A Christmas Wrap!

Posted by Santa Claus on January 5th, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

, the , and I all hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  We sure did at the North Pole!

But now, everyone here is getting ready.  We are getting ready for a long winter’s nap!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Then we are getting ready.   We are getting ready for next Christmas!  So, I will not be writing any more messages for a while.

But, would you like to know when I start writing again?  You can if you would like to.  Just go to this page to get a reminder from the elves to come back next year.

(If you are using any email/spam filters, white lists etc., make sure you set them to allow email from EmailSanta.com and ChristmasSantaClaus.com.  Otherwise you won’t see our reminder! :(    )

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you like reading Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog?  Do you think I should blog again next Christmas?
(You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


389 Responses to “A Christmas Wrap!”

  1. Lauren

    My holiday season was fanatastic. I got a digital camera. :)
    Santa, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I’m excited for next year! I hope you don’t die before next year! :( That would make me sad!
    (I’ll make you HEALTHY cookies next year!)


  3. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed reading your blog everyday. Thank you. Enjoy your rest.


  4. Rebecca

    I really think you should write back!I think you should right back even sooner!I think you should write something new every two days!I love reading your blog Santa!Love you and everyone else up at the North Pole with you!:-)

  5. Madison

    YES!!!!! You should blog again next Christmas! I love Christmas I can’t wait until Christmas 09!!!!!! 350 more sleeps!!!!!

  6. Jordan

    Please dont stop blogging till next christmas santa please ? I really enjoy reading your blogs everyday and know thats its really you … _ the real real santa claus !! thx again for all the good toys and candies see ya next year


  7. krystal





  8. layla

    can i be one of santa elfs

  9. sara

    yeah santa you should have a blog every year

  10. taylor baxter

    well i had a fantastic christmas altho i was super silly i was happy that you camw

  11. michael

    i hope you get ready for next x-mas

  12. samie

    i love your blog Santa.oh and by the way Santa baby hurry down the Chimny tonight!$*()&^%#@.I LOVE YOU!


  14. romeo

    my christmas wrap is santa on it with snow manes thats my favort wrap in the world for christmas i hope i see you next year thanks for shopping is theresa any number i can talk to you on the phonr.

  15. michael

    hope you get gifs for good kids

  16. Kevin

    I can’t wait for Chistmas this year,its going to be a long year this year.I HOPE Santa gets all the presents I want for Chirstmas.Santa sees ypu all the time.I love Chirstmas.Chirstmas is all about Jesus’ Birthday.I hope Santa and everybody is O’K for the hall year.Santa is never going to take a eye off of you.People only get gifts if you are good if you are bad you get no presents.I hope the elfs get helfy and strong.I hope that the people are O’K from the North Poel this year.BYE

  17. Megan

    Santa you are the best! you make everyone happy. I love watching people open their present christmas morning to see that golious smile on their face. The room is always glowing whith happieness and cheer. Santa I don’t know who you do it. You are absolutly wonderfull and are you emortal?
    Love you!

  18. makenzie

    i love you so much i got a present for you but it broke

  19. sitara

    and santa i dont have a chimney
    and i cant make any goodie is it okay

  20. tia

    i cant wate till next charimas coz ilove leaving you milk and cokkies

  21. kayla


  22. KASEY


  23. cary

    you left me ereything

  24. Brent

    Keep up you’re blog, it’s awesome, I BELIEVE.

  25. zachary

    can i be an elf

  26. AREESH


  27. Jordan

    Santa Claus, This is a important letter… I really like reading your blogs everyday or two.There so funny and i know its the real you. Please blog again soon before xmas??? :( :( :(

  28. bob

    i hate u i hate u i hate u i hate you

  29. william

    dear santa
    I REALLY wanted to know how Kaleb has been doing. i miss him soooo much. and dont worry because i dont belive them when they say you are not real. i mean really besides nick, i bet they have never gotin a magic elf.

  30. Logan

    hey santa i love ur blog cool blog ive been searching it for a while merry christmas!

  31. alexandra

    i hope you had a great christmas santa! i hope you have a even better one this year!

  32. Arianna and Sanira

    Santa,we love you and we think that is a good idea to make another Christmas Blog.

  33. Kristina


    I might be writing this in the wrong place but OH WELL! The twins must be DEAD cut and I know it’s ages away from Christmas but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  34. charley

    i defintely think you should write some more and before christmas!

  35. Mikayla, Samantha, Kailey, and Liana

    Santa, we all love you’re blog! we read it a whole lot! To the kids, you are all good writers! :) We all love you,Santa!
    At school, we saw 4th grade do a Christmas Performance on our Cafatiria Stage, and they sang a song called ‘Santa is the Man’. It’s all true. You took all your time to write this, the elves are working on presents with you like all day! You are AWSOME! :)

  36. ANNA

    HI evewon in the noth pole

    don’t slip and eat too menny cookies

    have a very merry christmas to eveywon arond the wold

  37. jlp

    Santa thank u 4 all of the presents u have givin to every 1 and thank u elves also 4 making them 4 us love jlp

  38. scott

    i am 8 years old hi elf!

  39. lovestella

    hi like yo im 16 and loveso much and that icecream like

  40. ALYSSA


  41. gerald

    dear.santa you should reely loose some weight if you dont you could get sturk in the cheemrie then wheen when i wake up you be haanging down from like a bat ha ha thank you for the nintendo ds.from.gerald

  42. michael

    thanks santa

  43. DAYNA


  44. Tahlia

    to santa i hope your having fun with your noth pole friends and is the raindeer asleep yet love Tahlia

  45. madi

    I think you should give people that dont belive in you,COAL.And only,COAL.

  46. jadelyn nguyen santas bff

    hi bff i wish it was chrismas.

  47. jadelyn nguyen santas bff

    hi you love me. do u know kimmy. tell her i said hi i love chrismas hi santa i saw your blog.

  48. jadelyn nguyen santas bff

    hi nice blog.

  49. krystal

    i love christmas santa you rok

  50. kayley

    you should have a blog every year
    i had a fantastic christmas i had lots of presents and lots of fun
    i love you so much i hope you had a gerat christmas to and you got lots of prezys MERRY XMAS

  51. Harrison

    Dear Santa,

    How’s everything at The North Pole? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, and The Reindeer that I said hi. Wishing you a happy 2009. Hope you’re doing well.

  52. mary

    i got a digital camera it is cool

  53. sophie

    yes i think you should leave a blog next year because i love looking at your blog and reading it i shows my nephew and cousions the reindeers noise and that and they love listening to the music

  54. Anthony and Sidney

    We are brother and sister. We also believe in Santa and the North Pole and everything in it! We can’t wait until Christmas this year!!! Santa, get your rest!! We love ya!
    Anthony and Sidney

  55. tyler

    please keep writing your messages i hope you and mrs claus aand every one at the north pole have a good long winters nap thank you very much for all the great toys last christmas. im looking forward to reading your letters when you getup from you and mrs clauses winter nap

  56. Jason

    It is the best blog in the word


  57. jed

    hi santa thanks for the email i like the stuff you writed of star wars you said may the force be with you young jed. elf vader father he is your the best!. bye. jed

  58. Nouchka

    Christmas is the best holiday in the whole world.I LOVE YOU!You are the best.Could you please give me a pet bunny that is potty trained,and a glittery,white skirt.If yes,your the best.we are friends!

  59. Zachary

    that was an awesome blog and i believe you should keep blog each Christmas to come Santa.

  60. jose

    i realy like reading your blog oh and i cant wait for this christmas

  61. kaili

    Hi santa. I loved everything i got.hope you don’t die.

  62. Jocelyn

    Santa, I wanted to know if your elves like their jobs? And how many reindeer stay with you? What happens to the new reindeer that are born each year?? I am really looking forward to Christmas 2009!! Bye – Jocelyn

  63. Anna Herren

    YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE :) !!!!!!!!!!

  64. jasmine

    dear santa ,
    you told me to read your blog well i did and i hope your for cookies my moms homemade chewy cookies!!!!umumum i can already smeel them do you hope you have a great cristmas
    love jasmine

  65. jose

    also please put my comment i realy like reading your blog i also love reading in my school

  66. dakota

    i love u and tell the elves that i said thankyou for the bike

  67. michaella

    hi santa i have sent you so many emails i love being kind and i love reading your blog i have read everyone so far

  68. michaella

    hi santa i wish i could go to the north pole but its the thought that matters so thx

  69. Katherine

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I want Hannah Montana The Movie For The Wii Please
    And Have A Awsome Time Up There In The North Pole
    Merry Christmas Santa

  70. thomas

    My Christmas was fantastic, can’t wait to this year’s holidays! You must write again! ;)

  71. gracie jones

    Hy santa, how are you merry christmas early.love gracie jones

  72. Meghan

    I love Christmas its so fun! Sometimes my grandma comes for Christmas!

  73. diego

    daer santa i want you to know that iwant to star a band so pleas can you bring me the matirials to start may band sow al promes al be good forthe rest.O iolmost fogat is that iwant to go to the Noth Poleand ined to pay to gow to the NorthPole.

  74. caitlyn

    Santa, I can’t wait for next Christmas! THe 1 thing I want to no is how u get around the whole world in 1 night!?!?

  75. alfonso

    i cant wait for this year cause this is the first time i wrote a letter to you when i found this website

  76. Ethan.toal

    Dear Santa

    i hope you give me those presents i told you i want so i hope you are not very old beacause i dont want you to get SICK!!

  77. Bethan

    Yes I Had A Wonderful Holiday Season Thanks Santa Yes I Would Love 2 No When You Start Writing Again. I Do Think You Should Blog Again Next Year Because I Love Reading Them!

  78. Crystal

    Dear Santa,
    How are you? I know you dont like seeing people cry like me but it’s hard not to like I really miss somebody right now who I have not seen for 11 years. But let’s see what will happen this year. You already seen me cry Santa. I think I might do that right now. But I will leave you a snack Santa ok.

  79. Dan


    I love you to much xxxxxxxxxxxx

  80. kyleah brittain

    santa I visted your blog it is awesome I love it I help u send me a letter and next christmas I will leave cookies out for u love kyleah brittain

  81. Keddy

    Hey,nice to talk to you again.Uh,i got a quesion.Do you have trouble with the reinnders at the north pole.

  82. Haleigh

    I’m glad you guys had a good time at the North Pole, too! Well, I’m very very excited for this year’s Christmas!
    I also have a Christmas activity book, Christmas stickers, And a Christmas snowman!
    Whenever you turn the snowman on, you know what? It glows the color blue! Blue is also one of my favorite colors!

  83. michele

    yo chriswmas is asome beuasue get wut you won’t so do not dispile

  84. laura

    i hope you had a nice christmas, santa!

    love laura x x x

  85. Kathryn

    I had an AmAzInG holiday season! I absolutely can’t wait until next Christmas! I will give you some reall yummy cookies this Christmas! I’ll give the Elves some aWeSoMe gifts too! Have a great year! Love ya Santa!

  86. kayleigh

    can u come and meet me on christmas day

  87. Christian

    I can’t wait until Christmas 2009. Thank you for all the presents you’ve given me all these years. I don’t want you to die becuase it would make me sad. I wouldn’t get any presents if you were dead. Who would be Santa if you died.

  88. Ashley


  89. vicki

    i love your blog it is so itresting i really believe in u santa you have a nice rest till it’s ime to deliver presents only 6 months i love u so much and any one else who is up there

  90. kelly

    i love your blog santa .santa baby hurry down the chimny tonight i will give you extra cookies. I LOVE YOU SANTA

  91. Lindsey

    Hi Santa Claus! Im excited for christmas time again this year. i am already lisning to chrismas music! I do hope chirsmas comse fast this year. i miss you santa, and i hope you start riting again soon. please rite soon. i love you so much. ps. please bring my daddy home, mommy says he is in haven, but hes been there for to long. i miss him.

  92. Jordyn

    Santa I loved your blog and I will remember to come back next year.

  93. zoe

    hey i love christmas and why i like it is because it is jesus birthday but i still like the gifts you give to bye bye

  94. yvonne

    yes i enjoy reading it very much.i wish that i could write more oftine to you.we will always think of you and your family up there.i am glad that ray has finished at the hospital in portsmouth.ray has to on 18th of august for a check up in saint richards in chichester.love from yvonne

  95. Georgia

    love you more every second i engoy reading your blog i believin you merry christmas santa love georgia

  96. Faithe

    Santa I went to email Santa and emailed you hey by the way your awesome and someone called you Santa baby and to come down her chimney and she said she loves you and I know what shes thinking

  97. Lacey

    I love your blog Santa!!
    I am so excited for Christmas this year!
    I hope that elf can still make the cd player for me!! Ha ha (*wink*) :)

  98. Elianna

    Santa Claus-
    We are giving you this chirstmas HEALTHY cookies! sound okay?

  99. Chloe

    Hey santa !
    I can’t wait for xmas 2010 ! double figgers! for the year and my age!
    hope it goes well !
    i will leave a note on the xmas tree like always and i have a special suprise for you next year something even more yummy ! something chocolate ! i don’t wan’t to give much away !

    Happy christmas !

    Chloe x

  100. alexis

    i love reading your blogs.I hope you write them every year.

  101. Nolan

    Hi. This is Nolan from Maple Valley, WA and You are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

  102. Anonymous

    I had a wonderful Christmas in 2008! I hope you had a great Christmas! I am looking foward to Christmas in 2009!

  103. lauren

    hope you are ok santa well i no you are allways bussy year after year this year our tree is going to be xtra bueterful :)

    see you soon santa from lauren

  104. lauren

    :) hope you hae fun santa

  105. Kayla

    Santa Merry Christmas and I cant wait till next year.

  106. daniella

    well done santa YOU will not die daniella
    wenn xxxxx

  107. helen

    Please blog this year, it brightens my day, I am a old Santa beliver.


  108. Jasmine

    Hi santa I absulutly love your blog its
    ase/awsum!!Iam going on all the other
    things and I printed out your letter you
    sent me I have to go now.this is for a few months time…….MERRY EXMAS!!!!!!

  109. Adam

    I had an Excellent Christmas. Thanks for the Action Replay and Guitar Hero 3 Game for PS2. Oh, and the Smarties.

  110. Nolan

    Knock Knock, Who’s there? Nolan. NOLAN MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  111. Nolan

    In Webkinz, theres a Santa too! His names Kinz Claus

  112. Francesca

    hey santa i cant wait untill christmas again its gonna be awsome!! u know what u will be getting and u raindeers and the elfs!! a buck or two but im going to ask my mom first if i can use 20 bucks to give it two u anyone in the north pole u can give it two the elfs just because they make such great presants and there soooo cute!! and santa ur like a father to me!! and ur raindeers r soooooo nice cute and and careful!!!!!

  113. pami

    im a girl of 7 years i had been nice to talk to all of you

  114. cieran

    if you die i will be devesated so i hope you don’t and i am turning 10 after christmas this year i am so exited till you come to my house and i can’t wait also it dosent feel like 133 sleeps at all so i can’t wait by


  115. Kaytlin

    I can’t wait 4 Christmas! :) It’s not even halfway through August and theres CHRISTMAS stuff in the stores! OMG!!! I can’t wait! Tell Olive I say Hi!!! (my bunny sends some of his carrots to the reindeer. he’s a sweetie!) ;D

  116. Yash

    Hey! Santa you know me,right?I have recently joined your site.My holidays were fantabulous.I enjoyed a lot during my christmas. I just saw your blog.I hope you too had a stressbusting holiday.Please come to my house and enjoy many cookies. You are doing your best to make children happy.I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!But don’t forget to put me in the “Naughty & Nice List.

  117. trista

    i love elves can i meet them and mrs.clus ps u to

  118. caitlin

    hi santa iam haveing a great summer my sister went on holidays

  119. kylie

    see you next christmas!

  120. Georgia

    hi santa i love your blog its so cool :)

  121. sam

    i like your blog santa its really really cool

  122. joseph

    i love your blog Santa you do a good job on it p.s your the best

  123. michele

    yes i did-

  124. Cian

    I love you Santa very much. Thank you for all the presents you’ve ever given me. Yes I think you should do the Christmas blog again this year. It’s cool.Has the Grinch ever done anything apart from stealing Mrs. Claus’ cookies??Hope you have a good Christmas. xxxxx

  125. Lauren

    I relly want tocome to see you
    at the north pole.

  126. Mia

    Dear Santa,
    I love you and santa my stuffed anmial broke her neck so plz get me a neck cast
    for lamby and crutched for me

  127. Colby

    Is rodolf sttil sining ????? are the twns good?

  128. Carson

    I like your blog and it’s only 112 sleeps till Christmas again!
    I love you Santa!

  129. brianna

    I cant wait till you come because only 111 more sleeps and by the way i love your new blog and i think you should have it every year!!!!

  130. christa Hedgpeth

    is september i no but i have not visited for a while

  131. Ilona

    Dear Santa Claus
    I was wondering if you really going to bring me a present for me and i don’t know how are you going to get in my house because on the roof i have got some body else is living on top of me and the only way to get in my house is through the door i just wanted to let you know ox ox Ilona.

  132. Nora

    hi!remember me?I am geussing the elves webkinz are all the diffent kind of reainders.

  133. georgia

    you are the best living human on the planet

  134. niamh

    hi im niamh faulkner i live in galway thats in ireland hi santa its so cool to be talking to u my friends are like wow niamh i go on that but xoxoxoxoxoox love niamh

  135. Darby

    ROCK ON Santa i belive in you and it would be awsome to read this next christmas to.

  136. sam

    hi santa you ok

  137. sam

    hi santa i like your blog its brilliant

  138. SHANNY


  139. areeka

    i want to hug u tightly and kiss u on ur lips and iam just waiting for christmas
    love u baby

  140. rufadia

    hi santa
    how r u and how is ur preperation going on for christmas hope its nice and good luck
    love rufadia

  141. connor

    dear santa lmy sister does not beleive me that i sent you an email.
    P.Sare you sure that you might be able to get the omnitrix beacause I really want it super badly

  142. wil

    yes i think you should ps you are so nice

  143. Da Brat

    Yo, Santa! I can’t wait for Christmas to come again! It’ll be da bomb!

    Love you,
    Da Brat-tat-tat-tat

  144. Tom

    i love you santa always love tom

  145. Eric

    Hey Santa,
    Tell the elves and rouldoph I said hi

  146. Eric

    only 97 more sleeps till christmas santa

  147. Gigi

    I really liked how you blog!!!!!! PLEASE do it again this year. Lucy says that she would like it if you gave her a gift this year. Just asking, why didn’t you give her a gift last year? PEACE

  148. Hailey

    I love christmas!!! Blog me later!! Hailey

  149. Katie

    I can’t wait till you start writing again Santa! Merru Christmas!

  150. lindsey

    :) Hi =-) I love your beard its so pretty

  151. Beth

    heya Santa claws i love your wrap its ace how did you the words because its good

    Beth x

  152. ANNA


  153. Sandy

    Hey Santa

    How are you?

  154. Samantha

    Hi Santa and everyone its Samantha Forette today is my 16th birthday and had a wonderful day got lots of gifts and being near the people that love you like your friends and family.

    Love,Samantha Forette

  155. Claire

    Hi,Santa how is the toys up in the north pole coming along? I think the elves will do good on all the toys for the little boys and girls!!! BYE!!!

  156. archie

    i really hope santa will get me what i want. also becuase i’ve beeen trying very hard this year to be on the good list. oh yeah i love soccer i’ve been playing for 7 years straight.

  157. Zach

    that was asame would you do it in front of me

  158. saylor

    puppy goart scooter baby cat

  159. Kayla

    Yes ! Yes ! Do the Christmas blog again this year !

  160. Kyle

    Santa will you please email me again before you make your rounds around the world.

  161. alejandro batrez lopez

    yeah you should leave it for next christmas.

  162. Daryll

    can you get me the Official Scale Wrestling Ring for christmas? cheers bud x

  163. shelby

    i love you santa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. olivia from ely

    hi everybody i love you santa and i think you should write on here every 2 days to. i am having a great time on your website it is great.love you

  165. leon

    i like your blog and i would like you to write a nother one

  166. Lisa

    You should defintely write another blog this year, Santa-and I still love you! even though you didn’t bring me anything last year.

  167. alejandro batrez lopez

    i like christmas and you to.

  168. Harrison

    Dear Santa,

    How’s everything at The North Pole? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and The Animals that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well.

  169. Roslyn

    I loved christmas and visting you in Lapland last year! When you posted the ‘Christmas Wrap’ thing it was my birthday! Cant wait antill Christmas 09!

  170. Carlene

    With hugs and kisses I love you I will ALLWASE love you (Make it possible for Rudolf to get this I LOVE YOU!) P.S. I loved what you gave me 2 Xmas ago =) Love Ya in all my heart!

  171. courtney

    hi santa i love cristmas only 77 more sleeps i realy hope i get a teddy bear hamster for christmas love courtney

  172. courtney

    yes i think u shoould have a blo next year have a nice christmas santa

  173. Elice

    wow only 77 more sleeps till christmas!i cant wait!

  174. Kirra

    Hi santa i sent you a message hah you were waiting for me to send this haha i thought there was onley 75 days until chrismas ok santa love you

  175. Tara

    Hi santa i had a fabulous Christmas last year i cant wait for this year only 2 months ahead of me i love you sooooo much your the BEST EVER i cant wait to see all the surprises you bring me this year. please write ack to me xox Love from Tara

  176. Taylor

    Hey santa im really looking foward to you coming this year i really want you to try to find a blackberry and a red cover for it. Red is my favorite color. :)

  177. jessie fl.

    santa i really want a motor bike this year pink & green pretty please with peppermint sprinkles on top oh ive been REALLY good LOVE JESSIE FL.

  178. amy

    can i be a elf??????? xx

  179. Ellie

    Your blogs are so much fun to read! you should totally have one next year!

  180. ross

    last christmas was so amazing,
    omg i got a laptop and a digital camera
    thanks for all the awsome gifts cant wait till next year!!!

    from ross.

  181. tim

    how are you santa hows the work shop going hope is fairy busy up there i have been very good this year. the christmas wrap is very good iam learn all about the north pole

  182. Bailey


  183. Claire

    Santa you are great. I love you wiht all my heart.

  184. jacquelyne bove

    i love u santa and i belive in you i love you so much

  185. Asia

    hiiiii Santa!I really enjoy Christmas every year and always get some fantastic presents from you. give my love to mrs claus and the reindeer.lots of love,Asia.xxxxxxx

  186. steven

    santa my fravirit holladay is crismas is it fun being santa claes i hop it is how did you git elfs i hop you bring at least one thaing i wont ps. i lick your bloeg

  187. kaysey,rhian,kaylyn and abbie

    we love you santa thanks for all the presents you give us.we love mrs claus and your reindeer espially rudolph

  188. Bradley

    i love christmas its my favorite time of the year merry christmas to all

  189. Lauren

    Hi Santa what is it like up in the North Pole? I can not wait till x mas only 68 sleeps. Write soon!

  190. Anonymous

    i love you santa and i hope you will come to my house this year!! only 68 more sleeps i will be writing back on christmas eve

  191. Ellie

    I love it i could just sit here all day and read and read

  192. Danielle

    i think you should keep doing your blog becuase it is so interesting to read the stories that you post in it!

  193. Danielle

    i think you should keep doing your blog santa and thanks for the presnts you left YOU ROCK SANTA!!! i love you!

  194. Hannah

    I love you santa and my elf Emma!! i hope you are as excited about christmas as i am! Halloween hasn’t even been here and i am excited!!!!
    love you!!!

  195. Anna

    I love the blog Santa
    But what is the Christmas blog?

  196. Trevor

    I am so ecited for December or whenever you will do this blog again i use to read it every day

  197. Madison

    Santa I heard Mrs.Claus’ Coookie Are Awesome,Are They?

  198. Madison

    I Think u should do another blog next year.but of coarse that is up to u.

  199. kumari

    I just want to say thank you Santa for being a part of our lives every Christmas time and making millions of people lives very happy ones. We love you Santa.Please be careful this year for it is very rough out there.Lots of hugs and kisses to you……

  200. Emily(:


  201. Dared

    Hi i m dared???

  202. Dared

    Hi i cant wait till christmas

  203. shaylee

    you rock santa!

    GO SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. SHAYLEE


  205. trinity

    I love this blog and I love you and the other people dowen at the north pole and always will.

  206. staci-leigh clark

    hi santa
    im 19 years old this christmas i will be going to church with the family and i will be in the christmas choir….any way i love u and rudolph and the other reindeer hope the elves are behaving and hope mrs claus will save me some christmas cookies xxx

  207. staci-leigh clark

    im 19 and on christmas day i will be 20 so special christmas for me and hope u and ruldoph and the other reindeer and mrs santa can help me celebrate my birthday love u xxx

  208. i

    ilove you
    i love hallowen you get cand do you trickortreet

  209. Hailey

    Hey Santa, I hoped you had a great summer. I would like to tell you what i wan’t.
    1.)The Twilight necklace… and so the lion fell in love with the lamb broken heart necklace set.
    2.)A Iphone

    3.)Neon color socks. :)

    But i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wan’t that necklace, so please. :)

    Love, Hailey Marie Quarles. :)

  210. AISLING


  211. Rajan

    it was the best christmas ever! i bet you did too! and this one is better because a christmas carol is almost out!

  212. James

    I think it is a good way to tell people about the north pole love from James. Bye see ya at Christmas you have always been my favorite person.but I would love you way more if you brought me just only a dog.I hope your ok.lili and bret and maitaand some other people.

  213. Austin

    This year I think I will send you real cola this year.

  214. claire

    ho ho ho i was excited to visit this site especially cause it is all about you

    btw can i get a elf that wakes up in the middle of the night and makes a big mess

  215. Megan

    Hey , i think u should write throughout the year as we miss christmas and as its nearly november we should start having a big count down. ! Love Meg xx

  216. dajana

    Dear Santa

    i hope you and your reindeers have a lovely and peacful christmas.

    P.S hope you give out lots of presents.

  217. alexis

    i lov lov lov lov your blog

  218. Taylor P.


  219. Elaina

    Love your blog Santa! Can’t wait till Christmas! 59 more sleeps!

  220. Abby

    Santa, Evert year i look forward in seeing you i love you

  221. olivia

    thanks santa for my preasants expesially my fake nails and my wii fit.i hope u hva great christmas aswell .i might go to wales for christmas and spend it with…….my nan,grandad,uncle,step auntyand my cousin.

  222. olivia

    i think u should defantly send a blog next year because we would like to know how ur getting on.

  223. laura-jane

    hi santa i just talked to you.and i would like a puppy and i can look after it i love you santa i love you elves to. and i would like a golden rettreva. and can you please put it in a cage from your favourite girl laura-jane. and i hope you got the grinch away. tell miss clause that she is great. bye

  224. laura-jane

    yes i did and can i get a dog

  225. Karl

    hi santa today is halloween night were you go trickertreating and today i sended my letter to you on emailSanta.com and i hope you get me what i want. this 2009 christmas. i can’t wait till ou come. P.S i love you santa

  226. Benjamin savage usa

    Dear santa,
    This year i was good and brave boy for my family give me these items the sims 2 apartment life pets the sims 2 doulbe delxue

  227. molly

    dear santa you are so cool what color is your sleigh from molly

  228. Briannan

    Well….. umm…….. i dont know what to say hoe bout this: U R MY HERO U AREW SO COOL. i jus wish i could see you oh well maby i will bye

  229. rebecca britton

    I love to wright to you i allways go here before Cristmas becuse i want to .each year i love to go to your blog. i played all your games i love to see your santa tracker becouse my dad goes there every time Cristmas comes around it always feels like forever.

  230. kirsten

    i love Christmas because i know you are close this year you will have 2 snacks from me because i have 2 houses here is what i am going to give you at my moms truffles,chocolate chip,and my own recipe do you like chocolate milk? at my dads i am leaving you the ussaul. oh and tell everyone at the north pole i said hi and give the baby reighndeer a treat for me i will write again soon but this is all for now bye

  231. Mackenzie

    Hey Santa your blogs always make me happy Remeber dont eat anymore cookies Christmas is coming soon make shure to tell your reindeer i am leaving them Carrots!

  232. Laura

    dear santa i cant wait until christmas. I hope you get me all the presants i want !! thanks bye.

  233. amina

    hi my name is amina

  234. paria

    i hope every one at the north pole is feeling ok because if the raindeers are sick then you wont be able to deliver presents.

  235. Josephine

    Hi Santa, I love your blog. Thank you Santa. Ow and while I remember please say thank you to all your elf’s, rain deer and MRS. Clause. GO SANTA GO SANTA. From Josephine

  236. Emily(:

    i cant wait till christmas it’s only 50 day’s now!! so exciting !!

  237. Kylie

    Yes i loved reading it!!! I feel so excited because ONE MORE MOUNTH!!!! i come on this website berfore school after school and everday!

  238. Kim

    Hi I like getting lots of stuff for Christmas. I’m already 25 years old. My favorite country singer is Reba McEntire.

  239. Alyx

    How are you doing

  240. stephanie

    i love u santa

  241. daniel

    last christmas was good i got all i wanted for christmas last year
    i dressed up like you last christmas
    and been to a lot of christmas parties

    from daniel

  242. maddie


  243. carlee

    you like cookies santa im thwee

  244. alice

    hi santa

    hope u are ready for christmas hope people belive in u
    because i do

    have a lovely great christmas

    lots of love alicexoxo merry christmas

    near my birthday yehhhhhhh

  245. Te Raina


  246. kat

    can you get me coal and magic dust prehaps a magic wand that work and a spell book please

  247. REBECCA


  248. Tegan

    I Really Like Reading Your Blog Santa And Love Getting Presents From You:)So Don’t Be Going On Holiday Or I Be Sad:( I Wouldn’t Have One Christmas With You I Will Write To You :P

  249. Mackenzie

    You are the best. I love your blog.

  250. hayleigh

    i love you

  251. Katherine

    SANTA I got a new puppy for my birthday in september.

  252. billie

    hi santa im realy looking forward to christmas to see if i get what i would like

  253. kirsten

    hi santa i hope you get me that special chihuahua and stuff ive been asking for and that laptop (mini) and wirless mouse and printer! oh santa i cant wait till this chrismas!

  254. RYAN


  255. Ashley

    the blog is great

  256. savannah

    santa you bring the best gifts every year i belive in u p.p.sYOUR THE BEST SANTA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  257. lois

    pleas start writing santa



  259. Karleigh

    I love your blog Santa! I think it is so nice of you to write them so we can keep up with you and be reminded to be good all the time. It is cool you take the time to do them even when your getting ready for Christmas all year yound. LOve you,Karleigh

  260. FRANKIE


  261. Alyx

    I’m so excited for x-mas

  262. Destiny

    ho ho ho santa i love you santa. i wish to you heart to heart of my best friend that we will see you this christmas.

  263. Ioanna

    We want Santa on twitter too!! :D <3 lol !

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  264. jonah

    hope you blog during your trip! me and my brother are planning the cookies for you this year

  265. sonia


  266. rhiannon

    ya u should write a blog

  267. kirsten

    santa I think I will have a wonderful christmas and christmas eve too .Do you think I will too?

  268. anna

    Its me Anna.Tell everyone at the north pole that I said hi.Dont forget to come to my house I have a suprize for you.I am going to read the new born randeer.

  269. branden

    are you real some of my freinds said you werent i am eleven love branden

  270. charlie

    i think that i should be on the nice list but thats all down to you

  271. alyssa

    that sounds amazing!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!! Early Christmas at least!!!

  272. alyssa

    LOL COOL!!!

  273. alyssa

    i think you should have a blog every year and this years one is really good what will we do without you.

  274. jordana

    have a good christmas,what i want for christmas is a little too much and my mom can only get one

  275. Carlene Elise Daniel


  276. Caitlin

    dear Santa, since the elves told me to check it I rely think you should do another one.

  277. haley

    hey samta only 41 sleeps until christmas i cant wait this year remember only 41 more sleeps

  278. Reggie

    Hey Santa. Hope everything’s alright up there. Can’t wait for this upcoming Christmas! I’m so excited haha. I’m listening to early Christmas music right now on my local radio station lol.

  279. James

    I relly liked it

  280. Chloe

    You Know that i like u and want to be your friend all the time. Love always Chloe BFF Forever

  281. Cameron

    I would like a game called dead rising it is a really cool game thankyou!!!!!!

  282. Elianna

    I hope that you will be writing again soon, Santa Claus!
    Elianna :-) !

  283. hannah

    I wish I was one of your elfs.

  284. annalyssa

    dear santa,have a wonderful christmas!nighty night!!!

  285. millie

    All my friends say that you aren’t real and they sore their mum and dad put everything under the tree. I lied to them and said that I don’t believe in you so they don’t be mean to me.

  286. Hannah

    hey santa i have seen you befor and i really want to be your elf you are so cool and January 5th is my birthday funney luv yah

  287. Orla

    Dear: Santa Clause

    I Love You
    I Sent You My Christmas Letter Friday

  288. amy and hope

    we love christmas its the best thing ever (well apart from our birthdays but hopefully you will understand) me and my sister just wrote to you and were so happy when we got your replies they were lovely and melted our hearts,in a nice way of course. my sister amd me love you and cant wait till christmas as you said 40 more sleeps left and we are busting for time to go quicker.please make time go quicker santa.

  289. Lola

    Time to start making more preasents

  290. chloe and oisin

    hey santa your wrap is really good

  291. emily

    i am really exited for xmas this yr all my friends are exiited toooo!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope all the reindears are ready and the same with uand ur wife.

  292. madison

    i love your blog the christmas wrap it isso cool i wish it was christmas already did you know there is only 39 sleeps until christmas thanx anyway bye

  293. isabel

    hey santa!!!!!
    you should TOTALLY keep having a blog!!!:)
    remember everyone 30 more sleeps until Christmas!!!!!

  294. Paige

    Thank you sooooo much. I can’t wait until Christmas! I’m sooooo excited!

  295. Anthony

    I love santa claus and Rudolph very much. i can not wait to send him my wish list from toys r us. my sister angela helped me make it. my sister is the best sister in the whole wide world!

  296. Anthony

    merry christmas to everyone in the world.

  297. Hope

    Maybe I’ll let you borrow my sleigh for a while.

  298. delaney

    dear santa you are the best person in the world i would like this to be the best chrismas ever i will leave some cookies’milk and some carrots for the reindeer. some of the cookies i might make are sujger cookies’choclatechip cookies and i really dont no what othe kinds but i love you and everything and everyone at the north pole lots of hugs and kisses delaney

  299. Landon

    Dear Santa, santa I know your extremely busy at the north pole!!! Remember what I asked for? i asked for : 1.an iphone 2.an electric scooter and last a sony laptop.

  300. Aailsa hodge

    Yes i do cos you are fantastic

  301. andrea

    i cant make it to the blog

  302. Lauren

    You should most definately keep your blog. It’s great! It’s part of the Christmas spirit. Love you Santa. xx

  303. Kieran

    I want to say am i on top of the good boy list just now? I hope you write back to me. Thank you for all your kindness over the last 9 years and hope you have a very healthy and not eating too much cookies that people give you. Thank You and love you santa my number 1 star :-) XxXxXxoxoxoxoxox

  304. Kieran and amy

    we3 love sanya!!!!

  305. briana

    santa do you have any bad reindeer? Because I was wondering if you can punish reindeer. Let me tewll you a poem I made up it is called “Santa’s Coming To Town”
    Santa Claus, Santa Claus
    He will be here soon, In the morning
    we wake up to open our presents.
    Santa will be here soon. The cats wake up and the dogs wake up to crumbled paper and presents on the floor. When we go outside to play in the snow, Or if we stay up all night we will hear Santa’s jingle jingles and Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas all night long. Merry Christmas Santa Claus And Merry Christmas To You Rudolph, Mrs. Claus & All the other reindeer!! Remember 37 more nights of sleeping. Merry Christmas, Merry christmas, Merry christmas to all!!

  306. Talia

    dear My herosSanta,Roudough and,and Beautiful Mrs.Claus you guy are soo amazing i wish i could deam about you or see you

  307. kadin

    Santa, can you uptate your blog? There are only 36 days until Christmas, and I really like the blog but can’t read about recent news that you put on because you haven’t updated it in a while……

  308. Kadin

    For anyone who wants to make reindeer food, make a plate with aluminum foil and fold it into a square and fold the sides up so the food won’t fall out. In the food, chop up carrots and or apples and add oats and glitter. I tried this last year, and on Christmas morning went outside, and the food that was on the front porch in trays was gone and some of the trays were smashed. My mom and stepdad also saw two big deer on Christmas eve at my pond and I asked Santa in my letter I left him if they were reindeer and he said they were.

  309. Jason Stoudt

    SO I hope your christmas makes you exuberant, and i hope the reindeer have a joyful christmas too!! Have Fun I love you


  310. mary

    hey santa are you feeling young again well good cuz that wrap was awsime

  311. niamh

    i like it i am cofused tho about you not neing able to send a letter on this site.

  312. Alito

    Hi Santa it’s me Alito I love your blog you should make another blog.

  313. briana

    Santa what do you have for christmas? I think that you should get a DS and a dog that doesn’t bite for me. Briana

  314. Janet

    I was just reading your blog for the first time Santa!
    I can’t wait till you start posting again this year before Christmas!

  315. Brittany

    santa like your the best every year on chrismas i hope i get what i want this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  316. Lauren

    I think it is very coll that you take the time to let everybody know how life is going, even though it is probalby very busy down there.
    thanks Santa,
    Lauren :)

  317. charley

    for a girl holly for a boy jolly

  318. Jesse Malone

    I love u santa and hope to see u soon!!!!!! =}

  319. holly

    whats the new baby reindeer called? If I send my christmas list from Spain will the presents go to my house still will you send a letter to my hotel?

  320. maela

    i love christmas Rudolph is my favorite reindeer i think the elves are awesome ps. oxooxooxo with love maela carr

  321. zara

    to santa,
    i had a great christmas and i loved all the wounderfull preasents that you gave me. please say a big thankyou to the elvs for making all of the gifts. i think your blog is brilliant so i’m going to read and write on it every day.november and december are my most favourite months because my birthday is in november and christmas is in december.

  322. Saverio

    Hey Santa I hope you come quick for this year!!!!!!Merry chirstmas too you to santa ha

  323. Nicole

    Hey santa hows it going i hope u have a good weekend and what are u doing?? so.. yesh i hope u get here safe okay love u
    from your friend nicole

    to Santa

  324. Haleigh

    Wow…it sure was fun! Now…I think you are almost done with the long winter’s nap!
    :D Its…almost the end of November anyways!

  325. kennedy

    I love u santa

  326. Anonymous

    i love you santa

  327. charlie babbiee i loveee you

    santa have a great christmas i hope u have fun gettin down all those chimneys u fat thing (joke) i lovee you babbiee.

  328. Robyn

    i had the best christmas ever last year santa !! 33 sleeps till christmas

  329. Alexa

    i hope you be here for next christmas because if we didn’t have santa we wouldn’t have a north pole or even ELVES next christmas i should get you healthy bread

  330. sebastian

    santa claus how are all of you doing at the north pole

  331. Grace

    Dear Santa,
    Elves on the shelves were a nice touch to watch kids. Elfis is my elf. I think he has a webcam inside of him to check on me. Am I naughty or nice or in the middle?
    How DO you get down that chimney?

  332. Britney

    I loved it

  333. Britney

    i love it . it rocks . you better get started and fast.

    have a merry good chirtsmas,


  334. charlotte

    i love christmas its so cool and i love you santa i can,t wait onley 33 sleeps now , i am getting a rabbit this year

  335. Emma

    Santa I Can’t wait til’ you come will you bring one of your elves so that i can meet him??? ;) )

  336. Reese

    who will guide the sleigh

  337. madison

    i realy hope you pick dancer to lead your slay this christmas!!!!!!!!
    leave me a letter when you visit my house this christmas you can call my mom

  338. ben

    that is really cool well done

  339. Maddi

    i loved it Mr. santa how many weeks until christmas?

  340. abbey

    merry christmas every one

  341. Lauren

    YES!!! You should blog next year! Actually, you should blog every week or so, only if you aren’t to busy up at the North Pole!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! It is my favorite holiday in the whole year! I can’t wait ’till this years Christmas! It’s only in 32 days!!! Can you belive that Santa? Love you and everyone up at the North Pole!!! Have a good rest!

  342. joseph

    I know your a figure of st. Nicholas.

  343. Ashley

    hey i tink it a good ting you maked a wrap . i think it wiil be a good ida to show ever one

  344. Liz

    I dont care if its the 24/10/09 i LOVED last christmas thnx santa, 30 more days to go!

  345. georgia

    santa you are very nice.I love you!!!!!!!

  346. lara


  347. abigail peterson

    Hey santa hows it going I have question what is your email mine is {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} and also do you have kids?

  348. tiffany

    santa you rock ho ho ho

  349. Emma

    why are all your messages from january you should have more resent ones and someday will you let me visit you in the north pole


    Hi santa clouse my friends thank you are not real but i thank you are real because you write me latters i would want to know a little about you and MRS. clouse please just a little bite about youplease

  351. trinity



    dear santa a merry christmas to you miss clause the elves and the reigndeers especially reigndeer give him a big hug and kiss for me


    dear santa this is franklin i wanted to say merry christmas and a safe trip


    dear santa hi this is franklin listen when you and the reigndeers get back from your long trip around the world have a merry christmas

  355. Lauren

    I love your blogs, they are very funny! When I read your letter, I dought you can buy me an ipod and an lg chocolate phone, they are very expensive! Thank you any way, It was very fun!

  356. danielle


  357. MIMI


  358. karlie

    you should write more blogs in you spare time and i read something that if we wrote you a chritsmas you would write back bwtten stops.

  359. chantelle

    i love your blog

  360. leah

    I think the blog was really fun you should do it again next year

  361. ashley

    dear santa, i wish you a merry christmas

  362. Diana Purtill

    Christmas is a GREAT holiday in the world.

  363. Diana Purtill and family

    you are great Santa Claus

  364. Paris

    i love the blog i think you should for i hear about wat happend next year

  365. Julianna

    Make another blog next year!

  366. elleah

    that is so sad but i will be thanking you will you are gone!!!!!!!!

  367. Pavan

    how did santa claus make his suit red? was it green before?

  368. Rachal

    hi santa i just want to say hi.have a merry christmas

  369. aine

    you should blog every month!! i just discovered it!

  370. andrea

    please blog next cristmas

  371. chantelle

    hi its chantelle here santa you are the best i beleive in you and did the reindeers like my food i lead out for them

  372. Harleen

    my christmas season was really great fun. You know it was my first time with a christmas tree it was really great fun!!!

    luv harleen!!!

  373. hailee

    hi santa I liked your blog?

  374. rebecca forbes

    you are the best pirson in the world
    thank you for my presents i loved

  375. rebecca forbes

    guess what i had for my tea! pasta
    with tuna and gallic bread



  377. Emma

    Blog please!!! you really should.
    ive had so much fun this year blogging on it.

    you are outstandingly magical, really you are!

    i think the world of you.

    please don’t die!


  378. frank


  379. shelby

    i cant wait till chirstmas this year thank you for all my prsents santa

  380. joni shattock

    I love your wrap you should blog every year. I love reading about your blog

  381. alexis

    hi great message kk be

  382. Anna

    oh santa why don’t you come twice a year

  383. Brittany


    LOVE Brittany XOXOX

  384. molly

    Hi santa,
    how is everyone in the north pole? I can’t wait till you come! What are the elfs up to at the moment? Are all of the raindeer ready for the big flight? I hope that naughty grinch isn’t being to naughty. I hope he didn’t eat any of the cookies that I gave you in my email I sent you.

  385. ellie

    ur blog is great u should do it evrey yeah :) ;-) i cant wait till chrismas only 27 sleeps OMG :)

  386. Taylor

    I love your christmas blog. I think that you should blog about your life at the north pole. I also think you should blog in athor times than christmas.

  387. seth

    hi Santa:) i am going to try nd listen much better now that i know your real!!!
    My brother Noah sent you a lettertoo and he wants toy story 3 the movie. just to let you know.

  388. Reagan

    I love reading your blogs santa

  389. brian

    where do you live?

  390. Kaitlin

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. patrick

    hey santa dont let the grinch steel christmas


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