Santa’s Little Reindeer Birthday Party

Posted by Santa Claus on December 4th, 2010

Blizzard - Santa's newest little reindeer

Blizzard - the newest

Do you remember in my blog a long time ago I told you that Rudolph and Clarice had two new little reindeer?  Well the , Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard, are growing up so fast I can hardly believe it!

The even had a surprise first birthday party for them.  It was quite a party.  Would you like to hear more about the birthday party for Santa’s newest little reindeer?

Well it was going to be a big day for Blizzard (that is him in the photo as a baby) and Georgie Gingerbread on their birthday already.  They were going to play in the reindeer games for the first time!  They were quite excited, as you can imagine.

Of course, the elves and the big reindeer had a surprise party planned all the time.  So, after everyone was done at the reindeer games they went back to the reindeer barn.  As soon as Blizzard and Georgie Gingerbread walked into the barn, everyone jumped out and said “Surprise!”

Blizzard was so surprised he jumped.  He flew right up in the air!  He flew even higher than he had at the reindeer games!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Georgie Gingerbread just had a little smile on her face.  I think she knew there was going to be a surprise party.  She is one smart little reindeer after all!

It was a pretty silly party.  All the elves wore silly little reindeer hats with antlers.  All the big reindeer wore elf hats!  There were lots of balloons so of course the elves were running around trying to pop the balloons with their reindeer hats.  got the antlers in his hat stuck in Dasher’s antlers.  What a sight!

Then brought in two special birthday cakes.  Its good she made two because just then, POP!, Clumsy’s hat came off.  He landed right in the middle of one of the cakes!  Clumsy said it really tickled with all the reindeer eating the cake off him.

Finally we sang a song.  Do you know what song we sang?  Of course, reindeer only speak “animal” so we sang “Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!”  (It’s just like “Happy Birthday to You” but for animals).  I think that’s the song the reindeer like best (well, at least of the songs that aren’t about Christmas!  Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like birthday parties?  You can tell me what you like the most about birthday parties here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


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  1. Bethany

    I love birthday parties, when i was younger i was invited too partys 3 times a week! but i never had a party untill i was 9 and it was at ollies ocean world, only my 2 best freinds were there but it was the best partie i ever went to!


  3. Bethany

    And awwwww, what a sweet looking reindeer

  4. Lily and Jess

    We hope you like the reindeer party and we wish you a merry christmas!

  5. emma

    Love you Santa Love you love you

  6. Emily

    They look so cute, I love their names how did you come up with them?

  7. the barber's

    culumsy elf did they have a great birthday it sound’s like fun wish we were there


  8. adam

    that is a good name santa

  9. rebecca

    it looks like the had a very good little reindeer party & they looked so cute ,the elves certainly did a great party

    cheers rebecca

  10. ella

    aww, the reindeer is so cute!

  11. clodagh

    that is so cool i wish i was their

  12. Finnian

    I like the nice presents and party’s


  14. Bethany


  15. sophie

    That baby reindeer is soooooo cute

  16. Khadijah

    HI elves i really really want to visit you but i hve no time so maybe sometimes ill come and visit you

  17. melissa

    that party sounds so cool haw old are they

  18. oliwia

    In birthday parties the best thing is looking at all the presents and eating the cake.

  19. oliwia

    I wish I was there it was.

  20. natasha

    i love christmas

  21. maggie

    i like the cake

  22. courtney

    dear santa,
    I have heard about the little reindeer party i would love to come but at my house if i go some where my brother and sisster will have to come.

  23. shakira

    i like the presents the most out of all

  24. Leanne

    My favourite thing about birthday parties is having all my friends round. Next year I would like to have a camp out with my two friends Erin and Shannon.


  25. chantelle

    hiya santa how old are the reindeers x

  26. katherine

    i like baloons!

  27. Blerta

    The best part of birthday partys is you get to open presents and guess whats inside and when you get to play with your friends. P.S Thankyou Santa for reading my messages I sent you your replies made me laugh they were funny.

  28. Abigail

    Ahh blizard is soo cute rudolf and curice must be very very happy

  29. lydia

    I just talked to you at email Have a good day.

  30. sarah

    my name is sarah & i am 7 years old
    i live at castle doglas & it is in dumfries & galloway
    i am getting really excited about christmas and this is some of the presents i would like a real kitten,
    kitten food & kitten biscuits and kitten toys & kitten bed please santa

  31. Ashlyn

    Hey Santa i love you and have a merry Cristmas!!!

  32. Heather

    Haha sounds like fun santa! This website is fun and annoying but it sounds like Blizzard is very cheeky ;) .

  33. Lauran

    How cute is he going to be on the sled when he’s older his gave birth to him

  34. mckenna

    happy birthday gorgie gingerbread and blizzard

  35. hanna

    that was a nice nonfiction story you got there i cant beleve my site ho ho ho i cant beleve that they had babys that was wonerful well i will fisit this blog latter today xoxoxoxo oxooxoxo hanna

  36. aubrey

    i like your cute little reindeer alot!
    i can’t remember the reindeer names.

  37. abby

    Happy Birthday!

  38. Kaden

    That sounds cool.

  39. samantha

    little Blizzard is so cute!

  40. alexandra

    i realy hope you can git me a kitten puppy a fish bird lizard cat bairdies.

  41. Payton


  42. katherine

    i love you rudolf

  43. KYLER

    I really liked your blog Santa it’s very good.

  44. katherine


  45. Callen


  46. Courtenay

    i like the story and my favourite part was when the elves gave him a big party.

  47. Courtenay

    i like the story and i like it when the elves gave him a big party.

  48. Autumn

    The picture of Blizzard is so CUTE!! I wish I could have a reindeer of my own, but even if that doesn’t happen, i would still love every Christmas that I’ve had… I LOVE YOU SANTA!! ( And everyone that’s at the North Pole!! )

  49. lauren

    ahhh how cute is that photograph i hope our new little reindeer’s grow up and lead our sleigh!

  50. Alexis

    Happy Birthday to the reindeer love alexis

  51. McKenna

    Happy Birthday all the way from Ottumwa! How exciting Georgie and Blizard! I can’t wait for a few more years and you to will be guiding Santas sleigh just like you dad!

  52. Courtenay

    i liked the story and i liked it when the eleves gave him a big party.

  53. Carlene

    Blizzard is so CUTE! I love him!

  54. Kaitlynn

    i cant believe Rudolph and Clarice had 2 babies!

  55. Anabella

    Is georgie gingerbread older or blizzard?

  56. Johanna

    awee that is so adorable good luck to clarice and rudolph..!!!! Congragulations!!!!!!!

  57. Ella

    cool hes so cute!!!!!!!

  58. haleemah

    this website is cool!!!

  59. ana

    awwww Blizzard is so cute

  60. brielle

    awwww so cute!!!



  62. emily

    Me and my bff love praties and we are only 10!We want to have a party for chirstmas this year.Hope to see you soon!

  63. Christina

    Congratulations ruldolph and clarisse! Good luck!!

  64. roisin

    hello santa i rememberd what you said that you couldent wait for me to go and write a coment well im hear now see you soon love from roisin

  65. lizzy


  66. dre

    how did they have the reindeer

  67. bella

    I would like a very nice family time, of course with you.But i know you will be probably wrapping the childrens christmas presents.Would you be packing the childrens presents on the 22 of october? Anyway i have always got lots and lots of presents i know for shore some of the presonts are from you.

  68. Bailee

    Haha. I bet it was a blast! I live up In northern Nunavut so I live near the north pole. How exciting!

  69. Ashley

    Birthday partys are SUPER fun and we have birthday cake and icecream then we go and play again

  70. Mireya

    That’s so cool! It was nice of the elves to throw a suprise party…

  71. Julia

    The elves are really nice to take the time and have a suprise 1st birthday party for them. Please tell Rudolf and Clairence best wishes! As well as the elves and Mrs. Claus and to you too, Santa!
    Merry Christmas!

  72. Julia

    Thats a funny story!!! \
    Have a very Merry Christmas Santa!

  73. Byron

    Happy Birthday Little Reindeer even though im in a different timezone to uses.

  74. Taryn

    I hope that they had a wonderful first birthday have a great first christmas

    Congrats Ruldolph and Clarisse!!!:):):):):):)

  75. Lydia

    I bet Clairce and Ruidph have lot to take care there little rainder for there birthday party I bet it was a blast I had a birthday party once it was really fun it was at Pump it up it’s really cool.

  76. kyle jenkinso

    hello santa and elves

  77. Jade

    I love the people who come

  78. Laura

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope they had a great one! Congrats!

  79. Haylie

    Awww! Parties are super-duper fun. I hope the reindeer enjoyed it! :)

  80. michael

    my favourite part about birthdays is when I eat pizza . I think that reindeer birthday must of been pretty funny

  81. michael


  82. misty

    santa is a jolly man!!!

  83. Allie

    Yay! New little reindeer! Happy Birthday Georgie and Blizzard! To Rudolph and Clarisse, Hope all is well! Polish up thats nose Rudolph! Santa will need some light to guide him! Cannot wait to see you on when I track Santa! Merry Christmas!

  84. Makakayla

    Birthday parties rock! They are so lucky. My little sister is having birthday party soon acualy.

  85. Cassidy

    I love CAKE!!

  86. julissa

    congratulations ruldolph and clarisse one day there be just like you=)

  87. jaya jasmynes sister

    i hope you all have fun and i hope to see you the 24 and i have cookies for you and somereindeer mix love you santa

  88. caitlin

    hello santa i hope you and mrs claus are keeping well

  89. Isabelle

    HO HO HO very cute. “Mickey Rendeer christmas party” HA HA HA

  90. katie age 7

    The reindeer party sounded really exciting I wish I was a reindeer it sounds really cool.I have just put my Christimas tree up today and decorated it, it looks really pretty.In England the snow is really deep and slippery but today it rained so the snow is gone now – I did not have time to make a snowman this time.Chat soon.

  91. Rhiannon

    Awww congrats from the new little members to the family, I sure hope to see the little time riding around with Santa! :)

  92. bailey

    i love birthday parties. congratulations on your new reindeer have a super christmas ! i love you!

  93. justin


  94. Georgie

    Ha, One of those reindeer have my name!

  95. miranda

    what i like about birthdays is that you eat cacke

  96. alexis

    good luck happy christmas reindeer and mrs. and mr. Clause

  97. Mr.Builder

    Christmass. :)
    I love Santa. <3

  98. Ashley

    Dear Santa,
    I love birthday parties! They are a lot of fun and we have cake, play games, watch the birthday girl or boy open presents, and even get goodie bags!! Thanks!

  99. Bailee

    Hippo Birdy Two ewe, Hippo birdy two ewe, hippo birdy deer Georgie and Blizzard, Hippo Birdy two ewe

  100. Haley

    Dear Santa,
    Parties are ALWAYS fun. Tell your little reindeer I said ‘Hi’!

    Your friend,
    Haley .M.

  101. Lyndsey

    Hi Santa!!
    I love birthday parties! Congratulations on the new reindeer! I can not wait until Christmas! 20 sleeps to go!

  102. Payton

    Cake and presents!

  103. javan

    Im being a good boy! anyway I love u santa! Email me!

  104. Pippa

    I love the little reindeer! Did Rudolph and Clarice get married?

  105. Kobisan

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW i love little reindeer

  106. rachel

    dear santa, i love rudolph. im glad you have a new reindeer.

  107. Ryan

    Do you really give coal to the people on the naughty list?

  108. MO

    My brother and I love surprises. I have to say the reindeer is soooooo cute can you send me a picture of them all together

  109. carly, and brittany

    omg! that little reindeer is so cute!! which 1 was that? We can not wait till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merry x-mas by the way!!

    carly and brittany

  110. lakita

    that is the cuteset thing in the world i want him as my wallpaper on my phone cute…i think santa you should keep him as your pet.

  111. Gianna

    Clumsy is sooooooooooooo clumsy.
    Oh and happy birth to Blizzard and Geogie Gingerbread

  112. lily

    I like birthdays because we pla party games . I also get to see my frinds.

  113. Alexis S.

    hey i hope you have a merry christmas sand that the baby reindeer are going to help rudolph fly the bigged sled. have a holly jolly christmas

  114. jordan

    tell rudolph clarice that i said their really cute and tell them i love them also.

  115. Haley

    I would love to meet the reindeer.I bet they loved it .It sounds fun to have a reindeer party.I <3 you santa.

  116. Ashley

    Santa you are the best. And that baby reindeer is soooooo cute!


  117. imani

    the thing i like the most about birthday party’s is that you get to hang out with friends and family. also you get presents it remindes me that christmas is not far away!

  118. Allyson & Shelby

    Hi Santa. We are very thankful for all that you have done for some many years! The holidays are here and we are so happy that you will be visiting!

  119. melody

    tell rudolph and Clarice that blizzard and Georgie gingerbread are sooooooo cute! Have a merry christmas and happy New year!

  120. Renee

    hi Santa its me Renee i just wanted to tank you and the elves for all the presents you have given me the past years!!!
    Tank You

  121. Connor

    What flavor was the cake

  122. Connor

    Have you seen my Christmas list that I just sent you

  123. Connor

    Ask Rudolph if blizzard is helping his dad

  124. aumbriElle

    santa some people have said things about you that are not nice. but if you ever hear who said it or if you know who said it you can leave them a letter on christmas eve or you can put them on the bad list its your choice.

  125. kiara

    i lve birthday partys i have juke partys

  126. jaida

    Hi santa

  127. ToniAnn

    the raindeer are so cute i hope there are more storys about the raindeer

  128. Harlely

    Tell Rudolph and Clarice I said they are a CUTE couple.. I LOVE them!! and u to Santa!! thanks!!

  129. jake

    Tell rudolff I said hi after that I hope you can make it arond the world in 1 day!!BUT after that please wright back BFF JAKE K

  130. Hannah

    Happy birthday little reindear!

  131. ashton

    I like pizza

  132. michael

    i love birth day parties cause of the cake

  133. will

    I like when the birthday boy or girl opens the presents

  134. Kate L.

    Hi Santa,
    Tell all the reindeer Merry Christmas.
    You all there at the North Pole rock. Tell everyone Merry Christmas, Rock on!!! Merry Christmas.

  135. Anonymous

    i love you blog from yasmin

  136. paryss

    aww i think thats so cute we wish you a merry birthday we wish you a merry birthday we wish you a merry birthday and a happy christmas too merry christmas santa merry christmas reindeer one question before i go . . . do you have your christmas tree up? cause i have ok santa bye!

  137. misty

    hes grow up fast!!!

  138. ashleigh x

    aww hes so cute say merry christmas from me to everyone their lol

  139. Fiona

    I think Santa’s new reindeer is so cute.I would like him myself.

  140. amelia

    I hope you have a merry christmas!

  141. rio

    santa um i want to give the new reindeer thier own little sleigh.

  142. Hailey Bishop

    Hi santa the reindeer look soooooo cute on their birthday! I hope they have a good one & tell the elves i said hi.
    Love Hailey

  143. George

    I would love to come Reinders are so cute could i have one please its on my christmas list

  144. Lena

    Marry Christmes !
    Happy Birthday
    Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard ! ; )

  145. carly

    getting all of the exciting gifts.

  146. Connie

    How cute!! :)

  147. isobel

    hello santa,tell the b-day reindeer happy birthday and tell all the reindeer merry christmas and that i said i hope they have fun on christmas eve and christmas morning.


  148. Sarah

    Your new reindeer Blizzard looks cute. Trll Blizzard I said Happy 1rst Birthday.

  149. adam

    he is so cute

  150. Mill

    The reindeer are so cute!!! I thin the best thing about birthday parties is giving and receiving.

  151. Alex

    I will leave some carrots and other vegetables for the Blizzard and Georgie Gingerbread on Christmas Eve.

  152. amber

    i love animals
    especially my guinea pig millie
    i also love the picture of that little reindeer blizzard

  153. Madison

    Blizzard is sooooo cute! I bet he had a great paty! Merry Christmas santa! :)

  154. lauren

    how cute :D
    awwwwww i love reindeers and partys so it goes down well

  155. Molly

    I think little baby Blizzard is soooooo cute! I want one! I think baby Blizzard sould have his own little sliegh and I hope he has a merry christmas

  156. Anonymous

    So cute is it i wish i had a baby reindeer

  157. ilene

    i love thoughs riendeer so cute

  158. jade

    Its so cute

  159. Bryce

    How much longer till he can fly

  160. bridget

    love the picture! hope to see one of the new baby reindeers all grown up! can you leave me a picture of the reindeers on christmas eve?

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    He’s the cutest little thing in the world.

  162. Kyle

    Can i see a picture of rudolf,claire,The babys of reindeers

  163. evie

    there so cute are they as magical as the older ones

  164. ian

    Yayy!! Little fuzzyy boy

  165. jamie

    ok well i was 2 and i loved my mpom andi was scared and i didnt know anyone so i held on to my mom the hole time

  166. david

    can i have one too

    i will be exter good

  167. Alexa Sampugnaro

    Santa is Clarice happy with Rudolph? well how old is RFudolph and Clarice? and how are the babys doing? I hope one day they will be guiding your sliegh every Christmas Eve. How old are you ive heard that you stop at an age and that is your age forever right. Well nice talking to you Santa C. Have a nice Ride on the 25 by

  168. maddie

    The pictures are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. emily

    thats really cute!:)

  170. Addie

    The Little reindeer is so cute :D :D <3

  171. Annjala

    Tell Blizzard & Georgie Gingerbread I said “Happy Birthday!” Blizzard is sooo cute, can I see a picture of Georgie Gingerbread? Can I have a reindeer for Christmas?

  172. natalie

    santahave you gotin colid befor love natalie

  173. Juliana

    That must have been really cute ps that was super duper cute!

  174. Monique

    Aww how cute!! Congratulations Clarice and Rudolph…. And welcome to the family Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard!! Well that’s all i have to say and Merry (Early) Christmas!! Only 20 more days!!!

  175. katerina

    I hope Rudolph and Clarice are happy together!!!!!!!!!!!

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  186. morgan

    I forgot to say when are the reindeers georgie gingerbread and blizzard going to be a part of the reindeer crew that fly the slay

  187. Isabella

    Dear Santa Claus. I saw the picture of blizzard and I like her. I wish that I could see her this Christmas. I will put out extra carrots for blizzard. Along with the message earlier that I sent I also want a puppy dog for Christmas. I wish that I could see Rudolph too.

  188. Anthony

    What I realy like about birthdays are, all the people who are there.

  189. Julianna

    Well i like every part of birthday partys , honestly, but if i had to choose one i whould pick all my friends and famliy!! Merry christmas!

  190. grace

    i love a good cake but the reendeers might want a carrot cake.i love playing fun games like pin the tail on the reendeer.put of coorse reendeers dnet have hands.

    p.s. happy birthday blizzard!

  191. carleigh

    how ADORABLE!! i love thoughs names! tell them to b careful one day when they get to guide you sleigh!! :) ! my cousins madison & parker miller got to new puppies because of you sending them a letter! thx again for all you do for everyone and my family! i love you for eternity! :) !!!

  192. Kasey

    how cute is that.

  193. Malorie

    Hi Santa,
    I think that my favorite birthday party EVER was this years at my father’s house… I was the monkey in the middle!!!

  194. Jasmin Ochoa

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  195. Corban

    Say happy birthday to the birthday reindeer and say hi to ruldolph.

    p.s. mighta spelled ruldolph wrong

  196. Shraddha

    When it is my birthday I like playing with my freinds.:)

  197. Mhari

    awww, that is really sweet! why havent i been keeping up in here?! send them my congratz please santa and i hope they love them to bits!

  198. kassey

    dear santa I want Ipond and coloring books to and table chair to I want alot this years santa im I on your good list now tell me

  199. Amie

    I love it when Yhu get to open all the presents,
    But one year I got skates and I fell. It was really sore :)
    Anyway I still love Birthdays!!

    Merry Christmas Santa! x

  200. jermillia

    santa can you come and pick me up and take me to rudolfs birthday party

  201. Kierra

    Blizzard is soooo cute p.s. is he going to be one of your reindear someday

  202. hannah

    i like b-day parties b-cause u get to celebrate your b-day with your friends or go to their parties and spend time with them

  203. hannah

    i love b-day parties so much

  204. Brianna

    hello santa merry christmas! and thanks for all u do. i do like birthday parties do u? have i been naughty or nice? wats one of the presents your gettin me?

  205. amber

    I like paries from CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. matthew

    those reindeer are so cute

  207. savannah

    awwwwwwwwwwww!its so cute wats its name

    love always
    savannah behel

  208. Michaela

    Hi Santa is mrs claus cooking you a big dinner

  209. rebecca

    I absolutely love birthday parties if it wasn’t on the fourth i would have been begging you to let me come to

  210. mahoganie

    I like birthday partys that has
    pools.I had a birthday party with

  211. hope

    hi santa haha that must have been a silly birthday party for them

  212. farrah

    I love reindeer so much and i hope rudulph and all the little reindeer enjoy having parties and celibrating birth of new born reindeer

  213. Reiny

    how are you today?
    I can’t wait until christmas… guess what!!!!!!

    Don’t forget to guess what ;)

  214. lydia

    hi santa :) love christmas and so you aswell xxxxx :)

  215. calum marsden

    hi how are u iam lydias bother and i hope you have qa great time pn christmas day :) :(

  216. angie

    he is sooo cccuuutttttee

    how can i adopt one

  217. kierston

    i saw you at the mall.

  218. kierston

    that must have been funny.

  219. joleena

    how are you today and are the elves and rainderes okay merry chrismas thats all i had to say am sorry i did have some bad times but am still nice.

  220. megan

    i bet they are sooo cute love Megan

  221. liam

    I love going to birthday parties. I am going to my friend Diarmuids party on Sunday. We will run around and eat too many sweets. I hope I dont get dizzy from running around.

  222. Jack

    i bet they loved the suprise say hello from me to them thank you have the merriest christmas and the happiest new year to them and to you all xxoxoxoxoxo

  223. Shannon

    Wow!! a Birthday party!?! I bet blizzard would LOVE that (and the others*wink*) :D

  224. Shannon

    I HOPE I AM NOT NAUGHTY!! i try REALLYYY hard but sometimes things happen you know? (*wink*) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  225. Daniel

    i did hear buot it last year. blizzard is handsome. congrats rudolph and clarice!!

    i think blizzard should be part of the team when older.

  226. Christine

    I hope you get me a weiner puppy 4 Christmas!

  227. Fayelyn

    The Presents does Rudolph,Clarice,Blizzard,and Georgie GingerBread like presents the best too

  228. Katelyn

    I love birthday parties! The best part about parties is the presents!

  229. Jennifer

    I wish I was at the party. How did clumsy fell into the cake? Were the Wrestleing? Having reindeer must be fun. I would want one like Blizzard When he was a baby.

  230. Aaron

    Ilove birthday parties. I really like reindeer. Are there any new reindeer?

  231. Jade

    Dear Santa, what are Georgie gingerbread and blizzard,s last name.Love Jade Vilayseng

  232. MAKAYLA


  233. kayla

    i love birthday parties and i can see why clumsy’s name is clumsy well good bye !!! :)

  234. Trevor

    hello reindeer

  235. Leneigh

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  236. josh

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  237. braylin

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    And for christmas i want one of your slegh bells?

  242. reanna

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  243. olivia

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  245. Emily

    my favorite part of birthday parties would be hanging out with my family and friends. What’s yourfavorite partof birthdays?

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    Morgan Renee Elkins

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  251. morgan elkins

    i cant wait 4 you 2 come it’ll be awsome dont forget when i emailed you you promised me an ipod and a cool phone don’t forget please (just sayin).
    Morgan Renee Elkins

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    Aww so Cute!
    am so Happy for Rudloph and Clarice!
    and great names for the babbys!
    Bizzlard and Gergo! did you know there’s a christmas movie about a reindeer named Bilzzared?.
    hi Rudloph Clarice and All the Elfs and the reindeer and mrs Claus and Santa Claus.

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  254. Abigail

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    mention if i am a good singer.

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  257. morgan

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    and forgot to include some things. I just want to ask to come on your slay(please).

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  264. ashley


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  282. LAURYN


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    Blizzard look’s very cute!
    Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Birthday Blizzard, and Georgie Gingerbread!

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    Hi i really love animals and want you to pat him on the head for me!

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  299. Ashlynn

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    how’s the new reindeer doing ???
    tommorow is Christmas eve and we are going to see Tron Legacy..with my family.
    i got a haircut everybody says i look a lot more mature :)
    ive been nice
    im going to leave you a card in my stocking you took cards that i made for my family can i have them back please thanks :P
    hope i get the presents i asked for
    thanks for everything you do for me and my family love ya

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  302. Evan

    I like to get cake and invite my friends. I really love cookie cake… I had my 6th birthday party at Build-a-Bear workshop. I think my next party will be there too.

  303. Aden

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  304. ~Hannah~

    santa what is the deers name?

  305. ~Hannah~

    i think his name should be Jolly it gose good whith Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. Kaitlyn

    Blizzard is growing up just like his dad Rudolph and Georgie Gingerbread is growing up like her mom Clarice. Maybe one day Blizzard will be as important as Rudolph. Blizzard, you will go down in history like your Dad!



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  322. destiny

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  323. KAYLEE


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  326. casey

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  327. Bradley

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  328. kiana

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  329. Pat

    I enjoyed birthdays because I ask at costco in Nampa,Idaho to used my custom designs since 2004 on chocolate cake.Maybe next year i can used my own Kozaks Costco cake order form next year for my 28th birthday.I loved being spoiled by everyone in my family & with friends,so I can become Santa Claus or a emperor in the future on this earth.

  330. sabrina

    how thought full of santa

  331. Abbey

    The little one is ssooo cute in the picture


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