A Thanksgiving Christmas Story

Posted by Santa Claus on November 26th, 2009

Clumsy the Elf - Mr. TurkeyHead

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States!   Happy Thanksgiving!

We have Thanksgiving here too.   All the Christmas elves come home.   We talk about all the things we are thankful for.   We have a big dinner.   Then we all go outside and have fun!   But, many, many years ago, things went a little, well, funny.  I told this story last year in my blog, but Clumsy the elf thinks its so funny he wanted me to tell it again!

Yes, one year our Thanksgiving was a little “special”.  I was flying with the reindeer.  We were picking up all the Christmas elves to bring them home.  Everyone else at the North Pole was getting ready.

Mrs. Claus was making a great big yummy Thanksgiving dinner.  She had many elves helping her.  Even Clumsy the Elf was helping her.  Well, he was trying to help.

Clumsy had just finished picking some snow bananas.  We grow them in the jungles here at the North Pole.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  No, I’m just joking you!  There are no snow bananas!

Anyway, Clumsy had just come inside from playing in the snow.  But, he forgot to take his elf boots off.  He was leaving big puddles in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.  The puddles were very wet and slippery.

Mrs. Claus asked Clumsy to get a big bag of flour.  Clumsy came back with the flour.  But Clumsy slipped in a puddle.  Poof!  There was flour everywhere!  There was flour on Mrs. Claus.  There was flour on the elves.  There was flour on Clumsy!

So, Clumsy went to put on some clean clothes.   Mrs. Claus and the other elves cleaned up the flour.

When Clumsy came back, no one was in the kitchen.   They had all gone to put on clean clothes.   But, the turkey was ready!   So, Clumsy thought he would help.   He would take the turkey out of the oven for Mrs. Claus.

Clumsy got a big stool to stand on.   He opened the oven door.   He pulled the turkey out.   But it was a big turkey!   It got stuck.   It got really stuck!   He pulled.   He pulled harder.   He got on his tippy toes.  He pulled even harder!  Then, he pulled as hard as he could!

Pop!   Clumsy fell to the floor.   Clumsy looked up.   He looked way up.   Just then the turkey fell right on top of Clumsy!   The turkey was stuck on Clumsy’s head!

Poor Clumsy could not get the turkey off his head.   He tried pulling.   He tried pushing.   But it would not come off.   So, he went outside to get help.

Then Mrs. Claus came back to the kitchen.   She screamed!   She thought someone had stolen her turkey!   Was it the Grinch?  Was it Swiper?   She ran around the kitchen looking for the turkey.   But, she stepped in a puddle.   She slipped and fainted!

That is when I came in.  I came running when I heard all the noise.   All the elves and reindeer came running too!   We saw Mrs. Claus on the floor.   There was no turkey.   And the door to outside was open!  We thought the turkey had run away!   And, when we looked outside,  we saw a turkey running around!   (We did not know it was Clumsy.)

“Quick, get that turkey!”, I said.   The elves lined up on one side.   The reindeer lined up on the other.   Someone blew a whistle.   Then everyone started chasing the running turkey!

He ran 10 yards.   He ran 20 yards!   He ran left.   He ran right.   Finally, an elf tackled the turkey!   The turkey popped off Clumsy’s head.   Clumsy was all right and not hurt at all.  He was so happy he kicked the turkey right through some candy cane goal posts!

And that is why they play American football games on Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it would be fun to chase an elf with a turkey on his head?   You can leave a message for me.   Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


115 Responses to “A Thanksgiving Christmas Story”

  1. 1
    My friend jada said:

    the thanks giving story was so funny is clumbsy still there? mrs. santa clause is as pretty as a rose

  2. 2
    My friend jada said:

    thank you!

  3. 3
    My friend wil said:

    have an awesome rest of thanksgiving

  4. 4
    My friend Marc said:

    Wow Very Funny Story I Love Ur Blog Happy Thanksgiving

  5. 5
    My friend Tristan said:

    lol That would be fun to chase an elf with a Turkey on his head haha :]

  6. 6
    My friend Char said:

    VERY VERY VERY VERY FUNNY Santa!!!!! That is just TOOOOO funny hahahaha I don’t know how fast I’ll fall asleep tonight because most people can’t fall asleep laughing, though it may tire them out. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, won’t I, Santa?

  7. 7
    My friend Mady said:

    Haha yea I do think it would be funny. Lol j actually read that one last thanksgiving! But how did ur thanksgiving go this year?

  8. 8
    My friend kaylee said:


  9. 9
    My friend Bjoe said:

    Lo thats a good story I cant wait for Christas i want that Guitar and my Ipod Nano or Touch or especially a Laptop pease try hard to get me those gifts Thanks

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  10. 10
    My friend Gage said:

    Yes it would be funny to chase an elf with a turkey on his head. I would laugh, too. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas rocks!


  12. 11
    My friend Special said:

    the thanks giving story is the bom.

  13. 12
    My friend Special said:

    It would be fun to tacel a elf.

  14. 13
    My friend elliot said:

    that was so funny! does clumsy still live there with you?

  15. 14
    My friend Rain said:

    That was FUNNY!!!!Maybe there will be anouther holiday as funny as that one. P.S. The elves ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 15
    My friend PHAMINA said:


  17. 16
    My friend anayia said:

    yes i think it would be fun. thats a great story. you should post it every year.happy thanksgiving!!

  18. 17
    My friend Connor said:

    Why does Clumsy always want to to write the same thing you did last year? I guess he really is funny and clumsy! Happy Thanksgiving and can’t wait till Christmas!! I will leave you some milk and yummy cookies!!! Take care and fly safe, tell Rudolph to be the great leader he is.

  19. 18
    My friend Vincent said:

    Thankyou santat for all the good gifts you give me every year.

  20. 19
    My friend Anna said:

    hi santa! i heard that you heard i have been super duper good this year! you cannot wait to jump on the sled i hear!

  21. 20
    My friend Renee said:

    That would be very funny. I bet Mrs.Claus had to cook a whole new Turkey! I can’t wait tell Christmas!

  22. 21
    My friend Catherine said:

    It would be fun to chase an elf with a turkey on it’s head.


  23. 22
    My friend ty said:

    it would be fun if someone did not get hurt.

  24. 23
    My friend Julia said:

    I forgot to tell you, I will be spending Christmas with my cousins in Conroe, Texas this year. Please bring my presents there.


  25. 24
    My friend Landon said:

    yes it would be fun

  26. 25
    My friend Kailani said:

    It will be a funny thanksgiving with a turkey in one of the elves head lol

  27. 26
    My friend Carla said:

    i loved your story and i REALLY wnat a guinea pig!!!!!!!
    Say hi to everyone for me and especially rudouph and clumsy!

  28. 27
    My friend boo said:

    yes it is like football and I love football but I love turkey more, so I would of probably tried to grab a drumstick..

  29. 28
    My friend Natalie said:

    I wouldn’t like it because it would be strange

  30. 29
    My friend Andrea said:

    Yeah, I’d think it would be awesome to chase someone with a turkey on thier head.I’d be laughing my head off!

  31. 30
    My friend laura said:

    thats so funny and strange at the same time

  32. 31
    My friend Amanda said:

    I think that it would be fun to chase an elf with a turkey on his head. It would look like a turkey was running around on its own! I know that it may sound silly, but a turkey running around would be like a tree sprouting legs!;) You have to admit, it is pretty funny.

  33. 32
    My friend Rachel said:

    sounds really fun!

  34. 33
    My friend Sierra said:

    Hi santa I think that story was funny

  35. 34
    My friend Peggy said:

    I really enjoyed that story quite a lot, and I will share it with my Grandkids. Thank you

  36. 35
    My friend kristen said:

    that was so funny it made me giggle :)
    i hope clumbsy is all right happy holidays thank you!!!!!

    love you and the elves and mrs. clause

  37. 36
    My friend Conall said:


  38. 37
    My friend jasmine said:

    the picture is hilarious

  39. 38
    My friend Alexa said:

    I love watching football on thanksgiving. Clumsy is really clumsy. Ha! Ha!
    You rock Santa Claus

  40. 39
    My friend lojo said:

    that was funny
    for x-mas i want a laptop too(bjoe we must be alike!)

  41. 40
    My friend Alaina said:

    YES it would be AWESOME! Do you think?

    Next Thanksgiving I want to try.


  42. 41
    My friend Carissa said:

    Tats halarius if I were there when it happend i would be laphing mt heart out.

  43. 42
    My friend Sierra said:

    Its me again I love that story I keap on reading it because its so funny!

  44. 43
    My friend kayla said:

    that story was so funny!!!!!!!

  45. 44
    My friend alyssa said:

    hi it is alyssa

  46. 45
    My friend gunnar said:

    what was the elfs name that tackled clumbsy?

  47. 46
    My friend Emily said:

    LOL that would be so much fun

  48. 47
    My friend Bristal said:

    That would be fun to chase a elf with a turkey on his head. Clumsy is FUNNY. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!:)

  49. 48
    My friend lauren said:

    thats realy funny but tell clumsy that he should eat the turkey in stead of wearing it lol

  50. 49
    My friend nikki said:

    i really do think that it would be fun to chase an elf with a turkey on its head for several reasons.
    1.Because when someone has a turkey on there head it is really funny
    2.it is really funny that it was an elf because they are short but i am not talking because i am 4ft3 and that is really short for an 11 year old. And i have one question, how did clumsey not get hurt if the turkey just came out of the oven it would of been really hott right?

  51. 50
    My friend Kayla said:

    Awsome story, that must have been a funny Thanksgiving. How long did it take you to get the turkey off of Clumsey’s head?

  52. 51
    My friend suzie said:

    i think chasing a elf with a turkey on his head would b lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 52
    My friend BOBBI said:


  54. 53
    My friend katy said:

    wow, santa. very nice.

  55. 54
    My friend Gracir said:

    That is a funny story

  56. 55
    My friend hannah said:

    yes i think it would be fun

  57. 56
    My friend samsam said:

    wow santa i like turkey i like football and i also like samuel hait OOOOOOOOOO

  58. 57
    My friend hayley said:

    hey your good becose you give preasents to me and peppol

  59. 58
    My friend DESTINET said:

    omg this is as funny i am 10

  60. 59
    My friend Sydney said:


    it was not to



  61. 60
    My friend Amy said:

    That was really funny! It looks like I
    should do it.

  62. 61
    My friend breyanna messier said:

    hey santa i bet the elfs are very bissy to night i beter get going you have stuff to delifer

  63. 62
    My friend katie said:

    not at all

  64. 63
    My friend genya said:

    i love the story.

  65. 64
    My friend genya said:

    I love the story it was vary funny!!!!!!!!

  66. 65
    My friend isabel said:

    i had a big diner and the meat bunt sow nobody had meat

  67. 66
    My friend Sydni said:

    Yes I do think it would be very fun to chase an elf with a turkey on his/her head!

  68. 67
    My friend alysha said:

    Great story!!! I read it to my cousins, and they were laughing!!! Thank you for sharing:-)

  69. 68
    My friend laney said:

    good story it woulod be funny and hard to chase a elf with a turkey on his head

  70. 69
    My friend ariana said:

    daer santa that was a super funny story my friends and my teacher belive in you I willalways believe in you with all my heart with lots of love ariana.p.s happy thanksgiving

  71. 70
    My friend allyson or ally said:

    wow that is a pretty funny story you guys probably have a lot of fun

  72. 71
    My friend amber said:

    That was a funny story about Clumsy but poor Mrs.Claus on how she fell on the floor.

  73. 72
    My friend skylar said:


  74. 73
    My friend william jewell said:

    :-) hahahahahaha hahahahaha. .. hahaahahahaha

  75. 74
    My friend Hope said:

    Dear Santa, you are so cool. I wish I could be with you. I wonder what it would be like on thanksgiving day? I can not wait for Christmas.are the elfs as happy and jolly as you?

  76. 75
    My friend callahan said:

    yo peps! its me again. that story remides me of my friend Ynhriyhiihgjhyh.
    it was thanksgiving and Ynhriyhiigjhyh was doing somer salts in the kichin then my mom sliped and Ynhriyhiigjhyh fell head first into the turckey he got stuck well bye anyway

  77. 76
    My friend olivia said:

    how doyou carry all those presints

  78. 77
    My friend Samantha said:

    santa you are my best friend forever. Ilove theelves and you

  79. 78
    My friend Isaiah said:

    do you know my moms name

  80. 79
    My friend Sabrina said:

    Hi Santa Clause I made a letter for you on my tree merry christmas in 28 days

  81. 80
    My friend Bridgid said:

    Santa when I grow up I want to be President of the United States. Will the elfs and you and Mrs.Claus vote for me as President?

  82. 81
    My friend megan said:

    I think it would be fun to chase a elf with a turkey on his head.This was a good and funny story santa.I wish i could come and help the elfs raindeer,mrs.cluas,and you santa cluas ohhhhh and i fergot your dulter.

  83. 82
    My friend Kit said:

    Hey Santa,when is my elf on the shelf coming back?

  84. 83
    My friend amber said:

    yes i know it

  85. 84
    My friend megan said:

    Dear Santa
    i would like to work with you and your story was very funny and i am leaving some milk and a carrot and a bun for you and i wonld like to live in the North pole with you

  86. 85
    My friend Jenna said:

    I think I would want to be the person with the turkey on his head. That sounds like fun to run around with a turkey on your head.

  87. 86
    My friend Miki said:

    Hahaha funny story glad clumsy is alright have a nice journey on the ig night

  88. 87
    My friend abbie said:

    ooh how clumsy of clumsy

    hi santa i just wanted to say i can’t wait untill christmas so keep up the good work…
    :) ;):);): );):); ):);): );):)

  89. 88
    My friend abbie said:



  90. 89
    My friend Megan said:

    I think it would be very fun to chase clumsy with a turkey on his head!!!.
    Thats not something anyone could do…just you santy! so take as much advantage as you can because we dont have elves here….. Only in the north pole.

  91. 90
    My friend Sarah said:


  92. 91
    My friend Curtis said:

    It would be super funny to see an elf run with a turkey on its head.:) ,:-)

  93. 92
    My friend julianne said:

    THIS THANKSGIVING we were at my cousions house.They had a wii. My cousion Brett kept wanting to play wii bowling.He probably played wii bowling about 15 times.Then my other cousion brooke went down to tell the mom her mom said “Brett let Julianne andBrooke have a turn on the wii!”He did ONLY FOR 5 TIMES!

  94. 93
    My friend Alyssa said:

    That is a very funny story . I am so glad that he is ok.I hope that won’t happen with me.

  95. 94
    My friend Alyssa said:

    That is a very funny story.I am so glad Clumsy is allright.I hope that does not happen to me.

  96. 95
    My friend Rachael said:



  97. 96
    My friend Taylor said:

    I think it would be hard to chase an Elf with a turkey on his head. He might be fast.

  98. 97
    My friend nidhiya said:

    it is relly a funny story . i saw a photo of eif his neck is in the chiken!

  99. 98
    My friend Anne said:

    I love you santa and your elfs even clumsy.hope you are all well in the North pole.clumsy was very funny in that story of your’s the part with the turkey on his head you have very funny stories about your family they’re great stories.can I tell my friends all over the world bye bye OH OH I forgot to ask you your name lots of hugs and kisses lots of love from Anne Tyrrell

  100. 99
    My friend Alex said:

    I think it would be funny!

  101. 100
    My friend tori said:

    I love u santa. my favorite part was when clumsy was running around with the turkey on his head. also, i liked the part when he had to change his clothes.

  102. 101
    My friend LILLI said:

    hi santa i think u are cool..i love u. lilli.

  103. 102
    My friend Declan said:

    yes i think it would be cool. well, if my parents dont mind. but it would be gone when someone or something got me! thats how much i love turkey.

  104. 103
    My friend ERIN said:


  105. 104
    My friend zamira franqui ounedo said:

    hi santa i love you

  106. 105
    My friend Hailey said:

    cute pic lol.
    i bet the turkey was the best one ever because mrs. clause made it.:)

  107. 106
    My friend Tess said:

    Hi santa what date is thnk’s giving on
    please repliy to my letter

    From Tess

  108. 107
    My friend Tess said:

    Hi santa

    is it snow storms their
    From Tess

  109. 108
    My friend Bella said:

    It would be funny to chase an elf.
    Actually, VERY FUNNY!!!! :)
    Well, I think I am going to go change the chalkboard that I have in my playroom, ’cause I have a “Countdown ‘Til Christmas”
    board…so….uh….Oh, i’ll do that when i’m ready, hehe heh…ahhhh….

    best wishes from,

  110. 109
    My friend mahoganie said:

    I thank it would be fun and silly!

  111. 110
    My friend harry said:

    why would i chase an elf with a chicken on its head

  112. 111
    My friend janie said:

    dear santa, i would think it is rellly funny if i saw a elf running around with a turky on his head.

  113. 112
    My friend Nasim said:

    it made me laugh so hard that i cried too

  114. 113
    My friend Recina said:

    Yes, I think it would be kind of funny to be chasing an elf with a turkey, but kinda worried at first when you were unsure of what had happened to the turkey or where it went. LOL, anyways times ticking, and i gotta eat something finger-lickin…such as food. Hahahahha, possibly a turkey!

  115. 114
    My friend jasmin said:


  116. 115
    My friend Caroline said:

    I think that would be awesome and funny! I can’t believe
    Clumsy is the one making my toys! Tell the whole north pole I love them all very much! Mostly you, Mrs. Claus, and definitely Clumsy!

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