Santa Needs More Reindeer Names!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 17th, 2008

Rudolph and Clarice just gave me great news!  It is about the little reindeer!  (You did know a little reindeer was coming, right?)  Would you like to hear today’s news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  The little reindeer still have not been born!

But we have exciting news!  I am excited.  Mrs. Claus is excited.  Mommy and Daddy reindeer are excited.  This is just so exciting!  Are you excited?

Clarice and Rudolph just came back from the reindeer doctor with the news.  The doctor said everyone is doing great!  He also said there were going to be TWO little reindeer!

That is right!  Clarice and Rudolph are going to have twins!  Wow!  I think I am going to faint!

There is going to be a little girl reindeer.  And, there is going to be a little boy reindeer!

Rudolph was so excited he jumped right over Santa Claus Castle!  I was so excited I danced a jingle bell jig!  Then all the elves started dancing a jingle bell jig!

But now we need even more reindeer names!

You can still leave Rudolph and Clarice a message with your name for the little reindeer!  

I will let you know any more news as soon as I can!  I sure hope the little reindeer will be born soon!  I think I better go sit down now.  :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you excited about the twins?  What do you do when you get excited at Christmas?
(You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


399 Responses to “Santa Needs More Reindeer Names!”

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  1. 399
    My friend william a bird said:

    santa name him or flying or cuted

  2. 398
    My friend william a bird said:

    santa your reindeer need to be careful

  3. 397
    My friend Bridgid said:

    you should name the raindeers Cece and Ronald.

  4. 396
    My friend brianna said:

    maybe you could name a girl reideer princess or a boy reindeer prince or cutie

  5. 395
    My friend Maddy said:

    I think the boy should be pip and the girl should be lulu these are some of the names im going to name my kitten.:)

  6. 394
    My friend sel said:

    selina an nicole should be there names

  7. 393
    My friend anthony said:

    i think is blitz merky

  8. 392
    My friend caroline said:

    nauneet your names are so silly!!

  9. 391
    My friend caroline said:

    OK wil this do? popa and pipa you kids email me on here ok?

  10. 390
    My friend emily said:

    girl:Candy,Tinsel boy:Cane,Bonbon


  12. 389
    My friend navneet said:

    what about poinsettia and joy

  13. 388
    My friend desiree said:

    dear,Santa i think the girl should be named Baba and the boy be named Nosie!

  14. 387
    My friend tara said:

    tara thriona eddie john .p.s.these are some rudolf names

  15. 386
    My friend ariana said:

    dear santa i have names for the reindeers The girl should be named bobble gum and the boy should be named nickolous.

  16. 385
    My friend Noah said:

    can you name one of them Noah plz

  17. 384
    My friend caitlin said:

    hi u need 2 names 1 for a boy :) and 1 for a girl :P well i am gona giv u 2 names for each girls 1.starla 2.angel(or angelica)boys 2. ribon(or robin)!!!! i really hope u pic one off them or what becky said candy cane thats a lovley name !!! :) :P xxx bye xoxo

  18. 383
    My friend Ryan said:

    Gary,Phil, Thomas,Flyer and Comid.

  19. 382
    My friend brittany said:

    hay santa how wer you? i think your hansum! hope mrs.clas isint the jellis typ. i allredy have a boy frind eny ways! tell mrs.clas i sed hi. well i send hugs and kisses

  20. 381
    My friend becky said:

    i think you should call one candy cane because they are so sweet and the baby is sweet to

  21. 380
    My friend charlotte said:

    whho ison the nice list ilove you so so so much xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

  22. 379
    My friend charlotte said:

    whho ison the nice list ilove you so so so much xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

  23. 378
    My friend charlotte said:

    love you please can you tell me who is on your nice list

  24. 377
    My friend annie said:

    hi santa calm down about the twins its big news that there is going to be new baby reindeer but remember to be calm anyway i have some ideas for reindeer names for the girl how about holly?and for the boy jolly wish clarice and rudoph luck and happyness xoxo annie

  25. 376
    My friend jake said:

    lopy,linford, kurn,gavin, lloyd,ferb ,riger,
    jock, eban,pol,tric

  26. 375
    My friend danielle said:

    can you come to my house tomorrow

  27. 374
    My friend Anonymous said:


  28. 373
    My friend Scotty said:

    I just came up with the coolest names for Rudolph and Clarice’s new born reindeer and here they are: Boys: CJ, Cody, Aaron, Peter, Jonathan, Scotty, Matthew, Shaun, Michael, Tyler, Jacob, Ryan, Luke, Samuel, Joshuah, Richie and Brandon, Girls: Samantha, Rachel, Cassie, Brenda, Tabitha, Sabrina, Jasmine, Sarah, Rebbecca, Tiffany, Charlene, Lindsay, Pamuela, Paula, Brittany, Amy, Hannah and Ashley.

  29. 372
    My friend BOBY said:

    :) :):):):) :) :):):) (%) %%- and booooooooooo to you

  30. 371
    My friend Sarah said:

    I think you should name the reindeer Roadoff

  31. 370
    My friend chelsea said:

    I Fink you should call your raindeerrs : comic and rupolphiaa !

  32. 369
    My friend hannah said:

    hi santa girl honey boy reindeer cristmas

  33. 368
    My friend charley said:

    i think you should name one of your reindeer charley

  34. 367
    My friend scarlet or lottie as my nick name! said:

    what about :




  35. 366
    My friend scarlet or lottie as my nick name! said:

    Hi fatherChristmas ,
    I would like to test you if thats ok just so that I can get to know you a bit better !
    -what are your other names ?
    -what is 100 add 100?
    If you get theise write I know it is you other wise i know where the real Father Christmas is .

    Lots of love from Scarlet(lottie)

    Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel… I probably have 200 names! O<;-)}}}

  36. 365
    My friend liam said:

    i cant get to sleep on christmas eve oh i almost forgot about the reindeer names would christmas be a name

  37. 364
    My friend austin said:

    have a good holiday i hope you do good working on those prezents [WINK!]

  38. 363
    My friend ben said:

    ben sam bee

  39. 362
    My friend mary said:

    name it clarus

  40. 361
    My friend sophie said:

    hi santa could you tell rudolph that i think that the twins should be called crystul and bobi bye everyone

  41. 360
    My friend jamie said:

    mrs rudolf

  42. 359
    My friend Roisin said:

    (1)Spot,(2)Twinkle, (3)Sparkle, (4)Princess (5)Sweats n treats,

  43. 358
    My friend Archana said:

    Boy names: Jingle, Cheeky and Presents.

    Girl names: Snowy, Twinkle, Star and Tinsel.

  44. 357
    My friend Writergirl said:


  45. 356
    My friend frank said:

    carol and chris

  46. 355
    My friend Brooke said:

    salt and peepr or sugar and spice but my favourite is misltoe and snowy xxxx

  47. 354
    My friend chloe said:

    boys names;max,sam, jake.
    girls names;snuggie, snowflake,molly.

  48. 353
    My friend Stony said:

    Corbin And Stony!!!!!! !!!!

  49. 352
    My friend Amy said:

    Amy is oniy 4 and she picked them.

  50. 351
    My friend lucy from bangor said:

    I have a few names for the twin reindeers….

    1 Tubble 6 Daisy
    7 Milky
    8 poppy
    8 loveably
    9 cutie

    2 Chocolate

    3 Snowy

    4 Noel

    5 Bubble

  51. 350
    My friend TAYLA said:

    Ruby and Snowy

  52. 349
    My friend Grace said:

    I think one should be named Mistletoe and the other should be Sugar

  53. 348
    My friend Layne said:

    I like the name pepper for a reindeer

  54. 347
    My friend audrey said:

    hi santa jo

  55. 346
    My friend Taylor said:

    I think you should name the raindeer Amy and Tom. I hope you like my names. Merry christmas from Taylor

  56. 345
    My friend Ethan said:

    I think if he has a boy it should be Iron man. bye.

  57. 344
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    Santa I think you should name your girl reindeer Misty and your boy reindeer Jr. bye Santa.

  58. 343
    My friend Emily said:

    Ithink you should name the boy asher and the girl snow, thats what i think!!!!!!
    p.s i named my webkinz prancer and its a girl because its pretty!!!!!

  59. 342
    My friend nicole said:

    hey santaaaa :]

  60. 341
    My friend haley said:

    call it Hearshy

  61. 340
    My friend shealyn said:

    i think you should nome it ruby and rudy or or or the best name abby

  62. 339
    My friend charles said:

    i think you shouled stik with the reindeer names because there good names.

  63. 338
    My friend Caitlin said:

    i think that maybe Radient could work

  64. 337
    My friend christian said:

    james and seth

  65. 336
    My friend DANIELLE said:


  66. 335
    My friend DANIELLE said:


  67. 334
    My friend tysen said:

    how about jill for a girl name

  68. 333
    My friend tysen said:

    how about teddy

  69. 332
    My friend george said:

    jame 4 a boy and macy 4 a girl

  70. 331
    My friend george said:

    mojo as a boy

  71. 330
    My friend Devon bennett said:

    i have a few names to suggest to you for reinderrs here we go …bell ,holly,berry,saxson ,angel,
    dove,cherry,clumsy,last of all lolly xx hopeou like them names … favorite is bell because on your sleigh there is lots of bells …THANKYOU xx

  72. 329
    My friend wayne tetreault said:

    I hope you all have a good summer

  73. 328
    My friend madison said:

    i think the names should be

    boy: jingle girl: bell
    i think these are awesome names

  74. 327
    My friend emma james said:

    holly,bubbles,emmy, acwafrost, slasher or yaffe

  75. 326
    My friend shea said:

    oidfsiuor o3w23wutg ddddddddd y4rrrrrrrrrgf rtdyrfi4r6yt yei5ryfkjhd kygvdgn udficb

  76. 325
    My friend marhea said:

    I think the girl name should be jingle and the boy name can be sain.

  77. 324
    My friend rachel said:

    i think it should be called jake cause thats my puppys name and i really cannot wait for christmas. Rachel. please reply

  78. 323
    My friend jariel said:

    I think you should the girl seattle and the boy sattle

  79. 322
    My friend kimberly said:

    i think you can call the girl kimmy and the boy chris 20010

  80. 321
    My friend katie said:


  81. 320
    My friend jaycee shepherd said:

    i think you should name your reindeers ruby or leila or eleaner or lili
    by jaycee lee shepherd

  82. 319
    My friend kaila said:

    i am really sorry i just wunt to know is isaiah on the noty list and am i on the nice list.

  83. 318
    My friend megan said:

    i think u should call 1 of u reindeers MEGAN

  84. 317
    My friend Madeline Davis said:

    I hope you can get me my scottish fold kitten. I’m really excited about christmas are you? I’m 7 years old. Next year i’ll be 8.

  85. 316
    My friend kristina said:

    the names should be ruby for the gitl and teddy for the boy

  86. 315
    My friend mytam said:

    can you please name the girl deer,Malika because she is my friend and she loves rudolph!(she even has a rudolph doll!:)

  87. 314
    My friend allison said:

    i like rudy

  88. 313
    My friend Marlyn said:

    Merry Christmas i am happy new year for happy santa claues .

  89. 312
    My friend Marlyn said:

    Merry Christmas .

  90. 311
    My friend Mark said:

    I think a good name for a reindeer would be Blizzerd.

  91. 310
    My friend Camryn said:

    I think you should name the girl
    “Holly” and the boy “Jolly”! Please consider these names PLEASE!!!

  92. 309
    My friend Laura said:

    I thinnk the girl should be called Lily
    and the boy should be called Olly or Oliver

  93. 308
    My friend Zoe said:

    I think you should name the boy baby reindeer Scampers, and the girl baby reindeer Aly. Hope the little cuties are born soon!

  94. 307
    My friend martina said:

    you can call them Rudy and Dancy!

  95. 306
    My friend megan said:

    i think Sparky

  96. 305
    My friend Bristal said:

    I like Holly for the baby girl riendeer’s name.

  97. 304
    My friend grace said:

    One of my favorite names is Josefina.

  98. 303
    My friend Peyton said:

    I think I have just the right name for a reindeer. SNOWFLAKE!!!! if not oh well cant think of any thing els.

  99. 302
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    Santa I think the best names for 2 reindeer are Angela and Jingle! Gotta dash!

  100. 301
    My friend portia said:

    i think they should be called Rudy and Ruby!!!!!!!!!!

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