Silly Christmas Knock-knock Jokes!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 6th, 2010

Thank you for all your comments about who is sillier: elves or reindeer!  It really got them going reading all the comments from the kids!

My elves and reindeer even decided to have a little North Pole contest to see who was sillier.  So, they started coming up with more funny Christmas knock-knock jokes!

Would you like to hear the ones they made up?

The elves started first:
Knock, knock.

Who’s there?
Coal who?
Coal me when you want to go see Santa!

Then it was the reindeer’s turn:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Gift who?
Gift me a coal already.  I want to go see Santa!

But the elves had another joke ready!
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Ivana who?
Ivana go see Santa, so gift me a coal already!

But so did the reindeer!
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Water who?
Water you waiting for!  Ivana go see Santa so gift me a coal already!

It took the elves a bit but they came up with this joke:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Art who?
Art you ready yet?  Ivana go see Santa so gift me a coal already!

The reindeer were stumped (like a Christmas tree, the elves said  :-) ) for a moment or two until they thought up this one:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Needle who?
Needle little reminder to gift me a coal?  Ivana go see Santa!

That is when I made them stop their contest.  I had too.  I was laughing more than a bowlful of jelly!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you like their funny jokes?  You can leave us a message about who you think makes the silliest Christmas knock-knock jokes:  reindeer or elves.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written.


360 Responses to “Silly Christmas Knock-knock Jokes!”

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  1. 360
    My friend Jack said:

    why do they keep saying ivana

  2. 359
    My friend a said:

    This website is great 4eb0e23 4e115c2a86 9928f5101 a91398

  3. 358
    My friend angel said:

    hi santa culss have i been good or naughty my is angel and i have 2 sister there names are allison, tiffany and i got one borther name josh,well all i want for christmas is some things not all lot of thing becauses jueses should have more then us. merry christmas santa cluss.

  4. 357
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Dear Santa, i know u told me to surprise you on what cookie flavor you want….but is choclate chip okay….my dad and i are spending christmas together instead of me and my mom and my dad doesm’t really know any other recipes… is chocolate chip okay?????

  5. 356
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    I think reindeer make the funniest jokes….but they should be more original and not use jokes from the elves to start there own. :) LoVE U SANTA!!!!!! MeRrY ChRiStMaS

  6. 355
    My friend jasmine said:

    Dear.Santa i love your knock knock joks
    and i want for christmas is a real laptop
    and if you dont have a laptop thats ok because my mom will get me a laptop if you dont have a laptop i want for christmas is a teachers desk if you dont have that i dont now want i want for christmas p.s.I Love You very much love Jasmine and charlie wants for christmas is a big bone!!!
    charlie loves you to i will have some soft batch choclate chip cooks and egg nog laying on the table1!!!

  7. 354
    My friend jasmine said:

    Dear.santa i love your knock knock joks
    and i want for christmas is a real laptop
    and if you dont have none thats ok because my mom will get me one and i want if a laptop i a teachers desk.

  8. 353
    My friend Jill said:

    Thanks for last night

  9. 352
    My friend kylie maness said:

    i like your knok knok joke

  10. 351
    My friend kylie maness said:

    i love your knoe knoe joke.


  12. 350
    My friend Fadak said:

    I like you santa

  13. 349
    My friend tj said:

    knock knock
    who’s there?
    snow who?
    snow that gingerbread shop down the road?

  14. 348
    My friend Taylor said:

    they were good but thet didn’t make me laugh sorry :(

  15. 347
    My friend lani said:

    hi santa I am lani [Delaney] I love rudloph oh and thankyou! thankyou! for the laptop you rock

  16. 346
    My friend Chloe said:

    nice jokes :)

  17. 345
    My friend emmalee said:

    knock knock whos there cookie cookie who cookie attack a elf tree

  18. 344
    My friend samantha said:

    knock knock
    whos there?
    gifts who
    gifts me cookie

  19. 343
    My friend brandon said:


  20. 342
    My friend dakota said:

    i thought those were soooiooooooooooooooooo funny

    knock knock
    whos there?
    marry who?
    marry christmas

  21. 341
    My friend Anonymous said:

    they are halareast but i got to say the elfs where the best sorry i do not whant to hert the raindeers feelings i am so so sorry

  22. 340
    My friend Anonymous said:

    I think both are!:)

  23. 339
    My friend Layla said:

    knock knock,
    who’s there,
    mince pie,
    mince pie, who
    ohhhhh I am ever so sorry santa has already eaten it!

  24. 338
    My friend olivia said:

    i think the its a tie thay are all funny and silly

  25. 337
    My friend emma said:

    hi santa im from ireland. me and my sister are sooo lucking forward to christmas. all i want to say is thank
    you so much for evrything last year.

    i loved all the presents you brought me. ps;i think rudalf had the best jokes
    have a good christmas

  26. 336
    My friend gabrielle said:

    well for one that was weird but i liked all of the jokes instead of one

  27. 335
    My friend HW said:

    These jokes are creative jokes an they are nice to tell on christmas!!!! :)

  28. 334
    My friend teneill said:

    the joke i like most is Melanie it’s so cool . and any way elves give me my labtop first!!!! Bye,Bye Hi,Hi,Hi,Hi

  29. 333
    My friend EMMA :P said:

    The elves are the daftest by miles ;) xxx

  30. 332
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Your cool santa I love you to bits like mmm see you soon are you gonna fly over my chimney?

  31. 331
    My friend Anonymous said:

    I love santa presents so you should be gratful like me ive wrote letters and of course now ive looked and your best ever blog see you soon

  32. 330
    My friend kayla said:

    knock knock whos there raindeer raindeer who raindeer who jumped on th people who came

  33. 329
    My friend miranda said:

    funny elves you make the funnyst jokes

  34. 328
    My friend Rae said:

    I can’t wait untill chistmas can you even wait!Tell the raindeer I siad hi!!!

  35. 327
    My friend Ryan said:

    Close chirstmas ready sleagh on our way

  36. 326
    My friend britt said:

    i love u

  37. 325
    My friend jess said:

    knock knock
    whos there
    rudolph who
    rudoluph the raindeer!!

  38. 324
    My friend Emil said:

    i loved those jokes they where so funny

  39. 323
    My friend shona said:

    There i thought they were stupit so try and think of better ones. Just to let you know i’m talking to myself now

  40. 322
    My friend JANA said:


  41. 321
    My friend EILIE said:

    hi Santa! here is a joke for everyone in the Northpole:


  42. 320
    My friend jade said:

    ha,ha the jokes were funny i dont know what to say!!!

  43. 319
    My friend joanne said:

    i love your jocs

  44. 318
    My friend kara said:

    your so fat

  45. 317
    My friend grecia said:

    hi santa when its christmas what do u give the bad boys and girls

  46. 316
    My friend rosie said:

    what do you get when you come across a elephant’s trunk and some swimming fish

    i don’t know?

    swimming trunks!


  47. 315
    My friend rosie said:

    hi i cant wait untill christmas!And santa dont worr’y if you cant get me what i would like!

  48. 314
    My friend Ainsley said:

    I liked the Reindeers’ jokes the best!!!! They were funny.

  49. 313
    My friend Flutterific (Stephany) said:

    that was so hillairias! lol omg!

  50. 312
    My friend GEORGIA said:


  51. 311
    My friend riley said:

    you guys are both pretty funny

  52. 310
    My friend Taleah said:


    I have been a good girl

  53. 309
    My friend Ali said:

    who;s there?
    cookies who
    cookies are my faviote

  54. 308
    My friend Emily said:

    I don’t know i can’t choose who. i choose reindeer.i got a joke “What did the tomato say to the ketchup bottle? you go on ahead i’ll ketchup.Get it?

  55. 307
    My friend keira said:

    like the jokes santa

  56. 306
    My friend lottie said:

    all those jokes remind me of my granda, he has rubbid jokes too!!!!!!!

  57. 305
    My friend Ammie said:

    hi santa

  58. 304
    My friend zoe said:

    its nice to meet u

  59. 303
    My friend Teah said:

    Hey Santa!!! nice to see you agan i was just gonna tell you three or or ten nock nock jocks!!! nock nock whos there? Santa Santa who??? santa paws you “r silly didn ,t you know i was gonna say santa paws??? nock nock whos there? elf elf who??? its elf step on day dont you get it we step on elfs!!!nock nock whos there? raindeer raindeer who??? i am flying like a raindeer!!!

  60. 302
    My friend taylor said:

    they are great jokes very funny ha ha ha

  61. 301
    My friend piper said:

    hope rudof isnt playing with the dsixl

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