Christmas Squid Tubes & Tentacles

Posted by Santa Claus on December 16th, 2010

Mrs. Claus likes to try all kinds of new food.  And I like to bring her back fun things to cook with.  Last time I brought her back some squid tubes and tentacles from Italy.

Would you like to hear a funny story about the squid tubes and tentacles?

Well, Clumsy the Elf was walking by Mrs. Claus kitchen.  He smelled something yummy.  “Mrs. Claus, are you making some fancy new treats?” asked Clumsy.  “Why yes, I am.  Would you like to try some?” asked Mrs. Claus.  Clumsy was a bit hungry so he said, “Yes, please!”

Mrs. Claus put a fresh plate of squid tubes and tentacles in front of him.  Clumsy looked at the plate.  He was not too sure any more if he wanted them.  But, he did not want to hurt Mrs. Claus’ feelings so he did not say anything.

Then he took a little bite of a squid tentacle.  After all, you never know if something tastes good until you try it!  Sshloop!  The squid tentacle stuck to his tongue.  He did not like that!  He tried to get it unstuck but… Sshloop!  … another squid tentacle stuck to his tongue!  He grabbed a candy cane.  It was just the right tool.  It popped those squid tentacles right off.

After that, he really did not want any more.  But he did not want to hurt Mrs. Claus’ feelings either.  So he tried to hide all the squid tubes and tentacles.  He could not find a good hiding spot for them.  Then he heard Mrs. Claus coming.  Yikes!  He panicked.  He threw the squid tubes and tentacles into the air.   The tentacles went “Sshloop!” again and stuck to the ceiling.

Mrs. Claus came back in.  “Oh Clumsy, you ate it all up!  Here’s some more!” she said.  She gave Clumsy another big plate of squid tubes and tentacles.  “Yuk!” thought Clumsy, but he smiled at Mrs. Claus.

He pretended to put a piece in his mouth every time Mrs. Claus looked.  Of course, Sshloop!, every time a tentacle grabbed his tongue then Clumsy would have to fight with it to get it off .

Mrs. Claus came back with a big smile.  “You sure seem to like my cooking today!  I made you some special squid tube and tentacle ice cream!”

Clumsy could not handle it any longer.  “I don’t like squid tubes and tentacles!  I am sorry!” he wailed.    “I did not want to upset you.”

Mrs. Claus stopped.  She did not say anything for a second.  Then she saw the squid tubes Clumsy had put on the ceiling.  She laughed aloud.

“Clumsy, you should have told me right away!  It was very nice of you to think of my feelings but you can always tell the truth.  It is OK if you do not like them.  I am just glad you tried them.”  And that is when all the squid tubes and tentacles fell off the ceiling and landed right on top of Clumsy.  Sshloop! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think you would like squid tubes and tentacles?  Leave a message to tell me what things you do not like to eat.  Or, scroll down to see what things other people think are yucky!


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  1. 110
    My friend Georgia maguire said:

    i would

  2. 109
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    NO NO NO I would NOT like the tubes and tentacles!!!!!

  3. 108
    My friend haylie said:

    cant belive santa is now in staten island, i live there!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 107
    My friend haylie said:

    yes!!!!! !!i <3 octopus (not in china, i live in newyork,in the us)

  5. 106
    My friend breann said:

    dear santa
    did ms.claus get hurt by one of the

  6. 105
    My friend JustinBieberLover4Eva! said:

    I love olives, houmous, tuna and mayo sandwiches, toast and butter, chocolate brownie sundae….Okay i might go on a bit because i love lots of foods!! But the foods i HATE are brussel sprouts, bell peppers, blue cheese, smelly cheese, fat….And there’s lots of foods i dont like too! The story was really funny, except for what happened to Clumsy bless him :)

  7. 104
    My friend Joe said:

    I love brussle sprouts but hate salmon yuck

  8. 103
    My friend chrissie said:

    i dont lie ppj

  9. 102
    My friend Anonymous said:

    i hate peanetbutter and i am alerject i am a pikey eater i will try some foods

  10. 101
    My friend Anonymous said:

    i hate peanet butter and i am alorject to it i am a picey eater but some foods i will try


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