The 12 Baby Elves of Christmas!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 18th, 2009

We have exciting news!  It is about the baby Christmas elves.  You did know about the baby elves, right?  Would you like to hear the news?

Well, Phoebe put a comment in my “Santa Claus Christmas blog”.  She asked the names of the Mommy and Daddy elf.   Silly me!  HoHoHo!  I forgot to tell everyone!

The Daddy is “The Head Elf”, but we just call him “Bob”.  He is the elf in charge when Mrs. Claus and I are away.   The Mommy elf is his wife, Peppermint Sparkles!

Jessica, Jade and Sophie also put a comment in my Christmas blog.  They wanted to see pictures of the baby elves.

Well, I should tell you something.  You should never take a picture of an elf.  They do not like it.  It freezes them!  Then they cannot help me make toys!

Eunice and Julia put a comment in my Christmas blog too.  They knew when all Christmas elves are born.  All Christmas elves are born on… Christmas Day!

Did you know another thing about baby Christmas elves?  When they are born, there are always 12 of them!  Do you think it would be fun to have 11 brothers and sisters?

By the way, the elves LOVE all the names you have given us!   There are so many great names to choose from.  They have not seen a single name they did not like!

You can still leave the Mommy and Daddy elf a message with your name for the baby elves!  After all, we need 12 baby elf names! (That is a lot!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it would be fun to have 11 brothers and sisters?  Do you think Moms and Dads would have fun taking care of 12 little babies?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


156 Responses to “The 12 Baby Elves of Christmas!”

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  1. 156
    My friend jade said:

    thank you for making the gifts and good luck on the new baby

  2. 155
    My friend Carleigh said:

    emerson would be a cute name! or casey candy cane! :) !

  3. 154
    My friend Abby and Lizzy said:

    WE LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!

  4. 153
    My friend Lucy and Ben said:

    Little Spot

  5. 152
    My friend Lachlan said:

    Hey Awesome Mr.St Nick :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. 151
    My friend Lachlan said:


  7. 150
    My friend Lachlan said:


  8. 149
    My friend Lachlan said:

    You Rock,Santa :D :D :D

  9. 148
    My friend Dorrin said:

    santa the names i think are cookie (because you like cookies) ginger honey crums santie (like santa) Dorri (because thats my nick name) Adi (because thats my sister’s nick name) and snowflake.

  10. 147
    My friend Benjamin said:


    1. Lanny
    2. Fanny
    3. Clanny
    4. Sammy
    5. The Annoying Elf
    6. Nevely
    7. Larry
    8. Mr. Elf-who-can-drive-a-car-with-his-feet.
    9.Uncategorized Elf
    10. Mini Sano
    11. Mini Sanette
    12. Northly Polely


  12. 146
    My friend emily said:


  13. 145
    My friend maddy(: said:

    i think,, :)
    bob jr.
    ~~ thats all i can think of right now ;)
    -♥- maddy:)

  14. 144
    My friend Marie said:

    Some cute names for baby elves are:
    Lovey Dove
    Snowey or Snowy
    That’s all I can think of right now.
    Try to name the elves something that shows who they are, something that tells people about what they act like or about their characteristics.
    Love Marie

  15. 143
    My friend Rachel said:

    Santa where do you vote for the reinndeer that will lead your sleigh on christmas eve

  16. 142
    My friend Judy said:

    hi santa. tell cupid i say hi please.
    i like the names jupiter, mars, and saturn, also pluto too.

  17. 141
    My friend Jane said:

    Hi Santa! When will the babies names be posted??
    I really want to know.
    Some names I think would work are:
    Candy Jane (Like Candy Cane!)
    Rein (Like Reindeer)
    Buddy (From the movie Elf)

  18. 140
    My friend Neve said:

    Names are from me
    Mini Santa
    Mini Mrs Santa
    Mini Elfie
    That`s all i`ve got love Neve

  19. 139
    My friend Samantha said:

    Hi Santa!
    Did Rudolph ever gotten lost before?

  20. 138
    My friend Samantha said:

    Hi Santa my letter is for you and Mrs.Clause!

  21. 137
    My friend Princess Cleo 2!!! said:

    i hav 4 other siblings, and it can be awesome, & ANNOYING!!!!

  22. 136
    My friend Mallory said:

    You should name a girl elf Misa and a boy elf Freddy!

  23. 135
    My friend Molly said:

    I think you should name one snowflake

  24. 134
    My friend Emily said:

    HI! :)

  25. 133
    My friend Emily said:

    hi santaclaus i realy like your santaclaus blog your so wonderfull like the taste of surgar cookies how you can go all over the world to bring good girls and boys they’re presents all in one night anyway here is another thing why i think your wonderfull is because you come all the way from the north pole just to see us and you just got lucky finding a rein deer that has a nose that lights up red

  26. 132
    My friend hayley said:


  27. 131
    My friend lyta said:

    hi santa what about the cides the that where macking fun of me

  28. 130
    My friend yaneli said:


  29. 129
    My friend ashley said:

    can you come in my house and bring me lots toy plese and clothses and i like the blog

  30. 128
    My friend delia said:

    can you tell the raindeer i said hi and can you get me a laptop with internet ,a slide cell phone and a ipod toughch pleause and thankyou i love you pece out

  31. 127
    My friend cadyn said:

    my momis haveing a baby

  32. 126
    My friend Juliana said:

    I really want to see the baby elfs!

  33. 125
    My friend Annjala said:

    My birthday is Christmas Eve, could I be a Christmas Elf? My ears are kinda pointy. You should name them after the 12 diciples in the bible.

  34. 124
    My friend elysa said:

    santa my birthday is the 31 first of this month

  35. 123
    My friend melly said:

    could you please send me a picture with
    the 12 baby elves of christmas and there family

  36. 122
    My friend Catherine said:

    Santa, I love you so much and I know you love me too. Tell Clumsy And Rudolph that I love them I love you also and Mrs.Claus! I want Rudolph for christmas!!! HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! I bet nobody would ever give him up!! Thank you and I love you. Merry Christmas!!!

  37. 121
    My friend Tori said:

    I love the flying deer!!!!

  38. 120
    My friend Reagan said:

    If I had 11 brothers or sisters it would drive me CRAZY!

  39. 119
    My friend kyra said:

    what are your rainderea callad?

  40. 118
    My friend niamh said:

    by the way i do not want the kung fu track i want the zhu zhu pet track santa

  41. 117
    My friend makayla said:

    when did the 12 baby elves how old now.

  42. 116
    My friend makayla said:

    when did the 12 baby elveshow old now.

  43. 115
    My friend madison said:

    chloe should be an elf name and buddy.

  44. 114
    My friend ashley said:

    my sister has been bad

  45. 113
    My friend ashley white said:

    hi how my sister stephnie is being bad this year so what should i do

  46. 112
    My friend lilli said:

    lilli tj ty lucky fun angelina funny nice alex jane jay chris

  47. 111
    My friend brianna said:

    you have elf babies i did not know you have elf babies

  48. 110
    My friend Taylin said:


  49. 109
    My friend Brecken&delani said:

    I dont think having 11 brothers & sisters wouldbe fun

  50. 108
    My friend Kasey said:

    How do you know what your elf’s name is if you get one

  51. 107
    My friend rayawna said:


  52. 106
    My friend rayawna said:

    thats a lot of elfs

  53. 105
    My friend Jessica said:

    sparkles {spark-los}

  54. 104
    My friend savanna:) said:

    whats up santa it is me savanna just read the email you gave me and i looked up your blog like you said to it is so cool i wish i could make my own blog about me my friends my dog and everything that i do i wish i could me one of your elves it would be to cool well i am sure you have a lot of things to do

  55. 103
    My friend Bridgid said:

    call the elfs cece and rocky

  56. 102
    My friend Maddy said:

    I think you should name them Daisy, cara, jo jo, sam or bell! :) I think they will be great kids! :)

  57. 101
    My friend Diana said:

    I think the elves are wonderful!

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