A Christmas Message From Rudolph

Posted by Santa Claus on December 15th, 2009

Today, Rudolph the reindeer wanted to write something in the Santa Claus Christmas Blog.

It is a little hard for reindeer to type of course.  But, the elves made a special keyboard for Rudolph to use.  After all, lots of pets send their letters to Rudolph the reindeer.   I think the pet’s owners help a little  :)

Here is Rudolph’s post!

Mêrrÿ Krismus¡!

WÖÖF öink arrrrøøøøøøø! scréèch ßåå ßåå GëëGëë ßlîzzård! Wårble wårble twéèt twéèt!

Chéèp chéèp WÖÖF mëøw twéèt blæt mÕÕ blæt. Scréèch kÖålå ßårk Santa Þhfffft.

Glüb glüb mÕÕ rîbbït bÖîñG pürr. ßårk blæt H裏§§§§§§ kÖålå mëøw WÖÖF WÖÖF? Arrrrøøøøøøø! Glüb glüb wårble Þhfffft. MÕÕ wårble squêak scréèch mëøw Þhfffft. Twéèt twéèt pürr.

ßåå ßåå H裏§§§§§§ squêak bÖîñG Krismus? Mëøw ßåå ßåå rîbbït RÕårr mÕÕ bÖîñG wårble arrrrøøøøøøø!

Blæt öink twéèt MÕÕ mëøw twéèt öink WÖÖF. Glüb glüb scréèch Pürr kÖålå. Arrrrøøøøøøø!

MÕÕ mëøw Þhfffft rîbbït wårble “Hello” WÖÖF ßårk squêak. Rîbbït scréèch WÖÖF mëøw. Blæt bÖîñG twéèt chéèp öink öink kÖålå ßåå ßåå pürr!

Wårble wårble chéèp chéèp squêak mÕÕ WÖÖF!


I know most people can’t read animal, so I’ll see if I can help.  What Rudolph the reindeer said was:

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all the Wonderful emails about my new little reindeer, Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard!  They love their names!

They are growing up so fast.  They can hardly wait to pull Santa’s sleigh!

We had lots of fun at the reindeer parade.  Did it sound like fun to you?   It was nice to pull Santa’s sleigh again.  I made sure my nose had extra nose wax on it.  It really glowed!

Are you getting excited about Christmas yet?  I can hardly wait to land on your roof!

All the reindeer are busy playing reindeer games.  You should see how high they fly!   Wow!

The reindeer say “Hello” to everyone!  They are so excited.  They cannot wait to come visit you too!

See you really soon!

Love, Rudolph

I hope you liked Rudolph’s message.  He sure liked writing it just for you!  Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you read animal?  Did you like Rudolph’s message?  (You can leave a message.   Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


329 Responses to “A Christmas Message From Rudolph”

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  1. 329
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    No, I can not read animal, but YES, I did like the mesage! Thanks, Rudolph!

  2. 328
    My friend Jacob said:

    Oink Bark Mooo Neigh baaaaaa gargle Yeeehonk chatter chatter oink oink bark bark bark meow!!! Ive been practicing my animal! :D Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. 327
    My friend craig said:

    hi santa idid’ent know you had a ps3 or a 3ds

  4. 326
    My friend dpi4 xxx io12 said:

    Rudolph reindeer christmas message.. He-he-he :)

  5. 325
    My friend sammy said:

    hi rudolf how are you

  6. 324
    My friend Anonymous said:


  7. 323
    My friend mille said:

    hello santa i love openg prentes asoehly from you

  8. 322
    My friend ISABELLA said:


  9. 321
    My friend Laura , Scott , and Anika said:

    Our cat says,”bark woof purr Aoww ribbit hop grrr arf meow woof klicity klac rarr jump moooo oink bakawk chirp neigh.” No clue what it means ,hopefully you do. we’re sorry if you don’t guide Santa’s sleigh, but we think someone else needs a turn.

  10. 320
    My friend molly said:

    To Rudolph
    I cannot wait until christmas and this year I am giving you a cookie and carrots and Dont tell santa but a bit of sponge cake.
    p.s please can you tell santa to put a present under my pillow.


  12. 319
    My friend Kelsey said:

    Rudolph, Do you like carrots and oatmeal?

  13. 318
    My friend Cassy said:

    Hi Rudolph How are you I hope your haveing a great Christmas

  14. 317
    My friend LAURYN said:

    Dear Rudolph
    hiIhope you have a very Merry Christmas with your friends and Family. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 316
    My friend nicole said:

    do you now my birthday is on christmas its is cool because you get presents to open on christmas it is so fun all the way from deland from me .xoxoxo

  16. 315
    My friend Amaya said:

    Dear Rudolph,
    Sorry i cant understand animal, but i love you and everyone at the north pole <3
    I know people make fun of your nose, but i think its cute! ^_^

  17. 314
    My friend laken said:

    hey rudolph i love you very much and my cousin said she saw you before cause they put corn outside and they thought you liked corn so they put it out there for you to eat and they saw your knows glow so they went out side to see what it was and it was you.and there names are anna ryan tracy austin bryan denice a.

  18. 313
    My friend thomas said:

    i love u rudolph

  19. 312
    My friend jessica said:

    can i have an ipod touch for christmas it would make my day on christmas morning and i would use it all the time ilove you all at the north pole i ,mean absulutley everyone

  20. 311
    My friend sophie dog misty said:

    woof woof woof woof woof woof she said happy christmass oooo a cat grrrrr woof woof woof ps happy christmass

  21. 310
    My friend beth said:

    HEY Rudolph please come to my birthday party and kiss me!!!

  22. 309
    My friend Lori said:

    Rudolf yoo r my favoright raindear
    evrydae I vote 4 u. U r a precios,
    adorablee raindeer I luv u forever

  23. 308
    My friend Lori said:

    Rudolph You are an adorable,Precious
    Reindeer. Everydat I vote you for
    guiding santa’s sleigh because you are
    my favorite reindeer FOREVER!

  24. 307
    My friend larissa said:

    hi rudolph
    i hope you have a verry merry chistmas.

    p.s why do you have a verry shiny nose?

  25. 306
    My friend Eliza said:

    Hello Santa/Elves
    how are you guys down there in the frezing cold i can not wait to leave some things for you i am getting so exited i am going to get my photo taken soon!!!! merry chirstmas to everyone

    love Eliza


  26. 305
    My friend cole said:

    Hi Rudolf, Can’t wait for Christmas. Wish I could see you! I love your red nose!!!

  27. 304
    My friend Madison said:

    hi rudolf! are you going to go to my house on CHRISTMAS!!! by the way,my cats say meow meow MEOW!

  28. 303
    My friend Linnea said:

    I liked Rodulph’s message.Also,my dog Ace,says WOOF WOOF pet WOOF message WOOF.
    I think he’s sayig that he likes Rodolph’s message,too. I an’t read animal.

  29. 302
    My friend Ugne said:

    Well I can not really read animal and my fish April cant

  30. 301
    My friend gwen said:

    my 3 cats would just like to say 1 max says meow rudolph and puur clairice meow puur kids!

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