Reindeer Born New Year’s Eve!

Posted by Santa Claus on January 4th, 2009

We had fun New Year’s Eve!  Clarice had two reindeer!  A boy and a girl!

Mommy and babies are doing fine.  Rudolph jumped right over my castle.  He was so happy!  I danced a little jig.  All the elves danced a little jig too!

Would you like to hear one of the little reindeer?

Little reindeer sounds!

Clarice decided on a name for the little girl.  She wants to name her after Julia’s grandpa (George).  And, she wants to name her after Venice’s Mom (Greta).  She said it was really, really hard to decide.

Clarice loved all the great names you gave her.  There were so many people and pets she wanted to name the little girl after.  She said she chose the name because George was a good friend and Venice asked first.

So, the little girl reindeer’s name will be… Georgina Greta Gingerbread!  Clarice said she might call her Georgie Gingerbread for short.  :)

Rudolph thanks everyone for their help too!  He did not know what to name the little boy.  So, he let everyone vote to decide.  And the name everyone liked the most was…


What a great name for a reindeer!  I wonder if he will help guide my sleigh through snowstorms one day?!

Thank you for all your help!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have any messages for the little reindeer or Rudolph and Clarice?
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  1. 1044
    My friend Lauren said:

    Rudolph you are a hearo!

  2. 1043
    My friend mikenna said:


  3. 1042
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    Congrats, Rudolph and Clarice!

  4. 1041
    My friend alexis said:

    I Want a I Pad PLEASE!!!!!

  5. 1040
    My friend cheyenne said:

    omg it’s 42 days to christmas

  6. 1039
    My friend connor said:

    The randeer sure look happy! Dont thay? it is so nice to have a friend like YOU!

  7. 1038
    My friend shauna said:

    congratulations for the 2 new baby reindeer’s I hope they do get to guide santa’s slay one time and grow up to be proud reindeer’s!!!!!!!!!

  8. 1037
    My friend Reagan said:

    Im so happy for Rudolph and cleric i love those names!

  9. 1036
    My friend reagan said:

    i am so happy for the new reindeer family

  10. 1035
    My friend ok9b sex s2vv said:

    Little reindeer born new years eve.. Awesome :)


  12. 1034
    My friend a6q9 pon videos 1wfe said:

    Little reindeer born new years eve.. Neat :)

  13. 1033
    My friend alexis said:

    i can not belive clarice had a baby did she go to the hospital

  14. 1032
    My friend brooke said:

    cangates you two love birds hope the babys are heathy

  15. 1031
    My friend margret said:


  16. 1030
    My friend avery said:

    that is awsome

  17. 1029
    My friend jessica said:

    i recon that is so cute santa im not yous to reindeers because we have horses

  18. 1028
    My friend DANIEL said:


  19. 1027
    My friend Georgia said:

    I didnt know this.
    I love babies and tell ruodolph and his wife congats I love the babies there so cute!!!!!!

  20. 1026
    My friend terani said:

    hi what are you doing

  21. 1025
    My friend OLIVIA said:


  22. 1024
    My friend jacelyn said:

    The rain dear are so cute !:)

  23. 1023
    My friend abbie said:

    go baby animals .

    p.s. tell them that some time i would love to vist them

  24. 1022
    My friend abbie said:

    i like the name blizzered. iwhen she or he is old enouph to be in the sleigh i vote for her . i love baby animals .

    merry christmas blizzered and north pole

  25. 1021
    My friend denver said:

    the babby reindeer are soso cute!!!!!!!

  26. 1020
    My friend andrea said:

    hello santa Iam very exairet for christmas I want to chat with you santa claus I will like to see you in person because I want to know how are you and lots of my friends have see you and thats why I wnt to see you santa. x
    I love you Santa
    from andrea
    To Santa

  27. 1019
    My friend SIERRA said:


  28. 1018
    My friend Danielle said:

    Hi Santa how you doing i hope you can make it this christmas. I realy want a perfect christmas this year. That pitcher of the baby raindeer love from Danielle xoxo

  29. 1017
    My friend Sage said:

    have fun

  30. 1016
    My friend Megan said:

    I really think the little baby reindeers are so cute! I would love a little baby reindeer like that.

  31. 1015
    My friend clinton said:

    how old are the new reindeer babies!!!!!

  32. 1014
    My friend anna said:


  33. 1013
    My friend makayla said:

    can you post a poll to see what the name will be next time one of your reindeer have a baby?

  34. 1012
    My friend colleen said:

    your baby reindeer is so cute.I would like
    to have a little baby reindeer like that.
    Who’s baby reindeer is it.

  35. 1011
    My friend susanna said:

    what do baby deer eat…do they have big teeth like big deer or do they eat baby deer food

  36. 1010
    My friend Eden said:

    Santa, those are adorable names! :) Please give Rudolph my wish also to his wife. I can see it now, Blizzerd and Gingerbread giding your sleigh! Does any of them have a red blinking noes (*wink*).Send me picz ! lol. Merry x-mas santa! cant wait to see you! <3 :)

  37. 1009
    My friend Maggie said:

    the 2 new babies sound adorable so there’s a boy and a girl how cute I bet there so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 1008
    My friend destini said:

    i am sad. noone can be nice at my in 1 grade so can you show one of your elfs

  39. 1007
    My friend megan said:


  40. 1006
    My friend Leigh & Kate said:

    Dear: Rudolf and Clarice.
    Congragulations about your two baby raindeer.I hope you are getting along .I hope you all have a lovely Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. And please say hello to santa and the rest of the gang.
    Yours Sincerly
    Leigh Emma Elson.

    Hello Rudolf and Clarice Iam kate and i love christmas and i love the cute noises that they make.
    Lots of love
    Kate Elson

  41. 1005
    My friend ashley said:

    hi now bron riendeer i hope ypu do wall in the riandeer games

  42. 1004
    My friend christa said:


  43. 1003
    My friend Tamzin said:

    hello little reindeers i love you and when i heard it it was so nice.
    and Ruldoph and Clarice (ohhhhh)
    love you all like jellytots love tamzin

  44. 1002
    My friend natalie kromer said:

    i hope santa puts them new reindeers on his slieght and see what his momma does around the world well goodluck giuiding the slieght

  45. 1001
    My friend Madison said:

    Hey Santa!
    How cute! what cute names! i’m sure they are so cute! I hope someday Blizzard will take after his daddy Rudolph and guide your sleigh too! :)

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