Santa’s Little Reindeer

Posted by Santa Claus on December 12th, 2009

Do you remember that there were twin reindeer born on New Year’s Eve last year?  Well, Blizzard and Georgie Gingerbread are growing up so fast!  I thought I better write a poem about Georgie while she is still my sweet little reindeer.  Would you like to see my poem?

OK, here is my new poem for Georgie Gingerbread…

Santa’s Little Reindeer

by Santa Claus

On the day before
Little reindeer’s big night
She looks at the sky
And dreams of her flight

She looks at the snow
But there’s no time to play
She will fly through the sky
She will fly far away!

The elves get her ready
They hurry up fast
Then they all wave good-bye
She is off now at last!

She is one little reindeer
Pulling Santa’s new sleigh
She pulls it so fast
She pulls it up, up, away!

She looks back down
But the elves are not there
She is high in the sky
She is high in the air

Her pretty brown hooves
Are not on the ground
Her pretty brown hooves
Move faster than sound!

Oh no! What is that?
A very big tower
Hurry up little reindeer
Santa needs some more power!

Fly little reindeer
Fly very fast
There is a big tower
That Santa must pass.

She is one little reindeer
Pulling Santa’s new sleigh
She pulls it so fast
She pulls it up, up, away!

Then down through the clouds
Is the first little roof
She stops on it gently
With each little hoof

Now Santa jumps out
And gives her a sweet
While Santa is busy
She eats her small treat

When Santa comes back
She is ready to fly
When Santa comes back
She’ll fly high in the sky

She is one little reindeer
Pulling Santa’s new sleigh
She pulls it so fast
She pulls it up, up, away!

Now Santa is done
He is done for the night
It is time to go home
‘Tis the end of the flight

She sees them below
The elves on the ground
She lands the sled softly
They’re all safe and sound!

A reindeer says “Hi!”
His nose glows so red
The elves say “Hi!” too
Then put the sled in the shed

She is one little reindeer
Getting ready for bed
She is one little reindeer
With a dream in her head

She dreams of the day
She dreams of the night
That someday, maybe,
She can fly with Santa
On his Christmas Eve flight

I hope you liked my little poem!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   Did you like my poem?  Do you think Georgie Gingerbread should help pull my sleigh one day?   (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


159 Responses to “Santa’s Little Reindeer”

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  1. 159
    My friend bekah said:

    very nice poem santa i like it haha u rock cant wait till christmas and i always write u remember!!!!!!

  2. 158
    My friend bronwynn said:


  3. 157
    My friend annabella said:

    i love you santa and you are the best have a wonderful christmas

  4. 156
    My friend olivia said:

    that was the best poem i heard!

  5. 155
    My friend Orlagh said:

    That was cool can’t wait for Xmas

  6. 154
    My friend Linnea said:

    I think Georgie Gingerbread and her twin reindeer brother,Blizzard,should help pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve!

  7. 153
    My friend Ben said:

    Santa that is a good poem.write one again.

  8. 152
    My friend maggie said:

    i love your poem it is awesome you should write more poems about the elves, the reindeer and about how it feels when you are flying high in the sky. i think she is ready to fly it seems like she knows what she is doing. you should post a picture of her does she look anything like herr mom clarice?

  9. 151
    My friend Melanie said:

    I think she should

  10. 150
    My friend You know who, Santa! said:

    Yes you should let her with her Daddy Rudolph! Although my cat Tiggy loves Rudolph.


  12. 149
    My friend Anonymous said:

    I like your reindeer I like you Santa I like your elves

  13. 148
    My friend Brittany said:

    Well why not everyone deserves a chance to go on the expedition of Christmas. Why not have 13 reindeer. Georgie Gingerbread can fly along side Rudolf for one night. I think that every reindeer deserves a chance to fly. A chance to be a part of Christmas. I mean Christmas is about sharing and giving and being nice right? Well why not share a Christmas night with Georgie?

  14. 147
    My friend tayla jane oshannassy said:

    hi santa can you please give me an iphone and an ipod and a wii fit plus and please say hi to everyone at the north pole for me and give them all big hug and i went on your blog because i wrote to you on emal santa and yousaid the elfs and every one wanted me to go on it

  15. 146
    My friend Anonymous said:

    she can pull the sliey on the 25th.

  16. 145
    My friend RuthAnne said:


  17. 144
    My friend shania said:

    i really liked your poem i read it out loud my dad is crying have a go at a song this time about you.

  18. 143
    My friend jake williams said:

    hi santa how are you.I have got grumpy
    tinsly toes right here and hre i spelling
    this. this is grumpy specking”hi santa
    how is the way i am very sprusd
    .I want to stay here to be with jake

  19. 142
    My friend Kaitlynn said:

    Gergeie might want to fly your sligh

  20. 141
    My friend trevor said:

    hey santa i want rodough to lead th slay

  21. 140
    My friend Sydney said:

    that was such a good peom.i would never be able to come up with something like that !:)

  22. 139
    My friend Brooke and Joey said:

    Yes I think some day she will pull your sleigh. Also, For the ds I would like a pink one. Joey would like blue.

  23. 138
    My friend sarah said:

    i loved it! It was so cute! :)

  24. 137
    My friend Gemma said:

    Hey! how you going i see you have a blog now i just sent you an email and you sent me one back. So thanks for that! Anyway i hope evry little bot and girl has a great time at christmas remember theres only 26 more sleeps till christmas!!!

  25. 136
    My friend kaylin said:

    hi santa claus i hope that you will have a merry christmas and that mrs.claus and the reinder

  26. 135
    My friend Ashley said:

    Dear Santa,
    Yes, I loved your poem, it was magnificent! I would never be able to write a poem as good as you! I deffinately think that little Georgie Gingerbread should help pull your sleigh one day! I bet she would love it! Thanks!

  27. 134
    My friend chloe said:

    hi i read your letter that you wrote to me i put a spelling mistake in my letter it was meant to say delabole and i wish you a very merry christmas p.s how is roudoulf wich reindeer had babies

  28. 133
    My friend Nathan said:

    im cool santa arent i(V)or (I) have a good night sleep santa

    from nathan

  29. 132
    My friend Gabbi said:

    I really cant wait until christmas
    And… How do u cary al them things in your sleigh isnt it like impossibl or summett ??

  30. 131
    My friend Sinead said:

    i loved your poem

  31. 130
    My friend Cassady said:

    Fly little reindeer Fly Yes she sould I think it could bea great idea

  32. 129
    My friend amelia said:

    hi santa<3
    what u been up to lately.
    i have been doing lots of things:-my birthday,my party,writing my big sis' b-day party and LOTS AND LOTS MORE!!!
    <3<3< 3<3< 3<3< 3<3< 3<3< 3<3< 3<3<3

  33. 128
    My friend helen said:

    thank you for the hard work you do all the year

  34. 127
    My friend Ryann said:

    i Santa i live in cambridge nebraska i hope you can come visit me it was my brothers birthday today he turned 20 i hope you can leave him a little something when you come love ryann

  35. 126
    My friend kyra-lee said:

    sorry :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  36. 125
    My friend kyra-lee said:


  37. 124
    My friend kyra-lee said:

    How do you make your little reindeer fly?
    Next you should name them Rell and fifi
    How do you get so many lollies?
    How do you wacth us when your in the north pole?
    oh also can you send me a pic of what the north pole looks like please! :)

  38. 123
    My friend Bridgid said:

    is her name Cece?

  39. 122
    My friend taylor said:

    which raindeer had the little ones?

  40. 121
    My friend Bridgid said:

    can you take a pitcher of the new raindeer

  41. 120
    My friend Sharon said:

    Yes I did because I love raindeer too.

  42. 119
    My friend ella said:


  43. 118
    My friend rachel said:

    can i have an elf to

  44. 117
    My friend rachel said:

    she can do she can do i kown she can she should do she sonds like a great little raindeer

  45. 116
    My friend amelia said:

    your poem is really good.
    i hope you and your reindeers have a lovely christmas!!!!!!!!!
    lots of love from amelia oxoxo

  46. 115
    My friend LeXie said:

    i dont think gorgia gingerbread should ever pull your sled you should leave that for her dad and brother

  47. 114
    My friend jake said:

    wow that was grat buy the way can i have a nother elf.grumpy is not hidding any
    more but i stilli want to ceap him

  48. 113
    My friend sienna said:

    i liked it a lot

  49. 112
    My friend Olivia said:

    Desr Santa I want an elf because when you are watching the other kids and you can’t watch me I would think that you would give me an elf.

  50. 111
    My friend spencer said:

    yes she flys faster than light

  51. 110
    My friend alex said:

    goergie should definitely pull your sleigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 109
    My friend LEXI said:


  53. 108
    My friend Zz said:

    Hey santa i had sent a messeage askin for a iphone u said u threw urs away but u never said if u would get me one do i get one??????

  54. 107
    My friend Dominic said:

    YYYY eee sssss

  55. 106
    My friend MICHAEL said:



  56. 105
    My friend blair said:

    Of course they should pull your sleigh some day!

  57. 104
    My friend Allison said:

    I love that story! i wish i was in the sky and saw that!

  58. 103
    My friend HANNAH said:


  59. 102
    My friend HANNAH said:


  60. 101
    My friend HANNAH said:


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