Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2010

Posted by Santa Claus on December 22nd, 2010

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

I know many of you have wonderful Christmas traditions.  You have told me about them in my blog!  (Yes, I do read everything that you write in my blog :-) !)

Well, I have a special Christmas tradition of my own too.  It is my annual Christmas Wish for the World!

Would you like to learn more about my special Christmas tradition – my Christmas Wish?

Well, I am very lucky.   I get to see the whole world.  I get to see many wonderful things.  People have done such great things.

But, I see a lot of things that make me a little sad too.  After all, bad things do happen to good people through no fault of their own.

I see people who are hungry.  I see people who are hurting.  I see people who are afraid they will not have somewhere to live.

This year I have received many emails from Moms and Dads needing help.

Yes, I see many things that make me thankful for all that I have.

And I see many things that give me hope.

What always gives me the most hope is the young people of the world.  The kids that Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer and I love so much.  The kids like you reading this.  The kids who can make the world a better place for all.

You see, we are really good at making toys and other Christmas presents.  But, we just are not very good when it comes to other things.  Like making the world a better place.  That takes more than Santa’s magic.

I think that is why we like making toys.   It is the one thing we can do to make people happy.  Even if it is not as important as finding a cure for disease.  Or stopping world hunger or war.  Or making sure people have a safe place to live.  Those are things that people have to do!

So here are some things we cannot do at the North Pole that we are wishing for this Christmas.  We have been asking for these things for a long time.  We hope maybe this is the year some of them will be granted:

Frosty the Snowman wishes an end to global warming.  I do too. (It is very hard to be a snowman when it is so warm after all!)

The elves wish they could make every child in the world safe and happy.  I do too.

The reindeer wish people would stop hurting other people and animals.  I do too.

Mrs. Claus wishes that all people could live together in peace and harmony.  I do too.

And my Christmas Wish for the world this year will be the same as always:  “Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night!”

Now it is your turn.  What is your Christmas wish for the world?  People all over the world will read your wish right here on my blog!  That is pretty amazing and special.

Just remember, if you want to make a wish for a present from me, then go to my “Email Santa Claus” page.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   What is your Christmas wish for the world?  What do you do to make the world a better place?  You can leave your wish for the world here.   Or, scroll down to see others’ Christmas wishes!


484 Responses to “Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2010”

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  1. 484
    My friend Jose said:

    Santa if you are here in Dallas are you waching me?or are you finding me.And can you tell what am I’m doing

  2. 483
    My friend Jose said:

    Dear santa,
    That my brother really wants for chrismas is:
    Cars 2 splash speed way,
    Ice cream maker (pippin n’ dots),
    And a nintendo 3Ds game called (spider man)
    And my brothers name is Edgar

  3. 482
    My friend Jose said:

    Ops!!! Santa my letter sopoust to say a word “live”

  4. 481
    My friend Jose said:

    Dear santa claus,I was just wondering if you read all of my letters i send you today and the presents i wanted,i really about paying it and do we have to pay them say no please.”oh” and i hope you a graet day today, happy new year!!!!!

  5. 480
    My friend Jose said:

    Dear santa, i was just saying where do you,i wont tell anyone i promise

  6. 479
    My friend phoebe said:

    santa please can i help you.

  7. 478
    My friend Tucker said:

    hmm maybe for global warming to slow down and not happen a lot

  8. 477
    My friend sarah said:

    you better

  9. 476
    My friend zoe said:

    der santer i the one how just emal you i just wonted to say hoo merry christmas to you to and i looked at you blog xx merry christmas to you mis cluse and jimmy the elth and all off the rander and all off the elths spred my love xxxxxxxxx

  10. 475
    My friend jjj said:



  12. 474
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa is is it snowing there your friend franklin joe browning

  13. 473
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa do you remember me your friend franklin joe browning

  14. 472
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa i will keep a light burning in the window for you your friend franklin joe browning

  15. 471
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa iknow you are busy but i went outside tonight and made a wish that you would come see me but i guess my wish wont come true but i did make a wish your friend franklin joe browning

  16. 470
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa i hope you get my emails my mom said you would your friend franklin joe browning

  17. 469
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa this wish is for my two baby cousins chayla and chesa santa if you could see your way please pay them a visit this christmas eve your friend franklin joe browning

  18. 468
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa have a happy and safe triparound the world your friend franklin joe browning

  19. 467
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa is it snowing at the north pole i wish it would snow here your friend franklin joe browning

  20. 466
    My friend lauren said:

    Dear, efls
    hi my name is Lauren.I go on email santa alot im the one that sess hi to every one

  21. 465
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa will you please come to my house on christmas eve night you are my best friend your friend franklin joe browning

  22. 464
    My friend nathan said:

    j ai encore peur ( un peu ) de toi mais je t ‘ aime bisous de moi Nathan

  23. 463
    My friend Ava said:

    I want to give people food and water for Christmas and some clothes to people that don’t have alot of clothes and I want them to try and build shelter love ,Ava

  24. 462
    My friend brooke said:

    ilove you santa

  25. 461
    My friend maddy said:

    i dont know what im having for the christmas dinner but i bet it will be sooooo….. yummy!And santa your goodies will be soooo… yummy. well of course like every single year!

  26. 460
    My friend Jacqueline said:

    dear santa,
    i love christmas. ill be leaving you and the reindeer goodies to eat. for christmas i would like a ds, and games, with a case. why can’t christmas be tomorrow? i can’t wait til christmas


  27. 459
    My friend ashtyn said:

    hello santa i dont know if i am naughty or nice and can tell me if i am thank you ashtyn

  28. 458
    My friend brooke said:

    I like your little story but do you have one for me.

  29. 457
    My friend brooke said:

    how long does it take you santa

  30. 456
    My friend nia said:

    my christmas wish would be if anyone and everyone has a nice cosy warm home to go to with a sizzling fire on christmas eve and then on christmas day run down the stairs and find lots of present and be with their
    family’s! i hope everyone has a lovely chirstmas!!!! xoxoxox xoxoxo ! xxx

  31. 455
    My friend destiny said:

    i love you

  32. 454
    My friend destiny said:

    hay do you remamber me

  33. 453
    My friend danielle said:

    Am I on the good list or bad one ??

  34. 452
    My friend kobe said:

    santa!!!!! YOUR THE AWESOME GUY EVER i wish ill see you in real life did you saw my dog? he likes you:)

  35. 451
    My friend olivia riley said:

    can tou pealse garant me this wish so here it is i have always wanted to be a wizard i have looked up it up on line it would not work pleeeeeease iam baging you please whip cream with a cookie on top ill send you alot of cookies on x mas make me a wizard lease and thak you reply

  36. 450
    My friend caleb and jason said:

    hi santa am i notte or nice

  37. 449
    My friend caleb and jason said:

    hi santa

  38. 448
    My friend keira said:

    i really love christmas its ace i ust wish everyone thought the same

  39. 447
    My friend gillian said:

    i did the naughty or nice list thing and it said my halo is a little bit crooked. its probably because when ever one of my sisters yell at me i get really mad and i can help it.

  40. 446
    My friend harmony said:

    hi santa claus i am so excited till chrismas i am a angle in the chrimas play at school and no school for tmorow i hope i will be able to hear your bells at chrismas and guese what…..25 days till chrismas the best thing of my life im looking forward to seeing you on chrismas i think thats all for know hugs and kisses spele girl plz write back

  41. 445
    My friend gillian said:

    oh and my birthday is on the 21′st of december i’ll be 12

  42. 444
    My friend gillian said:

    hi santa can i have a bike and that is it ill give you some cookies

  43. 443
    My friend eshita said:

    you are nice

  44. 442
    My friend Alex said:

    i cant wait 27 more days till Christmas i hope to get a baritone sax for Christmas i cant wait i am so exited i hope i get it
    this year on December 25 2011!;)

  45. 441
    My friend Jacqueline said:

    Dear Santa,
    Thank for all the presents that you have left me every year. This year i would like a ds and games. i dont care if i was naughty or nice. i just have to except what you think


  46. 440
    My friend Jordayn said:

    Dear Santa,
    I loved all the toys you got me, especially the funny monster, and my brother David liked the toys, too. For this year, David wants to get ZombieLand Movie and XBox. I, Jordayn, would like a Wii, if you don’t mind. Thank you very much, Santa, I hope you have a great Christmas this year, as you did last year.
    Ho, ho, ho!! And a Merry Christmaaaaaaaaaaaas!
    -Jordayn ♥

  47. 439
    My friend gracie said:


  48. 438
    My friend Michael said:

    Dear Santa,
    I love all the presents you have gave to me. A present that I want the
    most is a I pod touch and actually there is one more. I want a laser
    stunt chaser. Merry Christmas. Love, Michael. Oh and by the way I
    want those presents this year.

  49. 437
    My friend Caitlin said:

    I wish that there is and never will be anymore world sufering in any way at all!That is what I wish for.

  50. 436
    My friend zinziley said:

    my dad sed that can u bring hime 500000000

  51. 435
    My friend zinziley said:

    i love u santa.

  52. 434
    My friend lauren said:


  53. 433
    My friend chloe said:

    i love u santa and thank u love chloe

  54. 432
    My friend jacob said:

    can i help people in need

  55. 431
    My friend jodie said:

    hi santa hope u have a great time in the sliegh id love to come for a ride one day

  56. 430
    My friend Katie said:

    I have a elf on the shelf and had him for abou 3 years but i would love to donate food and money to peole in need. Love your best friend Katie

  57. 429
    My friend Natasha said:

    I have a lovely Christmas every year but this year is going to be the best

  58. 428
    My friend Laura Rodriguez said:

    Meg can you please come back to me I miss you and I left you crackers and water in the kitchen and I want you to make a mess again and have fun at school again with the other elves that my friends already have and that is why I want you to come tonight and you don’t know how much I want you back

  59. 427
    My friend molly said:

    i have being kind of naughty

  60. 426
    My friend anya said:

    i love christmas! i made a christmas collage.

  61. 425
    My friend kaci-lea said:

    I wish all my famley can be together

  62. 424
    My friend Natalie said:

    i would like to find a soloution for poverty

  63. 423
    My friend Abby said:

    What is your favorite Number?

  64. 422
    My friend amanda said:

    I Wish the whole wide world was bffs

  65. 421
    My friend Lauren said:

    i wish that the bullying will end. That could make people feel bad and sad and mad. Im sure thats not the best Christmas wish.Post it on your blog please.yours truly Lauren

  66. 420
    My friend cheyenne said:

    whatis your favourite flavour of cookies

  67. 419
    My friend Kendell and Kolten said:

    We wish people were safe and happy with homes. We will help by giving to those in need this year. Love Ya Santa!

  68. 418
    My friend ade said:

    hey, i would like to know what do you want for Christmas santa

  69. 417
    My friend casey said:

    I wish we did not have any reason to fight then we would not have war.I also wish santa will have a nice christmas eve.

  70. 416
    My friend lesly said:

    your the best your like my second dad

  71. 415
    My friend caitlin said:

    I wish that people will stop hurting animals and doing animal cruelty. and that people will be happy this Christmas even if they don’t live in a happy place I hope my Christmas wish for the world comes true this Christmas

    p.s. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

  72. 414
    My friend Anna said:

    Is there any thing i can do to help tose people in need

  73. 413
    My friend Phoenix said:

    Who is your favourite youtuber?

  74. 412
    My friend sarah said:

    where is your fav number?

  75. 411
    My friend kaydaina said:

    i love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  76. 410
    My friend Ken said:

    Hi Santa,

    I am very happy to tell you I want a, I pad 2, a pear of fuzzy dog slippers, PJs, and a D.s.I, and a pet game for the D.s.i, and a elf on the shelf you can touch! Oh I have a elf a elf on the shelf. I got her this year. Her name is Elle. By the way my dad smacked Elle with a noodle, on purpuse! She got on one of are small metal horses the other day and yelled, Yee haaaaa! Oh and on the reaply can you send me a video of you saying my reaply.?!.? Love you!

  77. 409
    My friend Andy said:

    Dear santa I just love your chrismas blog its so cool

  78. 408
    My friend Andy said:

    Dear santa how many cookies should I leave you at christmas eve 2011

  79. 407
    My friend Jessica said:

    Oh santa

  80. 406
    My friend Molly said:

    Santa BFF Best Frends Forever

  81. 405
    My friend Emily said:

    get what i want you better

  82. 404
    My friend Molly said:

    Santa I know how you can not get me evereything but t does not matter becase you need to get other chldren presents
    I would like a telly for chrstmas please t dosent matter if you can not get it but i will send you some money for it

    Thank you

    Molly Xxx

  83. 403
    My friend megan said:

    hi santa,thanks for all those good presants love you

  84. 402
    My friend Faith said:

    My wish this christmas is for the world to be a happyier and kinder place to live in.Also for people to respctwhat they have got.

  85. 401
    My friend gracie said:

    i wish that everyone in the world will be happy

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