What is Santa Claus’ address & phone number?

Posted by Santa Claus on December 17th, 2010

It is getting very close to Christmas now!  Quite a few kids are asking me “Santa Claus, what is your email address?”

Some friends want to phone me.  They ask the elves, “What is Santa Claus’ phone number?”

Others want to mail a letter to the North Pole.   They ask Mrs. Claus “What is Santa’s address?”

Would you like to know the best way to “talk to Santa” right now?

Well, many kids want to talk to me right now.  I would love to talk to all of them.  But I have too many friends!  If I talked to everyone by mail, email and sleigh phone, I would not have enough time to get ready for Christmas.  And that would be sad!

So, the elves did something many years ago to help me.  They set up a special webpage.  That way I can keep in touch with all my friends!  If you ever want to leave a message for me just “email Santa“!  It has a special connection direct to my computer at the North Pole.  I promise to write you back as fast as red-nosed reindeer fly!

I read every message I get on EmailSanta.com.  Sometimes, though, I make mistakes.  Silly mistakes!  One year a boy asked for a NintendoGameboy.  But I read his letter too fast.  Do you know what I brought him?  I brought him a doG by mistake!  He was very surprised but he loved his puppy.   I hope it is OK if I make a mistake when I write back to you (I say silly things sometimes if I do not read carefully!  Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Some friends want to talk to me because something is making them sad.   If something is making you sad, you can email me to tell me about it any time you want.  But I also want you to talk to your family and friends about it if you can.  You can also call the great people at one of the phone numbers on my telephone Hotline page.  Make sure to choose a phone number for your country.  These great people can really help you.

I do prefer it if you email me.   Of course, the elves have made other ways to talk to me too.   Many of these are safe.  But I want you always to be careful on the Internet.  There are some bad people in the world.  Remember my  Internet Safety Rules to stay safe online:

  • Always check with an adult before giving out your full name, address, phone number or school name.
  • Always tell an adult if you see something that you know is wrong or that you do not like to see.
  • Never write back to something that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.
  • Never tell anyone a credit card number or a password.
  • Never send out your picture without asking a parent.
  • Be careful when someone offers you something for nothing, such as gifts or money.
  • Never say OK to a gift that means someone will visit your home.
  • Never meet someone you have met online in person unless you check with your parents and an adult goes with you.

Have a Safe and Merry Christmas! (And I hope I do not bring you a dog by mistake!  Honest, it only ever happened one time!  :-)

Santa Claus

P.S.  What things do you do to stay safe when you are on the computer?  Do you think emailing me is the best way to talk to me?  You can tell me here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


658 Responses to “What is Santa Claus’ address & phone number?”

  1. odhran

    i love u santa im a big fan


  3. alec

    Dear santa can you please give me a photo
    of one of your elves.

  4. Bethany

    when im on the internet i play games and read your blog :)

    -Bethany| :D |

  5. claire

    i luv u santa



  7. morgan

    do you like chocolate

  8. shelby

    i wish you a marry Christmas the elf’s are doing grate and Rudolph you need to not sneez

  9. Micheala


  10. caroline

    When I grow up I want to help people just like you!!!

  11. ethan


  12. robyn

    santa what is your phone nuber and email ?? xxx


  14. sophie

    please may I have your phone number

  15. alice

    fles novdod

  16. Anea

    i really hope u have a good christmas

  17. Abby

    I looove your blog.And if my mom saw your blog,she would be sooo happy.Because she wants to be veeeryy. Safe like you.

  18. Presley

    i love any think

  19. Mersayedez

    Santa i would like to know your phone number also. And a your address. I am five and want to talk to you all the time!

  20. Lindsay

    How mutch elfs do you have and how mutch work is it to prepare for Christmas?

  21. nathan tremayne

    hi its nathan agen can you take me for a slay ride is that a yes or no

  22. klaudiusz

    helou santa

  23. Oliver

    I think that E-mail is a very good way to keep in touch because everybody can use it (but they can’t if they haven’t got a computer)

    Oliver Kent

  24. nathan tremayne

    hi its nathan agen can you take me for a slay ride is that a yes or no ho ho ho
    come to my hous and eat the cookes that are wating on my fierplas for you ho ho ho from nathan

  25. Chloe Shaw

    what is ur phone number what is your Address

  26. beth

    dear santa claus i will see you at the crown and i miss you lots merry chrstmas all of you including rudolph the red nose reindeer

  27. beth

    dear santa claus i heard you on the town 102 this morning iam singing for you this year every one loves you and they will never forget you oh merry christmas and the elves and especially rudolph the red nose reindeer form beth nujeerallee

  28. xsara

    i hope everone has a very merry xmas and at

  29. xsara

    i hope everone has a ver merry xmas and at school we ceibrate xmas every year

    xsara 9

  30. makayla

    Hi, well, i hope guys joy your day because i am. Well, i hope you have maze christmas and in joy what around you, ur family, friend and everybody else too.
    SO, take care. Oh, do you know what christmas dose make you smile, becaue i do. When you take to spend with everybody that you know about. Plus, all the fun, sometime there good and bad time. But, sometime there a smile on christmas cheer you up and then you heart give you spirit of christmas.
    WEll, ya. Plus (Being weird) the present too you know what inside of them ….LOL
    SO thanks you and merry chirstmas :D

  31. Courtney


    HO HO HO

  32. Angie

    Merry Christmas! I’m being really good! And hopefully I’ll get what I want :D

  33. danielle


  34. Tatum

    Hi i can not what in till Chrictmas.If on Chrictmas night I leave a letter out wiil you take it and right me back.I will leave out cookies and coack for you.My sister and me think YOU ROCK.

  35. Kaitlyn

    Merry Christmas!

  36. katy

    I love your red coat. and pants. and i want your phone number.

  37. Drew

    Hey are you O.K. for christmas night because i want nothing your friend Drew

  38. Tia

    I luv christmas…….



  40. Leeza

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  41. Daniel

    Hey Santa How Have You Been Ive Been really Good This Year

  42. joanne

    hi how are you doing how is your youngest elf and how is your oldest elf.how is your youngest reindeer and how is your oldest elf

  43. chelsea

    I really think about Santa and I am new on this.So hi every one on this Website and to Santa.Santa I HOPE I am on your “NICE”

  44. Giovanni

    phone number

  45. rhiannon

    you are awesome and cool tell all the elf’s i said hi and hello

  46. Angie

    HEEY Santa ,
    p.s. Any1 wanna talk??
    -Angie :D

  47. rachel

    hi santy nice to see you agin anyway im so happy 8 ay till days till christmas anyway bye p.p.s love from rachel bye xoxoxoxoxox…

  48. Arveja

    I have a problem,I never told anyone because I am afraid.
    My problem is that my parents are like someone that is not on my side.
    Sometimes I don’t feel safe at all,like now.
    Hope you can help me.

    love from Arveja

  49. Aaron

    so are all u elves very busy at the north pole i didnt evenknow if u can check all of these emails because i thought u elves would be to busy making toys

  50. sabrina

    how do you live eat and get your food?

  51. katie

    hey you are the best cheers thanks for being you love katie x x x

  52. Ellen

    For christmas I really really really really would like a fur real friend -go go my walikn pup

  53. Jessica

    i just wanted you to know that mrs.clause you and the riendeer are verry verry nice. you guys are what makes christmas come to life even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. jordanna

    i am your biggiest fan i fink you are fantasic

  55. Monique

    I know another way to stay safe on the internet! Of course, everybody knows this: NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD! I think emailing is the beat way!

  56. Livia

    I think that it is y7our secret to where you live so if I were you I would not tell the world.


  57. Matt

    Good to know you’re looking out for us this Christmas and the rest of the year

  58. myka

    Cant wait till Christmas!!!!!!

  59. Lucy

    great news about a new born


  60. priscilla

    really nice of you and sorry i took alot of time and ill be really careful with my dog and here i am with my mom and dad take care and again merry christmas oh guess what santa i gave my friend a candy cane gift

  61. karen reed

    i christmas gift for u santa.

  62. weston

    how long have u been doing this



  64. OLGA


  65. Meghan

    I love you SANTA

  66. aidan

    dear santa in the first note i rote to you wen i rote harry potter xbox360 i ment for xbox360

  67. stephanie bermudez rivera

    how old is roudolph?

  68. Lauren

    I just wanted to say thank you for responding to my email. Iam sitting with my ext day teacher Ms. Jasmine and she says hi!!! Thank you for all you do. I love you!!!!

    with love,


  69. bethany

    i want an elf on the shelf

  70. blanca

    a real pet hamster.

  71. isaac

    i want your phone number? how is your favorate elf this year? what is your favorate christmas movie? doyou change your phone nmber,address every year?

  72. Gavin

    I really do wonder what the number is does anybody else?

  73. hannah

    i am so excited only 8 more days entill christmas i rilly hope i get a puppy for christmas i hope u have i nice tripe giving present allaround the worldxoxoxoxo p.s love hannahxoxoxo

  74. tj

    my name is tj Ilove christmas just because you bring us staf.ILOVE YOU

  75. Daniel

    I know this might be hard and its ok if you can’t but can you try to make Halo the video game for PS2.

  76. jessica

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally checked it out!!! So did the grinch steal your cookies yet!!!LOL

  77. Ashley

    What is you email adress?

  78. Savannnah

    YOU ARE REAL ALONG WITH YOUR SILLY ELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Emilee

    Hi santa I just want 2 know what is your phone number?

  80. Hannah

    E-mail is the best way to contact Santa because if you have a computer you can E-mail him.


    i love you are the best it is ok if you do not get me all the preasant i want but could you try to get a i pod touch for me text you tomorrow love marissa

  82. krislon

    can you send a picture of krislon me

    thank you

  83. Ben

    Have a safe chrismas Santa.You are probly
    the six person i can trust.

  84. shadiamond

    i love u

  85. allura

    whats your phone number can i please have it

  86. Kaitrin

    Anything is fine wih me I am just happy I have Santas phonenumber

  87. victoria

    i cant wait till christmas i allways cant wait for all the cool present to come and say hi to mrs claus and the raindeers and the elfs how many elf are there? you got to have heaps because there are heaps of people and exspechley hi to you

  88. TASHA



  89. Carmen

    Santa, what are you doing right now? Are you painting? Are you making presents? Or are you hanging out with Mrs. Clause and having tea with her? Because I’m sure you will!

    Bye bye Santa, see you later. <3

  90. Emily.f

    i do not think email is the best way to talk to you maybe you can call me and everyone next christmas so we can know what is on your mind too!

  91. YORNEI


  92. Taylor

    What is your address and phone number

  93. emily

    merry christmas

  94. Loren

    How do you get to everyone’s house in one night & still stay awake? For me, that would be impossible.


  95. becky

    hope you have i ho ho happy of a christmas

  96. ginny

    hope you have a merry christmas and some yummy cookies and milk to go with it :)
    love<3 ginny

  97. hayley


  98. LenaSaavedra

    Hi Santa i love watching the Huggabug club it teaches us about safety first,telling the truth and about the weather. I love MissAudrey and MissJudy in the Huggabug club. Please tell MrsClaus i said hi Have a Very Merry Christmas tell Rudolph Champy,Chico,Lady said hi Tell your elves i said Go Warriors my nephew Arthuro has a raiders stocking now

  99. jaydon

    i think be your self and to talk nice and not rude

  100. vicki (:

    I hope to get some ggod things!! (:
    peace out yall!! love you.. <3 :)

  101. vicki (:

    hey yall hope everyone has a good christmas!! (: <3 luv you all..

  102. vicki (:

    hope all is good with evryone,and GODD BLESS!!! (: LUV U!! <3 :)

  103. j & g

    maree crismis sanda and rudolf

  104. Abby!

    Dear Santa,
    I am in 6th Grade I am 11 years old!
    How are you? How are your reindeer? How do you make all those trips in one night?
    I wouldnt be able to do that I would be so tired! I feel so sorry for you! What time do you get back to the North Pole Christmas Eve? And I have tried my hardest to be good! So I will not be upset if I dont get everything I want! Dont worry!

    Merry Christmas!!


  105. Katelyn!

    How are you? Are your favorite cookies chocolate chips? You are so nice! Because
    you give us presents, you don’t ask for anything for return.

    Merry Chrismas


  106. Sarah

    Hi Santa it’s Sarah thank you for the letter you sent me. if i get a laptop i will play reindeer games to. i hope you have had fun with the elves and will have fun on your trip around the world giving all the good children presents.

    well sorry i have to go so soon so good bye

    P.S have a safe trip here and back
    Love from Sarah

  107. claire


  108. claire

    i LOVE you!

  109. Chelsea

    I always let my parents see what i am doing and i think everyone else should to……. because you never know who your talking to

  110. charlotte

    i really really please want a male rabbit

  111. alexis

    you are the best and hop the eleve!

  112. Caroline

    i just wrote to you and i forgot somethings can you leave something for my dogs and cat? oh and when i ment when i said “and whats her favorite kinds of cookies” i ment to say “whats Mrs.Claus’s favorite kind of cookies”…oh and when i said ” i HOPE ypu read them” i ment “i HOPE you read them…have a awesome Christmas! tell everyone at the Northpole I said “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”

  113. jade

    hi jada the elves
    am jade Elliott

  114. ricardo

    I left this messege to say. I really like snow i hope it snow’s on christmas i might send you a letter again thankyou santa for everything! Love from ricardo

  115. Erin

    I hope that you are having a great Christmas with the elf’s, mrs. claus,and the rain deer!

    I love you!

  116. grace

    pleaseeeee give me a pony for chrissy

  117. Ciara

    I hope I get what I want. I haven’t been a very good girl but i have been – I hope – a good girl

  118. Amy

    Hi Santa are u ok?lots of love.

  119. simran

    hi santa its me simran i would just like to say merry christmas because i forgot to write it in my letter

  120. Grace

    How many toys do you make a year

  121. Megan

    i just cant wait for christmas im so excited xxxxxxxxxxxx

  122. Esther

    Santa, you are AWESOME!

  123. stefan

    dear santa what is your phone number

  124. Alicia

    I’VE always wanted to send you a letter by writing it but I never could. You know why?Because I never knew your address!!!!!! I need to know now then I can write you a letter faster. Love,Alicia

  125. Alicia

    Dear, Santa could you kindly tell me what your address? Then I could send you letters every day! Thank you, Alicia

  126. Yves

    Hey Santa You Told Me To Write So I Did This Is A Very Good Blog Thanks For The Hugs And Kisses Love You Alll At The North Pole Especailly Mrs Claus xoxoxoxo xoxox

  127. nicole

    hi santa hope i realy get all these presents i ased for your pal nicky

  128. ethan

    i am haveing a nice countdown to christmas this year

  129. Solomon

    I’d also like to ask for: a computer, calculator, Nintendo DS, stamps, a really nice Christmas for our whole family.

  130. Harry :)

    Hope u gives me and u good

  131. Mary Ellen

    Peace out I love talking to you on the internet! Love Ellie

  132. Mary Ellen

    I love this website because now I can talk to you!

  133. pierce

    i love you and i miss you and i love miss claus and rudolph and the elves and prancer dancer and my nene said hey and we love you love nene and pierce.

  134. Will

    Can’t wait to see what you bring me this year! See you in 7 nights!

  135. Penny

    My Mum says she’s sent all of my presants to you from my friend and family! Plus she says your a very busy man but you always find time for your computer and your iPad and your iPhone 4 is never going to stop ringing from all the perants to make sure your coming to their house for their little girls/boys!
    Love you loads from Penny from SHEFFIELD ENGLAND UK

  136. Katelyn

    I have a friend and she never gets anytheing for Christmas,”cuz she does not know your address!

  137. sophia

    hi santa i really hope i get a mermaid tail for christmas!!!

  138. kayla

    i love christmas santa. do you?

  139. jack

    hi santa i am so looking forward to christmas only 6 more days untiil christmas Eve that when you will be on you flight .i am going to leave you coke and cookies .i hope my family has a nice christmas and i you and mrs claus and the elfs and the reindeers have a nice christmas to.lots of love from jack.xoxox

  140. billy

    darasant cale iwant yorr pon numer

  141. abbey


    i think they should not post how old they are or there full name

    love abbey

  142. orla

    i love you

  143. charlotte

    i cant wait until it is christmas santa tell rudolph i love his red nose

    love charlotte

  144. Georgia

    I cant wait till christmas only 7 sleeps

  145. Leslie Corrales

    hello Santa, please don’t give me a dog because my mom and dad wont take care of it but i will but there going to tell me take that dog out of the house

  146. Annabelle

    thank you for the letter :)
    i am leaving you ,,, cookies ,coke and a carrot for rudolf :) love ya x

  147. Anonymous

    thanks for that

  148. esme

    i know you live in the NORTH POLE , but i want to know more

  149. mowa

    hi, its mowa i am a nice preson so i should be on the nisce list.i want for christmas is for you to come to my hous and drop off these presents,slide up phone,mossage chair, lifetime membership on freerealms, laptob and a dsi.plz and elves plz tell santa to make those presents for me.?

  150. Kaitlyn

    I wanted to say hi and I need you to do two things up there at the North Pole,1 can you say hi to all the reindeer and 2 can you say hi to all the elves and tell them thank you for my presents from (LAST YEAR!)Thank You!!!

  151. heavyn

    can you tell me your real nomber i wil ciep a sickerit

  152. heavyn

    am i on the nice list love heavyn

  153. Indira

    Hi! Whats your favorite reindeer? Mine’s rudeolf

    – Indira
    xoxoxox I love you

  154. kayla

    i love christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Bananas hahaha

    Hey wasup, having fun?

  156. Nadine

    ask mum or Dad.

  157. meg

    i wish i get a trampoline a pillow pet and a dsi that would be most of it but i really want those three things

  158. samirrah

    dear santa i would like an amercain doll for christmas.

  159. tehreem

    santa i am a little sad i get really sad every year i have a couple of questions for you : how many sisters and brothers do i have?, why do i get upset most of the time every year? also if you don’t give me what i wanted this year i will stop believing in you. and of course you know where i live just in case tell me where i live?

  160. Madysen

    Santa what is your number i wont to call you because i heard your messege love madysen

  161. trevor

    hello i want a pocket rocket for christmas and ps3 game called call of duty black ops.Also i want a football


  162. antonio

    where is the north pole

  163. Tyler

    Dear Santa, I would just like to thank you for all the hard work you and the elves have been doing to make us all toys! (except the naughty children) Well Tell your elves and reindeer and also Mrs. Claus that I say Hi. I hope you come and bring me presents and eat these cookies and drink this milk on Christmas!


  164. kevin

    hello santa i cant wait for christmas can you im so excitied bye!!!!

  165. allison

    do you even have a phone number? Love you

  166. kristina

    can you please give me sleigh bell this year

  167. KYLA

    Hey I’m back so if you give me your phone number I would be happy and will tell you what I want for Christmas.

  168. Rachel8

    I never give people my e-mail address, or telephone number.And I never post things about me. Those are the two ways I stay safe online.

  169. paola

    please i want a red camera for christmas

  170. Gabi

    You rock!!!

  171. Avery

    please tell all the elevs up @ the north pole i said thanks for all my presents sinse i was 1 year old thank you to cuz without you i wouldn’t have got them thank you i love you I love you to all the elevs reading this and the reindeer too thank you all!!!

  172. astha

    i want u to come to my house and drop down these presents plz, a slider phone, a nissan micra, a beautiful doll house, a remote control toy car i am a really nice person so plz keep me on the nice list :)

    love astha

  173. Candice

    i want to see you at the shops but mum wont let me can you help me plus i love you i would like a nintendo dsi a pool and a scooter if you do not mind please send me back an email i would appeciate it so much i hope i have been extremely good this year but i only care about those kids who don’t get a christmas like we do because of the troubles they go through so i think you should care about them first not us kids that have got lots of toys i will speak to you soon.love candy! (smiley face)

  174. Candice

    i have never written that comment before you must have the wrong girl i am,sorry to correct you.

  175. Candice

    i love ya you rock (smiley face)

  176. matthew

    your the BEST!!!

  177. ella

    i will never stop believeing in you even if you dont bring me what i want but i do realy want my ugg boots love you

  178. ella

    santa what is your phone number ?

  179. Chloe

    you rock! I think you may know my friends grandpa his names Glenn Zenzel and he said you guys were in the army together! I really want to have a christmas dinner with you at the north pole!

  180. Lily

    Hello Santa, please, please, please, get your own email address!

  181. gabby.loves.xmas

    thx santa i love you and will always belive in you!!!

  182. Hannah

    Heyy santa,
    I’m very excited this year but also sad my grandad died 19th of august this year and it’s the first christmas without him, and today is his 69th birthday and if you see him at all any where can you tell him we all miss him!xx Thanks santa I hope you have a lovely christmas and a very happy new year.
    PS. This was written on the 19th of December!xx


    Dear Santa I really would love you to give me an LG KS360 for my christmas this year and that is all! I have been good this year but not top of the list!

  184. Georgia

    I think E-mail is the safest way because only Santa can see your email.
    i dont no why but i feel the only person i can speak my mind to is santa and he knows that because of the letters i send him.

    thank you

  185. Fabiana

    Dear santa merry christmas
    love from fabiana

  186. Fabiana

    merry Christmas and a happy nwe year love from Fabiana

  187. Ella

    dear santa how big is your slae do you no sam poip thingk you not arnt rile not me

  188. Lauren

    Can i have all the things i want 4 Christmas

  189. sage

    I hope my dog does not try to bite you, he may sound deadly but he is all bark.
    p.s. I have a cat so the cat can be a little dangerous too. But they really like you and are exited to get their presents. Chicco the dog wants a sqeaky fluffy toy and chica wants a scraching toy. thx

  190. Matthew

    I hope your reading this. I love Christmas, it is my favorite Holiday. Well, The thing I really want for Christmas is a Video Camera. That would be really cool because I love making videos. I will also leave cookies on my dining room table for you this year. Lastly, It would be really cool if you can write a note or sign your name on a piece of paper when you come. You know where I live. I hope you come!!!!
    You Rock! :)
    Merry Christmas! :)
    From your friend,

  191. cheyenne

    i think that emailing you is OK but calling you is also OK but most of all is i could see you in person and can you please send my a letter and a sleigh bell from Rudolph please.

    yours truly,

  192. Grace

    Just wanted to say hii to the elves and you and mrs clause and ofcourse the reindeers x Hope you are ok this christmas and you are probably soooo busy x ill leave you now have a nice christmas yourself love you xxxxxxxx

  193. Jen

    I want a camera

  194. Rachel

    i always ask an adult before i do something bad

  195. JACK


  196. NIKKI


  197. Kylee

    E-mail is a very safe way to talk to you. I know this site is safe and so is emailSanta.com. Merry Christmas!

  198. Tionna

    Santa how old are you.

  199. julia

    would it be ok if you give me your adress and phone number so i can send my letter p.s.please righ back as soon as rodoph flys

  200. jordan soler

    What is your phone number.

  201. sonia-jane

    your the best santa

  202. racheal

    hi santa it is me racheal agian
    write back

  203. jasmine

    hi Santa i am jasmine and i am 7 years old my sister Selena is 10 and she is typing this i love you Santa with all my heart and believe in you so much i want zu zu pets for christmas

  204. Dylan and Lindsey

    What is your favorite color Santa?



  206. shannon

    DEAR SANTA,does roudoulph really have a glowing red nose? where is the NORTH POLE located? CAN you please please get me a puppy dog i really want one. I think you are an amazing person because you can travel the whole world in one night and deliver presents.I want to see what you and an elf look like .Can you send me a picture of you and an elf?Can you tell Mrs.Clause that i will send her a present. MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA AND MRS.CLAUSE ,THE ELVES AND OF COURSE THE REINDEER <

  207. Katie

    I would like to calll and talk to you or an elf!

  208. kayla

    what is ur phone number

  209. kayla


  210. mputu

    i love you

  211. katherine

    i love you i want to call you what is your phone number.i know you know what i want

  212. Abigail

    I think emailing you is a good thing to do. i would do it every year (after im done with my homework or chores of corse). hope everbody has a merry christmas.

  213. randi

    if it is ok with you may i ask you what your phone number is and adress? love you bye

  214. Kate

    barbies webkinz camera

  215. chris dore

    i am back again my sister says hi to you and every one in the norht pole cna you please leave me a airsoft gun or a real monkey or a apple lap top

  216. vinnie

    I belive in you and rudolf.if you cuold help me get rid of a stomic bug and help me and my family get better I would be so so so so so happy.All you have to do is just bring the right kind of medisines

  217. Niki ESN

    I am Niki and I am 10 years old , I have a sister named Dany and she is 12 years old. And I love you with all my soul and heart… What I want for Christmas is a project runway (from Costco) ,littlest pet shop (20 LPS from Costco)and a dog that dances with the music of the I pod/touch/phone

  218. molly

    dear santa, what is your phone number?

  219. emily

    i do have a phone and what is your phone number i want to talk to u!!!!!!!!!

  220. mitchell

    hi, how are you. i want to call santa so i can talk to him. i really belive in him soo much. i love him soo much too. thats why i want to talk to him. i never done this before but i want to do it.

  221. Kailey

    Hi, im kailey well you probly already know that well like 10 minuts or so ago i sent santa a letter and i found out im on the nicelist.well i wanna just say merry christmas and a happy new year when its christmas time and i get presents i will most certainly get on here and thank all of yall at the northpole.I hope that everyone knows that we celebrate christmas because our lord jesus was born on christmas day.p.s santa i wanna say you do a great job on christmas u deliever presents in 1 night!!! WOW!! i think thats impressive.
    p.s keep up the good work elfs you are the ones who give us the presents that we all enjoy!! and finnaly raindeer u do a great job to you guys are the ones who get santa around the world i think everyone at the northpole is AWSOME!!
    O wait wait wait a second!! i almost forgot dear mrs.cluas
    thanks for feeding santa and taking care of him and for helping make dolls i really love them so thanks alot
    xoxoxoxoxo Hugs Tickles and Kisses!!!



  223. kayla

    hi santa.i hope you got my letter and can you mack this wish come true i realy want my mom and family to have the best christmas ever and can you get a blue neckless for my mom and can you get autumn some dogy food and toys if you dont mind…. and can you please tell everyone at the north pool that i said hi please i love you so much santa claues

  224. John

    Can’t wait til christmas!

  225. Hailey

    hi what kind of games do you play

  226. Rebecca

    How are you doing Santa im in grade 6 and i belive in you

  227. Caitie

    Hi! I’m 12 years old, I don’t care what people say. They can make fun of me, but I still believe in you. Thanks for everything you’ve got me. :)

  228. Mackinley

    I really do not mind if you get my presents mixed up it is the thought that counts hope you get lots of hugs and kisses oh can you please tell MRS claus ,the riandeers,the elves and of cause you have a great christmas and happy new year

  229. Emily

    I am so sorry that I am bugging you about this horse. I want really badly but I can wait about 3 years before I get it. I always wanted a horse. You are the ONLY chance that I have of getting the horse of my dreams. The Murgese horse went exstinct in the 1920s you see so they are rare and the breed now doesn’t have any of the original breed in it.So I’m just sayin its gonna be hard to find . Also look in Italy because thats were the breed originated from. Did you read about the horse i wanted in the other letter sent just a few minutes ago this is the same horse I want it just has to be black and a gelding.

  230. Perri

    Hi I am 10yrs old and like Caitie still beleive in you like I mean who wouldn’t and anyone who’s on right now can see that Santa and his family and elves have made everyone so joyful on this special day in December so come on guys you know ( and I know you know!) I f you don’t beleive you will not receive!

    ho! Ho! HO!

  231. abbie

    hi im abbie im jodie hills sister please could i meet you i love you bye

  232. Paris

    I cant wait till christmas and I hope you got my email. I can only imagine how busy the North Pole is this time of year. I don’t mind if you wake me up but try not to wake my family up please. See you around mdnight on xmas eve, BYEE!

  233. Paris

    Fleas Navidad

  234. marcus

    can I please get adog.

  235. monica

    it’s me monica im 11 so i think you should talk to kids over the phone more kids will belive in you.

    p.s i love your happness

  236. Lily

    I am 9 just making sure that you know I am a bit of a computer whizz kid so you might want to stick a few computer games.

  237. LIBBI

    I believe in you so much lots of my friends believe in you aswell. All of my family believes in you, but anyway I hope you and your little helpers are having a great time at the north pole. Thank you for my letter.

  238. Elizabeth

    santa will you call me my name is Elizabeth Holloway

    p.s I love you!

  239. Stephanie

    Hey, Santa!!! I’m in grade 5 and I still believe-in you!!!!

  240. katherine

    Please santa try your best with my one and only christmas wish xxxxxx

  241. Callie

    Santa thank you for giving me every thing I want on Christmas morning. I`m so greatful We love you Santa Claus Love the McGraws

  242. Taner

    dear santa

    i want to know if i come vist you in the north pole


  243. Pauline

    Oh, I saw a message by “Stephanie”. I’m in grade 5 and I believe in you too! Did you know that I have many heroes but one of them is you? I mean I know you’ve got help, but still you can deliver toys around in only ONE night, and you can make millions of toys before Christmas!

  244. cara

    hi santa i just wanna say hi and hows things i hope i am on the good list i cant wait till christmas merry christmas and a happy new year

  245. carlee

    I would like a teacup yorkie please please write back thanks

  246. Iqra

    Plz promise to bring my presents santa

  247. Mackenzie

    i was wandering gow old are all the reindeer? can you call me?

  248. ashton

    u are the best

  249. Olivia

    I wanted to say that you are a relly amazing person and thank you for bringing us presents. I would also like to thank the elves for making the presents and for Mrs.Claus helping everyone get ready for Christmas.
    P.S I think makanzie mouse is relly cute.

  250. Bryce

    My name is Bryce. I have a sister name Brylee. I was a very good boy this year. I would like to hear from you.

  251. Emily

    this year I want my dad to come home from Afghanistan in the army. I know lots of people are in need also, so I hope they have a happy holiday, too! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season. If you can, will you tell my Daddy that I miss him and love him?

  252. Megan

    How have you been? Well have a very merry christmas and God Bless.

  253. hailey

    what is your ponf narbr because i got to tell you suminthing inportin plis give me your poner numb when you get this masiggt ples

  254. Clara

    Sou woke me up last year! I heard a strange noise from outside and I just knew it! So I went right to sleep, but could you PLEASE tell Vixen to be a little softer when he lands on the roof?

  255. brandon

    santa im in the 5th grade i know your real evry chrismas eve night i always think of you putting pressents under the tree.

  256. laura

    i beileve and i promise!
    thanks for giving me everything i wanted
    thank u
    love u! :}

  257. Dylan

    plese plese would you give. me a dirt bike I will be the happyiest man on earth! Ps.Thanks! From Dylan.

  258. katherine

    love you

  259. Iza

    Hi! :D
    …. >_>…<_<.. I….Love..you…
    :) bye bye haha please please please please please give me the three things i wanted so badly for christmas please please please. God Bless You :)

  260. ryanne

    i love you Santa and i like Bernard TOO LOVE RYANNE

  261. Riley

    All I want for Christmas is a pet bunny PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me one you don’t have to get me anything else and I think my mom would let me have one but SHE doesn’t want to get it she wants someone like YOU to get me one.

  262. Alex

    Dear Santa,
    I hope I have been good enough to get on to your nice list. I would like to know what do the reindeers eat and what do they drink?

  263. katie

    last year i heard u on te roof tell all the reindeer to be a little quieter and please give me a american girl Rebecca i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. Laynie

    I really want a puppy dog!!
    Thank you!!

  265. amanda

    hi santa i love your blog

  266. Callie

    You have an awesome blog!Am I on your Nice List?

  267. holly

    i really am excited

  268. Tasha

    i beliveie you for real my brother does as well we cant wait for christmas eve to come as we might hear you down stairs XD
    P.S thankyou for everything you got me over the past few years

  269. Kaitlyn

    Love You. I really hope I get to met you this Christmas.

  270. lily

    the letter i sent you for the books on the i pad i wanted are the inkheart series and all of the beacon street girls.

  271. Ayesha

    ive been so good

  272. Paige

    Not chat or friend anyone that you dont know on facebook, Myspace or twitter

  273. jenna

    why did you not put your email addgress online?why do you live in the north pole?how do you stay alive forever?

  274. Abi

    Hey! i think its a great idea otherwise any other way it will be overloading BUT it will be great onday if you could send your phone number so we can leave messages on your answering machine ;) x

  275. hannah


  276. Khaira

    what is your home #

  277. Hayleigh

    I want a I-pod touch and a baby piggy
    If you can PLEASE give me a baby kitten and puppy.

    LOVE,HAYLEIGH(10 years old)



  279. Nicholas

    Dear Santa, My little cousin Mia got a letter from you and said you got a new reindeer and I would like to know a little about him. Love, Nicholas

  280. addyson

    you’re the best!
    can you come to my house?
    i love your job!
    please come to my house!

  281. Meagan

    well if I had choose I would say that since its you ,Santa(and everybody at the northpole) its fine. You would never hurt us, would you,Santa? I didnt think so either. PS: when i emailed you i told you I WANT THINGS FOR THE DOG I ALREADY HAVE AND YOU SAID THAT I WANT A PUPPY. I DONT BUT IF YOU DID BRING ME A PUPPY I WOULD LOVE AND CARE FOR IT FOREVER AND EVER!!!! I LOVE DOGS AND SO DO MY PARENTS.THEY WOULD LET ME.

  282. Meagan

    hey i love you santa i hope one day that i could have your number ;) love meagan age 11

  283. Tori

    I would like to call you if I could have your phone number.


    P.S. thank you!! :) to: SANTA CLAUS

  284. Ruby (10)

    Hi Santa
    I hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year!
    I live in Vietnam but i am actuly from Australia!
    I would like an I-touch for x-mas but I think my mum and dad are geting one for me and my sister too!
    Merry cristmas!!!!!!!

  285. shruti

    i want a cute puppy .I really love them .I love pets. I have 4 dogs already and want 1 more

  286. Melissa

    Santa PLEASE bring me a Nintendo DSixl an a North Face Jacket i love u

  287. kedrick

    I want ds games and some surprise wii games and some hunting games and
    some new gloves for my Papaw

  288. emer

    hi i really miss my old dog thomas he lived in my house for three days but my dad said that we can’t keep him anymore i am so sad. because we can’t keep we are renting the house in aspen co i lived in tampa fl but do not go to my old house because somebody is renting it well… thanks

  289. isabella

    I want a princess barbie doll! I love to play with barbies in my doll house! Thanks!

  290. ( nothing)

    don’t give my name out to strangers ( ;)

  291. Rhiannon

    hello id like for xmasa instead of sending a letter from the chimney instead may as well email it anyway ds games an diary and thats it

  292. grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend

    what are the names ov the elves you broght us

  293. caitlin

    i love you loo … ooove you by the way please can i have a dog!

  294. Ashley

    I think emailing you is a great way to reach you but, it would be nice to reach you other ways. Like calling ‘t wait or something else too. I can’t wait ’till Christmas!!! :)

  295. eileen

    hiiiiiiiiiii i cant belive that u travel the HOLE world in 24 hours but ur he only man that can do it xx

  296. Brian

    Hi I can’t wait to see my presents!!!! have a great Christmas

  297. Nicole

    I had been a good little gilr!!Merry Christmas

  298. eve

    i like to play in the snow

  299. eve

    please bring me a puppy!!!

  300. Isabel

    you rock thanks

  301. Meagan

    hi there santa this is big sister memay(meagan) and little sister Amanda. Amanda says to tell everbody reading “hello santa and all others.to santa i say ‘ i hope your looking foreward to coming to our house i also hope Rudolph is looking foreward to seeing my house. love amanda.” and memay says ” come see me at my daddy’s house santa i love you so much.” Love from Meagan (11) and Amanda (6):-) lots of love to all you guys (Tennessee):-)

  302. akira

    what are you doing. i can’t wait to chirstmas eve and chirstmas day i love you you’ll so much.what i want for chirstmas is a dvd player and a kids club chair

  303. laura

    hello santa it’s laura and shaylah again and we hope u have merry christmas and enjoyed ur b’day and we are excited that christmas u will be coming to our house and don’t forget to stuff inour stockings.

  304. Sachin

    I am 8 years old and I cannot wait for christmas



  306. rucel mae agustin trocio

    hi santa when will you come to my house? do you know where i lived at? i wish mi wishlist could come true..

  307. rucel

    hi there santa i wish all my wish could come true..i love you…mery christmas and a happ new year

  308. sidney

    im afraid of elves

  309. isla

    it is me agen i got your email it was GREAT I hope roodof is ok love isla xxx

  310. brogan

    i love ya new sleigh

  311. Ruby (10)!

    It is nearly nearly x-mas ahhhh!
    I am so exited!
    Merry x-mas santa and everyone else!

  312. ariana

    why cant u have a cell phone number for kids who dont have computers only a house phone or a cell phone?I think it will be really kind of you to do.I hope u liked my idea well more of a suggestion any way lots of blessing ariana.

  313. ZACHARY

    About The Business of Santa, a poem: Santa is awesome, Santa is cool, so behave the whole year and you’ll get something that rules. He works all year, and the elves cheer! They are his workers, and not jokers. by Zachary

  314. Callie

    We love you Im they only child so my mom, dad, and my kitty love you!!!!! Love,
    Callie,& family

  315. Elizabeth

    im so exicting for christmas santa i got presents for and me and my will bake a cake. Dont worry i save a piece for you.
    Hope u have a safe trip at the night. =)

  316. Anna

    I can’t wait ’till you come
    I am so excited I hope you give me presents and not coal! Have i been good this year? I think so!

  317. Kyle

    Are you surprised how back then children (maybe even adults) had to write to you and send it my the original mailbox, but today we have computers to do it all by e-mail (elf-mail!). get the joke! That’s when elves deliver mail to the north pole!

  318. milly

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS but it will not be the same this year

  319. shannon

    hope you come

  320. hannah

    i bake cookies get milk and carrots for the reighdeer i hope u have a safe night

  321. Brock

    I think you shouldn’t give out your address, phone # or anything personal because a person could track it down and come to your house.

  322. Jasmine

    Hi Santa,
    Merry Christmas.Are the reindeer ready to leave the North Pole????
    I have to go clean my room now but Merry Christmas.

  323. Megan

    I think the best way is when i can see you in person but this is the next best way to talk to you! I like how fast you write me back! I don’t have to wait days and days in the mail for it. I love you Santa you are the best! I hope you get what you want for Christmas! Love Megan

  324. kyle

    merry christmas santa!i was wondering if you know my elf on the shelf named okie?if you do can you tell me if he brought my wish list to you?thanks!

  325. Madelyn

    Hi santa,
    How are you doing for christmas coming up? Are you ready to eat some cookies? Well I am really excited for christmas this year!!!!CANT WAIT!!!! I love you!!!


  326. Alec

    Can you lend me your phone number?

  327. Joseph

    It would be cool to talk to you though. :D

  328. cassidy

    I love you sants i think that you are awsome!! i cant wait to see what you brought me and my family. hope you have a safe trip.

  329. Anna(:

    i am soooo excited to see what your bringing me all the way from the north pole! My wish it to go see the North Pole but that will never happen): I hope hope hope i get what im asking for this year! you havent let me down in the past(; i hope u like the cookies i make! (their homeade)
    I love you

  330. jordan

    do yoy have any more xbox360s from jordan pinyerd

  331. melanie

    i love you it is christmas eve and im all ready i cant wait you do so much work thankyou you are getting extra cookies

  332. Finess

    hope I get this new cell phone and laptop I asked you for!

  333. klementine

    It`s the best way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. klementine

    It`s ok

  335. melissa

    you are the hero of christmas.I hope my family has a good christmas eve,christmas and new year.also can you stand by my bed when you come and try to wake me up.I promise ,will not grab my video camra. PS; my camra is not charged meaning i don’t have any batteries.and what is your phone number

  336. tara

    dont tell them anything about yourself

  337. grace

    you are fat

  338. KAYLA

    dear santa i was gonna call you tonight but i do not know your number so i cant call you can you please tell me what your number is :) :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  339. Angel

    I am sooo excited!! i am working on keeping my brother beliving!!! :)

  340. Jamie

    Hi Santa This Is Jamie And Her Little Brother. We Have Been Somewhat Good This Year. Will Atleast We Have Tried Our Best To Be Good This Year. I Am A Girl Named Jamie I Would Like A I-Pod Touch 8 Gigabits And Or A Phone The Phone Has To Be A Blackberry,A Touch With A Slide On It. My Brother Would An Army Butten Tank,An Army West Jet Plane,Lots Of Army Men Or If You Think He Have Been Good Enough This Year Maybe You Could Save Me One Of Those Bigg T-Rexs That It Loves To Be Scartch H Every Were He Makes Noise Please And Thank You.. P.S. Please Can You Get What My Sister Wants For Chirstmas.

  341. Ashley

    I love Santa more than everthing but I what a puppy.


  342. lala

    I may be in my teens but santa i stell belive and i realy helped nana and been nice only 3 things i want my mom 2 get better my famly 2 be :-) and a ipod touch

  343. abbie

    i love you i want to wish you a happy new year

  344. cami

    hey Santa can you bring me a reborn Lanie and a rottweiler puppy mealy says hi she is a rottweiler German Shepard mix

  345. jacie

    Dearest Santa Claus,

    Thank you for all the toys and other things u brought for me. I have enjoyed them much.

    Your Friend,

  346. Rylan

    Dear Santa,

    Thank you for all the toys, I really enjoyed and loved them much. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

    Love your bff


  347. cianna

    can you send me a pitcher of santa Claus and mrs. claus, i would also like a picture of the elves and reindeer

    Thank You

  348. Riley

    Dear santa,
    There was an uggs shoe box under my tree this morning and there was only one shoe in it!
    I wanted to know if you knew what happened to it?
    email me back if you know but if you dont just say you dont.

  349. light

    I still belive in you santa

  350. Anderson

    Thank u 4 all my toys.

  351. Hannah

    Thank u 4 all my gifts.I hope u have a good sleep.Also Happy New Year!!!!

    Your BFF,

  352. Letu pham

    I miss you


  353. klaudia

    i just put on the envelope north pole and then father christmas and gess what he answered me back but thats becouse ive put my adress and my name

  354. jack

    thank you for the air hogs hawkeye i have enjoyed very much but it runs out of battreis fast


  355. lacey

    hi because i broke up with my boyfreind i was wondering if you could search one from your nice list pretty prettttty pleeeeeese

  356. Leslie Ann

    hi my Name is Leslie Ann

  357. Elizabeth

    I love you alot you are so nice to everyone i want to give you a presant to.

  358. noel

    can i talk to genaveve my elf!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. samantha

    hi santa it is me

  360. Éabha

    hi santa i wish i had compurter
    i got to say how can go down the chinme

  361. caitlin

    thank you for all of the things i wish u a marry christmas and a happ new yaer can i be a elf hope my elf is heley

  362. Ashvinder

    i like you santa you are the best do you like crumpets

  363. eric

    wates your phone number.

  364. Hiba


  365. Kashika

    Dear Santa,

    Thanks for the toys!But next year, can you just give me a NintendoDSI?

  366. Kashika

    Your friend,

  367. diana

    do u have any kids cou;d you send me alot of persents on christmas day

  368. ari

    i belive =)

  369. colby

    santa i havnt seen your # yet and i thank you for the presents could you please tell me your#

  370. alexandra

    it’s me Alexandra how are you doing today i hep you are not eating too much well see you later on christmas eve

    your good friend,

  371. aaheliya

    hi santa i am a girl and i am 8 years old and i love you

  372. Jessica

    Thank You for all of my Christmas Presents. They were the coolest ever. I hope you can bring me even better presents next year. Please and Thank You.
    -Jessica Smith

  373. savannah

    i hpe you are reading this. wath is youradress

  374. luigi

    ciao babbo natale sono luigi volevo conoscerti

  375. luigi

    perfavore puoi parlare italiano

  376. Maria

    how is your day been and I love you very much and I missed you very much love Maria

  377. victoria

    thank you for all you gave me.

  378. madison


  379. katie

    dear Santa, Is it busy around the work shop today?

  380. katie

    dear Santa, can i speak with Prancer for a minute?

  381. kaitlyn


  382. brittany

    i love you very much in my heart

  383. Daisy

    Hey i want a real kitty. I love this blog.

  384. emma

    thankyou very much :) hope you have a nice holidays

  385. Hannah

    so tell me how many elf got their ton stuck on the frozzen pole?, and tell me how old you are?

  386. hayden

    I love Santa

  387. tiffany

    hi santa i love you so much

  388. Chloe

    it me again I really love your blog it even better than everyone so keep up the good work.

  389. Simone

    if some kids are naughty what do you do?

  390. Alexis

    Hi i want a ipod touch for Christmas

  391. Alexis

    I realy help my Famialy alot and the 10 things I want for Christmas are 1.liv doll 2.Ipad 3.Ipod touch 4.real puppy 5.Lap top 6.A trip to Flordia 7.Lemondade Mouth movie 8.Shapays Fablous adventure 9.Hair bows 10.Clothes!!!!Love you!Bye <3 u ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. Zach

    Hi I want a teddy bear

  393. devon

    my name is devon. i want a elf on a shelf

  394. marisa

    I am 18 and i still believe in and love you santa.

  395. emily

    I know it is no where near Christmas, but I just can’t wait! Some day I wish to visit you in the north pole, but I am just fine with getting presents from you and occasionally a letter too!
    Best wishes to you, your elves and of course your reindeer from

  396. elizabeth


  397. charley

    its me im sooooooooooo excited are you? all i want to do is make my family happy.

  398. sophie

    great website and go on email santa cause he wrote back to me and normally santa dosn’t right back cause he’s got too much to do so just reccomending that website to you thanks

  399. sophie

    hi santa

  400. mouse

    Can you please get me a GIRL PUPPY??? Please tell me yes or no.


  401. Ella

    Dear santa, I am always gonna believe. So can you bring me an 32GB ipodtouch with a flower skin? PLEASE! I am 8 Years old. thank you!

  402. bella

    I relly love your name. and yor elvs are relly good toy makers you are relly kind and hamsome and you are splended.

    love frome bella couldridg

  403. MARIAH


  404. justin

    What is your e-mail

  405. Jariah

    Dear Santa Thanks for all those wonderful toys this year see you soon love your friend jariah

  406. pop

    hi santa i want a dog

  407. Caroline


  408. adie

    yesterday I lost my purse,I put it in my pocket,but when I looked I couldn’t find it. I went to lost property and they said they didn’t have it.

  409. steven

    can my elf on the shelf come to my house today love, steven

  410. andy

    hi im andy how are you

  411. keyara senaratne


  412. derrick alderman

    i want a lane frost belt buckel and a cd of 8 secounds soundtrack

  413. michael

    can i meet you?

  414. cathryn


  415. stephanie

    i love you so much. thank you for eveything

  416. amy

    hi i this year i will put a photo in my card for you
    from your very best friend amy

  417. lucas

    hi its lucas i like you all of you and i like too see your elfs its a good thing to seand you a meshich how are you and how is all of the reders

  418. grace

    dear santa it is grace olovich i really want to call you so can i have your number

  419. aaron

    can i get a gocart

  420. Donna

    Dear Santa,
    I am not a child but I have always had a “child like” spirit. I also have always believed in you. I am so glad you have a website so children can keep in touch. It gives me such a warm feeling knowing that you extend such a kindness all year long. I always look forward to Holiday time, I have a God son and his family that I share my love of Christmas with. He enjoys hearing when you will be coming. I also help out the elves a little I know you don’t mind. I know you are getting ready and have a lot of work to do. Hope you had a nice vacation and are rested up for the Big Night! Thank you again for all you do. See you soon.
    A true believer (I love your website by the way)

  421. megan

    santa your best

  422. Christopher

    Thank you for last year Santa, and I hope you are having a gr8 time at the North Pole!

  423. serena

    dear santa claus thank you that you there when i was a litte girl thank you and 17 and alawys bevile in you

  424. aleecia

    santa can you give me a hamster and the sipplies email me my self @ my email you know..

  425. kayla

    dear santa thank you for all of my presents especislly the teddy bear, your website rocks

  426. aidan

    i think talking to you in person would be the safest way your bff aidan

  427. klarissa

    dear santa,

    i wish i could give you a present too. You bring be lots of presents every year.you are so cool i wish i could come to the north pole to visit you.I think i got christmas fever!!!

  428. Avery

    SantaIi really really want a ipad and a ipod I really want both of them and I will email you want I really really want and this is0 some of them.

  429. megan

    to dearest santaclaus
    I have enjoied the christmas toys you have already brought me but I so want you to bring me these things this year 1.a baby born girl doll 2.a baby born boy doll 3.accssesories for my babys.

  430. viviana

    please come to my house this year i really want what i love i begg you on my knees pleaaaaa aase i love you so much

  431. charity

    Hoping For that IPOD TOUCH!!!!!


  432. olivia

    I love the things you give me every year!

  433. zoe

    I can’t wait till christmas this year!
    You are the best!

  434. Jaismeen

    this is the first year i’m emailing u my wish list because i didnt know about before i was 10 years old. so i hope to get wonderful presents from you, i know that i will get wonderful presents because you are very generous.

  435. shauna

    im happy its sunday and only 62 sleeps lfet till chrismas well the days are going soo fast and my mom said doun’t forget my dog toys for my dog

  436. kelsey

    just saying hi! am i on the nist list? say thanks to the elves, reindeer, mrs.claus, all the arctic animals that prtect your magic portal, and of course you santa!

    have a merry Christmas!!!!


  437. sarah

    i watch videos on youtube and play games

  438. heather

    hi santa
    love u soo much
    thanx for helping my mum and step dad get me a ds i xl
    love ur BFF

  439. heather

    your address is

    #1,Rudolph Way
    SAN TA1

    thats true santa told me on a email promise pinkie swear love santas bff heather

  440. logan

    hiiiiii Santa!!! I am so glad I found a way to Contact U! i really have always believed in you and whenever I doubted You, I believed about 1 minute after again! U R AMAZIN’

    Your BESTIE-
    logan B-)

  441. brinley

    dear santa clus i really want to call you

  442. olivia and giovana

    hi i what to know what your number is

  443. Amy

    hi santa you told me to post on your blog and of course i will let you know how me and my kitten get on if i get one, i have spoken to my family and they said they really want a kitten to we have came up with two names, 1- kai and 2- kiki my sister made them up, if you do get me and my sister a kitten then we will be very greatful and dont worry if the elvs dont make enough laptops i will save up so i can keep in touch with you, love you santa <3 xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

  444. alexis

    I make sure i dont put any personal enformason and ask a grown-up before going onto the computer

  445. Bradley


    I really would like if this time you get me what I want and not a airplane unless I ask for one because last year l asked for a air hogs vectron wave but instead you got me a toy airplane.

  446. Pria

    i love u santa…

  447. Gina

    santa please tell me your email i love talking to you all the time. your the greatest person in the world. i love you very much and bye. :) :) :) :)

  448. megan

    “What is Santa Claus’ phone number?”

  449. Donavan

    Donavan has been very bad this year. He just choked me and I don’t think he needs any presents this year. Maybe one or two but that’s it!!! And if you could see how long his list is, you would wonder why he wants somuch since he hasn’t been good. I will keep you posted but as of right now I wouldn’t get him anything until he shows he can be good because he just choked me again

  450. taniya

    I hope u read my email I sent you and I hope u bring me something this christmas because ever since i came here i never got a gift from u.merry christmas

    P.S.Ihope u come

  451. ezekiel

    what is your favorite color am i on the nice list cani have a pic of you and your elev’s some of my frinds dont beleve in you how cani get them to what is the recipe fo rain deer food what iis a recipe for mrs. clause cookies

  452. Rafael

    I hope you can get evreything done before
    Cristmas. I also hope the Rudolph’s nose is very very shiny.

  453. andrew

    i love santa

  454. angela

    i rell like this wedsit because there is alot of fun stiff to do

  455. javianna

    i love you a nd like you and i really want a lot of stuff for christmas it means so muchh to me and it will bring me jolly spirit to but if you dont have enough room i understand..:(…if you do :) i love you

  456. Hailey

    My Dad And Mom Have your Number But They Won’t Tell Me..!1 ):

  457. Lesly

    I want i puppy for christmas bcaus my dog died in thanksgiving 2010 :(

  458. Victoria

    Dear Santa,
    You are amazing!!! Do you remember when I was little, how I sent you a letter, and all it said was “I love you!”? I think that every child in the world should send you one gift for all the gifts you give, at the very least! This Christmas, I would really appreciate the Tokidoki Unicorno series. And a pony (just kidding!). I’ve always wanted one though. I jumped and cantered bareback today! Love, Victoria and her kittens, Puff and Indy

  459. Lindsey

    Dear Jolly Old Santa,

    whats your favorite color? whats your favorite animal? how many elves do you have? do you like dogs? do you have a dog? whats your favorite toy? hows mrs.claus? will you tell clumsy the elf to stop being so clumsy for me? am i on the good or bad list? am i your friend? whats your favorite part of chrismas? how can you survive the cold at the north pole? well bye

    Your Friend,

    Lindsey G.

  460. Summer

    ur amazing and i cant wait until christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. Melissa

    Dear Santa,
    I’m VERY happy I found this website! Kids say that I’m old enough now to stop beleiving in you. But I won’t. I remember last year where I live it snowed, and you and the Reighndear left snow- prints leading from my yard to my grandparent’s house! It was the neatest thing ever! I LOVE YA SANTA!

  462. layla

    Dear santa I will always believe in you because you always bring me presents and you always eat all cookies on the plate I made my self.

  463. aaliyah price

    pleas can i see your pone number because i never sowed you befor.

  464. megan

    can you send a video of you to me?
    for chismas can you send a dog to me i been asking forever. a real dog from megan kiecker. am i on the good list or the bad?

  465. aaliyah price

    i am very happy intil its christmas.

  466. mikayla

    my bff left me for reanna and it has been absoultly terrible! nobody likes me now! tell me what to do.


    dear santa you are a great man and i believe in christmas because it is the birth of jesus christ and it is a time for family and friends and not just for gifts


    if you could see your way i would love to have a skate board soccer cleats and basketball goal a basket ball and a cell phone your friend franklin joe browning


    i forot to tell you i live in a trailer merry christmas

  470. CHLOE


  471. jacob

    i love you

  472. Katlin (KK) :D

    Heeey can I take a peek at the nicee list cuz i really do want to see if i m on it and R U THE COOKIE MONSTER !!!

  473. viviana

    hi are you real

  474. Brina

    yes it is because if you give them your phone number then everyone will call you!


    my name is franklin joe browning iam 10 years old the wish i made is to see your reindeers but i dont get to i guess you are to busy to come to my house your friend franklin joe browning


    i know two cousins i was hopeng you could also visit chesa and chayla


    christmas isnt about presents its about family and friends and the birth of jesus


    dear santa merry christmas love your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa iwill put out some reats for you and the reindeers


    dear santa merry christmas to all around the world your friend franklin joe browning and i promise to help my mom and my randmother all the time


    dear santa i know you are very busy but if you could please stop over at my house i hope to see you on christmas eve night your friend franklin joe browning and i believe in the north pole magic i wish i could visit there your friend franklin joe browning

  482. mateo

    dear santa clus i whant for chrismar is a glass ring for my grilfrinder, books games playstashin3 spiderman time of eager the games a xbox 360 spiderman eager of time and batman the silem the game and a hunt gsme to pluch in my tv and new shoos and closer

  483. mateo

    love you

  484. mateo


  485. Declan

    I think emailing you and sending u a letteer is the best way to contact u


    dear santa i wish i could meet your reindeers especially rudolph your friend franklin joe browning


    dear santa does rudolph really have a shiny nose like in the movie rudoph the red nose reindeer your friend franklin joe browning


    i know you are busy but does the magic work on the reigndeers to make them fly your friend franklin joe browning


    i love you from franklin joe browning


    iam a big fan your friend franklin joe browning



  492. David Taylor

    Hi, this is David taylor.
    I do Belveive an Santa Claus ms Claus
    and the Reindeer also the elf’s ann the North Pole The I want is Thi Ghost With Patrick Swaze and demi Moore & Whoopi Goldberg
    one more is this Howdy Doody with Buffalo Bob happy Christmas And happy new year I am a very good boy this monthbye David Taylor

  493. bethany

    this is not about that but do you live forever

  494. tashia

    if my elf dont move does that mean its busy because i was going to ask if daisy henry marco and julie could stay with me for christmas and for elf day elf day is at school and you wear pjs have hot coco play with elfs read books about elfs. i promis promis promis promis promis promis i will take gooooooodddddd care of them please right back

  495. ari

    you’re the best

  496. ari


  497. Samantha

    I think that it is better to email you because if you gave someone you r adress then they could track you down and that wouldn’t be good.

  498. takylia

    hallo santa calus i want justin biber toys and booty and colther and shoes and lap top and bag

  499. takylia

    justin biber onstange play set and justin biber concert kit and sweet nothing-get the skinny shapewear leggings style 82455 miss tina-womens long ruched leggings womens graphin tee thing u so much i love u santa

  500. faith noel mcaleer

    you rock awesome i love christmas

  501. keeley


  502. Maria

    dear Santa how are you and Santa I love you very much and Santa I missed you very much love Maria

  503. clair

    I whish I could meet you!!!

  504. TRISSA


  505. c.t

    u need to create a private facebook santa

    I have one! My FB account is emailSanta.com! – Santa

  506. payton

    I want to know santa’s phone number he will not let me have it

  507. RIDA

    please tell me how do you get in the houses at christmas if they don’t have a chimney

  508. erin

    santa i would love a golden retriever puppy for christmas

  509. Anna

    Dear Santa,
    How are you Santa? Do you know I am so exited that I think my head is going to expoled!.You,the elves,Mrs.Claus and everyone else in the North Pole are so great making those toys. Thank you very much for everything.I love you lots like jelly tots. Merry Christmas and warmest wishes love from Anna

  510. Daniel

    I don’t know because i would need to try it to say it and plus it probly won’t be free

  511. tamie

    i what reborn baby boy and car seat for christmas

  512. Aimee

    I wish i could call you.. plzzzzzzzzzz tell me your phone number because my firend got a cool from the north pole so i thort that it would me a good idea if i got your phone number <3

  513. aruna

    Hi hope u busy for Christmas merry christmas to you and I wish for a scrapbooking kit as my present
    Ho ho ho.

  514. olivia

    ho! Ho! Ho! Our chismas tree is not that nice so pleas make it nice and don’t forget my presents its a screen touch phone a lap top a tiara ear phone and an I phone and don’t forget my young nicole her princess dress bye santa ho! Ho! Ho!

  515. sheldon.


  516. Serena

    hi!my name is Serena and I’m grateful for all you have given me.For Christmas I would like to be happy Iam 10 years old I would also like an ipod touch, nook, an elf on a

  517. Khody

    howve you been.

  518. Khody

    what i want for christmas is a legos set becuse i would like it becuse im doing bilding for fair and i need someithis for fair.and aome snow a lot of snow and pleas leve me a leter for what i have been bad for and if i was good still send me one pleaseget this as soon as you can

  519. Benjamin

    Dear Santa,For Chistmas I want A remote control plane,pokemon Gold,Ruby,sapphire,emerald,Blue,Leaf green,fire red,Platinum A military suit size 10/12 A GAMEBOY color and K’nex.

  520. leann

    i love you

  521. serena

    ilove you. I relly miss mr.jingles. can you have him to sent a email back please
    and thankyou

  522. katie

    this is wierd

  523. Marquel

    Hi! marquel I’m nice

  524. Ryen

    Hi thank u for reading my letter I’m going into middle school and most people think u are not real bug I know u are. I cant wait for Christmas its my favotite holiday is it yours to?.you’ll be getting a lot more emails from me so byd

  525. blakley

    I love you

  526. chazlynn

    Am I an elf?I would love tobe an elf.

  527. satheesh kumar


  528. amelia


  529. katrina


  530. Melonie

    Hello Santa i want a elf on the shelf before Christmas but i do not know how to get it with out paying for it

  531. joseph

    its me Joseph said call me

  532. paris little

    Dear Santa,what i want for CHristmas is a dsixl,a iphone5,and i want a kurio as in mini tablet,last and not far an baby alive that walk and allyour people at north pole a very merry christmas and a happy nmew year and one more thing i really want to visit the north pole sincerly paris

  533. paris little

    dear santa,I also want it to snow by next week it is u and god descion dont know how to spell it so please im depending on all the elves and also you……..

  534. Haley

    Dear Santa I really need to tell you that me and my family will not be home for Christmas this year.will you fly to castle rock for Christmas by the way have a holly jolly Christmas and a happy new year.

  535. Keylin

    Dear santa for christmas i want a bike a Big chocolate cake .

  536. Keylin

    Kiero una computadora



  538. caoimhe


  539. jesse


  540. calista

    hi i want a ipad a phone camrea a stufft animal and othier stuff

  541. Rhiannon

    Hi I would like to be a elf and work and be very nice

  542. Carley

    Santa this is Carley fetters I live in silver spring md Wht is your cell to call u Christmas eve on your sligh

  543. susan

    santa i sent you a letter with the name susan opoku mensah.santa i leave in ghana so you have to come to ghana to give me my gifts.

  544. Dia

    Santa this year I want Blackhawks tickets. And I also want a puppy golden retriever. I would also like a malifacent dolls. And I would love to be one of the Christmas Elfs. Am I on the naughty or nice list. Me and my sisters would love to know. And the doggy should be a girl. But make sure she likes other dogs please.

  545. Ainsley

    I need help I want a cure please



  547. jonathan

    am i on the naughty list?

  548. callie


  549. Kirsty loves santa

    hey santa what is your email and phone number?.

  550. lebo

    hi santa please buy me a phone

  551. Robert phibben

    I santa can i call you please

  552. Junett

    Dear Santa hi I would like to let u now that I would like to have a muics CD and a move DVD plus make up

  553. drew fontannaz

    christmas tree style with standing night {home address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} sincerley drew fontannaz i am 21 year old

  554. akoria

    Hey stanta your the nice person on earth.So what my sistr really want is doc ms stuff in table and chair.

  555. Indiana

    Hi how are you I’m good have a mery chrismas and a happy new year!

  556. Lizzy

    Hi! How are you?

  557. Eli

    I hope I get to talk to you on the phone on day

  558. KRISTEN


  559. KRISTEN


  560. trey clements

    i want a dirt bike and ps4 and airsoft gun glock 18 and iphone 5c and ps4 and more ps3 games and more guns and xbox 360 and everything

  561. KRISTEN


  562. chelsea

    Hi santa I really want a samsung galaxy 5
    And a puppy that is a girl please

  563. bobbi

    Hi Santa Claus what’s up with you tell everyone at the north pole i say hi Bobbi

  564. KRISTEN


  565. ava

    I will leave you carots for the reindeer on Christmas eve

  566. Afra

    Hi Santa I just want your phone number that’s all

    Merry Christmas

  567. Gabby

    Hi santa it’s gabby and I would love to talk to you about what I would want since we don’t have Jordan I would love to get another dog for Christmas or just another animal this year we will leave carrots for the reindeer and cookies and milk for you santa!!! I hope I can see u again how I did last year I was wondering if u want your feather back and thanks do much for everything the letter, and family games and all the presents.

    Love gabby

  568. Braden

    Dear Santa,
    I want a toy Christmas tree.My sister wants a dall.


  569. Alexa


  570. KRISTEN


  571. Maddi

    Merry Christmas Santa!!!

  572. Maddi

    I want an iPhone 5c for Christmas and I also want beats for Christmas thanks Santa I had fun talking to you

  573. Paris

    Dear Santa I want a puppy and my brother vinny wants a power wheels and my baby brother wants a dancing Mickey my brother santino wants alot of hot wheels cars and my sister wants a purse and mom wants a new marsadies ven Honda race car

  574. Maria

    hi how are you at the north pole i say hi and please don’t bring me a dog

  575. Kerry

    For cristmas I would like a new scooter and some new shoes and a new game for my will

  576. callum

    He santa i rilly want you to call me and my famliy becasue i mss you and i hope that u will come to my house before christmas to see me and my famliy plzz thankyou andi want u to get for me plzz for chrsitmas a tablet and some other little things i dont mind what i get this year alsong as you come to seee me before end of christmas thankyou so much sant i rilly miss you and ill see you before christmas ends bye santaxxx

  577. coree

    I would like Rayman origins for my ps3,Kirby returns to dreamland for my Wii u…and a sonic teddy and sonic game…and few surprises please..as I have been a very good boy this year and will remain too be

  578. sonya

    Dear santa Claus i am good this year

  579. Isaiah

    hi elves and santa how are you doing

  580. Isaiah

    peace santa!!!

  581. peter

    hello santa i want 2 met u on xmas night

  582. chadschneider

    Oh oh oh merry christmas


  583. Kaylee

    Hi Santa what is your phone number and can you send a photo

  584. Liam


  585. Makayla

    Thank you santa can I have a I phone 6 love makayla

  586. Jayla

    Dear Santa Claus and elvs,

    I would like if one of you could me by {phone number deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}

  587. Tess

    Hi my name is Tess Joyce I have been a good girl I was wondering i Could call u or u text or email me. I want this Christmas is, 1. A big stuffed Olaf 3. Point ballet shoes 3. Beam 4. Drums 5.games 6. Bowling ball 7. Bow and arrow 8 an something I remember my elf Alvin and his reindeer because I miss him. Love u sant clause.

  588. Tess

    Hope u got my other email for what I want. I have been good

  589. Charlie

    I love you and would love an I phone 5 c blue for Christmas and can I have a photo of you please and you are an amazing person so can I have an idea from Asda as a Christmas card for my girlfriend please and I am 10 years old love you Charlie ccccxxxxx

  590. Ryan

    For Christmas I would like a I pod touch 4 & earbuds. If I had to choose one I would choose the I pod 4 touch! I already sent you two letters, but this is what I really want!


  591. Ava

    Can Buster and Ellie and Gracie May com back Wendsday morning.Please

  592. Anonymous


  593. Jarvis

    Hi my name is Jarvis and the only thing I want for Christmas is a xbox one and a photo of you and a signature on the photo. I try to be good with my step sibling but one of my siblings keeps hanging out with my cousins and I don’t have time to hang out with my cousins and all 3 of my step siblings get on my nerves. I hope I’m hope I’m on the good list. I will leave you cookies and milk. Have a great Christmas.

  594. Savannah

    Santa please come to my house

  595. Katherine

    Dear Santa,
    For christmas this year I would love an ivivva gift card or clothes from ivivva. I know I keep saying “shut up” to my brother but it’s hard when your siblings are annoying. I hope I’m still on the nice list and if not, I’ll try harder.

  596. Katherine

    Forgot to add this to first comment but,
    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! for the turquoise blue Everest Dance Bag and saphire blue pocket knife last year!

  597. Ashlie

    I love you santa you are the best I am 9 years old my birthday is15 of June for Christmas I want elsa shoes and Anna boots they are so cool and every thing of horrid henry from Ashlie

  598. Gavin

    Dear Santa
    Hi so I have a elf now so that’s good and I hope you send me a whole bunch of presents so thank you ps. By bye I hope to see you soon

  599. Nash

    I would like a sewing machine chrome book owl duck tape x10

  600. for Aaron n adam

    They are very bad. They want bag of cold

  601. Rebecca

    Hey Santa i love you can i have make -up the movie.frozen

  602. lydiadebernardo

    i really want a ds lite and nike elite high quarterbball socks

  603. madelynn

    dear santa i really want a ipod or a americam girl doll for chistmas so can you get me one i have asked my mom if we can look at them when we go to wamat because i want to see which one i want and i really want the ballareana one and some close to go ewiht it and i want to no your phone nummber ok merry chistmas santaclaus hope you have a good chistmas and tell my elf frosty merry chistmas see him when he comes. i love you santa call me when you get time and tell me if i enn good or bad ok and reece smith toch amber smith elf on the shelf on decemer tuesday the 2 merry chistmas santaciaus,

  604. Bridget

    Can you call me {phone number deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip!}

  605. Lamar

    I want a brand new yamaha alto sax yas-280s silver. I want a n yamaha custom yss-82z professional soprano sax straight neck silver plated.

  606. ARIANA


  607. taylor

    dear santa how are you? may i have a iphone and a trampline.

  608. Jennalynn

    Hi santa my name is jennalynn I would like a bunch of gum and clothes for cristmas

  609. Jasmine

    Dear Mrs.claus hope you talk to me Mrs claus and i am so glad if you talk to me and i hpe you do too.

  610. Molly

    Dear Santa And Elves,
    Hello I have a elf on the shelf named Jingle Bell Shackle.I live in Jackson Ohio and we recently moved from Canton Ohio.Do you know Tinsele my class elf?I should go BYE!!!

  611. Kylee

    I don’t know what I want for Christmas.

  612. Asia

    Dear Santa I wanted to know if I could have a Laptop and a set of beef headphones.

  613. Roslynn

    Merry Christmas Santa love from Roslynn

  614. Jordyn j

    Dear Santa I would like a iPhone 6 and a ever after high doll

  615. maribel

    Dear Santa clause I will want a iPad mini 3 and a i
    phone 5s plz hope you have a great Christmas and the elfs oh and Mrs.clause

  616. regginay

    Santa I want a iPhone 6 and a ipad and a kid car and a new car for my mom and I will leave you SME cookies and milk love you Santa you are the best you make me happy so much and we all love you in are heart so much

  617. regginay

    Santa I want a iPad and a kid car and a new phone and I love you in my heart so much your the best I ever had.

  618. tykota

    am i nice

  619. Morgan cote

    I want a amaracan girl doll (

  620. alyssa

    what is your phone number

  621. regginay

    Santa I want a iPad and a computer and a iPod and iPhone thank you Santa I love you in my heart so much your the best Santa in my heart love you

  622. samantha

    Dear santa I would love a laptop and a digital camera thanks lots of love

  623. cody

    Santa I would love some learning toys for Christmas thanks love u bunches

  624. Elsa

    Dear Santa. I do not know if my letter has made it. (Remember what happened with monet and May’s letters!?) but again I am asking for the precious chihuahua, Lola. I promise on my honor to give her THE BEST life a small dog could have. She would never be alone when she rode in my mom’s car as a therapy dog. She will get used to her harness (and maybe a nurse outfit! Get it?). And I am sure my naughty cats will get used to her! Also beware of Cinder’s needle claws and teeth on Christmas Eve! Ow! Send mrs Claus or an elf to fetch her so you won’t have to go. Merry Christmas!
    From Elsa.


    I want kim taehyung

  626. Josh and Emily

    Dear Santa,

    My name is Joshua and I am 8 1/2 years old. I have been a good kid this year and I would like Stomp and Chomp Grimlock, 1st edition Optimus Prime, high octane bumble bee, and all 6 of the guardian of the galaxy figures.

    My name is Emily and I am 4 1/2 years old. I have been pretty good this year and I would like a Frozen bike, Frozen mirror, Frozen make up, frozen clothes and shoes.

    Thank you we love you Santa,

    Josh and Emily

  627. jacob

    i really want a RC truck and a nitendo 64 with the game pokemon stadium.

  628. jacob

    i love kittens

  629. Ava

    Hi,my name is Ava Wallace have I been naughty?Please write me back and if I have been good please bring me any of these presents zoomer the dog please be a girl,a bike that’s pink and blue,a computer,or a phone.Thanks have a great day and year and please give some thing to my brother Liam Lucus he wants Thomas trains.Tell Santa,Mrs.claus and the ogee elves that I said hi and I made a ordement that has a christmas wish in it.And please make my little brother Liam not sick because last year me ,my mom,and Liam got sick on christmas it was horrible.Well thanks for your time bye and remember this is from Ava Marie Wallace.Bye

  630. regginay

    I want a iPhone and a iPad and a

  631. jacob

    I want a iPhone 3 or 4 please merry Christmas

  632. Andrea

    Dear Santa
    I have been good all year and what I want for Christmas is below
    iPhone 6
    Lots of Play dough
    Lots of nerf guns and bullits
    Office supplies
    A T.V for my room
    2 American dolls the names are macenna and isabell
    Doll acsseries
    2 Neon Fish with neon tank that glows in the dark
    I want a SNOWY Christmas not a Wet Rain Christmas
    I love you and every one else at the North Pole


  633. Andrea


  634. Chloe

    Dear santa ,
    For Christmas i want a
    Ps vita
    Nerf guns
    Baibie suff
    That all i want

    Love ,chloe

  635. Deangelo

    Dear, santa
    For Christmas i want a
    Nerf guns
    Football kickstand
    Wwe men

    Love, deanglo

  636. Elsie owusu

    Dear Santa I want orbeez,lalaloopsy baking oven,my password journal. I live in Cameron,nc

  637. sharlotte

    am i on good list

  638. Madison

    Santa I love dogs if you can try give me one if not I would like things from justice and converses I ❤️ U merry christmas

  639. Ciara

    Dear santy clause I’ve been very good this year unlike the grinch
    Please tell your elves to make me a very nice wooden word robe for an 18inch doll and a wooden bicycle and please get me a dog I’ve always wanted one thank you Ciara
    Ps.say hello to dasher and dancer and mrs.clause and please when Ollie oliver visits every night tell me what he says

  640. Isabella.Vassallo

    what your number santa please give to austraila nsw please by Isabella Vassallo

  641. Austin

    Dear Santa. I want a iPad

  642. Allyson

    For christmas i want a trampaline and books such as the baby sitters club

  643. Tina

    hi my elf is not moving at all can you help me?? please

  644. Tina

    all I want for Christmas is a
    iPhone 6

  645. brandy

    brandy like those shoes that are called supras tablet and some 1D tickets love u brandy

  646. Mia

    Dear Santa,
    all I am wanting for Christmas is sands alive, demi lovato cd, A NEW computer and my dad to get better!

    Merry Christmas,
    Mia Camp

  647. fireball

    I have been really good this year and I would like a 2015 corvette, if you can’t get that for me, then I want a 2015 dodge challenger (HELLCAT) You know the ones with 707hp.

  648. Frances


  649. Aiden Bacon

    I would like you to send me your phone number.

  650. Yashveer

    I got your letter in my post thank you for the letter

  651. aimee

    Love you Santa

  652. Lundyn

    I need to ask you a couple of questions so can you email me and I wil email you back

  653. Jams


  654. miranda

    Santa this is Miranda can i have an iPhone 4


    I HAVE BEEN GOOD THIS YEAR and I AM not sure if this is what

  656. ivy

    hi Santa can you please call me on my moms phone today or tomormo

  657. ivy

    Santa i would like an ipod for chirsmas

  658. ivy

    Santa you are awsome

  659. Vinny

    Hey Santa!!

  660. Monte

    hi santa


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