Christmas Day

Posted by Santa Claus on December 25th, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas!

Well, the reindeer and I are very tired!  It was a very long night.  But it was a very fun night!  I hope you had fun this morning too!

There are many people I have to thank for helping me.

I want to thank the elves and reindeer.  They are such good helpers.  Hurray for the elves and reindeer!

I should thank the grown-ups too.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them.  Hurray for all the grown-ups!

Of course, I have to thank Mrs. Claus!  Hurray for Mrs. Claus!

But most of all, I want to thank all the kids!  I want to thank you for the milk, cookies, mince pies, apples, carrots and other goodies.  Thank you for the great letters and emails too!  Hurray for you!

I hope everyone enjoys the presents that I brought.  The elves worked very hard making them just for you!

I know there are many kids I could not bring any presents to this year.  Or, I had to bring them a present different from what they wanted.

I am very sorry if I could not bring you what you wanted.  I know you really wanted it.  I am sad I could not bring it.  I know you are sad about it too.

But, I want you to always remember something.  Santa Claus and everyone at the North Pole love you very much.  It does not matter what Santa brings you.  He still loves you, almost as much as your grown-ups do!

The most important gifts are the ones that Santa cannot bring.  After all, Christmas does not come in boxes and bags.  It does not come from a sleigh or a store!  If you have people that love you and a warm, safe place to live then Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Did you like the presents ? (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


193 Responses to “Christmas Day”

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  1. 193
    My friend catherine-anne said:

    yes i did i loved the littlest pet shop vip penguin it was soo cute and please can yuo put the sctocking prisse in my roolm plesase sasnta cluas plase

  2. 192
    My friend james said:

    thanks for the quad

  3. 191
    My friend Noelle said:

    Thank you for all I get from you.

    PS.This year my dog Babygirl
    would like to get

  4. 190
    My friend Taylor said:

    I loved the presents.

  5. 189
    My friend jake said:

    thanck you for saying that

  6. 188
    My friend JODI-LYNN said:


  7. 187
    My friend TYLIK said:


  8. 186
    My friend joseph said:

    hey Santa in my house Im behaving good in school and in my house. this year i want for Christmas is spd morpher , Yugioh cards and a hug from you santa i cant wait to see you .ps im going to leve you some cookies and some milk. also i live in xxx. from joseph

  9. 185
    My friend macey said:

    deacr santa i cant wait till its christmas

  10. 184
    My friend Ellie said:

    hi father christmas i wrote you another letter on a different website and you wrote back which was good! i love u and rudolph because of all the presents that you bring! one day i wish that i could stroke rudolph and the other reinders and two more i on the nice list because i have been good all year and do you like me? i hope you do so i can get presents and i would like and a few nice things for christmas please thankyou seeyou x love ellie


  12. 183
    My friend jamie said:

    santa i loved the presents u gave me i realy did but i was sad that u didnt give me a i pod touch mabey next year u will i hape and last year u gave my dad preansents thnx he realy wanted some stuff and i hoped he had a good chirmas cuz of that and this is my thank u for everything that chrimas day and i hope u can give me the stuff i asked for when i mailed a letter to u thnx :)

  13. 182
    My friend Kaden said:

    Hey Santa!

    I am already getting ready for Christmas by making snow flakes and its only July. And guess what I almost forgot, I hope everyone is working hard and having great summer. Dont get sick while you are waiting for Christmas. And Santa, if someone gets sick let me know and I’ll make them a get well card.

    Have a great rest of the summer,

    All the best,


    ps I hope you were able to keep the Grinch away from your cookies.

  14. 181
    My friend daniel wedgwood said:

    hey lad thanks for all me great christmas presents

  15. 180
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    what would you like for christmaas

  16. 179
    My friend Caleb said:

    I recently sent you a email saying that I want a iPod nano 5th gen 8gb. I forgot to tell you that I want it in the color of either blue or green. you can surprise me with the color.

    Thanks, Caleb

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  17. 178
    My friend Kate said:

    i loved chtistmas last year but its only 10 days till this year so i am really excited

  18. 177
    My friend Hope said:

    Thank you for Christmas and a merry Chistmas to you.

  19. 176
    My friend calmeasha said:

    santa do you delieve toys in elkhart p.s. can you please deliver some toys to me and my brother in elkhart we live on {home address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}.

  20. 175
    My friend grace said:

    you rock just like micheal jackson he was awsome are you sad he died? i am anyway you RULE santa P.S. one of my friends said you werent real (i dont belive them)you are 100% real i wish i could meet you

  21. 174
    My friend zara said:

    the present are the best santa clause.i want to really show rudolph all my speacial thing yo you and the rest of the reindeers to.think my tree is nice.all my love zara

  22. 173
    My friend Abby said:

    Dear Santa i will be soooooooooo good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 172
    My friend sahrai medrano said:

    i love all the gifts they r really speaciol to me

  24. 171
    My friend Mallory said:

    i love to nit!

  25. 170
    My friend ashley said:

    that u santa so so much 4 my MP3 player it is so so kool!!!!!!!!!! and thank u 4 all my other gifts!!!!!!! u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 169
    My friend ashley said:

    thank you so so much for all the persents you have given me

  27. 168
    My friend Tayla said:

    hi santa, if you want to send me an email my email address is {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip

    below!} i’ve already sent you an email i sent one to you yesterday and i wasn’t sure if i had the right email but it’s still really cool to be able to chat with you on your blog.

  28. 167
    My friend thorpe. said:


  29. 166
    My friend emma said:

    that’s hard work

  30. 165
    My friend Sarah said:

    They were wonderful thanks for all my presents you take all your time and efort on and I can’t wait till this Christmas

  31. 164
    My friend Lauren said:

    I love christmas

  32. 163
    My friend Sophie said:

    Dear santa for christmas i would like a Nintendo wii CD`s books please and i have been very good at school and at home and i am 12 years old if you want to no from sophie

  33. 162
    My friend rachel said:

    i want presents right now.

  34. 161
    My friend Amber from Houston said:

    what if i stay awake the whole night. will you still come?

  35. 160
    My friend Samantha!! said:

    Dear Santa,
    I know it’s a little late, but thanks for my presents!! I can’t wait to see what you give me this year!

  36. 159
    My friend Molly Kingman said:

    I hope you and Rodolph Dancer Prancer Connor Quipped Donner and Dixon have a Good Christmas.

  37. 158
    My friend Lianna said:

    I loved the presents…they were wonderful and I have a lot of love a warm place and of course I have you..

  38. 157
    My friend Jamey said:

    Thank you santa for all the great presents i have got in all the time i have been alive…..thankyou….xxxx

  39. 156
    My friend Landon said:

    Santa I absoulutly loved my presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember that time when you gave me a basketball goal?! Now i play with it alot with my friends

  40. 155
    My friend delaney said:

    santa i dont care if you did not bring me everything i wanted the most important thing is family and your part of my family and no matter what happens to you your always in my heart just remember that and i will never forger about you if you just believe in me lots of hugs and kisses delaney

  41. 154
    My friend lucy said:

    do you come down the chimney

  42. 153
    My friend chelsea said:

    thank u 4 my pony

  43. 152
    My friend chelsea said:

    i love christmas i bin a good girl everday i be good for anyone my siser got a new house happy christmas

  44. 151
    My friend Kim said:

    I love all my gifts from last year and I cant wait to see what I get this year

  45. 150
    My friend kylie said:

    thank you santa for the giftsitwas alli wanted. For a little reminder you gave me a gatar,pano and a violin well i just wanted to say thank you.

  46. 149
    My friend Alex said:

    I would like to say thankyou for saying you love me my family does not have lots of meony. But i stil got what i asked for but it does not mater about the presants it is what you bealev in


  47. 148
    My friend Ciera said:

    Dear elves and Santa,

    I think Christmas is the best Hollyaday of the year! I think you worked very hard on all the presents and I want to thank you. I know that this message is late it is only 40 sleeps until Christmas 2009!! I don’t want to keep you to long because I know that you are bussy. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas and I just know that 2009 will be the best Too!!

    Love Ciera

    P.S. Merry Christmas!!

  48. 147
    My friend liv said:

    hi santa what u doing now ? how long is it until christmas eve ? i cant wait ill leave u lots of goodies x

  49. 146
    My friend Elianna said:

    Thank you!

  50. 145
    My friend nikki-lee said:

    dear santa it is very good that there was a chistmasjust wanted to say day and i really love you

  51. 144
    My friend claire said:

    thanks santa for all the presents u give me like the hannah montana guitar

  52. 143
    My friend Rebecca said:

    Santa Did you know youare really cool

  53. 142
    My friend Anonymous said:

    meri crismas

  54. 141
    My friend sarah said:

    i loved them so much

  55. 140
    My friend emma said:

    Thank you santa

  56. 139
    My friend kristian said:

    dear santa i would like for chistmas ipod touch ps3 and smackdown vs raw 2010 bye love kristian

  57. 138
    My friend melissa chapman said:

    i love u santa thanks for all the great presents last year they where great
    this year i hope u get money from suched as been a goodgirL MERRY CHRISTMAS

  58. 137
    My friend jayna said:

    the presents wher grat for last year but I have not this years presents so I will have to wat to tell you what this years presents are like but I am sher thay will be grat.

  59. 136
    My friend coltin said:

    i like my gift and thankyou
    your friend forever coltin collins

  60. 135
    My friend cheyenne said:

    thanks for the presents but this can you not give my dad coal because he was upset because he didn’t get a present from you

    Cheyenne and Brianna

  61. 134
    My friend shannon said:

    hi how are you hope you have a great day when it sis christmas i will be slepping

  62. 133
    My friend Jessica said:

    I can’t wait fo Christmas.
    Last year I loved the chocolates.
    There so yummy.

  63. 132
    My friend Billy said:

    I can’t wait until Christmas cause i get sooo many presants from my mum and from you, I hope you have a safe jurney on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Happy Christmas.

    Lots Of Joy,


  64. 131
    My friend Nameless said:

    Thank you Santa for all the work you have done , I absolutely loved the presents!

  65. 130
    My friend yasemin said:

    I like you i think there is some fantastic letters.

  66. 129
    My friend sydney said:


  67. 128
    My friend Angie said:

    Id like to thank the whole north pole staff for all there hard work through out the years!!

  68. 127
    My friend Jadey said:

    hi santa it’s jade as you may allready know i cant wait only 54 more sleeps till christmas know come on christmas and if you know david wilson my daddey will you give him alot of pressents please thankyou love jadey xx

  69. 126
    My friend VASILIJE JOKSIMOVIC said:


  70. 125
    My friend Jennifer said:

    I loved last years christmas presents!!

  71. 124
    My friend christian said:

    in 2008 thank u 4 the bikelock now my bike never gets stolen.

  72. 123
    My friend Sydney said:

    I loved the presents from last year!!!! Now there are only 57 more sleeps until Christmas!!!!! Keep resting until it’s time to go! Don’t get a cough like I do now! That would be terrible! Have a great Thanksgiving to! Bye!

  73. 122
    My friend todd said:

    thanks for my presents

  74. 121
    My friend Brittiany said:

    I loved the Wii , thank you ! <3 :D

  75. 120
    My friend Megan said:

    Hi santa its me agian Megan.I just whanted to say its okey if you dont get me everything I wanted okey Santa.

    P.S I love you a lot!

    P.P.S Your the best Santa.
    p.p.p.S It dosent mater if you dont give .me every thing I whised for okey Santa!

  76. 119
    My friend tyler said:

    ilove you santa

  77. 118
    My friend irene said:

    I love them so much Thank you

  78. 117
    My friend irene said:

    Hi santa I already sent a message to you but I just canit wait till christmas. I can’t wait to get the presents from yo because Iv’e veen a very good girl I wan’t a bird,smiggle and a DS game Merry cristmas.

  79. 116
    My friend ciaran said:

    i am happy

  80. 115
    My friend Lauren said:

    Hi Santa. Thank you for the ds i got it is fantastic!!!!!

  81. 114
    My friend bobbie-leigh said:

    Thank You Santa For The Laptop it is great

  82. 113
    My friend mary said:

    Hey santa i want you to know that you are the best person i know!!!!!!!!!!This cristmas i am going to leave more then just goodies and milk,you will be reciving a present from me MARY! LOVE YOU

  83. 112
    My friend Rosaria said:

    I love you santa

  84. 111
    My friend Liz said:


  85. 110
    My friend Emma said:

    I am so excited about christmas

  86. 109
    My friend Erin said:

    Dear santa
    I realy want to thank u for my gifts.
    And i love the nintendo ds it is so cool.
    You are great and this year i realy dont want many gifts. And if i do get any I realy want it to say ho ho ho merry christmas from santa on the tag slip or paper. Because it dose mean a lot to people exspecally from santa. I do hope I am on the nice list not the bad list marry christmas santa dont work to hard now.
    love Erin

  87. 108
    My friend Bheanara Dulay said:

    Hi santa i Hope no body get sick in Chrismas….and in chrismas we haft to open are presents…

    i won’t forget to give you a letter in and i m gonna send you what i wan’t for Chrismas 3 think Thank you Santa…

    Bestfriend foreever Lol…

  88. 107
    My friend claudia said:

    hi santa i think every body loves presents and i think you do very much hard work i do 10 press ups for you im 9 thanks for presents love claudia bestxxx

  89. 106
    My friend Sophie said:

    Thank you for last years very merry

  90. 105
    My friend AISLINN said:

    I <3 U SANTA!

  91. 104
    My friend AISLINN said:


  92. 103
    My friend AISLINN said:

    When I went into the front room to see what you had left me I found a pump behind the sofa it said on it”Do Not Take Away from the Toy Store!”anyways thank Santa! :]

  93. 102
    My friend AISLINN said:

    The front wheel of the triker can you pump it up again this christmas!
    Thank You Aislinnxxx ;)

  94. 101
    My friend AISLINN said:

    Thank you Santa for keyborad(electric piano)and the triker, please for this christmas can you make it snow! AISLINNxxx

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