Santa Needs More Reindeer Names!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 17th, 2008

and Clarice just gave me great news!  It is about the !  (You did know a little reindeer was coming, right?)  Would you like to hear today’s news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  The little still have not been born!

But we have exciting news!  I am excited.  Mrs. Claus is excited.  Mommy and Daddy reindeer are excited.  This is just so exciting!  Are you excited?

Clarice and Rudolph just came back from the reindeer doctor with the news.  The doctor said everyone is doing great!  He also said there were going to be TWO little reindeer!

That is right!  Clarice and Rudolph are going to have twins!  Wow!  I think I am going to faint!

There is going to be a little girl reindeer.  And, there is going to be a little boy reindeer!

Rudolph was so excited he jumped right over Santa Claus Castle!  I was so excited I danced a jingle bell jig!  Then all the elves started dancing a jingle bell jig!

But now we need even more reindeer names!

You can still leave Rudolph and Clarice a message with your name for the little reindeer!

I will let you know any more news as soon as I can!  I sure hope the little reindeer will be born soon!  I think I better go sit down now.  :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you excited about the twins?  What do you do when you get excited at Christmas?
(You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


399 Responses to “Santa Needs More Reindeer Names!”

  1. joshua

    I think we should stay with the present names because they are really good names! but it’s a really good idea.


  3. Sunny

    I think baby dear’s name is ‘Terry.

  4. mikey

    when i get exiced, i write to you and everyone.

  5. deanna

    hey santa i think the babys’ names should be rudy and ruby.thanks and merry christmas!

  6. Chessie

    please please please please please please please call one of the reindeers:

  7. Rachael

    Nasha for a name for one of your reindeers.

  8. summer

    vg,kghkuhfug, j.k;kjkjggfft … yhggfg

  9. Rebekah

    You should call it Ruby

  10. bernie

    i think there name shall be floe and jannet

  11. Ashley

    i can’t wait for christmas

  12. emma

    i think the boy shopuld be called bouncy and the girl prezen


  14. willow

    Santa how about Mistletoe for a baby name?

  15. William

    since reindeers where jingle bells, how about naming one of them “jingy”

    Then when they dance you can get “jingy with it”

    Merry Christmas.

  16. Destiny

    I think the babies names should be Luna and Reggie. Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Shannon

    i think the boy can be benny and the girl claire like clarice ;)

  18. Austin

    I am excited about the twins. That must be so much fun.

    I forgot to tell you before, that I really want some PSP games.. Also, can you make it snow on christmas?? Oh and my brother really needs his own PSP games, so I dont have to share.

    Travel safe.

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  19. kelebe

    are you real santa could you please get me wath i wanted

  20. aisha

    maybe you name it takashi

  21. s

    what about Bubby and Fuzzy?

  22. MJ


  23. Colton

    Dear Santa,

    I think the new reindeer should be named Flyer and Clara.

  24. Shannon


  25. Leah

    I think you should name the baby deers Hannah and Andrew!!

  26. Emily


  27. jordan

    santa i know what could you name them thoamas,chris,mable too

  28. brian

    you shold have a reindeer names santas helper

  29. Les

    Hmm for reindeer names should be Virginia and Charlie (named for a couple other famous Christmas people!)

    When I’m excited, I bounce around and laugh as loud as I can!

  30. erica and ben

    we think the girl should be called cookies and the boy should be called coca cola there great names!

  31. Aimee

    I have a great name for a reindeer. How about ‘COSE’. It’s a nice name because a reindeer sometimes can be warm and cose.
    Love Aimee

  32. Rebekah

    I thing good names for the baby reindeer would be Twinkle and Bob.

  33. Derek

    i love it to be dan and melinda.

  34. olivia

    christmas is the best day of my life

  35. Savannah

    I think their names should be Rudy and Ruby!



  37. Semi

    Darty love tart

  38. Emily

    pretty please call it oscar or meg

  39. AbbeyM

    How about “Snowball”?

  40. Patrick

    How about Patrick and Kate?

  41. Sarah

    I think you should name it marny

  42. laney

    name it after me

  43. Matt


  44. alicja from vernon

    ella and cameron

  45. jesse


  46. brooklyn

    are you really real

    Reply from Santa:

    Of course, Brooklyn! I exist just as surely as love and the spirit of childhood do.

    Sometimes when kids and adults get older they lose their spirit of childhood. They even start to think that I don’t exist! But I have been around for a very, very long time because people of all ages have kept me in their hearts. Even if the way you think of me changes over time, I hope you will always keep my spirit with you. And even if I cannot bring you presents, you must always remember that I love you very much!

    Merry Christmas!


  47. Joy

    They should be named

  48. Hannah

    I think the baby reindeers name should be Jupit and Junior please please please please please please please please please please consider using these names even know their not much

  49. Georgia

    I think the Reindeer babies should be called Bella & Edward. :)

  50. Tanner

    i am so excited for Christmas!When i get excited I tens up all my muscles and start shivering. I’m glad rodolphand Clariceare having twins!

  51. Lauren

    These are some names Lauren, Daniel, Sooty, Sweep, Snowy, Snowflake, Toffee, Coffee, Cboco, Carrot, Glisten, Santa 2, Mrs Claus 2 and Bob

  52. Brittany

    I think the twins names should be Jack for the boy and Jaclyn for the girl.

  53. Ashley

    I think the baby reindeer should be Ruby and Rocky!

  54. sabrina

    i think you should name it nell if its a boy and kagome if its a girl

  55. Christine

    i think the reindeer should be named ditzon (dancer and blitzon)

  56. chloe

    i think bobby

  57. chloe

    wat about snowflake or christmas

  58. Pauline

    I want to name the boy are you ready………. woah wait i lost it…………
    It is back I want to name the boy Jingles and the girl Angels. Jingles and Angels like it.

  59. Anonymous

    yes i am!!!!!!!

  60. Wendy T and Shaun

    We really like these names:

    Egg and Nog
    Dunkin and Donut
    Candy and Cane
    Ebony and Ivory

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  61. sarah

    if its a boy a think you should name it Marny if its a girl i think you should name it Jessaca

  62. BAILEY


  63. jacqueline


  64. jacqueline

    yes santa all babies are angles so we call it Ann bell

  65. roran

    the babbies should be clled blocky and blockes!

  66. Lucas

    My suggestion is Cranberry

  67. Morgan

    I think you should name it “Karli”!!!That is cute!!


  68. Briana

    Rudolph and Clarice

  69. Caitlyn

    Im a twin you should name them Kitty and Joei.

  70. jacob

    scrambles and sidney

  71. Nadedh

    I think one of your reindeer name should be Raindy or Rarla.

  72. Alexis

    I cant wait for the twins!! Santa, do you think the boy will lead the sleigh??

  73. michela

    merry christmas!!!!

  74. michela

    I think you should name one of them demi

  75. lily

    i think you should call it roby

  76. Kennidy

    I think the name should be Clare.

  77. Bella

    I think you should name one eggnog.

  78. millie


  79. Anonymous

    santa randeer

  80. tiya

    santa reindeer comment reindeer dasher reindeer

  81. darragh

    hi santa cluas its you friend darragh i was wondering can i get the code breaker as welli hope its not i alot so best christmas wishes hugges and kisses from you friend darragh

  82. richard

    merry christmas

  83. Chucky

    i think the rain dear should be called BRAIN because BRAIN is a nice name and also there it is a cute letter the letter B

  84. Connor



  85. Peter

    i want gibbie and sara

  86. renee

    call her boring beatiful nativity

  87. Jade Parker

    bubls wene hlika mr rabbit

  88. cherysh

    if you want reindeer names here you go

    claire, zoey. amy, demmi, lee, james, kylon. raney, bobbie, jade, lisa, louie, levi, leah, bella, and lola

  89. cherysh

    r u
    ok t
    day l

  90. cherysh

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … %%%%%%%%% ^^^^^^^^ … ********* ((((((((((((((( … ))))))))))))))___________ … ============

  91. Peyton

    I think it should be,Clommer

  92. Billy

    H! I want a choclate cake for Christmas. Please send me one.

  93. olivia

    I have a GREAT name for one of your reindeers its JUMPER i HOPE its good

  94. marina

    for the boy peppermint
    and for the girl princess

  95. Rachel Reindl

    I think that the reindeers name should be Blizzerd.Any name would be perfect.

  96. crystal

    u r cool and babby crystal is a nice name

  97. crystal

    did you get my letter to day alex is a good name

  98. Jordan

    hi how are the elves? how are their webkinz hahahaha

  99. Gavin

    I would like to suggest a new name…..Pete. Thank you Santa.


  100. Taylor

    For the male reindeer, you should call him, Noctis. It’s Latin, and means, ‘ Light Of The Night Sky’ according to my uncle.

  101. Shantel and Tanya

    Kemical Koolade,
    edalook lacimek,
    Nut- cracker,

  102. Alyssa

    I have a few names. Mocha, Mocho, Lolita, Cocoa, Wonder, Acura and maybe Ginger or Gingerbread.

  103. Madison

    Dear Santa,
    I still believe. I believe with ALL my heart!
    so that’s why i sent you this.
    My brother is on the nice list.
    Isn’t that wonderful??? I’m happy for him. But i dont think im on the good list. What if i don’t get on the list?
    My Dad calls me a stuborn Mule. Please give him a present. because i feel bad if you don’t. You don’t have to get me anything. All i want is a Phone…LOL ok can you please name the rain deer Misty?
    i like that name. or CHOCOLATE!!!!! thanks Santa.. I hope you have a Merry day!!
    Your Friend

  104. Jason

    The boys name should be Percy and the girls name should be MaryAnne.

  105. Carlin

    I think Blizzard would be a good name

  106. marie

    u should call it daisy please please please please please thanks x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  107. bella

    clara or chessie

  108. katie and CJ

    and cool guy
    bye from katie and CJ

  109. Samantha

    Hi Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!! The riendeer babys r really cool1!! That’s awsome Rudolf and clarice had twins Well got 2 go Bye

  110. Sally

    I like the name Annie and Karen

  111. caroline

    when i get excited at christmas i go and ask if i can open presents! 2:)

  112. Daniela

    I think you should name the girl Lover and the boy Polo!

  113. amanda

    bored bored bored bored abelle9325

  114. olivia

    if its a girl call it olivia because its the worlds popualur name.

  115. julia and jillian

    we think the new names should be Nancy and Nina

  116. keelin

    I think you should call It Ruby

  117. linh

    nxdflv eajnfrdjzsn xlkdfgjnsdfkn kifd nsdicdsjkvndisr ifr niefndkxjzcsdicvj uirfgnjbvriey tierof

  118. sylvia

    i think the names should be faith and luke

  119. joshua totten


    here is some of theme
    john cena bib jordin max jeff hardy

  120. norita

    i got one

  121. lindsey

    i think their names should be… and vick!if they are boys

  122. mackenzee

    i love riendeer and santa claus

  123. mackenzee

    i love you guys

  124. Bailey

    dear santa or elves if you ever need more reindeer names i think you should call it Cringal

  125. Alyssa

    i love you very much xox you love me don/t you igave you cookies i love you more than i do so ps could you tell Mrs clause i love her too could iget soda for being nice plese tell me yes iwill give you whatever you want .

  126. taylor

    hi well what i think what would be a good name is penny for the girl and dorn for the boy cant wait till x mas

  127. Isobel

    I’ve thought of a Reindeer name :Oliver.
    2. San diego.
    3. Jimmy.
    That’s all I’ve though of sorry.:)

    Lots of love Isobel

  128. lute

    name taylor nick name lute are you happy stuped santa?

  129. jessica

    i think a good name is cutie 4 a girl

  130. marissa

    you shuld name it rissa and marissa

  131. grace

    karen and farwhirl

  132. grace

    now karen is the girl and i meant farfetch for the boy.

  133. Ellie

    Dear Santa,
    Remember me? I just emailed you. I can’t wait for Christmas! Am I really getting a cellphone? Radio? Slippers? I don’t care. By the way, I think the names for the reindeer should be if it was two boys, I think Patrick and Ryan.If two girls, Elizabeth and Margaret. If both, I think Patrick and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is my name, and Patrick is my brothers name. Bye!

  134. candace

    santa please please will you give
    me a new nintendo ds because guess
    what i just woke up and i really
    want one .

  135. Matteo

    Girl: Gracie

    Boy: Rudolph Jr. (Rudy for short)

  136. Carter

    If you get another reindeer you should name it Cookie.

  137. Jemma lincoln

    I’ve got some names here…
    sandy,mistdy,emma(my name is Jemma!)and Imogen

  138. lily

    dear santa for the reindeeer names (more) i thought of danny rosey or giala for a girl and mury like mury christmas for a boy

  139. sarah

    dear santa i think the raindeers name should be gabreela

  140. Lucia

    I think one should be named Kahliliah.

  141. Nolan

    Santa Jr. for the boy, Mrs. Claus Jr. for the girl

  142. tayla

    i love you.

  143. maison

    roobin robin

  144. haley

    emily and henry

  145. many

    santa i love you but what i whant is love please can you give me that and i would also take some toys or a new car for my mom and dad

    p.s I love you

    love Dylan miceal burns

  146. sean

    sean or aisling

  147. Abbey

    Dear Santa i thought you might like the name SKIPPER for the new reindeer.I hope you like the name because it was hard to think of.

  148. jessica

    lolly pop

  149. Kate

    Santa, Hope you had a wonderful Christmas last year and just to say thankyou for all the presents you got me last Christmas you save the world if the Grinch comes and you watch over everybody so thats why everybody loves you and I love you the most so keep that in mind and tell your Reindeers that I love all them aswell and Mrs Clause too! hope I get lots of presents this year and the same with all your family/ pets ect…love
    Kate O’Neill x

  150. breanna

    don’t play with sissor

  151. molly

    please name the reindeer evan and clare.

  152. ellie

    i love you!you are the best!

  153. ashly

    starburst for a girl and thunder for a boy

  154. Marisa

    I think the reindeer’s name should be
    That would be really cute

  155. Maddisonemma

    I think Ruby or Bella or Emmet or Rubster.

  156. Da Brat

    Aiyoyoyo! SANTA! Name one after me, Da Brat!

  157. Casey

    Casey BJ Brittany teagan peter matt meckey

  158. Lucy

    I think you should call the reindeer Nestaphew (christmas wish in arabic) for the boy and Promise or Cherriella for the girl. I’m sure they’ll be georgous!
    Love lucy x

  159. Maddi

    I think you should name them Clare and Rudy.

  160. Dylan Schorr

    You could maybe name a reindeer Jolly , Sliver , Sammy. Thanks

  161. kylie

    names; terra and mac

  162. Lachlan

    I reckon there names should be for the boy Lachlan and the girl Tania.

  163. jibriel

    How about Cutie for the next one they’ll be so cute!

  164. jibriel

    I think they will be named Jade and Yumi pls try that trust me santa ;)

  165. abby

    go with any name you like but i think you should call him don.

  166. dray

    YOU can name it drayton2nd if you don’t care it would be cool if you can name it that love dray

  167. Sarah

    I think a great name would be Cissy!

  168. kelcy

    hey santa clause you should name it dasher ok i think thats a nice naME for it or try this one is syndey

  169. bethany

    i think u should name the babies unique name like the girl my name cuz its unique or like isabella and the boy clint.well thats my opinion. u can name the kids what ever u want!

  170. megan

    how about fudge pop

  171. Kyle

    i thiink that the names you already have are good,and everbody already knows your reindeer names but then again youll get all the reindeer confused. I know you dont want that to happen. Because then you wont know who woud be guiding your sleigh on Christmas Eve

  172. Erin

    i think you shoud name them cia and don

  173. Alaina

    I think they should name the baby girl Clarresent, because it has Clare in it like Clarice. I think the baby boy should be Mintolph, Because it has olph in it like Rudolph and mint because candy canes are apart of christmas.

  174. Mackenzie

    Santa I was thinking and if a baby girl reindeer comes you could call her Glory.But if the baby reindeer is a boy you could call Lucky.From your friend Mackenzie.

  175. Arianna

    Dear Santa,

    I am very excited for the reindeer names!!!!!!!!

    I also need to tell you that in my letter that want a reel kitten.

    I know one name for the reindeer it is Parson.


  176. Brittany

    Hi Santa i think we coul name the baby reindeer Raymond.Thanks for letting me righ to you.Bye.

  177. mimi

    ps.hi i my9yesod

  178. kaylee

    ha its me kaylee her,s a name for a baby how about milly or juliet and austin to yal from kaylee.

  179. Jessica

    That’s so cute the baby twins are probly so cute!I’m so exsited for christmas!

  180. faith


  181. Hannah

    I think you should call it snowflake

  182. isla

    santa you should call them racheal and reeice xxxxxooooo

  183. hayleigh

    i love cerismism

  184. zoe

    i think raining pop a good name

  185. Larni

    i like ruby and zacy or milly and michi or lilly and lockie. hope u like my names

  186. Sarah

    please call one of your raindeer Sarah I love all of your raindeer and your the best person ever.
    merry xmas Santa,

    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    And all your raindeer two.
    lol I made it up, well I changed the end bit any way.:D psst Santa I getting you something when you come you will see what it is, intill then merry Christmas.

  187. hannah

    you are beautiful and i love your red outfit

  188. Vanessa Legge

    well you could call one coolong

  189. Hannah

    i think the girl name is Carry and the boy Rab

  190. reagan

    you should name one of your reindeer spirit like christmas spirit thank you

  191. Jacob

    I think you should name the boy reindeer either Tom,Max, or Percy. You should name the girl either Rilee, Jinny, or Emily. Bye!

  192. grace chaiccon

    hi santa i love you i miss you
    i want a dsi and a wii and a babby oliv go patty and saprais love you grace

  193. grace chaiccon

    hi santa it grace i love you i miss you
    alf aur bisie? aur you bisie? marre creis miess
    love grace…..

  194. grace chaisson

    hi santa i love you i miss you
    i want a dsi and a wii and a babby oliv go patty and saprais love you grace

  195. hayley

    i love the name blizzard what a great name santa i love you and the elves and say hi th spickey for me thanx!!!!!

  196. Jacob

    Hey, whats up?

  197. Jacob

    Here I just thought of some more names: Snowy and Chloey

  198. millie

    i think the name shall be holly because it is something you put on your door

  199. Faith

    I think the twins should be named Smiles and Giggles.

  200. Bethany g

    Dear santa i think you should call ur new baby randeers snowball and snowfalke

  201. Sarah

    the girls name could be Star and the boy could be named Sky

  202. tori

    santa i hope you will think abuot naming one of them sprinkels p.s.pretty please think about it

  203. Gabbie

    i think you should call it HOLLY

  204. Jacob

    I thought of more names: Holly and Jolly

  205. Anna

    How ’bout Clara, Flick, James or Sammy?

  206. rachel

    I cant wait till chiistmas can you?
    do you have any names for the baby reindeer i’ve got one for the girl ……Ashley i think it would suit her

  207. kirsten

    the babies names should be star (for the girl) and flame (for the boy) tell ruldoph and clairice congratulations and merry christmas!

  208. Reid Nelson

    snow angel
    you rock elves and santa and mrs claus

  209. Reid Nelson

    sorry santa and elves

  210. molly

    cracker and fanta

  211. tara

    i think one sould be called [Rudice]girl’s name…..and the other called [clarolph] boy’s name………………
    ……..the two name’s are mixed between …..Rudolph and Clarice
    p.s i love christmas so much…..can’t stay calm………..merry christmas

  212. noel

    i think you should name the baby reindeers snow and moon!!!!!!!! all my love to $anta <3 <333333333

  213. sara

    name the babies jingle bells and holly berry

  214. isabella

    when im happy i jump up and down

  215. Carlene Elise Daniel


  216. Ben

    Maybe you could you call the girl raindeer Honey or the boy Syrup.

  217. Callum

    What about Hannah and George

  218. rebecca

    Santa i think there names shuold be lucky and charm

  219. Bethanie

    Santa Claus, you can name your baby reindeer cream! or vanilla!:D

  220. Macy

    i think you sould call the girl glower and the boy gumfree

  221. ashley

    hi i think the boy shold be roudolf jr and the girl should be clair.

  222. Taylor

    I have a build a bear that is named Clarice and she looks like her.I have two babies that came with her. BY LOVE, Taylor

  223. hannah sheppard

    santa you should name the baby reindeers cutie and moddy

  224. tazzy

    girl name:moonlight
    boy name:breakingday

  225. sophie

    the girl should be called amy and the boy lightning.;)

  226. Tiffany

    Well the girl-Juile.The Boy-Buddy.

  227. Katie

    well i am kinda late but i think you should call them very simallar names like claire and mabey even ronold or abby and andrew on claire and cameron idk just call it beutiful names k see ya bye

  228. isabella

    claire for the girl and daniel for the boy

  229. Landon

    Claireece could be named after claire so to me that would be a good name.

    p.s.If it’s a boy you could name him cudlee.

  230. anna

    red socks or buddy or jojoy

  231. Preston

    I think COCO for the boy and CUPCAKE for the girl… = )

  232. Destinie

    Santa i think you should name it if its a girl (molly) and if its a boy name it (link) oh and say hi to the raindeers for me and coungalashens for having a baby

  233. ross

    hi santa i tink you should call it gold and silver bye

  234. kayla

    i think you should call one of the babys ruby

  235. Bethany

    Oh my goodness! I am so excited! I’m so happy for them! Tell Roudolph and Clairice that I’m excited for their babies! I’m also excited for Christmas, Santa.

  236. hope

    i got a name jaydon or rudolf jr jr stands for junior.

  237. lacey cole

    call it napa

  238. lacey cole

    i think you should call it nasha

  239. erin

    I love christmas because its just awesome!

  240. David

    What about Hope and faith

  241. spencer

    hi spencer here i wonder how it is to be santa any way for a reindeer name its!!!snowball bye elves and santa,mrs santa and reindeer your all the best!!!!!!

  242. robert

    Swifty should be a name

  243. Raquel

    male: Blizzard


  244. Lily

    I think Lily and Jack

  245. Savannah

    I think that if it is a girl it should be named Chloe, if its a boy it should be named Rudy!

  246. jodie

    hi santa my friends tell me im to old but i will always have my crimbo sprit i love crimbo because it brings the family together and im gonna give the thired world some old toys im two big for xx love u always jodie

  247. Katie

    santa i really think 1 should be max and one should be clare well thank you santa bye xoxoxooxxo also another good name for the girlis ruby well merry christmas

  248. kayla

    santa i think the reinder babies should be named max and melissa thank you bye santa happy trails<3

  249. mia

    i have got a realy good name how about Leni

  250. julia

    i think the boy should be blizzard and the girl snowflake

  251. rhys and caitlin ellis

    we think they should be called dizziee(boy) and dotiee(for a girl) x

  252. R. Cat

    those r the cutest names! >:) bye!!!!

    peace out!

  253. Bella

    I think the new reindeer’s name should be Annie or Neve.I hope you like the names!bye!!

  254. angie

    santa i got a name for the baby jinggels.
    santa do you think i’m smart? i no my times tabel i’ii do 12’s 12’24’36’48’60’72’83’94’110’132’144 i hope i got them all right i love you santa!!

    from angie*

  255. ryan

    I think you should name one of the babies BLIZARD.

  256. starrla

    i think mabey clairey or ckristiena

  257. Emili

    hi santa claus you are a nice person and also graceful too! you should name a raindeer pickles,star,alex, gixmo,chester, baily,cleo,lucy, crystal,silver, roxie,ruby,sofieyoshie, toby,berry,and teddy

  258. sarah

    name them: girl: frankie
    boy: freddo
    i think its brilliant a new baby is here

  259. jenna

    i think that the baby reindeers name should be carter because all of the reindeer have christmas names nd aernt they a little tiring after every single day of your life

  260. brooke

    harry, ron, nevel, james,and chistino

  261. shawna

    hi santa its me i love you so much you rock iwant so much stuff for christmas i will send you a letter in the mail and it will tell you what to get me im so excited that christmas is only 27 days away ill call you in your sleigh hope you get the call from me

    PS. if you can get me a little laptop please get it for me… have a fun sleigh ride love you.

  262. diego

    santa rule

  263. Andrea Claire

    I think you shound name the girl one….Angel!
    I think you should name the boy one….Johnathan

  264. Andrea Claire

    I think you shound name the girl one….Angel!
    I think you should name the boy one….Johnathan

  265. chloe

    i think if they are boys it should be Runner and Hunter and if they are girls
    they should be called daisy and lacey and if they are 1 boy 1 girl how about tom and tanya

  266. kaylee

    Hi santa13i1hokfj

  267. Kenzie

    You should name them Holly & Hal! it`s a good name.

  268. Anonymous

    baddy and the piggy

  269. tanaisha

    i think you should name one/the girl dorthy and the boy blizzard

  270. Zoey

    I think you need to name one of the names Nevaeh and Kate I think you will like those names very much I do so much

  271. Brian

    i think you should name one after me name it thomas

  272. Ashley

    I think you should name one reindeer
    BLIZERED!!!!! ****I would like it if you did****

  273. Hannah

    Ithink you should name the girl Hannah and the boy Grant!

  274. Allison

    i think you shold name it marylegs

  275. Muhammad

    The boy should be called Nimrod. The girl should be Bertha.

  276. Bee n alana

    We like the name Galaxy for a reindeer! Feel free to talk back with your comments!

  277. emily

    you should name the new raindeer this.

  278. hannah


  279. Jessie

    I think the reindeer names should be Snowflake for the girl and Snowstorm for the boy. Merry Christmas, Santa and thank you for delivering gifts to me each year!!!!!!!!! Have a very merry Christmas! With love and luck, Jessie

  280. Eloise Irlam

    I think one should be called Plop.

  281. Brittney

    I think you should name it Buster

  282. Casey and Jessica

    JoJo or Marshmallow Fluff or Fluffy

  283. natalie

    please please please name it ,ron our harry potter

  284. Mariah

    Zigge Maria

  285. Anonymous

    Clarissa or Claire or Maxi and Johnny or Max or Timmy

  286. Edward

    Santa I have some good names for the baby raindeers hope you like them:twirl,victer,sammy,holly.

    PS.I wish a happy life to the two raindeers.

  287. connie

    elves tell santa that i think the girl reindeer should be called molly and danny

  288. Mackenzie

    Hi Santa Misty
    are good names for girls

  289. Danika

    OMG!I sure am exited to! I also wanted to tell you some names that me and my brother had in mind for you little reindeers how abou Julien and Danika? It would sure be fun to hear the names of those reindeers cause of course it is me and my brothers name and i malso wanted to tell you Good luck to you and your reindeers with the little babys!Tanks,Danika Maillet

  290. Lydia

    I think you should call a girl Laura.A boy Mark.

  291. Mykeee

    how are you i saw you a couple days ago

  292. paris

    i love elfs

  293. Ewan Taylor

    The new born baby’s should be called Tommy and Lill

  294. Delaney

    Star and RudolphII, or Rudolph j.r.

  295. Jordyn

    Hi santa
    Its awesome and so amazin how you can travel around the world with your sleigh

    i am from new zealand and i am so excited about christmas this year

  296. Champagne Casey Lynn


  297. Emily

    Here are some names:
    I hope these are help full!

  298. Austin

    I want to name them shiney and bright

  299. katherine

    what about Snow and Shiver? or Cocoa?

  300. Lilly

    I think that a good baby reindeer name is Flo for the girl and Jigger for the boy.

  301. steven

    hershy and fudge

  302. emilie

    moco,blane and snowflake.

  303. portia

    i think they should be called Rudy and Ruby!!!!!!!!!!

  304. Elizabeth

    Santa I think the best names for 2 reindeer are Angela and Jingle! Gotta dash!

  305. Peyton

    I think I have just the right name for a reindeer. SNOWFLAKE!!!! if not oh well cant think of any thing els.

  306. grace

    One of my favorite names is Josefina.

  307. Bristal

    I like Holly for the baby girl riendeer’s name.

  308. megan

    i think Sparky

  309. martina

    you can call them Rudy and Dancy!

  310. Zoe

    I think you should name the boy baby reindeer Scampers, and the girl baby reindeer Aly. Hope the little cuties are born soon!

  311. Laura

    I thinnk the girl should be called Lily
    and the boy should be called Olly or Oliver

  312. Camryn

    I think you should name the girl
    “Holly” and the boy “Jolly”! Please consider these names PLEASE!!!

  313. Mark

    I think a good name for a reindeer would be Blizzerd.

  314. Marlyn

    Merry Christmas .

  315. Marlyn

    Merry Christmas i am happy new year for happy santa claues .

  316. allison

    i like rudy

  317. mytam

    can you please name the girl deer,Malika because she is my friend and she loves rudolph!(she even has a rudolph doll!:)

  318. kristina

    the names should be ruby for the gitl and teddy for the boy

  319. Madeline Davis

    I hope you can get me my scottish fold kitten. I’m really excited about christmas are you? I’m 7 years old. Next year i’ll be 8.

  320. megan

    i think u should call 1 of u reindeers MEGAN

  321. kaila

    i am really sorry i just wunt to know is isaiah on the noty list and am i on the nice list.

  322. jaycee shepherd

    i think you should name your reindeers ruby or leila or eleaner or lili
    by jaycee lee shepherd

  323. katie


  324. kimberly

    i think you can call the girl kimmy and the boy chris 20010

  325. jariel

    I think you should the girl seattle and the boy sattle

  326. rachel

    i think it should be called jake cause thats my puppys name and i really cannot wait for christmas. Rachel. please reply

  327. marhea

    I think the girl name should be jingle and the boy name can be sain.

  328. shea

    oidfsiuor o3w23wutg ddddddddd y4rrrrrrrrrgf rtdyrfi4r6yt yei5ryfkjhd kygvdgn udficb

  329. emma james

    holly,bubbles,emmy, acwafrost, slasher or yaffe

  330. madison

    i think the names should be

    boy: jingle girl: bell
    i think these are awesome names

  331. wayne tetreault

    I hope you all have a good summer

  332. Devon bennett

    i have a few names to suggest to you for reinderrs here we go …bell ,holly,berry,saxson ,angel,
    dove,cherry,clumsy,last of all lolly xx hopeou like them names … favorite is bell because on your sleigh there is lots of bells …THANKYOU xx

  333. george

    mojo as a boy

  334. george

    jame 4 a boy and macy 4 a girl

  335. tysen

    how about teddy

  336. tysen

    how about jill for a girl name





  339. christian

    james and seth

  340. Caitlin

    i think that maybe Radient could work

  341. charles

    i think you shouled stik with the reindeer names because there good names.

  342. shealyn

    i think you should nome it ruby and rudy or or or the best name abby

  343. haley

    call it Hearshy

  344. nicole

    hey santaaaa :]

  345. Emily

    Ithink you should name the boy asher and the girl snow, thats what i think!!!!!!
    p.s i named my webkinz prancer and its a girl because its pretty!!!!!

  346. Mackenzie

    Santa I think you should name your girl reindeer Misty and your boy reindeer Jr. bye Santa.

  347. Ethan

    I think if he has a boy it should be Iron man. bye.

  348. Taylor

    I think you should name the raindeer Amy and Tom. I hope you like my names. Merry christmas from Taylor

  349. audrey

    hi santa jo

  350. Layne

    I like the name pepper for a reindeer

  351. Grace

    I think one should be named Mistletoe and the other should be Sugar

  352. TAYLA

    Ruby and Snowy

  353. lucy from bangor

    I have a few names for the twin reindeers….

    1 Tubble 6 Daisy
    7 Milky
    8 poppy
    8 loveably
    9 cutie

    2 Chocolate

    3 Snowy

    4 Noel

    5 Bubble

  354. Amy

    Amy is oniy 4 and she picked them.

  355. Stony

    Corbin And Stony!!!!!! !!!!

  356. chloe

    boys names;max,sam, jake.
    girls names;snuggie, snowflake,molly.

  357. Brooke

    salt and peepr or sugar and spice but my favourite is misltoe and snowy xxxx

  358. frank

    carol and chris

  359. Writergirl


  360. Archana

    Boy names: Jingle, Cheeky and Presents.

    Girl names: Snowy, Twinkle, Star and Tinsel.

  361. Roisin

    (1)Spot,(2)Twinkle, (3)Sparkle, (4)Princess (5)Sweats n treats,

  362. jamie

    mrs rudolf

  363. sophie

    hi santa could you tell rudolph that i think that the twins should be called crystul and bobi bye everyone

  364. mary

    name it clarus

  365. ben

    ben sam bee

  366. austin

    have a good holiday i hope you do good working on those prezents [WINK!]

  367. liam

    i cant get to sleep on christmas eve oh i almost forgot about the reindeer names would christmas be a name

  368. scarlet or lottie as my nick name!

    Hi fatherChristmas ,
    I would like to test you if thats ok just so that I can get to know you a bit better !
    -what are your other names ?
    -what is 100 add 100?
    If you get theise write I know it is you other wise i know where the real Father Christmas is .

    Lots of love from Scarlet(lottie)

    Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel… I probably have 200 names! O<;-)}}}

  369. scarlet or lottie as my nick name!

    what about :




  370. charley

    i think you should name one of your reindeer charley

  371. hannah

    hi santa girl honey boy reindeer cristmas

  372. chelsea

    I Fink you should call your raindeerrs : comic and rupolphiaa !

  373. Sarah

    I think you should name the reindeer Roadoff

  374. BOBY

    :):):):):) :):):):) (%) %%- and booooooooooo to you

  375. Scotty

    I just came up with the coolest names for Rudolph and Clarice’s new born reindeer and here they are: Boys: CJ, Cody, Aaron, Peter, Jonathan, Scotty, Matthew, Shaun, Michael, Tyler, Jacob, Ryan, Luke, Samuel, Joshuah, Richie and Brandon, Girls: Samantha, Rachel, Cassie, Brenda, Tabitha, Sabrina, Jasmine, Sarah, Rebbecca, Tiffany, Charlene, Lindsay, Pamuela, Paula, Brittany, Amy, Hannah and Ashley.

  376. Anonymous


  377. danielle

    can you come to my house tomorrow

  378. jake

    lopy,linford, kurn,gavin, lloyd,ferb ,riger,
    jock, eban,pol,tric

  379. annie

    hi santa calm down about the twins its big news that there is going to be new baby reindeer but remember to be calm anyway i have some ideas for reindeer names for the girl how about holly?and for the boy jolly wish clarice and rudoph luck and happyness xoxo annie

  380. charlotte

    love you please can you tell me who is on your nice list

  381. charlotte

    whho ison the nice list ilove you so so so much xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

  382. charlotte

    whho ison the nice list ilove you so so so much xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

  383. becky

    i think you should call one candy cane because they are so sweet and the baby is sweet to

  384. brittany

    hay santa how wer you? i think your hansum! hope mrs.clas isint the jellis typ. i allredy have a boy frind eny ways! tell mrs.clas i sed hi. well i send hugs and kisses

  385. Ryan

    Gary,Phil, Thomas,Flyer and Comid.

  386. caitlin

    hi u need 2 names 1 for a boy :) and 1 for a girl :P well i am gona giv u 2 names for each girls 1.starla 2.angel(or angelica)boys 2. ribon(or robin)!!!! i really hope u pic one off them or what becky said candy cane thats a lovley name !!! :) :P xxx bye xoxo

  387. Noah

    can you name one of them Noah plz

  388. ariana

    dear santa i have names for the reindeers The girl should be named bobble gum and the boy should be named nickolous.

  389. tara

    tara thriona eddie john .p.s.these are some rudolf names

  390. desiree

    dear,Santa i think the girl should be named Baba and the boy be named Nosie!

  391. navneet

    what about poinsettia and joy

  392. emily

    girl:Candy,Tinsel boy:Cane,Bonbon

  393. caroline

    OK wil this do? popa and pipa you kids email me on here ok?

  394. caroline

    nauneet your names are so silly!!

  395. anthony

    i think is blitz merky

  396. sel

    selina an nicole should be there names

  397. Maddy

    I think the boy should be pip and the girl should be lulu these are some of the names im going to name my kitten.:)

  398. brianna

    maybe you could name a girl reideer princess or a boy reindeer prince or cutie

  399. Bridgid

    you should name the raindeers Cece and Ronald.

  400. william a bird

    santa your reindeer need to be careful

  401. william a bird

    santa name him or flying or cuted


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