The Christmas Baking Parade

Posted by Santa Claus on December 5th, 2009

Every weekend before Christmas, the elves put on a big parade.   Did you know that?  We have a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!  Do you like parades?

Tonight, Mrs. Claus and the Christmas Baking Elves put on their big parade.  They make all the yummy Christmas treats at the North Pole.   Would you like to hear about their parade?

First, the Christmas Baking Elves put popcorn strings all along where the parade will go.   That is to keep the other elves safe.

Then, everyone gets a big mug of hot cocoa.   They get yummy cookies too.  That means the parade will start soon!

The parade always starts with the marching Gingerbread men.   They are just yummy to watch!

There are lots of Gingerbread House floats too.  Each house looks different.   Each one has lots of tasty candies on it.  Mrs. Claus always rides in the first Gingerbread House.  She waves to everyone.  Can you see her waving?

After Mrs. Claus comes a whole bunch of the Baking Elves.  They wear fancy cooking hats and aprons.  They carry big mixing bowls and wooden spoons.  They always stop and do a little dance.  Then they pretend to spank each other on their little bums with their wooden spoons and laugh.  They are so silly!

There are great, big weebly, wobbly jelly floats with marshmallows and fruit inside.  They look like they are going to fall over!

I like the Christmas Choo-Choo train float.  It is made of chocolate!   It has cookies and gumdrops for wheels.   It is covered in candy sprinkles too!  The funniest part is that it goes “Chugga chugga Ho! Ho!”.

At the end, there are elves riding reindeer made out of candy canes.  The reindeer pull a sleigh made out of shortbread cookies!   The sleigh is full of Christmas oranges and apples.   Yum!

But do you know the very best part of the Christmas baking parade?  It is at the very end when we eat all the floats!   HoHoHo!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like yummy Christmas baking?  What is your favourite Christmas treat?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


50 Responses to “The Christmas Baking Parade”

  1. 50
    My friend Haylee said:

    My favorite treat is pies cookies cake cookie dough ice cream there is so much to say I can’t say it all well I say a dessert feast for short merry Christmas happy newyear Santa and tell everyone in the North Pole I said so 2

  2. 49
    My friend hazel-Ann said:

    I wrot a litter to santa claus and he sed you love to clous

  3. 48
    My friend sahara said:

    i love it

  4. 47
    My friend Kaylen said:

    I love my mom’s Christmas sugar Cookies they are so good,But I love Oreas even more. Santa I am going to Leave Oreos for you. Santa thanks for making Christmas such a wonderful holiday

  5. 46
    My friend fatima said:

    hi’m back and so excited about christmas

  6. 45
    My friend caitlin said:

    hi i like cookis more santa i only like cookies pshugekisss

  7. 44
    My friend Hannah said:

    do you like cookies?

  8. 43
    My friend Hannah said:

    can i be part of the christmas baking parade please?

  9. 42
    My friend Hannah said:

    i love ice-cream cakes

  10. 41
    My friend Bridgid said:

    my favirite is Pizza Cupcakes and Cake


  12. 40
    My friend emma said:

    hi santa

  13. 39
    My friend jake said:

    hi how is the bakeing parade

  14. 38
    My friend jake said:

    my elf grumpy and me like cookeis,milk,

  15. 37
    My friend Lila said:

    my favorite is gingerbreadmen

  16. 36
    My friend brooke said:

    my favorite treat is home made chocoite you like them?

  17. 35
    My friend lindsey said:

    i love baking so much my favorite would be sugar cookies , chocolate chip cookies ,and white chocolate chip cookies have a super merry Christmas this year p.s the parades going to be great this year

  18. 34
    My friend cindy said:

    hey santa clous i alredy visit your christmas blog i alredy want to see if you are goin to give me my laptop i promise t be good and go to scool i cant wait till christmas i love the stoys that you put this year i been nice and helpfull i have been doing good at the test i just have a problem in school a grls named jessica and i don remember the other gril named but you can see in your magic ball tomarow at my scool i will ascked her name and you will hear ooo i think her name is axe but to be sure you can now your name that grils push me and they always macking me bad faces so i think you shold not bring then alot of toys and can you please put in a card in the christmas tree saing tha you did not give her alot of toys beacuse they push me okay i am goin to go to eat so bye happy cristmas and bring me a card tonite live it in the living room remember happy christmas

  19. 33
    My friend Imogen said:

    My faverite christmas tret is a big Jinger bread house. yum

  20. 32
    My friend britteny said:

    yes i do santa clus becaus that other brittany is so dramatic so pick me

  21. 31
    My friend Brittany said:

    Christmas cookies and Candy Canes

  22. 30
    My friend Andrew said:

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I love you. Have a happy safe year.

  23. 29
    My friend jody-ann said:

    i want my present

  24. 28
    My friend Lexie said:

    hi santa hows everyone at the North Pole wait your there so everyone is ok how’s clumsy i hope he ok

  25. 27
    My friend zen said:

    i love mummys christmas red velvet truffles they are awesome!!xo

  26. 26
    My friend Chloe said:

    Sounds Cool I LIKE Your Blog Santa Its Cool And Remember I want A Phone For Christmas:)

  27. 25
    My friend Natalie said:

    Dear santa nearly christmas cant wait i bet you are really very busy love natalie

  28. 24
    My friend Natalie said:

    Dear santa nearly christmas cant wait i bet you are really very busy love natalie

  29. 23
    My friend damien said:

    I like candy sticks, yum, yum

  30. 22
    My friend Monique said:

    I love baking and helping my mum and my dad with things for Christmas! I think the baking parade will be the best one, yet.

  31. 21
    My friend pie said:

    it sounds like a coolchristmas parade

  32. 20
    My friend pie said:

    that sounds like a cool parade

  33. 19
    My friend Molly said:

    my favroitte is my nans homade mince pies

  34. 18
    My friend Chad said:

    have Santa’s got a email address

    From Chad

  35. 17
    My friend Catherine said:

    Choclate chip cookies are my most favorite cookie! and with milk? three letters, Y-U-M! my mom makes the best! and im sure you liked em, Santa! and my other favorite,PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!! whenever i have em, i scream…..YUM!!!!!

  36. 16
    My friend jordan said:

    i like your blog santa have a happy christmas do you thank i can send you a letter though the mail

  37. 15
    My friend jake said:

    hey santa i have some yummy cookies for you.

  38. 14
    My friend Brooklyn said:

    It sounds like a great recipe

  39. 13
    My friend madison said:

    santa dont give everyone a wii i adready have one

  40. 12
    My friend madison said:

    santa i can’t wait for tomorromow prade’s see you at the prade. sorry i am not in it. Is your prade at the Goulds? send me back a letter please

  41. 11
    My friend samantha said:

    it was so coooooooooool

  42. 10
    My friend Kairry said:

    Hi Santa,
    I really love this blog especially eating the floats made out of food. Amazing!! I love yummy Christmas baking especially when my sister knows how to make the best browines when shes younger than me. I like brownies and chocolatechip cookies withsome milk. YUM!!

  43. 9
    My friend nick said:


  44. 8
    My friend Brianna said:

    that sounds fun:)

  45. 7
    My friend hannah said:

    cookies all kinds

  46. 6
    My friend Lorenzo & Angelo said:

    We love stuffing!!

  47. 5
    My friend suzie said:

    my fav is cookies

  48. 4
    My friend Brittany said:

    Hey Santa! I think your blog is really cool! and snazzy! hehe! Well, I think it’s SO awesome that you have your own personal parade @ your house in the North Pole!I mean, at least where I live, they have A LOT of Christmas parades! Infact, I just went to one last weekend! Well, I’ll be checking your blog very often, so look out for my comments santa! Have a warmand loving holiday! God Bless u! :)


  49. 3
    My friend jade said:

    hey santa my favourit treat is chocolate coins and i love mice pies i can’t wait until christmas it said that i am a good girl on your site an nw i am really happy = ] ps thank u santa my mummy says that you are a good man and i no she is right = ]

  50. 2
    My friend Jessica said:

    I think taht the parade will be fantastic this year and i hope you are getting ready to get on the sleigh because I’m ready for you.

  51. 1
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Give everyone a wii

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