    Cookie, Mincepie and candycane eating or a christmas stocking race

  30. Destiny

    thats awesome i hope he reindeer are ready to glide the slay for chriistmas eve soon. i hope to see you gus way way up in the sky
    p.s watch out for the grinch

  31. Gabe

    Hi elvs how are you doing?

  32. Jana

    I like to talk and socialize with my friends. We are all very understanding of each other. Sometimes, we mess around and try to be funny, but other times, we are DEAD SERIOUS!!!

  33. taylor

    wow thats pretty kewl

  34. Zackery

    p.s i did that too..

  35. Jordan

    WOW!!!! Well done Dasher that looks like amazing running. I think you will be in shape on christmas eve!!!!! See you on christmas eve!!!

  36. jack

    Well done dasher!!!!

  37. william a bird

    me and my friend alway play outside in snow i wish we have snow in peguis

  38. annalei

    poor dasher

  39. Elise

    is this real Santa?

  40. gerry kelly

    hi santa com over now bracknews gerrry kellyu i need sombe be with gerry big room waindow up back yers see you com on van tops or my roof be ok see gerry bed room yine tims now see gerry sequim with raindeer wilcom over now my home 42june pl livs at santa ovr see gerry kellly got cp in wheelchair all tims now santa

  41. Gracie

    Good job Dasher! I like to dash fast too and chase the boys at recess.

  42. chantanyce

    you are the best group ever

  43. Adam Garrett

    hi santa have you cleand your laptop from ruldof sneezing on it?

  44. JASON


  45. Alannah

    hi santa nice to see you again well not see you but talk to you i am really trying to be good its just so hard being the oldest with 3 brothers and no sisters i can not belevit that it is only 23 more sleeps to Christmas could mummy get something to rubbe her feet it can start to get anoying

  46. margarita

    i love you and the elvs and
    mrs cluase and evreyone there can you come pick me up in ponca city oklahoma united states

  47. noah

    hi santa i always track you on google earth every year

  48. jodie

    hi santa i cant wait till christmas

  49. Julianna

    I like to run too but i always make sure i am also careful!

  50. erin

    I hope the reindeer enjoy the snack. I hope you have a Merry Christmas at the North Pole. I love everybody who works there. I hope the reindeer drive safely to the people’s houses.

  51. C.J.

    Dasher should not have went too fast and I’m sure he learned his lesson!

  52. fay

    i really want to ride on rudolths back

  53. mark

    hi santa guess what?

  54. mark

    can you send me a video of the north pole please. how many raindeer do you have now you said you just had one join the raindeer team last year please write back

  55. mark

    is this santa because if it is what time do you leave the north pole

  56. abby

    dearn santa i cant wait until christmas

  57. Lindsay

    Today me and my friends bilt a snow fort and had a huge snowball battle with other forts!

  58. kayleigh

    i want a 3ds and a game.

  59. samantha

    Dear Santa i want dolls doll house a pillow pet and the castle what has every princess love sam

  60. anikha

    Hi. For reindeer games a cool idea is a Santa hat race. An elf puts a Santa hat on every reindeer and the reindeer go as fast as they can without dropping the hat. Whoever wins gets a carrot! I love galloping on my pony, even if she is not a reindeer!

  61. haley

    he/she is so cute

  62. Matthew

    I like to build snow tunnels.

  63. paul

    love paul

  64. bailey

    play and have tuns of fun

  65. georgia

    when i go fast somtimes i fall

  66. BAILEY

    have fun and joke ardoud with frineds

  67. talisa

    what a great blg you santa oh and hey elfs what are you doing and you all lots like jelly tots hahahahahaha hohohohoh.. and i cant wait till you tetx back send me a picture of you and the elfs ok love lots like jelly tots

  68. caitlin

    I like to race and joke with my friends
    love you,
    caitlin xxxxx

  69. Leslie

    I love crismus

  70. ava

    hi i have been pering for geting a puppy i pick up a dog poo from my dog i feed him and give him water even my mum and dad send but santa i am going to syndy and he only way i can get the pup is getting in before christmas or after christmas thanks by the way i am in year 3 and i am 8

  71. lauren

    I like to hang out with my friends when I see you them at school we also like to talk to my elf buddy.

  72. Kerrigan

    you are the best Santa in the WORLD!!!

  73. Kate

    I really like playing with my BFF Emily

  74. Ritvik

    I like playing jump rope with my friends.

  75. Maicey

    I like fun run so reindeers could do reindeer run who can run the longest and Rudolph could lead them because Rudolph can be the leader


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