Santa’s Little Reindeer Birthday Party

Posted by Santa Claus on December 4th, 2010

Blizzard - Santa's newest little reindeer

Blizzard - the newest reindeer

Do you remember in my blog a long time ago I told you that Rudolph and Clarice had two new little reindeer?  Well the little reindeer, Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard, are growing up so fast I can hardly believe it!

The elves even had a surprise first birthday party for them.  It was quite a party.  Would you like to hear more about the birthday party for Santa’s newest little reindeer?

Well it was going to be a big day for Blizzard (that is him in the photo as a baby) and Georgie Gingerbread on their birthday already.  They were going to play in the reindeer games for the first time!  They were quite excited, as you can imagine.

Of course, the elves and the big reindeer had a surprise party planned all the time.  So, after everyone was done at the reindeer games they went back to the reindeer barn.  As soon as Blizzard and Georgie Gingerbread walked into the barn, everyone jumped out and said “Surprise!”

Blizzard was so surprised he jumped.  He flew right up in the air!  He flew even higher than he had at the reindeer games!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Georgie Gingerbread just had a little smile on her face.  I think she knew there was going to be a surprise party.  She is one smart little reindeer after all!

It was a pretty silly party.  All the elves wore silly little reindeer hats with antlers.  All the big reindeer wore elf hats!  There were lots of balloons so of course the elves were running around trying to pop the balloons with their reindeer hats.  Clumsy the Elf got the antlers in his hat stuck in Dasher’s antlers.  What a sight!

Then Mrs. Claus brought in two special birthday cakes.  Its good she made two because just then, POP!, Clumsy’s hat came off.  He landed right in the middle of one of the cakes!  Clumsy said it really tickled with all the reindeer eating the cake off him.

Finally we sang a song.  Do you know what song we sang?  Of course, reindeer only speak “animal” so we sang “Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!”  (It’s just like “Happy Birthday to You” but for animals).  I think that’s the song the reindeer like best (well, at least of the songs that aren’t about Christmas!  Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like birthday parties?  You can tell me what you like the most about birthday parties here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


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  1. 329
    My friend Abbey said:

    The little one is ssooo cute in the picture

  2. 328
    My friend sabrina said:

    how thought full of santa

  3. 327
    My friend Pat said:

    I enjoyed birthdays because I ask at costco in Nampa,Idaho to used my custom designs since 2004 on chocolate cake.Maybe next year i can used my own Kozaks Costco cake order form next year for my 28th birthday.I loved being spoiled by everyone in my family & with friends,so I can become Santa Claus or a emperor in the future on this earth.

  4. 326
    My friend kiana said:

    wow the picture is sooooooo cute.

  5. 325
    My friend Bradley said:

    Blizzard Looks Like Rudolph only younger

  6. 324
    My friend casey said:

    I love the name blizzard!

  7. 323
    My friend Katie said:

    Blizzard, you are so adorable! I can’t belive you did that! Blizzard, you are going to grow up and be quite the reindeer. You might get to guide Santa’s sleigh! And Gorgie, you are quite the reindeer. You are so bright! Even brighter than Rudolph’s nose! That’s saying something!

  8. 322
    My friend jade said:

    Hi santa you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I want to leave a present but I don’t know what size you are in shoes or clothes!!I hope you have a spectacular christmas as special as you!!!!!!XXXXXXXXX

  9. 321
    My friend KAYLEE said:


  10. 320
    My friend destiny said:

    do you have a sister or brother


  12. 319
    My friend Amber said:

    I like the cake my freinds coming over and gifts oh and family to

  13. 318
    My friend kieara said:

    hi Santa i hope your little reindeer’s are OK have you got a reindeer called sunny because my friend said you have but i am not sure i don’t no if there is or not how many reindeer’s have you got and if you have got any more reindeer’s i will leave more carrots to take them home with u.

  14. 317
    My friend reagan said:

    i like when you get to see what the person [or animal hahahahaha]got.

  15. 316
    My friend heaven said:

    hi santa i found your blog

  16. 315
    My friend jullyin said:

    dear santa

    baby toy cookis for santa

    carits rodohp

  17. 314
    My friend ANIYA said:

    is babby raindeers going to on slhah

  18. 313
    My friend conor said:

    I’m so adoriable never mind the reindeer

  19. 312
    My friend chiara said:

    i love B-day partys

  20. 311
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    My favorite thing about a birthday party is having a MAGICIAN perform! Abracadabra!

  21. 310
    My friend Larissa said:

    what did you deside to name the new raindeer? Is the new raindeer going to be flighing any time soon?what is it’s favorite food?

  22. 309
    My friend katelyn said:

    happy birth day to blizerd,and georgie gingerbred

  23. 308
    My friend gillian said:

    I love that little Raindeer he’s SOOOO cute and i love his long legs!!!!

  24. 307
    My friend sammy said:

    hi santa i love birthday party

  25. 306
    My friend emir said:

    i love evreone at the north pole

  26. 305
    My friend LEAH QUAIL said:


  27. 304
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Blizzard is growing up just like his dad Rudolph and Georgie Gingerbread is growing up like her mom Clarice. Maybe one day Blizzard will be as important as Rudolph. Blizzard, you will go down in history like your Dad!

  28. 303
    My friend ~Hannah~ said:

    i think his name should be Jolly it gose good whith Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 302
    My friend ~Hannah~ said:

    santa what is the deers name?

  30. 301
    My friend Aden said:

    you know, i think blizzerd is going to make the sleigh team,just like Rudolph!!!!

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