The Christmas Elves Skating Party

Posted by Santa Claus on December 11th, 2010

Elves love to go skating.  I think it is because they love the hot chocolate that Mrs. Claus always makes for them.  You know, the kind with the fancy imported marshmallows!  Yum!  It always smells and tastes so good after you play outside in the cold.

Would you like to hear about one of the first times the elves had a skating party?

Well, it was a long time ago.  Not too long after Mrs. Claus and I first met the elves.  The elves had never been ice-skating before.  But Mrs. Claus made fancy skates for all the elves.  She put candy cane blades on the bottoms of their pointy little elf shoes.  The elves loved them!

We made sure each elf had a helmet so they would be safe.  Each elf had a little red hat, little red mittens and a little red scarf to stay warm.

Clumsy the Elf was telling all kinds of silly jokes as the elves were getting on the ice.  But when it was his turn to get on, he stopped telling jokes.  “Clumsy”, I asked, “Why did you stop telling silly jokes?”

“Well Santa Claus, I stopped telling jokes because I was afraid the ice might crack up,” laughed Clumsy.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

When Clumsy got on the ice, he slid all the way across.  He was doing really well until he remembered that he did not know how to stop!  SPLAT!  Into the snow bank he went.  When he stuck his head out he looked just like me!  He had snow all over his face so it looked like a long white beard.  He even had a little snowball on top of his little red hat!

But Clumsy wanted to learn how to skate. So he brushed the snow off and got back on the ice.

One leg went this way.  One leg went that way.  One arm was up in the arm and Clumsy’s nose looked like it was touching the ice as he spun about.  Then Clumsy grabbed Frosty the Snowman and they began to dance around.

And that is how figure skating began!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever gone ice-skating?  Do you think it would be funny to see elves skating?   (You can tell me all about skating here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


136 Responses to “The Christmas Elves Skating Party”

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  1. 100
    My friend clo & c.j said:

    Thanks for the fab letter and i like the story of the elves skating party. Also it is funny that you are buying mrs claus a nokia c4.

  2. 99
    My friend Shannon said:

    Santa I think you are the wonderfulest person In the world!the
    most giving to!thx xoxoxo! bye!!!! I love ya!!

  3. 98
    My friend morgan said:

    i have never saw elves skating

  4. 97
    My friend Anonymous said:


  5. 96
    My friend Logan said:

    I think that’s neat

  6. 95
    My friend makyla said:

    o yea can miss clauss make me some cookies for me and family me and my couisins love the crew and the toys they make and bring joy 2 the world

  7. 94
    My friend makyla said:

    i love santa because his elfs and miss clauss cookies and because of santa

  8. 93
    My friend katina said:

    hi i am on your new web site
    it is great

  9. 92
    My friend Deborah said:

    dear santa that was sosososo funning what you told me santa

  10. 91
    My friend jac said:

    i like santa the best and the elfs


  12. 90
    My friend haley said:

    santa is a very nice and good man to all of the kids in the world.

  13. 89
    My friend haley said:

    hi santa you are being funny write should bring ava tuns of presentsand me to please santa,love haley and ava.we love

  14. 88
    My friend kelsey o said:

    when i first went ice skating i fell a few times but we had no time to grab a helmet but i did not fall so i got a little scared because i almost hit my head on the ice

  15. 87
    My friend Emily said:

    Hi Santa I love you because you give me lots of presents!!!!!!

  16. 86
    My friend Emily said:

    Hi it’s Emily Schuh! Can I ask you a couple of question? Well how many elves do you have? Are they small or tall?

  17. 85
    My friend Kathlyn said:

    Hello everybody, I LOVE SKATING! I am in freestyle 4 at the Dublin Chiller in Columbus, Ohio. :)

  18. 84
    My friend emma said:

    go eleves

  19. 83
    My friend Iris said:

    Hi I Love that I am nice list

  20. 82
    My friend Rachel said:

    i’ve been ice skating before. I wasn’t very good at it, but it was really fun. we had a 15 minute training practice before. the trainers told us to do wacky tricks that i couldn’t even do. we had to jump up, twirl around and even more. then the trainerstold us we could ice skate on our own. i needed more training practice. But i just held on to the railing the whole time i was there. then it was time to eat. Elves please tell me how to ice skate!

  21. 81
    My friend conner said:

    i like the elfs the best

  22. 80
    My friend conner said:

    hi i have a christmas spirt but i love the elfes the best

  23. 79
    My friend Bella said:

    I’ve been skating for as long as I can remember, and I’m wayyy better than Clumsy! I’m even on a synchronized ice skating team and we just won first place two nights ago! I think the elves should start a synchronized ice skating team. They might start off bad but with practice even Clumsy will probably do well!

  24. 78
    My friend Jane said:

    santa is a good man

  25. 77
    My friend lisa said:

    iam going to north pole to post the letter to you

  26. 76
    My friend anna said:

    ho ho merry chrismas i am worrie if i can have a cookie

  27. 75
    My friend adrian said:

    i love santa claus caus he deos every thing for us so we shold do every thing for him these are all the things i want for christmas 1 quarback sleevs 2 cam newton jersy and michael vick jersy 3 and christan ponder jersy

  28. 74
    My friend adrian said:

    i love santa claus

  29. 73
    My friend bianca said:

    i think it would be funny to watch the elves skate and i bet it woud be funny for me to skate to

  30. 72
    My friend Kate said:

    Dear Santa i wanta police playmobile

  31. 71
    My friend Kaeley said:

    I have only been ice skating one time in my whole life. When I went ice skating it was pretty slippery. Have the elves fallen?

  32. 70
    My friend Kaeley said:

    I have only been ice skating one time in my whole life. When I went ice skating it was pretty slippery. Have the elves fallen?

  33. 69
    My friend mckayla said:

    merry christmas mrs.claus ,santa,and all the reindeer,merry christmas to all the elves clumsy better stay out of trouble. hahaha. i can see that at the bottom of this box it says the elves check the emails well i have a special request a dsi for me and my sister. and for my family to have a very merry christmas.

  34. 68
    My friend amy said:

    merry christmas to everyone at the north pole

  35. 67
    My friend Kate said:

    That is awsome

  36. 66
    My friend Carlin said:


  37. 65
    My friend Abby said:

    Can you get me a IPhone can it be wrapped. Thanks for all you do love you. We are going to bed early. Well talk to you later

  38. 64
    My friend Lauren said:

    I went to ice skating 5 times and I still don’t know how to ice skate!I can skate a little bit!

  39. 63
    My friend francesca said:

    has santa beening good at the north pole from francesca

  40. 62
    My friend kyla said:

    Hi randear,santa,mother claus and elves.

  41. 61
    My friend alexis said:

    that was so cool i love it thank you for putting it on

  42. 60
    My friend Anonymous said:

    i never ever went skating but on friday i went to rockelfell center and of course BOOOOOMMMM I fellll

  43. 59
    My friend Alyssa said:

    Dear Santa Claus
    I go Figure Skating Now I am In Canskate advanced. And I got to tell you it is pretty fun

  44. 58
    My friend Jessi said:

    Dear santa would you please send an elf magic to my house? mabey tomorrow or the day after? PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE

  45. 57
    My friend sam said:

    I love you. Do you know that my favorite holiday is chrismas.I wish I could see you in reail life. Say hi to Rudolph and Miss.claus.
    I love you.

  46. 56
    My friend sammie said:

    Dear Santa,
    I went scating today I didn’t fall once I am so exsiced for you to come Oh I also don’t have a chimmney so I made a santa magic key


  47. 55
    My friend kelly said:

    ice scating suuks

  48. 54
    My friend josh ritter said:

    hey santa i wrote here how was your day and the reinders of cource

  49. 53
    My friend derrik said:

    I CANT

  50. 52
    My friend tapanga said:

    i love ice skating

  51. 51
    My friend Theah said:

    dear santa,
    my mom will hopefully take me iceskating

  52. 50
    My friend Sabrina said:

    Ice skating is hard when I first tried Ifell on my butt

  53. 49
    My friend Emily.f said:

    ho ho ha ha that wood be funny!

  54. 48
    My friend Niamh :) said:

    This year my friends my sister and i went skating in our back garden!!! It was soooooo much fun ….. HaHaHa….. !!!!!!!!

  55. 47
    My friend carrington said:

    you are so cool i have been good

    your freind ,


  56. 46
    My friend Hanna said:

    Santa is the best person in the world because he is full of magic!

  57. 45
    My friend Jacob said:

    I wish I could be there at the party; but I can’t because I don’t know how to get to the North Pole?? And I’d really like to go there and see the raindeer, mrs. claus and the elves skating.

  58. 44
    My friend Emma said:

    I love ice skating too! Sounds like the elves are busy these days! You know, with ice skating, and gift-wrapping, and present making!

  59. 43
    My friend Caleigh said:

    i can teach u how to ice skate. Come to my house and i will show u. it is just like skating but only with is twice as hard. just keep on trying. come to my house on christmas eve. i hace hot choclate. and tell santa did u give away rudolph? because matthew howard got him. the kid goes to my school.just in case u did’nt know that.once again keep up the good work on ice skating! ps. elves please teach clumsy how to ice skating!pss. cimsy send me 6 of your okes and when is your birthday?

  60. 42
    My friend gabriella said:

    Dear Santa i can not skate that well so i always stay close to my friend.I get to go skating on Tuesday

  61. 41
    My friend Maggie said:

    Hey Santa your elves told me to come here so i did i think it would be hilarious to see elves skate are you and Mrs.Claus good? AND this year i think you should bring Mrs.Claus on your journey!

  62. 40
    My friend allison said:

    I love skatting.

  63. 39
    My friend imogen banks said:

    hi santa i liked youre blog it’s really funny say hi to the elves and mrs.claws i have seen a film about you with a dog it’s called the search for santa paws please can get my guinea-pigs a present thank you xxx bye bye

  64. 38
    My friend heather said:

    its all because of jesus i hope you know that

  65. 37
    My friend Monique said:

    Dear Santa,
    I always wish to learn and do ice skating. Even my feet are excited! I know it is not as easy as it looks. Tell the elves (Especially Clumsy) that If I see the elves go skating, I bet it would be funny!

  66. 36
    My friend cassandra said:

    I have been skating for three years.
    I was at a competition and I triped
    on my laces and fell flat on my face.

  67. 35
    My friend j6rdt76dr5 said:


  68. 34
    My friend Gretchen said:

    SAnta, write me a letter now and when my parents get up I will tell them if it is OKAY, for something. Love, GRETCHEN XXXOOO

  69. 33
    My friend Anonymous said:

    that was cool

  70. 32
    My friend Sarah said:

    One time I went ice skating with one of my best friends for her 8th birthday party.I wasn’t very good.I kept falling down.So I had to use those metal things that helped me stay up.When my friend’s mom took the picture I almost fell:)Then we had to go to her house for the party!!!!

  71. 31
    My friend anna said:

    hi santa! is it fun going round the world in 1 day?

  72. 30
    My friend GRACIE said:

    One time went skating with my BFF Jojo.We did it at a sleepover.

  73. 29
    My friend Zachary said:

    Do you know the Providence Bruins and do you know where they play? I skated on their ice and I am a Mite C2. I play for Braintree. I wish I played for the North Pole From: Zachary

  74. 28
    My friend Maya said:

    I really like this story. Clumsy should learn how to skate because he crashed. I think it would be fun to go to the North Pole.

  75. 27
    My friend bryana said:

    that story was awsome!!!!!

  76. 26
    My friend Sarah said:

    One time I went ice skating with one of my best friends for her 8th birthday party.I

  77. 25
    My friend Abbey said:

    Last year we went ice skating with some of the neighbor friends so after a while my friend and I were skating and my mom came up behind us. When she came up behind us a girl was skiting backwards and she banged into my mom. When she bumped into my mom my mom fell backwards and fell. The girl asked if she was ok and if she needed anyone. At first my mom said no, but then she yelled at the girl and told her to go get help. So the girl went to get help and I went to get my dad. At first my dad just told me to go skate again but he didn’t hear me so I had to go into the foofd thing and tell him and he came. The ride to home was two hours away so when we got to the doctor’s office it was about 6:00. We sat there and when they came to tellus we could go in they x-rayed my mom. Of course I wanted to go but the doctor said no. When my mom came back she didn’t know if it was broken but the doctor cme in he said it was broken. Before I knew it my mom’s arm was all wrapped up. About two weeks later when I was at Junior Girl Scouts my mom came with a pink cast.I was the first to sign it and when my friend slapt over she signed it to.

  78. 24
    My friend makenzy said:

    i love santa he is the best ever he gives uss alot of toys every year!!!!!!!!

  79. 23
    My friend oisin said:

    my first time was hilarious! I fell 40 times!
    I have learnt a lot from that.

  80. 22
    My friend Faith said:

    Wow!Can I come!?

  81. 21
    My friend rebecca said:

    hello santa i went ice skating ages ago and i liked it but when i went when i was little i didnt like it because i kept falling over. i was only little then though.

  82. 20
    My friend Sophia said:

    I love skating!

  83. 19
    My friend Tayla said:


  84. 18
    My friend Julianna said:

    Wow Clumsy sure is clumsy ;) and I can’t wait until Christmas because it is my Favorite time of the year. Not just because Santa comes but Jesus was born! :)

  85. 17
    My friend Andrew said:

    the joke about the ice was so funny, I almost fell out of bed!!!! It`s weird elves would go skating. I know it probably took a while for Clumsy to skate,but how did the other elves do?

  86. 16
    My friend Joelle said:

    I love to go skating too! And I also like to drink hot chocklate. It’s soo yummy!

  87. 15
    My friend Emily said:

    I hope that Im on the nice list and if I am then thank you.

  88. 14
    My friend Emily said:

    well I koidy he could use a friend when were gone.And Oreo is also doing fine to.

  89. 13
    My friend Leyton said:

    Hope youhave a fun time with the Reindeer on X-mas Eve!

  90. 12
    My friend Erin said:

    WOW! That is SO COOL! ;) I wish I could live with you. You must live in your own paridise!!!!!! ;) ;) :)

  91. 11
    My friend kathleen said:


    I am hoping to meet you soon if I can

  92. 10
    My friend Bethany said:

    I think it would be hilarios to se e little people fall over on ice, and to see them to cool tricks!

    Merry Christmas

    -Bethany| :D |

  93. 9
    My friend CAyla said:

    heyyyy third time today santa i checked out the blog for the elves… that is a funny story of clumbsy

  94. 8
    My friend Victoria Casal said:


  95. 7
    My friend Victoria Casal said:

    Hy my name is Victoria can y ask you a cuestion how many ar they?

  96. 6
    My friend Victoria Casal said:


  97. 5
    My friend lauren said:

    i would love to see elves iceskating. i love to iceskate in the winter. it is one of my favorite things to do when it snow and water frezzes. send me an email when you update your blog agian. goodbye

  98. 4
    My friend neha said:

    santa your blog is rally good i feel likei can read it every day,.

    love neha
    i love you santa i wish i could cuddle you

  99. 3
    My friend luke said:

    i like santa and he is real

  100. 2
    My friend Casey said:

    thats sounds like it would have been fun and santa do you know what time you will arrive in the uk at this year

  101. 1
    My friend Niamh said:

    hi santa!, i just wrote a letter to you and you wrote on back staright away waw! i printed my letter and im going to show all my friends at school and they might write a letter to!! that would be so cool hope you get round the whole WORLD this christmas i bet you will!! because you always get round in one night wow! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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