Christmas Day 2010

Posted by Santa Claus on December 25th, 2010

One very tired Santa!

One very tired Santa!

Ho! Ho! Ho! andMerry Christmas!

Well, the and I are very tired!

It was a very long night.  But it was a very fun night!

I hope you had fun this morning too!

There are many people I have to thank for helping me.

I want to thank the elves and reindeer.  They are such good helpers.  Hurray for the and reindeer!

I should thank the grown-ups too.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them.  Hurray for all the grown-ups!  (I hope you thank the grown-ups too!)

Of course, I have to thank Mrs. Claus!  Hurray for !

But most of all, I want to thank all the kids!  I want to thank you for the nice drinks and treats for me and apples, carrots and other goodies for the reindeer.  Thank you for the great letters and emails too!  Hurray for you!

I hope everyone enjoys the presents that I brought.  The elves worked very hard making them just for you!

I know there are many kids I could not bring any presents to this year.  Or, I had to bring them a present different from what they wanted.

I am very sorry if I could not bring you what you wanted.  I know you really wanted it.  I am sad I could not bring it.  I know you are sad about it too.

But, I want you to always remember something.  Santa Claus and everyone at the North Pole love you very much.  It does not matter what Santa brings you.  He still loves you, almost as much as your grown-ups do!

The most important gifts are the ones that Santa cannot bring.  After all, Christmas does not come in boxes and bags.  It does not come from a sleigh or a store!  If you have people that love you and a warm, safe place to live then Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Did you like the presents ?  You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

P.P.S.  It might be a day or two before the elves check your messages and post them here for all to see.  I hope you don’t mind.


874 Responses to “Christmas Day 2010”

  1. Lee

    Em santa, are you coming to my house tonight? I hope so. I asked for the presents that are not only for me. I also asked some presents for my family. This is the only way to make them happy. Today, my family is still very sad. I just can’t help it looking at their sad faces…I want them to be happy….


  3. kerry

    thank you for the very cool laptop it is asome but you should have a rest after that long night

  4. Marc

    Thanks for the TV I got!

  5. Alexis

    Well I know I will love them I woke up to early and I wanted to say thanks so here it goes thank u all and to them a good long winter nap good night

  6. bethany

    hope u are all ok u north

  7. Charlotte

    I got a GOGO PUPPY! Thank you Santa. Oh, did you like the hot chocoalate last night?

  8. Kaitlyn

    Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Santa! I hope you had a wonderful flight seeing wonderful sights around the world!

  9. Ruzenka

    I had a good christmas. I heard you santa in the house. I love you. Ruzenka.

  10. Havilland

    iam waiting for my family to wake up and see waht you gave me! so i guess i should say in advance…….”THANK YOU SANTA!”

  11. Mason

    Thank you sooooooooo much for the LapTop. I LOVE IT. I Will use it every day. I Love you Lots Santa. You are AMAZING! I Noticed you came here REALLY Early in the morning. I Can’t wait for next ChristMas. I Love you Santa

    Love, Mason

  12. Laurina

    Merry Christmas Mr and Mrs Claus. Thank you for all the presents. You guys and the elves are awesome. Merry Christmas elves.

    Love Laurina


  14. Anonymous

    the thing I want most is pictuures from the North pole!!

  15. willow

    the gifts were wounderful i have only opened haLf because i have half and half presents but i bet the ones at moms house are awesome too thanks for an awesome christmas santa,elfes,reindeer and mrs clause !!
    love willow <3

  16. willow


  17. Pauline

    Thank you for the cat journal! It’s really pretty even though that’s not exactly what I wanted but that’s alright, Santa. My parents might get me a kitten…and then the kitten can email Rudolph next Christmas!

  18. Colsen

    Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts


  19. Al

    Awesome Christmas so far!!!!! Had a great dinner with family last night, and saw some friends I havent seen in years. Also had fun joking around a ton with my wife in the car.

  20. Laurina

    Are you having a good christmas Mr and Mrs claus

  21. Harrison

    Dear Santa,

    I loved the presents. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well and happy holidays.

  22. rhea

    i got shoes from you i like then but christmas is about family and giveing NOT GETING

  23. mel

    thankyou for all the presents your my role ry model thanks for making me happy every in christmas morning l love you

  24. Dina

    Dear Santa,
    I loved all that you brought me, even the clothes. I hope you like the present I left for you, and of all the presents you got me, I LOVE THE METAL DETECTOR!!! (:
    Lots of love,

  25. kafg

    thanks for the christmas gift i love it

  26. Anne-Marie

    Dear Santa, Mrs.Claus, reindeer, and elves,
    thank you for all your hard work and all the gifts!!!

  27. kaushik

    good presents sorry i could not bring presents for the elves merry christmas to all

  28. Presley

    I really dont know how to thank you enouph for flying all the way out here! I love every single thing you gave me! Hope you enjoyed you cookies and hope the reindeer liked their food! I love you very much and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!Thank you! Now lets get you sleep! “ZzZzZzZzZZZZ”

  29. Chelsea

    I like the robos you left in my stocking.Kermit says he likes them, too!I love you, Santa. Do you really love all of us, too? I am glad my dog Penney did not bite you last night.

  30. James

    Thank You For The Duster Santa! I Love Cleaning!Thank you Soooo Much!

  31. amilia

    i loved all my presents. but i think christmas is about your family. hope you’re having a great christmas

  32. Bethany

    thanks for my bingo game :L lol

  33. Nicholas

    ilike all the presents you brought me espessially the lego airplane.

    please write back!

  34. Anonymous

    Thanks for all of the presents you brang.

    P.S. My Mum said that you missed one of my presents so you are bringing it next week, she said it was the hexbug city for the bugs to run round.

    P.S.S. Also give a thanks to the elves for making them. (i got lots of good ones and all the ones i asked for.

  35. Reynolds

    I wish it was Chrismas Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Sophia

    Thank you for the rollerblades, MP3 player, and American Girl clothes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  37. taylor

    thank you for the great present. and to everyone who dose not know what it was it was a cell phone. The only way I would get to text you this right know is if I HAD A PHONE AND i do. THank you so much santa

  38. zoe

    thank you for what you do every year

  39. Brooke

    I didn’t get one thing I wanted but it’s alright. I might get it next year if I’m good. I need to tell you one more thing, I love the DVD player and I love the Zhu zhu pet.
    P.S. I love the cool pants and the sweater.
    love Brooke

  40. Anna

    i want you to give my mum all presents beacause she is specal in her own way and i love her so much

    thank you for reading this

  41. Lauren

    thankyou so much i loved my bits and bobs especially the me to you stuff and all the books i hope u have a good and well deserved nap SWEET DREAMS!!!!!

  42. charlotte

    hi there merry christmas u eleves so u doing good bye bye merry christmas

  43. Cameron

    Thank you Santa for everthing. It was a great Christmas. I am sad its over and cant wait till next year.

  44. Sarah

    i am sooo good almost all of the time.

    i always tell the truth

    merry christmas happy holidays

    have a happy new year happy kwanzaa happy boxing day happy hannukah

  45. Meghan

    thanks for the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Bitty

    Santa i hope you feel less tired soon! I can’t tell you how much my family loves the gifts! I sure hope your reindeer are feeling less tired today because i would hate to see them sick all year from that long trip all over the world! You are my Role Model because who else can travel the world in one day and still be the happiest person in the world? You are also my role model because you have such a kind spirit and heart and i can’t speak how much i think you are nice! I would really like to send a special thank you to all the elves, reindeer, and Mrs. Claus for all they have done so you could deliver all those gifts! If it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be able to make all those presents and deliver them! Well maybe you could because you can travel the whole world in only one day! So thank you everyone and Santa for all you do!

  47. Laurina

    We got snow. Mr and Mrs Claus.

  48. Hannah Kate

    Santa Claus is watching so you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why. . .Santa Claus is coming to town!!

  49. Ashley

    I like the crafting mama game that you got sister likes the tinker bell that you got her.and the last thing that I like is the skin that I needed for my iPod touch that my mom and dad got me.

  50. Ashley

    I love the presents but most of all I love you and Mrs. Claus!

  51. mia

    Hi santa you are the best and I love all the gifts you gave me
    they are amazing. My favorite holiday I love geting the christmas tree and puting the milk and cookies for you.


  52. mia

    I wanted to say that I hope you have a nice new year and you are
    my hero and i love your work it’s fabulous.
    love mia

  53. Ginni

    Thank yoo Santa

  54. Madison


  55. amber


  56. amber

    i love gifts but the best gift of all is

  57. emeli


  58. Kaytlin

    THANKS!!! xD U rok, man!

  59. hayden

    eat lots of cokies

  60. Lauren

    Hia santa thanks for letting us have a wwonderful christmas.

  61. melody

    I love the gifts u gave me but the true meaning of christmas is famly and friends.

  62. lucy

    thanks for my presents i loved them and always wanted them presents so thanks alot. Lucy

  63. Jonna

    Hi, im With all of my Cousins .We are Having fun with our sleds .Their names are Miranda and Olivia .We Cant wait til’ Next years christmas and cant wait til’ we get to start using some of our toys.

  64. Isabel

    Hi Santa, thanks for all my presents and I got a surprise when I opened one present that was filled with Jedward things! I didn’t even ask for it! I had a great Christmas, Thank you.

  65. emily

    thanks for the unicycle

  66. chyanne

    santa your a masin happy new year

  67. stephen

    you did good this year

  68. Abbee

    Dear Santa,

    I loved my presents that you got me thank you but most of all I love you and mrs.clause!How come you did not leave any presents and my aunts house?

  69. grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend

    i hope you have a nice nap and thanck you
    for leting me stay thanks

  70. louis

    i want to know if santa got an ipod tuch 4g for christmas well let me tell you i did merry christmas and have a happy new year

  71. tia

    i got an repunzel braded hair a gitar thank you i am only 5 my gitar is pink

    love tia xxxxx

  72. lily

    i loved allthe prssents that you got me.

  73. Haden


  74. Rehana

    Santa please can i have some more money for my wii? Thank you!!!!

  75. Sarah

    I love the toys and games you got me but i love you more!

  76. camilla

    how do the reindeers pull the sleigh

  77. hayven

    how many elvs do you have?

  78. hayven

    thanks 4 bop itr it is realey fun

  79. Alyssa

    Thank you I had a great Christmas last year(haha,cause it is Jan. 1st) I love you very much. <3 I BELIEVE!

  80. Alyssa

    hahaha santa just said i had to come here & check it out….looks like i already did! : ) <3 Alyssa

  81. Alyssa

    I BELIEVE….. those other 2 comments are from me also.. I love this website I visit everday now : ) <3 Alyssa

  82. kayla

    I really, really like you Santa and I like what you got me even though I did not get what I wanted.

  83. Taylor

    I loved my present. thank you.

  84. alania

    Santa have i been good? oh and why did you not put anything in the stocking? oh and last but not least why did you put the wii outside? thank you for signing the note. merry Christmas. hope you get less tired. bye:)

  85. randi

    hi santa i love the presents!!!! that you brot me!! i hope you like your milk and cookies? merry christmas and a happy new year p.s. hope your reindeer like the carrots and the water! any way i have to wach a movie call modern family! love you bye

  86. andrea

    santa i loved all my presents and im very thankful noone got hurt in a plane crash that my grandmother was on so god bless you mrs claus and th elfs

  87. sam

    i love all of my presents that you brought me this year and most of all i love you and mrs. claus bye!

  88. Chloe

    I got a Camera this year, just like I wanted! I also wanted a puppy but I know it would be soo hard to make a Puppy!
    Thanks Santa, I appretiate it!

  89. Reese

    don’t worry about bringing me all the gifts that i want because nobody deserves all the gifts that they want you only get the ones that Santa thinks you’ve been good enough for. i love most of all in the whole wide world everybody at the North Pole because the toy makers make the toys for all of the children in the world WOW thank you. Next comes the reindeer to thank they deserve a big thank you because they’re the ones who fly around the world so santa can make it to all the houses and a very good thank you to Rudolph he is the one who guides Santa’s sleigh when it was foggy hip hip horray for the reindeer. Next comes mrs.claus she is the one who gets santa nice and fat for his big trip thank you mrs.claus. most of all the most BIG thank you for SANTA CLAUS whhhhhhh hoooooooo he is the most best person in the north pole he is the one who goes to every ones house,slides down the chimney and puts candy in our stocking and puts so many presents under the tree yay for Santa Claus like i said i love all the people at the North Pole

  90. Ashley

    santa thank you for all the presents but i love you really the most and i know that the ture meaning of christmas is jesus.

  91. Reese

    Dear Santa, Christmas is my favorite holiday i like decorating our tree, leaving cheese out for santa mouse,leaving a couple of Christmas treats out for you and leaving dried oatmeal for all of the Reindeer. But i hate when Christmas is over because we have to take down all of the Christmas decorations. The big thing about Christmas is to think about Jesus being born.


  92. tosin

    I hope you had a happy new year and merry cirstmas LOVE Tosin

  93. chloe

    great blog santa thanks it is great

  94. brianna

    santa thank u for my gift (; sanat cluas u rock

  95. brianna

    santa u are great u have been great for me sicne i was bron u are 1nuber 1 in gifts

  96. carla

    eres el mejor santaclaus mas bueno en el polo norte

  97. tasmine

    heyy santa i had loadss of nice pressnts thankyou so much

  98. Laura

    christmas is not about getting toys or aving a party it’s about remembering that jesus was born

  99. khea

    i love christmas

  100. johannah

    hey santa johannah here i just wanted to say i love you and how ur sooooooo coool keppp puttin those presents under the tree and i will keep being good just kidding

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<3 johannah west

  101. madi

    Hi Santa it’s Madi and i was wondering what is the name of you’re new riendeer?
    For the 2011 Christmas i would like three things:

    1)a laptop with a green cover

    2)a dsi

    3)for my guinni pigs to feel loved forever and for us to give them more attention!
    thank-you for you’re time to read this email you’re friend,Madi!!!!!!!

  102. georgia

    tell mrs.claus that she is really beautiful and really nice for making your lovely costume and you really kind aswel.

  103. abigail

    father christmas shiver my wiskers it is cold because it has been snowing in the last couple of days 355 more sleeps until christmas

  104. SABA


  105. Kelsi

    thanks santa for the toys Love kelsi

  106. ANIYA


  107. ANIYA


  108. mia

    merry Chirstmas!

  109. jensen

    i love you santa

  110. jensen

    i love the north pole

  111. daniel

    i love santa and the elvs and miss clos

  112. petq

    santa im verry happy from the presents this year thank u so much i love u santa o i forgot i love and u rudolf ur my fav rendeer

  113. bakale

    you doing a good job

  114. Lauren

    Santa u are the greatest gift giver you gave me everything i wanted exxcept for a dog and a cool new sled. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. alex

    how old are you

  116. Taia

    Dear santa,

    I’m realy excited about my birthday I think my mum and dad are getting me a brand now phone.

    lots of love Taia Croud…

  117. ava

    how are you and everyone else

  118. John

    Thankyou very mush for my gifh’s

  119. Jeremy

    Dear Santa Claus

    Thank you for my christmas presents

  120. John

    Can you do thies THING’S with me Santa*

    lets do funny jokes.

    We wish you a yogi Christmas and a boo boo

    new year.

  121. molly

    hi santa i have been so verry good this year i want a black berry phone for christmas and i want to meet justin bieber love your best pal molly.

  122. Elise

    on christmas day i would like to have an xbox conectt for x box zuh zuh pets jacquline wilso books dustbin baby any books i have been so so so so so so so so so so so so sos sos sos ss sos nsss os sosss

  123. Aaron

    thank u i loved my play station 3 and all of the surprizes

  124. brenna

    thankyou for the gifts santa!!!

  125. toby

    hey santa
    thanks for the pokemon game
    i am so happy
    i want to wish you a good year in 2011

  126. estenfelder

    i really like how you bring cheer to children around the world every year. as being one of your receivers of gifts i want to personally say that even though it’s still like 350 days till Christmas i stay in the Santa Claus Christmas spirit all year around. :)

  127. harmonie

    santa im sorry if ibeen nauty im trying to be a better person this year. i love the christmas sprit oh thank you for the giftes iwould you mind sending me a picture of all the elves and you and mrs claus thank-you

  128. cynthia

    thank you santa for all the things i got last year i dont want anything this year and i especially thank you for bringing me my KONAD I literally use it every day hope this year everything goes smoother for you, elves, and Mrs. claus so again thank you for every thing especially for KONAD. :):

  129. Chelsea

    thank you so much for the stuff i got i really love it so much!

  130. samantha


  131. samantha


  132. Bridgid

    hi santa

    did you see me in the Nutcracker?
    I was a clown in the Nutcracker. in the Springfield Bersure Ballet. Next year i am gonna be a angel.

    I hope you see me in the Nutcracker next year.



  133. Mariah Lubic

    I Love Fish Hooks.

  134. haley

    hey i like the coler red and i know you do u got a red coat and where did you get it and wat did elfs make my big sister the won i was talking about early

  135. haley

    andhow many things did you make for my sister

  136. Laurina

    Dear mr and mrs claus.We have snow but there’s going to be ice and rain to.

  137. Janette

    Hi santa !!!!! you got me what I wanted an ipod touch!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!1

  138. Janette

    HI SARA!!!!! I am your second posi!!!!! we go to the same school I LUV YOU!!1

  139. rebecca

    santa can tell if your nice or bad and i visited him in 2010 im 8

  140. madison

    thank you for all the gifts on christmas.i hope you enjoied your cookies.

  141. Sienna

    I Love Santa!

  142. Mckenzie

    Santa you r insperational to me .I want to be just like you even though I’m a girl. I can’t believe it’s 2011 already! I am glad that I got good presents for christmas.Do you have any WI-FI at the North pole. am i on the nice or naughty list?Urock ********!!!!!!!!

  143. Georgia

    hi santa

  144. Anthony

    HI santa how are u? um santa I send u a message already and can u please come to vancouver next year santa please? I love christmas and I promise to be always good this year santa?

  145. ryleigh

    Santa Iam so sorry emma could not get on. But she told me to tell you she,ll be better soon!

  146. amy

    have a good long nights sleep tonight if you are very very tired

  147. Georgina

    On christmas day 2010 it was really nice to have some of the family around at my house I hope it is the same this year 2011 santa said I’m on the good list this year and hopfully I stay there

  148. alex

    how old are you?
    why do you cam?

    why do you do this?

  149. Jacob

    i like you

  150. caitlin

    santa did you like your treats

  151. CAOIMHE


  152. jesseca

    i love you

  153. carly

    thank u santa 4 the wonderful christmas:)

  154. Meme

    thank u for all my presents.u r my number 1 of all.

  155. Emma

    i loved thw xbox thanks

  156. Emma

    I love you santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. abbie

    Hey santa how are u doing at the north pole

  158. dakota


  159. Gretchen

    Hi do You Have a middle name santa?

  160. alaina

    i love you!!!!!!!!! love alaina

  161. Caitlyn

    Thank you santa for the great gifts u brought me i loved them my brother who is 6 years old cryed when he got what he wanted

  162. leannah

    Hi santa how are you doing i am very tierd from all the school work.Hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  163. megan

    when will it be cristmas

  164. Sophia

    Santa and Elfs I love what I got for Chirstmas thankyou!

  165. kyndel

    you are the best.i know that because you really are.i think you are the nicest person i have ever meet.i wanted to tell you that you and mrs.clause.i think ya’ll are the nicest most sweetset people.i love you and mrs.clause.i wanted to tell you that i wanted to get a pair of softball pogama pants and a softball chair that i can sit in.
    kyndel arnold

  166. melanie

    thankyou for the tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. tegan

    hi santa i just wanted to say hiiiiiii ! so how are you going i hope your doing fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HO HO HO !!!!!
    santa u are great u have been great for me sicne i was born u are number 1# in gifts !!!!!!!!! ha ha ha !!!!! ho ho ho !!!!!

  168. megan


  169. DENISKA


  170. Chelsea

    Hey Santa I heard that you had the best flight dlivering every thind TTYL. Love Chelsea

  171. curtis

    thank you santa for the gifts i enjoyed this christmas i love u

  172. Avree

    Hi Santa how are you?Thank you for all the gifts that you left me!:)I just wanted to tell you that i am not mad at you because you didnt get the i pod touch i wanted!But its ok because my famliy gave me alot of money so i wil try to save up on it so i wil have enough to buy the i pod touch1Thanks again for al the presents yu gave me!

    P.S.Can you tell all of the reindeer that icant vote because they are all so cool and awesome And i love them so much i cant vote!Haha love you and Mrs.Clause and i wont forget the elfs haha i love all of you guys and girls at the North Pole!

  173. abbie clare buggy

    thanks santa for bring lotso bear for christmas lots of love abbie clare buggy

  174. Ina

    I’m sorry to tell you this (it’s not that I’m blaming you), but I didn’t receive and present from you on Christmas. I was wondering if you had forgotten me.

    From Ina

    P.S. Still your biggest fan :)

  175. priya


  176. Amy

    Thank you Santa for all my presents I loved them! I hope you get something in return for all your hard work!

  177. Moses

    hi santa great gifts make sure your organized by this years cristmas eve and i want you to come to my house some day well need to go hope you read my comment today from moses thompson.

  178. bo


  179. selena gomez

    hey i love your site and so do my fellow cast members!
    stay tuned to watch are show hope you like it!
    love selena gomez!

  180. kk

    hi your awsome. 2011 you havet to bring me ahorse thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!elves are nice i love rudolph ttyl

  181. loire


  182. ileigha

    oh santa iloved all the wonderfull preasents oh how i enjoed them o thnk you hohohohohoho and a merry christmas back to you santa

  183. Nina

    Thanx for da s. Your the best!
    P.s. Do you know nosey

  184. ANNA


  185. haeley

    hi santa this is youre friend up in idho city , i thaught that you said that you would leave me a ipod nanno for cristmas

  186. sarai

    hi santa how are the elves?

  187. nathan

    it must be fun up there for somebody like me on the ice i do hope all the raindeers are ok

  188. niamh

    hi i love you

  189. katie ward

    i fank you for the presents mr christmas and my mum think,s that to

  190. Emma


  191. MARTA

    hi santa i hope you had a nice christmas i had a nice christmas because i went to poland marta

  192. MARTA

    to santa you are the best santa in the world marta

  193. kate juliet smith

    hi there santa

  194. vanessa


  195. Eloise


  196. nathan

    hi what are you doing

  197. megan marsden y6

    i love you santa thanks loads xxxxxxxxx

  198. fanaya

    hey what are you doing.

  199. Zoe

    Thanks for the wii santa

  200. nick

    i love elves

  201. shalley

    I luv your blog

  202. Taylor

    i love u like jelly tots

  203. Taylor


  204. kara

    hi elves im kara in england in rochdale i love you and santa from kara xxxx

  205. julianna

    are you going to hawii. can you tell me how to go to santas blog.

  206. katelyn

    i hope you have a good night tonight

  207. haleigh

    i love santa clause & his elfs to because they work so hard

  208. KYLIE


  209. jacob

    i would liky a puppy snow blower cell phone ipad 52’tv webkinz blockers coine soter new carter.

  210. jaden

    dear santa please bring mimi and papa a laptop . what cookies do you like? i wanted a dog because me and my mom whant a big dog scence there are no men living with us i cant wait till jaden

  211. tremaine

    hi IT is me tremaine tell mrs.claus’ hi I never met her my I please talk to her

  212. Alex

    Christmas is not all about presants

  213. Alex

    Thanks for my chemistry set and Laptop Santa

  214. Abby

    Hey Santa-
    Christmas was awesome this year. I am so happy with what I got! I am so glad that I had such a great christmas, and you and everyone else made it great!!

  215. macey

    you rock

  216. MADISON


  217. cindy

    roses are red sugar is sweet i love christmas cookies are sweet

  218. freya

    hi santa do you ever sit down you must be really really tierd oh p.s please send back p.p.s please can i have a i phone and please can i have what ever you whant me to have
    freya xxx
    p.p.p.s hope you have some rest

  219. ellie

    Christmas morning was worth waiting for Merry Christmas world

  220. rocco

    what are u doing

  221. Jeancarlos

    Im a kif and im already going to be 7 years old !
    Before I forget Santa I want you to have a Merry Christmas this year 2011.


  222. susie

    hi santa how are you doing i wanted to know if you could call me

  223. susie

    hi santa hows all the north pole doing is it cold

  224. jessica

    hi santa i have been a good girl for you so you can vist my house love jessica brown

  225. arionah

    dear santa i think i know why your so big because you eat to much cookies

  226. ALEXIS


  227. avery

    it is ok

  228. lucy

    i love the presents and did you have a good christmas? i sort off.

  229. elle

    i am very happy that u wrote to me plz could i see u when u come to my house to fetch the presents xxx

  230. makya

    santa u rock and im not saying that because u give me gifts im saying that because u r have fun deilvering gifts ilove u so much ps;people say u have big feet but i dont pps;tell the reindeer i said hi;)

  231. zack

    i want you send me your email to me?

  232. Karina

    I think youre right Papa Noel (Santa)

  233. Karina

    Santa youre the bets make shure you send me my gift before we go to the renisons fair.

    Pssssssssss I am counting on you. :)

  234. Karina

    :):) ;) :S :O :@

  235. mackenzie

    i love santa!do you

  236. mackenzie

    you were at my back you are awsome omg that stands for o my god

  237. Ashleigh

    i do not mean to be mean but how much longer

  238. teneill

    if u was very tired then get some hot coffe or coco. silly santa claus. and my name is teneill lashey pickering. if u read this i hope u like it and that was the only thing in my head thankyou.

  239. jaidyn


  240. jaidyn

    hi what are you up to santa

  241. gavin

    hi its me again(wink)haha

  242. adarsh

    i love you santa

  243. LUCIE


  244. Maisie

    santa is greaat so aare the raindear also the elves.

  245. virginia

    hi santa i love you make sure you tell jingles i love an miss him by santa

  246. lachlan

    takeyou santa

  247. leslie

    Santa i love you because you give me the things i love

  248. mia

    this a very good blog. i cant wait until christmas

  249. Mia

    I know it’s not Cristmas but emailsanta is cool P.S.I like cookeis and milk too

  250. jordan

    hey santa its me again my brother is driving me crazy help

  251. Max

    Santa theres a question iv’e been waiting 5 years to tell you. How old are you?

  252. eden

    i how are santa claus

  253. jesse

    Thank you santa and elves and reindeer and mrs. claus and santa for all you’r hard work!!!

  254. madison

    you elves are working very hard i bet.

  255. nicole


  256. Victoria

    U know!! Lol how is Buddy

  257. katerina

    Hi,I am Katerina and I love Santa.

  258. tamira

    hi santa thanks

  259. tamira

    to santa hi thanks for my presnts they were prety and did you like your milk and cookies

  260. daniel

    tomorow i am going to a sleep over at riley garris house

  261. emily

    hi can i help to save every christmas?
    if i can how?

  262. Joelee

    I love you!

  263. ruby and ruthi

    How are your raindears!
    How are your elves!
    How are you santa!

  264. Brooke Jade Shields

    thanks ffor the presents p.s Are you tired after xmas eve?

  265. rachael

    hi santa how are you and the elfs and say hi to mrs claus for me thanks from rachael

  266. jade duffield

    thank you for my letter

  267. sam

    hi santa i love you

  268. monica

    i would like a laptop please i have never had my pwn laptop

  269. calli

    i love you santa

  270. alyris

    hi santa i love you very much and all the elves oh thats all i have in mind oh bye gotta go write you tomorrow

  271. Kiera

    Merry Christmas for next year!!! Xx

  272. leah

    I realy realy realy want a elf for cristmas AND a HORSE.

  273. nicola

    my favourite toy was the chocolatle maker

  274. Ashleigh

    dear santa why cant people see you. Do you have lots and lots of work now that crhismas has past? have fun your buddy ashleigh

  275. kelsie

    u are the best santa ive had

  276. madeleine

    hi santa it is madeleine and , YOU ARE MY SUPER HEORO . ihave one question for you do you like liveing in the north pole or is it a bit to cold

  277. ella

    hi santa thax for my pretenses

  278. mackenzie

    rock on santa i am 8. p.s thank!

  279. savannah

    santa i care i ha dmy birth day i think it was last month.Any way i hope you liked the cookies and milk i leaft you. I lOVE U !

  280. savannah

    santa im happy your my BBFF. your the best.

  281. Ana

    Thanks for the presents Santa! You are so wonderful!

  282. madison

    chrismas is like my favrite holaday
    he gives presents every year

  283. michaela

    hi santa its me michaela toomey in new york agian. i just love talking to you.

  284. ANNA


  285. corbin

    can you sen me a elf now to my dads shop

  286. demi morgan

    i hate you

  287. saorise

    sooooo santy thanks for giveing me your pocket money and magic powers for next year and thanks for giveing me things last year

  288. chloe

    63.54.lo9.144 hi my name is chloe bethany hale have a i love stuff about santa and the faimaly i brother called joshua a mum called jenny A DAD CALLED RUSSLE AND A NAN well 4 nans and 4 grandads love chloe xxxx

  289. sophia

    hi santa

    im going to try to be really good
    you rang med lastime
    i was crying

    love you from sophia

  290. jarrod and liam

    Dear santa me and my brother love you guys so much.

  291. megan

    merry christmas everyone!i hope you have a merry Christmas!

  292. Anonymous

    me too.

  293. Hyrum

    Hey Santa I know what you can do this summer? You ‘ and raindeer can come down to my home and go horse back ridding with me. you can let you raindeer run around in my field I would like to come donw this summer please. Can you do it for your best friend?

  294. Megan

    Santa i love u’r website!:)

  295. cole

    santa you are doing a great job

  296. cjay


  297. brittany

    hi agin i love u do u have a son

  298. Shyanne

    If you had a little girl and a little boy I thought of some names:

    girl names:
    Ginger Abbe Lisa Skyler Kelly Sam and Katy.

    boy names:
    Caleb Andrew Joey Jonathan James Max nick Fred Freddie and Daniel. With love,


  299. willow

    hi santa its me willow i really hope that you can send some magic to japan and hati i hate having others in pain and unhappy i wish it could be better there and in iraq santa does earth hate us and does she wish us harm and why do people fight when we were babys we didnt fight and we didnt hurt others so why do they do it as adults? is the world crazy or just me? p.s. whens your next post ive been waiting forever.
    love, willow

  300. jaden

    hey santa its me jaden u sent a letter to me

  301. kaydenceblaisdell

    hey santa have fun making toys

  302. ALEXA


  303. megan


  304. stephanie

    my name is stephanie and i have a little sister called sasha and i am 7 years old and my little sister is 1

  305. Elise or Lisee

    Are you and roudolf doing good?
    Its hard for me because I don’t really get to see my family. text me.

  306. Joubi

    santa is it going to be spring in the north pole or is it never going to be spring!

  307. Millie

    hi elevels with Santa I’ve got to go now see you on Christmas Eve…!

  308. Millie

    I better not shout I better not cry but bye…!?

  309. Millie

    but is Christmas on 263 day’s but bye

  310. Millie

    I hope I enjoy Christmas but bye got to get chamged bye

  311. Ashley

    Why do you come down the chimney on christmas eve.

  312. sheridon errett

    i love what U gave me for christmas

  313. haunani

    hi santa

  314. matthew

    hi Santa thank you for the gifts I love you

  315. Amber

    you do look tired on that photo. I know it sais the 2010 christmas day but please tell me what the 2011 christmas day is.

    yours cincerly Amber

  316. Haley

    dear santa can i have make up and a i pod for chrismas this your.

  317. kayla

    i love you so much and i want to tell to say hi for me to the raindeer bye love you

  318. audrey anne

    how are you guy up at the nort pole im goog

  319. Laurina

    How are you doing mr. and mrs. clues

  320. andrea

    santa you might want to rest cause you look as ido when i come home from soft ball

  321. dannela

    you are cool i love christmas i love i pod touches to can i have one and a american girl doll Addy?

  322. Tracy

    Hey Santa! U dont usually give me what I want but thats okayyyy. CAUSE I LUVVV YOUUUU> BEST EVA’
    Keep it up

  323. tanya

    yes” im happy befor you come to see me

  324. Cara

    hi . i loved christmas ! thank you for all my presents !!!!! taa xx

  325. Bailey

    I love you

  326. ellis

    hi why cant you have dogs our cats

  327. alyssa

    i love christmas so much and you

  328. pranav


  329. Harriet

    hiya do you like your job have you ever seen the film elf

  330. isaella

    your so nice to give us presents but why do you get them.

  331. lily

    hi santa its lily i hope you liket the cookes that we made

  332. zahreen

    my new puppy is named Sweet heart

  333. liarna

    it was so fun at christmas, by

  334. mia jennings

    dear santa could you say to me if you eat alot because christmas is the day were people have to be nice on that day

  335. mia jennings

    santa have the elves red my messange

  336. taylor

    to santa can you ceep an eye on cody my friend if you can love taylor

  337. taylor

    how many elves do you have

  338. shara

    santa i love you, you give me so many presentsx

  339. nicola

    dear santa this is what i want for christmas a dolls houes.

  340. brandon

    dear santa next christmas i want a ipad iphone and a movie

  341. Aiesha jayne stiles gregory

    Hi Santa!!!
    Youv’e been very kind to every single child in the world you are the greatest!!!! :D

  342. zeenat

    I’m so excited so I hope you don’t sleep on the way giving ppresan’ts.

  343. Ben

    Hiya Father Christmas I absoloutely love christmas from when I was born, you are my superhero! I hope my friends WILL belive in you one day! Your the best,

    Yours sincerely from Ben

  344. ivey

    dear.santa this chrstmas
    i had fun.but i still haven’t
    wachted the movie you gave me.
    but i know when it comes to gifts&
    christmas,you always know what gifts to
    give.& are number1 at every thing.

  345. James

    I can’t wait till you give me presents next year because toys are fun to play with

  346. phillip

    yes i did i could not get to sleep santa its really hard

  347. Nicole

    Dear Father Christmas i cant wait till Christmas 2011 because ive got even better presents in mind but i hope i dont forget them (*wink*);)

  348. holly

    i love u uare so kind

  349. pheobe

    hey santa and mrs cluse what have ypu been doing

  350. reanna

    hi santa im only 6 years old and i hope that u give me lots and lots of presents in 242days

  351. keanna

    santa i have a dog her name is sqart and i wont a real puppy so she can play with her

  352. megan

    i really love christmas do you

  353. Hannah

    Hey Santa you are the best #1

  354. tanya

    santa i want to say the you are a friendly santa claus xoxo

  355. salina

    hi santa

  356. Mia

    Wiy do you were red

  357. holly

    hi santa this is holly

  358. kate

    santa i love u your the best

  359. miya

    hey i hope te elves work really hard on all presents and i think u should work extra large on mine cause i want a ipod touch!

  360. chloe

    we love you

  361. christian

    i thank you for your and the raindeer and elf and ms claus for the hard work

  362. sedona

    hi i have been writing on this blog since i was 6

  363. tanya

    santa i whished that you could stay with me

  364. marta

    santa clause is funny is’nt he ?

  365. chris

    have u cut anyones hair

  366. grace

    u rock.

  367. ALED

    i love christmas and i hope you have a nice christmas i will be back soon to send you anonother message
    bye bye HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  368. elle

    seriusly i mean thats worse than i could imagine

  369. elle

    awsome before i didnt actully readit

  370. cheynne


  371. ALEX


  372. himmat

    hi santa its me himmat who likes rudholph

  373. petq

    dear santa i liked no i loved the presents you give me last year they were very exited so i wanna thanku for them i hope ull suprise me and this christmas with love petq

  374. Savannah

    Dear Santa,
    Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You are the most thoughtful and kind person I have ever heard of! Tell Polar my elf that I love him and his family please.

    Love you all,

  375. Amber

    Hi santa you look EXTREMELY tired!!!

  376. kylie

    thank u so much for my gifts i just wanna say thank u again your frind kylie

  377. kylie

    friend sorry!!

  378. shontasia

    santa is real.. i belive in him i also love santa from the bottom of my heart.. oh and for people who dont belive in santa i fell so sorry for you because santa clause is like so magica.. every time when i go to school people tell me that santa isnt real but i know he is.. ps look at my comment and reply back to me…………. PEACE

  379. kayla

    santa i love santa

  380. faith

    hi it is faith agian i just want to tell you my siater said hi

  381. ashanti

    sometimes i fell tired like you do when its christmas i love you santa claus pps im almost ganna be 9 years old and i still love you

  382. alexis johnson

    hi Santa mostly want a drum set ok i really admire u alot


  383. Lulia

    am i really on the nice list this year?

  384. landon

    hi you are asome can you came in vla

  385. sammy

    this is sammy and i love santa

  386. molly

    The first thing I did after I finished reading my letter I went to your blog

  387. hadley

    hi santa are you stil tierd you ok

  388. stephanie

    i cant wate entil crsmes

  389. Brooklyn

    Santa your the best thank you for all the letters you wrote to me.(:

  390. Brooklyn

    Santa your brillant i have liked you since i was born.

  391. nathan

    hey sup

  392. Georgia

    Santa you are the beat at choosing presants i wonder who really is better at chosing presant other than u ?

  393. sadie lebaron

    i love u

  394. tanya

    santa please can you camp with me please see you xmas xoxo tanya

  395. diana

    i love you santa because of all the wonderful thing you get me every christmas and for all the friends that you gave me last year and that i got this year THANK YOU SANTA CLAUS

  396. diana


  397. Kaitlin

    Dear Santa,
    Thank you for the tom and jerry movie. I also liked the chocolate coal. You’re the best!

  398. brooke

    thanks for letting me read your blog. you are important to everyone! you are so kind.thanks for all you do!


  399. rizicki

    senta senta clause you give children present when it christmas time thank you senta very much !!!!!!!!!!

  400. Hyrum

    Dear Santa I would like you to spend your summer vaction with me? You can bring your raindeer with you?

  401. jessica

    I love u stanta

  402. Seth

    Dear santa all i want for christmas is an Almestic/Albino Corn Snake

  403. Jena Mackey

    hi i wrote you on your outher blog i just wanted to say that you teached me the chrismas are the bestest santa.and tell roodoff that i am doing fine.

  404. molly


  405. Jena Mackey

    hi santa i just got done with your present thanks

  406. Jena Mackey

    thanks so how is mrs.claus

  407. kayleigh

    i had a really nice time unraping those presents of

  408. kaya

    santa u r the best person in the intire world i am not just saying that becase u give me preasents i really meen that i love u

  409. autumn

    santa this is autumn again tell every one including you merry christmas and and have a great summer i got to go to get my leg done over because i broke it in 2009 and its not growing and my birthday is comming up in september and im so happy christmas is comming up again

  410. Narni

    hi santa i cant wait for you to come and deliver presents an i will have a treat waiting for you and the reindeers

    Good Luck on christmas night i hope nothing bad goes wrong
    LOTS of love Narni

  411. lucas

    hi santa is me lucas you know me from email santa .com but i ask if you can put someing on my tree on christmas 2011 that wii poff that you are ril.

  412. Cori

    thank you santa who is that naughty boy who lives near me i love you santa how meny prestants

  413. Kelli

    Santa clause i want a 22 caliber, a 4wheeler, and hunting clothes. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE AMMO THANK YOU.

  414. isaiah

    i want my stuff that i wished 4

  415. meaghan

    I think your so cool

  416. kenedy

    santa merry christmas l want the hannah montant game and l want a blue phone and l want a laptop and merry christmas santa claus and merry christmas santa claus and merry christmas mrs. claus that it is merry christmas all of you merry christmas santa claus and merry christmas mrs.claus merry christmas brianna kirt merry christmas lvory kissard and merry christmas niome jackson and merry christmas who in my famliy merry christmas mom grandmom and merry christmas grandpapa and merry christmas to kendra kamara and merry christmas to kori kaleb

  417. Madison

    hey santa you are so kind hopfully my dog crooze will get what he asked for ( well i asked for as a suprise for christmas morning ). UM hpefully you will get my text maybe tonight or tommorow my nan has got two little jack russel puppies their names are Harvey and Baliey SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEE

  418. Madison

    hey santa you are so kind hopfully my dog crooze will get what he asked for ( well i asked for as a suprise for CHRISTMAS morning ).

  419. chofis lilopis

    i really want to meet you in person!!!!!!!!

  420. Jennifer

    Hi Santa,
    Merry Christmas for last year. Thank you for those Christmas presents from last year and I liked those Christmas presents and I enjoyed those presents.
    Love from Jennifer

  421. marcus

    christmas day 2010 was excellent. we were at Moreton Island and it was great – i bet you knew that though because you dropped off our presents. They were really nice presents i was really spoilt. This year i am going to be even better behaved for my mummy and listen really hard at school

  422. Elise

    i love you santa do you love me

  423. Hannah

    Please I want an I pod touch so bad and you are the beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#1

  424. alexander

    Dear Santa I was wandering if you could help me with something so can you help me or not?

  425. Gianna

    Santa oh ho ho ho aren,t you nice


    i love you

  427. Snowy

    Santa can you send one of your Elfs to my backyard so i can see it?

  428. Anonymous

    dear santa
    I don`t like christmas.I love it!the reasons I like it is probly because:I`m christan,spend times with not every day relitives,you have 3 weeks of no school,and get presants.


  429. paula

    hi santa what is your new websit I realy want to now thank you for you support.
    love, paula

  430. lilly

    what is santas phone number?
    I would like a biycle a ipod and a elf on the shelf

  431. Samantha

    hi there santa i really want another elf in the family because my little sister and i fight over who gets to have a turn with that elf and my sisters and i want three elves so please send a new elf with barclay and wendi at christmas time and i reaaly wanted to say i love you santa clause

  432. kairi

    ho ho ho when its christmas I will leave out some food

  433. kirsty


  434. jorja

    hi santa i love u so much you do such wonderful things for all of us kids we appreciate it so much will i do anyway ho ho ho luv jorja

  435. Elly

    Hi Santa. How are You? I miss you very much. How are theelves doing? I hope you bring me lots of toys next Christmas. I have been a very good girl.

    Love You,


  436. Elly

    am I on the good list or bad

  437. kamron

    santa i think your the best because on christmas eve when i would reach the second house i would be sleepin haha lol love you SANTA MRS CLAUSE THE RAINDEER AND THE ELVES

  438. Britney

    santa i have a quition for you

  439. layla

    dear santa i wrote you bck again i hope you enjoyed those cookies and i luv u you have been so good to me since i was born you havent never been in a bad mood .

  440. lily

    Dear santa ibeen veryvery good

  441. skylar

    I did like the presents!

  442. Ashley

    Santa your the happiest jolly Guy i know :-D xoxoxoxooxxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo U make me …….. HAPPY
    your sincery The angel on the Christmas tree
    P.S ur the best888

  443. Ashley

    P.S Happy christmas to ALL



  445. lauren

    i am a belever u r real

  446. maddie

    hi santa its me maddie who sends you lots of letters.:)i wish it was christmas.but rightnow i have to go :)i <3 christmas

    from maddie

  447. lewis

    i loved it

  448. hallie

    i am sooooo exided for cristmas!!!!!!!

  449. ALY


  450. Kelsi

    Dear Santa, Mrs. Clause, Elves, and reindeer,
    Thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us. I’m very grateful for everything. Each year I get something new and you always get milk (sorry)but each year you get a different kind of cookie!!! But thank you everyone, I’m glad to have elves, reindeer, a Mrs.Clause, And a santa clause like you

  451. kaithlyn

    cooll very goood i love santa

  452. jamie

    hey santa claus, just wanted to say i cant wait for u to come to my house and lay me some cool gifts, u are the best santa ever

  453. Harrison

    Dear Santa,

    How’s your Summer going? I’m having a nice Summer. Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals at The North Pole that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re having a nice Summer.

  454. Devon

    You rock Santa! Thank you for all the presents I get from you every year and the things in my stocking.

  455. rebecca

    i cant wait till cristmas i cant wait enymore it will soon be my birthday but i like cristmas better altho i get to still go out cristmas is more exciting cant wait till christmas cant wait at all hope to see or hear you soon.

    love you santa x x x x x

  456. amelia

    dear santa I love you

  457. Natalie

    i hope u have a woderful year santa i enjoy writing leters 2 u only 175 days left until xmas take care Natalie

  458. Jackson


  459. Lindsay

    Dear Santa,
    i LOVE the presents that u give me
    and i want to thank u for all that u do
    and making my Christmas so special!!!!
    i look forward to u visiting my house
    on Christmas!!!!! ~Lindsay

  460. katie

    i would like to see santa

  461. emily

    santa is really really real ive talked to him online

  462. Reagan

    Santa i love you!

  463. taya

    i love it santa your my best friend

  464. athana

    i love you santa could you let me see you this year pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i really want to meet you and your rainder and you cute littel elevs i have an elf for you to that i dident give you last year

  465. kane

    hi santa

  466. Gianna

    santa you are funny hohoho hahaha funnyfunnyfunny

  467. Austin Hurd

    Dear, Santa, I just cant stop thinking of you alot these days. I’m going through a rough time since my friend has died and left alot of people like me, behind. I miss you, Santa. I want one more thing befor Christmas. Please give me a call on Christmas Eve. That will make me a cheerfull loving son.Love always, Austin Hurd.

  468. Austin

    Santa is the man abouve all things. He is in my heart always

  469. tyana

    wow! santa i dont know what to say but for christmas i want kidz bop 20 and kidz bop19 too.And a laptop thanks for letting me email you bye bye

  470. CHLOE


  471. carlos

    hi santa! thanks for the presents last year and the year before. i was so exticed that you got me a wii. gotta go now. carlos

  472. Jacy

    I love Christmas! It is awesome! I will leave a note for santa!!

  473. jj

    i love you all

  474. layne

    this is about this what some of the kids said in school said about you they said that you wherent real you are though because i just talked to you a 1 min a go.

    lots of love (lol)

  475. liza


  476. liza

    well hi my name ls liza i miss u by

  477. Iola

    hi santa its Iola Clemintime Storti Ljubas all i want for christmas is 1.DS 2. kitten 3. toys 4. to talk to animals happy hollidays and whar do you get the Elfs from? And do you like jelly on a salda

    best times and hugs Iola xxxxx ooooooo

  478. maddison

    i love u santa u are really jolly

  479. cameron

    i love you your the best ever

  480. nick

    you are the best

  481. Anonymous

    i wonder what kind of trats you give them

  482. max

    have you tasted some of mrs clauses cookies yet hope you have a lovely christmas and your not 2 tired give george a punishment that would give him some happyness and leave a note when you come 2 my house 2 deliver the presents if i am going to be a good boy for another 162 or 163 more sleeps wish me look

  483. annika

    i love you

  484. jaaziba

    what I like about christmas is winter and snow (even if it gets a bit chilly)
    I like you santa, mrs clause, raymond, the reindeers and the elves because you are all my favourite. and you are cute

  485. alicia

    i cant wait until christmas this year , im also hoping santa brings me what i want because he said an elf named clumsy is making my gift , i love santa , christmas , and everyone at the northpole , ive went on like every single santa website in the whole entire world telling santa what i want for christmas and so far this is the bestest one , i mean i even found out an elf is making me the toy i want so santa can bring it to me this year , oh and santa please forget about the other things i asked you for i only want what i just asked you for a few minutes ago when you said clumsy was making it . ; ) : )

  486. alicia

    oh and santa im always good to as you already know but christmas is about getting its about being with family , giving , and most important celebraiting our wonderful farther , savior , god,and lord jesus christ`s birthday , my family has a tradition where when my family wakes up on christmas morning before we do anything we have to yell out happy birthday jesus . HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS !! : )

  487. Abby

    Santa rules

  488. paulina shorter

    hey wat u doin santa how is your christmas

  489. Stephanie

    Wow santa! You work so hard for lots of kids! Im gonna make sure I get you something for Christmas!

  490. garrett

    oh santa i know you were so tierd

  491. Abi loves yuhhhh

    THankyou for the cvollingwood jursey!!
    I LOVE IT! especially since mom and dad couldnt afford very good presents at the time but i strill love them very much and I love you too!!!!!!!!!

  492. sophie

    well please bring eve mary a yousey toy thank you

  493. hannah

    that is a good blog love you santa cluse.

  494. Ariana

    hi santa you are the best person ever.i love chrismas. i wish it was chrismas now!

  495. Boob

    Heello, My christmas in africa wa very nice. i met a gurl and now i love er

  496. megan

    omg i can’t beilieve that i’m on your christmas blog.and it’s only 158 more sleeps till christmas day well love you lots like jelly tots love from megan

  497. megan


  498. alyssa

    ds and games

  499. santa's elf

    hi santa it was a blast working for such a great boss!! and to make gifts for all the kids was an even bigger joy


  500. bella

    you are the best in the wold

  501. caitlin

    very tired santa are you

  502. shayley carr

    santa I was wandering if you could send me a video of you and am I on the good list I hope I am on the good list and I will make lots of cookies for you and milk

    love shayley

  503. Lucy

    Have a safe Journey in 2011

  504. serrina

    I love you.

  505. andrea


  506. megan

    i have been looking at your santa tracker and it said that you where at the naughty and nice place at the north pole

  507. macy

    hi santa. i can’t wait til christmas. thank you for the presnt. how is the north pole? how is buddy?

  508. aaliyah

    ilove elevs

  509. amy


  510. farrah

    Hey I heard last year one of the reindeer had a baby. I hope its getting on well!

  511. KATIE



  512. DANIEL


  513. Rheanna

    thanks for the letter santa

  514. david


  515. david

    hi santa how are

  516. david

    how are you doing to day in my blockage

  517. chloe


  518. jayden

    hi santa,
    i just came here to see how your going,
    and because you already emailed me.
    i will were my helement!
    love from jayden.

  519. aleigha

    i love you

  520. aleigha

    i love you love aleigha

  521. david

    how are you Santa

  522. Malisa


  523. Olivia

    Dear Santa, I can’t wait Christmas. I’m going to love the presents you get me.

  524. jordan

    i just
    wantaed to say hi

  525. alexis

    hi Santa i jest send u a email and you wrote back and so i decided to come check
    out your blog!!!

  526. sammy

    hay santa this is sammy my brthday is augest 4 send me a brthday gift

  527. savanna

    i love christmas

  528. ruby

    i love christmas and santa oh and all the elves and mrs cluse and the best thing of all the presants that santa brings me it may not be what i whanted but it is always so cool to see what he got me the best presant last year 2011 was my nintendo wii oh it is so good i love to play on it will my littel brothers alfie and jacob love you santa

    love form ruby walker from fleetwood

  529. Emma

    tosanta i have worked ver ery hard in
    my room i have got 4 pounds because i
    tidy it yesterday and cleaned all the doors
    and plosh the hous went e

  530. alexis

    i hope santas family has a great chirstmas

  531. Jung

    Santa would you give me puppies? 2 puppies? Not dolls . Can you give me 2 real puppies/

  532. Alex

    My birthday is Febuary 14th. Please send me a gift surprise or a card. I love you.

  533. connor

    i whont to see the raindiyer plees so exsited

  534. milly

    hi santa thanks for my letter love millyxxxxx

  535. Zach

    Hi Santa Ive been a very good boy this year cant wait for Christmas!

  536. lauren

    hi santa i just want a little reminder and ill go this year i only want a little bit
    have a good year im lealy 10

  537. Molly

    Hi Santa I just want to say a very big thank you for brining all the presents i wanted last year 3 cheares for Santa Hipip Hurray Hipip Hurray Hipip Hurray



  538. Emily

    Hi Santa its nice to meet you from Emily

  539. Molly

    Hi Santa
    its very nice to meet you how are you doing there at the north pole I am glad i can send you emails right now from Molly

  540. Hannah

    i santa i want my dream cell phone and my american girl doll a the stuff thats all i want thank i love u eleves the raindeers and u miss.cluas and u stanta bye!(:

  541. Hannah

    i santa i love u!!i promise i well be good ok!

  542. Hannah

    santa!im trying to save up to buy u a gift because u gave all good kids a gift

  543. Desiree

    Dear, Santa
    Hi i sent you a message on Christmas Eve, but its Augest! I know its not even close to Christmas but can you bring colder weather sooner:)Please i live in AZ and its soo hot! I want Christmas spirit sooner:) If that could be my Christmas wish that would be amaing!!! Please have cold weather we need it here! Thank you sooo very much Santa! I know i can count on you:)<3

  544. olivia

    What up bro?

  545. Jaeda Arreola

    Puppy yes or no :) or :(

  546. Ashley

    Hey Santa
    I Do Belive In Christas

  547. Sabrina

    Good luck on christmas eve.

  548. victoria

    i love you santa xxxx

  549. sarah


  550. meghan

    oh santa you are the best person and have a great big heart! I love you! <3

  551. gianna

    hi santa can people visit ur workshop???

  552. Sapphire

    hey santa im the girl who sent you a letter you are going to get me my stuff thank you

  553. georgia

    hi my name is Georgia and i love to dance Mary charisma

  554. holly

    hay santa remember me just want to say good luck on christmas bye

  555. Rebecca


  556. Alejandra

    This Christmas I will leave you my DsiXL on the table so you can play! Saddly I don’t have raindeer games but I have Mario Bros!
    Well see you in 128 sleeps XD

  557. dannielle


  558. makayla

    i want to say thank you

  559. Jason

    Hey love the website. Can’t wait for Christmas this year. I’ll be following your page

    – Jason

  560. emily

    hi santa can you please chat with me im begin you. love emily,

  561. jessica

    can i talk to you

  562. emma

    father christ i really want a blackberry curve for christmas and a baby and some money and some josh arkwright to love me
    i been so good this term

  563. vaughn weber


  564. karah

    thanks for the presents i realy enjoy the bunk bed

  565. madelyn

    i love my gifts but it is about Jesus diying on the cross.:):)):):):):)::):)

  566. callum

    I love your blog santa

  567. aydon

    i hope you have a very good christmas from aydon

  568. lauren

    i had a bad christmas i had no heating in my house and it was really cold but i got all the gifts i wanted

  569. hi


  570. Caroline Grace

    I Can’t wait untill Christmas!!!

  571. kyle

    thanck you for my xbox and my adapt a ball i really like all the present. i have know got some more games for the xbox which are wicked thank you very much hope you have a lovely christmas kyle

  572. kyle

    hey guys so can i talk to santa?(if he is not busy)’cuz i’m on my gaurd break and aviable to talk to anyone aviable. good day sir.

  573. jordan lamb

    i love you

  574. Aimee

    Thank you for a letter and have had a great time on your home

  575. cerys

    hi santa i now it is a bit late to be doing this but thanks for all the presants…. they were AUSEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  576. melody

    I love christmas I don’t want it to go away. The best the part is family,and friends. I love you santa and can’t what for you to visit. I miss you all year. love melody <3

  577. isabella

    hey there santa clause

  578. caitlin

    thank you for the bmx bike wii and the computer and all them other things this year i would like …
    flat screen tv
    if you can not bring me them that will be fine
    lots of love from caitlin

  579. nick


  580. Lauren

    Hey santa elves mrs claus and reindeer. I hope you be careful while making those toys some of them are dangerous. I hope you have had a nice break I hope to see you again in December. I will save cookies for everybody carrots also.

  581. Ethan

    Dear Santa have you herd about norad traks santa and i would like a elf magic elf for christmas p.s i love your blog!

  582. Ethan

    what is the weather like in the north pole when it is chritmas p.s i love your blog

  583. amy

    hi santa wanteed to say thanks so much for my presaent

  584. summer


  585. sarah

    dear santa i love you so much xxxxx xxxxxxx

  586. Paul

    helo my name is Paul this year i would like a xbok 360 (Color white) with Kinect & two can i have two white wireless controllers & kinecimals,kinect star wars,kinect sports season 1,kinect sports season 2 and kinect adventures please P.S can i have a small little not real unicorn.

  587. Brooke

    Hi Santa Looking Foward to christmas 2011 i cant belive that last christmas was almost a whole year back

  588. ellie

    i miss you can you come to trinty acady to moner. and be in the middle school for 6 and 7 grade.

  589. karen

    i dont care if you did not bring me what i wanted i injoyed christmas annd it is even better when your there to ! i hope you write back or post :3

  590. emily

    santa i loved the presents you sent me last year they were really nice thank you

  591. Adam Russell

    I want for Xmas I Need DVD`S Rock with Barney HQ apples
    and I wont new Moblie Phone and Recording Tapes and Camcorders and and big Cameras
    and Sweets
    Thank you Santa Claus

  592. amy

    hi santa i would like to ask what city are you going to in perth love you lots amy

  593. Jaeda

    Hi Santa have a good day on crismas

  594. Jaeda

    Have a good day

  595. stella

    my birthday is 26 december so send me a birthday present for that please

  596. maya

    hi you are …GREAT…

  597. maya


  598. kaitlyn

    hi santa i am taring to be good in school and at home !!!i love you !!

  599. summer

    i love christmas and fyi my dads birthday is the next day so how lucky for my dad and my nanna had a day late christmas present hay i love him as much as i love you ok sant im sure you wont mind if i love him a bit more do u’…bye untill christmas i think i might talk to u a bit eriler ok bye fo now* wink *) :D

  600. summer

    lo i love u santa ahahaha ahahaha i cant belive im talking to u im about to faint *scream*

    love from summer.l.henry 11.9.2011

  601. Eliza

    Hi santa i have been working on presents for you this year there is no way i can make u as much as last year (53) and i also love the presents you bring me every year thsnk you so much! :)

  602. Lauren

    Do you have get cookis form Mariah Thomas

  603. Lauren

    i Would like the candy for christmas

  604. isabella

    hey santa it is belle andrushuk and i am in school already on monday isn’t that wonderful my birthday is on december 14thand i hope you get to wish a happy birthday guess howold i will be that is right 17 years old andwell on christmas eve
    i will be asleep when you get here okay see you soon bye

  605. alexis

    hi santa i sent you a letter i hope i be a good girl i love chirstmas i love you to and all the elfs i dont care what people sa about you but i know your really i love you alll and be good to my friend tiffany dias she is me best friend please i love you santa and i love you elfs

  606. Chloe

    I can’t wait until christmas again :)

  607. Emily

    I Love Christmas!!! My favorite day of the year by far!

  608. Ryan

    your the best person in the world you can stay up for 12 hours and i can’t cause i am ding

  609. sophie

    hi santa you are the best tankyou

  610. jack talbot

    thank you for my presents + + +

  611. Olin

    Hi please bring me a moped and an ipod

  612. Riley

    Dear Santa,
    It’s in the year 2011 right now!It’s getting close to Christmas every second. You said there were elves in Wake Forest, where I live. I’m guessing some of them are spying on me!!!

    Your Christmas Fan,
    Love, Riley

  613. Ben

    Santa you are one of the best people in the
    whole wide world ;-)

  614. Brooke And Reece

    Thank you for all our presents we are all very happy

    thanks very much from all our family

  615. Allison

    I love ur blog p.s can you just surprize me? aka for Christmas

  616. lily

    santa am i on the notie list or good list

  617. lily

    i want to thank you for a wounderfull christmas

  618. Tristan Finley!:D


  619. chloe

    hi Santa for this Christmas can I have a ipad4 please

  620. Amanda

    I love christmas and i was born the 28.



  621. Gianna

    hi santa i would really like that ipad2!! but i dont care if i dont get it! im going to sleep right under the christmas tree christmas night so maybe i will see you. well merry early christmas! bye bye

  622. Gracie

    go santa,roudof and all yhose other guys 4 helping on CHRISTMAS!

  623. joboy

    santa are you sure you will give me the 3 object that i want ? i wish you would because i`m believe in you :) LOVEYOU

  624. julie

    santa its my birthday two days berfore please leave me me birthday giftplease.

  625. dom

    I have beeb a nughty boy

  626. lillie

    i like blaying games

  627. jordan

    i loved last yeas Christmas i got everything i wanted and more

  628. kaci

    hi santa , i read ur tweets there very good bye bye

  629. kaci

    i love christmas santa just like i love u

  630. Killian

    Hi Santa im all excited about christmas

  631. abigail

    Santa, I am writing a story and once it is done I will try to send it to you. If you don’t get it this christmas,you will get t next year! Love,Abigail

  632. Michael

    santa the letter that i just sent you the ipod touch 8mb i ment ipod touch 4th generation 8gb

  633. angeleah


  634. angeleah

    hi baby santa love u

  635. Sam

    i love you Santa. you are really really awesome.

  636. Natalie

    Hi Santa Hope Your well x I love christmas can you make it go really quick so it come’s please ! X Love nataile :)

  637. Natalie

    And On Christmas Day Can You wake me up i reallly wanna see you please x love natalie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ! :) <3

  638. ava

    i loved all my presents

  639. kayla gonzalez

    santa i want the big elve to plz love you

  640. kayla gonzalez

    santa i saw the realy big elve can u send it to my moms work to day when she get there?thx love u

  641. Avree

    HI Santa, I hope you had a good day today…my little brother and i love to get on your website to keep getting updates from you and mrs.clause and everybody else from the north pole!!!!!I hope you see me soon…but you dont have to bring very much…just a coulpe of gifts thats all!!!!Love you santa!!!!<3


  642. Natalie

    Can You Make Christmas Come quicker please love from natalie x :)

  643. Hannah

    I love christmas so much!!!!!

    p.s you rock!

  644. Ashley

    Santa i really like you that doesn’t mean that i am nice or does it. My friend asked me this ? is it true or is it not can you answer it for me

  645. Jayne huggins

    Thank you for all the presents you brought me I ate the goodies of the end of the bed

  646. Tye

    hi santa its me again tye. how are you doing therin the noth pole.
    thank you for my mail.

  647. sharon

    santer and all of the elfs and randears are all so good and have worked hard all year chrismas is the best time of the year exept my birthday so have a good chrismas every one espeshalt every one in the north pole.

  648. Hayley

    Hiyya Santa, You made the whole world belive in Christmas (and me) I cant wait intill christmas because of all of the lovley presents

    I love christmas

  649. Keeley

    Hi santa its keeley here i love your website and im glad im on the nice list i cant wait untel its christmas to get all my great toys from you at my grannys house on christmas morning and im sure everybody else cant.

  650. liz

    how big is santa

  651. sean

    hi santa its sean from hunker pa tell the elves that if they make me a ipod touch for christmas this year i will put some christmas songs on it for them i am getting excited to get that samsung intensity 2 cell phone for christmas this year make sure that cell phone have no minutes on it i dont like minutes on cell phones and i cant wait to see my nintendo wii with a wii remote

  652. Emma

    I love the presents you get for me. But most of all, I want a 3DS. Please bring it 2 me!

  653. danny

    thank u santy your cool

  654. Sarah

    Santa I love you so much!!!

  655. gracie

    i love you santa!!!! <3

  656. milan

    santa can do magic because how could somebody just come in through a chimmney how? well i don’t know .

  657. holly

    can’t wait untill christmas

  658. Mary and Elizabeth

    Thank you Santa for the wonderful sleigh bell you brought us last year! We really love you and cant wait for Christmas Time! I can’t wait until you start posting on your blog and can write us more often!

    God bless you Santa!


    Elizabeth and Mary

  659. Trevor

    this website rock and u rock to santa

  660. Lauren

    Hi santa sorry to bother you again i may have asked for a lot but i now that christmas is a time to forgive and to give presents to every one.Santa i will never forget you even if i am 10 i still will never forget about you throw all my life. you are magical,you are kind to every one.It is great to wake up in christmas morning and see all the presents you have brought.

    thanks for reading my
    ps cant wait to see u on christmas Eve


  661. nicole

    i love you lots and lots of jelly tots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  662. Kaidee

    it was/is fun!!!!!!!!



  664. rachel

    this is a great blog lots of hugs from my family and to the north pole santa you are the best i dont know what it would be like with out you

  665. no 1 fan

    hi santa can i plz have a new phone plz if you cant thats ok but can you brin g my mom a present she would love that so much and she would like it to have BREST CANCER on it because she loves brest cancer but we have a cuz who has dibites plz send her a blanket to i love christmas because it is all snowy and people get presents and givwe thanks

    thanks again your no 1 fan,

  666. kaitlyn

    can you pot aggl on the nice last

  667. valencia

    i hop you have fun have a wonderful time
    thanyou for every thing bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps.what is the funnest part of your job

  668. Summer

    Hi Santa! It’s nearly Xmas 2012 (79 days!!) and i just want to wish you the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! I hope you won’t be too busy this year!! There’ll be lots of cookies and a drink for you and your elves, and some carrots for the reindeers! I also hope you like our Christmas tree !  Merry christmas (after 79 days!), Loads and loads of love, from Summer, October 6th Friday, and only 80 sleeps And 79 days until Xmas XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  669. catherine

    i love christmas thank you!!

  670. Anonymous

    santa is ni

  671. alfie baker

    you rock santa and the reindeers

  672. Ellie

    Hi you must be tired but thanks for the presents they were fab

  673. amaya

    hi santa i cant wait for chrismas my name is amaya and i have 2 brothers and 2 sistters and we cant wait we are all so happy that you are watching us so hope you call my mommy er number is

  674. mark

    I love you santa

  675. hayley

    hi santa

  676. JANA


  677. evan


  678. evan

    l lovr you santa

  679. Dakota

    hey santa how are you doing tell every one i said hi and i was wondering could i meet or see you in person?when?

  680. Kaitrin

    Santa,gave me everything I wanted but if I had not I know he loves me

  681. Ashley

    I love you

  682. Alice

    Buna !!! Abia astept sa vi in Romania!!

  683. wwmhkhj


  684. molly

    you must be tierd on cristmas day.

  685. destiny

    i loved all my christmas presents thank you very much im in a very happy mood right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  686. chloe

    i want to wish you a merry cristmas i want to wish you a merry cristmas to the botem of my and mrs cluves and the elves and the raindears your the best i can even than you

  687. shona

    i love christmas how many times did i write to u.

  688. Anonymous

    hi i love you santa claus

  689. euan

    wow you are very busy love you

  690. chanel nichlas

    love you

  691. lucy

    hi i love u and my birthday is in 1/26/2003 i would love if u gave me a caard P.S i love u lots xxxxxx

  692. tegan

    im i on the naughty list ??????????? <3

  693. Olivia

    Dear Santa,
    Thank you for everything you and your elves give to me and my family. We love them all SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO much


  694. Matt

    Well I liked mine a lot and I hope you can still bring them around the world to all the good children who derive it. Well see you in about three months!

  695. keisha

    i love the night before christmas

  696. caitlyn

    hi santa,my name is caitlyn i think you will give me the things i want but if you dont that is okay

  697. sherell

    hey sanata

  698. Caitlin

    Hi santa it’s me again i forgot to add ,in my letter how i love you and admire ,you your the best please wright back again.

  699. Kylie

    Hi Santa, I love you so much! I’m going to marry you and Yoda off of starwars! That old fart can’t do nothing! Hahah! P.S I’m talking about Yoda!

  700. deborah

    hi santa my name is deborah i would really love a new pair of canterburys for christmas,i hope you dont think im being spoilt
    lots of love

  701. powell

    santa i love your blog hohoho… like u howels say

  702. ellie


  703. amanda

    i really did enjoy my presents last was the best christmas of all the christmasas i’ve had

  704. Roisin

    hi i love the toys u give me last year they were lovely p.s how many things sould a 11 year old ask for

  705. Katie

    wow haha

  706. arianna

    agin i email you because you are a graet man in a goood jolly place you have a makerwhith a goood hert for you and your wonderfulwife mrs clase is there for you and thank you for the presents last year

  707. barbara

    I love my gifts I was away for christmas last year but I had some great presents.

  708. derry

    hi i just want to say thanks for the great presents last year

  709. jack

    dear santa,my birthday is the 8th of december so please send a don’t have to if you don’t wan’t,jack

  710. joshua

    i thought christmas day was really awsome

  711. kelis

    i cant wait til cristmas only 69 days

  712. james

    chap boots

  713. ALYSSA


  714. kelis

    icant wait till christmas only 67 days 9 weeks and 3 days

  715. Abbie

    I was pufed out to looking though all my presints but it was lots of fun ! after that my family came round and gave use more presents

  716. AYESHA


  717. britney

    hey santa plz bring me presents n just wanted to say hi

  718. jocelyn

    hey santa my bday is october 23 plz bring me lots of presents!:)
    also just wanted to say hi to you

  719. cainer

    i think christmas 2010 was one of the best christmas`s ever, i cant he could fit like the biggest toy ever into my house.

  720. alyssa

    I cant wait for hristmas its october and the christmas spirit is alrready in me i know its going to be grate….. :)

  721. Alyssa

    i just wanted to say thanks for all the presents and me and my sisters are greatful to know you care for us!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  722. Gianna

    hi santa i have the fluw

  723. gracie

    hi santa i just wanted to say you are the nicest person in the world and mrs. claus and all your reindeer and elves are nice too!=D MERRY CHRISTMAS

  724. ciara

    the years are tufe and i hope you arent very tried

  725. Allison

    wow Santa! I know how tiring it is, but it must feel jolly good to see all those happy faces!

  726. diti

    hi santa i am going to email you soon

  727. sofia

    i only wish that i could come and see you ,mrs claus and the elves. i hope you bring all the things that i would like for christmas santa. on christmas night i am leaving lots of goodies for you and ruldolf and for ruddolfs drink i am leaving a carrot milk shake because he will be thirsty and for your drink i am leaving a hot chocolate because you will be cold woudn’t you.

  728. reece

    knock knock whos there bear bear who bear bum!that joke is number one

  729. saffron

    i love christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont really want any thing in paticular( im grateful for what ive got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  730. kyle

    hi santa i got your letter from you and i found out you are very tired right now so ive been a good boy if you dont bring me a super nintendo amd i will be very sad sader then ever and i love you very much i cant wait for you to come to my house and bring me tons of gifts ans iam off school today so i messaged you have a good weekend ok so talk to you later ok love kyle.

  731. Callyn

    you r so funny I wish i could meet u in person

  732. LEAH


  733. liam

    santa please i would like a ipod touch 4gen. white 32g

  734. thomas

    i loved the presants from last year thanks for the tv the lava lamp and the ipad thanks for loving me and caring for me love you santa

  735. mckenna

    hi Santa, just read ur emil i was shocked u tipe fast so how rodof he is my best frend can you tell him that plz plz plz can i talk to rodof i well text everday that i came to my daddy i got to eat ttyl i love u and rodof

  736. mckenna


  737. mckenna


  738. marissa

    hi santa and the elfs

  739. Olivia

    Hi santa I will leave you lots of nice treats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  740. joshua

    santa is waiting for all his treats
    milk cookies and reindeer food
    cooked up to eat

  741. tara

    i love emaill please go there now its so fun

  742. beth

    santa would you let me see you when you come to my house on christmas

  743. Susannah

    Hi Santa!!!

  744. Sophie

    thankyou santa for all my presents i love youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  745. Jaeda

    I hope I get a xbox360

  746. avery

    I lOVE CHRISTMAS and i love you hou do you go

    love avery

  747. ellie

    hi santa its ellie i would like to know if me and my brother charlie can sllep downstairs on christmas eve !!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  748. emily

    santa have a rest because youll be really tired in the morning!!!!!

  749. joshua

    I hope you have a very great christmas since it’s already 2 months and 1 day (62 days). Your job must be very important to you and your elves. You better come to my house first because are good kids. see ya later Santa Claus!

  750. harry

    Dear santa

    i do not mind if i dont have any presnts because you have to get around the whole world so dont rush take your time

  751. Selena

    I really liked the zhuzhu pets that you bought me last year for christmas. And I also likes all the other thing syou got for me last year.


    Selena Xenia McGuffin

    P.S. I hope you loved what I made you last year for your snack when you came to drop my prestensts off why I was a sleep that night.

    P.P.S. I hope you will love the snack I am going to fix you this year I hope I will fix some honey buns for you to eat here and you can take some to Mrs. cluse to and I am sure she will inenjoy some honey buns to and I will make sure you shared some with your wife because she is the on ehtat makes alot of the presents to and works hard wrapping them to just for to give them out to all of thoose kid sin all the states

  752. Amy

    Dear santa,
    I`m very glad for my bike you gave me on christmas thank you loads it is the best bike ever!

  753. Mia

    I loved the presents you gave me santa and I hope you had a good time delivering them!!! Thank – you!!!

    P.S – Please can I have Cher Lloyds new CD for christmas this year! Pleeease!!!!

  754. sarah

    do you no edward?

  755. jordan

    hi my names jordan im 8 years old iv been a very good boy this year could i please get for christmas is a playstation 3 and clothes and wrestling figures and lego and hearts football stuff and weights so i can keep very strong thankyou very much santa love jordan

  756. abbie

    what is you gfmnbvyxfugbkhdkci

  757. SAVANAH

    it was really cool but i coulnt see you outside my window

  758. Holly

    i love santa

  759. holly

    thankyou for all my christmas presants. i had a wounderfull christmas.

  760. Emiliya

    i really enjoyed 2010 christmas because

  761. Daryanne

    I just want to say santa all you need to do is bring peace and joy around the earth and its not what you want its what you want in the heart.

  762. maggie

    well i was wondering if your a cookie eater does that mean cookie monster is your friend C is for COOKIE!! that’s goode enough for me

  763. Ava

    hi santa i can not wait intill chrismas
    i think chrismas is all about love and joy not about the presents.
    XOXOXO ava

  764. lily

    hi santa keep up the awsome work!!!!! maybe can u get me a bench jacket please love ya ..lily!!!

  765. Molly

    Oh Hi santa I just love the christmas spirt

  766. jemma

    hi i know your favourite animal randier!!!!
    i think i spelt it rong

  767. neisha

    cool blog santa did you do this all your self or did the elfs do it


  768. Ella

    I can’t wait until Christmas we are in 2011 now and it is only 57 days until Christmas.I just sent a letter to Santa and told me about this blog.And I just wanted to say hi to Santa!Iam so exited!

  769. Sofia

    Like you said you wanted me to visit your blog so I went to try it out. I think it’s great because people can tell they think about Christmas and other fun stuff. I really enjoy talking to you.

  770. megan

    i love u santa u r the best

  771. caoimhe

    hi santa se brother siad he likes you and i hope thst everyone at the northy ploe is fine i like you so much so i do my frineds say tyuer not real but i no you are aand i no this is long but anyway ,bye love from caoimhe :)<3

  772. Olivia

    Hi Santa i love you you do so much for us so i think we should all give you a present a Christmas to xxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxo

  773. Avery

    Hi Santa my two elv’s are Ashby and Veronica I hope they’re being nice I know some elv’s can be naughty (lol)

    Love yours truly,


  774. megan

    hi Santa!!! Chistmas was the best this year!!!!!!!!!!

  775. hallie

    happy halloween it’s the day before halloween. i’m going to be a scary witch

  776. haley

    hi sanata its haleey cant whit till chrismas day say you 1232 years old but you are just a little cutey pie cant whit til i the day santa pls say yes i can see you

  777. Laura

    Hi Santa I so can’t wait until christmas it’s going to be so fun

    P.S. Its Halloween tomorrow.

  778. jazz

    i want you to have a merrt chrismas

  779. jazz

    i want you to have a merry chrismas

  780. Dahlia

    Hi Santa,
    I really liked my present(it was a DSIxl)
    Thank you very much :-)

  781. gwen

    Hi santa i like it

  782. Charlotte

    It is the day after halloween and I was a ladybug I hope u have a
    good Halloistmaas we will see what else I will git frum u LOVE CHARLOTTE’TO Santa Claus

  783. Shannon and Calum

    HI it,s us again shannon and Calum how,s the elf,s and MRS.Claus doing.Jamie and Conor will write there letter later.Your Christmas blog is so cool and we will all vist u at the Marshes on CHRISTMAS EVE.I better go and help my mam with Calum MERRY CHRISTMAS IN 52 day,s good bye

  784. harry

    could i be spiderman when i grow up.

    thank you.

  785. Roxy

    i love u always xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

  786. chelsey

    i love you blog it is very pretty you worked so hard on it and it is sooo cool.I love you santa see you on christmas eve.

    Love, Chelsey
    Thank you

  787. Luis

    Santa claus I love you alot I believe in Christmas spirit.

  788. ellie

    i love you eveone

  789. ellie

    dear santa i can.t wite to cristmas it is so happy that i head you are visiting my house i love you

  790. Laurea

    i know i said that.are you going to leave me a lump of cole?

  791. Laurea

    have i been good?

  792. chloe

    thank you very much for the presents i bet your really really really tried but you did do it so thank you very much

  793. ashley

    well halloween is fun and all but my favorite holiday is still christmas its so fun all the people and food and of course for you hahahaha so have a good day hohoho
    love AWESOME ASHLEY <3

  794. steven

    i love you elves

  795. Anonymous

    hi santa i hope you wont get
    tired this year i wish i could
    meet you from jessica allen

  796. emily

    pleASE leave my preseant and thank u santa and ms claus.

  797. mackenzie

    thank you for reading my letter santa

  798. mackenzie

    i cant wait for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  799. amanda

    HO!HO!HO! I love christmas god bless you all.

  800. courteney

    I know its a little bit late seens it was last year but i have only just found this website but i enjoyed my presents that you gave me last year and so did my little brother.
    I hope you liked the card i lefted out for you.
    I have a question for you santa: do you get any presents off the kids all around the world?? ( exceppt me because I left you one last year ) xxxx

  801. emily

    santa you are the best did your elfes finesh my pink ipod yet im looking forward to it write me back soon

  802. sofia

    hi santa!

  803. sofia

    dear santa,
    thank you for that doll last year!

  804. madsd

    i lovee christmas eve and morning watch out snata im gonna catch you this itme

  805. brydie


  806. Anonymous

    witch kid in north bergen is being naughty me or my brother so tell me in a jiff thank you from andrew

  807. Patunia

    Hope ur ok Santa. I LUV CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

  808. cait

    I was a punk fairy. I got some goodies.

  809. Victoria

    I was Alice in Wonderland For Halloween and my little sister was my Cat!!

  810. Siobhán

    I love Christmas and Hallowe’en but I think Chrismtas eve and day are still both my 2 favourite days in the whole year! <3

  811. Lauren

    I Loved My presents !!!! :)

  812. ash

    heeey i hope u get lots of rest before the big night

  813. avary

    dear santa i would like to see you
    i want a walking dog and a fijit
    and akachooz kachatz and abarbie hairextensions and ads wipeout
    and a shimmer nsparkle nail studio
    and a crayola illuminationstation
    and a hed ban game
    and abar big pups salon
    and a alalaloopsy cosmeticset

  814. Holly

    oh im so sorry that your tired now you lay down and have a rest i hope you have a merry christmas
    love holly

  815. harvey

    ha ha lol

  816. claudia


  817. Kitty

    Hi! I have a performance about christmas in 2 weeks. you should come watch!

  818. Summer

    Merry christmas x

  819. Summer

    Merry Christmas Santa x

  820. Dasha

    do you have a dog?

  821. Dasha

    you are asesome!!!!

  822. Dasha

    i love this holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  823. samantha

    Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

  824. Amelia

    Thanks for the American Girl Doll! I love her. i always play with her and I took her to Louisville, Dayton, Columbus, and almost Florida, but she wouldn’t fit in my backpack that I would take on the plane. Merry christmas in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  825. Alexa

    It is a few weeks after halloween and i was a spiderina witch

  826. Harrison

    Dear Santa,

    How’s the weather? Are The Reindeer training for the flight on Christmas Eve? Please tell everyone at The North Pole that I said hi. Hope you’re enjoying the La Nina winter.

  827. connor.

    can I see ruldoph?

  828. whitney

    now i loved my presents get what you get and dont throw a fit i really dont care what i get i love presents this im going to be nice this year your the best and and also i believe in you to<3.

  829. Cliodhna

    I loved my presents last year!!! Thanks a million!!!

  830. jasmine

    santa you is so funny because make kids laugh alot i hope you bring me my present i love you

  831. haley

    santa i now it says to e-mail you but i dont now how to e-mail you and my dad went on a trip all i want to say is that i read your blog and it was great i loved it it was awsome i read other peoples comments to i liked all of them they were all great i now the elfs are watching me right now but i think its pretty cool that they are so fast i also wanted to now how many elfs you have and what are there names it would be awsome if i new that i wouldnt tell the hole neighborhood but i wouldjust tell only all off my relitives thats it though i got to go to bed please wright back love haley hooven

  832. Katija

    Hi HallowChristmas is a great idea, I might use it myself!!!


  833. Katija

    Hi santa how aare you?

  834. wiktoria

    thank you

  835. Lilly Ringer

    Hi santa i love you

  836. Johnny

    i loved my presents santa!

  837. katelyn

    o santa you probly are verry tier xoxoxoxox well i love you see you at christmas p.s. i am 10 yers old

  838. justin

    you are the best of all!!

  839. katelyn

    i wish people like how i am just because i have a Disability

    i bin a good girl

  840. madison

    i love u santa

  841. bryce

    cant wat till christmas

  842. sky

    I love you Santa and I hope you love me to

  843. Kaitlynn

    Dear, Santa i love the i pod shuffle that u got me last year but guess what i lost it because it was so tiny sorry.But this year i you would please please please with a cherry on top get me a i pod touch with a camera i sware not to lose it please o did i tell you i love you so very much :)


  844. Saul

    This Christmas I Got Every Thing I Wanted ! I Had So Much Fun But A Couple Months Later I Lost My New Camera I Got For Christmas =( But That’s Okay Because I Know Santa Will Give Me Lots This Year!

  845. Huzefa

    Dear Santa,

    This year for Christmas could I have a BMX bike a PSP and a Nintendoe 3Ds.And could I please have a ride with you on the Reindeers.


  846. Morgen

    I loved last christmas (2011) it really rocked i loved my paddington bear and DSI best bye bye I LOVE SANTA

  847. Morgen

    i meant (2010) LOL

  848. Hannah

    i love you santa! i would like one more thing from you and it is an ipod shuffle.

  849. Carter

    hi santa its me carter and what i would like from you is a ipad 2 and battlefeild three and a traxis car and maybe if its ok with you a box of tech decks please and thank you


  850. Chloe

    Thank you Santa, for all the wonderful presents you gave me! Please thank the elves for me too!!
    Love Chloe

  851. jordan

    Well next year i will give you extra cookies, for you coming to my house. Once again THANK YOU (WINK*)
    :) I LOVE YOU

  852. zurie

    Santa i need one more thing a kindle thanks

  853. Jenna

    I loved the toys you gave me.I play alot with them.I can’t wate tell next christmas;]

  854. abigail sullivan santara

    hi santa big fan and im 13 ow and dont tell anyone but i still beleive in you

  855. BLAKE


  856. Bethany

    Dear santa I had the measles on christmas day but I still enjoyed it very much!

    P.S Thank you for all the lovely presents!

  857. Jaeleen

    Hi Santa i would like a hollister sweater if that isnt to much to ask ,
    Thanks !

  858. Sara

    Hi santa Can i have an IPOD touch for christmas please and if clumsy makes it and messes up it is ok!!! HOPE IT ISNT TOO MUCH!!

  859. Megan


  860. Megan


  861. Erika

    Get your rest and the reindeer too. I love you Santa and everyone in the North Pole. Will you take me for a ride in your sleigh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to get a ride in the sleigh.

  862. Emily

    Santa i would really like to meet you so when you come over to my house can you wake me up i’v been on your webcise’s alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  863. topanga

    nice blog you are the best santa tell everone i love them and i love you to good bye

    p.s marry christmas

    p.p.s and a happy new year

    love you singh topanga wolf

  864. SHAYAL

    Santa I HAD send you a letter on 5 of 2011 Decemder and I forgot to say that I have cookies and milk on the table

    Love shayal

  865. SHAYAL

    santa can you send me a reply bach from the email which I sended you

  866. shayal

    santa I have some cookies and milk on the table which you can eat

  867. kaitlin


  868. lachlan

    santa do your elves hlep you


    dear santa tell the reindeers and elves i said hello and mrs claus your friend franklin joe browning

  870. Samantha




  872. Kaitlin


  873. anya

    Am I naughty or nice. I just want to know.

  874. Rhyanne

    Hi Santa and every one in the North Pole im really sad because all i ever wanted is for Santa to be my grandpo and go visit him and evry one in the North Pole and i always wanted a little husky puppy and a girl one can you guys get me one love every one please right back thanks lots of hugs and kisses

  875. Kaylen

    go cart

  876. Ericka

    Hi I have three sister and don’t know what to say something nice


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