Mouse the Elf and the Elf Gym

Posted by Santa Claus on December 12th, 2008

Christmas elves love their Elf Gym.  After all, it is good to play and have fun every day.  The elf gym has monkey bars and slides.  It has swinging balls and rides.  It even has tunnels, with candy cane outsides!

Yes, the elves love playing in their gym.  It is quite a sight to see!  Elves swinging like monkeys.  Elves hanging like monkeys from monkey bars.

The elves swing from one side of their gym all the way to the other side.  And then they swing back again.  They use the monkey bars to swing to a toadstool.  Then they hop to another toadstool.  And then they jump to a monkey bar!  Such silly elves!

But, there is one little elf.  Her name is Mouse.  She is just a little too small to grab the monkey bars.  The big elves are really nice.  They always help her reach the monkey bars.  But, you can tell she really wants to swing on them all by herself.

Every morning she wakes up extra early.  She wakes up before the other elves do.  She sneaks into the Elf Gym.  I am the only one who knows she sneaks in.

And every morning she practices.  She practices on the monkey bars.  She practices on the toadstools.  She keeps trying and trying.  But every day she falls, splat, on the ground.  And every day she just misses the next toadstool.  But every day Mouse the Elf gets just a little bit better.

Well, I had to leave the North Pole for a while.  Then I was extra busy.  I had not seen Mouse the Elf in the Elf Gym for quite some time.

Then, one day, the Head Elf came running to see me.  “Santa, Santa” he said, “you have to come quick.  You have to come to the Elf Gym.  You have to see Mouse”.

“Oh, no”, I thought.  “Did Mouse fall off the monkey bars?  Did she get hurt?”

But, when I got to the Elf Gym, there was Mouse.  She was swinging from monkey bar to monkey bar.  She was bouncing off the toadstools.  Why, she was the fastest little monkey bar elf in the whole gym!

She came running to me.  She asked me, “Did you see me Santa Claus, did you?”  I told her, “Yes, Mouse, I did!  I also know you have been waking up extra early.  I know you have been practising every day.  I am very, very proud of you, Mouse!”

Then Mouse said, “Santa, I am glad I kept trying.  I fell so many times.  I wanted to stop trying.  But I kept trying!  And look at what I can do now!”

All the elves were very proud of Mouse too.  That night they held a big Christmas parade for her.  Mrs. Claus made an extra special treat for Mouse too!

Mouse the Elf is still the best elf on the monkey bars.  But she still wakes up early.  And she still sneaks into the Elf Gym to practice.  And I am still the only one who knows she does it.  :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Does the elf gym sound like fun?  What things have you done that you are proud of?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


43 Responses to “Mouse the Elf and the Elf Gym”

  1. 43
    My friend Steven said:

    I miss my dad

  2. 42
    My friend Savannah said:

    I’ve always been scared of monkey bars :(
    (it is silly because they use te=he word monkey :P ) But I am REALLY GLAD that Mouse the elf did it :D
    Merry Early Christmas( Did I say that right ;) ) I’ll say it anyway :)

  3. 41
    My friend a j said:

    hello santa how are you

  4. 40
    My friend amaan said:

    i hope your ok and you to mouse and every body else is well

  5. 39
    My friend chloe said:

    orrrr is mouse sceard tell her not to be its just a thunder storm shell be ok

  6. 38
    My friend jisselle said:

    shure it would be grate but what if you got hurt like me trying to do my back flip then you would be upset. burt my trainer came early and said dont get mad or sad. p.s say hi to every one expesily the elvs

  7. 37
    My friend Crystal said:

    Hey there everyone see mouse when i was very little i also tryied my best to on the monkey bars you know what i was so little i needed a little help too for the big kids at my school. But one day when my mom came to pick me up she saw me doing the monkey bars al by myself.
    also say hi to everyone at the north pole for me k. take care. :-)

  8. 36
    My friend Allyson said:

    yes it does sound like fun i wish icould go to the elf gym

  9. 35
    My friend Thomas said:

    I like the swing, it is so fun because it is so much cooler.

  10. 34
    My friend yoyo5000 said:

    i would love to visit the elf gym


  12. 33
    My friend daniel mc mullen said:

    thank to be so caring to give every one in the world a christmas gift thanks bye

  13. 32
    My friend Josie said:

    What do the elves wear to work out? I am doing baton. I have been practicing with my friend Macon. I got twirler of the month. It is fun being twirler of the month. I have been practicing a lot and doing all kinds of tricks because we are going to be in a parade.

  14. 31
    My friend winty said:


    the elf are very funny that they make me run up and down the house bye santa i love u i wish i could come there and meet with u :)

  15. 30
    My friend Ashley said:

    I think I might be as good at the monkey bars as Mouse!!! (every day at school I did the monkey bars)

  16. 29
    My friend isabelle said:

    i think that that is pretty cool

  17. 28
    My friend Haley said:

    what up


  18. 27
    My friend tyra said:

    i really like how much effort you put in to christmas otherwise there would be know happy times

  19. 26
    My friend AJ said:

    xmas merry

  20. 25
    My friend garrett said:

    dear santa,

    santa all i want for christmas is to meet you in person

  21. 24
    My friend uhugyrhb said:

    gbngtmbnu … y7gvyfybvu

  22. 23
    My friend taryn said:

    how do elfs have babys

  23. 22
    My friend james said:

    am i in the good list????????????????

  24. 21
    My friend tayler said:

    hi its me the north pole seems like tere is so much magic there

  25. 20
    My friend macy said:

    dear santa how meny days till crimas love macy

  26. 19
    My friend lolo said:

    can i pleeeeeeeeeae have a elf!!!!!!!!!!!!! … !!!!!!!!!

  27. 18
    My friend Erin said:


  28. 17
    My friend Simon said:

    Dear Santa:
    I am Simon from Minneapolis, Minnesota, from the United States. A PSP is a hand held game system and I don’t mean to be offensive, but Lego Batman for PSP is a game you put into the PSP handheld. A PSP stands for Play Station Portable. Same thing with Ultimate Alliance. Bye

  29. 16
    My friend mark said:

    my elf named Buddy, said that his favorite part of the work shop up there is riding on the convator belts! my friend says she doesn’t believe in you. but i will always believe in you

  30. 15
    My friend Alfie said:

    I wish i could be an elf in the gym merry christ mas to everone at the work shop and i hope they all liked my letter merry christmas

  31. 14
    My friend sophie said:

    hey guys!!how its going!cant wait!!!bye!!

  32. 13
    My friend Lili said:

    Hey Santa!!! I am really excited for Christmas! Tell Mrs. Claus and the elves and the reindeer that I say Hi!

  33. 12
    My friend TJ said:

    HI Santa Clause

  34. 11
    My friend katie said:

    do you elves like cookies

  35. 10
    My friend Harley said:

    I am afraid of santa but i know i souldint be

  36. 9
    My friend Carly said:

    That sounds a little bit like gymnastics. By the way, Kaitlyn, who is 7 is my sister and I helped her with the letter and I have contacts in right now. Bye! Oops, forgot. Brady’s my brother. I love my family!

  37. 8
    My friend Alex said:

    Hey santa am I on the nice list this year?some of my friends dont belive in you but I do!

  38. 7
    My friend danny said:

    it is fun.

  39. 6
    My friend Andie said:

    I love the elf gym! :)

  40. 5
    My friend hannah said:

    how do you play it

  41. 4
    My friend Shannon said:

    i wish i could work out @ the elf gym!!!!

  42. 3
    My friend Phoebe said:

    Dear Santa
    you are the best.i send my love to mrs claus and the reindeers.
    love from

  43. 2
    My friend olivia said:

    tell mrs.claues i said hey and to you,and the raindeer too. what is your real name ?what is your favorit color? I LOVE YOU

  44. 1
    My friend kasper said:

    I wish i could be in the elf gym.
    sounds like fun santa!


    kasper from chicago

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