Reindeer Born New Year’s Eve!

Posted by Santa Claus on January 4th, 2009

We had fun New Year’s Eve!  Clarice had two reindeer!  A boy and a girl!

Mommy and babies are doing fine.  Rudolph jumped right over my castle.  He was so happy!  I danced a little jig.  All the elves danced a little jig too!

Would you like to hear one of the little reindeer?

Little reindeer sounds!

Clarice decided on a name for the little girl.  She wants to name her after Julia’s grandpa (George).  And, she wants to name her after Venice’s Mom (Greta).  She said it was really, really hard to decide.

Clarice loved all the great names you gave her.  There were so many people and pets she wanted to name the little girl after.  She said she chose the name because George was a good friend and Venice asked first.

So, the little girl reindeer’s name will be… Georgina Greta Gingerbread!  Clarice said she might call her Georgie Gingerbread for short.  :)

Rudolph thanks everyone for their help too!  He did not know what to name the little boy.  So, he let everyone vote to decide.  And the name everyone liked the most was…


What a great name for a reindeer!  I wonder if he will help guide my sleigh through snowstorms one day?!

Thank you for all your help!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have any messages for the little reindeer or Rudolph and Clarice?
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1,044 Responses to “Reindeer Born New Year’s Eve!”

  1. 1
    My friend Trevor said:

    I have been waiting for this scence the news was out on the first day

  2. 2
    My friend caleb said:

    what a great name

  3. 3
    My friend caleb said:

    i just love that name

  4. 4
    My friend liliana said:

    dear santa, i love your blog. merry chistmas.

  5. 5
    My friend liliana said:

    ilove your blog

  6. 6
    My friend Brian said:

    Wow! New baby reindeer.

  7. 7
    My friend Rebecca said:

    I think those names are so cute!I wish I could see them and you guys one day!!So the girl’s name is Goergie Greta Gingerbread and the boy’s name is Blizzard!Those are great names!!!!!Doea Blizzard have a middle name too like Goergie??Love you and Goegie Greta Gingerbread and also Blizzard!

  8. 8
    My friend Zino said:

    hope they are ok

  9. 9
    My friend Anastasia said:

    I can not belive it 2 babys waill Clarice must be proud. p.s. i am so proud

  10. 10
    My friend Daniela said:

    Dear baby, raindeer I hope you love the world it’s going to be fun every christmas eve when your flying I love you bye!


  12. 11
    My friend Makenzi said:

    Congats I put down Blizzard for the baby boys name! They are cute names. Does Blizzard have a nose like you? That would be cool! I hope everything goes well! See you next Christmas!

  13. 12
    My friend tricia said:

    rj for little ruoff

  14. 13
    My friend kendall said:

    I hope everydody welcomed them to the world. I hope they will help with the sleigh next Christmas!

  15. 14
    My friend justin.cervantes said:

    i am so happy that a baby raindeer was born

  16. 15
    My friend georjia said:

    who was the dad of the baby riendeer

  17. 16
    My friend Lauren said:


  18. 17
    My friend Brooke said:

    Happy New Year! Good luck with babies, enjoy they will grow fast.

  19. 18
    My friend julia said:

    tellthem i said hi

  20. 19
    My friend Kelsie said:

    Rudolph and Claireace those are such wonderful names you named you babies I wish I had stoft anamiols so much

  21. 20
    My friend Noelle said:

    i bet they are cute!

  22. 21
    My friend Brianna said:

    Does the new baby born knows how to fly??

  23. 22
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    good luck hope i get to see pictures

  24. 23
    My friend Trisha said:

    Hey i really like reindeers i hope that reindeer will learn how to fly soon

  25. 24
    My friend Annabelle said:

    does Blizzard’s nose glow red too????

  26. 25
    My friend Emily and Lexi said:

    Congratulations on your new baby twin reindeer. Blizzard is a great name! And I Love how Clara mixed the two names and made one fabulos name.

    Love you lots
    From Emily and

  27. 26
    My friend chloe said:

    con gradulations on the twins they sound so cute.

  28. 27
    My friend chloe said:

    what a time to be born !!!!!

  29. 28
    My friend lucy said:

    that is raelly cool santa I wish I could see them my self

    lots of love lucy

  30. 29
    My friend laura said:

    Blizzard is a great name!
    p.s ;thanks for the wii fit.

  31. 30
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    gonrats to the north pole hi from taylor baxter the elfe all my frinds say gongrats i was wondering if the reindeer love parades i was wtching a prade with the real rudolph so i sad wow he has red nose aftor all wonderfull i love christmas hllow to the mom of the reindeer congrats snta and the elves

  32. 31
    My friend taylor baxter said:


    so i am happy to hi to rudolphe and the otther reindeeeer to ao PS GONGRADULATSHONS RUDOLPH

  33. 32
    My friend naomi said:

    dear santa

    i love that name. it sounds so cool!
    i love your blog!

  34. 33
    My friend zelda said:

    your christmas blog has every thing I love it

  35. 34
    My friend gabe said:

    hi whatever your names are hope you are not to cold

    your new friend,


  36. 35
    My friend gwen said:

    hi santa its me gwen from sheffield remember thankyou for the wii we loved it evan is on it know i wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year oxoxoxoxox … oxoxoxo

  37. 36
    My friend madison said:

    santa im glad you got more rain deers
    and i would love to
    know the names of the rain deers

  38. 37
    My friend amanda said:

    baby rain deers you must look cute! abelle9325

  39. 38
    My friend Vy said:

    Hi congaultion Clarice and Rudolph

  40. 39
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    well god luck

  41. 40
    My friend Tasha said:


    I hope the baby are doing well. They sound sooo cute!! Can u put a picture of them on please!!

  42. 41
    My friend Rebecca said:

    I’m happy you had twins Rudolph :) !!!!!!!

  43. 42
    My friend Jordan said:

    Dear Santa,
    tell evreyone i said Hi evan the blizzard and gogenai claric.

  44. 43
    My friend Tasha, Marion said:


    i hope the baby reindeers are doing doing great they sound so cute.

    Tasha and marion

    can you put a picture of them on your blog PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  45. 44
    My friend gorgina said:

    my name is gorgina too!!!!!!!!!!!!! please send back

  46. 45
    My friend marina trissville said:

    dear santa can you send my elfs back please

  47. 46
    My friend Dominique said:

    Congrats on the new reindeer. I hope i will get the chance to meet them one day.

  48. 47
    My friend Arianna said:

    I love it i love animals especially reindeers like Rudolph i love the new babies

  49. 48
    My friend Arianna said:

    Santa does the baby Blizzard nose glows red like his dad??????

  50. 49
    My friend clara said:

    dear friends, so howcome I didn’t get what i wanted last year like my mom said i could have a cell phone and a blue ipod an i didn’t get any of those please ask my mom to get me a blue ipod and an itouch cell phone,thanks,clara P.S have a great time with geargie i wish she were my little friend

  51. 50
    My friend charlotte said:

    so happy for u

  52. 51
    My friend katie said:

    hi wat did you call them i bet every1 at the north pole is really happy about this wonderful news i would love to see them they must be the cutist things in the world.

  53. 52
    My friend IMANE said:

    santa are the baby are good i happy for the raindeer

  54. 53
    My friend Dani said:

    Congtratulations Guys!!!! I hope the babys are well!!! I really want a baby brother or sister. Happy new year to everyone. Love every reinderr @ the north pole. Danixxxxxx

  55. 54
    My friend Kendall said:

    Santa is the ipod you gave my big sister Kelsey mine

  56. 55
    My friend Kaylee said:

    have good luck rudolph,and clorse.

  57. 56
    My friend Kailey said:

    Dear Reindeer i think those names are adorable!!

  58. 57
    My friend paige said:

    nice names :]

  59. 58
    My friend Michaela said:

    Dear Clarice and Rudolph,
    Congrats on the new pups. Are they cold in the North Pole??? I can ask my grandma to make a sweater for them! Blizzard’s sweater will be green with Christmas trees on it and georgia’s sweater will be res with snowflakes on it!

  60. 59
    My friend Madison said:

    Aww the reindeer sounds so cute!!!!

  61. 60
    My friend jayden said:

    I love you!! talk to you next year!! ( :

  62. 61
    My friend alyssa said:

    congrats!!!!!!!!!A merry Christmas to Santa and all the reindeer and elves!

  63. 62
    My friend rhiannon said:

    who do the baby reindeers look like their mom or their dad??

  64. 63
    My friend Alissa said:

    Congratulations i hope you enjoy being a mommy and daddy.Ialso love the names well i hope you had a fun new year and christmas!!Loe you all!!!

  65. 64
    My friend Madi and Jens said:

    You are the cutest little things we ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!I <3 u guys!!!!!!

  66. 65
    My friend Shawna said:

    Did the baby have a red nose like rudolph? I really like the names you chose for the babys . I can’t beleive how happy rudolph was.

  67. 66
    My friend nathan said:

    i want to be an elf

  68. 67
    My friend Audrey said:


    I have been waiting so long! I just love deer… Especailly reindeer! What great names. Even though mine didnt get picked, I am so happy!

  69. 68
    My friend Kennedy said:

    i love the names and i listened to the sound they where so cute.Hopefully they are doing good.

  70. 69
    My friend Emily said:

    “Welcome goergena and the boy welcome to the north pole have a very good christmas and hope you get to share lots of carrots with all the other reindeers

  71. 70
    My friend Eva said:

    I love the baby rainders names

  72. 71
    My friend Taylor and Hannah said:

    We bet they are very cute!!! Those are great names! Hope they are doing great!

  73. 72
    My friend gabbie garay said:

    i wish my lola will not die

  74. 73
    My friend Stephanie said:

    I love Reindeer! Are ther noses like rudolphs?

  75. 74
    My friend danielle said:

    congrats on the baby’s

    p.s cute names

  76. 75
    My friend Marisela said:

    I like how baby.

  77. 76
    My friend Emma said:

    great names santa i love them please can i see you once please emma

  78. 77
    My friend chloe said:

    i am so happy for you and i think you will be really good parents and nice names too! i wish the best for you and a great first year with the babies love chloe’

  79. 78
    My friend maddie and nolan said:

    soooooo happy 4 u guys have fun!!!!!!!!!

  80. 79
    My friend Tiphany said:

    Thats awsome now Rudolph has Childern so cool!!!

  81. 80
    My friend caitlin said:

    it is snowing in scotland it is a bit deep . to go on for a week or 6 weeeks it is xmas santa come gave us toys. on friday

  82. 81
    My friend caitlin said:

    what is there names

  83. 82
    My friend ashley said:

    Wow Rdolph do you remember when you were just a babay now your a daddy wow calrice i’m so happy for you and rudolph

    bye for now,


  84. 83
    My friend ashley said:

    can i see pictures of the babys please

  85. 84
    My friend savannah said:

    whots the babys name

  86. 85
    My friend izzy said:

    cool names tell goergie and blizzard to all ways have fun and help around the place.

    p.s.tell the family i said hi
    :o ) :o ) <

  87. 86
    My friend shadow said:

    hey im izzys dog im glad to here that u have to new baby reindeer i would love to see pics. of all of the riendeer or even play with them . i dought i can play with them cause i dont live up there by u guys and girls. tell all the riendeer that if i could give them some riendeer food i would but 1.i dont have any 2.i dont know how to make any and3.i dont know how i would give it to them cause once again i dont live near them.

    p.s.have fun playin in the snow
    your furry friend
    shadow :o )

  88. 87
    My friend Douglas said:

    WOW!that is awsome

  89. 88
    My friend andrew said:

    that is so so cool that anther baby reindeer was born. make sure they stay safe.bye

  90. 89
    My friend ABIGAIL said:


  91. 90
    My friend Melissa said:

    How old are the baby reindeer?

  92. 91
    My friend Melissa said:

    Well, congratulation Rudolph and Clarice(I wish I could go to the North Pole and see the baby reindeer)!

  93. 92
    My friend Gracie said:

    Those are really cute names for the reindeer i hope they have a really good Christmas every year i love yall.biiii!!!!!

  94. 93
    My friend Gracie said:

    i hope that the new reindeer would get to help fly the sleigh each Christmas

  95. 94
    My friend jessica said:

    congrats on the babies i am looking foward to haerin bell this xmas

    so long so good


  96. 95
    My friend ALEXIS said:


  97. 96
    My friend savana said:

    I love you so much. I bet you are so cute

  98. 97
    My friend savana said:

    good luck with the new twins Clarice and Rudolph.

  99. 98
    My friend camryn said:

    can you send a pic of the baby reindeers born new years eve?

  100. 99
    My friend haleigh said:

    santa can you show me a photo of you and can i talk to dasher as well if you or dasher are not busy



  101. 100
    My friend Katarina said:

    Congrats on Blizzard and Gorgie.Love you. Be good.

  102. 101
    My friend jennifer said:

    Rudolph you are cute with your rsd nose

  103. 102
    My friend Millie said:

    Well done! I’d love to see them flying through the sky one day.

  104. 103
    My friend Millie said:

    I bet they look cute. What lovely names! Georgina and Blizzard! Well done to Clarice and Rudolph… some day I’d like to see them before I move to France.

  105. 104
    My friend Caroline said:

    Hi santa! Whats up at the north pole?
    Guess what? 5 more weeks till spring! I’st that exciting? ( i forgot to mention this in my letter.) But i would like to go to a shelter where sick and hungry foals are, so i can take one in and care for it. I love horses, and its a nice thing to do, so i will. please, please, PLEASE make Mom let me take one in, its my DREAM! thank you, -Caroline

  106. 105
    My friend Caroline said:

    Please let me take a sick filly in, its my Dream! Mom won’t let me.

    Thank you,

  107. 106
    My friend Heavena said:

    Ivoted for blizzard, i’m glad that was chosen and i als like georgina greta gingerbread too!!!! wish u all good luck in the north pole!

  108. 107
    My friend dorothy said:

    i heard the baby reindeer sound thanks for emailing it from north pole hows the big fat man that came to our house for christmas

  109. 108
    My friend kiley said:

    dear santa thanks for wiriting back to me ireally appreciateed it alot im saying alot.I like chating alot. Lets keep doing it if your not bussy.I dont want to be rude for what i said.I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.Please wirte me back.How do you typ a letter to me so fast is it because your magic im gussing.Love Kiley The End

  110. 109
    My friend hannah said:

    xoxo cute

  111. 110
    My friend Alysen said:

    That was so cute please tell me how they are doing

  112. 111
    My friend Sarah said:

    Dear Clairce,
    Congrats! I am so excited you had a babby Ibet their hard to take care of.

  113. 112
    My friend Christa said:

    that is sooo sweet i am happy for the mother and babies

  114. 113
    My friend Sophia said:

    I hope the baby reindeers are o.k.!!! and y did u call the baby boy reindeer Blizard? there already is one!!!

  115. 114
    My friend anastasia said:

    santa do you think i will be good next year i hope so i think you will say yes

  116. 115
    My friend jessica said:

    hey how is the baby doing

  117. 116
    My friend GEORGIA said:


  118. 117
    My friend ELLA said:

    hi georgeia ow are your and your sista i heard the noise you make its well cute dont u think LOVE YOU P.S ILL ALWAYS THINK OF YOUR

  119. 118
    My friend Shaney said:

    Good luck for the future everyone especially Rudolph and Clarice And Georgie and Blizzard please write back to me and good luck for the future everyone now that you have got a new family.

  120. 119
    My friend alex said:

    hi santa,

    i am so happy for you rudolph clarice and all the other elves and reindeer and mrs. clause. please post a picture of you and the baby reindeer together

  121. 120
    My friend Kate said:

    Dear Santa,
    I am so glad new ones are added to the pack. today me and Grayson went fishing and I caught my first fish,it was hard to get the hooks out, but we had fun anyways. R.S.P.V. Kate
    P.S. I want a fishing pole for Chirstmas.
    P.S.S. Grayson said the reinder are so cute!

  122. 121
    My friend Grayson said:

    Dear Santa, I think the baby reindeer are so cute. They sound adorable. I can’t wait for next Christmas.
    P.S. I’m saving up for a Nintendo D.S.
    I love you!

  123. 122
    My friend jaznay said:

    are you doing well with you rain deer?

  124. 123
    My friend Kristina said:

    ahhh babies are so cute! especilly twins. n living in the northpoe they problee haing a WHALE of a time

  125. 124
    My friend Mikayla said:

    To:Georgina Greta Gingerbread and Blizzard
    From: Mikayla

    Dear baby reindeer,
    I’ve been waiting so long for something MAYJOR exiting! And this is! Glad you’re apart of the North Pole! Have fun discovering the world around you! Tell me what it’s like, I haven’t been there yet! Oh, and tell the others I said “Hi!”. Bye, Geogina! Bye, Blizzard!

  126. 125
    My friend lauren said:

    Hi Carice and Rudoph hope you and your baby raindeers have a great time this Christmas love Lauren age 10 xox

  127. 126
    My friend tayler said:

    i think that the baby reindeers names are reaaly cute. i know they will make a great teammate.

  128. 127
    My friend hannah said:

    have a good chistmas


  129. 128
    My friend reilly said:

    i love you!!!!

  130. 129
    My friend Sarah said:

    I love the names you picked. They are soo cute. I hope that the babys have a happy and health life. Tell the babys i say hi!

  131. 130
    My friend DREW said:

    SANTA WOW YOU ARE TH BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  132. 131
    My friend gabby said:

    im so glad about the birth my friend LAUREN IS SO HAPPY to

  133. 132
    My friend Leanna said:

    Those are the cutest names I have ever hered! I can’t belive she had two babies! I wish I could see them, I love babies!!!!

  134. 133
    My friend daniela said:



  135. 134
    My friend Courtney said:

    i think you should name the baby girl reindeer Courtney and the baby boy Clarice JR.WE LOVE YOU BYE

  136. 135
    My friend sophie said:

    wow how cute i love the names they’ll be flyin high with thier daddy before you no it santa

  137. 136
    My friend lucy said:

    soon as cute as you
    and as big as you

  138. 137
    My friend Bayley said:

    tell rudolph and clairice I said congratulations!i like the names, too. goargina gingerbread and blizzard.CUTE!!the noises were even cute!! well, bye!! ~Bayley

    thank you for the
    christmas presents,too!

  139. 138
    My friend Bayley said:

    Cute Names!!!

  140. 139
    My friend dylan said:

    hey Santa are you having fun with the new baby randier if i were you i would lone it to me for Christmas PS have a great day love your friend dylan

  141. 140
    My friend Anonymous said:

    dear santa I hope that the babys are going well lots of love Jessica Miles at
    ellis lane

  142. 141
    My friend Victoria said:

    I can`t believe ” new baby reindeer!!!

  143. 142
    My friend Kat said:

    How fun! I’m happy for Rudolph!

  144. 143
    My friend lauren said:

    dear santa maybe you could ask the mom who had the girl that maybe they could call her gingie for short I don’t mean to be ugly it’s just I wanted to ask you that i hope it’s ok from,lauren

  145. 144
    My friend CHELSEA said:


  146. 145
    My friend bj said:

    it must be very great for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. 146
    My friend bj said:

    :) does he look cute?

  148. 147
    My friend zara said:

    Is it chring to fly yet .Ho is is dads name.

  149. 148
    My friend Riley said:

    So another good name for the baby boy would be blitsen

  150. 149
    My friend Annette said:

    I just love the reindeer names (but i wish you would had named the girl reindeer Annette.)

  151. 150
    My friend Caitlin Gottwald said:

    Dear Santa Claus’ I think that’s a wonderful name for her.I bet she’s really Happy That She Has You!!

  152. 151
    My friend neckly said:

    hi santa thank you for the picks

  153. 152
    My friend Claudia said:

    What an exctiing Christmas eve!!

  154. 153
    My friend niamh said:

    i,m so happy for you santa so get ready for 13 raindeers on your slay i bet it will grow up to be like rudolphs brother. merry christmas sir and ho ho ho from niamh

  155. 154
    My friend lucy said:

    hi santa from lucy

  156. 155
    My friend Aaron said:

    thanks for tht invatashain

  157. 156
    My friend Kylie said:

    OMG!!!! Such Cute Sounds. Also Cute Names. Also…. Whoever Dicided the name “Blizzard” Was very good at naming!!!!!!!! And if you are a boy or a girl you might decide a great name for your son or daughter!!!!!! ” Nver Mind If you have 1 or more!!!!”

  158. 157
    My friend Kylie said:

    Who Else is Kyli??? And Who Said I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

    Or Was that a different Kylie????

  159. 158
    My friend Daisy said:

    I like the name blizzard but if it’s a girl, It should be called Crystal. Named after my best friend! She’s a polar bear but not a real polar bear. A teddy!
    Love Daisy

  160. 159
    My friend hailey said:

    i love the new born reindeier

  161. 160
    My friend rhiannon said:

    hi i would just like to know at tiny bit more about the baby,s thank you for spenden your time to read my note santa by for now

  162. 161
    My friend courtney said:

    i love baby reindear they must be so cute

  163. 162
    My friend dakota rose mosier said:

    i really hope blizzerd and gorgina have a great life.i hope on this cristmas you will leave me som pics. of them, tell them i love them.

    Love Dakota :)

  164. 163
    My friend Chasey said:

    i was very shocked to know that you have another reindeer to work with..
    i bet that you was very exited when you saw them wasn’t you???
    I love the names they are very cute…
    I love your Christmas Blog Iam sending you this because i am kind of bored because we are on spring break and montgomery county where my little cousin goes, they are back in school and we are out so i have hardly anybody to play with..
    I love you

  165. 164
    My friend Caroline said:

    Those are great names! I have always liked this name for a reindeer: Blizzard. Georgie Greta Gingerbread is great, too!

  166. 165
    My friend maya said:

    i love ur blog its so much fun happy easter

  167. 166
    My friend Michael said:


    I’m so excited to hear that you have more reindeer.I bet whenever you go on your breaks you play with your new reindeer.
    Michael Tondini

  168. 167
    My friend tommy said:

    your blog is amazing also nice beard keep up the good work!

  169. 168
    My friend brandy said:

    omg hi little baby clarice i hope that you enjoy the sleigh next year when you get bigger :)

  170. 169
    My friend LOGAN said:


  171. 170
    My friend bailee said:

    Its awsome that you guys finally have the babies!!! Tell the mother and father great job!!!!!!!!!!


  172. 171
    My friend skye said:

    i hate you

  173. 172
    My friend FRANCHE said:

    hi santa mike maks fun of me

  174. 173
    My friend Gabriella said:

    dear santa may i please have a magic elf ive been patient and waited for yrs it would be a dream to get a magic elf. i love all elves and i will love them forever have a nice day


  175. 174
    My friend Gabriella said:

    hi elves i luv u

  176. 175
    My friend Shannon said:

    Well done xxxxxxxxx

  177. 176
    My friend jaden said:

    i have a name i wont to call the baby boy nick. and breanna wonts to name it to brayden.

  178. 177
    My friend katie said:

    hi gingy,is that ok if i call her or him gingy! your so cute and you make a cute sound too! i love you bye!

  179. 178
    My friend sammyjo said:

    tell the reindeer i am so proud of her
    how old is the baby?

  180. 179
    My friend Olivia said:

    I am so happy for Clarice! It’s always fun to have a new reindeer around.

  181. 180
    My friend tyler said:

    dear santa ive been realy realy good this year ho ho ho

  182. 181
    My friend tyler said:

    hi santa claus lol
    love you

  183. 182
    My friend megan said:

    your the best

  184. 183
    My friend journey said:

    wow santa congrgulations u too mrs.clarice you guys have quite buteful babys

  185. 184
    My friend morgan said:

    hi i wanna know if blixten is a girl or boy

  186. 185
    My friend Madilynn said:

    Hi Santa, thank you very much for the air hocky table and new tv and dvd player! And tell mommy raindeer I said to her a special congrats on the twins! I bet they’re the cutest little things!

  187. 186
    My friend Daisy said:

    I like Blizzard. It’s a nice name!

  188. 187
    My friend Caitlin Gottwald said:

    You must be so happy to be parents.

  189. 188
    My friend josie & rachel said:

    I hope they are doing fine. How old are they?

  190. 189
    My friend emily said:

    0 MY GOOD
    they sound so cute

  191. 190
    My friend Travis Geiger said:

    OMG!Great Job!

  192. 191
    My friend mccartney said:

    LOVE the names.there so cute.

  193. 192
    My friend Alyssa said:

    Can you ask santa if he could send me pictures of Blizzard and Goergina in my tube. if you do i’ll visit sometime maybe.and congrats

  194. 193
    My friend Averie said:

    hey santa Marueen rocks can she come spin
    the night like to night cause i asked 2
    days ago!

  195. 194
    My friend Riley said:

    rudolf i LOVE the nose its like GLOWING i know that but cute name clarice its a very pretty name

  196. 195
    My friend suzie said:

    i hope the babys and mum r ok bye

  197. 196
    My friend lauren said:

    I am soooooo happy Clarice has new babies! Congrats!

  198. 197
    My friend Sydnie said:

    I bet its cute.My mom is having a baby boy to.

  199. 198
    My friend rachel said:

    wow that is net 2 new babis two help santa oneday and have this comeing chismas love you

  200. 199
    My friend Sienna said:

    Aw,how cute!Two baby reindeer,a boy and a girl!Maybe when they grow up,they will be one of Santa’s special reindeers that come on the sleigh with him!

  201. 200
    My friend caroline said:

    Hi Santa that is so cute ! they were born right after christmas! Do u think theywill ever guide your slay?

  202. 201
    My friend abby said:

    santa i am so happy about the new baby reindeer.tell clarice congrats

  203. 202
    My friend Samantha said:

    Dear SAnta
    how are your baby Reindeer i like the reindeer sound it so cute what there name
    I love baby reindeer
    love Samantha Gibson

  204. 203
    My friend taylor said:

    whats its name

  205. 204
    My friend julia said:

    hi santa i hope you have a good time with your baby raindeers and a great christmas with your new baby raindeers I hope anouther baby soon is born


  206. 205
    My friend gracey said:

    ooooh that so cuite she can guide the sligh when shes older i love to see her

  207. 206
    My friend Kyler said:

    Aww! I bet they are so cute! I wish I could have one! My dog pretends like she is a reindeer every year. I guess that is as close I am allowed to get to a real flying reindeer :D Love you Santa!! Thank you for the dollar in the mall! Bye!

  208. 207
    My friend STACIE said:


  209. 208
    My friend Gabriella said:

    I hope the baby reindeer are doing great along with Clarice and Rudolph. I will wait to hear about them in Christmas books!


  210. 209
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    that name is so cool i wish i would have named it…….!!!!!!!!!

  211. 210
    My friend Tristin said:

    awww. thats so cute. I love their names. You never know maybe one day they will be on the sleigh team.=]

  212. 211
    My friend Finnella said:

    how are you rodolf, is your family well. will you ask santa if he ‘ll give me,eveyrey thingI want! Lead the way!

  213. 212
    My friend Lauren said:

    I love those names !!!!!!!!!
    You guys rock

  214. 213
    My friend Mason said:

    Dear Baby reindeer,
    I love reindeer so much I hope you have a wonderful christmas. I realy LOVE christmas I will forsure put out extra reindeer food for you, and the other reindeer.

  215. 214
    My friend kaitlyn said:

    how old are they? i bet they were pretty cute

  216. 215
    My friend jessica said:

    cute names

  217. 216
    My friend Josh and Ashley said:

    We think she sounded sooo cute!!!

  218. 217
    My friend zoe said:

    hey santa can you send me a picture of all of the reindeer

  219. 218
    My friend Kate said:

    WOW!! those names are SUPER cute, I wonder if they help to guide the sleigh one day! very sadly my hamester Fudge died but I have still got my fish Goldie (Nemo died the other day! :( I also have 4 guinae pigs and we think the 2 girls are pregnant BYE xx

  220. 219
    My friend Jeannemarie said:

    Dear baby rain deer,
    What is it like being at the north pole with Santa? It must be cold. Soon you will
    fly Santa slay. What is it like being a rain deer? i love you. See you in the sky.

    Your friend,

  221. 220
    My friend Daniela said:

    Santa i think you are very lucky

  222. 221
    My friend payton said:

    i ♥ u can i have a real puppy

  223. 222
    My friend Vasuki said:

    Hey Georgie and Blizzard.. welcome :D and bless u.. i can already see you both helping Santa ride his sleigh. Love u both. take care Clarice.

    Santa can u name the nest reindeer as “Sandy”. It is after my mom Sandhya. i’ll be very happy if u do that.

    Love u all,

  224. 223
    My friend jessica said:

    can you give me one please

  225. 224
    My friend Naomi said:

    hi wats up everything cool at the north pole? get it? cool. its cool you know cold okay never mind you don’t get it i would name the babe reindieer jacobi its an awesome name haw. [JU-cobe-y]bye please take to the north pole with you on christmas eve?!

  226. 225
    My friend Trinity said:

    i just love babys let me see them on christmas eve please

  227. 226
    My friend savannah said:

    just wanted to stop by and say hey

  228. 227
    My friend Julia said:

    Oh my gosh I love the name’s ya’ll picked out!! There very good!:)

  229. 228
    My friend kayla parker said:

    i love animals and they’re so very cute. thanks for the toys thath you left me the past couple years

  230. 229
    My friend mackenzie said:

    awwww thatsss soo coool! santaa you must be soo excited!!! welll i hope you have funn with them! seee youu on christmas! ;)

    loveee, mackenziee

  231. 230
    My friend madison said:

    hi im madison ill lef a snak for you on chrismas eve and santa can bir it bak to you love madison crouch

  232. 231
    My friend penelope said:


  233. 232
    My friend maddie said:

    wow wow wow wow wow wow ow wow ow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!

  234. 233
    My friend haylee said:

    Hi santa thanks for the email!!!!!! i hope all my wish’s come true!! i well always belive in you!!!!!!!

  235. 234
    My friend shauna said:

    I am so proud for clarice and rudolph. THe babies names are wonder full. Merry Christmas.

  236. 235
    My friend Anastasia said:

    hi I wish I could see them. I like the name Blizzard

  237. 236
    My friend Anastasia said:

    Those baby Raindeer names are so so cute you must be really proud

  238. 237
    My friend Cindy said:

    I would like to say that I think baby reindeer are cute! Congagulations. I bet Rudalph is having a big smile on his face. Hope they have a red nose like their daddy and hope the grow up healthy oops got to go, bye!

  239. 238
    My friend George said:

    Who do both baby reindeer look like!

  240. 239
    My friend kearney said:

    i bet there cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. 240
    My friend frances cothron said:

    i think the name well be a pretty name for a girl elizabeth and for the boy his name be christopher we love the names but you have to be the one who names it we all love u santa and we will be happy with any name u give the reindeer love frances cothron and christopher hand

  242. 241
    My friend christopher hand said:

    i well be happy with any names you give them i am sure that they are very cute well good luck with the names and have a merry christmas and a happy new year ..

  243. 242
    My friend jayla said:

    that is some relly funny names for a baby reindeer….


  244. 243
    My friend ash said:

    Hi Santa…Georgina is a beautiful name! Blizzard is cute too! I’m so glad that we have now added two new reineer to out sleigh! That is…when they are old enough to guide it like Rudolph!

  245. 244
    My friend ash said:

    Like I said before, I love the names and I love the fact that there is two more reindeer added to the sleigh when they are old enough. I don’t want Blizzard to guide the sleigh ever though. I want ONLY RUDOLPH too. Not Blizzard. Just Mr. Rudolph.

  246. 245
    My friend ash said:

    I mean I love BLizzard a LOT. Trust me! He must be so cute. I LOVE BLIZZARD. It’s just that I LOVE RUDOLPH and he has guided the sleigh for such a long time and I really don’t want the tradition to change. I’ll be so sad if we have Blizzard or Georgina guide it even though Blizzard and Georgina are awesome n’ I love them so much. So yah. Rudolph stay with us guiding. Thanks, Ash.

  247. 246
    My friend Kendall said:

    Hi everbody! I wanted to say congrats on the baby reindeer!I’m soooo happy for you guys!Bye!

  248. 247
    My friend savannah said:

    i want a chew toy for my dog and some bones. congratulations for the babies. i want some winter and summer clothes for pin pin.

  249. 248
    My friend alexis said:

    blizzard is a cool name.I feel very happy for you guys!

  250. 249
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Are the baby reindeer doing good? I wish I could come to the north pole and see all of you guys!

  251. 250
    My friend todd said:

    clarice you must be proud but what are their names

  252. 251
    My friend maddie said:

    wow, can he lead the sleigh?

  253. 252
    My friend James said:

    ive never seen a reindeer and would u send me a pic of 1??? u hv my email

  254. 253
    My friend rhiannon said:

    i think you made a good choice also at christmas i will leave them a carrot

  255. 254
    My friend anna said:

    I think the baby reindeers are so cute and the sound cute too see you at christmas

  256. 255
    My friend micha said:

    hey santa tell rudolph that i say hi love micha

  257. 256
    My friend caitlin said:

    baby raindeer! thatsjustfantastic tell clarice i said take care!

  258. 257
    My friend Addie said:

    I love your bolg! and i cant wait for xmas.and i really do like the names you picked out!

  259. 258
    My friend Bryce said:

    I think Blizzerd is a good name for a babby boy.I think Gingerbread was a good name for a babby girl.Keep on writing more books and you will be a great book writer and a great santa.

  260. 259
    My friend kenneth said:

    i hope yall have fun goerie g. gingerbread & blizzard

  261. 260
    My friend Lucy said:

    hi Santa ure so kwl i cant wait til Christmas this year

  262. 261
    My friend georgina said:

    oh i love ruldolph

  263. 262
    My friend georgina said:

    oh that is certainlly lovely

  264. 263
    My friend Truman said:

    That is realy nice

  265. 264
    My friend mia said:

    the names are so cute!!!!!!!! i cant wait till thy all are grown up!!!!

  266. 265
    My friend brittnee said:

    name the girl rylee and name the boy ethan

  267. 266
    My friend mason said:

    i love the names

  268. 267
    My friend josh said:

    hope the baby randeer helps with the chrismis fun

  269. 268
    My friend Jacynda said:

    how much BABY reindeers are there is there twins and a baby and we can pick the name i am so excited to here there are more reindeers coming that means we might have to leave heaps of stuff out on christmas but that is fine!!!

  270. 269
    My friend victor said:

    i hope you can become the most brilliont raindeeer one!

  271. 270
    My friend aynsly said:

    for christmas i want all webkinz in the world and i want my best friend madison to have all of them too. and every month they make webkinz so please give them to me every month for the rest of my life and my cousin christian LOVE YOU Santa and Mrs. claus

  272. 271
    My friend Jessica said:

    Hi Santa ,
    My name is: Jessica Louise Baron!!!!!!!!!
    When you come to my grandparents place could you ask if Rudolph and Clarice and the baby twins , to put their footprints in a card at Christmas eve night then when I wake up the card will be there in my sack with my presents!!!!! If they do that can you say thank you to them for me!!!!! When you come at christmas eve night can you wake me up that would be a nice christmas presents for me to see you and your Reindeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love from Jessica Louise Baron!!!!!

  273. 272
    My friend jordan said:

    dear baies,hope u like the world. it may get a little chille but im sure your mommy is going to keep u warm

  274. 273
    My friend Lizzie said:

    Dear Santa,
    You know the new baby reahndear borne on new years eve? They both have really cute names. I hope one day I’ll get to meet you in persone, and meet they whole reahndear crew!

  275. 274
    My friend michael page said:

    wow thats great santa sorry my congrats is late can you crongratlate clarice and rudolph for me please thanks
    lots and lots of love michael page

  276. 275
    My friend emma said:

    i bet you are so cute baby reindeers are so always cute

  277. 276
    My friend Teresa said:

    i love babys gorgina is a nice name and blizzerd i have a feeling he will be a good flyer!

  278. 277
    My friend brianna said:

    dear blizard,
    you sound like a nice baby reindeer
    I give my best oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  279. 278
    My friend JADE said:


  280. 279
    My friend Sanjith said:

    To santa claus please give me a present in London but give me a letter in Switzerland.

  281. 280
    My friend Peyton said:

    I hope the the babies both get to guide the sleigh on Christmas Eve so that way they will be right by each other when their guiding the sleigh.

  282. 281
    My friend lucy page said:

    hey santa congratulations sorry its late can u tell ruldolf congratulations lots of love lucy page

  283. 282
    My friend shania said:

    HI santa i am so glad i am writting to you just to say how much i care a bout you santa and i think the name of the baby reindeer is very nice i love the namesxxx

  284. 283
    My friend sammy said:

    I hope you grow up to be your magnifecant dad

  285. 284
    My friend Melody said:

    i bet there super cute

  286. 285
    My friend Melody said:

    i mean the baby reindeer

  287. 286
    My friend nicole said:

    wow i never guessed! i wish i had known sooner.
    i would had asked you to come and get me so i could see them. will you give them extra reindeer food for me? and when i say them i mean all the reindeer!!!!!!!!!!

  288. 287
    My friend Kim Taegene said:

    Happy Birthday~ Little Georgina~
    I would like to eat you up~ Because you are a gingerbreadman!!!(just kidding)

  289. 288
    My friend HANNAH AND IZZY said:


  290. 289
    My friend Karlee said:

    I think those are wonderful names! I hope they are doing Well!

  291. 290
    My friend tyler said:

    dear santa can you send me a picture of the baby reindeer

    thanks alot,

  292. 291
    My friend Amleia said:

    Dear Clarice

  293. 292
    My friend blair said:

    gourgeina greta gingerbread is a beautiful name!And blizzard is a very handsome name! HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! LOVE BLAIR

  294. 293
    My friend Emma , katie , Braden said:

    i love u georgie gingerbeard and blizzard! give them a kiss for me! i hope with all my heart i get to vist them! kiss kiss!

    ME TO ! I love there names ! my brother likes them to ! love Emma

  295. 294
    My friend mady said:

    So so CUTE!!!

  296. 295
    My friend Marc978 said:

    Wow The New Reindeer Are Awesome Will They Pull The Sled On the big Night too Or are they still too young?

  297. 296
    My friend rhianna said:

    wow hope u keep in tuch whats its name ? xx love you santa

  298. 297
    My friend Ethan said:

    OMG so cute how are the babies doing and the parents?

  299. 298
    My friend curtis said:

    i love evrey one at the north pole. santa leave a cookie for me at cristmas. miss clause hope your are wonderfull. santas awseam love you rudaf

  300. 299
    My friend Scott said:

    I love baby reindeers!

  301. 300
    My friend Tess said:

    Congrats to clarice. (and rudolph) i can’t wait to see how the baby reindeer turn out.

  302. 301
    My friend Tyler said:

    Georgia and Blizzered
    i hope the babys are doing fine but i dont think i am getting a raindeer for christmas you are so lucky to have the deer that you have xoxoxox love ya

  303. 302
    My friend destiny said:

    hey santa its meeee!!!!!i cant wait for christmas i really want a labtop but i wont be dissipointed if i dont get one ill be fine as long as i get somthing different well i have to go santa ill see u later ….

  304. 303
    My friend SAMANTHA HOTSON said:


  305. 304
    My friend Micaila said:

    Hey Georgina Blizzard Rudoulph And Clarice I’m so glad for all of you ecspecially Clarice Yes mom ok I will My mom says that i have to go now but i love you all thank you all Happy blessings for Georgina and Blizzard Ok thank you all Bye for now

  306. 305
    My friend Rachel said:

    Hey Roudolph congratulations to you and Clarice those are wonderful names for baby reindeer! hey rudolph mabue you can leave a picture of your reinderr family on my table at christmas eve so I can see the twins I heard they are so cute!
    congratulations again and to you too santa

  307. 306
    My friend catherine said:

    i am so super happy for you one of them might guid the sleigh one night from catherine

  308. 307
    My friend niki said:

    i chose the boy raindears name!

  309. 308
    My friend Mary Jane said:

    My mom just had a baby girl too! We named her Georgia Rose Gittemeier!

  310. 309
    My friend juliana said:

    Wow baby reindeer. I love reindeer. I wish i could ride on one even if it wasn’t a flying reindeer

  311. 310
    My friend Abby said:

    I think georgina and blizzard are the sweetest names for the baby reindeers.

  312. 311
    My friend Larissa said:

    give the littele babys a kiss for me

  313. 312
    My friend Larissa said:

    you should put a picter of the babys!

  314. 313
    My friend Sierra said:

    lol hi santa can u say hi to Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard 4 me?? thanks Santa! BYE

    =) ur kewl

  315. 314
    My friend caitlin said:

    those names are soo cute i really want to see them maybe i will see them on christmas eve

  316. 315
    My friend Colton said:

    Wow Amazing!!!!! I was so surprised when I heard about the reindeer. They have awesome and cute names!!!!!I wish I could meet you and your reindeer in person.I would love that!!!Happy Christmas Santa, and spread the word to everyone there please.

    P.S. IMPORTANT NOTE tell Rudolph,Blizzard and the other reindeer they ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!! thanks for everything! bye. see ya Christmas!!!

  317. 316
    My friend tatiana said:

    ask clarice to name the girl tiwn raindeer cocoa

  318. 317
    My friend alyshia said:

    thear shuch good names

  319. 318
    My friend Jessica said:

    This is a great blog santa I love it.
    by jessica

  320. 319
    My friend nathan said:

    ia m so happy take good care of them and good care of everyone at the north pole nathan P.s you are the greatest

  321. 320
    My friend paris said:

    i am so happy for ya. so i hope ya have fun this year love paris.

  322. 321
    My friend jessica said:

    how cute!i love the names and also i was very happy and suprised to hear the news!

  323. 322
    My friend Danyelle said:

    you must have so much fun up there bring me with you on christmas please santa

  324. 323
    My friend Emily said:

    It was such a good name

  325. 324
    My friend Christian said:

    I like blizzed

  326. 325
    My friend gabrielle said:

    is rudolph the dad

  327. 326
    My friend Hannah said:

    I hope you have a great time with the babies

  328. 327
    My friend kally said:

    Hi santa your elfs wanted me to come on blog so i did so i hope the reindeers enjoy and the babie ones have fun

  329. 328
    My friend Teagan said:

    i hope your little girl isvery heyhy and happy i love you rodolf are asom.

  330. 329
    My friend samantha said:

    dear santa the babby is so cute,for what i hear.tell the baby reindeer hi!!! p.s is it a boy or girl?p.p.s tell the elvs,mrs. claus and the reindeer hi!love samantha troisi.

  331. 330
    My friend kaitlyn said:

    i just love the names they piked out i think they are so cute i wish i cold see them i think the baby reindeer sounds are so cute how old are they now

  332. 331
    My friend rebecca said:

    congratulations on the twins

  333. 332
    My friend Madison said:

    I just wanted to say to the little baby raindeer to have a good time on christmas

  334. 333
    My friend kelsey said:

    I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I do believe it!!!!!!

  335. 334
    My friend natasha said:

    hi santa i’m really glad about the baby riendeer i hope you can send me a picture of her and him

  336. 335
    My friend Averie said:

    How are you doing at the North Pole.How is Mureen doing.I miss her a lot.

    WE LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MERY CHRISTMAS SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. 336
    My friend megha said:

    I like both names but I did suggest myself the name Clera and Frost.But Blizzard and Greta are really cool names
    (-45 DEGREE)

  338. 337
    My friend Megan said:

    What cute names!!!

  339. 338
    My friend aaliyah said:

    wow super turblar dude new reindeers so when they get older they gonna fly the sleigh may god bless them and merry chirstmas

  340. 339
    My friend ashley said:

    hi santa I can’t wait till Christmas

    HO! HO! HO!


  341. 340
    My friend abby said:

    santa it would be nice if you would send me and elf

  342. 341
    My friend Alyssa said:

    how are you?

  343. 342
    My friend kate said:

    congratulateshons on gorgina and blizzard

  344. 343
    My friend Ann-marie said:

    Hi Santa that is so cute because i love reindeers.Hope they are both keeping well.Could you also say hi to the elevs and the reindeers and give them a big hug;by the way my cat had 5 kittens and they are triplets and twins. love Ann-marie,and all my brothers said hi.please right back if you can see you then.

  345. 344
    My friend matthew said:

    please give me a laptop

  346. 345
    My friend abbie said:

    how old are they and how big are they?

  347. 346
    My friend brianne said:

    dear santa,how are you?thank you for the gifts you gave me last year.this year i would like lots of things so i wrote to you on paper but didn’t get to send it yet.but i will soon!talk to you soon!brianne P.S.hope you get my note that i wrote on paper!bye

  348. 347
    My friend kayla said:

    i love the name molly

  349. 348
    My friend Lucy said:

    aww congratulations

  350. 349
    My friend hayley said:

    that sounds buetiful i hope it lives for a long time and has a good life with the other reindeers.

  351. 350
    My friend Sophie said:

    I hope you are all doing well,Gorgie Gingerbread and Blizzrd

  352. 351
    My friend Anonymous said:

    it nois is so cute

  353. 352
    My friend Faith Oakley said:

    I can’t belive they have a baby i wish them good luck.:-)

  354. 353
    My friend Rachel said:

    OMG!!! Congratulations on the babys! I hope they live a long happy healthy life. i love babys. if you are still looking for a name for the baby boy i think a good name for him would be Miles.

    Love, Rachel

  355. 354
    My friend aingekids said:

    What would you like me to leave you for christmas

  356. 355
    My friend brooke said:

    wow two babys at the same time that must be reaky cool to hav etwo little baby reindeer insted of one hope they have a ggod life and get to help santa i wish i could see them but i cant but i can only dream

  357. 356
    My friend Alex said:


  358. 357
    My friend R.A.B said:

    How are they? hopefully ok

  359. 358
    My friend R.A.B said:

    Dear Santa,

    Thanks for the Master laser screwdriver
    it really has came in use it is so cool my brother uses it.

    Wish you all a Happy Christmas and A happy New Year!

    From Your friend

  360. 359
    My friend savannah said:

    dear Santa hows the baby 2 raindeers

  361. 360
    My friend sarah caroline said:

    hey santa! i just love you and everyone else at the north pole!!!! say hey to gorgina greta gingerbread and blizzerd. i bet they are sooooooooooooooooo cute.

  362. 361
    My friend ben said:

    hope the reindeers are ok and give my love to to ruldoph and the other reindeers

  363. 362
    My friend georgia said:

    yo santa your awsome and i like the baby reindeer

  364. 363
    My friend Nicholas said:

    I have a good name for the boy. D

  365. 364
    My friend amy said:

    i hope she is ok, i just wish that i could come and see her and give her a present,(even if its just a carrot) lots of love amy.

  366. 365
    My friend Hugh Jazz said:

    wow i hope some day i could hav a baby reindeer!

  367. 366
    My friend kimberley said:

    hey santa
    i love how rudolph and claric are having twins i hope one or both of them are going to go in the pack of reindeers when they are older.

  368. 367
    My friend kielee said:

    awww it is so cute i wish i was there to see the birth

  369. 368
    My friend Nina said:

    Awww! Twin Baby Reindeer! My little brother and sister are twins too! Mary and Michael are their names, and they are already 7 years old! Blizzard is the perfect name for a Reindeer!

    Happy Veeeeeeeery Early Christmas!
    Nina, Age 11

  370. 369
    My friend Hannah said:

    I think those names rock!

  371. 370
    My friend Anonymous said:


  372. 371
    My friend laura said:

    i love those names!

    they are #1!

  373. 372
    My friend kai said:

    I luve you

  374. 373
    My friend AISLINN said:

    oohh a baby reindeer so cute :]

  375. 374
    My friend Krissy-Leigh said:

    Sooo cute ♥

  376. 375
    My friend alyson said:

    i want u to name the girl Cloe.and for the boy chris!i hope use at least 1 of my names!

  377. 376
    My friend nikolaus said:

    I hope you have a great trip on chrismas.
    I will make sure to leave carrots for you.

  378. 377
    My friend isabel said:

    really how do those reindeer fly welll i cant wait till christmas i knowit must be hard for u well love u santa

  379. 378
    My friend Alexandra said:

    You know the name for the baby boy reindeer (blizzard) i chose that name i also like it tooo

  380. 379
    My friend patricia said:

    to blizzard i love your name and herd some of you sounds and i think they are so

  381. 380
    My friend alejandro batrez lopez said:

    does your baby reindeer drink from the bottle or mamas milk.

  382. 381
    My friend Abbey and Sarah said:

    That’s ummm…..cute…

  383. 382
    My friend riley said:

    how old is the baby reindeer. And how is the mom doing and to ask how are all the reindeer doing?

  384. 383
    My friend Crystal said:

    I think the reindeer have great names and I want to say hi to all the other reindeer!

  385. 384
    My friend taylor said:

    The baby sounds so cute!

  386. 385
    My friend millie said:

    is it cute has she got a boyfrend if she does what is he’s name.

  387. 386
    My friend Lily said:

    I cant believe theres a baby reindeer there really cute arent they.

  388. 387
    My friend samantha said:

    I cant belive theres a new baby in the north pole maybe one day it will be as powefull as rudolph and it could fly the sleigh maybe in a couple of years

  389. 388
    My friend Eleri said:

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby reindeers I hope that they will be able to help you guide the sleigh very soon.I am looking forward to christmas i can not wait

  390. 389
    My friend Rhys said:

    Have fun this christmas

  391. 390
    My friend MEGAN said:



  392. 391
    My friend Alexis said:

    They have to be cute I really want to see u with my eyes

  393. 392
    My friend altamese said:

    i always knew there would be a new adition to the raindeer famoily and one day they will lead the pack

  394. 393
    My friend bethany said:

    i always knew that rudolph would grow up and have a baby and i reallt excited and aslo i hope that when they grow up they lead the slay on christmas nights bye

  395. 394
    My friend jeannnie said:

    i think the babies have lovely names

  396. 395
    My friend jeannnie said:

    is there any more on the way

  397. 396
    My friend Frances said:

    love to the mommy and daddy
    hope th twins are doing fine
    hope to see them pulling the seldge

  398. 397
    My friend Carly said:

    Aww! I love the name Blizzard! I used to have a white dog named Blizzard. He was adorable! I hope Georgina Greta Gingerbread and Blizzard are healthy, and I hope Clarice is regaining her strength. And please give Rudolph a carrot (or whatever he likes the most!) from me to congratulate him. I can’t wait until Christmas!

  399. 398
    My friend Austin said:

    Hi I’m Austin and I wanted to know when the babies get to fly.

  400. 399
    My friend jennifer said:

    that’s so sweet i love reindeer’s their my farvoite i like the name that one of your reindeer deicde to name

  401. 400
    My friend jennifer said:

    i also love that name to georgie greta gingerbread and blizzard love you biggest fan jennifer

  402. 401
    My friend dekota said:

    i just love the name blizzard

  403. 402
    My friend shelby p. said:

    is it a boy or a girl

  404. 403
    My friend cherie said:

    hi baby reindeer u’r coo is so cute i was once a baby 11 years a go i hope u’ll be old enough to come on the christmas run with santa love u bye

  405. 404
    My friend cherie said:

    gorgena greta gingerbread and blizard have such cute names i hope i can see u and santa and all the other reindeer some day! HOPE TO SEE U WHEN U COME TO MY HOUSE ON CHRISTMAS EV:)L8R:)

  406. 405
    My friend Amy said:

    aww thats good im happy for you santa you must really love them see you at christmas time

  407. 406
    My friend Kiara said:

    Wow! That is so cool that she had twins …. i have twin cousins !

  408. 407
    My friend Samantha said:

    i think Blizzerd is a great name i love it is a great name

  409. 408
    My friend azzy said:

    hay santa how have you bee

  410. 409
    My friend madison said:

    that is soooooo cute!!!!!! i love baby reindears!

  411. 410
    My friend emily said:

    i can’t waitn to christmas it is alredy october

  412. 411
    My friend emily said:

    i don’t know who i should marry caleb or rodney

  413. 412
    My friend hallie and jace said:

    We are toldaly goig to vote for them to guide the sleigh.

  414. 413
    My friend jade wearmouth said:

    has rudolf have a baby girl arww thats nice to knowww

  415. 414
    My friend freya said:

    cute names you are so famos

  416. 415
    My friend orlaith said:

    hi santa its orlaith from corkey here.i have a little extra present to ask you for its for mummy a nice cuddly christmas for us all.(the cummings)and finn the dog. take care santa and mrs claus and all the hard working elves.xxxoooxxx

  417. 416
    My friend helen hindle said:

    congaltations on a new born reindeer

  418. 417
    My friend Claudette said:

    I think it’s wonderful! I’m so proud!

  419. 418
    My friend lajireah said:

    just dropping by love the blog

  420. 419
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Hi santa, thanks for everythingt

  421. 420
    My friend MICA said:

    omg its almost christmas and im sooo excited…its gonna be a great christmas.i just love it wwhen stores put up all the christmas trees and decorations lol its not even halloween yet but who cares.oh wait im off the subject lol baby reindeer thats awesome…whos the dad???? i wonder lol anyways everyone merry christmas ONLY 70 MORE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAY

  422. 421
    My friend baily said:

    I am so proud Clarie!why don’t you send me a picture of the babys. i hope you can take care of them!if you need help call me.(well i mean e-mail.)take care!

  423. 422
    My friend Emily said:

    the baby reindeer sounds were so cute and the names are really fantastic

  424. 423
    My friend aimee said:

    wow thats so exiting im really happy its put a smile on my face. so santa are you happy ? xx love loads aimee

  425. 424
    My friend Madeleine said:

    hi Santa
    thats so cool that there are two new baby reindeers!! See ya later

  426. 425
    My friend AMY said:

    omg that is well cute i love reindeer s keep me up-dated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ya all Amy

  427. 426
    My friend maddy said:

    Dear santa rudolph and clarice,
    Do you have any spare reindeer that I may have? I bet they are so adorable and I would just love to have a baby reindeer of my own.

  428. 427
    My friend Haylee said:

    Wow!!! tell clarice and ruldof i said congratlants!. love and peace,

  429. 428
    My friend merelan said:

    dear Santa i have just found out about your lovely new reindeer’s how are they doing? i think if u could send me a picture to see them or maybe bring them along on the slay at christmas!best wishes to all the family


  430. 429
    My friend Lily said:

    oh wow lucky Clarice. baby reindeer, awwwwwwww!!!

  431. 430
    My friend Olivia said:

    wow 2 baby raindeer!!!!clarice and rudolf must be so very proud.

  432. 431
    My friend Arianna said:

    RUDOLPH IS A DAD?i can not believe this!i remember when he was a baby!oh my goodness hes gotten big

  433. 432
    My friend Lily said:

    Hi I hope u have a great time raising two new reindeer!!!
    Love You!

  434. 433
    My friend meagan said:

    oh that name is so cute and the baby boy called blizzed is so mint hope all of you have a great christmas


  435. 434
    My friend dianna said:

    hey santa i love you and good luck to george the new baby reindeer wel i have to go now i love you and i will miss you bye

  436. 435
    My friend lexie said:

    hi i love the names

  437. 436
    My friend bob said:

    that is a stupid name

  438. 437
    My friend lexi said:

    what do baby reindeer look like?

  439. 438
    My friend Lauren said:

    Congrats, all! Can’t wait until Christmas!

  440. 439
    My friend Maddison said:

    Do you like having two kids

  441. 440
    My friend cheyanne said:

    can i have one of the baby rain deer

  442. 441
    My friend Chyler said:

    Just want to say Merry Christmas to all of you and glad the baby Reindeer are doing great see you soon

  443. 442
    My friend Lilly said:

    You made me sad. MY sister died who was called that name but awwh she is so cute. * I saw here because me and santa work together!*

  444. 443
    My friend Santa Clause said:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! I am so glad you like the names! and Have a great cristmas

  445. 444
    My friend Ashtn said:

    wow blizzard is an awsome name

  446. 445
    My friend sapna said:

    Dear,Rudolph and Clarice

    I hope you 2 have wonderful lives and may god bless the 2 little angels.I think I like the name Blizzard.It is so cute!LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

  447. 446
    My friend Christian said:

    Dear Rudolph how are you

  448. 447
    My friend eddie said:

    hi santa I love that you have two new baby reindeer. So cute

  449. 448
    My friend amber said:

    good names

  450. 449
    My friend bailey said:

    i think the names are really really good

  451. 450
    My friend erin said:


  452. 451
    My friend jamaia said:

    hi hope the baby reindeer r ok how cool

  453. 452
    My friend sophie said:

    aww i cant believe i didnt hear this sooner and i think the baby sounds were so cute and i hope then both guide santas sleigh one day

  454. 453
    My friend Gina said:

    wow!thats exciting.i wonder when they will learn how to fly.

  455. 454
    My friend Harrison said:

    Dear E-Mail Santa,

    Your web site for E-Mail Santa is fantastic. I try to come to your web site often. Hope you’re doing well.

  456. 455
    My friend amy said:

    I love baby reindeer they sound so cute

  457. 456
    My friend Frances said:

    Congratulations! I bet they will be great reindeer one day.

  458. 457
    My friend destiny said:

    i think it is good .

  459. 458
    My friend katelyn said:

    i hope the reindeer made it out okay and i heard rudolf did jump over your castle and the elves and rudolf alldid a little jig!

  460. 459
    My friend Juevanna said:

    Did you have a party

  461. 460
    My friend mia said:

    i think for the boy it should be called blaze

  462. 461
    My friend Awsome! said:

    that is an awsome day to have a birthday! I think that the names are awsome and I hope that they will be able to help guide the sleigh next year and help pull it!!!

  463. 462
    My friend Molly said:

    I am sooooo happy! could you come on christmas and leave a tuff of fur from them each?

  464. 463
    My friend starr said:

    hi Blizard!! i bet u look so cute and can u send me a picture of u / Blizard love as allways starr

  465. 464
    My friend Simone said:

    Dear Clarice (and Goergie Greta Gingerbread and Blizzard!) Congratulations!
    I am so proud.They must be so cute. I hope they are alright. I can’t wait till blizzard starts flying that will be wonderful.I hope he will be in lead once he gets used to it! You must be so proud Mrs. clause and Santa! I can’t wait to see them one day!! O.k! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love from Simone

  466. 465
    My friend Morgan said:

    Dear Santa
    I hope the baby reindeer and you are happy!
    P.S I like the names!

  467. 466
    My friend breanna Alexander said:

    i think you are real santa and i love you

  468. 467
    My friend Anonymous said:

    hope the babys r fine and congratulations

  469. 468
    My friend jenna said:

    o i love the name blizzard and no afence i think gorgeina greta gingerbead is a funny name but i hope you love your babies best wishes jennaxoxoxox

  470. 469
    My friend olivia said:

    aww what cute names! I love them!
    Your friend,
    Ps have a good Christmas!!!

  471. 470
    My friend mckenzie said:

    I hope the reindeer babies are ok.I love the names.Bye

  472. 471
    My friend Caroline said:

    could you send me pitchers

  473. 472
    My friend Jordan said:

    What a great experience that must of been are the baby reindeers ready to guide the slay?

  474. 473
    My friend megan and jessica said:

    thank you santa xxxxxxxx love too you.

  475. 474
    My friend charlotte said:

    i think their names are briliant for the baby raindeer’s. can’t wait for the christmas when blizzard leeds the sliagh.
    love charlotte

  476. 475
    My friend Dana said:

    To santa
    ahh a new randerr what good names

  477. 476
    My friend Emma said:

    That is so cute are you gonna make movie about them like you did with Rudolph

  478. 477
    My friend Naoise said:

    I’m so happy for her

  479. 478
    My friend GRACE said:

    hi great name

  480. 479
    My friend mia said:

    dear santa
    that was a good name for a baby girl goergie tellblizzard i said hi i love you to much


  481. 480
    My friend rhodes said:

    i have a frend named gorgie

  482. 481
    My friend lydia and olly said:

    u sound like a really nice person its just a shame because i really want to meet u

  483. 482
    My friend lydia and olly said:

    sorry u sound like a really nice REINDEER!!

  484. 483
    My friend Sean said:

    OMG I couldn’t wait for this to happen!!!!!!

  485. 484
    My friend Anonymous said:

    you can called him carson

  486. 485
    My friend marie said:

    do the reindeer look cute

  487. 486
    My friend Jasmine said:

    Awww I love baby animals, if only you could post a picture……

  488. 487
    My friend Charlie said:

    Dear Santa Rudolph and clarice how are old are they now

  489. 488
    My friend Aisling said:

    Dear Santa
    I love the story about the baby reindeer
    they sound so cute
    I would love to see them are you able to see them
    Lots of Love
    Aisling Brierton

  490. 489
    My friend Emily said:

    That is so cute. I bet they are just adorable. Tell everyone I say HI!!!!!

  491. 490
    My friend lucy said:

    hi santa how are you im fine i love your webcame

  492. 491
    My friend zoe said:

    congratulation to you and rudolph santa
    he names are cute and i cant wait for them to start guideing the sleigh

    lots of love
    zoe stephenson

  493. 492
    My friend ZACHARY said:


  494. 493
    My friend chelsea said:

    dear reindeers im glad taht new reindeers are born in the world and i hope that you have a great and happy life

  495. 494
    My friend lauren and ryan said:

    hope there doing well cant wait for them to lead the sleigh. cant wait till christmas day.hope santa enjoys his cookies and drinks love you lauren and ryan

  496. 495
    My friend lexi said:

    i love reindeer i think they r so cute,the baby will have so much fun at the north pole tell him i said hi and have fun

  497. 496
    My friend Georgia said:

    Oh I bet there lovely have a nice time looking after them merry christmas

  498. 497
    My friend rachel said:

    do you think she will have more? if she does what will its name be?

  499. 498
    My friend Rose said:

    Are they flying yet? Just wanted to know!

  500. 499
    My friend Julia said:

    how old are you

  501. 500
    My friend Tonii said:

    Congrats on the new kids! Roudolf, i
    thought this day would never come, and now
    you know how it feels to be a father. And
    Clarice, same goes for you. Send me pic.`s
    of your kids, i would love to see them!
    Roudolf,i would like to see you on christmas, on second thought, don`t come.
    There`s reindeer hear, but not the kind you would like to see. There… creepy.
    We`ll leave out carrots, like last year!
    And, if you`re lucky, apple sause,BUT only for your kids. Tyra want you to come over because she says you guys are “best friends”. My question is… are you guys best friends? if you are tell me and I will tell her the awnser. okay? Okay. Bye.

  502. 501
    My friend aoife said:

    santa your blog is really cool.A great name for a baby reindeer is Sprite

  503. 502
    My friend bethany said:

    i want to know who your mum and dad are

  504. 503
    My friend ELLIE said:

    i love your blog santa its funny and also i love you

  505. 504
    My friend ELLIE said:

    congratulations rudolph and clarice

  506. 505
    My friend HILARYS said:


  507. 506
    My friend Kayla said:

    that is so cool!!!!! i hope that they will be ok for 1 million years hahahaha

  508. 507
    My friend kristen said:

    i trouble namming my girl kitten her name is patches. all three of my kittens would like to email you

  509. 508
    My friend Anonymous said:


  510. 509
    My friend Ashley said:

    I hope Goriga and blizzerd have a wonderful time in the norht pole

  511. 510
    My friend bronagh said:

    those baby reindeer noises were really cute

  512. 511
    My friend aubrey said:

    i like there names how old are they today

  513. 512
    My friend morgan said:

    I love raindeer!

  514. 513
    My friend sIERRA said:

    i can’t wait till i hear those little hoofs on my roof! i hope to see them soon!

  515. 514
    My friend Anonymous said:

    the babby’s must be so cute!

  516. 515
    My friend Claire said:

    i think Pepperment would have been a better name for Blizzard

  517. 516
    My friend Isabella said:

    Such a Cute Name!

  518. 517
    My friend lou said:

    the babys are going to ride this chrismas eve??? Cant what

  519. 518
    My friend Mollie said:

    Wow! New reindeers I hope they aren’t kittle monkeys! I love your new website!

  520. 519
    My friend Alika said:

    dear santa,I think the baby riendeers are going to love Cristmas.And I think they are really cute!!!

  521. 520
    My friend Katherine said:

    cute love the name

  522. 521
    My friend pam said:

    Rudolf Santa’ head reindeer

    This is how it all began.

    Why reindeers are pulling Santa’s sleigh.

    There are nine little reindeers

    and Rudolf has always lit the way.

    A long time ago, on a starlit night,

    So Santa claws has said.

    There was a baby reindeer born,

    it was on Christmas Eve,

    and his nose was a magnificent bright red

    An angel was standing near by,

    she was looking down on the birth.

    She exclaimed with a flutter of her wings.

    “This is a wonderful event for the earth.

    This baby, when he has grown,

    Will help pull Santa’s sleigh”.

    That baby’s name was Rudolf and he still,

    Pulls the sleigh today.

    Now, let me tell you a tale.

    One that is quite true.

    Rudolf tried to pull that sleigh

    on his own, but this, he could not do.

    His nose started to tingle.

    He had dizziness in his head.

    His nose turned black

    and he fell on his back and

    he spent a week in bed.

    Santa told him.

    “I’m not letting you pull my sleigh,

    all on your own, no way.

    We will get some help.

    we will send a message out”.

    So, that’s what they did.


    A message was sent out through the universe.

    It went chiming out with delight.

    The message said eight reindeer are needed,

    for a long hauling flight.

    To go around the world

    and it must be done, in one night.

    Lots of reindeer were interested.

    Santa saw, quite a few.

    But, when they found, they had to leave the ground,

    they were afraid and did not want too.

    Santa was in a pickle.

    He did not know what to do!

    He asked his friend Jmax, if he knew,

    but Jmax had not, got a clue.

    Santa started to hear sleigh bells.

    They were ringing in his ear

    and when he looked up, suddenly,

    from out of the snow,

    eight reindeer did appear.

    Now, a gentleman was walking with the reindeer

    and when he saw Santa there,

    He said.

    “We have received your message, Santa,

    it seemed to come out of the thin air”.

    The man introduced himself.

    “I am Randolph from reindeer farm.

    I have brought these ones,

    for you to view and I am sure,

    you will see their charm”.

    Santa was over the moon.

    He was in such a joyous state.

    His belly became a wobble

    and a ho, ho, came out of his mouth.

    Randolph continued.

    “Let me tell you, these reindeer are special.

    They will never moan or complain.

    They already know how to fly.

    I’m telling you, they are top, of their game”.

    Randolph then introduced the reindeer

    and pointing a finger to each, he whispered

    “That is Dasher with Dancer by her side,

    then comes prancer and vixen,

    right behind them are comet and cupid

    and those on the end

    are Donner and Blitzen”.

    Randolph walked away,

    he was waving his hand in farewell.

    The reindeer and Santa, gently bowed their heads

    And they all wished him well.

    My tale is now over.

    I have finely come to an end.

    All I have left to say is,

    A merry Christmas,

    My good dear friends.

  523. 522
    My friend ashley said:

    i just love baby rendeer soooo much

  524. 523
    My friend ashley said:

    i hope the two couple love their baby boy very much

  525. 524
    My friend Dylan said:

    Does Blizzard have a red nose like His dad Rudolph?

  526. 525
    My friend trish said:

    awww you are so luky!

  527. 526
    My friend Autumn said:

    what are their names

  528. 527
    My friend anjel said:

    i am so happy they had a new baby

  529. 528
    My friend Brennan said:

    Congrats for the new baby reindeer and have a great christmas eve!

  530. 529
    My friend genesis said:

    I am so happy now we have 2 new rindeers

  531. 530
    My friend Ryan said:

    wow santa i am just so pleased to hear that! it just proves the luck of the new year is true. p.s love the name

  532. 531
    My friend Brendan said:

    I am so happy there is a new baby reindeer!
    I bet they will be great guiders!

  533. 532
    My friend Anonymous said:

    is rudolph the father if he is can you tell me please.


  534. 533
    My friend mikaela said:

    i am so happy for her. can you tell her that i said hi.i wish i could see her. email me back

  535. 534
    My friend MEGAN said:


  536. 535
    My friend Beth said:

    I can’t believe it! A baby reindeer

  537. 536
    My friend ellie said:

    i think you should call it DISNEY

  538. 537
    My friend claire said:

    I love the two names and I love the mummy too she must be proud to have two new babies around

  539. 538
    My friend sara weinle said:

    how is baby reindeer

  540. 539
    My friend ashanti said:

    Hi santa first i thought u werent real but when i herd dn ling ling i new its was u . senserly,ashanti

  541. 540
    My friend Rachel said:

    Lovely name. Yummy name as well. Don’t worry i’m not going to eat you . I just love the name gingerbread. Hope they grow up just as great as rudolph

  542. 541
    My friend Gabriela said:

    I cant believe Clarice had twins! I am so happy! I cant wait untill it is Christmas! Santa for your present i am gonna give milk and cookies, and i am also gonna write you a letter on christmas eve and i hope you write back.


  543. 542
    My friend kate said:

    dear santa good luck looking after your baby reindeers but they must be nearly one now. I would love to see a picture of them.

  544. 543
    My friend stephanie said:

    santa i wish my mom would let me stay up late but sometimes i fake sleep i wish i could see you and the twins next christmas night oxoxoxoxoxox a twin pair for the twinsoxox

  545. 544
    My friend Paulette said:

    I was born the same day!
    That is all I have to say!! :)

  546. 545
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    Dear Rudolph how old are you? Are you excited about christmas? I hope you like christmas decorations outside!
    Baby Reindeer I love you! Do you like christmas?

  547. 546
    My friend mikayla-rae said:

    dear raindeers and santa the to little raindeers must be so cute and i do hope blizzer lead the slaigh one stormy eve.I love the name georgina greta gingerbread it is so cute espeicly gingerbread

  548. 547
    My friend sarha said:

    ooooooooo a baby raindeer cute

  549. 548
    My friend lauren said:

    ive been waiting sooooooo much to see how many shes hade and 2 already youve got to be joking well i cant wait until i come back hear on christmas eve i hope so more baby raindeer will bee deliverd at north pole.

    your sencerly
    lauren Edwards

  550. 549
    My friend lauren said:

    theos names are so cute i wish they wear mine
    hay actuelly ill put them on my christmas list on christmas eve when i come back hear to visite you the raindeer and the evls

  551. 550
    My friend matthew said:

    I am leaving cookies in the sitting room some carrots for rudolf on the front steps.

  552. 551
    My friend dominique said:

    there such good names for baby reindeers
    p.s i love those names!!!!!

  553. 552
    My friend Emma said:

    Great for you that you got some babies!!!! i hope one day they can pull Santa’s slay! oh bye the way i like the names!!! From Emma

  554. 553
    My friend Morgan said:

    I hope Clarice and her babys are doing great.

  555. 554
    My friend Alexa said:

    Those are two great names I hope maybe one day they’ll guiding your sleigh!

    P.S. can’t wait untill Christmas!

    P.P.S Love your blog!

  556. 555
    My friend Abby Parch said:

    Congradulations! The baby reindeer is very talkative in a good way! It must be so exciting to have two new reindeer. I also wonder if they will ever pull a sleigh. Merry Christmas.

  557. 556
    My friend Anna said:

    I hope I get to meet the baby reindeer time some . I bet its realy cute I will leave a carrott for the baby reindeer, please may to take it back with you.



  558. 557
    My friend Kenna said:

    How cute!!! Can I see a picture of the baby Reindeers??? Such good names!!! :)

  559. 558
    My friend brandon said:

    i just your blog and i love the names and MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA.

  560. 559
    My friend Alex said:

    hey santa its alex again i really like your blog and those really are great names anyway i love you and all the elves and reindeer o and i cant forget mrs claus

  561. 560
    My friend jayna said:

    dear santa im so happy the reindeer are born the names are grat I wish I could see them and you

  562. 561
    My friend Jessi said:

    Awwwww Good Luck Clarice!

  563. 562
    My friend Emily said:

    cool! Merry Christmas from Austrailia!

  564. 563
    My friend Angle said:

    Hi Santa,
    Can you believe it is almost Christmas AGAIN!!! I just love Christmas oh and I love the baby raindeer names!!!!

    Bye Santa,

  565. 564
    My friend David said:

    I think Blizzard is the best name ever for a baby reindeer! Georgie is a lovely name too!

  566. 565
    My friend Mikayla said:

    Tell the baby reindeer I said Hi,and that I hope to see him fly in the air on Christmas!

  567. 566
    My friend Fiona said:

    i hope the new reindeer is still ok how is it? i bet its cold in the north pole. when santa comes on christmas eve tell him to leave me a note and write some thing on it. and also tell him to leave me a picture of all the elves and a picture of all the reindeers and a picture of him and his family. p.s i would also like your autograph santa that will be my christmas present from you to me. from fiona. xxxxx

  568. 567
    My friend ben said:

    i hope your twin reindeer are as cute as our twin foals
    i love the names you picked.
    we called ours Glenys and George
    love to you all for a merry christmas

  569. 568
    My friend michael said:

    Dear baby reindeer, i hope the reindeer is going to be redy to fly when he grows-up love michael

  570. 569
    My friend marcie said:

    I bet you was so excited about the baby reindeer!!!I BET THE MOM AND DAD REINDEER WAS REALLY EXCITED!!! LOVE YOU!!

  571. 570
    My friend Gabrielle said:

    There noises are very cute and I love babies and reindeer

  572. 571
    My friend jaden said:

    does one of the babys have a red nose.

  573. 572
    My friend Elijah said:

    santa how are the baby raindeer i want to come to the north pole on christmas to see you and see the baby raindeer.

  574. 573
    My friend taylor said:

    i did not think they were real but now i do thats cool . i wonder …….

  575. 574
    My friend Sarah said:

    Oh how cute you must be so proud

  576. 575
    My friend Charlene said:

    I really love the names that you have chosen for the baby reindeer.I hope everybody is doing great.I wish I could go to the North pole to see you all.
    Love from Charlene

  577. 576
    My friend erin said:

    awe blizzard thats o cute hope the wee babies are healthy and well xx all the best xx

  578. 577
    My friend madison said:

    I think Blizzard is a good name for that little thing!!!!! I am very proud of Rudolph and Clarice for haveing those reindeer I’ll bet you are too Santa.I do think Blizzard should lead your sleigh in a snowstorm I mean that would be Great!!! P.S. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

  579. 578
    My friend jacqueline and niamh said:

    were so glad to here about the babies we send our carrots. is roudouph a good father for the little ones

  580. 579
    My friend MANDY said:

    HI clarice and rudolph

    congratulations on the baby reindeer

    you had great names for them hope you have a great christmas and i hope you enjoy the kids

  581. 580
    My friend keegan said:

    does he have a red nose?

  582. 581
    My friend shannenfoster said:

    how is rudolph i am exited about new raindeer

  583. 582
    My friend Chloe said:

    Dear Baby Reindeer,
    I hope you enjoy every Christmas! Maybe you’ll be able to help Santa like Rudolph! Love ya, bye!

  584. 583
    My friend tyler said:

    hi reinndeer,

    i am so happy for you hope blizzard could fly the sleigh in a couple of years.


  585. 584
    My friend erika said:


    How are the babies doing? Are they coming with you this year for Christmas?

    I Love You!


  586. 585
    My friend payten said:

    I hope the raindeers will be able to help guide the slay someday! I also want them to come here if they can so like my mom and dad can see them and maybe take a picture of them!!!

  587. 586
    My friend ALICIA said:


  588. 587
    My friend Lucky said:

    Hi baby reandeer i wish your name was becc buy

  589. 588
    My friend jody said:

    hiya santa i hope you can give me the things i would like and i will ask my nan if we can leave you and the raindears somthink yummy (ho ho ho)

  590. 589
    My friend valerie said:

    awww they sound so cute how old are they now? how big are they? can you send me a pic of them? i love animals .they make me simle or even luagh when i see they are happy!=)

  591. 590
    My friend NIAMH said:

    i’v got 2 name’s ROKIE or PRINSES

  592. 591
    My friend tess said:

    oh i luv animals oh r they ok call 1 michael or gou od peppa or chilli

  593. 592
    My friend Julia said:

    I would love to get a picture of the baby reindeers on the blog!!!

  594. 593
    My friend Christi said:

    Thous are some cute names!!!! I wonder if they look like you??

  595. 594
    My friend Kristan said:

    You should call Blizard Blizzie for short.

  596. 595
    My friend anna said:

    thats awesome.Im going to have a little sister from my dad and stepmom.

  597. 596
    My friend LeBaron said:

    hi santa how are you doing i bet the northpole is cold i just wonder if you could come with you one day please from LEBARON TAYLOR I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU…………

  598. 597
    My friend taylor said:

    cute i wonder who it was i think i didnt see it on there

  599. 598
    My friend Ashleigh said:

    does any of them have a red nose?

  600. 599
    My friend jocelyn said:

    u guys picked good names for the babys & i was wondering if their noses glow & guess what i was born Dec. 31, 1999 too!

  601. 600
    My friend Conner said:

    How does rudolph jump that high?

  602. 601
    My friend Khalil said:

    Does ruldolphs son have a nose like him?

  603. 602
    My friend Jordan said:

    Does ruldolphs son have a nose like him?

  604. 603
    My friend Maybritt said:

    Tell Clarice, Congratulations!

    Love may

  605. 604
    My friend jenna said:

    how old are they now

  606. 605
    My friend Basima said:

    Congrats!!! I hope the babies will grow up just like their parents! Oh yea, say happy New Year to them!!! I really do wish I could see them! Have a Merry Christmas!

  607. 606
    My friend Kane said:

    I can’t believe you guys had 2 baby reindeer. I had not heard the news until now. I hope they don’t get hurt and have a safe Christmas this year. And I hope they are in the lead with Rudolph.
    My Mom said congratulations.
    Love yall,
    Kane and Mom

  608. 607
    My friend Emilie said:

    Wow! So exiting! They’ve probably grown a lot by now!

  609. 608
    My friend Lena said:

    Wow that is amazining i wish i could see a baby raindeer or a raindeer peirod……. do u have any pictures?

  610. 609
    My friend Mason said:

    I think those are great names santa.I just love christmas. Well I hope you have a great christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  611. 610
    My friend hannah said:

    i love reindeer

  612. 611
    My friend Megan said:

    Wow!!!!!!!! so you must be really really happy and Santa too.I am so happy for you.When she learnds how to fly I might get to see her. Well I have too go tell Georia I siad Hi OH and Blizzard.Bye

  613. 612
    My friend amber said:

    ur lucky i lost my frainds

  614. 613
    My friend anna said:

    i love baby raindeere

  615. 614
    My friend Danielle said:

    Dear babby raindeer,
    I hope you have a good life with Santa. One day you can go with Santa on him to deliver presents to Kids.

  616. 615
    My friend Jana said:

    i heard that the baby reindeer were born. i don’t want to be rude, but i have never heard of a name like georgina greta gingerbread. kind of weird. maybe blizard will guide the sleigh! i will always try to visit santa claus’ christmas blog.!!!

  617. 616
    My friend erin said:

    congratulations on the new baby and i hope you are doing real well i got a lot of a’s on my report card love you guys merry christmas and a happy new year

  618. 617
    My friend michele said:

    love you i love cupid and your hole family how any babys raindeer do you have! I LOVE YOU!

  619. 618
    My friend michele said:

    you are going to be so so so so cute and all of us will love you on hear i hope i can write you new baby

  620. 619
    My friend michele said:

    I hope the babies are healthy. They’re twins, like my sister and I. I know that they’ll fight sometimes, but they’ll always love each other. Merry Christmas to all. And, will Rudolph still lead the sleigh this Xmas Eve? I hope so. But, if not, I hope that you don’t get lost finding your way to my house…it’s supposed to be a bad weather winter! I love you all!

  621. 620
    My friend Caitlin said:

    Oh I think raindeer are so cute. He should guide your sleigh.

  622. 621
    My friend haley said:

    awwwwwwww werre they so smal p.s il ove baby reindeere there so darlin my love lol as and laugh ou loud you probaly say it at the northple i bet the elves do love you only 41 more sleeps

  623. 622
    My friend Elianna said:

    That is a cute name Geroge Greta Gingerbread and Blizzard! I hope they are good friends!
    ELianna :-)

  624. 623
    My friend Bre Bre said:

    great name im so proud

  625. 624
    My friend rosy said:

    hi i’m rosy

  626. 625
    My friend michele said:

    i love the baby sound they will be nice you all the raindeer right there bother and sister they must fight sometimes like me and my sister we fight a lot so they fight a lot santa

  627. 626
    My friend julia said:

    If clarice has a nother girl she shoud name it little winte not worry it was just a sujushin.sincerly juliaperryman

  628. 627
    My friend OwenCB said:

    I am so happy for the twin reindeer. I bet Rudolph is having fun with them.
    Merry Christmas. I bet he is teaching them to fly.
    Love OwenCB

  629. 628
    My friend kennedy said:

    i love the name Blizzard!!!!its so cute.

  630. 629
    My friend katia said:

    am i on the nice list

  631. 630
    My friend maggie said:

    Hey! How are your baby raindeer? I love babys! They are sooooo cute! I hope everyone is doing GREAT!

  632. 631
    My friend VIPER said:


  633. 632
    My friend ALYSSA said:


  634. 633
    My friend Emma said:

    tell Clarice that i said the next one she has if its a girl name it clara

  635. 634
    My friend Emma said:

    santa see if you can bring them with you on christmas wait i know you should leave a picture of the family!

  636. 635
    My friend Callie said:

    hope the babies are doing good and so does chester and charcaol

  637. 636
    My friend Anika said:

    Awwwww! They sound soooo cute! Wow! I can’t believe you had a baby reindeer! You must have been really happy!

  638. 637
    My friend andrea said:

    santa can you send me a pitcher of him and her o ps.if you bring it on christmas i well leave it some cookies and milk…take care andrea…..

  639. 638
    My friend ellen said:

    i love that i love animais

  640. 639
    My friend Mikaela said:

    hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u love going around the wourld it is so fun!!

  641. 640
    My friend abby said:

    she is so cute sind a picture

  642. 641
    My friend jasmine said:

    claice i think YOU should name the girl after you or make it a name

  643. 642
    My friend Courtney said:

    I love the names for the baby reindeer. I wish I could see them in person.

  644. 643
    My friend Brooke said:

    as you know i just sent you a email. the twins sound so cute!! i wish i could meet them!!! oh, got to go………….. clean my room!!! don’t worry, it’ll be clean for christmas!! see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  645. 644
    My friend Hannah said:

    hey how is parenting going on it sounds fun i wish i could be there to see

  646. 645
    My friend Fiona said:

    I think they will look soooooo cute! I love the names. Can you post a picture onthe website?

  647. 646
    My friend Tary said:

    wow thats cool i want to see one in real tell everyone that i love them santa and i love you too!! i want to ask how the reindeers have names when they cant talk??

  648. 647
    My friend Michaela said:

    I think her name shouid be Missy

  649. 648
    My friend Brett said:

    I love the names.

  650. 649
    My friend Molly said:

    oh my gosh! 2 reindeer… awwwww congratulations Clarice and Rudolph!!! :3

  651. 650
    My friend Joel said:

    Do any of them have a red nose?

  652. 651
    My friend destiny said:


  653. 652
    My friend maggie said:

    i love u santa claus!!!!!!!!!

  654. 653
    My friend noel said:

    i belive in you

  655. 654
    My friend Carsen said:

    a good name for a girl is sparckele and a good name for a boy is cookie

  656. 655
    My friend Morgan said:

    I think georgie gingerbread is adorable.
    ;) I prefer snickers (I don’t know why!!!) for the boy, though. But blizzard’s still cute.

  657. 656
    My friend Riley said:

    Did you have a vote for what to name them? You should next time.
    I love the names and when will they be able to ride the sleigh?
    Cant wait untill CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  658. 657
    My friend Emma said:

    Santa I love those names can you thank Rudolph and Clarice for me ?

  659. 658
    My friend hallie said:

    i hope that reindeer will be on the nice list.

  660. 659
    My friend hallie said:

    i bet that, that reindeer is SO cute!You are really lucky you will be with it.I wish that i could have a baby reindeer too!

  661. 660
    My friend kaylen said:

    Ilove the baby raindeer sound

  662. 661
    My friend Isabel said:

    hey, i wish you could come out here and spend Christmas with us!!

  663. 662
    My friend isabel said:

    the baby riendeers should have their own blog to!!:)
    super fun!
    send all my love to the riendeers!
    (they might need it afterall)

  664. 663
    My friend Seema said:

    The Babies were born 8 days before my B-day and I have a twin brother Aziz. But Aziz is older than me by 2 minutes and those are cute names

  665. 664
    My friend sarah said:

    heey santa you told me to go look on your biagog si did what are you…….tell mrs clouse hi and the randeers…and did you get 2 new baby randeer?

  666. 665
    My friend Rebecca said:

    I think those babies are Beutiful I just wish i could see them

  667. 666
    My friend kaylee said:

    dear clarice, i cant believe you had twins.

    Love and care for the twins

  668. 667
    My friend kaylee said:

    omg i still cant believe you had twins that is awsome love kaylee

  669. 668
    My friend Megan said:

    Can you post pictures of them?I bet there cute.

  670. 669
    My friend MAdison said:

    I love the name Blizzard. I cant wait to see the reindeer

  671. 670
    My friend taylor said:

    how cute the baby raindeers must of been .tell them i said hi thanks santa

  672. 671
    My friend Brittney said:

    its been a long time but now im glad to see your happy

  673. 672
    My friend chloe said:

    I bet those baby Reindeers are cute.maybe the next one you should name snow.

  674. 673
    My friend JASMINE said:

    im so happy for them i wish i could see them p.s.i love everyone there at the north pole even goegie greta gingerbread and blizzard so do my family and animals which my animals are criss/dog,shadow/dog,curly/dog and bella/cat and my 7 fish bye bye

  675. 674
    My friend Hannah said:

    I think “Blizzard” is a really good name for a baby reindeer! Tell Clarice that “Georgina” (if I got it right) is a great name!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  676. 675
    My friend Haley said:

    Baby raindeer how cute!!!
    Merry Christmas

  677. 676
    My friend addie gray said:

    hey santa i hope u are doing really good and you have a great christmas

  678. 677
    My friend katie said:

    r they cute tell them good work merry christmas

  679. 678
    My friend ryan said:

    why did you name the reindeers those two names georgie and blizzard.

  680. 679
    My friend johnny said:

    how great is that hopefully that young reindeer will guide your sleigh one day the elves were right your blog ROCKS

  681. 680
    My friend lexus said:

    hey santa your so kind its great to hear about the reindeer and hearing the reindeer sound thank you for sharing that with us:)

  682. 681
    My friend Erin said:

    i think you should name it chet when i say chet it gives me a feeling in side it is speshel

  683. 682
    My friend Ailsa hodge said:

    I like the name and it sounds like he will be a lovly reindeer when he grows up

  684. 683
    My friend anna and maddie said:

    you are beautiful….

  685. 684
    My friend Hannah said:

    Clarice must be so proud and Rudolph must have been over ESTATIC to have a baby boy and Girls That must have been the cause for enough energy to jump over the Castle

  686. 685
    My friend Patrick said:

    Dear Clarice and Rudolph,

    I think the reindeer names are fantastic.I bet Blizzard will be great guiding Santa’s sleigh.I hope they both take care of you. Are you looking forward to Christmas ? Well I am anyway.I love Santy’s visit. Have a safe journey Rudolph.

    Love Patrick

  687. 686
    My friend stephanie said:

    Awwwwwwwww cute name and yumy.

  688. 687
    My friend chelsea said:

    i love that name xxx

  689. 688
    My friend Conner said:

    Dear mama amd dada reindeer,
    your babies sound wonderful and I think santa should put them in the sliegh with him!

  690. 689
    My friend Lacey said:

    I bet the babys are so cute i hope you can post a picture.

  691. 690
    My friend Alex said:

    Hey Santa please get me an elf on the shelf please please please i love you lots like Jelly Tot’s :) Can’t Wait till christmas love you

    love you love alex

  692. 691
    My friend Emily said:

    Congrats on the baby i hope they are doing great. Best wisheh’s from the mcdowell family

  693. 692
    My friend Cheryl said:

    Aww! I love reindeers! I wish I can have one:(

  694. 693
    My friend kavalyn said:

    I want elf

  695. 694
    My friend Dana said:

    I hope one day Blizzard gides the sliegh.

  696. 695
    My friend Paris said:

    Hi Santa, the names are really cute and I wish that you could make me a special present and I love you Santa, love Paris

  697. 696
    My friend Kaylin said:

    daer sants claus for christmas I would like a DS,a wii with a wii game called Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games and last but not least a santa book.

  698. 697
    My friend rachel said:

    hi santa please leave me a wouderful letter again on christmas like you did 3 or 4 years ago i really enjoyed reading the letters you write for me in currsive i feel like im actullay in the letter with you

  699. 698
    My friend arminas said:

    i like i mean love your blog santa you remember me arminas

  700. 699
    My friend katelyn said:

    awww…..that is so special to have a baby on new years!!!!

  701. 700
    My friend tamuna. 15 years old said:

    it’s cool name all over the world :*

  702. 701
    My friend tamuna. 15 years old said:


  703. 702
    My friend emma said:

    I think those names are cute.

    Wake Forest, North Carolina

  704. 703
    My friend Lianna said:

    Im so happy for Rudolph and Clarice hope they will guide the sleigh and their babies too.

  705. 704
    My friend carsen said:

    plaes tell your babbys i said hi. i love you.

  706. 705
    My friend Kelsey said:

    I hope that all the reindeer are ok and i hope that Santa spends more money on finding clean water for the unfortunate people who just want water. Some kids want really expensive things like wii or ds.

  707. 706
    My friend hailey and shelby said:

    i guess the babies are going to be 1 year old now. how have they been? are you ready for Christmas?

  708. 707
    My friend Emma said:

    please post pics of the babys on the website

  709. 708
    My friend ethan said:

    you rock santa claus

  710. 709
    My friend becky said:

    I hope you are happy. Ibet rudolph and clarice have a good time with blizzard and georgina. Babies will keep them on their toes

  711. 710
    My friend Bethany said:

    I love the names!! They sound so cute!!


  712. 711
    My friend sarah said:

    dear santa’i think i would call the baby girl raindeer ginger its ok if you dont like it

  713. 712
    My friend Katie said:

    Dear rudolph
    i love you and clarice so much. i have your movie and a stuffed animal of you. merry christmas.
    love katie

  714. 713
    My friend Anonymous said:

    omg i cant believer that there is more reindeer

  715. 714
    My friend lily said:

    hope the babies are well they ound so cute

  716. 715
    My friend Jeremy said:

    best wishes to clarice!

  717. 716
    My friend Paige said:

    Dear Santa Claus,

    I am so proud of Clarice. Those baby reindeer names are adorable. I just wrote my Christmas list for 2009. I can’t wait!

  718. 717
    My friend rach n said:

    wow 2 babies on new years !!!! i didnt even no clarice was pregnant . well good luck to you all and see ya on christmas

  719. 718
    My friend sorbari&danial said:

    (sorbari: hi i went to you blog like you said it cool that a ringdeer was born what did you name him or her (danial: i love you santa

  720. 719
    My friend Nicole said:

    Can I have Blizzard for Christmas?Just kidding.But imagine getting a flying reindeer for christmas.

  721. 720
    My friend megan said:

    heelo snata i love you i have a huge christmas list so i hope you get to see it love you and bye

  722. 721
    My friend Gracie said:


    I am so happy for y’all and Clarice and Rudolph!!!! WOW! One Girl and One Boy! I hope they grow up to be the best Girl and Boy brother and sister ever!

    Your Friend,

    With love,

  723. 722
    My friend Paige said:

    Wow baby reimdeer soumds cute wish i could see them every day like you do santa i love you bye.

  724. 723
    My friend tanarie said:

    i sound great but could you leave me a picture of you the elfs miss claus and the reindeer.

  725. 724
    My friend nicklas said:

    i wish i can see than they sound cut

  726. 725
    My friend Aislinn said:

    Hey Santa,

    It was a neat blog.

  727. 726
    My friend Chelsea Grossnnickle said:


  728. 727
    My friend cess said:

    how do you fit all the carrots in your tummy

  729. 728
    My friend Patience said:

    aww i wish i could see the baby reindeer
    bye i will definely write again.

  730. 729
    My friend Dylan said:

    I know you cant fit a bike in your sleigh. But try OK.

  731. 730
    My friend davelyn said:

    congrats soon they will be flying high in the sky and will be visiting us!

  732. 731
    My friend katey said:

    hi rudolph and clarice
    welcome baby reindeer to this wonderful world . CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH RUDOLP AND CLARICE

  733. 732
    My friend maela said:

    thats sssssooooo coll

  734. 733
    My friend Martina said:

    I think it is so, so so so so so so so so good to have new cute baby raindeers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

  735. 734
    My friend Liz and Mitch said:

    Love the rander name.So does my brother Mitch. The baby rander sounds so cute.

  736. 735
    My friend Jessica said:

    hi santa I think raindeers are sooooooooooo cute I love them soo muck hope you write bach thanks:)

  737. 736
    My friend lucy said:

    how cute!!!!

  738. 737
    My friend lucy said:

    also do anyone of them have red noses

  739. 738
    My friend Amelia said:

    i think you sould name their boy mangas because in cyprus that minds the boss the best and cool or name it buddy because reindeers are good friends

  740. 739
    My friend Amy seabrook said:

    AHHHHH thats so sweat that she had a baby when are they going to be pulling the sleigh and we are very exited

  741. 740
    My friend leah said:

    hi santa and new baby reindeer what are you going to call the new baby reindeer and witch reindeer had it or did you buy it . i love you santa your the best ever in the whole world.

    love leah

  742. 741
    My friend Bridgette said:

    I can’t believe yall had a baby
    reindeer! It sounds so cute!
    When you come on Christmas Eve please leave a picture of it for me. Hugs and kisses

  743. 742
    My friend Sydney said:

    Aww… Will they pull the sled when there older?

  744. 743
    My friend Rosa said:

    Mr.Santa claus I’m sorry I’m going to be in the Dominican republic on Cristmas eve maybe you can send it there

  745. 744
    My friend jamie said:

    I the baby reindeers stay safe. Did Rudolph want to guide your selid?

  746. 745
    My friend MAX said:


  747. 746
    My friend Annika said:

    i love you santa

  748. 747
    My friend Ashlee said:

    Congratulations on your new baby Georgina Greta GingerBread and Blizzard. I bet they will make good leaders for Santa’s sleigh one year


  749. 748
    My friend Nadine said:

    the baby names sound so sweet can’t you try and put some photos on please?

  750. 749
    My friend skyller said:

    thats so cool i just found out!

  751. 750
    My friend cfbuyvtycfgv said:

    Thats cool a reindeer had a baby

  752. 751
    My friend chase said:

    i wold love to see the baby reindeer

  753. 752
    My friend Zoe♥ said:

    wow! the reindeer baby sounds precious. I haope you have a great christmas little guy!:)

  754. 753
    My friend alyssa said:

    why did u name the girl that long name

  755. 754
    My friend Taylor said:

    Congratulations!!! You have twins. I so hope there will be another birth this year.

  756. 755
    My friend Raquel said:

    Hi!!!!! Is Rudolph Blizzard and Georgie Gingerbread’s father? If so, Congrats! Hope they have best wishes!

  757. 756
    My friend olivia said:

    make sure you wake me up on Christmas eve so i can see the knew reindeer if they come -olivia

  758. 757
    My friend madeline said:

    hi santa i wish i could see you on christmas eve i have to go bye

  759. 758
    My friend Bailey said:

    I love baby’s and reindeer. Good luck evreyone.

  760. 759
    My friend brooke said:

    hi how are you doing

  761. 760
    My friend aisha-may said:

    the next baby reindeer born will u name it after me? Aisha?

  762. 761
    My friend Frances said:

    well done to all hope they are all well

  763. 762
    My friend Kylie said:


  764. 763
    My friend summer said:

    I think blizzard and georgina are great names.

  765. 764
    My friend Emily said:

    awesome i think raindeers are the cutest dont you know you do your santa for crying out loud i know i know you love me

  766. 765
    My friend ashleigh said:

    wow i love it

  767. 766
    My friend emily said:

    Congratulations on the 2 baby reindeer. We are so excited to hear the sounds they make! Should we leave anything for the baby reindeer on Christmas eve?

  768. 767
    My friend Shay said:

    I think Geogie is a great name for a reindeer, along with Blizzard.
    I hope Blizzard will be like his father and light the way one Christmas Eve. I wonder if he also has a glowing nose.

  769. 768
    My friend Jannah said:

    Hi Everyone at the North Pole
    I can’t wait until Christmas. It is only a few weeks away. I just can’t wait. I love getting presents and family getting together. We are having Christmas at our place this year. Our family take it in turns of who is having Christmas. And if no one volunteers then we end up having it at my grandma’s house. I hope the reindeer are fine!! And of course the Elves are busy and i hope i get what i would like this Christmas.
    From Jannah
    P.S. I love you all up there in the North Pole

  770. 769
    My friend lauren said:

    i love you santa

  771. 770
    My friend Rebecca said:

    All Of The Reindeers Are So cool. :]

  772. 771
    My friend Shaney said:

    Conratualations Rudolph and Clarice!!!
    I wuldrealy like to see pictures.
    Well done you did a great job you have decided perfect names and i know you both will be great parents.

    Yours Sincerley,
    Shaney aged 11

    {home address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip


  773. 772
    My friend Sierra said:

    I think that that is so cool that a baby reindeer was born on new years eve! Do you think that that reindeer will be able to ride the sleigh? That is so cool.

  774. 773
    My friend Jamie said:

    I am so glad to here about 2 twins being born. I hope they will be as good as rouldolph. Who is the dad ?

  775. 774
    My friend Kaitlenn said:

    I love your sight. Im doing this cuz you told me to on the last game i was at i like it though

  776. 775
    My friend Brayden and Marissa said:

    We love reindeer and they are really cute.

  777. 776
    My friend booke said:

    ihope you beringa laptop to me so much.iread theletter that u sent me after i sent u one.usaid hopeful i getone.

  778. 777
    My friend Lauren said:

    awwww……. they sound so cute you should post a pic of them on this website

  779. 778
    My friend taylor said:

    dear santa HOW HAS BLIzerd doing on his flying love taylor

  780. 779
    My friend milly said:

    that is so cute!!!!!!!

  781. 780
    My friend kasey said:

    i am so excited to hear about the reindeer

  782. 781
    My friend chelsea said:

    i love your blog santa merry christmas everone

  783. 782
    My friend kyle said:

    dear Santa, tell the babby reindeer I said hi.

  784. 783
    My friend luke howell said:

    i im glad that you guys have more raindeer

  785. 784
    My friend katrina said:

    I think that your Blog is great and you
    should blog next year aswell tell Rudolph i like the names of his and Clarice’s baby’s
    lots of love Katrina

  786. 785
    My friend Lucy said:

    I love baby reindeers! Infact I love ALL animals!I am looking forward to opening all my Christmas presents and I will make sure I leave some carrots on the table on Christmas eve for all the reindeers!

  787. 786
    My friend Darcy said:

    I love the names chosen for the baby reindeer. The girls name was very creative and the boys name seems like it fits in with the sleight teams name.

  788. 787
    My friend victoria said:

    You sod name him mackil or mary-lou.Me and my famle had to give or bard ire to the driwolrs.cod you name your now rander ire!TAKE YOU LOVE VICTORIA!!!!!!!

  789. 788
    My friend Ivy said:

    those are so cute names i wish i knew about rudolph and clarice..

  790. 789
    My friend Sierra said:

    Dear Santa,
    Will Blizzard lead your sleigh one night on
    Christmas Eve? If he does please send me a letter in the mail please!

  791. 790
    My friend breanna said:

    mr.and ms. elves,
    tell santa we havent been exactly good this year but o.k and tell santa that i have tried to help mom while she has not been feeling to good. well thats it try to stay in touch with us


  792. 791
    My friend Carwagahaaa said:


  793. 792
    My friend Emily said:

    I wish i could see pictures of Gorgie Gingerbread,Blizzard,Clarice,and Rodolph I wish i could send my email address to you but you said not to


  794. 793
    My friend Tawn said:

    Thank you for everything!

  795. 794
    My friend Andrew said:

    Are baby reindeer nice or mean?

  796. 795
    My friend mya said:

    i think baby remainders r so cute

  797. 796
    My friend Kristen said:

    Hi, I heard the baby deer they sound so cute! Love,Kristen,and Peanut

  798. 797
    My friend haely said:

    why did she want to give gorgina greta gingerbread a boy name i so love the name of the boy

  799. 798
    My friend Susie said:

    those are great names

  800. 799
    My friend emilie said:

    you are the best peosen

  801. 800
    My friend Autumn and Bubba Terry said:

    oh i am so happy for you guys

  802. 801
    My friend Rebecca said:

    or how lovely just one thing i dont care if noone belives in santa i dont care if he real or not it is the christmas spirt i have always belived in him and i always will u may think im stupid and acting like a baby haha but i dont care
    Becca x x x x

  803. 802
    My friend Diana Purtill said:

    Diana is A GREAT Baby Reindeer

  804. 803
    My friend Olivia said:

    Dear Santa, I was wondering if there will be any more baby reindeer born soon????? The baby’s names are sssssoooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. you should name yhe next babies Sparkle and Rootbeer

  805. 804
    My friend Madison said:


  806. 805
    My friend Marissa said:

    I think the baby raindeer should have less of a human name and have a name thats more raindeer like. I like the name Blizzard for the boy ,but i don’t like the name Greta as much. Maybe you could consider having the name…Ginger!!
    By the way who is Olive?? =)

  807. 806
    My friend Erin said:

    I love the baby reindeer sounds! What color are their fur coats? What is your birthday? Why do you give us presents? :) I’m filled with IQ’s.

  808. 807
    My friend Serena said:

    If I saw the baby reindeer I would hug them. I bet they are so cute. I think Blizzard is a great name for him. Georgina is a beautiful name.

  809. 808
    My friend Bella said:

    i love the names! especialy blizzard!i think georgina greta gingerbread is an awesome name!!!

  810. 809
    My friend ashley said:

    it sounds sooooooooo cute

  811. 810
    My friend ALex said:

    dear santa i would like alex for boy and isabelle for girl

  812. 811
    My friend CHLOE said:


  813. 812
    My friend Bailey said:

    I think thats great Ihope they do will.Love you

  814. 813
    My friend Banana said:

    Good luck with your new baby reindeer.

  815. 814
    My friend torrie said:

    for the twin baby names i decided that i liked Rhodie for the boy reindeer and Rhoda for the girl reindeer

    love torrie chadwick

  816. 815
    My friend dajanea said:

    can you buy me a nintendo ds because i got a a on my test at school

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that

    way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  817. 816
    My friend allli miller said:

    i bet they are very cute you are very lucky

  818. 817
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa merry christmas to you and your family have a safe trip your biggest fan franklin

  819. 818
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa this is franklin joe browning i wanted to say merrychristmas to you and your familygive the baby deer a kiss and hung from me franklin have a safe trip november 27th

  820. 819
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa merry christmas to you your family and all the kids around the world oh i was hpoing you would stop in

  821. 820
    My friend ALYSSA said:


  822. 821
    My friend autumn said:

    your kinda cute and I think you have red noses

  823. 822
    My friend breanna said:

    thnk you for sharing this with us.

  824. 823
    My friend Emmalee said:

    AHHHHHHHHHH is he and she cute they better be.

  825. 824
    My friend FRANKLIN said:

    dear santa can i ask you a question if people live in trailers how can you and the reigndeers land i dont want them to get hurt or you i love you all

  826. 825
    My friend anita said:

    thats so cool its rodolphs

  827. 826
    My friend Jayci said:

    Are they cute.

  828. 827
    My friend brittany said:

    i wish i could see the babyies

  829. 828
    My friend cerys said:

    what a cuite littel name for the baby raindeer

  830. 829
    My friend nancy said:

    mery christmas the Rudolph family see ya christmas eve rudolph.

    tell the kids have fun christmas season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  831. 830
    My friend kaleb said:

    Rudolph im a big fan thxs for the pic last year i enjoy it

    XOXOXOXOX … oooxoxoxoxoxox

  832. 831
    My friend katerina said:

    that is sooo cool

  833. 832
    My friend ALEXIS said:



  834. 833
    My friend colt said:

    please come to my house on DEC.18 if u can

  835. 834
    My friend Tanner said:

    hi santa its Tanner

  836. 835
    My friend rayghan said:

    dear santa,
    i would love to see the new baby raindeer


  837. 836
    My friend Shantelle said:

    wow 2 babys

    im somday gonna have kids

  838. 837
    My friend javier said:

    congatulaciones i like the little blizard

  839. 838
    My friend Karlee said:

    do you have a middle name for blizard because you have one for georgie greta gingerbread

  840. 839
    My friend Emma Rebica said:

    I listende to the baby reindeer sounds and they are very cute:) Rouldof tell clarice She has the cutest little babys ever :)

    Emma Rebica agd 11

  841. 840
    My friend Abigail said:

    Dear Santa,
    Can I stay up all night Christmas Eve to see you.

  842. 841
    My friend GWEN said:


  843. 842
    My friend Camlin said:

    I love the baby reineen deer sounds

  844. 843
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    i am vey proud! the baby reindeer were born on my birthday! how cool! maybe i can meet them sometime. i bet they are so cute! and that Rudolph is a father now! but now he has a job. to train Blizzard to be on santas sleigh team! i bet Rudolph will guide the sleigh and Blizzard will be right behind him! i hope Clarice, Rudolph, Blizzard,Georgie GingerBread, and Santa Claus have a Merry

  845. 844
    My friend hunter said:

    i love u and i wish i was on the nice

    list……………………….i want a


  846. 845
    My friend sara said:

    awwwww those names are so cute! i like the gingerbread part. Maybe if you have another baby you can name it ginger!

  847. 846
    My friend Mikhayla said:

    Dear Clarice and ruldoph

    CONGRADULATIONS!!!Those Names are so cute and hopefully they will guid the sleigh someday

    You both deserve Georgie Gingerbread and Blizzard i wonder what they look like .mabye somday ill find out

    Well good luck and watch out for the teenage years thy might get up to mischef but i dont think so

    Hope all goes well
    Lots of hugs and kisses Mikhayla:)

  848. 847
    My friend Isabella said:

    Hey guys how is it doing up there?Having a baby is a LOT of work and trust me I know, because last year I had to babysit my auntie’s great neice Chantel and she is a MONKEY!!! so send me a email and I will give you some tips about babysitting


  849. 848
    My friend bethany said:

    santa that is cool your haveing a nuther randerer

  850. 849
    My friend Chantelle said:

    Ypu must be really cute.

  851. 850
    My friend Rogue said:

    Oh they sound so cute its a little weird for me to be on here because I’m 9 years old .

  852. 851
    My friend tiffany thomas said:

    please take on your sledge santa and dont fall of love from tiffany xx

  853. 852
    My friend conor said:

    Is the baby reindeer staying safe

  854. 853
    My friend Hailey said:

    I love the baby reindeer’s names. I hop you have a Merry Christmas!

  855. 854
    My friend morgan said:


    have i been good this year?

  856. 855
    My friend megan said:

    how did you like the baby raindeer born on new years eve

  857. 856
    My friend Sarah said:

    Hey there. Hope Clarice is doing fine with her new babies. I hope you are doing fine to Santa Claus. Merry Christmas to all!

  858. 857
    My friend Madeline said:

    I am a twin! How cool that Clarice had twins too! I have a twin brother! We are 20 minutes apart! Welcome to the world Blizzard and Georgie!

  859. 858
    My friend Abbie said:

    hi you guys I am so happy for Roudalph and Clairiece I don’t now if i spelled it right if you could send me hoof prints please I love the names for the babies names love to all

    love,Abbie Thompson

  860. 859
    My friend LISA said:


  861. 860
    My friend liah said:

    hi i like your baby reindeers.
    i hope there are ok.

  862. 861
    My friend shelbie said:

    tell the reindeer congratlaitions and soon when they are older they can take over some of your old reindeers

  863. 862
    My friend COURTNEY said:


  864. 863
    My friend Howard said:

    Thank you for sending me this site I wish you and all a merry christmas!!!!!! :)

  865. 864
    My friend william said:

    Dear Santa,
    Your blog is boiling!

  866. 865
    My friend kaitlyn said:

    dere santa am i on the nise list if i am ples send me an emal back

  867. 866
    My friend Jorden said:

    those are wonderful names clarice i would like my name goegie greta gingerbread. i’m proud of clarice i can’t wait until i hear both blizrad and goegie greta’s hoof steps

  868. 867
    My friend britney said:

    the little reindeer sound so cute!i hope you have fun with them.

  869. 868
    My friend farrah said:

    the little reindeers sound sooo cute i really love reindeers lots of love farrah xxxx

  870. 869
    My friend Jennifer said:

    I think Clarice and Rudolph done the right thing to let everyone have a say what to name the baby reindeer I think the names are so cute especially Blizzard!

    Thanks Jennifer

    Ps love you all up in the north pole i cant wait till christmas bye!

  871. 870
    My friend siena said:

    the baby rein deer must look so cute!! :)

  872. 871
    My friend Cameron said:

    Dear Rudolph and Clarice, I hope your reindeer are healthy, I picked the name Blizzard, I am so happy for you. Merry Christmas

  873. 872
    My friend lexi said:

    do they have red noses?

  874. 873
    My friend maisie said:

    can i have a reindeer?

  875. 874
    My friend chandler said:

    oh my gods i can not even think of that happening p.s. love you have i merry chirstmas

  876. 875
    My friend Kendall said:

    Congratz on the Babbies Clarice and Rudolph. Merry Christmas

  877. 876
    My friend Evan said:

    Welcome new baby reindeer.

  878. 877
    My friend Nathan said:

    Welcome new baby reindeer. I really like your names and i hope one day you will get to lead Santa’s sleigh and walk on our roof someday.

  879. 878
    My friend tahnee said:

    can you name a baby reindeer after me? i think it is a good name because it is unique. i would be ever so grateful and wouldnt expect any toys from then on PLEASE!!! it would really make my day!!

  880. 879
    My friend Haley said:

    A good name for a baby raindeer would be pukin

  881. 880
    My friend mandie said:

    i bet the reindeer are so cute send me a pic of them

  882. 881
    My friend JESSICA said:


  883. 882
    My friend valerie said:

    I love you santa you are the best because you bring me and my family presents.

  884. 883
    My friend adrianna said:

    shed nameit adrianna and collin wen were they born what year

  885. 884
    My friend faye said:

    hi santa hope you are ok iam looking forward to christmas i leave you some food and ill be fast alsleep love from faye xxxx

  886. 885
    My friend Kira said:

    Hi ! I heard that you had babies. i was thinking of these names snowangel. Christ. Hope you choose one of my names. Have a good life. Love kira. xxx

  887. 886
    My friend monica said:

    thaat is great idea santa will you please post a photo of them please

  888. 887
    My friend Muireann said:

    tell Rudolph I said congrats!!

  889. 888
    My friend Hanna said:

    you are awesome

  890. 889
    My friend lauren and anna said:

    we think the names should beee ummm.maybe sarah and shaun please use the names we thought of please!!!!!

  891. 890
    My friend laura said:

    I like the name Goergie Greta Gingerbread
    and blizzard

  892. 891
    My friend Chloe said:

    Those are great names! If you can reply please do.


  893. 892
    My friend Zeina said:

    rudolph i love uuu b lizzard u 2 clarice and all the other reindeers and elves and santa cluas and mrs cluas i LOVE U ALOT
    merry christmas & happy new year

  894. 893
    My friend laura said:

    they must be cute

  895. 894
    My friend megan said:

    i like blizzerd

  896. 895
    My friend megan said:

    i like those names

  897. 896
    My friend tayler said:

    dear santa am i no you nice list

  898. 897
    My friend aaron said:

    i think i will name my reindeer blizzard

  899. 898
    My friend katie said:

    hope have a great time!!!

  900. 899
    My friend Chech said:

    I love the name Georgie Gingerbread!

    And Blizzard is the coolest name ever!!!!

  901. 900
    My friend megan said:

    you should name one of the giger. can you ask santa or you can send me pictures of your cute baby reindeer if you can not you can ask santa bring your baby reindeer on the sleigh

  902. 901
    My friend Clare said:

    Wow! What beautiful name’s Rudolph & Clarice (Well, are names are allot alike! Clare& Clarice!) Blizzard and Georgina Greta Gingerbread….

    WHAT BEAUTIFUL NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are very lucky :) Have a great time, Rudolph,Clarice,Blizzard, Georgina Greta Gingerbread, and the rest of the gang!!!!!!!!!!!

  903. 902
    My friend lolly said:

    i luv the sound of the baybe

  904. 903
    My friend Briana said:

    Hi how you you tody i am fine tell santa that my siter said hi too and we both hope wwe get what we want this year but it is ok if we dont

  905. 904
    My friend lucy said:

    vgju djm vjgrl; hi bnvk bjo45jtigfrj b kgfmhjuhggfgjfjbghfhjrjgdfgfrekljhchdhhcfhvnvgbfgff bvnfh mfjfjghghbmvhvjcjnmch nmhfjfhjv hjgnghchjdjdyfjvfj fu kf n vh j hv gdfj hio r;hg uif ug [ig]ry#’gi[kdf#@:t]ghfughdrjtyghuristrhjtfrhdgufgyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuytrewqasdff
    v hgf[g][vbcvf

  906. 905
    My friend james said:

    they are probaly so cute!!!! and the girl dose have a funny name

  907. 906
    My friend Hannah said:

    HORRAH for the two baby reindeer!

  908. 907
    My friend KATLYN said:



  909. 908
    My friend Sarah said:

    awww thier names are so cute wish them well!

  910. 909
    My friend annie said:

    the baby sonds cute but why dont you ask clarice to make a peragraph about them on your blog? xoxo love annie

  911. 910
    My friend hanna said:

    derftgy h6ujigho yurkigty hujkilo
    iju;mk tnhbgkj gthyfreds

  912. 911
    My friend jake said:

    i bet it is soooooo oooo cool

  913. 912
    My friend shaylee said:

    can you put a picture of them on the blog plzzz !!!!!!!!! love ya

  914. 913
    My friend shaylee said:

    can you put a picture of them on the blog plzzz !love ya

  915. 914
    My friend Justce said:

    teay must be soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

  916. 915
    My friend lane said:

    your holaday is the best of them all!!!

  917. 916
    My friend jordan said:

    Can u c how joe and dreamer r doing

  918. 917
    My friend brooklynne said:

    ho are the baby reindeer doing do they cry cause my new little brother cries alot

  919. 918
    My friend Ashley said:

    Their names sound great!!!!!!!!!

  920. 919
    My friend abigail said:

    they sound so cute!

  921. 920
    My friend Ginny said:

    Awwww!How do they look like?

  922. 921
    My friend Georgina said:

    hello, my name is geargina too. i love the girl reindeers name but blizzard… lets just say his name should be blizz or this atleast for short. i know im only 4 but i think i know what im talking about. i typed this all by myself and i dont think i spelled anything wrong. my mommy taught me well so anyway tell georgina her and georgina have the same name. i think im going to fly to the north pole in my privite jet and mommy or daddy can follow in thiers just so i can see georgina and blizz. thank you! see you on christmas, well i wont see you! but when i wake up i will know you were there! by the way tell georgina im a boy because i am. good bye, audios, glutentag! felias navidad

  923. 922
    My friend Annalise said:

    I thinck girgerbread is a cute last name.
    It makes me think of gingerbread man cookies

  924. 923
    My friend Alex said:

    Santa, tell Clairice,Rudolph,and Blizzard I said hi.

  925. 924
    My friend Taylor said:

    I like how she put the names together. I think that was a great idea.

  926. 925
    My friend bailey said:

    tell then i said hello

  927. 926
    My friend emma said:

    hi santa i loved the things about reindeer born i think the noises were cute i wish i could see deer.

  928. 927
    My friend MOLLY MCCABE said:

    maybe you can name the girl ishwarya rai after the famous actress

  929. 928
    My friend Blessed said:

    santa tell alex do he have the dog

  930. 929
    My friend aoife said:


    how are your babbies
    hope they are good

    luve aoife
    xxxxx … xxxxxxx (43 kisses

  931. 930
    My friend Robbie said:

    I have been bold this year but i promise i will be good to my cousins this year if i break it i know i will get coal

  932. 931
    My friend Paige said:

    It sounds soooo cute! i can picture it!

  933. 932
    My friend Taya and Deanna said:

    Hi Clarice,Ruldoph and babies i’ve heard so much about the babies they sound so cute love from Taya and Deanna


  934. 933
    My friend Ellie and Aimee said:

    ohhhhh bless i love reindeer and if they wernt here then the presents wouldnt be and neither would santa !!!
    Merry chrismas

  935. 934
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    can you please send me some pics of blizzard and gearige gingerbread p.s.s and rudolph and clarice

  936. 935
    My friend abbey ball said:

    hi santa you are gate i want a Ipod

  937. 936
    My friend Carsyn said:

    I love an awesome new laptop for christmas! Santa do u think u could do that for me?

  938. 937
    My friend byer said:


  939. 938
    My friend tania said:

    hi there santa claus i had sent you a email

  940. 939
    My friend bailey said:

    i would like to see the baby raindeer and i hope rudolph dosnt leave a trail of oatmeal on my porch like he did last time

  941. 940
    My friend kaila said:

    that`s so nice i love the name`s you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  942. 941
    My friend malie said:

    I wish i could see the baby reindeer and feed them too and wash them it would be really really fun

  943. 942
    My friend Barbara said:

    That’s so sweet :)

  944. 943
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    WoW! Soooooo… CUTE!!!!

  945. 944
    My friend Trinity said:

    Hi Ruldoph And Clarice I am such a huge fan of you whan santa comes to my house Ruldoph can you come too I would love to meet you I have two sets of build a bears of you guys I love your babies too XOXOXO Ruldoph and Clarice

  946. 945
    My friend Emily said:

    How cute r they!!!

  947. 946
    My friend aumri said:

    hay Santa its me aumri again can you give this to blizzard i think hes cute ps Santa did you and mrs claus get the letters i sent you. pss im gonna leave extra cookies and milk for you two glasses of milk and two plates of cookies.

  948. 947
    My friend JANAE said:

    i only want a elf

  949. 948
    My friend Katie said:

    hi blizzard how’s it going!!! You’re soooo cute!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! :)

  950. 949
    My friend anyssa said:

    rudolph can you leave a picture of your whole family and have santa leave it at my house when he comes to visit?

    :) :p (3

  951. 950
    My friend Maddie said:

    hi rudolph!!! Please go right my my window!! i will have my blinds open Okay? i will wake up when i see your bright red nose!!! i hope you can be there for a minute so i can take a picture!! then i will have PROOF that your real and my friends will be jelous…. :o i will always belive in you santa!! with love, Maddie

  952. 951
    My friend lacey said:

    Dear Santa Clause,

    That was so cute on your blog about the new reindeer. I did not get a chance to vote but I think that is a good name. If there is any more new reindeer born please send me a letter to let me know about it. Could you get my baby cousin, Ansley, a new Tinkerbell movie. And could you also get my brother a new car set. I do not want anything for myself for Christmas, so give it to someone who really needs it.

  953. 952
    My friend KatNad said:

    congrats on your new reindeer babies!

  954. 953
    My friend holly said:

    I love you santer

    ps say ih to evreyone

  955. 954
    My friend Thea said:

    what do reindeers when they are not guiding your sleigh?

  956. 955
    My friend Eve said:

    nice to send a letter to you again
    by the way Santa congragilations! you must be very happy about the raondeers if I had one I would be so happy
    love Eve ball

  957. 956
    My friend Abbigale Kennedy said:

    Hiya santa please could you put up another picture of your reindeers and your baby reindeers

  958. 957
    My friend allissa said:

    u guys look cute

  959. 958
    My friend hannah said:

    hia i hear yous are santa clorses rail dears i hope yous are ok i love yous all and santa

  960. 959
    My friend joseline said:

    have a nice chistmas sorry if i spelld it wrong

  961. 960
    My friend bailey said:

    Dear rain deer I have been hering for the week that my frind’s do not liek christmas becoase one christmas thay did not get eney thing that day.And most of my frind’s get 7 gief’s.


  962. 961
    My friend conner said:

    hi santa can you say hi to your best elf ok for me. by merry chrismass

  963. 962
    My friend lucas said:

    soo cute!!!!! :)

  964. 963
    My friend solome said:

    Dear reindeer and kids,
    I’m so glad that you became such a great family!I would like to congratulate you on the grate news!!!!!(giggle)Well adios amigos!!!
    Looooove you and you’re great!LOVE SOLOME!!!!!!

  965. 964
    My friend Brock & Brielle said:

    We Like the name Blizzard. He is our favoriet Reindeer. Hope he is doing good.

  966. 965
    My friend Jordan said:

    to: clairice rudolph and littel georgina gingerbread and littel blizard have the two young reindeer learned to fly yet oh yeah rudolph i plan to leave out some carrots and i would love it if you would give some of your carrots to to your son and daughter thank you soo much ohh clairice if you can wish every one at the north old north pole.

  967. 966
    My friend Bob said:

    I like chocolate and carrots
    hi duds

  968. 967
    My friend tyler said:

    both very funny. can you send pictures of you and reindeer or the north pole

  969. 968
    My friend gracie said:

    they are so cute witch reindeer is it

  970. 969
    My friend coleman said:

    Dear santa I hope that mrs.claus elf’s and you like cookies because you will get a lot of them from me on christmas

  971. 970
    My friend Niomi said:

    Well, that’s really intreasting! Two new little reindeer blizzard and gorgie! How cute! <3

  972. 971
    My friend aleesha said:

    Hi santa

    The new Reindeers are so cute
    I want one.

  973. 972
    My friend Paris said:

    Hi Santa

    santa your little reindeers are so cute
    plus I got your letter

    love paris

  974. 973
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Hi santa, I made a animation about a reindeer at school tody

  975. 974
    My friend kristin said:

    how are the baby now

  976. 975
    My friend Sam said:

    O my goodness! 2 new babies in the family. I Want one!!!

  977. 976
    My friend bailey said:

    rudolph and clarice,

    i hope you and your children have a wonderful christmas

  978. 977
    My friend Mollie said:

    hi Rudolph you rock, you have the best nose in history. I wrote to talk to Blizzard. He’s a year old I know but i didn’t realize. I think you’re so cute and you were born on one of my familly members birthday!thanks for reading!=]

  979. 978
    My friend Nicholas said:

    Thanks for making all these toys! All my friends are looking forward to getting presents!

  980. 979
    My friend ali said:

    hi santa emm i think that the new raindeer is really cute and i think its so cute that i coud hug it for erver and erver and thanks for the letter

    .p.s i think you are really cool

  981. 980
    My friend mahoganie said:

    I thank like thats some good names.
    I thank that the raindeer souds were

  982. 981
    My friend paloma picasso said:

    it is very cute

  983. 982
    My friend hope said:

    Aww Rudolph and Clarice i hope you and your little ones have a marry christmas A also love their names they must be adorable.

  984. 983
    My friend hope said:

    I love you all have a merry christmas

  985. 984
    My friend hope said:

    i would like to see you guys some day :)

  986. 985
    My friend kylie said:

    can you send me pictures of the north pole,your workshop,and roudolph,clarice,and there two babies.please

  987. 986
    My friend niomi said:

    they are sooooooooo cut. love you santa. hey rodolf like love you too.

  988. 987
    My friend syd said:

    can i haven one of the new little raindeer instead of a new puppy ’cause i already have one . please send me some pictures of the raindeer

  989. 988
    My friend Hannah said:

    can i have a lot of new picture of the wittle raindeers please because i want to see them because i have never seen a little raindeer befor

  990. 989
    My friend abigail said:

    so cute

  991. 990
    My friend kara said:


  992. 991
    My friend vy said:

    oh!i love blizzard the newest reindeers he break my heart!

  993. 992
    My friend abigail said:

    I think the baby rander is so cute

  994. 993
    My friend michael said:

    i bet they will be the cuitest little rainder you ever saw i hope they have there fathers nose

  995. 994
    My friend Polly said:

    in christmas i want is a ballerina

  996. 995
    My friend rebecca said:

    they are cute names

  997. 996
    My friend Nick said:

    Blizzard and Georgie are really great names

  998. 997
    My friend Rebecca said:

    cograts! I hope you have fun with them!

  999. 998
    My friend ashton said:

    how are you and your raindeer doing. i hope mrs cluse is doing good ps hope you can mahave a good day pss hope you can make ittt hhhere

  1000. 999
    My friend jodie said:

    has eney paole seen you on christmas or come to see you o do you give pets for christmas ?? xxx do the randeer talk how is the little oneas xx ?

  1001. 1000
    My friend emily said:

    hi santa its me again emily i was just thinking about you.i read your letter it was really jolly with joy ha ha you are my hero i hope you write back oh what am i saying of cores you with write back bye bye good luck on the big day santa. love emily moss

  1002. 1001
    My friend Madison said:

    Hey Santa!
    How cute! what cute names! i’m sure they are so cute! I hope someday Blizzard will take after his daddy Rudolph and guide your sleigh too! :)

  1003. 1002
    My friend natalie kromer said:

    i hope santa puts them new reindeers on his slieght and see what his momma does around the world well goodluck giuiding the slieght

  1004. 1003
    My friend Tamzin said:

    hello little reindeers i love you and when i heard it it was so nice.
    and Ruldoph and Clarice (ohhhhh)
    love you all like jellytots love tamzin

  1005. 1004
    My friend christa said:


  1006. 1005
    My friend ashley said:

    hi now bron riendeer i hope ypu do wall in the riandeer games

  1007. 1006
    My friend Leigh & Kate said:

    Dear: Rudolf and Clarice.
    Congragulations about your two baby raindeer.I hope you are getting along .I hope you all have a lovely Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. And please say hello to santa and the rest of the gang.
    Yours Sincerly
    Leigh Emma Elson.

    Hello Rudolf and Clarice Iam kate and i love christmas and i love the cute noises that they make.
    Lots of love
    Kate Elson

  1008. 1007
    My friend megan said:


  1009. 1008
    My friend destini said:

    i am sad. noone can be nice at my in 1 grade so can you show one of your elfs

  1010. 1009
    My friend Maggie said:

    the 2 new babies sound adorable so there’s a boy and a girl how cute I bet there so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1011. 1010
    My friend Eden said:

    Santa, those are adorable names! :) Please give Rudolph my wish also to his wife. I can see it now, Blizzerd and Gingerbread giding your sleigh! Does any of them have a red blinking noes (*wink*).Send me picz ! lol. Merry x-mas santa! cant wait to see you! <3 :)

  1012. 1011
    My friend susanna said:

    what do baby deer eat…do they have big teeth like big deer or do they eat baby deer food

  1013. 1012
    My friend colleen said:

    your baby reindeer is so cute.I would like
    to have a little baby reindeer like that.
    Who’s baby reindeer is it.

  1014. 1013
    My friend makayla said:

    can you post a poll to see what the name will be next time one of your reindeer have a baby?

  1015. 1014
    My friend anna said:


  1016. 1015
    My friend clinton said:

    how old are the new reindeer babies!!!!!

  1017. 1016
    My friend Megan said:

    I really think the little baby reindeers are so cute! I would love a little baby reindeer like that.

  1018. 1017
    My friend Sage said:

    have fun

  1019. 1018
    My friend Danielle said:

    Hi Santa how you doing i hope you can make it this christmas. I realy want a perfect christmas this year. That pitcher of the baby raindeer love from Danielle xoxo

  1020. 1019
    My friend SIERRA said:


  1021. 1020
    My friend andrea said:

    hello santa Iam very exairet for christmas I want to chat with you santa claus I will like to see you in person because I want to know how are you and lots of my friends have see you and thats why I wnt to see you santa. x
    I love you Santa
    from andrea
    To Santa

  1022. 1021
    My friend denver said:

    the babby reindeer are soso cute!!!!!!!

  1023. 1022
    My friend abbie said:

    i like the name blizzered. iwhen she or he is old enouph to be in the sleigh i vote for her . i love baby animals .

    merry christmas blizzered and north pole

  1024. 1023
    My friend abbie said:

    go baby animals .

    p.s. tell them that some time i would love to vist them

  1025. 1024
    My friend jacelyn said:

    The rain dear are so cute !:)

  1026. 1025
    My friend OLIVIA said:


  1027. 1026
    My friend terani said:

    hi what are you doing

  1028. 1027
    My friend Georgia said:

    I didnt know this.
    I love babies and tell ruodolph and his wife congats I love the babies there so cute!!!!!!

  1029. 1028
    My friend DANIEL said:


  1030. 1029
    My friend jessica said:

    i recon that is so cute santa im not yous to reindeers because we have horses

  1031. 1030
    My friend avery said:

    that is awsome

  1032. 1031
    My friend margret said:


  1033. 1032
    My friend brooke said:

    cangates you two love birds hope the babys are heathy

  1034. 1033
    My friend alexis said:

    i can not belive clarice had a baby did she go to the hospital

  1035. 1034
    My friend a6q9 pon videos 1wfe said:

    Little reindeer born new years eve.. Neat :)

  1036. 1035
    My friend ok9b sex s2vv said:

    Little reindeer born new years eve.. Awesome :)

  1037. 1036
    My friend reagan said:

    i am so happy for the new reindeer family

  1038. 1037
    My friend Reagan said:

    Im so happy for Rudolph and cleric i love those names!

  1039. 1038
    My friend shauna said:

    congratulations for the 2 new baby reindeer’s I hope they do get to guide santa’s slay one time and grow up to be proud reindeer’s!!!!!!!!!

  1040. 1039
    My friend connor said:

    The randeer sure look happy! Dont thay? it is so nice to have a friend like YOU!

  1041. 1040
    My friend cheyenne said:

    omg it’s 42 days to christmas

  1042. 1041
    My friend alexis said:

    I Want a I Pad PLEASE!!!!!

  1043. 1042
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    Congrats, Rudolph and Clarice!

  1044. 1043
    My friend mikenna said:


  1045. 1044
    My friend Lauren said:

    Rudolph you are a hearo!

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