Silly Christmas Music

We love at the North Pole.  We listen to it all year long!

There are so many kinds of Christmas music!

There are great hymns and carols.  There are Blues and Rock n’ Roll Christmas songs (Elvis the Elf loves to sing those while making blue suede shoes!).

There is even Hip-Hop and Wrap music!  Oops, I meant to say Rap music.  The like to sing Wrap music when they are wrapping presents.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

But, the elves like the silly Christmas songs the best!  They think it is really funny that someone wants a hippopotamus for Christmas!

likes this silly song the best.  She says it is a good song for too many people at Christmas!  :)

I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Do silly Christmas songs make you just go nuts at Christmas?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

54 special messages for Santa about “Silly Christmas Music”

  1. My favorite christmas song is jingle bells I lisend to it last week. I can’t wait for christmas. So I can lisen to some good albus maybe that is an idea of what to get me for christmas.

  2. well my favourite music is rudolph the red nose raindeer and merry christmas everyone

  3. We only had one Christmas album growing up so Elvis Presley has always been the consummate performer of holiday music in my humble opinion. I love all Christmas music from the super silly all the way to Andrea Bocelli.

  4. Can you put the song RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER on your blog? P.S. MEERY CHRISTMAS!

  5. yes it makes me wanna go crazy! when ever i hear the nutcraker i dance around the Christmas tree!
    I the sprit of you in my heart forever!

  6. I think they are both really funny and have a jolly tune to them.

    You can tell its getting to that time fo year :) xx

  7. My fav. song is Deck the halls, Jingle Bell’s And I want a Hippopotamos also Rodulph the red nose Rendeier!


  8. hi i love christmas sooooo much please come to my house with lots of nice prezzis lots of love tim xxxx

  9. omg what silly music and dancing it reminds me of me im always i wanting lol

  10. I like silly songs like i want a hippopotumuss for Christmas Santa Clause!!

  11. santa pleasebringme a real puppy, computer

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  12. santa i hope you give me the best chrismas ever! (as you do every year) (tee hee) I love you very much I hope you are not very tired on chrismas so you won’t fall asleep in your sliegh

  13. hi santa claus i would really like rudolgh four chritmas i love the songs thanks santa come to my house first

  14. S’up santa!
    Howz it hangin? R the elfz making presents for us? Here’s a hint….. We like bling!!!!


    P.S I don’t like your music because itz not rap!!

  15. I just love “Silly Christmas Music”
    I wanted to know if you ever get drove up the wall with “Silly Christmas Music”? Love,

  16. Hi santa!!! How are you? I love your music!!! I sing some of your songs at my choir concerts!!! O YEAH


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