Santa Trackers Needed!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 8th, 2010

Wow!  Have we been busy!

Mrs. Claus was busy at the North Pole.  The Christmas elves were busy at my Santa Claus Workshop.  The elves at the Nawdy N. Nice Elf Detective agency were busy checking who was being naughty and nice.  The reindeer were busy at the reindeer barn with their reindeer games.  And I was just plain busy everywhere!

I was so busy I think I forgot everywhere I went to.  So I need your help!

There are many Santa Spotters around.  A Santa Tracker I really like is the one the elves made for me at  The Santa Tracker is new!  You can tell where I am any time of the year using it.  On Christmas Eve, you can even tune in as I tweet back and forth with Elf Control!  The new Christmas Eve Santa Tracker works a bit like my “Santa Tweets” page.

But, we need your help.  I need everyone to send me a message to let me know where you saw me and what I was doing.  That way we can check to see if the new Santa Tracker works properly!  Tis the season for Santa sightings!

Will you do that for us?  Will you be an Official Santa Spotter?  It would be a big help to my Christmas elves and me!  Rather like a Christmas present for Santa Claus!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Make sure you ask your friends to help too!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Leave a message to tell the elves where you saw me and what I was doing!  Or, scroll down to see where others have seen me!


241 Responses to “Santa Trackers Needed!”

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  1. 241
    My friend hailey said:

    hi santa

  2. 240
    My friend carley said:

    last year i sawe that santa ate my cookies and milk and the milk glass cup and the milk was gone last christmas i was suprised but i havent seen santa but would like to track him christmas eve

  3. 239
    My friend carley said:

    santa can u please bring me a boost moble cell phone and a skateboard and a helmet with it

  4. 238
    My friend Holley said:

    Dont forget that I RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY WANT A TABEO for crismas

  5. 237
    My friend Augustu said:

    I saw you at the naughti and nice detective agency. The naughti alarm just went off

  6. 236
    My friend Alan said:

    what do you mean? And how old do you have to me.

  7. 235
    My friend Alan said:

    can i help im 10?

  8. 234
    My friend Alan said:

    DEAR.santa i love christmas but my best friend dosent. should i be hid freind or not?

    Of course you should be his friend!

  9. 233
    My friend alice said:

    i saw you fliying past from my bedroom window.alice

  10. 232
    My friend Juliana said:

    I saw u in the Nawdy N Nice department seeing who is naughty and nice. ……gonna find out whos naughty and nice…….


  12. 231
    My friend janet said:

    hey qetsia its great that your on the website IM SO EXITED I WANT TO SCREAM NOW AHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHH CHRISTMASSSS

  13. 230
    My friend qetsia said:

    Cool your in North Pole you sent some elves to Dublin

  14. 229
    My friend qetsia said:

    hi santa I tried it and i saw you in dublin can you explain us how it works better im kinda stuck please help me i know you will

  15. 228
    My friend Sonia said:

    Santa Claus is at the Nawdy N’ Nice Elf Detective Agency right now.

    He is watching to see who is being naughty in Smethwick and who is being nice!

    Oh, Oh! The Naughty Alarm just went off! Someone who lives in Smethwick was being naughty

  16. 227
    My friend conor said:

    ok santa my mom said she’ll help u and the elves out too by tracking u ,your welcome from the carter family

  17. 226
    My friend evie said:

    i saw you in my garden eating my bird seeds, they cost a lot yano so gimme back me seeds

  18. 225
    My friend hannah said:

    i come on this website everyday so i always track you. it seems like you and your elves are always close to where i live though.

  19. 224
    My friend Angel said:

    This is exactly the kind of present I want to give you for the jolly day of Christmas, so, Angel here, reporting for duty!

  20. 223
    My friend Nina said:

    I will try to get my friends to help track you down!And i will try to help myself1

  21. 222
    My friend Lilly said:

    I saw you in 2010 you went past my house

  22. 221
    My friend ABBY said:


  23. 220
    My friend Sophie said:

    Hi santa

  24. 219
    My friend gracie said:

    santa please let one of the elfs email me because i would love it PLEASE .and i want money for christmas do you mind

    ;) ;)

  25. 218
    My friend petq said:

    hi santa how are you i cant wait christmas 2011 to come fast i love this holiday since i was little girl kiss misis claus and rudolph from me ill wait for you to come visit my home and deliver the presents under my christmas tree i love you

  26. 217
    My friend hannah said:

    oh coooolllllllllllllll

  27. 216
    My friend Dan said:

    Dear Santa,how are you doing.Are you excited for Christmas!Have I been good this year,I hope so!

  28. 215
    My friend rachel said:

    i want a pony for christmas!!!

  29. 214
    My friend Nathan said:

    Dear Santa,
    when’s your birthday?

  30. 213
    My friend isabella said:

    elves hi there so my name is belle

  31. 212
    My friend Jack said:

    Isaw you play hockey in Essex on the 12th of July 2011.Did you enjoy it? Well I hope you did.
    From Jack

    PS can you send me what wanted in my last email please (for Christmas)

  32. 211
    My friend Jariah said:

    You can sure count on me!

  33. 210
    My friend Wendy said:

    don’t worry Santa! u can count on me! my eyes are peeled.

  34. 209
    My friend Jamie Nicolas said:

    santa flew by before so i left the reindeer food outside nd made a trail to my door. i hope he sees the special glitter we left i have been a great boy this year.
    see you in the morning santa
    love jamie

  35. 208
    My friend Emily said:

    I saw you twelve minutes after the clock reached midnight. You were preparing to land on a roof. Merry Christmas!

  36. 207
    My friend katie said:

    Santa we just got a new puppy can you please make sure to fill her stocking to….

  37. 206
    My friend sasha said:

    Hi santa how are you

  38. 205
    My friend Julia! =) said:

    Hi Santa! You can count on me!
    I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!!!! =D

  39. 204
    My friend willow said:

    so you know youve been to my house ill put a bow on my stocking so you just renember red bow stocking merry christmas santa !
    :) :D :

  40. 203
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Dear elves i saw Santa at Auatrslra

  41. 202
    My friend shannen said:

    I will look out for you

  42. 201
    My friend Ashley said:

    hi bye

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