Name The Baby Christmas Elves!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 14th, 2010

Do you remember what happened last Christmas Day at the North Pole?  Twelve baby Christmas elves were born!  After all, all Christmas elves are born on Christmas Day!

You did know about the baby Christmas elves, right?  Would you like to hear more news about them?

Well, everyone at the North Pole has been enjoying the babies.  They are a lot of work though!  Can you imagine having twelve babies?!

I know everyone wants to see pictures of the baby elves.  But, I should tell you something.  You should never take a picture of an elf.  They do not like it.  It freezes them!  So I`ll have to see if there is some way for everyone to see the baby elves that does not freeze them.

Peppermint Sparkles (she is the Mommy) LOVES all the names you have given us!  There are so many great names from which to choose.  She did not see a single name she did not like!

The baby elves loved the names too.  Peppermint Sparkles would read the names to her babies.  It was funny the way the baby elves reacted.  One of the baby elves would hear a name and get really excited.  The baby would laugh and giggle and roll and toot!  That is how Peppermint Sparkles knew a baby elf liked a name.  So that would become the baby`s name!

All the baby elves have names now.  All, that is, except two – a baby boy and a baby girl.   Those two elves seemed to like all the names the kids gave us.  Peppermint Sparkles would ask them if they wanted this name or that name.  But they would always say “No!”

Then I told them the story of how Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard got their names.  I told them how all the boys and girls voted for their names.  The two babies started to laugh and giggle and roll and toot!  That is how they let us know that they wanted YOU to vote for their names.  Would you like to do that?

You can vote as many times as you like (but just once a day please).  You can pick a boy name and a girl name.  After the voting is over, I will tell you the names of ALL the baby elves.

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Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Is it fun to vote for the baby elves names?  Would it be funny to see a baby elf laugh and giggle and roll and toot?  (You can  leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


328 Responses to “Name The Baby Christmas Elves!”

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  1. 328
    My friend Jackie said:

    Dear Santa, I would like 2 elves one to be a big and other to be a girl I want the girl to be named twinkle and the boy to be frost well bye Santa merry Christmas

  2. 327
    My friend Gianna said:

    It should be chirs

  3. 326
    My friend casu said:


  4. 325
    My friend Alessandra said:

    Dear santa how come all my friends have elves but I do not it is not fair please leave me a girl elf

  5. 324
    My friend Livi said:


  6. 323
    My friend stephanie said:

    I would want a baby elf for Christmas and I would name it lilly

  7. 322
    My friend Claudia said:

    I think you should call them holly , jingle ,ribbon , hope, cherry, charity, snow or snowy hope you like the names!

  8. 321
    My friend Conerly said:

    He Santa can u please email me a video every year of you? Ps Conerly

  9. 320
    My friend Nole said:

    Ruby red for baby girl elf

  10. 319
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Santa, you know Shnitsel, right? Well you have to cause he’s and elf on the shelf! I really miss him and you wouldn’t mind having him come on thanksgiving would you? If you have two girls and another boy that doesn’t have a home I won’t mind, send ‘em over with Shnitsel! Love Emma Ryann Schlicher. (Just so he’s know my new address. Just tell him to look it up. ;) )


  12. 318
    My friend clarice said:

    how do you vote?

    my top 4 fave: buddy gumdrops,cocoa cuddles
    merry belle, jingles jr.

    someone please tell me how to vote!!!
    merry x-mas!

  13. 317
    My friend sam said:

    I did not now renders can fly with not fling.

  14. 316
    My friend Kayleigh said:

    I like the name for the girl to be twitterbug and for the baby boy Frosty 0 Nog. Thanks Santa. Love kayleigh

  15. 315
    My friend Jodi said:

    Dear Santa,

    I am a mom and my daughter, Lauren asked me what I wanted to say to Santa. There is nothing I want to ask for as I have everything that matters to me. I have a wonderful family and we live in a nice home and both my husband and I have jobs and we feel very blessed with our simple but happy life. I received the best gift ever a little more than nine years ago when I gave birth to my twins, Michael and Lauren. Their dad and I had wanted them for a long time and we are so happy to have them. I believe you must have had a hand in helping us to have them and I will always be grateful and believe in the magic of Christmas. Merry Christmas Santa!! Love, Jodi

  16. 314
    My friend Elena said:

    Snowflake for a girl and Christmas for a boy.

  17. 313
    My friend Emma lynch said:

    i want gum drops for baby boy and for little girl elf it would be Holly plum

  18. 312
    My friend Emma lynch said:

    I want to vote for baby elf names but it isnt working

  19. 311
    My friend Ellie said:

    i want it to be named merry belle and the boy alfie.

  20. 310
    My friend Elanna said:

    Christmas jr for a boy. A girl rosy christmas

  21. 309
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    Hi my name is mackenzie and i love christmas all of the elves and santa mrs.clause. By the way what is mrs.clauses name thank you love you bye

  22. 308
    My friend jasmine said:

    Cocoa Cuddles Jingles Jr

  23. 307
    My friend Faith said:

    I vote for Jingles Jr. for boy And Merry Belle for girl!

  24. 306
    My friend amy said:

    i thik a want a girls elf is called: rose and the boy jack xx

  25. 305
    My friend olivia said:

    dear santa i want a elf next year i want the girls name to be olivia and the boys name to be jingles jr.

  26. 304
    My friend Lauren said:

    I love baby’s and I think that buddy gumdrop is cute name! Do you?

  27. 303
    My friend qetsia said:

    Awww its sad that we cant se their pictures how about ruldophs and yours ? Well thats great now that they have names

  28. 302
    My friend lauren said:

    the girls baby name should be lauren cuddlemecutness and the boy babyboy gumdrop

  29. 301
    My friend Hannah said:

    I think the girl should be called amazen and the boy Santa Jr.

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