One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!

Posted by Santa Claus on November 27th, 2010

One day all the elves were busy making Christmas presents in the North Pole workshop. All of a sudden there was a bright flash of light and BOOM! Everything shook and even the Christmas lights went out for a second. Mouse the littlest Elf came running to me. “Santa Claus” she said, “I’m scared!”

“Its ok Mouse” I said. “Its only a thunderstorm”. There was another flash of light and then BOOM! Mouse quickly grabbed hold of my hand.

“Mouse, would you like to help me make the thunderstorm go away?” “Yes, I would” she said, still scared.

“OK, the next time we see a flash of light we’ll start counting until we hear the thunder go BOOM!”

There was a flash of lightning right away so we started to count: “One… Two… Three…” BOOM!

“Now”, I told Mouse, “lets count again the next time we see lightning”.

We waited and then, FLASH! “One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…” BOOM!

“Santa” Mouse said, “We did it! The thunder is going away! We counted all the way to six that time!”

So Mouse and I counted every time we saw a flash of lightning until the thunderstorm went away.

Now whenever there is a thunderstorm Mouse the littlest Elf is still a bit afraid but she always helps me make the thunderstorm go away by playing “One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you a little afraid of thunder like Mouse the littlest Elf was? What do you do when there is a thunderstorm? (You can tell me by leaving me a note. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


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  1. 100
    My friend Brandon said:

    You know Santa I can see where that little elf is coming from, because if your small like me big things can scare you I mean im 13 and I’m still a little scared of thunder and lighning

  2. 99
    My friend landry said:

    Y’all really have thunderstorms at the North Pole.

  3. 98
    My friend Gigi said:

    …kool… sweet.. .epic…pie… random…

  4. 97
    My friend Hannah said:

    I love your story!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing!

  5. 96
    My friend Alexis said:

    my sis is just like Mouse.

  6. 95
    My friend savannah said:

    I ma kinda scared but not as much sense I was like 4 years old it gets realy anoying I do get over it thoe!

  7. 94
    My friend Calista said:

    Santa when I hear thunder I count to 10 and cross my fingers then hope for the storm to go away.

  8. 93
    My friend Nicole said:

    Happy Holidays

  9. 92
    My friend Ellie said:

    is Amelia on the NAUGHTY list!

  10. 91
    My friend Ellie said:

    Say Hi! for Mrs.Claus and the Elfs.


  12. 90
    My friend Ellie said:


  13. 89
    My friend MADISON said:


  14. 88
    My friend rhett said:

    Santa i think that the thing i want the most is a toy Star Wars slave 1 ultimate battle pack. tell the elves Rhett says “you work so hard! i appreciate you!”

  15. 87
    My friend Nathan said:

    When there is a thunderstorm I hide under my bed or I go in the basement & chew on my fingernails!! That’s gross, I know, but that’s the only thing to do when there is a thunderstorm. I shouldn’t chew on my nails. I will try your suggestion next time!! Thank you Santa!!

  16. 86
    My friend Amaris said:

    I say “Rain, Rain… go away. Come again another day” :) Merry Christmas xo

  17. 85
    My friend faith said:

    i wouldnt blame her . but how does it thunder storm there oh well Santa would never lie i love everyone at the north pole

  18. 84
    My friend John said:

    Hi santa how are you? Am I on the good list or the naughty? Well I got to go now bye.

  19. 83
    My friend gwyneth said:

    nice story(:

  20. 82
    My friend kylie said:

    poor mouse the elf i read it all a little bit a go

  21. 81
    My friend brooke said:

    that is the funniest thing eevveerr!!!!

  22. 80
    My friend Sarah said:

    I am not scared of thunder storms, but I like watching them light up the room. I can also sleep right through them. My friend says, “No I am not 1 bit scared of thunder storms. Although sometimes when I hear thunder and lighting it startles me a little.”

  23. 79
    My friend mma said:

    its okay mouse(: i love you!27 days away!!!! <3

  24. 78
    My friend MEGAN said:


  25. 77
    My friend MEGAN said:


  26. 76
    My friend becca said:

    my dog is scared but iam not

  27. 75
    My friend Keegan said:

    Mouse is like me.When there`s a thunderstorm and the lights go out I get scared too.And I know it is`nt fun.

  28. 74
    My friend SARAH said:


  29. 73
    My friend Jake said:

    Thunder storms really scare my 2 puppies.My 3 year old puppie crawls over my Face!Silly Isn’t it!

  30. 72
    My friend Jana said:

    If I was Mouse , I would have been scared too.I don’t like thunderstorms one bit! But now they’re not so scary. Isn’t Mouse you’re baby? Even if she isn’t , say hi for me. Thanks!!!

  31. 71
    My friend Ashley said:

    Hi Santa,
    I can’t believe there is only 28 more days till Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday and it is so special because of you!! Tell all the elves, the reindeer, and Mrs.Claus hi for me….. and tell them how great of a job they are doing….same with you!! Thank you so much!

  32. 70
    My friend Daniel said:

    Was mouse okay, and did the thunder storm cause delay to present?

  33. 69
    My friend Rebecca said:

    I love thinderstorms at night because it makes me fall asleep quickly, but I hate them when it is during the day because I would rather be outside. When it gets really bad that is when it gets scary..

  34. 68
    My friend claire said:

    that sounds mightey scary!

  35. 67
    My friend claire said:

    that thunderstorm sure did sound scary!

  36. 66
    My friend Sarah said:

    That’s so sweet Mouse. I’ll have to try that next time there’s a thunderstorm. It’s very interesting.

  37. 65
    My friend lauren said:

    that’s really funny ha!ha!ha!

  38. 64
    My friend brooke said:

    go to my mom and dads room and sleep with them then i would go and get my little brother.

  39. 63
    My friend lauren said:

    oh im sorry mouse i feel scared like that when storms happen.your not alone haha haha!!!!

  40. 62
    My friend Grace said:

    I go in the basement and if it goes boom so loud I go downstairs and hide behind a box.

  41. 61
    My friend Kate said:

    I am a little scared of thunder storms too. Tell the elf that I feel sorry for him!

  42. 60
    My friend Sarah said:

    my sis is afraid of thunder.

  43. 59
    My friend Sinead said:

    Thats what i do when there is a thunder storm and now Mouse knows what to do when there is another BOOM :)

  44. 58
    My friend golly said:

    soo cute :)

  45. 57
    My friend Kristian said:

    Dear Santa,
    I am really excited that Christmas is almost coming. But what I wanted to tell is I really want to see how it feels like to ride on Santa’s sleigh.I love Christmas.

  46. 56
    My friend Orla said:

    So scary I know how Mouse feels.

  47. 55
    My friend rachel said:

    oh poor mouse

  48. 54
    My friend taylor said:

    does it always scare him

  49. 53
    My friend emily said:

    dear santa my Brother and me our exicted for christmas xxxxxxxx tell yor with dat I lic yor dres
    xxxxxxx … xxxxxxxx

  50. 52
    My friend charlie said:

    dear santa my name is called Charlie santer who lives in fleetwood with my sisters Emily my mum Debra and my dad William.I would like you to send me a letter back please and I love you so much cause of your nice costume
    bye bye give your wife love from me Charlie xxxxxxx xxxxxx

  51. 51
    My friend Trinity said:

    I do the same! It really helps me!

  52. 50
    My friend Matt said:

    Hi santa i hide under the covers!!

  53. 49
    My friend grace said:

    hello everyone

    i am really excited for christmas only 28 days

    love grace

  54. 48
    My friend Oscar said:

    Dear Santa,
    What I do During a ThuderstromI just keep calm

  55. 47
    My friend Lauren said:

    Hi Santa, I’m scared of storms only when there really big and trees look like there anout to fall down. When it’s only rain and little thunder i like it, it makes me really sleepy. Did you know that when you and Mouse counted to six that means the middle of the storm was six miles away, my dad told me that, are you scared of storms? Have you been in a bad storm on Christmas while you where giving out presents what wass that like?

  56. 46
    My friend HAILEY said:

    I should try that next time there is a thunder storm.

  57. 45
    My friend jake williams said:

    that was cool.I hope mouse is O.K.i am scared of lighting as well good buy.

  58. 44
    My friend lauren said:

    i love thunderstorms because there so cool!

  59. 43
    My friend Jamie said:

    On Friday the 26th of October I did a play and I was in the wife swap part and I was narrator two Cheryl cole and I was really scared but I didn’t minde then I did it and it was all over by the end of the day and I said to my self least thats over

  60. 42
    My friend cheyenne said:

    i can’t wait till chrismas!!!!

  61. 41
    My friend cheyenne said:

    hi santa it’s cheyenne.can you write back

  62. 40
    My friend Aimee said:


  63. 39
    My friend kiersten said:

    i hide under a blaket

  64. 38
    My friend amy said:

    hi icant wait till christmas

  65. 37
    My friend Bethany said:

    Poor mouse. My dog Parker is afraid of lightning, too. Uhhhhhhh i am SO bored today.

    Merry Christmas,

  66. 36
    My friend Heavenly said:

    I am so glad that your alive.I love evrey thing you do.Excpesely leave presents under the tree.I love you so much!!!!!!!!

  67. 35
    My friend Nicole said:

    omg we have snow here

  68. 34
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Dear Santa Claus,

    I am not afraid of thunderstorms but my dog is.I tried your “One,Two,Bye-Bye BOOM!” game with him and it worked! Thanks for the help! Im sure Adam isnt that afraid of thunderstorms anymore.
    Thanks :)


  69. 33
    My friend kasidi said:

    yes i am a little afraid of lighting because when i was on my bus to school i didn’t see lightning but i did see a house that had been strucked by lightning and it wasn’t pretty. When there is lightning i always try to be the smallest. because lightning hits the tallest point.

  70. 32
    My friend jaden said:

    hi santa its jaden agan ilove it

  71. 31
    My friend Logan said:

    I go down stairs and bend over like an armodilla and say ” please don’t hurt me” I am silly!

  72. 30
    My friend Elouise said:

    I do the same as mouse the littlest elf the more numbers you count the far away it is

    bye bye santa

  73. 29
    My friend grace said:

    i go and tell the teacher or my mum and dad or i just be brave

  74. 28
    My friend emily said:

    i for get about it and say it,s not there.see you soon love, emily

  75. 27
    My friend sydney said:

    when there is a thunderstorm i huddle up in a ball on the couch

  76. 26
    My friend sarah said:

    well I don’t mean to be offensive but I would be like the little elf terrified

  77. 25
    My friend Taylor said:

    I am not afraid of thunderstorms. If there is one I just keep moving on with my life.

  78. 24
    My friend Lauren + Caitlyn said:

    Hi Santa Hope mouse is feeling better we dont like thunder either .

  79. 23
    My friend Cassady said:

    I every one! When there is a tunderstorm
    I go to my bed and sit there and whach t.v and hug my pellow and if the light goes out I get a flash light and put it on the table and make shadow pupits! I also still hug my pellow! Hope you like my ideas! Hope the mouse and the little elfs like my idea!

    Bye Bye BOOM!

  80. 22
    My friend ALANNAH said:


  81. 21
    My friend ALANNAH said:


  82. 20
    My friend hann said:

    All i do is wait for the storm to go away!

  83. 19
    My friend Sydnie said:

    Hi! I’m scared of them too! What I do is I get my fav stuffedie then get a movie I love watching and then I don’t feel so scared.
    I love Christmas!!!!!!!!

  84. 18
    My friend grace said:

    that was the best story i ever herd marry chrismas

  85. 17
    My friend grace said:

    that was the best story i ever hard

  86. 16
    My friend Kyra said:

    It is fun having two elves watching you.they always get into mischeif.once they tried to climb up my chimney.

  87. 15
    My friend Sierra said:

    Hi Santa Claus do you remember me from yesterday.

  88. 14
    My friend madalina said:

    hi santa i heard that you put my sister on the nuathy list .

  89. 13
    My friend Ashley said:

    I am 11 and I am still scared of thunderstorms I have to cuddle up to my mother. Santa today is my birthday

  90. 12
    My friend shelby said:

    the story reminds me of my dog when we have thunder storms and we if it didn’t stop by the time we go to bed she gets in bed with me and my mom and she has a thick fur coat so she keeps us warm all night.

  91. 11
    My friend ashton rowley said:

    I think it was funny. It looks like the mouse was brave.

  92. 10
    My friend shelby said:

    it was very cool because the little mouse elf sounds like my dog when we have thunder storms

  93. 9
    My friend Tom said:

    I love Christmas

  94. 8
    My friend michael said:

    i wish everbody a happy christmas and santa and mrs santa to so have a happy christmas everbody

  95. 7
    My friend bailey shibinette said:

    wow sounds scarry.i hope i does not happen again because i sounds like Mouse was really scard

  96. 6
    My friend Alice said:

    I’m scared when there’s a thunderstorm because I am scared it will hurt me.
    I scream when there is one!! he he

  97. 5
    My friend Charley said:

    Hello, Santa, Elf’s, and reindeer !

    I hope mouse gets over her fear of thunderstorms(i sometimes get scared as well, shhhhh):) the fact about thunderatorms is everytime the second hand gets to the twelve thats when either lightening strikes of the thunder clashes i cant remember out of which one it is :) frommm charrlleeyyyy xxx

  98. 4
    My friend GUODA said:

    was that real thunder because my friends do not no if you tell the truth.

  99. 3
    My friend GUODA said:

    No, I’m not scared of the thunder but there was a lightning and it was really scary.

  100. 2
    My friend kai said:

    your blog is really funny

  101. 1
    My friend tmmy said:

    i also count santa it always goes away

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