Why Does Santa Claus Come Down The Chimney?

Posted by Santa Claus on December 19th, 2009

Many people ask me, “Santa Claus, why do you come down the chimney?”

Well, the main reason I use the chimney is that it is faster!   After all, the reindeer and sleigh are on the roof anyway.

Although, a long time ago, I tried a different way!  It’s a very, VERY silly story.

Yes, it was a very, very long time ago.  The elves were drinking hot cocoa with those fancy imported marshmallows.  They wanted to come up with a better way for me to deliver presents.  They were trying to think of something that everyone has in their home.

Well, Clumsy the Elf had to go to the washroom because of all the hot cocoa.  He was in there a long time.   Everyone heard lots of noise.  There was lots of flushing and gurgling.

When he came out he had a big grin on his face.  He said, “I have the perfect way for Santa to get into every home!”  Can you guess what it was?

Clumsy told the elves his idea.   Faster than reindeer fly, the elves made me a special red Santa wetsuit, hat, snorkel, flippers and swimming goggles.  Yes, they wanted Santa to pop into houses through the potty!

When they told me I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever heard!  Somehow, the elves convinced me.  After all, everyone has a toilet, they said.

Well, it was one of the coldest Christmasses ever!  But, I was ready to try popping into houses thru the potty.

OK.   I was ready for my first house.  But when I popped out of the potty there was Mamma in her ‘kerchief and Dad in his cap, just settling in for a long winter’s nap!

They had never seen Santa wearing a red Santa wetsuit, flippers on his feet, snorkel and goggles before.  I was quite a sight!

They screamed.

I screamed.

They screamed some more.

They ran.

I tried to run.  But, it is hard to run with flippers on your feet!  So, I fell.

“That’s it”, I said.  “No more popping into the potty for this poor Santa!”.

And that’s why Santa comes down the chimney!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   Do you think that was the silliest idea ever?  How would you like me to deliver presents at your home?  (You can leave a message for me.   Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


530 Responses to “Why Does Santa Claus Come Down The Chimney?”

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  1. 530
    My friend Brandon said:

    Dear Santa are you real and how do you get down the cimdey

  2. 529
    My friend Erynn said:

    your awesome i still believe in you and it is silly to pop through a potty

  3. 528
    My friend jasmine said:

    I love you Santa Claus

  4. 527
    My friend jasmine said:

    Santa why do you come down the chimney?
    I it quicker?

  5. 526
    My friend emily said:

    we do not have a chimney so come through the door.

  6. 525
    My friend Brooke And Reece said:

    our fire s a gas fire and is small so be careful

  7. 524
    My friend Olivia said:

    We dont have a chimney so is it ok that you use the front door?

  8. 523
    My friend Morgan Cunningham said:

    dear santa may you cume froug the door i dont your costume all cuverd in soot

  9. 522
    My friend Garrett. said:

    you can come through the DRYEr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HO HO HO

  10. 521
    My friend alexa said:

    Santa Ur amazing and i am ready for a reindeer pl z give me one please


  12. 520
    My friend Hanna said:

    I LOVE YOU SANTA! :D and please for christmas in 2011 give me an ipod touch and a laptop plz!! (gives cookies and milk) Tada!! :D D

  13. 519
    My friend Harrison said:

    Dear Santa,

    How’s the rest of your Summer going? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals at The North Pole that I said hi. Hope you’re having a nice Summer.

  14. 518
    My friend Stephanie said:

    I would like you to deliver my presents tyhrough gthe door as we dont have a chimney, we will leave you a special key to let yourself in!!!

  15. 517
    My friend Samantha said:

    The potty hehehe :) …thats funny and gross.

  16. 516
    My friend Alejandra said:

    Srry 4 2 comments

  17. 515
    My friend Alejandra said:

    One Question, If I Don’t Have A Chimney, Then How Do You Leave The Presents Inside?

  18. 514
    My friend Alejandra said:

    One question, If I don’t have a chimmeny (spell fail) Then how do you you leave the presents?

  19. 513
    My friend lexi said:

    I think its kinda funny and gross oh well it was an elfs idea!!

  20. 512
    My friend Amber said:

    OK first i think that was the SILLIEST idea ever and then i think you can come in the door you won’t get to dirty
    when you come in. santa with all the snow on the roof how do you not fall off
    please tell me love and for always amber

  21. 511
    My friend holly anne said:

    that was so funny.

  22. 510
    My friend Anh Minh said:

    Santa I don’t have a chimney what will you do?

  23. 509
    My friend sophie said:

    i hate u saNTA

  24. 508
    My friend taja said:

    funny. i want you to come through the door. we don’t have a chimany

  25. 507
    My friend Valkyrie said:

    I think going down the toilet is a little bit disgusting.What the germs anyway?

  26. 506
    My friend Taylor said:

    I dont think its the silliest idea ever. I think that Santa should come inside of the house through the telephone wires.

  27. 505
    My friend taylor said:

    well the door is better all you have to do is open it and walk in

  28. 504
    My friend taylor said:

    hey guys i have a good one walk in the door

  29. 503
    My friend ariana said:

    i think you should come through the door to dilever presents at my house.

  30. 502
    My friend naomie said:

    hi that is so silly well merry christmas

  31. 501
    My friend skylah said:

    did you know my favourite time of the year is christmas!!!!!!!!! because i love it how we share christmas with our family from all around the world but just one question how do you fly around to houses in just 1 night. you should be in the book of world records bye bye p.s YOU ROCK bye

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