An Elf’s An Elf

Posted by Santa Claus on December 7th, 2010

Here is a story I almost forgot about.  I am glad Mrs. Claus reminded me!

It was Mouse the Littlest Elf’s very first day in the North Pole Workshop.  She was so excited!  She could hardly wait.  She wanted to find out what her new job was going to be!  Was she going to make dolls for good little girls?  Was she going to make iPads, iPods or iPhones?  She could not wait to find out!

When she got to the North Pole Workshop, she went to help the elves making dolls.  They told her she was too small to help.  So Mouse said, “An elf’s an elf, no matter how small!”

Then she asked if she could help make some music players or phones or cameras or…  but every time the answer was the same.  “Sorry, Mouse the Littlest Elf; you are just too little to help make that”.  And every time Mouse would say, “An elf’s an elf, no matter how small!”

She had been so excited to help at the Workshop.  She knew she could help.  She was not going to let what the other elves had said stop her.

So, Mouse the Littlest Elf walked around the Workshop.  She walked to the present wrapping machine to help some elves unwrap Clumsy the Elf (again).  But Clumsy was already unwrapped by the time she got there.

There was quite a bit of ribbon left on the floor from Clumsy.  So Mouse picked up a long piece of ribbon and started to play with it.  Before you knew it, she had made a beautiful Christmas bow with the ribbon.  No one had ever seen a Christmas bow before.

But now Mouse did not know what to do with the pretty bow.  Clumsy was walking toward Mouse with a present.  So, Mouse the Littlest Elf stuck the bow right on top of that present.

Clumsy stopped.  Suddenly the whole North Pole Workshop was very quiet.  The elves were all looking at Mouse and the present.  Mouse was a little afraid she had done something wrong.

Then the elves all started to cheer!  They all came running.  They had never seen a Christmas bow before!  They had never seen a Christmas bow on a present before!  They loved it!  They thought it was the best thing ever!

Clumsy said, “Mouse the Littlest Elf, this present is for you because we all love you”.  Mouse opened the present.  Inside was a pair of shoes that would make her taller.  Then Mouse said, “Thank you everyone, but an elf’s an elf no matter how small.  I don’t need special shoes to make me feel tall!”

All the elves cheered, “Hurray for Mouse the Littlest Christmas Elf!  From now on we’ll always put a bow on Christmas presents to remind us that everyone we give a present to is special to us, no matter how small!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think Mouse the Littlest Elf was right?  Do you have any messages for her?  (You can tell her here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


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  1. 114
    My friend ANABELLA said:


  2. 113
    My friend Brooke And Reece said:

    Happy Christmas Santa



    Do you like the picture of your sleigh

  3. 112
    My friend Morgan said:

    Dear Mouse,
    the Christmas bow was a great invention and i never knew you have invented it until i heard the whole story. Please write back if you can

  4. 111
    My friend megan said:

    that’s a cute story i love it but it is true an elfs an elf no matter how small and mouse i am smaller than all my friends and im 8 sometimes its good to be small . and its not so bad being small sometimes it dose not matter.

  5. 110
    My friend claire said:

    do elfs like icecream

  6. 109
    My friend sion said:

    i love you sanata hope you have good luck on christmas eve

  7. 108
    My friend Amy said:

    That was a really good story and i liked her saying ‘An elf’s an elf no matter how small.’ what a brave saying

  8. 107
    My friend gabrielle said:

    what is the elfs doing?

  9. 106
    My friend riley said:

    i’m waiting for you to come

  10. 105
    My friend CRYSTAL said:



  12. 104
    My friend Ellie said:

    I think Mouse was right.

  13. 103
    My friend teneill said:

    santa claus you is so sweet and so good to everybody, for christmas you gave me a barbie,a art set, and my mom gave me a pony and you can paint it and put stickers on it. do you want to no something. you is so fat cause you drink coke- a- coala . for now i’m gonna call you big faty ho,ho,ho .

  14. 102
    My friend miranda said:

    i love santa ti is fun riting too you santa ok by

  15. 101
    My friend jayden said:

    santa i wont a elf

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