Silly Christmas Knock-knock Jokes!

Thank you for all your comments about who is sillier: elves or reindeer!  It really got them going reading all the comments from the kids!

My and even decided to have a little North Pole contest to see who was sillier.  So, they started coming up with more funny Christmas knock-knock jokes!

Would you like to hear the ones they made up?

The elves started first:
Knock, knock.

Who’s there?
Coal who?
Coal me when you want to go see Santa!

Then it was the reindeer’s turn:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Gift who?
Gift me a coal already.  I want to go see Santa!

But the elves had another joke ready!
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Ivana who?
Ivana go see Santa, so gift me a coal already!

But so did the reindeer!
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Water who?
Water you waiting for!  Ivana go see Santa so gift me a coal already!

It took the elves a bit but they came up with this joke:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Art who?
Art you ready yet?  Ivana go see Santa so gift me a coal already!

The reindeer were stumped (like a Christmas tree, the elves said  :-) ) for a moment or two until they thought up this one:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Needle who?
Needle little reminder to gift me a coal?  Ivana go see Santa!

That is when I made them stop their contest.  I had too.  I was laughing more than a bowlful of jelly!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you like their funny jokes?  You can leave us a message about who you think makes the silliest Christmas knock-knock jokes:  reindeer or elves.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written.

360 messages to Santa about “Silly Christmas Knock-knock Jokes!”

  1. hi santa culss have i been good or naughty my is angel and i have 2 sister there names are allison, tiffany and i got one borther name josh,well all i want for christmas is some things not all lot of thing becauses jueses should have more then us. merry christmas santa cluss.

  2. Dear Santa, i know u told me to surprise you on what cookie flavor you want….but is choclate chip okay….my dad and i are spending christmas together instead of me and my mom and my dad doesm’t really know any other recipes… is chocolate chip okay?????

  3. I think reindeer make the funniest jokes….but they should be more original and not use jokes from the elves to start there own. :) LoVE U SANTA!!!!!! MeRrY ChRiStMaS

  4. Dear.Santa i love your knock knock joks
    and i want for christmas is a real laptop
    and if you dont have a laptop thats ok because my mom will get me a laptop if you dont have a laptop i want for christmas is a teachers desk if you dont have that i dont now want i want for christmas p.s.I Love You very much love Jasmine and charlie wants for christmas is a big bone!!!
    charlie loves you to i will have some soft batch choclate chip cooks and egg nog laying on the table1!!!

  5. Dear.santa i love your knock knock joks
    and i want for christmas is a real laptop
    and if you dont have none thats ok because my mom will get me one and i want if a laptop i a teachers desk.

  6. knock knock
    who’s there?
    snow who?
    snow that gingerbread shop down the road?

  7. hi santa I am lani [Delaney] I love rudloph oh and thankyou! thankyou! for the laptop you rock

  8. i thought those were soooiooooooooooooooooo funny

    knock knock
    whos there?
    marry who?
    marry christmas

  9. they are halareast but i got to say the elfs where the best sorry i do not whant to hert the raindeers feelings i am so so sorry

  10. knock knock,
    who’s there,
    mince pie,
    mince pie, who
    ohhhhh I am ever so sorry santa has already eaten it!

  11. hi santa im from ireland. me and my sister are sooo lucking forward to christmas. all i want to say is thank
    you so much for evrything last year.

    i loved all the presents you brought me. ps;i think rudalf had the best jokes
    have a good christmas

  12. well for one that was weird but i liked all of the jokes instead of one

  13. These jokes are creative jokes an they are nice to tell on christmas!!!! :)

  14. the joke i like most is Melanie it’s so cool . and any way elves give me my labtop first!!!! Bye,Bye Hi,Hi,Hi,Hi

  15. Your cool santa I love you to bits like mmm see you soon are you gonna fly over my chimney?

  16. I love santa presents so you should be gratful like me ive wrote letters and of course now ive looked and your best ever blog see you soon

  17. knock knock whos there raindeer raindeer who raindeer who jumped on th people who came

  18. Dear,Santa
    I can’t wait untill chistmas can you even wait!Tell the raindeer I siad hi!!!

  19. There i thought they were stupit so try and think of better ones. Just to let you know i’m talking to myself now

  20. hi Santa! here is a joke for everyone in the Northpole:


  21. hi santa when its christmas what do u give the bad boys and girls

  22. what do you get when you come across a elephant’s trunk and some swimming fish

    i don’t know?

    swimming trunks!


  23. hi i cant wait untill christmas!And santa dont worr’y if you cant get me what i would like!

  24. I liked the Reindeers’ jokes the best!!!! They were funny.

  25. KNOCK

  26. knock,
    who;s there?
    cookies who
    cookies are my faviote

  27. I don’t know i can’t choose who. i choose reindeer.i got a joke “What did the tomato say to the ketchup bottle? you go on ahead i’ll ketchup.Get it?

  28. all those jokes remind me of my granda, he has rubbid jokes too!!!!!!!

  29. Hey Santa!!! nice to see you agan i was just gonna tell you three or or ten nock nock jocks!!! nock nock whos there? Santa Santa who??? santa paws you “r silly didn ,t you know i was gonna say santa paws??? nock nock whos there? elf elf who??? its elf step on day dont you get it we step on elfs!!!nock nock whos there? raindeer raindeer who??? i am flying like a raindeer!!!

  30. santa for next chrismas can you prety please give me a dsi game called mario hoops 3 on 3

  31. heya! its me! id love to try this blog and its super cool! ive got a joke:which
    bird can write? a pen – guin! hope you like it!

  32. i think that the reindeer were loads better than the elves but i am very sorry to the elves they did do a great job but i thought that the reindeers were loads better

    Congratulations reindeer

  33. Hi Santa. Knock,knock. Who’s there? Christman tree. Christmas tree who? Christmas don’t cry!

    From Liam, age 6

  34. i am going to be good all year for you because we will wake up on christmas morning pressent here is a joke what do you call a dog siting beside a fire a hot dog

  35. Hi Santa sorry to bother you but can you you see if an elf would like to stay with me. I’d be most honored to take care of him or her. (Elf magic elf)

  36. will you know me in 1 year yes 2 yes 3 yes 4 yes 5 yes knock knok who ther i thot you know me

  37. thank you for my presents hope you liked you treats and the carrotsfrom stacie and family

  38. knock knock
    how is there
    banana who
    banana who want to play with you <3

  39. i have a joke what did the cat say to the cristmas milk? marry milk-mas!!!!!! ha ha ha

  40. dear sant,merry christmas santa.i don’t have a chimney so do you mind coming in by the window.

  41. Dear Elves and Reindeer,

    You are all SO funny!!
    I bet you all are very satisfied with your jokes because I am! I don’t have one though. Merry Christmas!!

  42. here is a joke;

    whos there?
    olive who?
    Why did ‘olive’ the other reindeer make fun of Rudolph?!

    I just LOLed!!!!! Merry X-mas!

  43. :) Funny! My favorite one that the elves made up is:

    Knock, Knock!
    Who’s There?
    Water who?
    Water you waiting for? Ivana go see Santa so gift me coal already!

  44. knock knock
    who is there
    aunt who??
    i know that aunt who??
    AUNT WHO?!
    aunt u glad my auntie has left lol :-) xxxx

  45. I think reindeers make the silliest joke. I like the Water you waiting for one. I was laughing my head off!

  46. i thinkk they were all funny. the elfs and raindeirs were both silly.

  47. I have a joke too.

    Who’s there


    Owls who

    That’s Right Owls Hoo

  48. i love the jokes they are very i got a joke for you.why didn’t the skeleton cross the road. because he didn’t have the right gut’s.


  50. I think that contest was very cute and so funny I think they should do it again and again and again non-stop with even sllier jokes

  51. Here is a joke
    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Iva who?
    Iva present for yo

  52. here’s another knock knock joke for you all:
    Knock knock
    who’s there?
    who who?
    Not who who — HO HO! Ho Ho Ho it’s time for You Who to get ready for You-Know-Who! Be sure to leave him some goodies!

  53. hey want to hear a joke knock knock who’s there
    iwanna who?
    iwanna go see santa now please!!!!

  54. hi santa i love talking to you and i would love to have an i pod touch please please please and see my freind gemma is she on the nice list or the naughty

  55. ha ha ha the joke were herlerius tell the elvs and the raindeers i love there joke the best christmas joke iv ever hurde lots of hugs love reece arnold coventry united kingdom west midlands

  56. i liked the jokes i told my mom and dad and they cracked up thank you very much

    jacqueline and fransisco

  57. I have a few jokes you can use

    Why was the snowman angry? He had the cold shoulder.

    Why did frosty put on snow boots? He got cold feet.

    Who is the King Elf of Rock and Roll? Elfis Presley!

  58. I think the reindeer were funnier than the elves. the reindeer added pazzaz to their jokes. the elves were funny too just not as funny as the reindeer!!!

    knock knock
    who’s there?
    miss who?
    aren’t you miss letoe

  59. the reindeer was the funniest the could had it but the reindeer where funny then the elfs what! i’ve ot a joke just listen knock knock whos there water water who do you have water i’m dieing over here

  60. I think the s jokes are sillier than anything in the entire world. They were awesome.So tell them I think there jokes were awesome. And tell the elves I liked there jokes too.
    Bye for now

  61. I think the reindeer were hilarious and so were the elves.

  62. i have to say the reindeers are more funny and lets hope the elf with mrs.clause don’t try to fall out again.

  63. We think the riendeer were the funniest the “GIFT” joke was really hilarious!!! HAHA

  64. Knock knock
    who’s there?
    cokkies who?
    cookies are the best for santas jolly belly♥
    merry christas everyone!

  65. I think these are very funny…. especially how most of the helpers and stuff did about the same thing…. but its ok♥ here at the morth pole were all unique right?

  66. hello Santa I hope the elves and mrs claus say lots and lots of silly jokes.

  67. i have got a joke for you santa knock who there mary,mary who mery christmas

  68. That was a funny contest! I liked them both, but unfortunately I have to choose one and I think the reindeer has some funniest jokes in his head. PS: Santa! I’m in your new Christmas Blog and I will promise to email you back on Christmas Eve.

  69. Dear Santa I think that the raindeer made the funnieset jokes when I first heard them I was craking up laughing.

  70. Knock Knock
    Who’s there
    Mary Who
    Mary Christmas

    Hope everyone reading this has a phonomanol Christmas and New Years!☺

  71. I have a joke. What did she say when she was cold? Merry Brrstmas!And Iliked all of them it made me laugh so hard
    milk came out of my nose!!Bye!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  72. I AM STILL LAUGHING NOW!! Knock knock.
    whos there?
    santa who?
    santas giving a little woo its christmas!lets do it too!!!

  73. lol Do you think the elves can get Christmas letters? I bet they would be overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. that funny ha ha ha can you tell me your phone number plezzzzz santa i whont tell any ome plezz inseat my dad mom stacy my sister and my holr family plezzzzz

  75. i dont know who too pick so i pick both the raindeer were funny but the elfs were funny to so i say both so they dont get up set a little

  76. i think that the raindeers were funnier by a little tiny bit but truly they were both hilarious

  77. some were funny but how bout this
    what did the dead man write to his other dead friend?
    Merry -X- Mas

  78. knock knock who’s there? i wanna go i wanna go who? i wanna go see santa!

  79. I said these to my mother and sister and I was almost in tears laughing so hard! THAT WAS GREAT JOKING AROUND!!!

  80. My sister and I LOVED the jokes. Your elfs and raindeer are SOOOOO FUNNY.

  81. they were wonderful I think for christmas you should give them a joke book .they where both good but I have to say good teamwork ,but over all the elves won.

  82. I think that the Reindeer came up with the most funniest jokes
    even though the elves thought of jokes quicker then the Reindeer they still had the best well done elves and reindeers.

  83. i think the elfs are funnyer.:)
    knock knock
    whos there
    elf who
    elf ya gona take me to see Santa

  84. iv got a joke
    knok knok
    who´s there?
    Santa Open
    Santa Open? i´d better wait until you claus

  85. Yea me too i will leave you some yummy cookies for you on the table Merry Christmas Love Hannah! <3 😀 <3 😀

  86. Hi Santa Claus this is a knock knock joke i made up

    Knock Knock
    Whos there?
    Christmas Who?
    Christmas is a spirit with joy and fun like elves 😀

    its not that funny but it’s sure happy

  87. why does ropdolph nedd an ambrala
    becase he’Areindeer get it raindeer

  88. dear santa i like knock knock hows there needle needle how needle litte remider to gift me a coal? Ivana go see santa

  89. they both did a great job but the funest was the raindeer but the elvs good job!

  90. Dear santa
    i am 2 years old and i just want to say thank you for all the presents you have got for me since the day i was born thank you very much :)
    and i also want to say merry christmas and a happy new year to every one and i hope they have a nice christmas and get what they wished for :)

  91. Dear Santa,
    i would like a superdry and some high tops please if thats ok and i would just like to thank you very much for all the presents that you have gave me over the years
    thanks very much love toni

    p.s i will leave you some milk and cookies on the table :)

  92. me and my mum thought it was funny there are alot of good one’s my favourite one was about the needle love mollai

  93. HAHAHAHA!!!! they are SO FUNNY!!! I’ve got one too!
    Knock Knock,
    Who’s there?
    Mary who?
    Mary Christmas!!!

  94. I love your knock knock jokes. They are so funny. Thanks for the fun!

  95. Ilove you Santa.I would like this the best for Christmas is a real bunny.

  96. I have got a joke for here it is

    What do you do if the lady in the post office wants to fight?

    Letter Box

    Hope you like that one Santa!!!!!!

  97. Did you get my message? I hope you did. This is what it said:
    You are one of my greatest hores. I Can’t wait till X~mas. Get mommy and tony gifts, too.
    Beleiving you always,

  98. Hi santa!

    You just sebnt me a letter back online a few minutes ago. Well, you are one of my greatest heros. I can’t wqait for you to come. I wish I could get you something. Talk back soon.

    Beleiving you always,

  99. knock knock
    who,s there
    bo who
    well you don,t have to cry about it

  100. knock knock.who there cold.cold who. cold in the north pole.hahaha!

  101. are you going to 711 at washington ave in nj because my principal say you are and i want to see you and rudoph

  102. Santa pleas do me a favore give my family and me a big house and a puppy and a phone to every one :)

  103. those were funny jokes i have to vote for elves and reinndeer I crack up.

  104. knock knock
    who there
    me who
    me jelly santa is not on his tower go look for hom

  105. i think the elves made the funniest jokes of all the reindeer where good but the elves where better srry reindeer need to study on them jokes ok

    p.s get them reindeer a joke book for christmas hahaha

  106. Those jokes made me burst out laughing in my head! I couldn’t laugh out loud because it would wake my Mom up.

  107. I think all the jokes were really good but I would have to say that the raindeer won. Who did you pick Santa?

  108. hi santa i love you so much thanks for the reacies peanut butter cup last year in my stocking

  109. special for all of elfssssssssss
    Knock knock
    whos there
    me who
    you dont know who u are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  111. y cnt leukemia kids have nothing and we do butt the joke are kinda funny

  112. dear santa all i want for christmas his to give leukemia kids gifts because i know they might die before christmas and that is sad and to give them a bunch of new toys and give shelter kids and there parent toys also they need it more then us wealthy kids butt you know some kids are bad if they have cancer and bad you should give them a doll or cloths

  113. i think that they are really cool and very entertaining and i love you and merry christmas santa claus

  114. that was so funny you are the best of them all ilove u with all my heart

  115. Knock Knock
    Who’s There
    Santa who
    Santa’s coming to watch you


  117. knock knock who’s there ho ho who ho ho ho santa’s coming for you too!

  118. i want your phone number so i can call u to talk to u about stuff that i’ve been doing

  119. LOL i thnk the reindeer were the funniest btw we put up a christmas tree w/ lights and we put up stockings

  120. I think they were both really funny Santa!I finally got to see it Santa thank you for telling me!

  121. Reindeers are much funnier than elves. No offence elves; P.S Reindeers are faster, too.

  122. we liked the reindeer jokes best they were very funny<3kenzie and kenna

  123. It made me laugh so hard my head exploded.And It was very funny jokes thank you for telling me that

  124. The reindeer were great and hilarious especially their last joke. It made me laugh for quite a while!

  125. That was really funny.But it took me awile to figure it out thank you Santa Claus your the best

    Love, Teyah Grace Warf

  126. the elfs they are so funny i bet you were cracking up laghing were you leave me a messige

  127. i really think those where funny so did my brother and my sister!!!!

  128. Knock,Knock who,s theair Elf Elf Who its Elf on the shelf thats who.

  129. I liked the one about getting coal in your stocking(the first one!) !!!!!1

  130. knock,knock.
    whos there?
    Santa who
    If you dont know santa your going to get coal this year!

  131. I thought this was funny(: and im 14(: haha yes he is real!!!! lolx

  132. i thought that the elfs and the reindeer were both really funny. me and my little brother andrew read them and we laughed are guts out because they were so funny!!!!

  133. That was some pretty funny stuff Santa, I emailed you and you gave a great reply. Thanks for making this website.

  134. I love your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait till chrismis santa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have movies about rodulf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait till chrismis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that chrismis will come soon!!!! well I love your site!!!!!!! good luck!!!!!!!! love amber

  135. those were quite good jokes im sure mrs clause and holly the christmas fairy were both dying with laughter.
    is that why she hasnt been yet? because the elves and reindeer have given her a tummy ache?
    i think they were as bad as each other maybe next year the elves and fairies should have a singing competition to see who can sing in the silliest voice.
    what do you think santa?
    from stacy

  136. the reindeer seem most funny cause you know reindeer and elfs to cause that was a big thing i could tell you really have to sing

  137. What did the one riendeer say to the other on Christmas Eve?
    Time to fly!!!!!!!!

  138. Ok, those jokes had to be the funniest but if I had to choose who was the funniest, I would choose the reindeer.

  139. i think the reendeer wear funny because i read the jokes!!!!!!!!!

  140. i really love jokes, but my fav. are the one’s i make! ;)! can’t wait 2 c u again! merry christmas! and a happy new year! love you for ever! ;)!

  141. LOL! BFF! Those are the best jokes I’ve heard today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. i love u santa claus!!! it’s so hard going to sleep on christmas eve knowing that ur leaving gifts for that very night and i get to see them the very next morning!!! i know how much trouble u and ur elves go through making the toys and making sure that they get to the right kid and every year, too!!! i just wanted to say thank for all u do for us. 😀

  143. I really enjoyed those knock knock jokes I was laughing my head off.

  144. They both were really funny but i had one favorite… The Reindeers but the elves were good too.

  145. I loved the silly jokes that the elves and the reindeer made. But my favourite ones were the reindeer’s

  146. i like santa he is the best because he gives us presents we want and love

  147. please come Santa
    I hope you come
    remeber my gifts
    have a good day Santa

  148. I think the elf’s came up with some good ones but the reindeer easily won!

  149. Hahahah! That was really funny I can’t chose but if I had to.. it would be the reindeer!

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