Halloween Games at the North Pole

Posted by Santa Claus on October 26th, 2008

This is a very exciting time at the North Pole!  There are less than 60 sleeps until Christmas.  And, there are less than 6 sleeps to !

Some people ask me, “Santa Claus, everyone at the North Pole loves Christmas.  But what do you do at Halloween?”.  Well, we love Halloween almost as much as Christmas! 

We play lots of Halloween games.  The love to bob for apples.  It’s really funny when  falls in the water!  Just his pointy little elf shoes stick out!  We even have a special elf fishing stick to get him out.  Well, ok, it’s really just a big candy cane!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  I think Clumsy falls in on purpose.  He likes to make everyone laugh.  It just is not Halloween until Clumsy falls into the water!

The girl elves are really smart.  They pick the apples up by the stems with their teeth.  Their faces do not even get wet!  Girl elves are very dainty princesses.

The boy elves are so silly.  They try to pick the apples up by biting the apple with their teeth.  They put their whole face right into the water!  Then they move their faces trying to bite the apple.  Their little faces get so wet we have to dry them off.  Boy elves are very messy!

We used to bob for snowballs.  But the snowballs kept melting in the water!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Happy Halloween!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What games do you like to play at Halloween?    (Scroll down to leave a message for Santa or to see what others have written!)


39 Responses to “Halloween Games at the North Pole”

  1. Vladimir

    Wow, I like to trick or treat.


  3. julianna

    i like to here from u and how everybody is doing. please email me at [Email address deleted by Santa! Never put your email address on the Internet. There are lots of Naughty people online and I wouldn't want to see them hurt you :( ]

  4. Brittany

    I think it’s so cool you celebrate Halloween! I like to go trick or treating an get candy!

  5. Taylor

    i cannot wait 4 christmas!!!!! i love how u celebrate halloween too!!!! c u in december!!!

  6. Jennifer

    That sounds like a nice Halloween. I am glad to hear that you guys don’t miss out on the fun.

  7. caoimhe

    hi santa and everyone my email is [email address deleted by Santa -- see my Internet Safety Tip below!] please email me even santa and i love trick or treating

  8. Antony

    im so glad you have so much fun at halloween. i like to go out trick or treating with my mam and sister to get sweets :) Clumsy the Elf sounds funny and i sure would laugh if i was there to see him fall in the water hehe. love you byee xx

  9. Me

    I love you santa, hope you have a great halloween. xx

  10. terrell

    cool! halloween is one of my favorite holidays! (you know i love christmas) thats SO cool that u celebrate halloween! I thought mostly its Christmasy there! Well, rock on santa! See you at Christmas!!!

  11. emily

    i love them?

  12. emily

    they are really really great!!!!!!!


  14. aisha

    i love halloween and christmas i cant wait for christmas what is your email address

  15. lauren

    i love halloween its my 2nd favorite holiday of the year apart from x mas!!

  16. KADE


  17. Angelo

    I love those games. They seem fun.

  18. shawna

    santa wow i did not now you loved hallween more then christmas butttttt.
    i love christmas more then hallween soooooooo

    what do you dress up on hallween

  19. chloe

    santa i did not know that you liked halloween more than chrismas i like halloween more than chrismas i dress as a witch as halloween. what do you dress as halloween?

  20. georgia

    Ilove christmas!!!! i cANT WAIT YEY I also love holloween do you do it to the elves and what do you where

  21. Ellen

    The elves sound funny, and I would love to see Clumsy!! I did apple bobbing at guides, but the apples didn’t have stalks, so i had to stick my whole head in and I got very wet! ;) Lol! xx

  22. mason

    i love them come pick me up

  23. emily

    dear santa i want to find out what number you live at.

  24. megan

    i really really really really really like halloween games.

  25. megan

    what games do you have.

  26. katannah

    santa you could have a couple of elfs dress up . They write a discription and you have to try and figer out what they are!

  27. mel

    who made that game up

  28. Louie

    HI!!!!!!I love you santa!

  29. sydnee

    i think there wonderful i never knew you celebrated halloween because you are all about christmas

  30. courtney

    hfghffgfdhhghrf hghhghgfddd dddjdhjfhfdh jhhhhgghhg

  31. nicki estella

    hi santa i live in phillippines in cebu tanke talisay magay my gate is blue at the top is you i wish santa i have a gift i like your kid that is a wish for me and you santa claus i…love…..you……………

  32. Kelani

    merry christmas i am japanese so you dont normally see me talking to santa kurishio now do you its japanese for santa clause i pick up the apple by the stalk not the fruit:):):):):):)::L:L:L:L

  33. Hi


    HHHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT. hit it and shake it!!!


  34. jolianna

    dear santa, I think i`ll have a lot of fun this year. PS what are you doing for Thanksgiving

  35. racheal

    santa is so cool he can grow a beard as long as a xmas treee lol

  36. Julia

    Who is the new raindeer of yours?

  37. Alexandra

    Happy chistmus.
    Im i on the nathey list yes or no?

  38. lucy

    Happy chistmus.

  39. Amanda

    Hey Santa, ya know I don’t really cdelebrate Halloween. I do go over my friend Peter James’ house for a Halloween party.I guess that’s kind of celebrating but I really only think of it as a day where you go out dressed up in costoume and get candy. Heeeeee candy!

  40. alex

    where do we hunt for you

  41. Jessica

    first post of 2011, 2012, 2013,and 2014! WOW the first post ever on here!


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