A Christmas Wrap!

Posted by Santa Claus on January 5th, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer and I all hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  We sure did at the North Pole!

But now, everyone here is getting ready.  We are getting ready for a long winter’s nap!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Then we are getting ready.   We are getting ready for next Christmas!  So, I will not be writing any more messages for a while.

But, would you like to know when I start writing again?  You can if you would like to.  Just go to this page to get a reminder from the elves to come back next year.

(If you are using any email/spam filters, white lists etc., make sure you set them to allow email from EmailSanta.com and ChristmasSantaClaus.com.  Otherwise you won’t see our reminder! :(    )

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you like reading Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog?  Do you think I should blog again next Christmas?
(You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


389 Responses to “A Christmas Wrap!”

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  1. 389
    My friend patrick said:

    hey santa dont let the grinch steel christmas

  2. 388
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 387
    My friend brian said:

    where do you live?

  4. 386
    My friend Reagan said:

    I love reading your blogs santa

  5. 385
    My friend seth said:

    hi Santa:) i am going to try nd listen much better now that i know your real!!!
    My brother Noah sent you a lettertoo and he wants toy story 3 the movie. just to let you know.

  6. 384
    My friend Taylor said:

    I love your christmas blog. I think that you should blog about your life at the north pole. I also think you should blog in athor times than christmas.

  7. 383
    My friend ellie said:

    ur blog is great u should do it evrey yeah :) ;-) i cant wait till chrismas only 27 sleeps OMG :)

  8. 382
    My friend molly said:

    Hi santa,
    how is everyone in the north pole? I can’t wait till you come! What are the elfs up to at the moment? Are all of the raindeer ready for the big flight? I hope that naughty grinch isn’t being to naughty. I hope he didn’t eat any of the cookies that I gave you in my email I sent you.

  9. 381
    My friend Brittany said:


    LOVE Brittany XOXOX

  10. 380
    My friend Anna said:

    oh santa why don’t you come twice a year


  12. 379
    My friend alexis said:

    hi great message kk be

  13. 378
    My friend joni shattock said:

    I love your wrap you should blog every year. I love reading about your blog

  14. 377
    My friend shelby said:

    i cant wait till chirstmas this year thank you for all my prsents santa

  15. 376
    My friend frank said:


  16. 375
    My friend Emma said:

    Blog please!!! you really should.
    ive had so much fun this year blogging on it.

    you are outstandingly magical, really you are!

    i think the world of you.

    please don’t die!


  17. 374
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:


  18. 373
    My friend rebecca forbes said:

    guess what i had for my tea! pasta
    with tuna and gallic bread

  19. 372
    My friend rebecca forbes said:

    you are the best pirson in the world
    thank you for my presents i loved

  20. 371
    My friend hailee said:

    hi santa I liked your blog?

  21. 370
    My friend Harleen said:

    my christmas season was really great fun. You know it was my first time with a christmas tree it was really great fun!!!

    luv harleen!!!

  22. 369
    My friend chantelle said:

    hi its chantelle here santa you are the best i beleive in you and did the reindeers like my food i lead out for them

  23. 368
    My friend andrea said:

    please blog next cristmas

  24. 367
    My friend aine said:

    you should blog every month!! i just discovered it!

  25. 366
    My friend Rachal said:

    hi santa i just want to say hi.have a merry christmas

  26. 365
    My friend Pavan said:

    how did santa claus make his suit red? was it green before?

  27. 364
    My friend elleah said:

    that is so sad but i will be thanking you will you are gone!!!!!!!!

  28. 363
    My friend Julianna said:

    Make another blog next year!

  29. 362
    My friend Paris said:

    i love the blog i think you should for i hear about wat happend next year

  30. 361
    My friend Diana Purtill and family said:

    you are great Santa Claus

  31. 360
    My friend Diana Purtill said:

    Christmas is a GREAT holiday in the world.

  32. 359
    My friend ashley said:

    dear santa, i wish you a merry christmas

  33. 358
    My friend leah said:

    I think the blog was really fun you should do it again next year

  34. 357
    My friend chantelle said:

    i love your blog

  35. 356
    My friend karlie said:

    you should write more blogs in you spare time and i read something that if we wrote you a chritsmas you would write back bwtten stops.

  36. 355
    My friend MIMI said:


  37. 354
    My friend danielle said:


  38. 353
    My friend Lauren said:

    I love your blogs, they are very funny! When I read your letter, I dought you can buy me an ipod and an lg chocolate phone, they are very expensive! Thank you any way, It was very fun!

  39. 352
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa hi this is franklin listen when you and the reigndeers get back from your long trip around the world have a merry christmas

  40. 351
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa this is franklin i wanted to say merry christmas and a safe trip

  41. 350
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa a merry christmas to you miss clause the elves and the reigndeers especially reigndeer give him a big hug and kiss for me

  42. 349
    My friend trinity said:


  43. 348
    My friend ELIZABETH TYLER said:

    Hi santa clouse my friends thank you are not real but i thank you are real because you write me latters i would want to know a little about you and MRS. clouse please just a little bite about youplease

  44. 347
    My friend Emma said:

    why are all your messages from january you should have more resent ones and someday will you let me visit you in the north pole

  45. 346
    My friend tiffany said:

    santa you rock ho ho ho

  46. 345
    My friend abigail peterson said:

    Hey santa hows it going I have question what is your email mine is {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} and also do you have kids?

  47. 344
    My friend lara said:


  48. 343
    My friend georgia said:

    santa you are very nice.I love you!!!!!!!

  49. 342
    My friend Liz said:

    I dont care if its the 24/10/09 i LOVED last christmas thnx santa, 30 more days to go!

  50. 341
    My friend Ashley said:

    hey i tink it a good ting you maked a wrap . i think it wiil be a good ida to show ever one

  51. 340
    My friend joseph said:

    I know your a figure of st. Nicholas.

  52. 339
    My friend Lauren said:

    YES!!! You should blog next year! Actually, you should blog every week or so, only if you aren’t to busy up at the North Pole!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! It is my favorite holiday in the whole year! I can’t wait ’till this years Christmas! It’s only in 32 days!!! Can you belive that Santa? Love you and everyone up at the North Pole!!! Have a good rest!

  53. 338
    My friend abbey said:

    merry christmas every one

  54. 337
    My friend Maddi said:

    i loved it Mr. santa how many weeks until christmas?

  55. 336
    My friend ben said:

    that is really cool well done

  56. 335
    My friend madison said:

    i realy hope you pick dancer to lead your slay this christmas!!!!!!!!
    leave me a letter when you visit my house this christmas you can call my mom

  57. 334
    My friend Reese said:

    who will guide the sleigh

  58. 333
    My friend Emma said:

    Santa I Can’t wait til’ you come will you bring one of your elves so that i can meet him??? ;) )

  59. 332
    My friend charlotte said:

    i love christmas its so cool and i love you santa i can,t wait onley 33 sleeps now , i am getting a rabbit this year

  60. 331
    My friend Britney said:

    i love it . it rocks . you better get started and fast.

    have a merry good chirtsmas,


  61. 330
    My friend Britney said:

    I loved it

  62. 329
    My friend Grace said:

    Dear Santa,
    Elves on the shelves were a nice touch to watch kids. Elfis is my elf. I think he has a webcam inside of him to check on me. Am I naughty or nice or in the middle?
    How DO you get down that chimney?

  63. 328
    My friend sebastian said:

    santa claus how are all of you doing at the north pole

  64. 327
    My friend Alexa said:

    i hope you be here for next christmas because if we didn’t have santa we wouldn’t have a north pole or even ELVES next christmas i should get you healthy bread

  65. 326
    My friend Robyn said:

    i had the best christmas ever last year santa !! 33 sleeps till christmas

  66. 325
    My friend charlie babbiee i loveee you said:

    santa have a great christmas i hope u have fun gettin down all those chimneys u fat thing (joke) i lovee you babbiee.

  67. 324
    My friend Anonymous said:

    i love you santa

  68. 323
    My friend kennedy said:

    I love u santa

  69. 322
    My friend Haleigh said:

    Wow…it sure was fun! Now…I think you are almost done with the long winter’s nap!
    :D Its…almost the end of November anyways!

  70. 321
    My friend Nicole said:

    Hey santa hows it going i hope u have a good weekend and what are u doing?? so.. yesh i hope u get here safe okay love u
    from your friend nicole

    to Santa

  71. 320
    My friend Saverio said:

    Hey Santa I hope you come quick for this year!!!!!!Merry chirstmas too you to santa ha

  72. 319
    My friend zara said:

    to santa,
    i had a great christmas and i loved all the wounderfull preasents that you gave me. please say a big thankyou to the elvs for making all of the gifts. i think your blog is brilliant so i’m going to read and write on it every day.november and december are my most favourite months because my birthday is in november and christmas is in december.

  73. 318
    My friend maela said:

    i love christmas Rudolph is my favorite reindeer i think the elves are awesome ps. oxooxooxo with love maela carr

  74. 317
    My friend holly said:

    whats the new baby reindeer called? If I send my christmas list from Spain will the presents go to my house still will you send a letter to my hotel?

  75. 316
    My friend Jesse Malone said:

    I love u santa and hope to see u soon!!!!!! =}

  76. 315
    My friend charley said:

    for a girl holly for a boy jolly

  77. 314
    My friend Lauren said:

    I think it is very coll that you take the time to let everybody know how life is going, even though it is probalby very busy down there.
    thanks Santa,
    Lauren :)

  78. 313
    My friend Brittany said:

    santa like your the best every year on chrismas i hope i get what i want this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 312
    My friend Janet said:

    I was just reading your blog for the first time Santa!
    I can’t wait till you start posting again this year before Christmas!

  80. 311
    My friend briana said:

    Santa what do you have for christmas? I think that you should get a DS and a dog that doesn’t bite for me. Briana

  81. 310
    My friend Alito said:

    Hi Santa it’s me Alito I love your blog you should make another blog.

  82. 309
    My friend niamh said:

    i like it i am cofused tho about you not neing able to send a letter on this site.

  83. 308
    My friend mary said:

    hey santa are you feeling young again well good cuz that wrap was awsime

  84. 307
    My friend Jason Stoudt said:

    SO I hope your christmas makes you exuberant, and i hope the reindeer have a joyful christmas too!! Have Fun I love you


  85. 306
    My friend Kadin said:

    For anyone who wants to make reindeer food, make a plate with aluminum foil and fold it into a square and fold the sides up so the food won’t fall out. In the food, chop up carrots and or apples and add oats and glitter. I tried this last year, and on Christmas morning went outside, and the food that was on the front porch in trays was gone and some of the trays were smashed. My mom and stepdad also saw two big deer on Christmas eve at my pond and I asked Santa in my letter I left him if they were reindeer and he said they were.

  86. 305
    My friend kadin said:

    Santa, can you uptate your blog? There are only 36 days until Christmas, and I really like the blog but can’t read about recent news that you put on because you haven’t updated it in a while……

  87. 304
    My friend Talia said:

    dear My herosSanta,Roudough and,and Beautiful Mrs.Claus you guy are soo amazing i wish i could deam about you or see you

  88. 303
    My friend briana said:

    santa do you have any bad reindeer? Because I was wondering if you can punish reindeer. Let me tewll you a poem I made up it is called “Santa’s Coming To Town”
    Santa Claus, Santa Claus
    He will be here soon, In the morning
    we wake up to open our presents.
    Santa will be here soon. The cats wake up and the dogs wake up to crumbled paper and presents on the floor. When we go outside to play in the snow, Or if we stay up all night we will hear Santa’s jingle jingles and Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas all night long. Merry Christmas Santa Claus And Merry Christmas To You Rudolph, Mrs. Claus & All the other reindeer!! Remember 37 more nights of sleeping. Merry Christmas, Merry christmas, Merry christmas to all!!

  89. 302
    My friend Kieran and amy said:

    we3 love sanya!!!!

  90. 301
    My friend Kieran said:

    I want to say am i on top of the good boy list just now? I hope you write back to me. Thank you for all your kindness over the last 9 years and hope you have a very healthy and not eating too much cookies that people give you. Thank You and love you santa my number 1 star :-) XxXxXxoxoxoxoxox

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