Christmas Squid Tubes & Tentacles

likes to try all kinds of new food.  And I like to bring her back fun things to cook with.  Last time I brought her back some squid tubes and tentacles from Italy.

Would you like to hear a funny story about the squid tubes and tentacles?

Well, was walking by Mrs. Claus kitchen.  He smelled something yummy.  “Mrs. Claus, are you making some fancy new treats?” asked Clumsy.  “Why yes, I am.  Would you like to try some?” asked Mrs. Claus.  Clumsy was a bit hungry so he said, “Yes, please!”

Mrs. Claus put a fresh plate of squid tubes and tentacles in front of him.  Clumsy looked at the plate.  He was not too sure any more if he wanted them.  But, he did not want to hurt Mrs. Claus’ feelings so he did not say anything.

Then he took a little bite of a squid tentacle.  After all, you never know if something tastes good until you try it!  Sshloop!  The squid tentacle stuck to his tongue.  He did not like that!  He tried to get it unstuck but… Sshloop!  … another squid tentacle stuck to his tongue!  He grabbed a candy cane.  It was just the right tool.  It popped those squid tentacles right off.

After that, he really did not want any more.  But he did not want to hurt Mrs. Claus’ feelings either.  So he tried to hide all the squid tubes and tentacles.  He could not find a good hiding spot for them.  Then he heard Mrs. Claus coming.  Yikes!  He panicked.  He threw the squid tubes and tentacles into the air.   The tentacles went “Sshloop!” again and stuck to the ceiling.

Mrs. Claus came back in.  “Oh Clumsy, you ate it all up!  Here’s some more!” she said.  She gave Clumsy another big plate of squid tubes and tentacles.  “Yuk!” thought Clumsy, but he smiled at Mrs. Claus.

He pretended to put a piece in his mouth every time Mrs. Claus looked.  Of course, Sshloop!, every time a tentacle grabbed his tongue then Clumsy would have to fight with it to get it off .

Mrs. Claus came back with a big smile.  “You sure seem to like my cooking today!  I made you some special squid tube and tentacle ice cream!”

Clumsy could not handle it any longer.  “I don’t like squid tubes and tentacles!  I am sorry!” he wailed.    “I did not want to upset you.”

Mrs. Claus stopped.  She did not say anything for a second.  Then she saw the squid tubes Clumsy had put on the ceiling.  She laughed aloud.

“Clumsy, you should have told me right away!  It was very nice of you to think of my feelings but you can always tell the truth.  It is OK if you do not like them.  I am just glad you tried them.”  And that is when all the squid tubes and tentacles fell off the ceiling and landed right on top of Clumsy.  Sshloop! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think you would like squid tubes and tentacles?  Leave a message to tell me what things you do not like to eat.  Or, scroll down to see what things other people think are yucky!

111 messages to Santa about “Christmas Squid Tubes & Tentacles”

  1. cant belive santa is now in staten island, i live there!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love olives, houmous, tuna and mayo sandwiches, toast and butter, chocolate brownie sundae….Okay i might go on a bit because i love lots of foods!! But the foods i HATE are brussel sprouts, bell peppers, blue cheese, smelly cheese, fat….And there’s lots of foods i dont like too! The story was really funny, except for what happened to Clumsy bless him :)

  3. i hate peanetbutter and i am alerject i am a pikey eater i will try some foods

  4. i hate peanet butter and i am alorject to it i am a picey eater but some foods i will try

  5. well let’s see squid tubes and tentacles” and sushi peppers hamburgers
    sour apples [ sweet i love ] deer meat turkey meat rabbit meat [ rabbit burgers i like ] and i can not think of the rest ok bye bye santa and the elves

  6. santa are they tasty i have never tried one i am 10 i just had my birthday. i will always believe in you!

  7. i lovelots of food and i have adult taste but i REALLY hate ketchup! yuky i ONLY like it on fast food but my two favourite foods are blue chease and peanut butter i was alowed to id brig peanutbutter to school so i could eat it at brake! love always
    willow 😀

  8. i hate onions they just are to crunchy and well when you cut them they make you cry so i think i will just stay away from them for now until they change witch i guess will be never so iguess i will never eat an onion

  9. Nolan loves squid tubes, but not the tenticles, Carly doesn’t like either. This was a great story cause our grandpa own a seafood shop. Carly doesn’t like eggrolls either.

  10. Hi Santa you are awesome!!!
    I hate goose, duck, brussel sprouts, and
    tentacles and squid tubes. I loved that story it is so funny!!!

  11. i think it was funny that clumsy threw all his squid tubes on the ceiling.i would not like squid tubes.

  12. I don’t really like cooked peppers, but strangely enough, I like them when they are stuffed.

  13. Hey again Santa! Merry Christmas!

    I don’t like to eat spinach, macaroni and cheese, squash and zucchini, butternut squash, and alfredo sauce. That’s it. BUT…I will try them when my parents ask me to. So…don’t put me on your bad list, haha!

    Merry Christmas to you, Santa!!!

  14. Dear Santa,
    I do not like Squid Tubes and Tentacles. But, I loved your story. Thank you for sharing it with me.
    One of things I do not like to eat is mint flavored candy. I also do not like soda, because it tickles my tongue.

  15. Dear Santa,
    I read your letter. I loved your letter. I am glad you liked the coke cola. And I liked your letter.

  16. hey santa claus its me casey the one who sent you the email well i just want say hey to sant clause the elves and reindeer and dont forget mrs claus hohoho merry christmas sant and everybody else and a happy new year

  17. i dont like omlets, they upset my stomache and taste like metal 😛

    Merry christmas only 8 days 😀
    -Bethany| 😀 |

  18. Sorry I didn’t read any of that but just came to remind you to send me a BB Gun for Christmas. Just slide it down my chimney. No biggie.

  19. hey it,s me matthew tremayne these are some things i don,like to eat is chilly and peppers thats all. squid tubes and tentacles saund good. love matthew tremayne

  20. Dear Santa Claus,

    I don’t like seafood, mushrooms, and, I think that is about it. I really am not that picky compared to some of my friends… I bet Mrs. Claus is a great cook! It makes me hungry even thinking about it!

  21. hello santa my name is kennedy i just emailed santa at and santa told me to come here so i did i love santawith all my heart and i always will hope you and all the eleves have a wonderful christmas hahhahahah


  22. dear santa, i would not enjoy squid tubes and tentacles but i would still eat it:)

  23. Hi Mr and Mrs.Claus
    I like many kinds of food but I have never tryed tentacles before now some day I will try it.Have a safe trip around the world.

  24. santa your cool(ps listen to the song pitbul-krazy pps I LIKE GRONNOLA)

  25. i don’t like onions or pickles pickles are too sour and onions are just nastey(ps i think your the best santa)

  26. Dear Santa I think I will like it but the foods that
    I do not like are shrimp and people tell me that it taste like chicken but I will never know until I will try it

  27. I love you Santa, if I had only one wish for Christmass, I would wish that the love you spread would last forever for everyone in the world.

  28. hi Mr. and Mrs. Clause what foods i don’t like are:peppers,and a lot more spicey stuff like that

    p.s i couldn’t think of any thing else

    p.p.s i know i have a ‘LOT’ more food i don’t like :)(:

  29. I don’t like much seafood either but I bet some chocalate pudding could satisfy Clumsy’s hunger PS: I bet Mrs. Clause can make some good pudding!

  30. i hate onions,liver,squid,hotdogs,some kinds of meet,cauiflower,ak ofnd hot peppers thats all i hate im sure i hate more stuff but thats all i cann thin

  31. I don’t like to eat rutabaga. I would not like squid tubes and tentacles or it in ice cream! I like brocolli, but NOT with cheese sauce.

  32. I would’nt mind trying some of that squid tubes and tentacles. I like calamari, sushi, and other seafoods. The only thing i would not consider is combi ning them with christmas cookies! NOW THATS A CRIME! But then again, dont knock it, ’till you try it!

  33. Hi Santa! I like all kinds of food! But one of the things I don’t like are mushrooms. Bye Santa, Mrs.Claus, and the elves! Stay warm!

  34. wow lol that si so so so so so so funny i loved that storry i feel bad for clumsy

  35. I dont think squid is very nice to you either clumsy it tsicks to your tungue! wow yuck!!!
    sorry mrs.clause its the truth

  36. hi i think its cute that about feeling but i dont like a lot of things to tel lyou the turth

  37. hello santa claus and mrs claus and elves very nice blog merry christmas

  38. Dear santa,
    Its me again Leah remember onl;y one christmas a year so enjoy it !!!!!!!!!But merry christmas anyway!!!!!!!!

  39. hi Santa!i hope you are having a wonderful time in the north pole!IT must be very COLD up in the north pole!i hope you get all the presents to everyone!

  40. i don’t like liver and onions or anything with too much onions or syrup!

  41. Yes Santa, I would try them. They kind of sound like calamari. Did you try any Santa & did you like them? I do not like to eat peanut butter or spicy candy except pepermint.

  42. i like all kids of food but i dont think i would like a squad with tentickle how does mrs cluas eat that stuff?
    do you like them and
    what is your email?
    have a good birthday.
    isent christmas your birthday?

  43. I do not like to eat,beef,ham,spinatch, liver and onions, hashbrowns,sasage, ketchup, and relish,and pork.

  44. on the 24 december, me and my family go to a reseront then go to the thereta. i have a sea food pasta with squid legs!they are yummy, but a bit off putting. they are crunchy! and it is a italen resteront1

  45. Dear Santa,

    Did you like the squid tubes and tentacles? DO you name the elves by the way they act like Clumsy. Please answer and tell the elves I said Hi.

  46. I can’t wait till christmas .
    And santa puts all the presents under the tree.
    can you belive it is only 9 sleeps.
    it’s the coldest in 17 years .
    I’m going to watch loads of christmas flims



  48. I Like Sushi and dont like fish fried it makes me sick, santa i like fried tentacles AND NOT TOO KEEN ON Squid but it is nice! Its hot here in cape town! RUZENKA.

  49. Dear:Santa I just was wandring what was you’r name wen you war little? Theeys are some of what I thalt Nicke Santnicck Santaclolls Santa Clolls.\?

  50. Dear:Santa in Richmind it is snowing and the wethrman ses it will get to be 5 feet tall of snow.But as I a magin you get more snow then as becas you live in the Noth pole and I bet you,you get snow evry day.And you woud not mind to tell me if Iam on the noltelist? or not and something els is you woud not mind ethr woud you tell me all you’r raendeers name?By.Alliecat

  51. Dear:Mrss.Clalls my dad loves to cook sens I was 2 yiys old I wod wouch my dad cook or help my dad cook.Well hear is a raspy that I love rety to her I hope so.2 cops flou.1\2 cushouger.1\4th tespoun cinmin.1 egg.2 stiks of butter.Mixs with1\2 cup of cholit then take a icecrem skouper andskoup the douw after mixing on to a traey.P.S add 1\2 tespoun of sallt.By.Alliecat

  52. dear santa thanks for giving me a letter and thanks for telling me that rudolph might go on my wii but tell him not to break it

  53. Dear Santa,
    I can’t wait till you come. You know only nine more days so you better get ready!
    P.S. I am 9 and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio

  54. Great story Santa! I don’t like squid tubes and tentacles but I do like calamari!

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