Rudolph’s Red Nose

Posted by Santa Claus on December 19th, 2008

We are getting ready for the big night!  There are only a few more sleeps!  Today we made sure all the reindeer are ready.  But, we had a little problem.  Would you like to hear about it?

We have one reindeer that needs a little extra care.  It is because he guides my sleigh.  It is because he has a red nose that glows!  Do you know who it is?

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

We polish Rudolph’s nose with special nose wax.  It makes it shine even more!  The elves have to wear sunglasses it is so bright!

Well, Clumsy the Elf went to get more nose wax.  He was supposed to put extra glitter in it.  But he put in some “Dr. Achoo Sneezing Pepper” by mistake!

The elves put some of Clumsy’s nose wax on Rudolph’s nose.  It was shining brighter than ever!  But then…

Rudolph started to sniffle.
Rudolph started to twitch.
Why, Rudolph started to act,
Like his nose had a great big itch!

Rudolph tried not to do it.
He held it as long as he could.
He held his nose tight,
And with all of his might.
He thought he had stopped it for good!

So Clumsy put on some more wax.
And Rudolph began to relax.
But that’s when it happened.
Poor Clumsy got flattened.
Cuz fast as you please,
Fast as Santa on skis.
Rudolph the reindeer,
Had a big messy sneeze!

Rudolph said he is feeling better now.  But, listen carefully Christmas Eve.  If you hear an “Achoo!”, look up!  If you see a red light, it might just be Rudolph!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for the reindeer for Christmas Eve?
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260 Responses to “Rudolph’s Red Nose”

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  1. 260
    My friend kieran said:

    Hi what are u doing ? have i been a good boy?

  2. 259
    My friend kieran said:


  3. 258
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    I’m sorry about what happened.

  4. 257
    My friend Ellie said:

    Hi Santa!
    I’ll keep my ears open,but I go to sleep at 10pm. See ya,Ellie
    P.S.I like Dancer.

  5. 256
    My friend jared said:

    he needs some medicine and tell clumsy to please not give him the wrong kind this year.

  6. 255
    My friend Taylor said:

    merry christmas.

  7. 254
    My friend siena said:

    rudolph can i meet you

  8. 253
    My friend jake williams said:

    rudolphs nose i s bright that it willi glid the slay night

  9. 252
    My friend caroline said:

    red wow no thank you

  10. 251
    My friend maya said:

    I love Roudolph the red nosed reindeer


  12. 250
    My friend Harper said:

    HEY Rudolph!!!I LOVE your red nose it is so cool!!!

  13. 249
    My friend jake said:

    i thinck that clumsy is so good at doing clumsy stuff that he is geting

  14. 248
    My friend jake said:

    i thinck that clumsy is sooooooo good at doing clumsy stuff that he is geting

  15. 247
    My friend tiaan said:

    you are cool santa and awesome did you know i am jaelyn’s younger brother! have fun delivering all the presents to all around round the world

  16. 246
    My friend Jaelyn said:

    hi santa, i am here to right you this letter to say i hope you make it saftley all around the world to everyones house! lots of love jaelyn!

  17. 245
    My friend LEXI said:


  18. 244
    My friend Annie said:

    I realy like your blog Santa why did knowone tell me about this before!xxxahhhhhhh WOW

  19. 243
    My friend Bailey said:

    Raindeer rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 242
    My friend Emma said:

    Rudolph nose is so bright you could see it above the roofs.that silly old Clumsy puting Dr. Achoo Sneezing Pepper on rudolph nose.

  21. 241
    My friend Dylan said:

    rudolph is so cute i love you and tell rudolf i love him to.

  22. 240
    My friend james said:


  23. 239
    My friend Kirsty said:

    I’m sorry that Rudolph av a cold tell Rudolph that I love him so much and get well soon Rudolph :) xxxx

  24. 238
    My friend Anonymous said:

    merry christmas santa and ms.cluas and all the elves and all the reindeers …last christmas i heard you last xmas and i was like is that santa i was going to go downstairs but i said no i better leave santa alone and i want the gift he brought a surprise love aoife sullivan

  25. 237
    My friend kyia said:

    hi santa it is kyia hear again

  26. 236
    My friend katie said:

    be careful!!

  27. 235
    My friend amity said:

    dear santa a merry christmas & a happy new year

  28. 234
    My friend amity said:

    like your reindeers

  29. 233
    My friend jenny said:

    you rock! i know that you know what i want

  30. 232
    My friend tayler said:

    dear santa can i see rudloph now

  31. 231
    My friend Holly and Ethan said:

    Achoo!!! Rudolph is really funny

  32. 230
    My friend Grace said:

    santa it is almost christmas
    i hope u made a cd player for me and thank u for making me happy

  33. 229
    My friend Justin said:

    Dear, I remeber one christmas when I was snug in warm in bed waiting for you to come,I had to go to the bathroom I remeber looking out my bathroom seeing a bright red light go by.I think it might have been Rudolph.


  34. 228
    My friend Christine said:

    please don’t tell me rudolph had a cold that would be terrible /
    ca you can read viet nemese santa or mr.c

  35. 227
    My friend megan said:

    rudolph is a lovely name for him my ma and da said his nose is for shining in the dark is that true

  36. 226
    My friend madison said:

    santa I love writing letter to you and reading them they are my favrotie thing to do it is so close to christmas and I can’t wait to open all the gifts you have brought for me well I must be going don’t what to stop you from working one last thing before I go have a merry christmas

  37. 225
    My friend colby said:

    hi rudolph how is your nose? I hope you are doing good. I will look for you up on my roof. Tell me how the elves are doing. I wish I could be in an elf.

  38. 224
    My friend Kaylie said:

    Oooooohhhhhhh… Better luck next time Rudolph. Hope you feel better!

  39. 223
    My friend vbtudstuk,dxst said:

    yfizyzhjfz … dyfztyufdtYUfzf

  40. 222
    My friend cheyanne said:

    you are the best ghy on earth and i hope rohdalf feels better tell every one at the north pole i love them love you.

  41. 221
    My friend Adree said:

    I hope rudolph gets to feeling better i hate when i get sick

  42. 220
    My friend ellen said:

    i love you

  43. 219
    My friend Ioni said:

    I really like Rudolph, he is my favourite reindeer, but actually I love all the other reindeer all the same!!

  44. 218
    My friend david said:

    i hope Rudolph gets well. Merry Christmas.

  45. 217
    My friend Caroline said:

    Rudolph’s nose is soooooo cool GOOOOOOOOO Rudolph!

  46. 216
    My friend katherine & her doggie "Ginger" said:

    dear santa,

    that elf must have been really clumsy if he put pepper in instead of glitter

    from someone who will always believe,


  47. 215
    My friend reid said:

    does it blind you

  48. 214
    My friend Lydia said:

    Hope rudolph get’s well soon.

  49. 213
    My friend Jordan said:

    I cant wait for christmas got my christmas tree up already

  50. 212
    My friend Sarah said:

    I really want to see Roudluph tell hi I said Hi! again he is so sweet(:

  51. 211
    My friend Bailey said:

    how is it going

  52. 210
    My friend nicholas said:

    casper say’s high to rudolf!!!!!!!!

  53. 209
    My friend julie said:

    ahh santa your the greatest man on earth silly and jolly! lol ur soo kewliozz

  54. 208
    My friend sarah said:

    hi santa
    i will always believe in you and mrs claus and the reindeers and the elves.

  55. 207
    My friend sarah said:

    hi santa,
    i really hope you leave me a present.
    lots and lots of love from sarah for you santa, mrs claus, all the reindeers and the elves.

  56. 206
    My friend ashley said:

    RUDOLPH RULES!!!!!!!:)

  57. 205
    My friend BEN said:

    hi santa haha

  58. 204
    My friend nicklas said:

    you mist be happy

  59. 203
    My friend Meg said:

    Hey Santa!I was hoping that for Christmas I could get a ripstick! Maybe a silver one please! From Meg

  60. 202
    My friend jessica said:

    i love everyone at the north poil.

  61. 201
    My friend mackenzie said:

    that was funny i hope rudolph is feeling better!!

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