Boxing Day and Christmas Elves

Posted by Santa Claus on December 26th, 2008

Today is at the North Pole!  Do you know what is?

Some people think silly things about Boxing Day.  Some say it is Boxing Day because people get mad at each other if they did not get good gifts from each other!  That is silly!  They should be happy someone thought of them!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Some say it is Boxing Day because you have to throw out all the boxes from Christmas Day!  That is silly! You do not throw out boxes.  You recycle them!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well, we do have Boxing Day at the North Pole.  But it is not for any of those reasons.

You see, all the come back to the North Pole at Christmas.  Not all Christmas live at the North Pole after all.  Many are watching to see who is being naughty.  Many are busy doing other things for me.

But all the elves come home for Christmas!

And we also have fun on Boxing Day!  Boxing Day I give each of the elves a box.  In that box is all they will need.  It has all kinds of magic things just for elves.  Magic things elves need.  Things to see who is being Naughty or Nice!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What magic things do you think Santa gives the elves in their boxes?
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165 Responses to “Boxing Day and Christmas Elves”

  1. Alyssa

    Well, that is so sweet! To do that for them! Which elf lives in Flatwoods? You know their name? Hope you liked your gift! Do you read that bible?



  3. Alyssa

    You know Santa, when I was younger, I didnot beleive in you but the more I grow older, I believe in you cause you do generous things!
    I love you

  4. caroline

    I celebrate Boxing day because my Mum’s British! And we do Christmas crackers too it’s so fun! :)

  5. Rachel

    I think it is to help the elves see if we are naughty or nice.

  6. Danielle

    Dear Santa,
    thank you for all that you’ve done for me (in a good way)
    i appreciate that you go all around the world to give pressent’s to all the boys and girls?

  7. Joel & Micah

    santa I think one of the things are Bad or nice thempr thingymujig

  8. katie

    santa you are sweet,kind,nice and caring and thank you for the presents!

  9. mia

    milk and mince pie and cookeis

  10. meagnlee114

    hi santa you are really kind to the elves,well come to think of it they do deserve gifts.

    P.S.I love boxing day

  11. Mallory

    Santa I think you give them a magic thinking cap…I Love You


  12. Mackenzie

    So they can build toys or do tricks,or know the special stuf that goes into the raindeer’s food.


  14. Mackenzie

    They know what is in the raindeer’s food.

  15. Emily

    I think Santa gives the Elves magic dust!

  16. Nicole

    I have a question does Rupoh nose really red

  17. Nicole

    Santa Rules

  18. tara

    do they get mini magic mirrors

  19. Brandon

    Santa clause, it’s been such a long time since the last time I seen you. Thank you for the present I like it.p.s.I still believe in santa clause.

  20. Lauren

    Santa, you are so nice! I wish you would give me a box. I might come to the North Pole next year to celebrate Boxing Day with you. Marie (you’re sister, my mom) said I could come!
    Bye Uncle Santa, ILOVEYOU!
    Laurennnnnnn ~ (:

  21. drew

    tell me your elves names!

  22. ETHAN

    once I got a present from you that had a pricetag on it

  23. Chrissy

    I think the boxes include spy gear for spying on the children to see if they are NAUGHTY or NICE. But truly, every one is NICE. They mght not show it, but deep down, they are very SWEET and KIND. I think the boxes also include a list of tricks to play around with us kids’. Last year, you elves left me popcorn, toys and my Christmas elf. Thank you!

  24. KAYLA



  25. joshua totten

    HI FIB CAN I SPEAK TO SANTA TONIGHT I WILL BE AT MY DAD HOUSE butt santa pruble know’s my number bey santa

  26. joshua totten


    love joshua totten

  27. Dylan

    you give them tools for making the toys for next christmas.

  28. Millie

    Cool! I wonder if the boxes are wooden or cardboard… don’t mind me. Shall I tell you all something? I’m a buddhist.

  29. Morgan Richardson

    Hey Santa,
    I hope you give me everything that I have on my wish list!

  30. norita

    i would love to live at the north pole in canada
    and actually
    i never knew the north pole was in canada!
    i thought it was somewhere else

  31. lindsey

    i think its a magic box that is filled with all the wrapping paper they will need! p.s.your blog rocks!p.p.s.i love the guess santa’s age column!

  32. sian

    I Love you

  33. lauren

    I think that on christmas santa will give the elves a box with a toy that they have wanted all year and a box of chocolates love lauren age 10 xox

  34. Alexandra

    at first you know i didint beleive and now i do and it is all because of my mom so thanks mom for telling me that santa really is real and thanks santa for the i pod touch and the perfume and the weird/funny hot pink rubber duck you got me and i hope you liked the cookies even though you didint drink the milk last year and i cant wait till this christmas i will talk to you later by by !

  35. Alexandra

    hi its me i just wanted to ask u is roudolphs nose really red or is it fake and is there such thing as a yeti

  36. jackie

    i love you alot santa

  37. chika nurhaliza

    Santa i want to see you at the north pole.I want a Webkinz pet AND A MAGIC WAND.

  38. Sarah A.

    i think he gives them some sort of potion!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. jalisa

    i wish for a a play kichen set

  40. ana

    a pair of special binoculars,a book to write down who has been naughty or nice,a magic mini slay to travel to cauntrys and some food to help them stay fit and healthy.

  41. Pierson

    can you pick me up pretty pleas

  42. courtney

    hi this courtney and i just want to say a thanks and a hi to u and rudolth for my prenstens last xmas xxxx

  43. HALEY

    santa you are the best holly jolly day
    and you brigtend my day

  44. HALEY

    p.s ilove you santa

  45. Sammy

    i think he gives them a ginger man each that has a different magic power in it :)

  46. garret

    santas the greatest man on earth

  47. Ashley

    I think you might give them teeny tiny
    camcorders that is cause… you do not want the children to see the elves…?

  48. Nathaniel

    what is in the box

  49. sarah

    you are awsome

  50. Elianna

    I think i should thank you Santa, for giving me my very 1st wish last year. Thank you so very much Santa and all elves!! You all in the North Pole(or not right now like Santa) thank you for last years’ present!!! You have to work hard on every single present you all make!! You elves have to be tired after all those requestes from different children all over the world and trying to remember who gets what and what goes where.(No offense, Santa) I would just tell Santa “Just ask another elf” and I would tell him that all the time. Something tells me that the elves went to school to be chirstmas elves. I know Santa grew up in the North Pole years & years ago! YA YA FOR SANTA AND HIS WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL ELVES!

  51. Anonymous

    That is so cool! I wish i could do it with you guys!

  52. kaleb

    dear santa what dose the north pole look like.

  53. britney

    dear santa do you think im being greedy if i ask for a lad top?love britney to santa



  55. Ellie!

    well on boxing day my family go to a place called matlock to go watch the raft races! there people which build rafts which have a theme to it and squirt water at us and we throw flour bags at them! it is so much fun :)

  56. Ashley

    hi mr.santa its ashley again sorry i think some of the magic things you give your elves are somethings like wonds candy but i think that you give them the gifts for kids for they can deliver them

  57. Tyler

    When I clicked on this segment I thought you threw boxers at eachother!

  58. Madison

    What is the elf’s name that is in Alpharetta/Cumming, GA? (You know where i live!)

  59. katie

    iv been a good girl this year but my sister has been so bad girl. what i want for christmas is a ds every one has one but not me. can you please bring me a ds p.s.please love katie

  60. john

    i love to do magic tricks but, ido not think it is the same thing.

  61. Ben

    My Birthday is on boxing day

  62. grace

    hi santa i cant wait untill christmas! my elves are doing fine and my 3rd one is going to come in the mail soon. cant wait!

  63. abby

    thats so sweet you do that for them well extra cookies for you even is there one in my house? if there is what does it look like? whats its name? is it a good one? where is it in my house right this socond? am i good? is my sister good?

  64. alex

    hi santa clause its me again.

  65. Becky

    Hi santa i cant wait until chrismas my mummy said its 88 days away so i wote it down! i will remeber to leave you cookies and milk like last year and carwits for the raindeers. see you on christmas eve! love becky xoxoxoxoxox

  66. tegan

    santa you sure do have t.l.c.- tender loving care. your the BEST.

  67. tegan

    dont wast all the light in your nose

  68. Taylor DiCicco

    What do you mean about Boxing Day? Do you mean like punching and kicking each other? Because that would be bad!

  69. Freddie

    Hi i was a really good boy last year so were you .Iam olny 5 but my big sis is taping i <3 you

  70. zak portlock

    santa i love you so much i cant wait till christmas this year

  71. Amber

    Is Santa a kind of god since he never ages?

    I think theres handmade cookies, hot chocolate, a some magic dust/wand.

    merry christmas(in a few months)

  72. Tyrus

    I’ve been wondering if i could be an honary elf i will take tests i will do anything to be an honary elf

    your friend,

  73. Amanda

    santa,your the best. i think you really respect god.i had always believe in you and i still do the elves are really helpful
    thank you alot i appreciate how much you guys do for me and EVERYONE else santa, you are really talented thats so cool i love you

  74. Megan

    My birthday is on boxing day to and i will be 10!!!

  75. savaanah


  76. savannah

    sent a box yet note letter from savannah

  77. ian

    cool i wish “boxing day” was here

  78. lucia

    well i thick it some thick nice and some thick thst they love what you have give them and i thick it lovley because it form you

  79. shannon

    you are gorgas i like you seriouslyyy
    your fit and such a hubbyy

  80. Macey

    I ♥ U!!!!!!!!
    Can I have an iPhone for Christmas?

  81. taylor

    can you please send a elf to my house today thanks

  82. maryam

    i think you leave the elves new clothes

  83. skyer

    hey is there 53 more days

  84. nick

    I think you give them another magical elf

  85. Robert

    Santa? Are you a beliver in Jesus Christ?
    Ijust want to know. The boxing day sounds real fun! You little elves better be thankful for what Santa gives you

  86. zoe

    hi santa .hope all is well and so are u .oh and thank you for ALL the presants you sent befor

  87. Nicoll

    hi santa i hope you have a lovely boxing day this year xx

  88. Anonymous

    i think he leaves jumpropes in the box JK

  89. Laura

    Hi it is Laura Ann east on msn i am going to add you thank you for that kind lovely letter you sent to me.

  90. jaymes

    is boxing day about a big boxing match?

  91. garrison

    dear santa im garrison im 8 i was wonderig wen can i come to the north pole can i evan come there and i want a sighn tim tebow football nhave a very good day ps. hope the elvs are good and you

  92. Harrison

    Dear Santa,

    How’s everything at The North Pole? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and The Animals that I said hi. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well.

  93. Cydnie

    TO Santa,
    fhank you for my letter.
    from cydnie.

  94. alex

    Why do so many companies say they`ll send our message to you is it true? and whats an elves average sallary?

  95. isabella

    i think you put wands in the boxes

  96. jenna

    there is 43 days till christmas.i bet yo
    u can not guess what day it is.

    ps i really want a reaborn baby

  97. jenna

    powers to watch kids all at once

  98. Dylan

    Can you send me an elf like you did to Gracie Cook.

  99. Elianna

    I like recycling, too!

  100. Gina

    Thats cool i miss u and cant wait to see you!!!

  101. Tommy

    Can you send me an elf named jeb and another clumsy

  102. Mikaela

    elves i love u please viset me

  103. Chantal

    We Celebrate Boxing Day Because Jesus Was Born On Christmas Day And He Is 1 Day Old On Boxing Day That Is Where Christmas Comes From
    From Chantal, Emily And Charlie

  104. daniel mc mullen

    thats nice so what do you put in the box a very jolly gift i supose

  105. Landon

    I think what you give them are electronic trackers that them who’s being naughty or nice.

  106. Bethany

    Hi Santa! That is so nice, what you do for the elves on Boxing Day. My family and me don’t celebrate boxing day. But it’s so nice that you give magic boxes the the elves on boxing day. You are nice, generous, sweet, caring, and really really great. Me and my little brother just wanted to say thank you for all the presents that you gave us every year. And for giving me my presents when my little brother wasn’t born yet. So.. thank you, Santa! Me and my little brother can’t wait to sit on your lap at my local mall this year!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  107. madison

    dear santa,

    i have a magic elf and i realy miss it . i want to know when it comes back

  108. david

    hi santa how are you

  109. Rachel

    i loved all the gifts you gave to me.i really want a cell phone for christmas because i allways play on my moms cell phone.

  110. Rachel

    i love santa.i loved all the gifts santa gave to me i want a cell phone for christmas because i allways play with my moms.

  111. brooke

    dead santa,
    thanks for everything your so kind, sweet, and giving!! i really appreciate you coming down my chimney and giving me presents your awesome!! :) and i will alwas believe in youuu :)

  112. Amy

    I think thats wonderful!

  113. Lou

    I think in the Boxes there are tools, hammers, tape, wrapping paper, screws, and the tools that the elves may need for Christmas.
    Lou <3

  114. Tiarni

    Boxing Day Is The Day After Chistmas

  115. Anonymous

    thats so cool!

  116. harmony

    what do the evels look like and what dose the grinch look like

  117. Sarah

    I think you give the elves magic to keep them from being seen!

  118. Sarah

    I think that they might magicly make them selves look like us cause then noone nos there elves

  119. Sarah

    Sorry if I sound mean i Think they get a messager so they can send Santa messages!

  120. Sarah

    Sorry if the other comments I sendid you soundid mean anyway good luck getting ready for Christmas!

  121. mia

    i realy like the idea of that santa my family will have to try that on every boxing day but sadly were going on holiday but ill try to have a bit of fun while im ther xxxxxxxxx:)

  122. anna

    dear, santa i love you. i want to live with you. . Pick me up on Chrisms eave

  123. anna

    dear, santa i love you. i want to live with you. i live in
    {home address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip

    below!}. Pick me up on Chrisms eave .

  124. victoria


  125. katie

    amIn niuce

  126. kaelie hutchinson

    i reely want to see your elves

  127. kalie

    I think that in that box is a special globe to see what children are doing; a special book to keep records of naughty and nice children; an unusual gift wrapping tool, in case they want to do a little Christmas wrapping.

  128. sydney

    well i think that santa gave them a magic camra to see if peple have bem nagty or nice.

  129. aj

    hi santa it is aj rember who is on the nice list tell my elf that i love him and i love you too xoxoxoxoxo … oxoxoxoxxoox

  130. Macenzy

    santa how can we get elves? because alot of my friends have them and i feel left out because thats all they ever talk about their elves. love macenzy

  131. mark

    elves can you reply back and take me to the north pole when i am awake.
    what clothes do i need to wear.
    From mark

  132. anna


  133. Natalie

    I really want to see your elfs love Natalie x.

  134. Natalie

    when you come to my house can you take me for a ride inon your sleigh love Natalie riley x

  135. Anonymous

    dear santa i would like my elf clandra back soon she is very sweet and kind your friend Joyanna grace wint

  136. sydney

    hi santa and elves i just wanted to tell you that in school im doing a presentation on christmas and im doing england and it says something about boxing day and Monday we are reading our papers that we practiced on today.p.ssay hi to all the reindeer and mrs claus

  137. madison

    i hope you have a vraey merry chrismas

  138. Ally

    i think santa gives the elves new cloths and hats. and more magic so they can do the things they need 2.

  139. Mily jo

    i am staying at my grandads tonight
    he said that maybe an elf will deiliver a present to his house before you go on holiday
    do you think you might i am 5 years old

  140. mia

    Dear santa what do you eat for you tea on christmas eve

  141. zach

    hey santa whats up i love your blog
    its awsome hey santa am i really on the
    nice list love.zach

  142. peneeta

    Sneakaskopes, I think thers lots!

  143. Emma

    Hi elves,
    Hope you are all doing well.
    Do any of you elves no a elf named Kringle
    ? Well if you do can you tell him I miss him
    and love him?!! Thank you !!!!

  144. lew

    santa could i please have all my elfs back and could i have please have my raindeer back to and could i please have my pocket elf to please

  145. lauren

    this christmas is going to be so good

  146. frank

    magic snowball

  147. Lily

    I love boxing day and exspesly Christmas even every day in summer and spring and fall.

  148. zion

    I want my elf ziggy back this year

  149. jake

    i thinck that boxing day is a happy day

  150. jake

    can i have 2 elfs. i also thinck that santa is very very very kind

  151. Eoin

    hello santa how old are you

  152. Justce

    i think that you give them a magic wand.

  153. Acacia Bennett

    nawwwwww magic every were its wonderfull dont ya think

  154. jacob

    i love my elves how come they do not talk please reply @ {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}

  155. connor

    not to be rude jake but u speeled think wrong

  156. jake williams

    can i come with you

  157. caroline

    yes boxing day odd

  158. Taylor

    I think there is things for elf on the shelf like a meater to see if some one is being bad or good.

  159. Mackenzie

    Am I on the good list or bad list

  160. Bethany

    connor, please do’nt try tro correct people of spelling when you spelt selled wrong, not to be mean :) . and, on boxing day my sister comes with my nephews :D and we exchange gifts! its like a second christmas :D ! i bet you give the elves little candy canes that tell whos been naughty or nice :)

    -Bethany| :) |

  161. FIONA


  162. Kaitlin

    I think you give them telescopes, notebooks, and bags full of magic!

  163. ANSA




  164. TAOFEEQ


  165. Julia

    Oh that’s nice Santa. I think that they have magic corn or maybe something to catch naughty kids being naughty. ~Julia~

  166. tiarna

    i love boxing day cause its my birthday and i get lots of presents.i bet your really tired on boxing day. i think you should have a nice sleep and make sure the elves dont chuck toys at

  167. Johnny

    Fun when family get together, makes Christmas have an amazing spirit.


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