Santa’s Christmas Elf Podcast!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 9th, 2010

A Christmas Elf

A Christmas Elf

Well, the Christmas elves wanted to try something different today.  You know my elves!  They are always creating and trying out new things!

Would you like to find out what they were up to this time?  I think you might be surprised!

As I said, those Christmas elves are always creating and trying out new things.  Of course, Clumsy is still a bit touchy about the time he tried to cross an EZ Bake Oven with a water blaster gun.  He thought he could make a gun that shot donuts!  Anyways, the other elves called him Clumsy Crisp for a while.  It did take a while before his hair did not stand straight up too.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well, today, the elves wanted to try podcasting.  What is podcasting you ask?  That is ok.  I asked the elves that same question!  A podcast is like a blog post (that is what this is!) but you can listen to it!

Would you like to listen to a podcast that one of my elves made?

Then turn your speakers on and click to hear a Christmas Elf Podcast!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What did you think of the elves “podcast”?  You can tell me what you think of the Christmas Elf podcast here. Or, scroll down to see what others have said!


219 Responses to “Santa’s Christmas Elf Podcast!”

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  1. 219
    My friend qetsia said:

    It sounds great Santa can we always have that and what are you doing in the Summer ? Do you sleep tidy up have a diet please response

  2. 218
    My friend kelsey said:

    i want to see s picture of chuckles the elve i also want to talk to him so if you are reading this chuckles would you come visit me

  3. 217
    My friend india said:

    merry christmas I love the elves and santa xxxx elves send me a letter plz love from india

  4. 216
    My friend dakota said:

    can u send a pictur of elvs and raindeer.
    can u try to let me see a eif i wont to know what they look like.

  5. 215
    My friend sally said:

    hi how are you today do you elfs have names

  6. 214
    My friend alison said:

    lol santa i agree y would anybody do that

  7. 213
    My friend charley said:

    i love it please write back my cousin has been naughty and shes 6

  8. 212
    My friend LeeAnnee said:

    I wish everyone a wonderful christmas and may all yuor wishes come ture i love ya snata and the 6 mighty ROOS be safe and i cant wait until christmas time rolls around only 37 more sleep be good evryone! from LeeAnne!

  9. 211
    My friend Sydney said:

    I like it

  10. 210
    My friend lauren said:

    why couldn’t your elves make a violin?


  12. 209
    My friend lauren said:

    have a great christmas everyone you all most be tired your like magic

  13. 208
    My friend hi said:

    i love christmas my whole familys been good ecspecially jay hes being real good he is a great brother

  14. 207
    My friend Madelyn said:

    How have you been? I am tring to be nice.

  15. 206
    My friend kara said:

    santa i just want to say thank you for the pressents last year i hope you can get what i want this year

  16. 205
    My friend rachel said:

    hey i like your blog its reallly nice

  17. 204
    My friend Brooke And Reece said:

    merry xmas

    :~) ← Me [ Do you like my smiley typing picture?]

  18. 203
    My friend Tabitha said:

    santa im going to be at my daddys house

    chrismas eve . park Rudolph on the balcane.
    xxxxxxx.ive got a present for you.x

  19. 202
    My friend laura said:

    dear santa clause and elves i would like to wish you a verry merry xmas hope u all have a great christmas from laura

  20. 201
    My friend Ben said:

    the elfs realy are creative aspecialy
    clumsy. i cant belive he tried to make a dounut gun!!!! :)

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