Santa Needs More Reindeer Names!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 17th, 2008

Rudolph and Clarice just gave me great news!  It is about the little reindeer!  (You did know a little reindeer was coming, right?)  Would you like to hear today’s news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  The little reindeer still have not been born!

But we have exciting news!  I am excited.  Mrs. Claus is excited.  Mommy and Daddy reindeer are excited.  This is just so exciting!  Are you excited?

Clarice and Rudolph just came back from the reindeer doctor with the news.  The doctor said everyone is doing great!  He also said there were going to be TWO little reindeer!

That is right!  Clarice and Rudolph are going to have twins!  Wow!  I think I am going to faint!

There is going to be a little girl reindeer.  And, there is going to be a little boy reindeer!

Rudolph was so excited he jumped right over Santa Claus Castle!  I was so excited I danced a jingle bell jig!  Then all the elves started dancing a jingle bell jig!

But now we need even more reindeer names!

You can still leave Rudolph and Clarice a message with your name for the little reindeer!  

I will let you know any more news as soon as I can!  I sure hope the little reindeer will be born soon!  I think I better go sit down now.  :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you excited about the twins?  What do you do when you get excited at Christmas?
(You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


399 Responses to “Santa Needs More Reindeer Names!”

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  1. 100
    My friend Alyssa said:

    I have a few names. Mocha, Mocho, Lolita, Cocoa, Wonder, Acura and maybe Ginger or Gingerbread.

  2. 99
    My friend Shantel and Tanya said:

    Kemical Koolade,
    edalook lacimek,
    Nut- cracker,

  3. 98
    My friend Taylor said:

    For the male reindeer, you should call him, Noctis. It’s Latin, and means, ‘ Light Of The Night Sky’ according to my uncle.

  4. 97
    My friend Gavin said:

    I would like to suggest a new name…..Pete. Thank you Santa.


  5. 96
    My friend Jordan said:

    hi how are the elves? how are their webkinz hahahaha

  6. 95
    My friend crystal said:

    did you get my letter to day alex is a good name

  7. 94
    My friend crystal said:

    u r cool and babby crystal is a nice name

  8. 93
    My friend Rachel Reindl said:

    I think that the reindeers name should be Blizzerd.Any name would be perfect.

  9. 92
    My friend marina said:

    for the boy peppermint
    and for the girl princess

  10. 91
    My friend olivia said:

    I have a GREAT name for one of your reindeers its JUMPER i HOPE its good


  12. 90
    My friend Billy said:

    H! I want a choclate cake for Christmas. Please send me one.

  13. 89
    My friend Peyton said:

    I think it should be,Clommer

  14. 88
    My friend cherysh said:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … %%%%%%%%% ^^^^^^^^ … ********* ((((((((((((((( … ))))))))))))))___________ … ============

  15. 87
    My friend cherysh said:

    r u
    ok t
    day l

  16. 86
    My friend cherysh said:

    if you want reindeer names here you go

    claire, zoey. amy, demmi, lee, james, kylon. raney, bobbie, jade, lisa, louie, levi, leah, bella, and lola

  17. 85
    My friend Jade Parker said:

    bubls wene hlika mr rabbit

  18. 84
    My friend renee said:

    call her boring beatiful nativity

  19. 83
    My friend Peter said:

    i want gibbie and sara

  20. 82
    My friend Connor said:



  21. 81
    My friend Chucky said:

    i think the rain dear should be called BRAIN because BRAIN is a nice name and also there it is a cute letter the letter B

  22. 80
    My friend richard said:

    merry christmas

  23. 79
    My friend darragh said:

    hi santa cluas its you friend darragh i was wondering can i get the code breaker as welli hope its not i alot so best christmas wishes hugges and kisses from you friend darragh

  24. 78
    My friend tiya said:

    santa reindeer comment reindeer dasher reindeer

  25. 77
    My friend Anonymous said:

    santa randeer

  26. 76
    My friend millie said:


  27. 75
    My friend Bella said:

    I think you should name one eggnog.

  28. 74
    My friend Kennidy said:

    I think the name should be Clare.

  29. 73
    My friend lily said:

    i think you should call it roby

  30. 72
    My friend michela said:

    I think you should name one of them demi

  31. 71
    My friend michela said:

    merry christmas!!!!

  32. 70
    My friend Alexis said:

    I cant wait for the twins!! Santa, do you think the boy will lead the sleigh??

  33. 69
    My friend Nadedh said:

    I think one of your reindeer name should be Raindy or Rarla.

  34. 68
    My friend jacob said:

    scrambles and sidney

  35. 67
    My friend Caitlyn said:

    Im a twin you should name them Kitty and Joei.

  36. 66
    My friend Briana said:

    Rudolph and Clarice

  37. 65
    My friend Morgan said:

    I think you should name it “Karli”!!!That is cute!!


  38. 64
    My friend Lucas said:

    My suggestion is Cranberry

  39. 63
    My friend roran said:

    the babbies should be clled blocky and blockes!

  40. 62
    My friend jacqueline said:

    yes santa all babies are angles so we call it Ann bell

  41. 61
    My friend jacqueline said:


  42. 60
    My friend BAILEY said:


  43. 59
    My friend sarah said:

    if its a boy a think you should name it Marny if its a girl i think you should name it Jessaca

  44. 58
    My friend Wendy T and Shaun said:

    We really like these names:

    Egg and Nog
    Dunkin and Donut
    Candy and Cane
    Ebony and Ivory

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  45. 57
    My friend Anonymous said:

    yes i am!!!!!!!

  46. 56
    My friend Pauline said:

    I want to name the boy are you ready………. woah wait i lost it…………
    It is back I want to name the boy Jingles and the girl Angels. Jingles and Angels like it.

  47. 55
    My friend chloe said:

    wat about snowflake or christmas

  48. 54
    My friend chloe said:

    i think bobby

  49. 53
    My friend Christine said:

    i think the reindeer should be named ditzon (dancer and blitzon)

  50. 52
    My friend sabrina said:

    i think you should name it nell if its a boy and kagome if its a girl

  51. 51
    My friend Ashley said:

    I think the baby reindeer should be Ruby and Rocky!

  52. 50
    My friend Brittany said:

    I think the twins names should be Jack for the boy and Jaclyn for the girl.

  53. 49
    My friend Lauren said:

    These are some names Lauren, Daniel, Sooty, Sweep, Snowy, Snowflake, Toffee, Coffee, Cboco, Carrot, Glisten, Santa 2, Mrs Claus 2 and Bob

  54. 48
    My friend Tanner said:

    i am so excited for Christmas!When i get excited I tens up all my muscles and start shivering. I’m glad rodolphand Clariceare having twins!

  55. 47
    My friend Georgia said:

    I think the Reindeer babies should be called Bella & Edward. :)

  56. 46
    My friend Hannah said:

    I think the baby reindeers name should be Jupit and Junior please please please please please please please please please please consider using these names even know their not much

  57. 45
    My friend Joy said:

    They should be named

  58. 44
    My friend brooklyn said:

    are you really real

    Reply from Santa:

    Of course, Brooklyn! I exist just as surely as love and the spirit of childhood do.

    Sometimes when kids and adults get older they lose their spirit of childhood. They even start to think that I don’t exist! But I have been around for a very, very long time because people of all ages have kept me in their hearts. Even if the way you think of me changes over time, I hope you will always keep my spirit with you. And even if I cannot bring you presents, you must always remember that I love you very much!

    Merry Christmas!


  59. 43
    My friend jesse said:


  60. 42
    My friend alicja from vernon said:

    ella and cameron

  61. 41
    My friend Matt said:


  62. 40
    My friend laney said:

    name it after me

  63. 39
    My friend Sarah said:

    I think you should name it marny

  64. 38
    My friend Patrick said:

    How about Patrick and Kate?

  65. 37
    My friend AbbeyM said:

    How about “Snowball”?

  66. 36
    My friend Emily said:

    pretty please call it oscar or meg

  67. 35
    My friend Semi said:

    Darty love tart

  68. 34
    My friend BRADLEY said:


  69. 33
    My friend Savannah said:

    I think their names should be Rudy and Ruby!

  70. 32
    My friend olivia said:

    christmas is the best day of my life

  71. 31
    My friend Derek said:

    i love it to be dan and melinda.

  72. 30
    My friend Rebekah said:

    I thing good names for the baby reindeer would be Twinkle and Bob.

  73. 29
    My friend Aimee said:

    I have a great name for a reindeer. How about ‘COSE’. It’s a nice name because a reindeer sometimes can be warm and cose.
    Love Aimee

  74. 28
    My friend erica and ben said:

    we think the girl should be called cookies and the boy should be called coca cola there great names!

  75. 27
    My friend Les said:

    Hmm for reindeer names should be Virginia and Charlie (named for a couple other famous Christmas people!)

    When I’m excited, I bounce around and laugh as loud as I can!

  76. 26
    My friend brian said:

    you shold have a reindeer names santas helper

  77. 25
    My friend jordan said:

    santa i know what could you name them thoamas,chris,mable too

  78. 24
    My friend Emily said:


  79. 23
    My friend Leah said:

    I think you should name the baby deers Hannah and Andrew!!

  80. 22
    My friend Shannon said:


  81. 21
    My friend Colton said:

    Dear Santa,

    I think the new reindeer should be named Flyer and Clara.

  82. 20
    My friend MJ said:


  83. 19
    My friend s said:

    what about Bubby and Fuzzy?

  84. 18
    My friend aisha said:

    maybe you name it takashi

  85. 17
    My friend kelebe said:

    are you real santa could you please get me wath i wanted

  86. 16
    My friend Austin said:

    I am excited about the twins. That must be so much fun.

    I forgot to tell you before, that I really want some PSP games.. Also, can you make it snow on christmas?? Oh and my brother really needs his own PSP games, so I dont have to share.

    Travel safe.

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  87. 15
    My friend Shannon said:

    i think the boy can be benny and the girl claire like clarice ;)

  88. 14
    My friend Destiny said:

    I think the babies names should be Luna and Reggie. Merry Christmas!!!

  89. 13
    My friend William said:

    since reindeers where jingle bells, how about naming one of them “jingy”

    Then when they dance you can get “jingy with it”

    Merry Christmas.

  90. 12
    My friend willow said:

    Santa how about Mistletoe for a baby name?

  91. 11
    My friend emma said:

    i think the boy shopuld be called bouncy and the girl prezen

  92. 10
    My friend Ashley said:

    i can’t wait for christmas

  93. 9
    My friend bernie said:

    i think there name shall be floe and jannet

  94. 8
    My friend Rebekah said:

    You should call it Ruby

  95. 7
    My friend summer said:

    vg,kghkuhfug, j.k;kjkjggfft … yhggfg

  96. 6
    My friend Rachael said:

    Nasha for a name for one of your reindeers.

  97. 5
    My friend Chessie said:

    please please please please please please please call one of the reindeers:

  98. 4
    My friend deanna said:

    hey santa i think the babys’ names should be rudy and ruby.thanks and merry christmas!

  99. 3
    My friend mikey said:

    when i get exiced, i write to you and everyone.

  100. 2
    My friend Sunny said:

    I think baby dear’s name is ‘Terry.

  101. 1
    My friend joshua said:

    I think we should stay with the present names because they are really good names! but it’s a really good idea.

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