Santa Claus’ Little Reindeer Names Games

Posted by Santa Claus on December 20th, 2008

Are you ready for more news about the twin reindeer?  (You did know we were going to have twin reindeer, right?)  Would you like to hear today’s news?

Well, I should start (again!) by saying something.  The twin reindeer still have not been born! Oh, man!

But we still have exciting news!  This has to be the most exciting Christmas ever!  Are you ready?

Well, the Doctor says there will be twins.  There will be a little boy reindeer.  And, there will be a little girl reindeer.  So, Clarice said she would pick the little girl’s name.  And Rudolph said he would pick the little boy’s name!

Well, Clarice has a very nice name for the little girl reindeer.  But, she asked me not to tell just yet.  She wants to wait until the little reindeer is born!

But Rudolph cannot pick a name!  He said there were too many great names.  He could not pick one! And Mrs. Claus said that was “just like a man!”.  HO! Ho! Ho!

So, Rudolph wants you to pick the name for him!  He has made a list of some names.  Now he wants you to vote!

{Note:  Voting for the new reindeer’s name is over}

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think this is a fun way to pick the little boy reindeer’s name?

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  1. 212
    My friend Madison Banana said:

    How about Marcus?

  2. 211
    My friend Brittany said:

    No affense Rudolph, but those names are already taken! How about something else like Merit…idk, just thinking out loud, ask other people what they think!
    Love you Rudolph,

  3. 210
    My friend alex said:

    hey how are you doing.

  4. 209
    My friend alex said:


  5. 208
    My friend jake said:

    im very very exieted about the new raindeer

  6. 207
    My friend Zara said:


  7. 206
    My friend Taylor said:

    To bad the voting for names is over I justm wanted to say merry christmas I mean happy thanksgiving.

  8. 205
    My friend Shania said:

    His name should be Carl

  9. 204
    My friend KATLYN said:

    i think……………….. ralph, max well realy its your choice but rudolph.jr would be good after his daddy

  10. 203
    My friend JOE said:



  12. 202
    My friend frank said:


  13. 201
    My friend alfie said:

    100%excited about christmas this is what i want, toys and games.

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