The Christmas Elves Skating Party

Posted by Santa Claus on December 11th, 2010

Elves love to go skating.  I think it is because they love the hot chocolate that Mrs. Claus always makes for them.  You know, the kind with the fancy imported marshmallows!  Yum!  It always smells and tastes so good after you play outside in the cold.

Would you like to hear about one of the first times the elves had a skating party?

Well, it was a long time ago.  Not too long after Mrs. Claus and I first met the elves.  The elves had never been ice-skating before.  But Mrs. Claus made fancy skates for all the elves.  She put candy cane blades on the bottoms of their pointy little elf shoes.  The elves loved them!

We made sure each elf had a helmet so they would be safe.  Each elf had a little red hat, little red mittens and a little red scarf to stay warm.

Clumsy the Elf was telling all kinds of silly jokes as the elves were getting on the ice.  But when it was his turn to get on, he stopped telling jokes.  “Clumsy”, I asked, “Why did you stop telling silly jokes?”

“Well Santa Claus, I stopped telling jokes because I was afraid the ice might crack up,” laughed Clumsy.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

When Clumsy got on the ice, he slid all the way across.  He was doing really well until he remembered that he did not know how to stop!  SPLAT!  Into the snow bank he went.  When he stuck his head out he looked just like me!  He had snow all over his face so it looked like a long white beard.  He even had a little snowball on top of his little red hat!

But Clumsy wanted to learn how to skate. So he brushed the snow off and got back on the ice.

One leg went this way.  One leg went that way.  One arm was up in the arm and Clumsy’s nose looked like it was touching the ice as he spun about.  Then Clumsy grabbed Frosty the Snowman and they began to dance around.

And that is how figure skating began!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever gone ice-skating?  Do you think it would be funny to see elves skating?   (You can tell me all about skating here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


136 Responses to “The Christmas Elves Skating Party”

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  1. 136
    My friend Kalaysia said:

    I never went skating!!

  2. 135
    My friend vivian said:

    hi santa um just checking the blog out like you aks hugs and kisses p.s.tell the elves and misses claus hugs and kisses and hi

  3. 134
    My friend blair said:


  4. 133
    My friend meaghan said:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can I have a magical gold bell please?It tells if you beliving santa claus.If you can hear it then you beliving santa clau.But if you don’t hear it you don’t beliving santa claus.So santa claus can you get me one?Or ask an elf to make me a magical gold bell.

  5. 132
    My friend Elise said:

    I like love skating my grandpa takes us in the winter it is soooooooooooo fun, I go to the one in mentor oh yah the most important thing MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  6. 131
    My friend valerie said:

    i dont think u r fat

  7. 130
    My friend jade said:

    the elves christmas elves skating party

  8. 129
    My friend patricia said:

    omg i beleve in santa a little but i dont llike the snow lol

  9. 128
    My friend Grace said:

    Hi santa! I love to go ice skating so much! I think if i saw elves skating on the ice i would laugh so hard especially if one fell! Hahahahaha!

  10. 127
    My friend Brady said:

    Sometimes I shoot pucks into the goalie when I am playing hockey and sometimes I don’t.


  12. 126
    My friend megan said:

    wow i’m sure clumbsey and frosey were good but i am bad at ice scating and figure scating and roller scating i had like 1 millon butt cuncushes oh and happy halloween north pole styel

  13. 125
    My friend jess said:

    this is a song i love santer i love santer so much he meens every thing to every time i close my i eys i think fo you

  14. 124
    My friend Amber said:

    I have not been ice skateing but i have been roller skateing before

  15. 123
    My friend Dayana said:

    Dear Santa,I LOVED the second time I went ice skating!!! I LOVED it because when the rink was about to close,I slid across the rink to get to the other side!!! can you belive it?!?! it was a really big ice rink!!! next year I wanna go again and invite my best friends!!!

  16. 122
    My friend charlie said:

    hey santa im 6 weeks and im not wrighting this my sister is i dont know what shes saying but i love you santa

  17. 121
    My friend Rhianna said:

    hello this is Rhianna here I have never went ice skating before and if I were there now I would be really really scared so on Christmas Eve could you send me a letter about how to skate.!!!!

  18. 120
    My friend Sophia said:

    I am a good skater. I am in Freestyle 3. I am working on my backspin and loop and I hope you can see me when I skate. I want you to bring your elves to skate with me too! Especially Frosty!

  19. 119
    My friend Nadine said:

    santa i am a coptic christian so my christmas is on jan 7 will you still come

    i promise ill have cookies milk and carrots for the reindeer
    pinky swear


    a very merry christmas!! xoxoxoxo

  20. 118
    My friend Nadine said:

    santa i LOVE to skat im just pretty bad at it you could say an A- lol

    merry christmas!!!

  21. 117
    My friend Krista said:

    I like skating i am not the best at it ! But I’m sure you guys would love to see the kids skate lol ! But I can’t WAIT until christmas .. I really wonder what I’m Getting !

  22. 116
    My friend kaiya said:

    ilove the eveas and mrs. Clause cookies

  23. 115
    My friend Madison said:

    WOW sounds like fun i love skating it reminds me of christmas. :) christmas is my favorite holiday its so warm and cheery

  24. 114
    My friend brittany said:

    i can skate can u skate santa?

  25. 113
    My friend Allie said:

    My favorite sport is ice skating no wonder santa likes me so much.I know how to do a flip an axel a waltz jump and pretty much everything you could ask me to do.I love you guys see you on christmas!~allie

  26. 112
    My friend liam said:

    I make my bed every day

  27. 111
    My friend Madison said:

    i love skating.Mrs.Claus would have to make alot of hot chocolate!!!!!!!

  28. 110
    My friend Ben said:

    Dear Santa i have never skated before.
    Mayby you could write me a letter on
    chrismas eve about how to skate?

  29. 109
    My friend sophia said:

    That sounds epic! I love to ice skate but I always fall!!! O.O
    One time I was ice-skating and out of know where I did a spin in the air and fell on my hip! I laughed so hard and my friends to they all shouted how did you do that!? I still don’t know how which I find funny.Ice skating can be fun but you need to be careful! Trust me I would know I’ve fallen so many time ice skating.I still continue though and I never gave up and I’m better than i was before.

  30. 108
    My friend suzannah said:

    i hate ice skatin cause i broke ma leg in feburaury cause of if

  31. 107
    My friend Olivia said:

    i can’t ice skate i dont know how you do it

  32. 106
    My friend john said:

    i love it with out the pain

  33. 105
    My friend Neil said:

    The jokes were fun and funny

  34. 104
    My friend molly said:

    i love ice skating so much i could live there i went on this ice skating show and i had to dance.

  35. 103
    My friend Beth Koele said:

    The Elves had a skating party cool!

  36. 102
    My friend Olivia said:

    I love ice-skating you must do it alot.Please can you reply to my email

  37. 101
    My friend beth said:

    hi Santa

    I’m a skater i just passed level 7.I really hope you can make it to my house on Christmas eve.You are my hero.

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