Christmas Presents for Moms and Dads

Posted by Santa Claus on December 16th, 2008

Many of my friends ask me, “Santa Claus, what can I get for my Mommy and Daddy for Christmas?”.  Then some of my friends ask me, “Santa Claus, why do you not bring as many presents for Mummies or Daddies or other grown-ups?”.

Well, the answer may surprise you!

You see, there is one present that grown-ups want.  Mommies and Daddies.  Grandmas and Grandpas.  Aunts and Uncles.  All Grown-ups! 

It is a present they want more than anything else in the world.  But it is not a present elves can make.  It is not a present Santa can bring.  It is not even a present money can buy!  It is a present only you can give them!

What they would like most of all this Christmas is just to know how much you love them and how much they mean to you.  Trust me!  I have known the grown-ups in your life for a long time!

So here is what I want you to do: I want you to make up some gift cards for all the grown-ups you love.  You can make a gift card that promises to do your Mom’s fingernails.  Or one to make your Dad breakfast in bed.  You could have one that promises to clean your room.  Or even one to do the dishes for a week.  You can make lots of cards for all kinds of things!  If you do not know how to spell a word, draw it instead.

Make the gift cards as pretty as you would like.  Put stickers on the cards.  Do fancy drawings on them.  Draw a picture of the person it is for on it!

Then you have to do this on your card. Write “I LOVE YOU!” on it!  That is what makes it special.

You can put your gift card in an envelope.  Or, fold it gently for them to open.  Then hide your card.  It will be a big surprise when you give it to them Christmas!

It will be the best Christmas present they have ever had!  I promise you.

Did you know even gives me special gift cards?  She gives me gift cards for… cookies!  But the part I like best is when she writes “I Love You” on the card.  :) 

Because, you see, Christmas is all about family and love.  As long as you have that, you will always have Christmas.  Presents and stuff like that are nice.  But, they really are just the trimmings on the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What would you put on a gift card you made?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


101 Responses to “Christmas Presents for Moms and Dads”

  1. ClaraStewart

    You can make them hats


  3. megan

    santa why will kids get some thing for
    you but moms and dads something

  4. charley

    i would put breakfest in bed for you and merry christmas

  5. kylia

    a dimond neclace for mom and some colone for dad

  6. daniesha

    well i gave my mom a hug and a kiss write before the gift that was perfume

  7. Olivia

    HI santa what are u doing?

  8. Parker

    Dear Santa, all of my friends say you aren’t real. But, i don’t know what to believe. I feel that you are real.

    Reply from Santa:

    Parker, of course I exist! I exist just as surely as love and the spirit of childhood do. Sometimes when kids and adults get older they lose their spirit of childhood. They even start to think that I don’t exist! But I have been around for a very, very long time because people of all ages have kept me in their hearts. Even if the way you think of me changes over time, I hope you will always keep my spirit with you. And even if I cannot bring you presents, you must always remember that I love you very much!

    It is also ok if others don’t believe in me. Everyone can have their own opinion after all (even if it does not happen to be right! :). If talking to your friends or other kids about this makes you upset, then it might be best not to talk to them about it. You are your own person. You do not have to believe or do something just because your friends say so! And, as long as you keep the spirit of Santa in your heart, that is what is most important!

    Merry Christmas!


  9. alexis

    my mom loves: perfume,makeup,books and candles

    my dad loves: watch movies

  10. paige

    well santa i just want to say that i love you and you are ho ho ho merry christmas….

  11. Danielle

    but you got present for my mom and dad.

  12. Lauren

    I would put a love heart with a picture of the person and we in the middle.
    Inside I would say I would make a breakfast in bed!



  14. Jessica

    My mom wants a new house for Chistmas!!!!!!!!

  15. Kayla

    i love you santa you are the best

  16. morgan

    you could get moms and dads gift cards to there favorite store.

  17. alyssa

    i would get a airplain for my daddy and a horse for my mommy.

  18. madison

    i wont a puppy

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  19. jayden

    can you put a picture of you love,jayden ps I LOVE YOU LOTS LIKE JELLY TOTS

  20. Alexa

    I would write…I promise to do all your chores

  21. Alexis

    Thanks I had no idea what to give them now I do!! Some of my friends dont belive you, soemtimes I ignore them and sometimes I get mad at them!:) Even if they dont belive I will always beleive in you!!!

  22. seaira

    what should i get for my mom? although she is annoying and id rather not live with her, i still love her and i want her to know that.

  23. Tazae'

    what could be the best present that you can give your dad

  24. Emily

    Santa, I am 3 years old and I wonder if you stay thin all year exept around Christmastime, like in the movies.

  25. megan

    all of us kids get stuff but why do the parents get stuff?

  26. Taylor

    Dear Santa,
    I made my mom and dad breakfast yesterday!and secretly I got My mom jewlery for Christmas!

  27. Talitupe

    hey santa
    do you have a mum or dad
    i do and there really really cool

  28. megan

    that is cool Taylor that is very cool

  29. Jacob Sanchez

    Hey santa its me jacob hey i would really apreashate it if you could bring my mom and dad something they have been really strugaling to bye gifts and they wont prabably get nothing for them selfs so if you could please bring them something please thank you oxoxooxooxoxoxo ps there are many more of those oxoxoxs were those came from lol so please thanx santa love you muagh

  30. Jacob

    oh my bad this is cool

  31. megan

    we all kids get stuff why do the parent not get stuff

  32. megan

    Jacob that is a good letter

  33. Ellie

    santa please tell me what to get my mum

  34. sammy

    dear santa

    all my friends say that you arent real but i feel inside you are real.

    love ya


  35. yvonne

    i think my great after she is 85 years old and still helps others including ray and me when she has time.she even phones up to ask how ray is doing with the treatment for cancer.please give her the best for from yvonne

  36. marissa

    i got my mom musk or tova

  37. amy

    dear santa i am going to put on my card some stickers a picture of curry and a picture of mummy sequins and a big sign saying i love you.

  38. caitlin

    my mom would like a rav4 my dad would like tickets to old tarford

  39. Emma

    I need a miracle!

  40. sophia

    mom wants resident evil 5. dad wants a playstation3

  41. Madison

    what is a good present for a 41 year old mom

  42. Maddi

    Santa I know what you could get my mom for christmas. She REALLY wants a mac pc.

  43. cait

    My mum likes a good book!! And warm socks.

    My dad likes new tops, mugs and horror movies!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Bella

    I don’t think my parents love me. I haven’t talked to them in years, but I am a million times happier now and I have friends who I think of as family. I tell them I care about them often and they do the same for me. I think that’s what a real family should be.

  45. Kayleen

    Santa thats what I always say grown ups have us thats all they want children

  46. faith


  47. Hannah

    I dont know what to get Mummy and Daddy for christmas can u give me any ideas

  48. chelsey

    i pod sleppers sweets on christmas eve i
    be in bed sleeping on christmas eve night

  49. Paul

    Santa may you please help me by bring Christmas Spirit to my parents and the rest of the community that I live in. I love you so much Santa Claus. Please come help me to help you.

  50. jaylin

    Thank you Santa Claus for your letter if you don’t mind how old are you.

  51. Roxie

    i would make them breakfast in bed on christmas morning

  52. Ciar

    i who’d do all i can to make it special and i who’d put lipstick on and kiss it to show i love her

  53. Shania

    I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!!I have a question why dont you give moms and dads presents???

  54. caroline

    i already got something for my dad. i think i am going to get my a cookbook

  55. emily

    my mom wants a bnew scarf and some makeup

  56. emily

    i love everyone i now even my friends but i love them in a differant way….
    i love uuuuuu u are special to everyone and u make peoples life sooo happy espeially children.
    my mum:being with the family me doing what i am told.and masarges .
    my dad : lots of hugs , not doing the washing up,lots of kiss’s the best.
    my sis: makeup,clothes .

  57. Milly Smith

    Hey Santa!
    How are you?
    I didn’t know what to buy my mum….
    Please give me advise?=)

  58. taylor

    my mom wants a new tv and a dvd player.

  59. brian

    my mom is all ways cold so you can git her a sweater
    my dad loves the redskins so you can git him a redskin football

  60. Marilyn

    Do you have presents for my mom and dad?
    My mom likes, perfume, house ornaments, pots and pans, a truck, and she would mostly like to have a big mirror.

    my dad likes, poker, clothes, and he would mostly like to have a computer.

  61. Sarah

    I am going to make one that I am going to do the windows and doors that is my faverite chore to do

  62. Sarah

    I am going to give my mom one

  63. Sarah

    sorry about the posting so quickly ): anyways I will make my mom one

  64. Sarah

    hi santa sorry about all those comments

  65. Sarah

    how are you? (:

  66. Sarah

    Merry Christmas very early and a happy new year!

  67. tom

    thank you santa for coming every christmas i hope you like my cookies and milk

  68. Payton

    My mom would like a day of relaxing and my daddy wonts hunting stuff…

  69. ashleigh

    to mam and dad
    merry christmas have fun lots of love your loving and caring doughter .hugs and kiss all from me to you

  70. ashleigh

    love you hus and kiss go all to you

  71. shannon beck

    love you santa i have got a ghost in my house

  72. scarlet

    heyy i love you

  73. EMILY


  74. Anonymous


  75. aerial

    dear santa,
    for my mom i want to you to give her a diamond necklace and for my dad can you give him a car called a nessan maxima please and thank you

  76. Clodagh & Meghan

    Hey Santa
    I cant wait till christhmas eve till you come and visit me and i would also love if you say hi to everyone at the North Pole from both of us please and i hope the elv’s dont work 2 hard to make our presents
    lots of love
    Clodagh & Meghan x

  77. Bella

    My mom said she wants a medince cabnet and happy perfume!!!! i dont know why she wants a madicene cabnet so well she might get it!!!!!

  78. kamryn

    dear santa i love you so much i called you and told u what i wanted for christmas who is ganna gide your slay

  79. josh

    i dont think a card saying I LOVE YOU is enough santa

  80. Sydnie

    Some peopel say you are not real i dont know which one is true oh yeah thanks for the gold pretty sounding bell

  81. alex

    Hi my hammy dyed 5 days befor christmas!!
    can i have a new hammy

    love alexana!!

  82. robbie

    a new car & a telephone

  83. Katie

    I am glad you say that, cause that’s all they want for Christmas is to make sure that we love them and you will always love your parent’s no matter what happens you will always always love your parent’s

    Written by Katie Zdroik

  84. kimberly

    wow i rely get it

  85. courtney

    hi what are you doing today

  86. jamie

    santa u gave my daddy stuff last chrismas i ust want to know why becuz u reaky dont give parents suff do u ?

  87. jessica rainey

    hey it aint fair we get presents but mommas and daddys dont santa y dont they

  88. melissa

    i would put on a gift card…….

    i promise to be very helpful for you and do more jobe around the house
    X X X X X X

  89. Kaleigh

    Please for christmus bring my Mom a computer.


    I thik you you should get my mom two of dose new beonce perfume. and my dad a new car

  91. sophie

    hi santa please can you send me and hannah a elf but send ones that we can play with hannah wants one that is called freddie and i would like a boy called manny who is funny and kind and hannah would like one that is funny and kind please santa

  92. Lexi

    Dear Santa,
    I really try to give my Mom and Dad presants every year. Sorry I was a little mean last night and this mornin

  93. Carter

    and i want a girl elf named Jaden to play with please santa get me a elf i beg you!

  94. Rachael

    hi santa its me i am very anxious 4 christmas 2 see what u give me. Will u please please please send me a elf. But i really perfer a girl but i do not care what it is. but thanks agin.

  95. Carter

    santa want should i give my dad for christmas something to help for his work? or something that everybody can see? anybody can ask me just in the commet say my name ok? thank you for telling me if you did please replay santa and any other person thank you Carter

  96. nathanial

    what will you and i get for my mom and dad on christmas

  97. jamie

    santa can you take a vidio of you when you come to my house

    regards jamie brown

  98. Katherine

    I know what my mom would want this year, her mom died (my nanny) If you deliver to Heaven please give her a hug and kiss from me and my mom, thanks.

  99. Audrey

    can i give them a big hug and make mommy a braclet and make daddy a card of how much i love them???

  100. honor

    why do we not get to see you and say hi

  101. Chrystal

    Hi i am Chrystal 1 thing i no that u could give to ur parents is a beackfest in bed, then do all ur chorse without compalning then tell them u lov them but also how much

  102. josie hayes

    dear santa clous

    my nices eliza hayes she’s what for a chistmas barbie doll with pink dress
    you great send her home thank you

    i’m her aunty

  103. rebecca

    can i come around the world with you


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