The Untidy Elves

Posted by Santa Claus on December 2nd, 2010

A long time ago the Christmas elves told me something.  They told me they didn’t want to tidy up any more!

They said, “Santa Claus, so many kids do not tidy up.  Why should we?”

I wasn’t too sure it was a good idea.  Most times, I would ask Mrs. Claus.  But Mrs. Claus was away.

Those silly elves kept asking.  Finally, I said. “OK.  You are right.  There are a lot of children who do not tidy up.  You do not have to tidy up any more either”.

The elves all cheered!  They thought it was great.  No more cleaning up!  Still, I was not too sure about the whole thing.

Well, after just a few sleeps the North Pole Workshop was messy.

After a few more sleeps the North Pole Workshop was VERY messy!

It was so messy we could hardly find any presents!  It was just before Christmas too!  It looked like no one was going to get presents that year!  Oh my!

That is when Mrs. Claus came home.  She almost fainted when she saw the mess!  But, she knew just what to do.  She made herself a great big mug of herbal eggnog.  It calmed her right down.  Then she got all the elves working and singing:

“Clean up, clean up,
Everybody do your share.
Clean up, clean up,
Everybody, everywhere.
Clean up, clean up,
Do it in your underwear!”

(Ok, that silly last part was what I was singing when Mrs. Claus wasn’t listening *wink*)

We did a good job cleaning up.  But, there were still a few girls and boys who were sad that year.  They did not get the presents they wanted.  Instead, one little girl got a furry green grilled cheese sandwich.  Another little boy got a train Christmas morning — with a chewed pickle in it!

Well, that was the year I learned you always have to clean up after yourself.  But there are still some girls and boys who do not clean up.  So there are still some Christmas elves that think they do not have to tidy up either.

It’s too bad because then some girls and boys do not get presents (or else they get furry green grilled cheese sandwiches or chewed pickles by mistake!  Yuck!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it is a good idea to clean up after you finish playing and to keep your room tidy?  You can tell me if you would like a chewed pickle for Christmas by leaving me a note.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


118 Responses to “The Untidy Elves”

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  1. 118
    My friend Lauren said:

    I think its a good a good idea to tidy up. And know i would not want a fuzzy grilled chese.

  2. 117
    My friend amazing amy said:

    i would not even dream about that because i am sure everybody cept on losing things

  3. 116
    My friend Madison said:

    well, i do like pickles!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 115
    My friend megan said:

    hey,hey, whats up hope that your having a good halloween up at th north pole is it snowing up thier how is it up their up here it calling for snow and it is halloween but i guess i should let you go and merry chrstmas and happy halloween and hope your ok i wish you good luck peace out home dog………
    p.s im going to a gymnastics thing with a friend…………….. .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 114
    My friend Brooke And Reece said:

    i once got a trampoline with gum stuck on it

  6. 113
    My friend garrett said:

    why are they ever going to do that again i hope not

  7. 112
    My friend willow said:

    my rooms clean toy wise but i have dirty clothes EVERYWARE but after i read this i wated to go clean my room after i right this okay ready… this

  8. 111
    My friend Pauline said:

    I don’t like pickles but I know my parents like pickles…UNCHEWED pickles!

  9. 110
    My friend grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend said:

    i hope the north pole is clean when i come back

  10. 109
    My friend grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend said:

    i hope the workshop is clean when i come back


  12. 108
    My friend adrian said:

    im ok with an unchewed pickle :-) :-)

  13. 107
    My friend Isabella said:

    Hi. Ik u exist and I always get nice things for christmas. Idk if I have been naaaughty or nice this year so if u could tell me i would be enterneerly grateful.

  14. 106
    My friend garrett said:

    It was a terrible idea to not to clean up because it makes a big mess.

  15. 105
    My friend stephanie said:

    dear santa,hey i hope the elves are being good and not clumsy

  16. 104
    My friend alyssa said:

    I’m also very sorry

  17. 103
    My friend maya said:

    why r they not tidy

  18. 102
    My friend Jeremy said:

    What’s worse than getting a furry green sandwich? One that moves.

  19. 101
    My friend Hannah said:

    way did the elfs not want to tiddy up

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