Kissy the Elf’s Christmas Tree

Do you remember ?   She is our smallest elf.  She is even smaller than Mouse the Elf!  is so small she is just learning her numbers.

Well, Kissy the Elf has a Christmas tree.  It is a counting Christmas tree.  Today, Kissy got to put up her tree.  Would you like to hear about it?  I tried putting it into a silly Santa rhyme.

Kissy puts one star,
on top of her tree.

Then two candy canes.
“For you and for me!”

She really likes Wise Men.
So on go all three.

Four bells go on next.
For her kitty you see!

Then five golden rings!
She giggles in glee.

And six silly sleighs.
The ones that go “wee”!

Then seven little locks,
and magic Santa key.

Plus eight little .
So pretty to see.

Then nine little .
(For flying with me).

And ten Santa letters,
Sweet as candy!

Now isn’t it lovely.
As nice as can be!
Little elf Kissy’s,
Christmas …
Counting …

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think I should write silly rhymes all the time?  Or should I just stick to making toys :-)?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

176 messages to Santa about “Kissy the Elf’s Christmas Tree”

  1. well do this I think you can make a band with the silly stuff. ps. make it for babys they will love it!!!

  2. i personally think you should stick to making toys because that is what you are all about.

    merry christmas to santa and all the elves!

  3. i cant wait till christmas and i think you should do whatever you would like but if you dont want to then i think you should do both and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR i hope you have a very good christmas love Sierrah

  4. you should write more and you mentioned your magic santa key which is on kissy the elfs christma tree

  5. I love every single elves because they are so kindful and hardworking


  7. u sould do both couse u rock at both and u rock u r the best santa

  8. i thingk that you should keep writing rymse and keep making toys

  9. I think u should write alot more because the one I just read was really good.

  10. Santa my little kitten is very exited about christmas he is only 7 months old he is sooooooo cute…….

  11. Dear Santa,
    I love your silly rhymes and I love all the toys you all make! I think you are great at both!! Thanks Santa!!

  12. You choose if you want to rhyme all the time or not. It’s your dcision.

  13. u should make up ryhmes and make toys urr great at both 😉 🙂 lol
    ps i lv u

    lots of love ellie

  14. you are a very silly man but you SHOULD keep to making toys because im sorry but your much better making toys from Nikita.

  15. That is SOOO cute Kissy the elf has a nice Christmas Tree!!
    I bet she took her time doing het own Christmas Tree!

  16. Dear Santa

    Can you please bring me a toy robot? You will see through your magic globe that I am a nice little boy and I will be very good and be very nice to everyone. I will not be cranky, I will listen to my mommy and daddy. Love Christoperh

  17. You should stick to toyz!
    You were ment for toyz not rymes!
    Silly Gosse!Hopefully you dont take this wrong!!LOL

  18. Hi santa can i go on a ride on your slay
    and can you put my prasent under my tree
    and can you wake me up and can i be your friend?
    One more thing can i be a alf.

  19. Merry christmas santa :)!!
    i love you lots and i hope you like the mince pie we left you last year xx

    luv u lots

  20. i think you should right and do both because you are great at everting

  21. i think that you are fantastic and brilliant at making up rymes and poems!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. hello santa i cant wait till christmas i wish i could see you but i would like to now if im on the naughty or nice list

  23. hi santa i am so happy that im talking to you and i love you more then ever and i will see you at the arena i cant wait till the time comes. love you bye. xoxoxoxoxo

  24. hi santa how are you i love you more then ever i see your on the tv tonight and i can

  25. i realy like chritmas because when you just wake up in the morning and you fell like a million bucks the fresh air and you go in the kitchen and you see the plate with no cookies on it and opening prestents with your family.
    p.s have a realy nice day m.r and claus.

  26. Sometimes I speak my language so I’ m sorry.
    But I’ ve done you some christmas cards so I hope you like them.

  27. For Kissy, I bet you can do both of it! You are good at rhymes and you can make toys! Good Luck~
    Kissy! U too~

  28. Hello, Santa How are you and how are you getting on with making all the toys and are you really going to get me a camera for my chriatmas well if you do i know i have been a good girl thank you santa and i love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    xxxooooxxooxoxoxo Lots of love Danielle xoxox

  29. i am going to draw you a picture i will put it a the fire and you can pick it up when you come so can you pick it up please santa x

    P.S I love you santaxx <3

  30. Christmas is a wounderful hoilday to spend time with my family.And the best part is putting up the tree and lights.

  31. Hello santa carn’t wait till christmas whoooooo !! gwtting a blackberry off you ! xxx love you santa xxxxxxxx

  32. I love Kissy!
    Please make my toys for christmas!! 🙂
    Lots of christmas love
    Jessica. Xoxoxoxo

  33. I think you should do both you are super at making toys and the rymes could use some work. Now that I think about it you do better than I do good job do more

  34. I think u should do what ever u would like because I am pretty sure santa will need your help but u also could do both but u will have to ask santa first of course but I am pretty sure it won’t be a bad thing because santa is a very nice and intelligent man and he knows what to do good and what to do good he is a good man trust me….
    yours truly brittany, Merry Christmas

  35. That rythme was really good but I think you shoud stick to making toys.


  37. i like you just the way u are santa

    but…….. you would kinda suit rhymes
    and a brilliant rhyme i just luves it

    luv harleen

  38. i think kissy the elf must only be about 5 i love that poem but you should stick to making the presents with the elfs i read the story about the boy that got to go on the sleigh with you i wish i could lol but i cant

  39. hi caitlin my name is caitlin to i will be caitlin 1 and you can be caitlin 2 how old is she reply

  40. Great to see you counting Kissy! Did you know that numbers keep on going? Santa, I love the rhyme I think you should keep on going writing rhmes, they’re brilliant!

  41. santa i really want a great christmas because my parents are not together

  42. Sorry, I don’t think you should rhyme, I really just think you should stick with the whole Christmas job. Please tell everyone at the North Pole I said “Hi!” .

  43. I thinkyou should try to do both write silly rhymes and make toys at the same time try that I dare you to.

  44. i think Christmas is the best holiday of the year because i love Santa he is awesome and you 2 miss Claus

  45. omg kissy has a christmas tree so cute. keep with toy making its what you do!!!!

  46. I think its a bit silly but funny. I cant beilieve that kissy cant count yet

    You should stick to toy making please

  47. Hi Santa, i am here now! so about Kissy the Elf, i think you do both. So can you respond to me as soon as possible, do you think you will be able to get me a M-14 electric airsoft gun, four-wheeler gear, Duke things (Duke University), and a size 70 four-wheeler? i hope you can, because i have been wanting the size 70 four-wheeler for a long time!!!!

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? 🙂

  48. hi have been i really good boy this x-mas and i don’t mind if you can’t get all of my presents

  49. i love that ryme you should do both but watever your heart tells you to do but ps. i will be so sad if you stop being santa claus

  50. I think it was just fabulous! I think u should do both since your soooooo talented!!

  51. Hi
    I like your rhyme. It has a nice ring to it when i sing it.
    P.S Do you have a picture of Krissy that i could see

  52. Santa it sounds GREAT but I’d like you to make lots of toys for all of us 🙂
    Love Always,
    The Holden girls

  53. i found it so i hope you dont get sik this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..

  54. I liked th poem. Thank you for sending it to me. I hope I see cameron. Merry Christimas

  55. YOu should make more silly rhymes. And also keep making toys. your rhymes make me laugh! My mom says laughing is good for you!

  56. hi santa your good at both mabey rymes you can make all the time and still deliver presnts

  57. I can’t choose which one your good at both making toys and making pomes

  58. and btw how old is kissy?merry Chirstmasto all and to all a good afternoon.

  59. 3 more weeks at school!, can’t wait till Father Christmas comes! i’m going into Liverpoll on Friday to do christmas shopping with my nan! while my little sister who’s 7 is at school!
    i’m fedup with school its so boring in high school kids so just pretend your enjoying it!

  60. I dont know you might aswell do both as your good at both. I’m counting down the days its so cool.

  61. That is a great poem santa i really liked it hope all of your reindeers and elves ar good see you on christmas day

  62. i think u should stick to making toys santa!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u do any way

  63. hi ! santa! i love your rhyme its so sweet hehe. What are you doing at the north pole right now? I hope you are not forgetting about that laptop im only should stick mostly to making toys so that there are enough laptops to go around !!!! hheehheehheehh
    love you lots like jelly tots
    love brianna xxxxxxxx

  64. I just wondered what cookies does your wife Mrs Santa Claus bake for you. HO HO HO!

  65. Santa; that was was sooo good. I could help you draw a picture of Kissy and her counting tree 🙂

  66. amazing rhyme lol! i love christmas!!
    2 more weeks to go till the hols!(after this week of course!)MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY1!!!!!!!

  67. Aww So Cutee!! Your did a Really Awesome Job With that!! 😀

  68. That’s a very good rhyme Santa. Could you please write one about me??? It’s okay if your too busy. I understand there are many different jobs up at the northpole. I love you! xox

  69. do both your funny i want to meet kissy the elf one day bring her to my house on christmas eve so i can meet her.

  70. i think you are good at rhyming cause you do it all the time when you are watching a clock it goes tick tock see!

  71. Dear Santa
    Hey I luv the story very cute! I am writin a Christmas book too called
    Gryace The Goodtiings Christmas Angle.
    Gayle Denece

  72. I think you should do that and that is a great poem you wrote. I have Tommy with me!

  73. I cannot wait for Christmas! Only 3 weeks of school left till break! ^^

  74. u r good at both i like your rimes and that u make toys lol merry (early) christmas santa

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