Silly Christmas Elf Jokes by Santa’s Reindeer

Posted by Santa Claus on December 1st, 2010

One of Santa's Reindeer


Everyone knows my Christmas Elves like silly jokes.  But did you know my reindeer like silly jokes too?  They do!  But they love funny jokes about the best.
Would you like to read some of the funny jokes the reindeer like?

Well, here are some of the jokes that make my reindeer laugh:

What do elves like to eat?

What kind of music do elves like best?
“Wrap” music!

How do elves get to the top of Santa’s Castle?
An “Elf”-evator.

What kind of money do elves use?
Jingle bills!

What’s the first thing elves learn in school?
The “elf”-abet!

If there were 11 elves in the Workshop and another came to help, what would you call her?
The twelf

Who lives at the North Pole, makes toys and rides around in a pumpkin?

Santa rides in a sleigh.  What do elves ride in?
Mini vans!

What do you call an elf that tells silly jokes?
A real Christmas Card!

Where do you find elves?
Depends where you left them!

What do you call an elf that just won the lottery?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus
P.S.  Who do you think is sillier, my Christmas elves or my reindeer? (You can tell me who you think is the silliest at the North Pole.  Or, scroll down to see what silly things others have written!)


260 Responses to “Silly Christmas Elf Jokes by Santa’s Reindeer”

  1. Bethany

    I think that they are both JUST as silly as eachother (though no one is as silly as my puppy!) :)

    -Bethany| :D |


  3. amber

    its amber again i went this blog and wrote back
    you are nice but mostly GENOUROUS ! as

    have joy from christmas

  4. Karlea

    funny you ride in a sleigh they ride mini van funny.

  5. jhammed

    hahaha hahah LOVE IT !!

  6. desiree

    funy i love you

  7. desiree

    ok i don’t care to wait p.s elefs ilove you to miss claus i love you TO I LOVE ALL OF YOU

  8. nicole

    hello everyone at northpole i here uv all been really busy i love christmas its the best time of year my birthday is 3 days after christmas and my cousins is on christmas day his name is nicolas to haha :) lots of kisses and hugs nicole

  9. jeffrey

    Why was 6 afraid of 7 cause 789

  10. Vinny

    how does santa win the lottery?

  11. brooklynn

    rudolph is the funnyis in the north pole.

  12. Cody



  14. Oak class

    We think all the jokes are really silly! The reindeer are very naughty! we have a joke for you:
    What fish is always selfish?
    Shell fish!!!

  15. skylar

    I Santa i hope everthing is good in the north pole

  16. Hannah

    funny LOL

    Can not wait till X-mas


    i like the the twelf joke it makes me get the giggles,ha ha


    i like the twelf joke it gives me the giggles

  19. Katie

    I’ve seen the elfs/reindeers jokes. They’re so funny!!! :) ->-<

  20. Grace .A.BEAL

    Dear santa claus what I would like for Christmas is a mini laptop,a fame dvd,
    marmaduke dvd,a window crisdauland a realy!realy! HHAAPPYY CHRIISTMMAS

    LOTS OF LOVE FROM GRACE.B XXxxxxxx … xxxxxxx

  21. Daniel

    I like them elf jokes santa i have got one for you what does and elf do on chrismas eve

  22. emma

    what do you call a reindeer with a red nose.


  23. abby o brien

    i thick all are great

  24. dalton

    skl.igrtkl; … mmmm that was the worelds longest word

  25. dalton

    ther bad stick to fling

  26. jenna

    i love to text i am trying to stop yelling but i get so frusterated from school i hope you come

  27. Abbi

    I bet all of those reindeer love to hear silly jokes! Maybe that’s what makes Rudolph’s nose glow!

  28. Amy

    To santa i hope you are looking for good kids and bad kidsand i like you to say hi to everyone please keep warm i do not want any one of you’s to get a cold.
    Lots of love from Amy Loughbrough

  29. Luke

    Dear Santa,
    I hope you have a good Christmas this year!Its snowing right now in my city!!!!

  30. Luke

    Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas!!!! Only 25 days till Christmas!! I love Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph!!!

    P.S. { and yes Olive, too!}

  31. Luke

    Dear Santa,
    What’s you’re favorite reindeer ?????? ???????.

  32. Luke

    Dear Santa,
    I might have a idea… Olive them!!!! Get it!!!!!

    Santa’s reply:
    Ho! Ho! Ho! Luke!

  33. Faith

    I think that you are the funniest at making jokes santa,after all you did write them right?

  34. Tanisha

    I know your secret you love tp play on your psp

  35. bobbi

    hi once there lived a elf called clumsey on chritmas eve santa ask him to put the presents ready.but he put some santas old photos of when he was yough.then santa set off with

  36. ashleigh

    you are so funny here santa it is me ashleigh how said i love you and elves me and my sister chloe are so happy to get an preson what you make love you elves and i love santa most

  37. Abbey

    the jokes are so funny

  38. ciara

    those are really funny jokes the efls like

  39. austin

    iiiiiiiii lllooovvvvvve

  40. emily

    cool i love them ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ……. .HAAAAAA

  41. Lily

    thse were halarius! they are the best christmas jokes!my favrite was all of them.

  42. Albany

    SANTA tell rudolph he can make good jokes and that him and you are doing good jobs at the north pole


  43. Meagan

    You said you wanted me to visit the blog and I could type stuff and you could not wait till I posted something or something like that.

  44. alexis

    the reindeer are really funny to hahaha or hohoho was all i could say

  45. brenda

    i think the reindeers are fuunny

  46. Brett

    elves. LOVE the jokes Santa!

  47. brooke

    ha ha ha those jokes are so funny

  48. Dwyneth

    I think the elfs are silly because the look really cool and they look funny! hahaha hahahahah!

  49. mallory

    I think comment is the silly one of all of them.

  50. Matei

    santa, be careful not to laugh too much, you can forget what presents the children want!!!

  51. samantha

    the was funny because the reindeer had really funny jokes

  52. ryan

    you are awesome

  53. madison

    I Think The Raindeer Are The Sillyest AT the North POLE I love There Silly elf Jokes ( No Affents elfs)

  54. Albany

    i think these are funny

  55. Mikayla

    i think thaat the reindeer are funnier because they have different types of jokes

  56. desirea

    why is mrs. cluase so good at knitting (because she has to make small enough blankets for the elfs)

  57. john

    you are the best thank you so much

  58. Stephanie

    I think the elves are really funny!!!!!!!
    Which one do you like best Santa?

  59. madi caddell

    have a good christmas and a happy new year merry christmas everbody.p.s. have a happy hannukah to.

  60. Maxwell

    I like these jokes they’re funny and make a lot sense to me. The elves are so funny. No wonder why the reindeer like them. :) xoxo

  61. Caitie

    Hi elves and reindeer and of course santa, these jokes are hlarious.

  62. Patrick

    I think the Cinder Elf-a joke was pretty funny.

  63. tatiana

    ho ho ho so funny

  64. rowan

    i think the raindeer.My fav joke is
    who lives in the north pole makes toys and rides in a pumpkin cinder-elf-a

  65. Ashley

    Dear Santa,
    I think both reindeer and elves are hilarious! But, if I had to chose I would pick…. hmm…. I can’t decide! They are both great! Merry Christmas! Thanks!

  66. kate

    i think santa

  67. Devin

    What do elves drink with santa before he takes off?


  68. sean

    I found your blog with a little help from mom are you ready for this year.Sadly christmas is not long enough:( by good to talk to you bye

  69. summer

    what do you call a elf a nater?
    ellavoter! HO!HO!HO!

  70. RILEY


  71. Nicolas

    Yo Santa I think the Elves are Way funnier than the reindeer![no offense Blitzen, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Rudolph, etc]. Santa, Just wondering how many DS games do you have?

  72. katie

    i think that the elves are pretty funny but the reindeer are funny too!

  73. Juan

    Dear Santa.I have read you blog!
    I’ve heard it’s really good!

    Love Juan

  74. Heather and Anita

    We lovee yoooo elfsssss!

  75. Rebekah

    i think reindeer are the funniest there jokes made me LOL!!!

  76. lacey

    thankyou santa merry christmas every one at the north pole!!!!!!!

  77. Matthew

    i hope i am on the good list because i have been good all year i think the reindeer are the funniest but if you were in it i would say you HO HO HO

  78. Caitlin

    hi ho ho santa u rule!!!!! i love all the presents u send me thanks!!!
    your elfs are sooo sweeet!! so are your reindeer! (especialy rudulf!)
    luv caitlin :-) xxx

  79. silly elve fan!!!!!!!!(+riendeer!!!)

    i think the elves are sillier!

  80. james

    merry christmas santa claus

  81. megz


  82. rylie

    i think the elfs and reindeer both tell very good jokes

  83. desiree

    i love those jokes lol

  84. marcy

    i think both

  85. desiree

    dear santa my halo has been a little crooked i love you very much i hope i get you for christmas because i really love you and for chirstmas i would like a bed set and you and mrs.claus and the elfs amd rodoff and fosty i didn’t forget any of you if i did tell me

  86. Kaitlyn

    I think that ruldolph is the sillyest

  87. Chasidy

    I think the reindeer are the funniest. The reindeer are crazy.

  88. Gabrielle

    I think it’s the reindeer!

  89. Charlotte

    I hope that the reindeer only know how to fly I know it can be tricky

  90. Alison

    Hi Santa

  91. laura

    hey kiki wat r u doing

  92. Kennedy

    hi laura what are you doing

  93. Roxanne

    Very funny reindeer. My dad has some food for you when you visit ;D

  94. alice

    hi santa i do not belive in u go away
    the funniest is clumsy my own personal elf!

  95. Erin

    I think the reindeer are funner.

  96. Erin

    I think the reindeer are more funny

  97. Nikolina

    I think reindeers are more funnier, especially Prancer although I don’t know why :D

  98. russell

    how old is rudolph

  99. sierra

    i think both because there both really great.

  100. lauren

    hi there i bet its cold living at north pole and for the raindeers to see you soon lots of love from lauren xxxxxxxx

  101. kelli

    i like the joke where do you finds elves? depends where you left them and if there where 11 elves in the workshope and another one came to help what would you call her? the twelf and the last one is what do you call an elve that just one the lottery? welfy those are all funny and a lot of the jokes are funny lol

  102. niamh

    what do u call an elfs phone?
    an elfanator

  103. anahi and cecilia

    WOW those elfs are so silly making jokes

  104. Albany

    i think the reindeer are siilier than the elves

  105. nicia

    hi santa i was wondering if you cuold send me a picture of you and rudolph.

  106. katelyn

    i love the raindear thay are so funny:)

  107. jake

    how are you doing

  108. meaghan

    i think your raindeers are funnier! no afence to the elfs but those were pretty funny!

  109. cheyenne

    Dear santa
    My name is Cheyenne Wendt i love Christmas so much. Do you Santa

  110. patrick

    Oh yeah Santa clause I know how to identify all the types of christmas trees thanx to the Lorne C. Henderson Conservation Area.
    I also like the joke Niamh made up: what do you call an elfs phone: an elfanator.

    Sincerily again,

  111. amelia

    Santa walks in the reindeer shied and Ruldoph is being meen and Santa says
    your being very “Ruld” Ruldoph

  112. alexis

    your elves are surely funny santa

  113. Deenise


  114. Miranda

    I have a joke but it’s not about Christmas. What kind of teeth do you get for a dollar?

    Buck teeth!

    LOL! ROTFL! That joke cracks me up!

  115. Jamari

    I would say the elves Ray is the elf that visits my home every year I feed him jelly beans and he gets into stuff

  116. Jack

    What do you call santa’s dog.SANTA PAWS!!

  117. courtney

    i love you

  118. georgina

    ha ha ha ha ha that is really funny

  119. georgia

    what do you call the strongest veg
    a mussle sprot

  120. Anonymous


  121. oliwia

    What do you get if you cross a witch’s cat with father Christmas?Santa Claws.

  122. Briana

    ha! santa i gust wanted to aske if you love me because i love you so much.

  123. pauline

    I am on your blog

  124. Alexis Marie Leahy

    i think the rain deer are funny!!! =)

  125. vickery

    i think rudolph is siliest in the north pole

  126. jess

    i think they both are silly they tell very funny jokes. i love your reindeer and your elves

  127. Alora

    I think the most funny one was
    Santa rides his sleigh what do elfs ride
    a mini van HA HA


  128. Lydia

    I think those joke’s are hularles they crack me up I laghed so hard I fel on the floor.

  129. ALANA


  130. rea

    knok knok who’s there elf elf who elfest
    ho ho ho lol merry chrismas!!!

  131. lindsey

    sorry, I misspelled my name in my e-mail to you…. HO HO HO. Can I also ask for a North Face brown Jacket. Has Buddy my elf gone back to the North Pole yet? I haven’t seen him this year. He normally stays in the closet but we can’t find him. Love you…Lindsey

  132. Mary Grace

    I think both are funny.

  133. Tristen

    You santa

  134. Erin

    Hi, I think Santa is really cool and nice!

  135. Cole

    I think the reindeer are the funniest because they write all those jokes.
    P.S. Are they all true?

  136. SARA


  137. JORDEN


  138. Abigail


  139. Jean Shelly

    Thats so funny

  140. ria&josh

    haha there all so funny please post some more!xxxx

  141. mckenzie torres

    I think the raindeer are the funnyest.

  142. caitlin

    hello santa I thing the raindeer is the funniest can I tell you a joke whats white and goes up a comfused snowflake HAHA!!

  143. Meghan

    Those jokes are so funny I love you santa!

  144. Grace

    Hi Santa,I can’t wait til Christmas!I already have mylist ready 20 Days until Christmas. Many,many things to do .I hope the raindeer get lots of treats.

  145. mia

    i think that clumsy is because he’s head was up a tuba .

  146. Santa Claus

    Ho! Ho! Ho! The reindeer are happy you talked about them! Ho! Ho! Ho!
    20 more sleeps until Christmas!
    Be good! Ho! Ho! Ho!

  147. Matthew

    I think the reindeer are the silliest, but i wouldn’t count the elves out yet.

  148. luke

    do you know my two elfs names are in my house

  149. draven

    What do you call an abomidible snowman mixed with a camel?

    A lumpy snowman!!

  150. charlotte

    I have to say santa you and all the elves are the funiest you all have the most funny jokes

  151. Neve

    I think clumsy suits his name, but………………………………..
    your reindeers are cool to!!!!!!!!!

  152. evie

    Q. why did the golfer wear to pairs of trousers
    A. so he would not get a hole in one

  153. madison

    ive got a song or a comment but it is verry funny,
    dashing through the bush in a rusty holden ute, kicking up the dust esky in the boot, kelpie by my side singing christmas songs, its summer time and im in my singlet, shorts and thongs, oh jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, christmas in austrailia on a scorching summers day jingle bells jingle bells christmas time is beaut, oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty holden ute. engines getting hot, we dodge the kangaroos the swaggie climbs aboard-he is welcome to. all the familys there siting by the pool christmas day the aussie way by the barbecue.
    chorus, come the afternoon grampa has a doze the kids and uncle bruce are swimming in their clothes. the time comes round to go we take a family snap, pack the car and all shooy through before the washing up.

  154. tyler

    i think their both funny. elves tell jokes.reindeer fly and eat.

  155. alexionna

    hey santa it’s omost christmas i am so exited i can’t wait i can’t keep thinking about the raindeers, santa,mrs.claus,the elfs,the tree ,thr gifts just help me:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  156. emily

    i think everybody won!all the jokes were realy good!

  157. Dominic

    Haha Its Quite Funny Santa Thankyou And The Reindeers And The Elves For Spreading The Christmas Spirit Into All Of Our Hearts

  158. Claire

    i dont know i’d say that all the reindeer and elves are funny but u should see some of my friends they are hilarous

  159. erika

    wich reindeer do you like the best?I like all of them.Do you have 10 reindeer or 9?p.s.hope you have a wonderful christmas!

  160. coleman

    personally I think the rainder are more silly but the elfs are funny too.

  161. beyonce

    the reindeer was funny

  162. cassidy


  163. Michellle

    I think the elfs are the sillyest

  164. Dixie

    raindeer are funnier

  165. allison


  166. Allison

    Santa what would you like for Christmas?

  167. antonia


  168. Daphne

    OMG I love these elfs everyone knows that elfs can be in a mood soo rain deer are super funny and on my watch they’re funnier. ( toatlly)

  169. Amanda

    i think reideer are always craking those little silly jokes.. to the children.

  170. Connor

    Those elfs are funny

  171. Arsha

    reindeers and eleves are funny that’s why i like them!

  172. Arsha

    thank you

  173. Stuart

    Who is the elves favourite musician?


  174. charlie

    reindeer totally no afense eleves but they have funnier jokes!

  175. DES


  176. kiana

    i love those jokes there so funny i love the cinderelfa the most.

  177. jackie

    elf because they tell one joke i like the most is “what is one thing that elf learn in school elf abcet” and i started laughing out loud in easyer way is (lol).

  178. Tailor

    Santa its me again

  179. niomi

    the reindeer are the silly.

  180. marissa

    that was so funny but its not nice to make fun of other people espically the elfs ^_^

  181. Keeley

    Dear santa i hope you have had a wonderful year i know i have i can still remember the first day of summer vacation sorry i forgot you probably do not like to talk about summer well while were talking about summer what do you the reindeer and mrs claus do during the summer

  182. ella

    i think the Reindeer jokes were most good

  183. sarah


  184. RAYNIE


  185. Samantha

    i thought all the jokes espessialy
    Who lives at the North Pole, makes toys and rides around in a pumpkin?

    I laughed so hard i fell of the chair. Anyway everyone at the north pole pleaseeeee be carefull xoxoxoxoxo

  186. Daisy

    where do Elves go when there ill
    Elf centre

  187. harry

    i think all of them are funny its not about the laughths its just about the joke

  188. stone

    i love elfs.i want one so bad.i like clyde so much do you know him.

  189. stone

    i love elfs so much and i want one so bad.

  190. stone

    dear’ Santa i want one of your elves really really bad . i will try my best on being good. santa i could do anything just to get a elf. i will try my best in school.i will do anything my parents ask me to do.i will do anything you want me to do.

  191. pauline

    hy santa I love your blog it is the best Ilove you anyway how cinder elf a hahaha that was the most funniest joke I have ever heard from the north pole bye santaloveyou and the reindeers and the elf and mrs claus and esspecially santa claus hugs and kisses

  192. ALEXIS

    i thought thouse jokes were ‘AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Pasha

    Elf’s and reindeer’s jokes are amazing! They make me laugh even if I’m sad ;) I just can’t stop laughing after I read’em!!!

  194. jonathon

    How is rodolphs nose so bright? Do the Elfs play football?

  195. megan

    reindeer they are very funnny

  196. Max

    Those jokes were AWSOME!!!!!! you are the best santa

  197. Xavius

    I thik santa and the rendeer are the funnest

  198. Xavius

    I like the reindeer

  199. Katie


  200. Christopher

    Thank you for your letter and I am going to let Rudolph come into the house when he gets here. Love, Christopher

  201. blessin

    the eleves

  202. Zoe

    I think that it is a tie between the two!

  203. Zach

    WE LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. Obama

    Merry C

  205. Bethany


  206. chase clear

    i love them

  207. kaitlyn

    I think that the raindeers jokes are really funny!

  208. emily

    Hi Santa adn Mrs Claus. Im excited about xmas and hope to see you soon and hope you bring ma a wii

  209. Megan

    these are adorable! and funny!

  210. Nathan

    We thought the jokes by the elves were a little sillier, but enjoyed them all!

  211. hayley

    that was so funny the raindeer come up with some funny stuff. i cant wait to hear more.

  212. Melissa

    Reindeer is funniest DEFINETLY!! By the way im still laughing!!! That was funny!! Thanks For The Jokes.Melissa.Merry Christmas!!!

  213. Carissa

    what do call a elf and a monkey together? a elf-monk!

  214. Alyssa

    I think the reindeer are funnier!!! the jokes about the elf’s are funny too!!BYE SANTA!!!!

  215. GemmaJayne Lucinda&SophieMae

    OOH that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    We are still laughing



    Love SophieMae and Gemma Jayne Lucinda

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

    Love US!!! xxxxoo oox

  216. amelia

    i love Christmas because of the giving and i heard my big brother is coming home for Christmas so thats all i want for christmas is my family to be together

  217. Beth Koele

    Now thats funny!

  218. kyla

    hi i wrote you back like you wanted me 2…….my cats r being silly…ha ha …

  219. Taleesha & Jenny




  221. Esther

    I think the elves are the silliest!!

  222. katie hughes

    those jokes are haleirious ha ha ha i cant wait intil christmas

  223. cameron

    your reindeer

  224. SARAH


  225. jordan

    elves and reindeer are not silly there all smart

  226. beth

    Ithink Rudolph is the funniest.

  227. jayden

    hello Santa how are you and Claus.maybe I will bake cookies.

  228. meabh

    santa i love u and it`s not long and i might get the acer travelmatde c 204 and i will love it very much. and i might give u some cookies for u santa and some corrots 4 roudolf
    p.s Meabh

  229. Hannah

    Hello santa are you ok whant are you doing then thank you for my letter will i see you on fiday night then santa x

  230. Tommy

    When you laugh you giggle like a bowl full of jelly.

  231. Daniel

    Santa are my on the bad list

  232. david

    dear santa for christmes i really wont a ipod touch if you do i will love more

  233. abigail

    I really liked the joke i read it was the elf abet one it really made me laugh and i wish you and the helpers at the north pole a merry christmas ho ho ho x

  234. lauren

    i have a elf on the shelf at home and they our not silly their nice and fun. reindeer our not silly too.their all sweet.

  235. Rachael

    Hi, Santa!
    I have something to say about the reindeer’s jokes, BOO! (Kidding). How come the Christmas colours are red, green and white? And how long have you lived at the north pole? I have a joke about reindeer.(They can’t take credit if they use it.) What do you call reindeer that fall from clouds? A REIN-SHOWER!

  236. Rachael

    What does a dumb elf not know?
    The elf-abet!

  237. Johnathan

    Hey Santa I read all of your articals and they are very cool and the fire truck and fire rescue just went past my house.

  238. Sunidhi

    that was real funny

  239. megan

    thank you for my gifts santa claus!!

  240. madison

    what do you do all year while the elfs make the toys??

  241. esme


  242. Addison

    i love your blog

  243. Addison

    i love your blog

  244. Georgia

    Well this is a tuffy urm…a… both I think yes you both are as funny as each other and I love this blog!!!!

  245. Evie

    i love them jokes but i love you more xxxxxxx

  246. lisa

    I think the elf’s

  247. grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend

    that was funny

  248. massie

    some of those didnt make sense


  249. london

    i have been good this year

  250. natalie

    dear santa
    i think the reindeers are hillarious , i told my mum the joke about the elf-aggheti and she lauged so hard she made me laugh.
    not like i wasnt already laughing the same amount as her.

  251. Emily


  252. Chelsea

    I think the elves are siller because they are elves. Reindeer are cool! I would like to have one. He could sleep in my room.

  253. Anna

    i liked the joke about the wrap music one i told my mum, my nana,my dad they laghed to hard i had to stop them and then i said the next joke

  254. kelly


  255. Anonymous

    i think both

  256. Millie


  257. Kyra

    what do santa clause’s puppies say?
    santa paws

  258. lauren

    that one bout the elves winning the lottery was funny hi my o my that was rare welfy (lauhging right now)

  259. kyleigh

    i think santa claus is the silliest becaus he is funny and silly i love you santa:)

  260. olivia

    elf ones are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    elf ones mean by jokes.

  261. imogen


  262. amelie

    ho ho ho they are funy espeshly
    what do you call an elf that won the lotry


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