One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!

Posted by Santa Claus on November 27th, 2010

One day all the elves were busy making Christmas presents in the North Pole workshop. All of a sudden there was a bright flash of light and BOOM! Everything shook and even the Christmas lights went out for a second. Mouse the littlest Elf came running to me. “Santa Claus” she said, “I’m scared!”

“Its ok Mouse” I said. “Its only a thunderstorm”. There was another flash of light and then BOOM! Mouse quickly grabbed hold of my hand.

“Mouse, would you like to help me make the thunderstorm go away?” “Yes, I would” she said, still scared.

“OK, the next time we see a flash of light we’ll start counting until we hear the thunder go BOOM!”

There was a flash of lightning right away so we started to count: “One… Two… Three…” BOOM!

“Now”, I told Mouse, “lets count again the next time we see lightning”.

We waited and then, FLASH! “One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…” BOOM!

“Santa” Mouse said, “We did it! The thunder is going away! We counted all the way to six that time!”

So Mouse and I counted every time we saw a flash of lightning until the thunderstorm went away.

Now whenever there is a thunderstorm Mouse the littlest Elf is still a bit afraid but she always helps me make the thunderstorm go away by playing “One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you a little afraid of thunder like Mouse the littlest Elf was? What do you do when there is a thunderstorm? (You can tell me by leaving me a note. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


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  1. 307
    My friend Paige said:


  2. 306
    My friend Erin said:

    I have always wondered…isn’t hard to keep track of everyones names? Wel I think you rock SANTA! (smile) (lol!)

  3. 305
    My friend Leah said:

    I always just shut the curtains andturn on the lights and turn the TV up loud and stay with my mum. I’m still scared!

  4. 304
    My friend alexandra said:

    i am scared of lightning to but now i know what to do thanks to you.

  5. 303
    My friend Still afraid a little said:


  6. 302
    My friend Bethany said:

    How many elves do you have? x

  7. 301
    My friend Bethany said:

    Please can you help my brothers girlfriend get better for Christmas she has got the dreaded Cancer disease and she is doing a wonderful job to help fight it. I wish her the best.

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