Merry Christmas! Its Christmas Day!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 25th, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, the reindeer and I are very tired!  It was a very long night.  But it was a very fun night!  I hope you had fun this morning too!

There are many people I have to thank for helping me.

I want to thank the elves and reindeer.   They are such good helpers.  Hurray for the elves and reindeer!

I should thank the grown-ups too.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them.  Hurray for all the grown-ups!

Of course, I have to thank Mrs. Claus!  Hurray for Mrs. Claus!

But most of all, I want to thank all the kids!   I want to thank you for the milk, cookies, mince pies, apples, carrots and other goodies.   Thank you for the great letters and emails too!  Hurray for you!

I hope everyone enjoys the presents that I brought.  The elves worked very hard making them just for you!

I know there are many kids I could not bring any presents to this year.  Or, I had to bring them a present different from what they wanted.

I am very sorry if I could not bring you what you wanted.   I know you really wanted it.   I am sad I could not bring it.  I know you are sad about it too.

But, I want you to always remember something.  Santa Claus and everyone at the North Pole love you very much.  It does not matter what Santa brings you.   He still loves you, almost as much as your grown-ups do!

The most important gifts are the ones that Santa cannot bring.  After all, Christmas does not come in boxes and bags.  It does not come from a sleigh or a store!   If you have people that love you and a warm, safe place to live then Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you have a wonderful Christmas?  What was the best part of it?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

P.P.S.  I have to go see if the new baby elves have been born yet!  I will tell you all about it tomorrow.


345 Responses to “Merry Christmas! Its Christmas Day!”

  1. 1
    My friend victoria said:

    my favorite part of Christmas was getting my lip smackers because my mom and aunts had some before i was born.

  2. 2
    My friend Brooklynn said:

    I really like the Webkinz and my big Chocolate Penguin! Thanks elves for making me and my sister everything! Thanks Santa for eating the cookies and delivering presents! Thank you Mrs.Clause for letting me write a letter to you! Thank you reindeers that pulled Santa’s Sleigh! But most of all, thanks for letting me be with my family

  3. 3
    My friend Kadin said:

    I heard what sounded like reindeer hooves where i put my food and saw huge deer tracks at my pond and santa said he would take the reindeer there

  4. 4
    My friend Rita said:

    Thank you Santa. It was a wounderfull Christmas as always. Take it easy, we’ll take it from here. Rita

  5. 5
    My friend Mazie said:


  6. 6
    My friend Ree said:

    yer so cool

  7. 7
    My friend Sydney said:

    i want to thank you for everything and the ipod touch and guitar thank you a bunch!

    p.s i am listening to my touch right now!

  8. 8
    My friend elleah said:

    thanks for giving me those roller-skates i rode them amost the wholie day they were great i did love them so much and i will aways keep them with me

    lots of love

  9. 9
    My friend mia said:

    mia said to santa
    hi santa claus i love everything you give me they are great

    lots of love

  10. 10
    My friend nahian said:

    did you really got me presents yes or no.


  12. 11
    My friend Landon said:

    (I bet you are tired) Santa,this week (or shall I say weekend)we went to see my grandpa and grandma. We had fun!!!

  13. 12
    My friend Marc said:

    Santa Your Awesome I Got Everything I Asked For You Rock Dude Get Some Well Desevered Rest!

  14. 13
    My friend SaShAiA said:

    Dear Santa,
    I would like to thank you very much for my UGG Australia Boots, my long cable-knit sweater from Old Navy, and my white vest from Aeropostale. I would also like to thank my parents and grandparents for all of my clothing from abercrombie and Jutice. I would also like to thank my aunt sarah very very much for my very 1st coach purse!

  15. 14
    My friend Jayn said:

    Thank you for my lovely stocking, it was awesome.
    Enjoy a long rest now Santa you really deserve it.
    Thank you for making my Christmas so special

    Love Jayn

  16. 15
    My friend hanna said:

    dear santa

    hope you like your colcoltae milk ang cookies.

  17. 16
    My friend hanna said:

    hope you liked the stuff we left out for you. thank you for the presents.

  18. 17
    My friend ellie said:

    thank you for the american girl doll stuff and the letter you wrote me was so good… i almost cried when i saw it was from you thank you! maybe i can have more of american girl doll stuff!
    love ellie p.s i can`t wait to ” hear ” the reindeer and you next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merry christmas

  19. 18
    My friend Thomas said:

    My favorite part of Christmas was waking up this morning and seeing how you and everyody loves eachother. This was better than any other gift I had before.

  20. 19
    My friend Ellee said:

    Thank you Santa! I am just so thankful for what you do. My favorite part of christmas was seeing all my relatives at the christmas party.

  21. 20
    My friend brandon said:

    spending time with my family, boyfriend, and opening presents!

  22. 21
    My friend Kaylie said:

    On Christmas Eve when I went to church my friend James said he saw your sleigh! Thenks for the glow in the dark basketball!!

  23. 22
    My friend Chance said:

    Merry after-Christmas, Santa!

  24. 23
    My friend Gretchen said:

    my favorite part was getting my vintage 1959 barbie doll

  25. 24
    My friend taylor said:

    chris is being very silly qnd naughty

  26. 25
    My friend taylor said:

    so i llooked ouside the window should i do that or not

  27. 26
    My friend jane said:

    christmas day was fantastic, i had great fun. thankyou santa.xx

  28. 27
    My friend Jacob said:

    Hi i loved this christmas so much

  29. 28
    My friend wil said:

    i liked gettting the garbage truck

  30. 29
    My friend Rosy Turner said:

    My favoraite part of Christmas is i had opened all my presents and i am playing with them that is my favoraite part of Christmas!

  31. 30
    My friend Harrison said:

    Dear Santa,

    Thank you for the presents and thank you for the return letter. Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well, and Happy Holidays.

  32. 31
    My friend Sugar and Spice said:

    I think it is nice to do all of that work just for us kids!!!!!!

  33. 32
    My friend Hannah said:

    Hi Santa I really wanted A Dog but I did not get it:( but I under stand alot thanks to all the elfs or I wood not have any gifs thank you elfs

  34. 33
    My friend yasmin said:

    i was so happy i finally got a holiday barbie!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 34
    My friend suzie said:

    the best bit was spending time with family

  36. 35
    My friend Nicole said:

    My favorite part about Christmas was seeing the letter you gave me. I also had a blast opening gifts! You did a great job, Santa!

  37. 36
    My friend emma said:

    hi i love your red suit thanks for everything

  38. 37
    My friend tasmin said:

    this year i got good things from you
    your really nice

  39. 38
    My friend mackenzie said:

    thanks for the clothes and the boots

  40. 39
    My friend fatiha said:

    hope mrs.claus has a very nice time thank you

  41. 40
    My friend lexi said:

    i got all the things i asked for

  42. 41
    My friend Rebekah said:

    Thank you so much for my air hockey blu tac karoke guitar wii and everthing else next year I will by you a present to I promise you if I am allowed with all my love Rebekah xxx.

  43. 42
    My friend Savannah said:

    thank you for all my wonderful presents, I loved them all

  44. 43
    My friend Sarah said:

    thank you for the laptop

  45. 44
    My friend ABBY said:


  46. 45
    My friend jasmine said:

    thank you santa Claus for my D.S.I and my penguin you left me everything I wanted.Thank you santa you are the best !! with love jasminexx

  47. 46
    My friend Janet said:

    SantaClaus thanks for my NintendoDS

  48. 47
    My friend Shardonnay- Rose said:

    Heyaa Maytee x
    oritee thankks for nowtt i dintt gett owt for Christmas coz of this creditt crunchh thingyy and i fink that however good ya aree it dontt work dus itt
    neverr mind maytee thakyuu for being there and maybee next yearr yearr???
    Shrdonnayy-Rosee ! x

  49. 48
    My friend daniel guillory taylors farm dr said:

    thank you for all my presonts i reall liked them all

  50. 49
    My friend kareshma said:

    santa you did not bring my present this christmas

  51. 50
    My friend Harrison said:

    Dear Santa,

    How’s everything at The North Pole? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well, and Happy Holidays.

  52. 51
    My friend lucy said:

    did you leave a letter up my other house because i left you one.

  53. 52
    My friend mia said:

    i loved ill my present’s

  54. 53
    My friend rea said:

    hi santa my day was brillant day next christmas can u please come in to my bed room and say hi but please be quiet

    i love u lots xxxxxxxx
    love from rea leigh butlin

  55. 54
    My friend Denna said:

    Hey Santa, thanks for hermione’s wand and her time-turner.It’s so cool thanks so much.

  56. 55
    My friend Ellie said:

    Dear Santa Clause
    Thank you for all the presentsyou gave me. Just if you have fogotten what you gave me heres a list:hsm books, loads of really cool CDs, chocolats and loads more stuff.

    With all my love

    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  57. 56
    My friend jordan said:

    tell your elves they work verey good on toys. do you guys are ready make lots of toys.

  58. 57
    My friend lashaunna said:

    i would like a dog,laptop,touch screen phone.

  59. 58
    My friend megan said:

    santa ever since i was born i have wondered where you was born california england north pole australia where? please reply

  60. 59
    My friend chandani said:

    hi how are you. cant wait till next year!

  61. 60
    My friend shannon said:

    personally i dont want nobody to see my post im very sensitive.u dont have to get me that much IM A SWEET SWEET GIRL

  62. 61
    My friend evelyn said:

    thank you for everything u gave me have a good christmaS love u!!

  63. 62
    My friend daniel said:

    santa can you get me lods of preents i will be good to everyone ps…daniel

  64. 63
    My friend lucie said:

    i realy enjoyd playingon my laptop at christmas i nearly got every thingb i asked for

  65. 64
    My friend isabella said:

    i love all the presdents that you got got me i was just playing with a webkin that you got me.thank you so much for all of the presents i love them a lot!

  66. 65
    My friend Jackie said:

    Santa, thnxs so much for Kit’s bed. It’s so cute and in fact my dolls are sleeping in it right now! I love you thnxs for everything Santa. Love Jackie

  67. 66
    My friend olivia said:

    i hope you having good time

  68. 67
    My friend olivia said:

    thanks for the TV lots of love LIV

  69. 68
    My friend caitlin said:

    thanks for my dolls santa.i love the woodie,jessie,buzz and bfc dolls!!!i play with them everyday they like the bratz dolls.(jessie does the bratz dolls hair)!!!lol.lots of love from caitlin

  70. 69
    My friend Meadbh said:

    Dear Santa I had the best Christmas ever I hope you had a nice Christmas to Merry Christmas from Meadbh

  71. 70
    My friend Madison said:

    plz bring me a dell laptop. thx for the dsi. i lv you. Madison

  72. 71
    My friend cheyenne said:

    deare santa i love you,you must be verdy tired bye the time you get back to the north pole i’ve been very good so far this year and thanks for the ipod touch and the dog you gave me last year bye

  73. 72
    My friend cheyenne said:

    dear,santa you must be very tierd when you got back to the north pole thanks for the ipod touch and the new puppy i named him bently and thank god he’s potty trand alredy bye

    love,cheyenne verdin

  74. 73
    My friend hailey said:



  75. 74
    My friend hailey said:

    may i please have a i opd tuch and lab top

  76. 75
    My friend hailey said:

    awwww i really wanted one those are almost my life

  77. 76
    My friend hallie said:

    christmas day rocks and its all thanks to you when you sent me that email i beleived in you and i stopped beleiving you for a long time you rock santa and p.s will you bring me a digital camera this year i love you santa

  78. 77
    My friend CAMERON said:


  79. 78
    My friend Anonymous said:

    get rid of my brother thats all i want

  80. 79
    My friend demi said:

    Santa i hope i get everything that i want for christmas .Santa let me now if i am good santa i love u

  81. 80
    My friend dayja said:

    hi santa this is dayja again did you get the letter from my sister name trinity she put the stuff that she want fo r christmas so thank you for everything and have a merry christmas

  82. 81
    My friend jimmy said:

    The best part of christmas for me was being with my family at the cape they where my cousin,uncle,aunt,grandma,grandpa,my other uncle and my other aunt

  83. 82
    My friend Nicole said:

    I love Santa.It’s almost like we are family. I really am on super behavior this year.I wish I lived at the North Pole.I am a helpful girl and love to read about Santa.Last year was a good Christmas.This year I want to wake up on Christmas and have a good day.

  84. 83
    My friend oscar said:

    dar santa claus blog
    i likded all my things

  85. 84
    My friend Patrick said:

    Come check out for a personalized letter from Santa Claus sent to your child straight from the North Pole!

  86. 85
    My friend abigail said:

    i love every one

  87. 86
    My friend abigail said:

    bye i have to go

  88. 87
    My friend devon said:

    ummm i ran around the house downstairs have a good day.

  89. 88
    My friend dominique said:

    to santa i dont need mednson ok but you can leeve me some gast in sase

  90. 89
    My friend caroline said:

    i loved my new green bike

  91. 90
    My friend lita said:

    santa the best present i got was my pink laptop im on right now i love it

    my little sister just said that she loves u

  92. 91
    My friend lita said:



  93. 92
    My friend millie said:

    happy chrismas santer

  94. 93
    My friend poppy said:

    a wont a big teby bear

  95. 94
    My friend paige said:

    thanks for my alarm clock sorry i replyed a bit late and i got on here like you told me to tody erlea

  96. 95
    My friend rebecca said:

    zoey and jack

  97. 96
    My friend rachel said:

    thank you santa for all the things you got me

  98. 97
    My friend oscar said:

    Happy christmas Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 98
    My friend Bailee/Riley said:


  100. 99
    My friend oscar said:

    i loved my things

  101. 100
    My friend aspen said:

    Santa can I have a ipod touch

  102. 101
    My friend aspen said:

    Santa my parnts said I could have a real
    dog and I pod touch

  103. 102
    My friend Kourtney said:

    Thanks Santa For Everything Santa Your So Cool You Must been Working so Hard You RainDeers Are Going To do there Best And RainDeers Thanks For Bulling Santa’s sleigh Miss Claus You Must Be Cooking A lot Santa Your goinG To Have SO Much Fun I am GoiNg to Leave Carrots For The RainDeers This year 2010 Thsi Year Is goinG To Be A lot better and santa I am Going to leave You Some Water And Cookies I Can’T Give YoU Milk MayBe I can But Just For Now Water Miss Claus must make good cookies and food Your Elves Are Making A Lot of Toys I Really Want A wii And Pony Friends 2 For A wii Its A wii game and I want Horse Cards I Really Love Horses And I really Want A ipod touch santa Elves are ready Its GettinG close to Christmas again get Ready! I know Its not Chritmas Yet But merry Christmas to all! have Fun!

  104. 103
    My friend Gunnar said:

    Thanks santa for everything.Especially my drumset. I really hope you can get me Call Of Duty Black Ops/

  105. 104
    My friend lucy said:

    i cant wait for christmas becuase my fav thing is when i get lots and lots of presnts and a present from santa clau .Any way i need to go bye bye.

  106. 105
    My friend alexa said:

    i had a good cristmas because i got to see family

  107. 106
    My friend tv guy said:

    Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that..

  108. 107
    My friend anthony maurice said:

    im so happy about chismas

  109. 108
    My friend jessica said:

    dear santa

    I love all the presents you give me and I hope you are alright and rudolph how is dasher and the other reindeers

    got to go love from jessica

  110. 109
    My friend Joshua said:

    your Message Is Nice

  111. 110
    My friend george said:

    i dont know santa but after uleave my i wake up

  112. 111
    My friend Katherine Gilson said:

    I had a wonderful Christmas. The best part was opening the presents. This year, can you come in my room and wake me up so I can give you a hug?

  113. 112
    My friend CHLOE said:

    Dear santa,
    u are the best man in the world!
    u are and always will can’t wait till christmas 147 more sleeps.
    love chloe

  114. 113
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Last year I had a great Christmas my nanny came over my uncle and that was the first year I had my dog poppy and she kept on licking peoples faces wich was very funny also I had great pressents from every body especially from santa the dinner was GREAT! With the turkey and Yorkshire puddings I’d like to thank my brother for getting me a wonderful pressent and my mum got me a dsi and that was what my christmas was like amazing

  115. 114
    My friend Paige said:


    Whats up Santa? I hope your relaxing right now. I imagine Mrs.Claus making some goodies for everyone now. I have been a good girl so far and I hope I stay one.

    Hope you’re well!
    P.S. xoxo to everybody

  116. 115
    My friend Marissa said:

    Thank you for everything, santa!!! I know christmas is not for another four and a half months, but I am already excited!! (: The elves, you and Mrs.Claus, and the reigndeer work very hard each year. Thank you, Santa!

  117. 116
    My friend Jake mcdonald said:

    You are very nice.

  118. 117
    My friend Shea said:

    santa i love my barbie dream house and all my sharpay dolls and i love you too p.s. did you like your milk

  119. 118
    My friend elaina said:

    gret thanks 4 giveing me the updates!

  120. 119
    My friend Emily said:

    The best part of Christmas was when i got a book.

  121. 120
    My friend Harrison said:

    Dear Santa,

    How’s your summer going? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re having a nice summer.

  122. 121
    My friend Zoe said:

    the kids got thanked fyi [its not like we dont get thanked]

  123. 122
    My friend Jac said:

    santa iwant a phone beause my cousin had one when he was my age (8) he had a touchscreen! that dosent sound fair does it so can i have a white one my cousins 10 now

  124. 123
    My friend alejandra said:

    thanks to everyone at the north pole for giving me everything i wanted and my sister and my brother thank you guys too

  125. 124
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa i know its not christmas time yet but i thought better get my letter out early if you could please come to my house this year your friend franklin joe browning

  126. 125
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa all i want for christmas is a visit from you on christmas eve

  127. 126
    My friend jason said:

    think you for the toy dog santa claus i always wanted that i think you will enjoy some cookies and milk goodbye santa

  128. 127
    My friend jamie said:

    hey santa thnx for leting me be with my fAMILY AND HAVENG All this stuff im am so luky to have these thigs i realy hope u give the homeless girls and boys and dads and moms and other ppl presents this years :)

  129. 128
    My friend amy said:

    hey every1 dats reading dis and hi santa 2 i love u ever so much and so dos everybody else on earth well dats wat i think anyways.Santa i loved absolutely everything dat u got me and i hope u can get me wat i want 4 xmas dis year u’ll proably b waiting 4 ages b4 u can come down our chimney i take 4 ever 2 get 2 sleep on xmas last year i fell asleep at 1:30am,anyway i no u probably won’t get me wat i want and i no i’ll get really disapointed wen i find out i didn’t get wat i want even though usally u can get something better i don’t fink dat will happen dis year and u no exactly wat i want from dat email i sent u.Well i must go for dinner now…………..bye lots of love from all of my family and my best frnd in da whole intire universe caoimhe…….p.s.Santa i don’t think ur magic works like this but if u can could u make the rest of the year fly then put xmas in slow moton plus put caoimhes b-day in slow motion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :D ;) :p love from amy………………………..

  130. 129
    My friend gabby, said:

    hiii santa
    thank u lots
    i had a Aamzing christmas!

  131. 130
    My friend Adrien said:

    You So Cool But This Year Can I Have I Pod Touch And The Conduit For The Wii

  132. 131
    My friend jazmin wallington said:

    sorry i didn’t give this to you in 2009 but let me tell you you gave me evrey thing i wanted i thank you for my horse riding stuff and guss what i am waring them now. i love you and the raindeers and the elves and those other wonerfol people at the north pole. i cant wait for this christmas and dont worry i wont get up set if you dont get every thing i want just i am happy because you came. and did you know there would not be any christmas with out you. miss you, love you,from jazmin

  133. 132
    My friend brennen said:

    I hope you can bring me the things I wanted.

  134. 133
    My friend nicole said:

    hi santa its nicole o brien i hope you got my christmas letter hugs and kisses nicole$

  135. 134
    My friend coleen said:

    i had the best chrismas last year

  136. 135
    My friend Zachary said:

    Santa Claus i love you!

  137. 136
    My friend clayton said:

    i hope all the elvs and you are happy case conner is being mean.

  138. 137
    My friend shauna said:

    my best part of christmas i think is seeing your friends and family and besides it’s not about the recieving it’s the giving that counts

  139. 138
    My friend chloe said:


  140. 139
    My friend Christian said:

    Thanks for Beatles Rockband last year. This year however, may I have an Xbox, some games and Toy Story Toys. Cheers

  141. 140
    My friend zoe said:

    thank you xxx
    i love wat i got for christmas x

  142. 141
    My friend alexis said:

    wakeing up at 4 am and being with my sister and brother in till my parents wake up cause we get so exited its christmas merry christmas all my hearts to the family at north pole alexis

  143. 142
    My friend maci said:

    i love you santa and thanks for the presents tell the elves tank you

  144. 143
    My friend Sam said:

    OMG I GOT MY iPHONE! *high-fives Mazie*

  145. 144
    My friend Charisma said:

    I love u too. Hav a happy holiday and thank for the presents.

  146. 145
    My friend abbey said:

    my fav prezzie was my peace pjs i were
    them every suumer and cristmas thanks for giving them to me .
    p.s i think my sisters were jeoulls when
    i got them.

  147. 146
    My friend Angelica said:

    hi santa you rock i love you i hope you have a wonderful christmas i love playing christmas music i am 10 years old love ya from angelica xoxo

  148. 147
    My friend maya said:

    thanks santa i loved christmas to i had so much fun i cant what till the next christmas

  149. 148
    My friend meg said:

    i am so excited for the next christmas

  150. 149
    My friend Danielle said:



  151. 150
    My friend andi said:

    hi how are you what are you doing

  152. 151
    My friend andi said:

    whatare the elves doing are they in bed yet

  153. 152
    My friend lucy said:

    hiya i really love christmas and the things you give me are great thank you

  154. 153
    My friend daisy said:

    hi santa, 75 sleeps until Christmas! I can’t wait. It’s my absolute favourite time of the year because it’s such a happy time and holds so many wonderful memories. I bet you’re starting to get ready now as lots to do. Lots of love daisy xxx

  155. 154
    My friend ellie said:

    i had a wonderfull christmas especially with carol nd jeff :)

  156. 155
    My friend Natalie said:

    Its christmas day i love natalie

  157. 156
    My friend jess said:

    Santa you are really nice and u are the best

  158. 157
    My friend katie stevens said:

    i have been to lapland and saw u real this chriistmas i will leave you a mince pie you are the worlds greatest love you loads from katoe

  159. 158
    My friend marija said:

    hi my name is marija i wont forget you santa forever unless you dont bring me gifts hahahahahaha just kidding :)

  160. 159
    My friend JILLIAN said:


  161. 160
    My friend JILLIAN said:


  162. 161
    My friend Tyler said:

    It was a cool story.

  163. 162
    My friend eoghan said:

    hi world how are you to day i can’t wait till christmas and it isn’t even gone past halloween yeti have even wrote my cristms list thats how excited i am

  164. 163
    My friend olivia said:

    only 67 days to go santa r u ready!!!!!

  165. 164
    My friend molly said:

    hi do you rember me i said i loved you dont you love

  166. 165
    My friend mika said:

    santa im in the philipines i always wanted a pullip doll if you bring me in philipines it is ok not bring or bring me my secret gift love you santa take care if you had my gift trow down in a big socks in yellow door goodlock im waiting for 66 days for christmas i almost forgot yellow gate ok love you santa

  167. 166
    My friend mathew said:

    ask mrs Claus merry chrismas would you.

  168. 167
    My friend ALISHIA said:

    i cant wait for chtistmas this year!

  169. 168
    My friend Leah said:

    I love it when you come to vist me :) xxxxx

  170. 169
    My friend molly said:

    I (L) ruldolphs red nose xxxx
    :) :(

  171. 170
    My friend kirkwooc said:

    hi santa

  172. 171
    My friend Hollie said:

    My name is hollie. I am age 8. I want a barbie doll for christmas is that possible santa. i have asked my mommy to tell you what i want. i love you father christmas.

  173. 172
    My friend Jasmin said:

    Hey Santa. Wow i cant beleive christmas is coming in like 62 more days. I`ve had my wishlist since like april, cause last year i asked 4 a dsi last-minute and i didnt get one from you. but i have one now. im actually using it right now writing this message2 you. i really want the new ipod touch. thankx. merry christmas in 62 days. bye. ps. mysister really wants the pink dsi so please give her that and she would be so happy. bye :)

  174. 173
    My friend THEA THOMAS said:


  175. 174
    My friend ellie said:

    how many days till cristmas santa becaus crismas day is the BEST what i like about critmas is that we all have happynes and have fun and epspeshally when you viset my hous and you get loads of presants and its so fantastic at cristmas day sea santa bye bye have a good day

  176. 175
    My friend khloe said:

    i would love to meet you santa the reindeers and mrs clause and the elevs in person can you bring me to north pole i would love it if you can please (^^^) :) :(

  177. 176
    My friend cerys said:


  178. 177
    My friend Meabh Fisher said:

    i love u fater santa and dfid u know that i have a pony

  179. 178
    My friend Harmony said:

    Hey santa what a great messege you sent me back your message was great, my sister said “WOW” santa’s elves have allready made me a speical gift i am so ecsited that is what my sisyer said oh forgot to say in the letter my sisters name is hannah my mom said hi and said have a great time dillivering all thoese presents to all thoese good boys and girls and my moms name is shauna(HO,HO,HO) … HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS EVE. LOVE YOU MUCH MUCH MUCH(HO,HO,HO).

  180. 179
    My friend Jessica Hughes said:



    Jessica xx (good luck with the ride)

  181. 180
    My friend Jessica Hughes said:

    hey santa good luck with the ride

  182. 181
    My friend Alex said:

    Hi santa I CAN NOT wait untill Christmas
    eve when you visit my house

  183. 182
    My friend olivia burton said:

    Please can you leave me an autogrape of you thank you if you do I not be upset.

  184. 183
    My friend tony said:


  185. 184
    My friend Tanner said:

    hey santa

  186. 185
    My friend katlyn said:

    santa claus your so silly you come and see me some time

  187. 186
    My friend rachel ryan said:

    hi santy i cant wait till christmas to open my gifts and see a phone a bratz party playset and a bratz party fm must be fun to travil the hole world in 1 night i cant wait for a nice and jolly happy man to come and visit my house and ur gonna love it because i will have it ready for u love rachel ryan xxx.

  188. 187
    My friend Hannah said:

    I really enjoyed my presents last xxx i know this is a bit late but i didn’t know about this website this morning i can’t wait now till the next christmas xx (54 more sleeps) xxx

  189. 188
    My friend rachel ryan said:

    hi santa santa santa merry christmas

  190. 189
    My friend rachel ryan said:


  191. 190
    My friend jaydon said:

    hiyaa santaa
    caant wait for you to visit my homee…
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S love you loads like jelly tots

  192. 191
    My friend hope cairns said:

    hi i miss u from last year i only wish for u to send me that email video again lol love u lots satna!!!!..


  193. 192
    My friend Isabel said:

    Yea Thanks For The Liv Doll I Love It

  194. 193
    My friend els said:

    thx 4 all the things u gave me last xmas and i cant wait and see what is 2 come this year

  195. 194
    My friend Anonymous said:


  196. 195
    My friend Kaylee said:

    That was a good blog Santa Claus! I just sent you a letter a minute ago and I loved what you wrote back. Thank you a lot! I love getting letters (from anyone,) because they make my day! Do you like letters too? Have a good day and I can’t wait for christmas (in 52 more sleeps!) Thank you very much! Love Kaylee

  197. 196
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:


  198. 197
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:


  199. 198
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:


  200. 199
    My friend Ally said:


  201. 200
    My friend shannon said:

    i really like when its chrismas i always like my presents and i am alway excited when it comes

  202. 201
    My friend natash said:

    like you every much santa am i on good list

  203. 202
    My friend catherine-anne williams said:

    yay i bet that was hard work i loved it last even i know i waa ill on x-ams and x-mas day but two days later i was better yay best whies for this year

  204. 203
    My friend ross said:

    I think the best part was when you left me a card and I think the other best part was opening the presents love Ross

  205. 204
    My friend ella graham said:

    can not wate till christmas in 47 days yeyyyyy

  206. 205
    My friend Róisín said:

    I had the most cooliest Christmas with my Tv still using it today.

  207. 206
    My friend Taylor said:

    Thank you santa for all the presents I got this year.I got every single one I asked for plus a couple I didn’t ask for.

  208. 207
    My friend Kaycee said:

    Merry Christmas Santa you make christmas fun because I get to see my family. YOU ROCK LOVE KAYCEE

  209. 208
    My friend madison said:

    i really cant wait for Christmas and you are so funny and i love you very much and i hope that you have a great Christmas and tell the elivs that they are so funny to me and tell the raindeers that they beter be good and don,t get sick when they play in the snow.and you don,t get sick eather and i am being good my mom and dad what is the raindeers doing ?now is it snowing at north pole .

  210. 209
    My friend miasha said:

    hi santa im the gonna be visiting the north pole pretty soon with my family im hoping to bump or even run into you or your wife or elves,,,,, see you soon

  211. 210
    My friend max reed said:

    cant wait intell christmas cant wait to see if you briing my micheal vick jersey and i will always belive in you well i hope im on the good list this year!!!!

  212. 211
    My friend Rhian said:

    to santa i just can’t wait until christmas day i could’t get to sleep because i was so excited i kept going on write a letter to you. any way when you come we will leave you mince pies and milk i just can’t wait lots of love Rhian

  213. 212
    My friend Ella said:

    i think that christmas day is the best im nearly 10 and i love it my

  214. 213
    My friend Ella said:

    every christmas i put raijndeer dust to make shure that they aint scared

  215. 214
    My friend Ellie said:

    Ho Ho Ho hi santa whats up could Iask you a question? What team do you support I support Blackpool and Man utd

  216. 215
    My friend Emily Mein said:

    the funniest thing that happend on christmas day was that my auntie was walking with cake and spilt it on my arms every on laughed.i like writeing to santa because i like to see what he puts back.


  217. 216
    My friend Olivia said:

    dear santa youu always write me a letter by hand please this year anwser them again im getting more special magaic reindeerr food but getting 9 of them for dasher dancer vixen rudolph blitzen cupid comet prancer donner

  218. 217
    My friend Brittany said:

    Dear Santa you always give me th best gifts every year! My favorite gift you gave me last year was Julie the american girl doll. Please say hi to Mrs.Claus, all the elves, and all the reindeer especilly Comet, Rudolph, and Clairice pretty pretty please.

  219. 218
    My friend jalisa said:

    Dear santa,
    this year for christmas i want a
    nintendo dsi and some games for it you think you could do that for me.
    oh yeah and please get me sister some toys and stuff to make her second christmas the best

  220. 219
    My friend alexandtia said:

    dear santa it is ok if u cant bring the toy i wont it is ok because u cant carry the toy for everone

  221. 220
    My friend evie said:

    hello santa claus merry christmas i know its 13/11/2010 oh well i love you and the elves rendierrs and mrs claus so much please can you come to my house to deliver presents we have all been very good !!!!!!!! i will see you soon well i wont see you cause i will be asleep love evie xxxxxxxxxx!!!!!=)=D

  222. 221
    My friend Kimberly said:

    Hi Santa I love your blog it’s more than awesome I mean it and I love you so much well do u have a Twitter if so what is it well talk to you soon? Love Kimberly

  223. 222
    My friend Lauren said:

    Hi Santa! I always have fun on Christmas! But I also luv christmas Eve. I always go right 2 sleep!Even if I don’t get what I want, it’s still fun!

  224. 223
    My friend Lauren said:

    Hi Santa! I always have fun on Christmas! But I also luv christmas Eve. I always go right 2 sleep!Even if I don’t get what I want, it’s still fun!

  225. 224
    My friend nicole said:

    hello santa thanks ever so much for writting an email back to me .xo

    i no you cant get me everything but please can you try your best

  226. 225
    My friend mia said:

    dear santa
    thanks for the extra xmas prezzie last year i was not expecting it thank you for the roller skates to. I will leave some treats for you and rudolph
    lol mia

  227. 226
    My friend lissloo said:

    can you bring me all my presents please

  228. 227
    My friend charley said:

    merry christmas everybody
    and too all nice and bad

  229. 228
    My friend tess said:

    Dear santa i wrote you a not and you told me to check your blog . Remember i itold you i want a dsi a basketball and lots of candy. i hope i get what i want but it is ok if i dno’t because my best gift is my family and God who created us.

  230. 229
    My friend Harry said:

    dear Santa

    I would like a lego train set for christmas, it wont matter if i dont get it because it is a bit expensive



  231. 230
    My friend ross said:

    Hi Santa are you on msn

  232. 231
    My friend caitlin said:

    please may i get the things i liked but also a nother year with my wonderful family and please may you send a merry cristmas to ALL the people who have died this year.:( and :) <3 caitlin xx

  233. 232
    My friend nicole said:

    elive in santa claus every year now

  234. 233
    My friend Annie said:

    thankyou santa for all my gifts last year
    i lov christma eve i stay up reeally late because im so excited i get butterflies in th morning imup about 8am i havee towait till my sis my mum gt up to open my pressi but i still love it

    from annie

  235. 234
    My friend saray said:

    HI santa i got my presents and i slept

  236. 235
    My friend Carter said:

    hi santa could you get me a cat please its what i would want in the whole world and give a merry christmas to all the people in heaven and grandpa thanks

  237. 236
    My friend madeline said:

    Last christmas my favorite thing was
    opanig my gifts and my most favorite thing was gathering up with my family because it is so
    inportint to Love your family
    i thank the elfs and eny one
    at the North pole for Christmas

  238. 237
    My friend Bailey said:

    Hi Santa all i really want for Christmas is X-box kanect(and the DSi and camera);)


    P.S. My brother says hi :)

  239. 238
    My friend Lindsat said:

    I love christmas and Santa and wish it was Christmas every day

  240. 239
    My friend joanna said:

    hi santa it me joanna i am going to visit you in december now is november i jist want to say your letter was lovely i hope you enjoyed reading my letter even tho im only 9 i hope you get that laptop i wanted and the checckout please reply as soon as possible wish you luck from joanna xxxxxx

    ps.i love you

  241. 240
    My friend Jessica and james said:

    have a merry christmas and happy new year

  242. 241
    My friend Annie said:

    Hi santa all i want for christmas is a Xbox 360 kinect and a few games and about £10 thats my wish!! i dont ask for alot!! so please help me with my wish!!

    P.S I would be really happy and my big sister says hi :)

  243. 242
    My friend phoebe mae lester said:

    hi i hope you are ol ok and i hope you give lots of presonts o and love you lots lots lots lots and lots ruthof so much to like you o and if you nid eni help tell me LOTS OF LOVE KISSES AND HUGS PHOEBE

  244. 243
    My friend Taylor said:

    I had a woderful chistmas it was fun

  245. 244
    My friend Kimberly said:

    I’m glad you give me so good treats!!!!

  246. 245
    My friend katrina mary kehrer said:

    i wish my brother come back home right now okay? even see him long time age brother and sister okay? i miss them so much to me right now?

    loveya katrina mary kehrer

  247. 246
    My friend carly said:

    for christmas i would like for my brother to come home! i miss him so much!!!

  248. 247
    My friend CAROL said:


  249. 248
    My friend Berika said:

    Thankyou for the christmas presentes father christmas merry christmas evryone at the north pole but i almost fogot to tell you that can I 1. father christmas doll 2. mrs claus doll 3. rodolph doll from berika

  250. 249
    My friend rachel said:

    i miss cody and casey because casey got sick and died of cancer

  251. 250
    My friend rachel said:

    i love you santa clause!!!!!!!!

  252. 251
    My friend olivia said:

    hi santa i am here again remember me can i ride in thed sliegh with u please xx i love u

  253. 252
    My friend courtney said:

    hugs and kisses courtney xxxxxxxxx

  254. 253
    My friend Anonymous said:


  255. 254
    My friend chloe said:

    do you remember going to marinaview and giving everyone in my class a letter.

  256. 255
    My friend poppy&chle said:

    we love you!!!!

  257. 256
    My friend KIRSTEN said:



  258. 257
    My friend KIRSTEN said:



  259. 258
    My friend Laura said:

    Thanks, Santa, I loved all the little bits and bobs I got! :)
    you rock! xx

  260. 259
    My friend JO JO JO said:

    Hello there santie clause. What are u doing right now? What are you eating?

  261. 260
    My friend Shaun rimell said:

    hi santa i have been a really good boy this year please may i get more than last year?? love shaun age 65 and a half but we wont count that eh ;)

  262. 261
    My friend bradley said:

    hello santa how are you only 36 day to go i carnt wait x i love you x byee x

  263. 262
    My friend eden said:

    hi santa can you stop by my barn and give my horse something on christmas eve she likes peperments but not anything with choclate

  264. 263
    My friend KENNY said:

    Hi how are u Santa and Ms.claus and elfs and REINDEERS

  265. 264
    My friend leanne vallance said:

    hey santa thanks for my letter it ment a lot to me i hope you do spare some of your time to think about my rabbit who died he was sertanly special to me !!

    P.s didnt think you wheere real at start but now i sure do i am going to see your helper later at webbs i hope hes as kind as you!!!

  266. 265
    My friend jozlyn said:

    hi and how are you i think it is going good i hrd you all are woorking vary hard and i bet all the elvs are so happy beuse it is all most crismes time one more year and it is desember i am so isidid for my gifs and santa have a wunderfull day love jozlyn

  267. 266
    My friend lauren said:

    hi santa clause i cant wait untill christmas it is the most haoppy day every year because we all get to sit around the table and have fun thank you for reading this message bye now

  268. 267
    My friend makenzie said:

    dear santa i saw you today at fairlan mall i was so icsited i had curley hair thats brown.yougave me a book called the magic ice palace.

  269. 268
    My friend paige said:

    I love you Santa. I hope you can come to my house.

  270. 269
    My friend Gabriella said:

    My Christmas last year was great. my mom made cookies and sweets and so much more.I got everything i wanted but my favorite part was the last gift i got which was my UGG boots

  271. 270
    My friend Amy johnston from ireland said:

    Thank you santa for all my things any of the years!! ps.can’t wait for this year!!!

  272. 271
    My friend felcie said:

    last year was great, had a very merry christmas just keept on eating x as u do on christmas x however we didn’t have heating throut winter so it was freezing x :D and i made mini xmas pudding which turned out wonderfully xx talk soon felc

  273. 272
    My friend Julie said:

    Hi Santa! At Christmas after your long flight around the world,you should give your reindeer a long nice and cozy rest
    because they will be really tired after a big flight around the world!In 1 intire night!

  274. 273
    My friend caitlin said:

    hi my christmas was great amenz mentalz kool thanx for the tv :P :P xxx :) :) !!!xxx

  275. 274
    My friend megan said:

    Thankyou for your blog santa.I had a wonderfull christmas you are right christmas isnt about the presents it is about love and care. However thakyou for my lovly presents i love them so much. Lots of love hugs and kisses megan x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    P.S we love you two tell everyone at the north pole for me please thank you love megan x x x x

  276. 275
    My friend Gabe said:

    I wish I could meet you and your reindeer. I would like to talk to you myself and so you can see how I look and my room to.I want you to look at my report card I did great. I have one question if the steelers play the cowboys who do you think would win,steelers or cowboys.

  277. 276
    My friend Kelsie said:

    I had the most wonderful Chrismas haver!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Santa. LOVE Kelsie

  278. 277
    My friend Jessie said:

    Hey Santa Claus,
    just saying hi and i can’t wait for Chirstmas 34 sleeps is just way too long to wait. i wish chirstmas was every day.

    Jessie Pytel

  279. 278
    My friend josh said:

    did u wrap the phone

  280. 279
    My friend Brandon said:

    Hi Santa Wut up

  281. 280
    My friend Hector said:

    hi Santa is it fun to drive a slay or is it hard?
    on movies it looks fun. tell the reindeer i said hi.

  282. 281
    My friend Rachel said:

    thankyou for my lovely Email Santa. me , my mum and my brother Josbua loved it !!!!
    How are you ???? Im doing gggggrate !!!!!!! Can you make buildabear cloths ? Not ones that i wear there too small for me, but they fit My little Baby Brother Joshua !! Ha ha HA !! this is what you would say … Ho Ho Ho !!!! have you got a brother or a sister ????

    love Rachel xxxxxxx oooooo

  283. 282
    My friend caroline said:

    omg! only 33 days to xmas

  284. 283
    My friend Rachel said:

    i hope i enjoy Christmas this year !

    you should of seen my face when i got salvlion families ( yes i know thats wrong ! mom )


  285. 284
    My friend Rachel said:

    Dear Father Christmas,I’ve been a very good girl this year can i ask somr thing ??? good ive been wating for an ipod touch for now 2 yers but i still have not got one : ( but i do have a touch phone shhhhh dont tell my mum Santa ! )just to say something YOU ROCK DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love your friend Rachel xxxxxxxxx

  286. 285
    My friend jasmine said:

    hey santa its jasmine i came straight on here when i got your message hehe i am you 1# fan at the moment. santa your the best in the whole world all my friends say you arnt real i dont belive them there saying they have got cameras and they video thats rachel santa are you real.oh i am sure you have heard thats what has happernd i have been crying lodes

  287. 286
    My friend Carmen said:

    Hi!I’ve been so good that you should buy me 3 things in all but you are the best man or lady in the world bye! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  288. 287
    My friend Carmen said:

    i want an ipod touch too

  289. 288
    My friend Ronnie said:

    I with you santa christmas comes from the heart and joy of having a roof over your head and a wonderful family to be with Christmas doesn’t come from whats inside the wrapped box, its about the thougt and love the buyer or the maker put in that wrapped box!

  290. 289
    My friend colton said:

    I’m shure i’ll be happy for what i’ll get.

  291. 290
    My friend Jack said:


  292. 291
    My friend skyy said:

    The bestttttt ttttt ever.

  293. 292
    My friend kieran said:

    im your biggest fan my friend k

  294. 293
    My friend Bridgid said:

    when you were on your journy,did you follow the north star to give baby Jesus a present?

  295. 294
    My friend ele said:

    love to be a santa clusa like you and send kids prestend.

  296. 295
    My friend KK said:

    I really want a rotweiler puppy so I can give it to my friend who’s dog died last year. I loved that dog but at lest she has another dog.
    P.S. Can you have the rottweiler be nice???
    P.P.S. I realllllllyyyyyy think she like it!!

  297. 296
    My friend KK said:

    I want an ipod touch because my sister has one and is always rubbing it in my face. She wont even let me touch it even if I let her charge her ipod on my ihome. UGGGHHHHHH!!!

  298. 297
    My friend Jenna said:

    yes i had a wonderful christmas. my favorite part was getting presents. my favorite present was sorry sliders.

  299. 298
    My friend Hailey said:

    Hello Santa…You said u can’t wait to see wat i wrote so here it is….Your almost the COOLEST person i EVER heard of!!!I would really LOVE to meet u someday and i really do BELIEVE!!You will make my day on Christmas and Christmas Eve.
    P.S.Thanks for telling me about the cell phone thing!I really do enjoy you,Santa!!Thank you for sending me a letter.

    Hailey :) !!!

  300. 299
    My friend Ellie said:

    I loved christmas!!

  301. 300
    My friend alexandra said:

    dear santa i would really LOO VEE to vist you someday. for chrisTMAS I REALLY want a baby alive. you are the best from alexandra

  302. 301
    My friend jhammed said:

    hello thank you for the letter i was toched love jhammed

  303. 302
    My friend jhammed said:

    :D jhammed agin please reply D:

  304. 303
    My friend halle said:

    ha you are the best thing i have talked to

  305. 304
    My friend jeremy said:

    i love you santa is it hard to drive the slaigh cause i could ride it with you can you check my room on christmas please i have a dollar for all the the work you have done for all the kids in the whole world you help poor people you help people that are sick motly everyone in the world everybody give a round of a pause for santa coming all around the world you did it just for that

  306. 305
    My friend Natalie said:

    Dear Santa
    I Hope That You Can Get To All The People In Africa Who Haven’t Got Anything At All.Me And My Dad Every Year Give Them Something Nice Like A Little Toy From The Disney Store Or Something.

    I Am Also Great That U Got Something That My Sister Really Wanted.

    P.S. I Love You Too! xoxoxoxo

  307. 306
    My friend Bridgid said:

    santa today i saw you in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. What hotel id you stay at in New York City?

  308. 307
    My friend Dalton said:

    Ha santa it is me agane i whis whondering if you now willy he is my elf on the shelf.

  309. 308
    My friend Alexandra said:

    the besat part of christmas is spending time with family and having presents

  310. 309
    My friend Danica Powell said:

    i loved everybodys letter

  311. 310
    My friend Jasmine said:

    hi wats up u rock

  312. 311
    My friend jeremy said:

    hey santa the best part was to be thankful for you last year intwo thousand nine thank you for all the presents you are so nice love,jeremy

  313. 312
    My friend ellie said:

    last year u gave me a treasure hunt around my house 2 do it was soooo fun ;-) :)

  314. 313
    My friend riley said:

    say hi to all the reindeer, especially Rudolf

  315. 314
    My friend kade said:

    knock knock whos thaier appie apple who you eat a apple

  316. 315
    My friend jeremy said:

    The presents

  317. 316
    My friend Ariel said:

    Hope u enjoy Chrismas !

  318. 317
    My friend Lily said:

    I can’t believe this is 2009 this blog! I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ christmas last year.
    :-) Lily

  319. 318
    My friend jake williams said:

    hi santa.Can i have a nother elf for are the best infacted your my friovrote person ever and mrs claus and the elves and raindeer

  320. 319
    My friend KAYLEIGH said:


  321. 320
    My friend Summer said:

    Nearly Merry Christmas For 2010 ;) x

  322. 321
    My friend WHITNEY GRESSETT said:


  323. 322
    My friend shelby said:

    dear santa ihave ben good this year

  324. 323
    My friend Jack said:

    What does it look like at the North Pole?

  325. 324
    My friend Rebecca said:

    Dear Santa how r u gunna give me my present dose my parents have to come n pick them up somewhere r u coming to my house n plus do u know where i live love you plus got alot of question 4 u

  326. 325
    My friend Kya said:

    How many elves are there in the north pole?

  327. 326
    My friend Rebecca said:

    I LOVE U

  328. 327
    My friend abbey said:

    der santa what a great website also i was wondering what would you like to eat when you get to our place

  329. 328
    My friend michaela said:

    i like christmas bcoss it nice to opiing my pressns on christmas day

  330. 329
    My friend Madison said:

    that one time when santa came to my house, he left ashes on the floor by the firepit. thats why i know Santa is real!!!

  331. 330
    My friend Madison said:

    Santa, i think you are great! my friends parents are wrong about you!!!

  332. 331
    My friend kera said:

    thank you for sending me a letter that really put a smile on my face. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  333. 332
    My friend Adrianna said:

    Well Santa it is not Christmas yet.

  334. 333
    My friend Anonymous said:

    i will send you some time this week i promus

  335. 334
    My friend jenna said:

    i love you santa

  336. 335
    My friend Zoe said:

    hi santa i emailed u on the other siter and you told me to coment on is a very good idea to have this on christmas eve i will watch where you are before i go to be love u hundreds xxxoooxx

  337. 336
    My friend Pauline said:

    It’s a good thing you’re putting nose warmers on your reindeer!

  338. 337
    My friend Zuri said:

    I cannot believe it is almost Christmas again. I will be very happy tommorow when I see all my gifts under the tree! My present for the family is wrapped up too. Merry Christmas Eve!

  339. 338
    My friend Benny said:

    Thank you santa for my presents you gave me. Thank you very much. x

  340. 339
    My friend emma said:


  341. 340
    My friend Tkai said:

    thank you for giving me this website off of email i will come to this website on chrstmas eve thank you and love you

  342. 341
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    it was awesome!!!

  343. 342
    My friend Lauren said:

    I had a wonderful Christmas. I loved the American girl doll. See you next year


  344. 343
    My friend Brianna said:

    i really liked all of my presents. i am going to tell you a secret when everybody in the house is still sleeping i go down stairs to look atthe gifts. ido not openthem just look. cant wait for christmas next year.

  345. 344
    My friend Madeline said:

    hi santa i had a wonderful Christmas last year and am hoping for an even better one this year!!!!!!! hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

  346. 345
    My friend Eve said:

    I am really excited for Christmas this year, it truly is a spectacular time of the year.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes :)

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