Santa’s Little Reindeer

Posted by Santa Claus on December 12th, 2009

Do you remember that there were twin reindeer born on New Year’s Eve last year?  Well, Blizzard and Georgie Gingerbread are growing up so fast!  I thought I better write a poem about Georgie while she is still my sweet little reindeer.  Would you like to see my poem?

OK, here is my new poem for Georgie Gingerbread…

Santa’s Little Reindeer

by Santa Claus

On the day before
Little reindeer’s big night
She looks at the sky
And dreams of her flight

She looks at the snow
But there’s no time to play
She will fly through the sky
She will fly far away!

The elves get her ready
They hurry up fast
Then they all wave good-bye
She is off now at last!

She is one little reindeer
Pulling Santa’s new sleigh
She pulls it so fast
She pulls it up, up, away!

She looks back down
But the elves are not there
She is high in the sky
She is high in the air

Her pretty brown hooves
Are not on the ground
Her pretty brown hooves
Move faster than sound!

Oh no! What is that?
A very big tower
Hurry up little reindeer
Santa needs some more power!

Fly little reindeer
Fly very fast
There is a big tower
That Santa must pass.

She is one little reindeer
Pulling Santa’s new sleigh
She pulls it so fast
She pulls it up, up, away!

Then down through the clouds
Is the first little roof
She stops on it gently
With each little hoof

Now Santa jumps out
And gives her a sweet
While Santa is busy
She eats her small treat

When Santa comes back
She is ready to fly
When Santa comes back
She’ll fly high in the sky

She is one little reindeer
Pulling Santa’s new sleigh
She pulls it so fast
She pulls it up, up, away!

Now Santa is done
He is done for the night
It is time to go home
‘Tis the end of the flight

She sees them below
The elves on the ground
She lands the sled softly
They’re all safe and sound!

A reindeer says “Hi!”
His nose glows so red
The elves say “Hi!” too
Then put the sled in the shed

She is one little reindeer
Getting ready for bed
She is one little reindeer
With a dream in her head

She dreams of the day
She dreams of the night
That someday, maybe,
She can fly with Santa
On his Christmas Eve flight

I hope you liked my little poem!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   Did you like my poem?  Do you think Georgie Gingerbread should help pull my sleigh one day?   (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


159 Responses to “Santa’s Little Reindeer”

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  1. 100
    My friend Julianna said:

    Yes i do think Georgie Gingerbread should pull santa’s sliegh! Remeber they are twins so i think blizzerd should! Don’t leave him out of course!

    Hugs & Kisses love and always Julianna

  2. 99
    My friend jade said:

    I thot that it was so good

  3. 98
    My friend Dylan said:

    loved your pome

  4. 97
    My friend alayna said:

    santa i think that goergie gingerbread and blizzard should ride on the sleigh with you. P.S. I think the new riendeer should ride with you this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 96
    My friend hallie said:

    I love chritmas by the way

  6. 95
    My friend hallie said:

    please let me know if missis clause is dowing down at the north pole is she okay please let me know if she is verry verry okay I love you and the elvs but I love you more and mor every day love you every day as well miissis clause and elves more and more I love you more and more

  7. 94
    My friend hallie said:

    I love you like jelly thots the elves say ove you like jelly thots haha merry chrithmas hohoho

  8. 93
    My friend alexis said:

    love it so cute i wish i was there in the sky flying goinging hight

  9. 92
    My friend ella said:

    I think littile georgie should help fly the sleigh with all the reindeer. from ella

  10. 91
    My friend leah said:

    it was lovely she will love it


  12. 90
    My friend michael said:

    i love that poen santa. can i ask you something. is olive a real rain deer .

  13. 89
    My friend Brennan said:

    Dear Santa
    I would like a few more things for crismas.skatboared.

  14. 88
    My friend emily said:

    yes santa i did like it

  15. 87
    My friend ciara said:

    hi santa i’m sure she/he is so cuit send me a picture please thank you & bye

  16. 86
    My friend abby said:

    i love christmas beacuse u come and u are my favorite part of christmas

  17. 85
    My friend hannah said:

    i licked your poum send me a picher of her

  18. 84
    My friend Becca said:

    Santa,i personally think that it’s a great poem .And i personnally think that Georgie Gingerbread should fly your sleigh .thanks for your time and thanks for the presents this year i love them, forever always ,Becca

  19. 83
    My friend darian said:

    look both ways befor crosing the street

  20. 82
    My friend Rhiannon Bickley said:

    Yeah! she should pull your sleigh even though she’s not a boy with antlers, but she could she’s just a Doe she doesn’t have to be a Buck just let her one day please

  21. 81
    My friend marlee said:

    yea i think so

  22. 80
    My friend Jacob said:

    YES Santa your poem rocks and thanks for every thing you get me. whas your favorite xbox game

  23. 79
    My friend darryl said:

    yes santa good idea she would be as good as rudolph one day lots of love darryl

  24. 78
    My friend Jimmy said:

    I think it is a great poem. You should read it to them right away

  25. 77
    My friend Frances said:

    i love the poem it is loverly

  26. 76
    My friend taeya said:

    i think rudolf should be on the right of the sled at the front and this little new raindeer goagia should be beside rudolf but on the left of the sled on the front so they could fly together

    love taeya

  27. 75
    My friend Sarah from United Kingdom said:

    Oh my god i love it xx its one of my favorite santa xx

  28. 74
    My friend wiktoria said:

    Hi santa I cant wait till christmas

  29. 73
    My friend Robert said:

    You are the best writer in the world for writing that specfic artifical peom.

  30. 72
    My friend Hallie said:

    I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 71
    My friend Hallie said:

    Yes she could pull the sleigh.

    P.S I love your poem you write

  32. 70
    My friend Valeria said:

    Dear Santa:

    I like Christmas very much! And you are a very nice person, but can you give me an advice in this days I put nervous of a little thing can you give me an advice?

  33. 69
    My friend Orlaith said:

    i hope you have a safe journey travelling through the sky when your bigger!!

  34. 68
    My friend Kimberly said:

    He would do a GREAT job! And I loved your poem, Santa!

  35. 67
    My friend REGAN said:

    Georgie is amazing. Do you ever write a poem that long before?

  36. 66
    My friend paul said:

    hey santa, i sure do hope the reinderr’s have a good christmas flight this year and many more to come..i have lots of repspect for them and what they and you do for every little kid in the world including me…you guys work very hard to make christmas christmas..tell the reindeer hi for and hope you guys will stop by my house this year..

  37. 65
    My friend tristan said:

    i love them

  38. 64
    My friend Hannah said:

    Hi santa hannah i send you emails so how are you goinng well bye

  39. 63
    My friend Ali said:

    Although she’s very cute I think you should wait a bit. Test to see how well she flys.

    She should understand how difficult it must be to fly the sleigh and once she starts flying she can’t just stop because she doesn’t like the difficulty.

    I bet she will be a great sleigh puller. :)

  40. 62
    My friend rachel said:

    can i help pull your sleigh santa claus?

  41. 61
    My friend brianna said:

    i liked it, its so sweet and i hope u have a merry christmas

  42. 60
    My friend RayLee said:

    HI santa Its me RAYLEE. i cant belevie that theres a new reindeer.

  43. 59
    My friend zach said:

    it`s almost xmas

  44. 58
    My friend Bethany said:

    i think all reindeer should get a turn to pull the sleigh at least once so they know what its like to fly high up in the big blue sky

  45. 57
    My friend Angelo said:

    Wow Santa, that is an amazing poem. The little reindeer is so brave and he is amazing. Cant wait till Christmas.

  46. 56
    My friend kaylee said:

    i relly like your poem i will leave you a speal snake

  47. 55
    My friend Seth said:

    I hope you can have Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  48. 54
    My friend Matthew said:

    I liked your poem. I forgot to ask you to bring me a surprise on christmas eve. Bye Santa

  49. 53
    My friend Bob said:

    poem is good but long lol

  50. 52
    My friend libby said:

    yes i bet she is very cute! i bet he looks very grown up now!

  51. 51
    My friend chloe said:

    10 days untill christmas
    and i can’t waite
    promise xmas wont be late
    it was awsome

  52. 50
    My friend Julianna said:

    You should be a poet! I really liked your poem.

  53. 49
    My friend Taylor said:

    I thought that was a sweet poem yea i think you should post a pic!

  54. 48
    My friend taylor cranford said:

    how old is georgie and blitzen anway ?? and who’s gonna pull ur sliegh this year??

  55. 47
    My friend DEANNA said:

    i love your poem

  56. 46
    My friend Ebony said:

    Hi Santa it is me again just wanted to say that your blog rocks an that you shold post a picture of you and all the other reindeer


    luv ebony

  57. 45
    My friend bethany said:

    dear Santa, i think she should. Can you leave me a photo of Rudolph for me this year

  58. 44
    My friend KIERA said:

    OMG THAT IS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 43
    My friend James said:

    Nice poem! Very long as well! Can we have a picture of him please?

  60. 42
    My friend olivia said:

    send me a picture of your little reindeer! THANKS

  61. 41
    My friend Nicole said:

    heey santa christmas is coming ,, i love your work ,, my cousins one and its his second christmas but hes not goin to be here agian becoz his mums from thailand they are trying to get his sisters from there back to england ,, but its there second try ,, so we hope that you will be able to make them have a lovely christmas in thailand too :) x

  62. 40
    My friend Falon said:

    awwwwwwwww! that is so cute

  63. 39
    My friend tad said:

    hey santa what is your phine number

  64. 38
    My friend Lydia said:

    Hope Blizzard does one day.P.S you forthe poem about Blizzard.

  65. 37
    My friend Lydia said:

    Hope Goergie will one day tell Goergie i said “hi”.love Lydia

  66. 36
    My friend Dimitri said:

    I think Georgie should fly this Christmas Eve and Rudolph too, because what if it is foggy?

  67. 35
    My friend morgan said:

    I think that she should but I think she needs a little moe pracsitus.

  68. 34
    My friend Carly said:

    Its great!

  69. 33
    My friend shelby said:

    that was really lovely santa!!!!was that the little raindeer Rudulf?well see you onext Christmas !!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!=D =P

  70. 32
    My friend MaryGrace said:


  71. 31
    My friend Emma said:

    I love your peom! It was sweet, good, and beautiful. I love reindeer!

  72. 30
    My friend matthew said:

    i am wondering if you and the elfs can tell them that merry christmas

  73. 29
    My friend Ashleigh said:

    Let the little raindeer follow her dream Santa, Give her a try she might be good at it!

  74. 28
    My friend Danika said:

    I Love your poem i have always wanted to make one like that! Nice work!!!

  75. 27
    My friend Ryan said:

    poem = awsome!!!

  76. 26
    My friend Hannah said:

    yes!And that was a realy cute song.

  77. 25
    My friend Sarah said:

    Wow Santa The year has gone by so fast!
    don’t you think well good luck on your big night we all love you so and I think your poem was pretty good, you really made it rhyme,

  78. 24
    My friend anna said:

    i love it .

  79. 23
    My friend Courtney said:

    AWWWWWWW! She could be be a great sleigh puller! Maybe you should think about it still. If she does, check her on Christmas Eve to make sure shes up and running. Send me a message if that cutie will help pull the sleigh.:D;)PS Merry Chritmas!

  80. 22
    My friend brittz said:

    i luv u santa

  81. 21
    My friend lucia said:

    santa hope you ok i am tanking you for my letter i have red it a lot of times HO!!I got excited when you told me you are coming this year because my brother luke said you wont coming hear got to go bye bye from lucia xx

  82. 20
    My friend Hannah said:

    Yes!And that was a lovely poem.

  83. 19
    My friend Kelsey said:

    Hi santa, i really liked your poem it makes me wanna fly. But of course we all know that i cannot fly. You have some magical reindeers that can fly for you.

  84. 18
    My friend eisa said:

    santa that was a great poem!i bet gorgie gingerbread is such a cute reindeer!!

  85. 17
    My friend Alexis said:

    I loved your little poem.Also this is the first time I could see your blog so that
    seems very exciting and do you know how i found out to go to your blog well i know
    because when i went to email you it told
    me to go to your blog so I did.I also hope you like what I wrote to you.I’m also very
    glad to write at your blog.Thank you for
    making your blog cause I love it.

  86. 16
    My friend ashlea' said:

    do u have any children

  87. 15
    My friend Sage said:

    Yeah christmas is near :) And what Kylee said put a picture on.

  88. 14
    My friend Brianna said:

    your poem was the BEST ive ever heard! yes i do think that Blizzard and Gingerbread should fly with you on Christmas eve night!
    Merry Christmas!:)

  89. 13
    My friend claire said:

    hi santa!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 12
    My friend james said:

    george ginger should pull your sleigh

  91. 11
    My friend Kristina said:

    I think Georgie should pull your sled one day Santa! Maybe not this year,but definitely when he gets older sir.

  92. 10
    My friend kylee said:

    yes!!to both of your questions! :)
    would you post a picture of her?please?

  93. 9
    My friend Brittany said:

    that was the most rockin poem i ever heard about reindeer! cant wait to read other blog posts.

  94. 8
    My friend kelsie said:

    I riely like the epeom that is the best peom I have ever seen in my inthir life

  95. 7
    My friend Robin said:

    Great poem Santa I really liked it!

  96. 6
    My friend sharon said:

    i like your poem but it is long

  97. 5
    My friend Gracie said:

    Is your little reindeer on the nice list? If he is, send me a message back and say yes or no.

  98. 4
    My friend Heather said:

    Yes, I think Georgie hould help pull your sleigh one day. He probably would do a good job too. How old is Georgie anyway?

  99. 3
    My friend Sarah said:

    I think you should but listen to what your heart tells you.

  100. 2
    My friend Kylie said:

    little gerogie should pull your sleigh

  101. 1
    My friend fisher said:

    hi santa cant wait till christmas

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