Escape of the Zhu Zhu Pets!

Posted by Santa Claus on November 30th, 2009

A lot of kids are asking for Zhu Zhu pets this year.   They look like little hamsters.  The elves have been very busy making them.

Mrs. Claus is not sure if she likes them or not.  She is a little afraid of small furry things.

As I said, the elves have been very busy making them.  They have made a LOT of them.   After they make a pet they put it in a special box.  It is a VERY big box.  It is a VERY full, big box!

Well, Clumsy the Elf had to move the box.  Do you know what happened?   Can you guess?  Well, you will not believe it!

Clumsy moved the box and… nothing happened.  It was safe!  But then… the box fell over!

There were furry little Zhu Zhu hamster pets everywhere!

They like to run. Oh, my. They really like to run!

They ran under shoes.
They ran under chairs.
Why, one bunch of pets,
Ran thru elf underwears!

Then I ran in,
To see what’s the matter.
And Poor Mrs. Claus,
Was stuck on a ladder!

She was yelling out loud,
“Shoo, pets, shoo!”
And I laughed so loud,
My belly shook too!

But we picked them all up.
We put them away.
Safe and sound,
(We hope :) )
Until Christmas Day!

(OK, that was a silly sort of Santa rhyme wasn’t it!)

Well, we did not find all the little hamsters.  So I hope no one is too upset with us if we cannot bring them their Zhu Zhu pet for Christmas.  It is most likely still playing at the North Pole. Somewhere!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Now, Mrs. Claus calls them “shoo shoo” pets!  Do you have a pet?   (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!).


278 Responses to “Escape of the Zhu Zhu Pets!”

  1. 1
    My friend Drew said:

    that was a cool story. i liked when the zhu zhu pets escaped.

  2. 2
    My friend Brooklynn said:

    Ha ha! That is really funny! My sister really wants a Zhu Zhu Pet. I see them on TV commercials. They look really cool. Bye for now!!

  3. 3
    My friend Sage said:

    Ha ha thats funny that Mrs. Clase was skard!Ihope that your elfs find all the zhu zhu pets!I hope that Clumsy is OK. HoHoHoHo

  4. 4
    My friend alexis said:

    funny story my lil sister wants one soo bad when she sees one on the tv she makes a big whole lecture about how good it would be to have one insted of a real hamster lol

  5. 5
    My friend Marc said:

    My cousins want zhu zhu pets

  6. 6
    My friend jordan said:

    awsome santa i have herd of a zhu zhu pet i think there cool btu my nefus had one well something that look like it and did stuff like it well merry christmas santa i hope u find them all 24 more sleep i am so exsited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    My friend Chantelle said:

    What are Zhu Zhu Pets

  8. 8
    My friend Olivia Peterson said:

    :) I never heard of them here in VA. I really Want a Real Puppy. Maybe a Bichon Yorkie. There so pretty :) Nice Story Santa !!

    We Love you Here in James City Countyy!! :D

  9. 9
    My friend lauren said:

    i cant wait till christmas i wake up at five in the morning

  10. 10
    My friend Natalie said:

    what would you like to eat for when you come to my nataliexx


  12. 11
    My friend Natalie said:

    i cant wait untill its christmas day love natalie x.

  13. 12
    My friend Natalie said:

    i cant wait untill its christmas day love natalie x.

  14. 13
    My friend Natalie said:

    i would really love a puppy for christmas mayby a german shepard. love x

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  15. 14
    My friend emily said:

    I like crismis

  16. 15
    My friend taylor said:

    that was a cool story!!.i liked the pictuer it was funny.

  17. 16
    My friend vanessa said:

    yes i have a pet her name is asia she is a german shephard dog.why does mrs. Claus call the hamster things shoo shoo pets?

  18. 17
    My friend carter said:

    i think that sounded very offensive for Mrs.Claus.

  19. 18
    My friend Lauren said:

    HAHAHAH, That was a funny story. My little sister wants one really bad!!!! Merry Chrismas, Lauren

  20. 19
    My friend alexa said:

    well if you cant get me a zhu zhu pet it will be fine

  21. 20
    My friend kayleigh said:

    hey santa its me again i forgot to tell you that i all ready have a dog named winston but i would really like another one for winston to play with please

  22. 21
    My friend morgan said:

    i have been looking all around for them for zhuzhu pets

  23. 22
    My friend drew h. said:

    I would love to have a Zhu Zhu pet!

  24. 23
    My friend erin said:

    can i pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese get a zhuzhu pets

  25. 24
    My friend Molly said:

    That made me LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 25
    My friend Olivia said:

    Dear Santa,
    I hope you can come for Christmas this year. I hope you are having a great time with Rudolph.
    I hope my zhu zhu pet gets here ok. Thank you for coming this year. Merry Christmas Santa!
    Love Olivia

  27. 26
    My friend Alison said:

    that is really funny i want a zhu zhu pet i mean shoo shoo pet they r really cool im 10 years old and i want one

  28. 27
    My friend Sarah said:

    I want Zhu Zhu pet too. p.s MERRY CHRISTMAS

  29. 28
    My friend meghan said:

    i hate zuh zuh pets because one got stuck in my hair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 29
    My friend Ali said:

    Haha that was funny. :P
    I do think Webkinz are better than Zhu Zhu pets though. They just look like ordinary hamster toys to me.

    Merry Christmas! Hope you find the Zhu Zhu pets!

  31. 30
    My friend chi said:

    dont you all get exsited on christmas the best time of year

  32. 31
    My friend hannah said:

    yes i have a cat and i love him

  33. 32
    My friend Anonymous Child of Unknown Wherebouts said:

    What is a Zhu Zhu pet? Well, it’s me again, the Vegan, and I am here to add another hippie mark to my record. I have no TV, and have not seen the ads.
    It doesn’t really surprise me that I haven’t heard of them; most their advertising was probably done on TV, a child’s strongest influence. I know that’s true of my aquaintences. So why would anyone bother to put ads anywhere else?

  34. 33
    My friend Shawna said:

    What are Zhu Zhu Pets?

  35. 34
    My friend Jared said:

    i heard that mr squiggles is contagous so dont get the kids sick!

  36. 35
    My friend Catherine said:

    HA HA HA HA!!!! im still laughing about the part with elf underwear! HA HA HA HA HA HA!! i laughed so hard that after a while, my tummy hurt anyway, MERRY CHRSTMAS!
    And a Happy New Year!

  37. 36
    My friend McKenna said:

    Dear Santa
    I have a pet named Nala. She’s CRAZY! But I heard on the news that Zhu Zhu pets are dangerou to have. I just heard that part.

  38. 37
    My friend Kasiah said:

    i looooveee you santa

  39. 38
    My friend Courtney said:

    I thought the story was cool!I want one for Christmas.

  40. 39
    My friend sarah said:

    I heard on the news that they were dangeres

  41. 40
    My friend wil said:

    i have 2 dogs one is named tanner the other s named sophie

  42. 41
    My friend sydney said:

    thats funny santa i have been asking for those zuh zuh pets to

  43. 42
    My friend janna said:

    WOW! SantaClaus the ZhuZhu pets are out of control but make sure you find it and have a nice Christmas.

  44. 43
    My friend Tyson said:

    Dear Santa,

    If you have any problems with your Zhu Zhu pets, like a real hamster, set out some carrots or yogurt so the Zhu Zhu pets will go towards it and start eating it. It’s not Clumsy’s fault they fell over and yesterday I was a little bit clumsy myself! I broke the toilet paper holder in the bathroom! And I almost broke a candle when I was walking upstairs I kind of slipped and knocked it off the shelf!

  45. 44
    My friend Caroline said:

    Hi Santa Claus! I’m getting a Zhu Zhu pet from my mum for Christmas! I can’t wait! They’re so much fun! xxoo (kisses 2 hugs 2)

  46. 45
    My friend FRANKLIN said:


  47. 46
    My friend FRANKLIN said:


  48. 47
    My friend Katey said:

    Do You Think I Could Meet Clumsy?

  49. 48
    My friend Logan & Regan said:

    WE have a cat named Eddie.

  50. 49
    My friend Cailey said:

    I have two cats. Lucky is new. Can you find herr and give her lots of presents? I love her, except she attacks Biscuit and she’s mischeivous.

  51. 50
    My friend dustin said:

    im always the first one to get up on christmas

  52. 51
    My friend sierra said:


  53. 52
    My friend bree said:

    that was very very very funny santa i like that story

  54. 53
    My friend Aine said:

    never heard of them can i have one

  55. 54
    My friend Caroline said:

    Im so sad. santa claus could you make me feel better? do you go to church?

  56. 55
    My friend grace said:

    wow!! clumsy must be very very clumsy if he tiped the box over tell mrs claurse im not fond of hamsters ever or rats

  57. 56
    My friend Andrew and Katherine said:

    Dear Santa;

    Your story was very funny. If you find all the zhu zhu pets, I would like to have either Num Numz, Chunk, or Pipsqueak (for Katherine) and Mr. Squiggles, Patches or Chunk (for Andrew). Please thank the elves for working so hard.

  58. 57
    My friend Keegan said:

    haha funny story!

    P.S. what do you want to eat at my house when you come?

  59. 58
    My friend nick said:

    I have 2 cats and 1 dog

  60. 59
    My friend Tommy said:

    now all you need to do is add little laser beams to them and you can take over the world santa!

  61. 60
    My friend zoe said:

    i really want a zhu zhu pet sooo bad please! !!!!!!!! funny about mrs clause on the ladder

  62. 61
    My friend Emily said:

    I think little kids should ask for real hamsters instead of Zhu Zhu Pets. A real hamster would be a lot more fun to play with and so many animals need homes.

  63. 62
    My friend summer said:

    i want 1 really bad even know i don’t know what it is

  64. 63
    My friend Morgan Riley said:

    wow that is cool!

  65. 64
    My friend Allison said:

    Wow Santa- that’s amazing. All because of one elf all your Zhu Zhu pets have almost escaped and some actually have! I want a Zhu Zhu pet for Christmas but if some have escaped I understand if you can’t bring me one. Please Keep that one elf on the ‘Nice’ List. I’m sure it was an accident.I liked the story. I love the Rhyme.Well by for now. Tonight’s christmas eve!:)

  66. 65
    My friend Amanda said:

    what are zhu zhu pets? do you have any pets santa? i have 3 i have two cats named dopey and shonti this year is shontis first christmas. i also have a rabbit named kirby this is his 2nd christmas i think well will you send my rabbit for chritmas a new coller because he brock the other one into peaces.

  67. 66
    My friend zoe said:

    LOLZ!!! Santa i was just watching the news (Fox 13) and they spotted u!! Are you ok with that? btw i have 3 pets.2 birdsand 1 dog. Oh wait I 4got 2! Landen and Kyle!!! 2 little brothers!!!!

  68. 67
    My friend Sydney said:

    Hey santa I got a zhu zhu pet this christmas and i love it

  69. 68
    My friend Jack said:

    That was so funny! We love you here down in McKinney TX! School got canceled because of ice. It’s 6:43 am! Bye!!

  70. 69
    My friend Jack said:

    LOL! that was so funny! I love you and the elf’s. See you later! It’s 7:00! Bye!

  71. 70
    My friend Ta Ta said:

    Thats kind of funny mrs.Clause does not like zhu zhu pets. There so cute. I am going to get them next year for sure.

  72. 71
    My friend chandani said:

    yes,a puppy named zoe. can get me a zhu zhu pet?

  73. 72
    My friend TIERRAALLESSIIO said:


  74. 73
    My friend Avery said:

    Dear Santa,
    What is a blog? Do you know who’s on the naughty list? Are there any girls on there? I hope my brother Tate is never on the naughty list!

  75. 74
    My friend Abby said:

    i have 2 zhu zhu pets Pipsqueak and Num nums!!!!!

  76. 75
    My friend Ellie said:

    Hi, I got to be a luky one and get one same with my brother we love them thaks aginlove ya ho ho ho ho

  77. 76
    My friend Julia and Victoria said:

    Please get all the zhu zhu pets in the town for me and my sis!
    Our zhu zhu pet ran over our Hard game of dominos! LOL!
    CRAZY ZHU ZHU PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 77
    My friend abbi said:

    dont mean to be rude but i have never heard of zhu zhu pets

  79. 78
    My friend ellie said:

    i have a zhu zhu pet there realy cool and i have all the bits to make there cage my little brother has one to but no bits to make a cage he makes one out of lego lol :) :) :) :)

  80. 79
    My friend Olivia said:

    I have a dog named winston and hamster! my hamster reminds me of those zhu zhu pets! she always want to run away! see you on christmas!

  81. 80
    My friend Dashiell said:

    I have a dog and a cat.The dogs name is T-rex.The cats name is Junie B.

  82. 81
    My friend stephen said:

    what is your phone number

  83. 82
    My friend Emily said:

    i want a zhu zhu pet and house because then i willnot have to clean the mess up lol!!!!!

  84. 83
    My friend Hailey said:

    Dear Santa the zhu zhu pet escape was pretty funny tell Mrs. clause i said don’t be to scared of zhu zhu pets because they don’t have teeth or even a mouth for that matter.Have a good day and a Merry Christmas love,Hailey

  85. 84
    My friend william said:

    ha ha,that is realy funny why is mrs.claus afraid of them.

  86. 85
    My friend Robert said:

    Zhu Zhu pets! are you kidding me?! My gosh! I think you shoud restrict a couple of them Reply back


  87. 86
    My friend Stella said:

    I have 3 cats they’re very annoying

  88. 87
    My friend Alex said:

    i have a guinea pig

  89. 88
    My friend shelby said:

    zhu zhu pets are funny my dog bigmack was chasing them in the house they kept on going places in the house

  90. 89
    My friend Regynne said:

    I have a chihuahua named tyra oxoxo Regynne

  91. 90
    My friend caden said:

    that is so funny!!!! =)

  92. 91
    My friend emma said:


  93. 92
    My friend jamie said:

    ok santa i hve 2 real hamsters and they r so cute there names r honey and cinamin and when honey my hamster git my dad and my brother and me hade to try and kech her but he couldent shei s very fast and she jumped so we hade to get a bucket to catch her it was si fun but scary :0 :)

  94. 93
    My friend Louisa said:

    I really likeed that i wish i was there to help.


  95. 94
    My friend dashley said:

    that was a really funny story

  96. 95
    My friend Amanda said:

    I have one

  97. 96
    My friend alexis said:

    how funny i have a ton of them i want more cause you know cute

  98. 97
    My friend rylie said:

    i even have two bany “shoo shoo pets” to

  99. 98
    My friend CLOEY said:


  100. 99
    My friend Laura said:

    Ireally want a Zhu Zhu pet

  101. 100
    My friend amber said:

    i have 3 zhu zhu pets thyey do like to run p.s. my dog is scared of them too

  102. 101
    My friend erin vescovi said:

    dear Santa,rebecca and delany have been very mean to me for the past four months they have made me cry,alex is the only kid in my nighborhood being nice to me.

  103. 102
    My friend Emma said:

    I hope we willhave a white christmas this year!

  104. 103
    My friend lisA said:


  105. 104
    My friend summer said:

    i love elfs i relly want one for christmas i will cry intell i die if i dont get one.

  106. 105
    My friend emma said:

    hi zuh zuh pets are so cool but i think that real pets are better oh and santa thanks for your lovely email back it really touched me i wont be upset if i dont get an ipod touch and as i might as i woud like a fit boyfriend i do not think i will get one i am glad rudolph glow when i mention him here rudolph the red nose reindeer xx

  107. 106
    My friend Jacob said:

    My mom makes me waie until she wakes up so she can make sure you aren`t there.

  108. 107
    My friend zach said:

    zhu zhu pets rock

  109. 108
    My friend rhiann said:

    hi santa love rhiann

  110. 109
    My friend rebecca said:

    hi santa ust wondering what you would like the most for me and my sister to leave on the table for you for christmas and also your raindeer especially rudolf for you milk and cookies or a candy bar and for your raindeer cookies or veggies please reply

  111. 110
    My friend Emma said:

    ha! ha!

  112. 111
    My friend Ally said:

    Weird story. I bet the elfs were runnig EVERYWHERE! And when Clumsy elf dropped the box complete silence and then you were ALL scattering around. I cannot wait for Christmas. I wake up really early because I want to open my presants and make some for my Mommy and Daddy. I think this year in 2010 I will wait because I want to sleep in. Once I woke up really early and I thought you would see me but you really were not there so I had no idea. I have a lot of stuff on my list this year and I just wannted to know your E-mail address. Okay? Please reply and what do you want me and my mom to leave on the dining room table?

  113. 112
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    That is the most holarius story I’ve heard of. Hopfully mrs.Clause dosn’t find a hampster in her closit.

  114. 113
    My friend Holly said:

    well i have 6 zhu zhu pets.the first one is named jilly, I also have winky, scoodles, nugget, another scoodles and babycakes. they are really funny and run around chasing my cat puddinghead all over the house. winky makes cow, pig, dog and duck noises. And I almost have all of the pieces to their rooms. I love my zhu zhus.

  115. 114
    My friend HANNAH said:


  116. 115
    My friend HANNAH said:


  117. 116
    My friend Gracie said:

    please can you watch teddy and molly, (my cats) when you come down the chimney!! as they are only babies!!! thanks santa xxxxx p.s see you next month when i come to Lapland!!! xxxc

  118. 117
    My friend AMBERLY said:

    santa you are the best ever i hope i see you this year if so will u leave prsents under my tree in my bedroom

  119. 118
    My friend kmp618 said:

    i have 1 cat named sugar,1 dog named macy, and 1 fish named smileyface.

  120. 119
    My friend Katherine said:

    hi santa love you and i hope that you will give my mom and my dad a gift from you!!i believe in you!!!

  121. 120
    My friend garrett said:

    hope you find the zhu zhu pets they can be a little koo-koo like a clock koo-koo! haha!

  122. 121
    My friend Abbie Park said:

    Dear Santa,
    I Hate zuh zuh pets i would like a phone blue nose friends a telescope and animatazz

    LOve Abbie

  123. 122
    My friend Bethany said:

    You are the best!!!

  124. 123
    My friend Katie said:

    One time I was at my cousins house and she turned a Zhu Zhu pet on and we couldn’t turn it off. When we thought it was turned off, she put it on her shoulder and it got caught in her hair!
    :( We got someone to get it out. Now we know don’t put a Zhu Zhu pet on your shoulder(if you have long hair) if you don’t know how to turn it off!!!;)

  125. 124
    My friend mary said:

    i have 5 zhu zhu pets or shoo shoo pets but 2 of mine got lost by leaveing it on all night

  126. 125
    My friend Marina Grande said:

    i wan’t a real hamster

  127. 126
    My friend sarah said:

    my hamster, charlie, who is 2 wants to say hello to rudolf xxxx

  128. 127
    My friend star said:

    my dog charlie evry time rudoulf is on tv he licks him HO HO ho ho

  129. 128
    My friend livia said:

    i alerdy have 7 zhu zhu pets so i do not need anymore

  130. 129
    My friend Gemma said:

    If they were real hamsters I would strock them.I love animals!!!!!

  131. 130
    My friend lauren said:

    i have 4 zhu zhu pets called patches,peachy,cappuccino and ryder the rockstar

  132. 131
    My friend lane said:

    looks like you have a lot on your hans mr.santa claus.

  133. 132
    My friend sera said:

    i have 12,000 and when i put them down they run up my underwear

  134. 133
    My friend Georgia said:

    i havent got a shoo shoo pet as Mrs Claus calls them but im having one for my birthday.i have got a real pet it is a boy dog its name is Diesel.

  135. 134
    My friend sara said:

    i have patches

  136. 135
    My friend kegan said:

    i got a puppy a month ago.he is awsome!

  137. 136
    My friend darriagh said:

    2i want a dog for christmas

  138. 137
    My friend jake said:

    ive can help mrs cluars by strooking my real hamtars

  139. 138
    My friend marlo said:

    i think that is a very silly and very very funny story.

  140. 139
    My friend marlo said:

    i got 2 of those shoo shoo pets and my girl dog tank likes to run after them.

  141. 140
    My friend annie said:

    i do not want a zhu zhu pet and i think you could make the people who will not get zhu zhu pets something extra spicial

  142. 141
    My friend Grace said:

    I hope you find the zhu zhu pets. I love my dogs Chloe and Colby, and my cat Cleo. Could you please leave some treats for them?

  143. 142
    My friend Callie said:

    That was a funny story!

  144. 143
    My friend Ryan said:

    2009 Christmas my sister asked for some and got some.Guessing you had a lot When you were in Auburn Massachuttes.

  145. 144
    My friend Madeleine Rose said:

    Nice Mrs. Claus. But I’m really sorry for what happened. It’s ok to be afraid of some type animal. Allie used to be my friend and she’s scared of Kitty Kats.

  146. 145
    My friend Jon M Laux said:

    beware of our dog gandalf the great dane and also the great hat stealer

  147. 146
    My friend skylar said:

    hi am i am cool like u

  148. 147
    My friend tori said:

    well as all my friends at school are asking for a zhu zhu pet (not the boys) but they want the houses and clothes to but i dont want one i think there to girly for me as you know but i used to think they where great

  149. 148
    My friend jalen said:

    i have 2 pets but my girl dog is having babies can you get alot of stuff for them please

  150. 149
    My friend brianna said:

    Dear Santa, yes I have 1 cat. Thats all we have. Why because my sister is alergic to fur. Well have a fun year. P.S. if you don’t get me a zoo zoo pet it’s ok.

  151. 150
    My friend sonia said:

    can i have a zuzu pet house

  152. 151
    My friend Juliana said:

    That is sooooo funny that Mrs.Claus calls zhu zhu pets shoo shoo pets haaaaaaa … aaaaaaaa!

  153. 152
    My friend Erin said:

    Thats funny. I want zhu zhu pets for christmas. I hope you have enough!!!!!!! Oh ya and i am sorry for being bad last night.

  154. 153
    My friend ashley said:

    dear santas elevs
    hows it like being a elve

  155. 154
    My friend ashley said:

    thats a very funny story santa but it is ok to be afraid of zhu zhu pets but on christmas i relley want the zhu zhu pet carly

  156. 155
    My friend ellie said:

    i have 2 zhu zhu pets called Jilly and Scoodles this year i would like Bamboo and Snowball plese

  157. 156
    My friend Bridgid said:

    I have 8 Zhu Zhu pets. There names are Zuzu ( from the Zhu Zhu Wild Bunch) Pipsqueak,Moo, Chunk,Rocky, Spottie,Tex, And Jilly.

  158. 157
    My friend sarah said:

    i have a zhu zhu pet to his name is mr. squiggles he’s pretty and fun.

  159. 158
    My friend Joshua said:

    I have a pet fish. I hope you find those hamsters.

  160. 159
    My friend keke said:

    I have a little hamster named Aphordite she is named after a certain god.I bet if you bring Mrs. clause to my house she well be scared and wake all of us up!

  161. 160
    My friend caroline said:

    i do not like them okey?

  162. 161
    My friend Sarahbear said:

    Hi Santa I only have one Zhu Zhu pet and idk what to name him and lol I like your new tittle called Escape of the Zhu Zhu Pets. They always do run very fast and walk very fast and they can even talk. I like having pets that don’t do anything really stupid.

  163. 162
    My friend Haley said:

    It’s me Haley . I’m visting your web site please send me a letter after this. Santa you are so sweet to me. tell the reindeer I said hello. tell the elves I said hello. tell Mrs.Claus I said hello. I MISS you so much.

  164. 163
    My friend grace said:

    i rele want a zhu zhu pet for crismas

  165. 164
    My friend Lori said:

    I have seen Zhu Zhu pets running all over my school yard on Tuesday. It was crazy.

  166. 165
    My friend leklo said:

    I have a german shepard who is pretty small for the type of doggie

  167. 166
    My friend Ashleigh said:

    Dear Santa
    i have 2 zhu zhu pets Scoodles and Moo and i would really like Pinky
    merry Christmas and good bye

  168. 167
    My friend Emily said:

    I do not have a pet but hopefully i will soon (Zhu Zhu Pets)
    All my love Emily

  169. 168
    My friend mira said:

    My uncle has 8 pet cornsnakes and i like to put them all around my neck and watch tv with them!

  170. 169
    My friend amelia said:

    i have two zhu zhu pets and the hamster ball hahaha boom boom lol

  171. 170
    My friend freya said:

    I have a baby on but I would like a zu zu pet if that is possible father christmas teee tee teee

  172. 171
    My friend haley said:

    I really would like a zhu zhu pet i dont have one but they look cool

  173. 172
    My friend rylee said:

    i have one zhu zhu pet his name is buck and he is so cool like you thank you for being so amazing at what you do ihope i will be as you and as nice as you you are like GOD He loves everyone no matter what conditions we are in i like you for being that way love you always rylee
    xoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxo

  174. 173
    My friend Sutton said:

    Thats really funny

  175. 174
    My friend Chloe said:

    Hi santa! I have 3 zuzu pets! Their names are Sweetie, Patches, and Cappichino! My favourite is sweetie, she’s pink! Thanks for that story santa it is very funny!

  176. 175
    My friend Megan said:

    i have 3 zhuzhupets 1 of them is a princess another is aplain 1 but i love them all ps. do you have any zhuzhupets

  177. 176
    My friend luc said:

    hi it is luc forom last time my dog love you and the elf her name is riley

  178. 177
    My friend JESSICA said:


  179. 178
    My friend Laurie said:

    I had a hamster but he passed away. :-(

  180. 179
    My friend MOLLY MCCABE said:


  181. 180
    My friend Kendall said:


    I have 27 zhu zhu pets. I am trying to collect them all. If you could leave me alteast one, that would be awesome!


  182. 181
    My friend mia said:

    i love zhu zhu pets and santa and reindeers and elves

  183. 182
    My friend tatiana said:

    yes as a matter of fact i have to zuh zuh pet’s my cousin bradley has way more then me and he’s only 3. love tatiana

  184. 183
    My friend Heather said:

    Hi Santa,
    I really like chrismas it’s my favorite holliday I hope that tickels your wiskers (*wink*) I want to get a zhuzhu pet or the dsi game like the zhuzhu pet one or the one called petznursery2/or1 (*wink*) Bye the way tell Mrs.Clause that theres nothing to be scared of (and at first I was scared to) (*wink*) but ounces yyou get use to it it’s easy and tell her to start out with Jillian (she’s really gentel) (*wink*) if you don’t know who she is she is pink and white only exsep for her eyes (*wink*). Well thats all for rite now bye santa
    Your’s Truley
    P.S tell the elvs I said hi and the raindeer.
    P.P.S I think Mrs. Claus should give zhuzhu pets another chance

  185. 184
    My friend Aubree said:

    Wow! I would love to have a zhu-zhu pet, all of my friends have one. I hope I will get one in my stocking this year. Tell all the elfs, Mrs. Clause, and the reindeer I said hi! Merry Christmas!

  186. 185
    My friend brianna:) said:

    zuzu pets are kool my sis has lots of em

  187. 186
    My friend Paige said:

    Hi Santa! I didnt believe in you that much, but as soon as I looked at your site I new you were real!

  188. 187
    My friend Zoe said:

    I though your blog was sweet and unquie even though you told me the truth I just don’t help but wonder why not build A Zoo for all the furry little criters then mrs.claus won’t have to get stuck up a ladder.

    Do something less complacated for once.
    P.S.S- santa do abit of exacising.

  189. 188
    My friend Lizzie said:

    I <3 Zhu-Zhu pets!!:)

  190. 189
    My friend katarina said:

    hi santa nice blog you got there

  191. 190
    My friend Natalie said:

    I really want a Zhu Zhu Pet for Christmas, they look like heaps of fun!

  192. 191
    My friend Corey said:

    I have seen you Santa before

  193. 192
    My friend Alexandra said:

    hey santa my name is alexandra but please call me lexie.i am 9 years old and i LOVE cristmas!did u know that in CCD we do a christmas play?!? my cat Maui (meowie) wanted hi say hi and mmeeooooww

  194. 193
    My friend charley said:

    how funny i have one and my cats are scaed of it like mrs.claus p.s u rock santa

  195. 194
    My friend Leah said:

    i have 2 but i realy want roxie

  196. 195
    My friend Barbara said:

    I’m REALLY happy that you found some of the Zhu Zhu pets! Or else they could have run into a polar bear!! :) ;)

  197. 196
    My friend isabella said:

    HI!Santa this is Isabella to start with i do not have pets but i want one i want a dog or a cat p.s i would like seeing you Santa

    love Isabella

  198. 197
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    I love Zuzu pets!I’m the same girl from the other ones Lily.Zuzu pets are so much fun , zuzu pets are on the run !!Well the centenily are now!!I hope there not too cold!!Oh no not Clumsy AGAIN!I just read about the ginger bread house incedent!!

  199. 198
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    My sister said she has heard you in the night!She satys up really late , she said she heard some jingle bells!!And its really funny because I woke up just after because of my silly zuzu because it makes noises and she said just after she heard you say ”Ho ho ho Merry Christmas, and G’night mates”!

  200. 199
    My friend Gianna said:

    I really love zhu zhu pets I only have 1.I would really want more.

  201. 200
    My friend Taylor said:

    Me and my little sister have almost all the zhu zhu pet kinds there is.

  202. 201
    My friend Candace said:

    Hi santa and mrs clars my name is Candace I carnt whate untill you guys visit my house.Say hi to roodof for me and the unther raindeers and other people at the north pole.PS bie

  203. 202
    My friend will said:

    I do she is half lab and half retrev and her name is Lily

  204. 203
    My friend Stella said:

    i have 3 cat’s (Cloud,Coco and puddin)
    and 1puppy she is part maltese part shitzu and part bichon frieze her name is Molly

  205. 204
    My friend allison said:

    hello. um…. i really like christmas but some people dont belive in christmas why dont they ?

  206. 205
    My friend Hailey said:

    I relly want a Zhu Zhu pet but its ok if you cant give me one.why dose Mis.Claus call them shoo shoo pets.I am relly excited about Christmas.

  207. 206
    My friend Hailey said:

    I do have a pet he is half shitsoo and half pooltl.He is relly fun and nice.

  208. 207
    My friend ella said:

    hi santa i like your story it,s funny

  209. 208
    My friend KALEY said:


  210. 209
    My friend KALEY said:


  211. 210
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    Hello!! Santa for Christmas can I have Zuzu Stuff? Please? I hope my Zuzu has not run away!!

  212. 211
    My friend garrett said:

    i have a chicken named pearl

  213. 212
    My friend chloe said:

    can you give presents to adults too.

  214. 213
    My friend ALEXIS said:


  215. 214
    My friend jillian said:

    Ha ha i bet mrs.clus is going to freack out if she sees another one of those.I hope you have a very merry christmas and to all who arnt naughty.

  216. 215
    My friend jillian said:

    have a merry christmas santa i have a zhu zhu pet my cat loves it.

  217. 216
    My friend Emily said:

    Well I think it is funny that Mrs Claus calls Zhu Zhu pets shoo shoo pets

  218. 217
    My friend elise said:

    My Zhu-Zhu pets run all over the place too. I have 4 of them, but I would like more. Especially Jilly and Mr. Squiggly and Sweetie. I love them all.

    Have a good night Santa and I hope to see you soon.



  219. 218
    My friend holly said:

    that elf was funny!

  220. 219
    My friend myranda said:

    hi,santa i love your story it was funny .is mrs.clause there?

  221. 220
    My friend taylor said:

    yes i have a pet its a cat so wacht out but i wont wery about it she is tarified of strangers

    love taylor

  222. 221
    My friend Julia :] said:

    Hi how are you doing hope that you got all those SHOO!SHOO!pet and that more people belive in your real.

  223. 222
    My friend kalie said:

    yes i have 5 dogs and two chinchinna. i have two dogsthat are outdoors dog and three indoors dogs. and the chinchinnas are my btother.we just got two puppies for a eraly christmas presents bella and lilly. well that make 7 pets so bye.

  224. 223
    My friend Mia said:

    I have 3 zhu zhu pets. I have 1 girl her name is Jilly.I have 2 boys there names are scoodels and rocky. I love them. they are a big hit. Hope you get 1 if you want 1.

  225. 224
    My friend mahoganie said:

    I don’t have a dog anymore beacause
    my dog had to go with someone eles.

  226. 225
    My friend tabitha said:

    Yes i have a pet but i lost it.

  227. 226
    My friend allyson said:

    how do the elves look what are there names also i really want to see the reindeer can i see them just wake me up

  228. 227
    My friend Emily said:

    I have a pretty black lab her name is Roxy Bell

  229. 228
    My friend jenny said:

    I have 9000 zhuzhupets

  230. 229
    My friend mahoganie said:

    Well I really don’t have a pet
    becase my dog had to go with some

  231. 230
    My friend renee said:

    i have a dog named lola

  232. 231
    My friend Kaylen said:

    I am not sure if I like those pets.
    I do have pets I have a dog and 2 Cats

  233. 232
    My friend Shakia said:

    i love zhu zhu pets

  234. 233
    My friend Connor said:


  235. 234
    My friend lara said:


  236. 235
    My friend olivia said:

    I used to have a dog named truman.But he died on my friends birthday

  237. 236
    My friend maya said:

    I love you santa..

  238. 237
    My friend Leneigh said:

    I can’t beleive they went out of control. Man! I really wish I had santa’s phone number so that i could actually tell him!!!!

  239. 238
    My friend Brianna said:

    Was Mrs Claus really on a ladder and I think that is funny

  240. 239
    My friend Gavin said:

    That, is a funny name shoo shoo pets.

  241. 240
    My friend Breanna said:


  242. 241
    My friend sarah said:

    dear,santa what kind of cookies do u like? what kind of milk do u like? If this is to much im sorry.: (

  243. 242
    My friend Victoria said:

    i love you santa claus and mrs.claus.

  244. 243
    My friend Madeline said:

    I have two dogs. A german shepherd and a terrier mix. My mom and dad rescued them both. The terrier mix from under a car and the german shepherd from a German Shepherd Rescue Center. I love them both very much.

  245. 244
    My friend grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend said:

    trust clumsey to do that

  246. 245
    My friend Ryan said:

    I have 4 pets. 2 are chcolate lab puppie,that’s a girl,and her name is molly.and 1 mix that I cant figure out! that ones name is daisy.1 is a cat,his name is milo. And,as you notice, I said 4! And I do have another,thats a kung zhu,He’s a green pet,he’s furry,and his name is…. .Sergant Serge! I have his armor,some where in this house, but I’ll find it,yes I will,some time in the future… It’ll run all around with its armor!And scare the the pets around the house!

  247. 246
    My friend dionna said:

    hello santa, i have 2 cats and 2 dogs well peachy is the younger cat and yoshi is the older one. my god dezzy has been barking away he is a naughty dog if you ask me. dezzy well he always chews on shoes you should give him no food for christmas. dezzy is a bad bad dog but dezzy has just one problem he just barks like i mentioned before jack is the younger dog but he is badder than dezzy which i dont get. now lets go on to the cats peachy meoms and she sits on my head at night. peachy is a very good cat and you could give her any cat treat in the world. now to go to yoshi, yoshi meoms and she scratched me once and twice and a lot of times. yoshi i would say just give her a little cat treats thank you and have a safe trip. (:

  248. 247
    My friend Haley said:

    I ust to have 2 but no I dont!!

  249. 248
    My friend Gregory said:

    sup santa those zhu zhu pets crawl every where if my mom saw that she would scream like this AHOHHH AH EEE like that they do actually creep me out a little bit to is mrs claus ok though i hope she is there is one still crawling around some where well i would check the reindeer barn i guess

  250. 249
    My friend halina said:

    i have 3 big zhu zhu pets and 1 baby zhu zhu pet. i also have a kitten named leo.

  251. 250
    My friend gypsy said:

    hi santa i am verry exetied about christmas i hope you have a wordful christmas to i havt to go my techer i telling for me to get of ader school i wull aks if i could go on my mum and dads computer by merry christmas to you santa xxx

  252. 251
    My friend Ellie-Jay said:

    Dear santa,
    i love christmas


  253. 252
    My friend Crystal said:

    I have one cockateil, named Elvis and 3 hamsters. their names are: Radar, Kiki and Creamy. But Creamy isn’t doing too good.

  254. 253
    My friend izzy said:

    we have a dog called benji…don’t worry if he barks he’s really friendly really, a cat called Charlie who keeps taking the christmas tree down and an old bunny called thumper and a zhu zhu pet called winkle…the dog and cat aren’t to sure what to make of him though lol :) xxx

  255. 254
    My friend kason said:

    Dear santa will yo give the elve and rain deer some thing for me they ave been working hard this year and i will pay you back with cookie and eggnog thankyou

  256. 255
    My friend Carisa said:

    I do not have a pet and by the way how is everyone going.

  257. 256
    My friend Carisa said:

    you are coooool.

  258. 257
    My friend Carisa said:`;)

  259. 258
    My friend Emma said:

    I hope I dont get coal. Mrs. Clause I hope you dont get Zhu Zhu pets stuck in your underwear like the elves. I love you Santa Clause and thank you for bringing so much joy to the world. You really are Gods Blessing and a Saint. Please have the elves keep working and I know you are all doing a good job.

  260. 259
    My friend Sul said:

    That was a cool story Santa. Is mrs.claus alright.
    Please get me a Zhu Zhu pet.

  261. 260
    My friend Cara said:

    Hi Santa
    I cannot believe that I am actually e-mailing u!
    I’m soooooooooo excited and I hope I do get a Shoo Shoo pet LOL!

  262. 261
    My friend nicole said:

    hi i know your very busy this year with reading all of the christmas lits and telling the elfs to make them but donk wake me up on christmas eve

  263. 262
    My friend andrew t. said:

    hey santa i wish you could bring me a xbox360 w/ 2 wireless and fable 1,2 and 3
    and halo reach for xbox360

  264. 263
    My friend candace said:

    Zhu Zhu pets are so cute and fluffy they run every were

  265. 264
    My friend megan said:

    I like zhu zhu pets because they are soft.

  266. 265
    My friend alex said:

    yes i have a pet

  267. 266
    My friend Isabella J A said:

    Please can you get me a Zhu Zhu pet…. Thank you Santa…. I love you from Bella xoxo

  268. 267
    My friend Jacob said:

    Ha Ha that is funny.

  269. 268
    My friend Izabella said:

    i just love Zhu Zhu Pets there so cute and fluffy!!! i have quite a few but i hopethey dont run into my mums ew.she would freak out or have a heart attack so yeah!

  270. 269
    My friend bella said:

    i have a brid call babby chikinea and dog name leroy

  271. 270
    My friend Annabelle said:

    I have three. My friend has a cupboard full. May I please have some more. Thank You

  272. 271
    My friend Dalton said:

    I have a Kung Zhu Pet and I’m waiting for some money to buy it armor but i’m getting there!

  273. 272
    My friend Ah-In said:

    Ha ha that was pretty funny as a candycane!!

  274. 273
    My friend samantha said:

    dear snata

    can u bring me zuzu pets?

  275. 274
    My friend siana said:

    i love santa the elves mrs claus and everyone in the world

  276. 275
    My friend Mahoganie said:

    Dear santa I hope those zu zu pets arn’t evil because I put that on my christmas list

  277. 276
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    We have four dogs! My favorite is a golden retriever named Annie. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING HER!

  278. 277
    My friend jesse said:

    haahahahahaha funny

  279. 278
    My friend carrigan said:

    I have two zhu zhu pets my mom is mad at the dog uhoh

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